Disclaimer: This story and all of its characters are fictional. It is meant to entertain and perhaps arouse the reader. This story contains scenes depicting young men in sexually compromising situations including exchange of bodily fluids and some scenes of a sadomasochistic nature including bondage. If you happen to hate erotic homosexual literature, then you are suspiciously bad at using the internet, because you've stumbled across exactly that. Please do not read further if you are not of legal age to do so according to the laws of your fine people. This work and all characters herein are the property of Himeros, please contact him at any time to inquire about the rights to make this story into a full length motion picture franchise or just to say hi.

Author: Himeros
Email: ofvenus@gmail.com


RECAP: A freshman frat-boy, Gavin, gets caught breaking a No Masturbation rule and is immediately sent down the path of punishment. A fellow freshman, Jackson, is assigned to be his bathroom chaperone, while Gavin is forced to wear only soiled underwear for the entire weekend. His is given a choice of punishments and opts for a paddling as opposed to eating 27 loads of cum, but when they began spanking his balls instead of his ass it proved to be more than the little frat-boy can handle. He begged to change his choice. They finally allow it, but not before adding additional penalties.


Gavin was suddenly alone. The light went out, and the door closed. There had been no further words spoken. One moment he'd been told he would soon be a cum dumpster and the next, nothing. He could hear very faint voices from the other side of the door, but couldn't make out what they were saying. He waited there for what felt like 20 minutes - immobilized and vulnerable, then suddenly the door opened streaming light from behind. Two guys walked in and reached for his restraints. They unlatched the leather cuffs from the sawhorse, but left them locked on the boy's wrists and ankles. He was relieved to be free, but the feeling soon passed. As quickly as they could, they inverted his body on the sawhorse so that he was laying on his back. His hands were cuffed underneath him and his ankles reattached to the sawhorse legs. Then, of course, his stained undies were neatly placed over his face for good measure.

Then there was scuffling, an unknown voice commanded from the doorway "Boy, you have 5 minutes to suck this dick. Do not swallow any cum, keep it in your mouth. For every minute you go over or under 5 minutes, we will add another cumload to your sentence. Do you understand?"

"What?!" There was no reply.

Someone scuffled into position near Gavin's head, then the undies were removed. Jackson stood over him, his arms were tied behind his back and he wore only a pair of tighty whitey's. He looked nervous.

"Take em off Jackson" commanded the voice.

Jackson hesitated, then thumbed the waist band of his briefs. He was standing so close, Gavin could smell his sweat. Finally the kid's undies dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. And there it was. The fabled "Boner Cage" of which Jake had spoken. It was real. Gavin stared at it, completely horrified. It consisted of a metal ring around the base of Jackson's cock and balls, which was padlocked to a one and half inch metal cock cage curving outward. It was designed as a series of tiny parallel bars bent to form the permanent shape of a flaccid penis. It encased Jackson's dick entirely curving it downwards, towards Gavin's face. Jackson had been wearing it a week or so, if the rumors were true.. No wonder his demeanor had changed. He had been completely unmanned. His frat brothers had taken total control of his cock and denied him any possibility of erection.

"Approach the boy and put it on his lips." Jackson did as commanded. He straddled Gavin's face with the metal cage resting directly on the bound boy's mouth. "Your 5 minutes begins....now!"

The cage smelled like dried piss and boy juice. He had clearly not been let out for the entirety of his imprisonment. Jackson looked down at Gavin and apologized with his eyes, then he sunk the cage into Gavin's mouth. Gavin resisted immediately, he didn't want to swallow this kid's junk, but the paddle resting in the open cabinet nearby reminded him that there were worse alternatives. Jackson slipped further down bring his ball sack closer and closer towards Gavin's flaring nostrils. He couldn't take it, Gavin gagged as the metallic musky cock cage completed its journey joined by a face full of scrotum. He was staring straight into the hairless taint of a boy who, up until a couple minutes ago, was on the very bottom rung of the Fratboy hierarchy. But now, clearly it was Gavin who held that position. It was less than an hour ago that Jackson had gotten on his knees and offered to lick the piss from Gavin's dick per some senior's instructions. And now the tables had turned. Gavin realized he was holding his breath, and gagged again. He was suddenly forced to inhale deeply. He breathed it all in, the balls, the cock, the ass hovering over him. He was a bitch's bitch.

Jackson shuddered as the warm mouth enveloped his virgin cock. He lifted up and back down briefly trying to adjust, bouncing his balls off of Gavin's face. In his mind the sensation was heavenly compared to a week of forced chastity, but his face told another tale. He looked uncomfortable and embarrassed. Much to his own dismay, Gavin finally gave into his "Just get it over with" mantra, and lightly began running his tongue up and down the bars of the cage. He grazed the imprisoned penis inside with each stroke of his tongue. Jackson's breathing grew erratic as the cage slowly filled with his engorging member. "Unnnh, shit I'm getting hard man... Ow... Fuck... Ow..."

The senior at the edge of the room smirked, "Good luck with that."

"Fuck it hurts man" begged Jackson, his erection pinned itself against the cage, cramping unnaturally downward, and bulging out between the bars into Gavin's mouth. Gavin felt the weight of it all, the heat coming off of his fellow freshman's stifled erection. His balls began contracting, lifting off of his nose, tightening against the cage. A dense cloud, the unmistakeable flavor of a young man's crotch, descended all around him seeping into his nose and mouth and eyes. He gagged again. The senior in the back of the room chuckled at each gurgle Gavin let out.

"Wait, woah" started Jackson, "I think I'm....UNNHH, fuck...aww shit....UNNNHHH" Just then Gavin's mouth was flooded with a stream of hot boy-cum. He stopped his tongue immediately and froze in position as a week's worth of semen erupted out of Jackson's straining bent penis. It came with such a steady flow that at first he thought Jackson was pissing in his mouth. But the taste betrayed it for it what it was - the worst thing one boy can put in another boy's mouth, his spunk.

"Fuh...Fuh...Fuck Fuck, Awwww....man..." It was warm, and putrid and utterly foul to Gavin. It coated the inside of his mouth attacking all of his senses. Jackson twitched, mashing his balls into Gavin's face, as he emptied himself into his helpless frat brother's open mouth. He was at once relieved and also entirely unfulfilled. It'd been a week or more since his last orgasm, and although he felt his seed emptying out, all stimulation from Gavin had ceased at the worse time possible. The orgasm itself had been stifled just as much as his erection. It was ruined. Miserable for both parties involved.

He slowly pulled his cage out of Gavin's mouth, a string of semen stretched from cage to lip. It was Gavin now that was twitching. His instinct to gag was held back only by his fear of swallowing. His mouth was finally free of dick, but he'd gladly have dick over cum any day. He quivered as he waited for the senior's next command. He begged for it with a desperate grunt, "UUNNNH!"

The senior walked over to him. "That was like 2 minutes man" he said "You're 3 minutes under. Now you're up to 30 loads you gotta eat."

"Fuhh" answered Gavin, as cum trickled down the side of his cheek. He wanted to spit it out so bad, to gargle with napalm, to completely erase his mind of the flavor of Jackson's pent up spunk."

"Open up dumbass" ordered this senior Gavin had never even met before. Gavin carefully opened his jaw revealing a pool of white. "Yer not done yet, Jackson" he said, turning to the handcuffed cocklocked freshman standing nearby. Jackson approached again, meek as ever. "One more thing we gotta take care of boy, go ahead kid."

With that the senior grabbed the back of Jackson's head and forced his face downward. Gavin was in shock, completely confused. Jackson then put his tongue directly into Gavin's mouth as if french kissing him. Gavin was helpless. The freshman slurped up half a mouthful of his own cum from Gavin's mouth, then ended their awkward embrace as he came upright again. Then after a nod from their commander, Jackson bent back down and released the cum over Gavin's face. It spread over his nose, into an eye and all down one cheek. Gavin was painted now, marked. Branded a cocksucker.

Then the senior bent down to Gavin's ear and whispered, "Now swallow this fag's cum, boy."

Gavin looked up at Jackson with a mixture of anger and complete embarrassment, as he finally let the foul nut-juice slide down his throat. It was horrible. Every fiber of his being felt permeated in Jackson's scent and seed.

Then the senior looked up at the corner of the room and smiled. The camera's red light blinked a friendly hello back at him.


"How'd it taste, boy?" asked the senior. "Huh?"

"It was fucking gross man" answered Gavin, his voice cracking.

"Well maybe it's an acquired taste...you let me know 30 cumloads from now."

The thought of ever doing that again made Gavin's stomach turn.

"We got a surprise coming for you by the way, Shane's bringing it down in a bit, but while we wait Jackson's gonna shave off yer pubes, is that cool?"

"What?" both Gavin and Jackson asked simultaneously.

The senior pulled a bag with shaving equipment out of a cabinet and tossed it on Gavin's stomach. "Better get started, it's gotta be done by the time Shane gets here, he's expecting it. "

Jackson had thought he was done for the night, but it seems his services were still required, he walked over to the bag, the tiny padlock on his cock cage clinking all the way.

"Better hurry man"

Jackson quickly found some scissors then looked over at Gavin's cum covered face. "Sorry man...again..."


"I'll leave you two at it." with that he left the room and locked the door behind him.

"Aww shit man, do you have to?" begged Gavin clinging to the notion that he had still possessed some small shred of dignity.

"You heard Grant..." Gavin finally had a name to go with the face of his tormentor, "Besides Shane'll be pissed. and It'll grow back..."

"Fuck it, do it."

With that Jackson snipped away at Gavin's pubic hair. It'd taken him all of his puberty to grow those tufts of manhood, and now in a matter of minutes they would be gone. He'd be a boy. Just what Grant had been calling him ever since he stepped foot in this horrible room. Jackson trimmed Gavin's balls and up his taint some, then he smeared the shaving cream on for the finishing touch.

"I'm gonna have to touch yer dick man." He warned, then carefully without waiting for permission he squeezed the tip of Gavin's cock and pulled it away from his stomach. Each swipe of the razor brought a frustrated huff out of the bound freshman. With each swipe he felt more pathetic. Before long the job was done. Gavin craned his head and glared down at his hairless crotch.

"Fuck, man. So why didn't they do this shit to you?" He asked jutting his eyes towards Jackson's full unmolested bush.

"Well I..." Then Jackson was interrupted by the door. Shane swung it open and stumbled into the room. He was drunk as shit, wearing only his signature basketball shorts and carrying his beer cup in one hand. Gavin took note of Shane's physique. His well carved chest and his perfectly formed stomach muscles which lead straight down in a tight V shape ending in a patch of pubes which sprouted freely from his sagging shorts. Gavin couldn't help but look there. He was still mourning his recent loss.

"What up boys!" he announced as he composed himself. "WOAH!" he suddenly shouted. What happened to yer pubes dude?" He was genuinely shocked at the sight.

Jackson chimed in, ever obedient, "Grant told us you wanted us to shave..."

"HA!!! Fucking shit, man, that's hilarious!" Clearly Grant had lied. "Nicely done Jacko" Shane patted him on the back, "You are now free to get the fuck out!". His speech was slurred and playful. Jackson, ever cognizant of the hardware padlocked to his cock and balls went over to grab his underwear off the floor, but before he got there Shane tossed him a pair. A blue pair. Jackson caught the soiled undies in his hands. They were of course Gavin's piss and cum stained pair.

"They're waiting for you upstairs in the TV room dude, go grab a beer!" Shane offered it in a friendly tone setting his cup down on the counter. But Jackson knew it was a command. He slipped on the foul briefs and left the room, relieved to be out of there, but a little worried for Gavin. Then they were alone. The boy and the Man.

"Hey kid, Ima make this quick. Yer a dumbass...and you got yerself tied to this..fucking thing...cuz yer a dumbass and you broke the fuckin' rules. So now you gotta start guzzlin' cum" Gavin did not like where this was going, he was hoping against hope that Shane would just pass out right in front of him. He watched as the senior reached down to scratch his crotch while he continued to blather on. Shane rubbed his manhood up and down through the shorts. He must be enormous thought Gavin, maybe he never wears underwear cuz his dick is too big for it? He began to panic again.

"...So anyway since you've got another month of no jackin' it...We thought, why not spread this shit out a bit right? I mean 30 loads, right!? It's never been done before" Gavin was not thrilled to be breaking new territory in this category. Shane scratched his balls again, and rubbed his tight stomach muscles as he talked down to the bound boy beneath him. "Anyway, so what was I talking about...Fuck I gotta..." Shane paused in his drunken stupor as he composed his thoughts again. He edged closer to Gavin "Hey you remember when I made that dumbass piss himself in your room...HA!...that was fucking funny as shit man" He edged even closer to Gavin. "Now I need to take a piss man"

Fuck, thought Gavin.

"I needa take a piss man, and yer gonna fuckin' drink it." Shane's tone was no longer that of a loveable drunk. In a single sentence he'd become all business. He reached for his groin yet again, this time his fingers slipped inside the waist band. Then he whipped his 8 inches of thick jock meat out and slapped Gavin across the face with it as hard as was prudent to do with one's own genitalia. Gavin flinched. It shocked him more than anything, but then as Shane continued to dickslap him, it became less shocking and more debasing. Finally he let up, laughing at him. "You thirsty boy?" he asked tapping his dick head against Gavin's tightly pursed lips. "Open up"

Gavin resisted, he pushed his head to the side and begged, "Cmon man, that's sick dude"

"That's sick, SIR" Shane corrected. "And yer right it's fuckin nasty as shit, now open yer cock hole and drink my fuckin' piss" With that Shane reached down and squeezed Gavin's balls just enough to get a yelp out of him and at that moment he let loose a stream of built-up beer piss that he'd been holding in all evening. Gavin strained to keep his mouth open as commanded for the sake of his poor balls, which Shane still held ransom. The hot stream hit the roof of Gavin's mouth forcefully and splattered all over. Shane repositioned himself and released Gavin's nuts. He moved the stream from one edge of his mouth to another. Most of it was splashing out, but as the torture went on Gavin began choking and ended up swallowing a good mouthful in the process. He was groaning in disgust as the torrent splashed down on him. The taste was beyond disgusting, it was a vile stench that overtook all of his senses. Finally Shane aimed his stream upwards soaking the freshman's hair and face, then back to his mouth, before plunging his cock between's Gavin's quivering lips.

"Now fucking swallow it, boy!" he said as he emptied his bladder at last.

Gavin coughed up the remaining urine as Shane stepped back looking utterly revolted by the pathetic scene before him.

"You're sick man" he smiled. Then he reached for his beer and held it up to his mouth. "Woah Fuck!" he suddenly yelled. Then he began to laugh. "Fuck me, freshman! Ha ha!, I almost just drank this shit! Here this is for you."

With that the senior grabbed Gavin's cheeks forcing his mouth open and up-ended his beer cup over Gavin's mouth. Gavin grunted in protest. "UUUNNHH!!!! UUNH!!!" The piss flavor lingering in his mouth and up his nose was now instantly replaced with what must have been 6 loads of cum. The guys had clearly passed the cup around and jerked off in it while Gavin was busy being cumdump to Jackson. The pure volume was unfathomable to Gavin. Although in reality the cup wasn't even half full. He hadn't thought it could be worse than what he already experienced, but it definitely was. He couldn't swallow it, the taste was too strong. Once the cup was empty Shane placed it on the Freshman's dick and balls trapping them inside with the gooey remnants. Cum streamed out of the corners of Gavin's mouth as his eyes watered and his nose ran. Shane gently closed the boys mouth and plugged his nose - it was the ultimate domination. An obvious command to swallow or choke to death on semen.

Gavin choked the monster load down. It coated every inch of his mouth and throat. He felt like he was going to throw up at any moment.

"That's a good boy", Shane reassured him, patting the boy on his chest and rubbing his belly. "Your Brothers' nut is a gift, Freshman."

"UUUGhh! Fuck!" shouted Gavin finally able to breath again.

"I'm gonna be honest with you, boy, we lost count. No clue how many guy's dumped a wad in that cup...But you ate it in one gulp, so we'll just count it as one. 29 left!"

He smiled, then he was gone.

To Be Continued...

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