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Author: Himeros
Email: ofvenus@gmail.com


RECAP: A freshman frat-boy, Gavin, gets caught breaking a No Masturbation rule and is immediately sent down the path of punishment. A fellow freshman, Jackson, is also being punished for a lesser infraction. The upperclassmen continue to find new ways of humiliating the two as things escalate.


Jackson was ushered upstairs by a couple seniors he'd never met right after finishing in the "dungeon" room - He was wearing only Gavin's stained blue undies - which hid that horrible cock cage underneath. Stairs always made him all the more aware of it. It made everything flop unnaturally as ascended - extra careful.

They walked him through the TV room where everyone watched and laughed at the screen as Shane relieved himself on poor Gavin. Then they brought him into a side room where he saw Marco. The beautiful brown skinned Latin wrestler was passed out on an armchair, completely non-responsive. Someone had pulled off his shorts leaving him wearing only a pair of white briefs. His body was a masterpiece of well-carved musculature everywhere you looked, no crevice of his body had been overlooked at the gym. His head drooped to one side as his body slumped into a sunken slouch, legs flung wide open - a full 90 degrees. His bright white undies tried their best, but they did little to conceal his generous endowment. Grant stood beside him, waiting.

"So we're ready to get that fucking cage off you man" Grant started in "There's someone else who clearly needs it" his eyes jutted back to the TV room and back, "but you're gonna have to earn it - with a little house work."

Jackson knew it wasn't going to be the dishes.

"So anyway...we need you clean Marco's gooch, dude - with your tongue" The seniors behind him shoved Jackson to his knees. "Crawl!"

over, and get yer face in there. Try not to wake him up though!"

Jackson forgot to protest, he was now so accustomed to being a complete submissive bitch. He just bowed his head and slowly crawled on all fours to the unconscious fratboy's wide open crotch.

"Now get yourself fuckin' face in there and don't wake him up."

Jackson slowly leaned his head toward the tight underwear-clad crotch, then paused for a moment. That's when he felt the ultimate power play - a hand, on the back of his head. It was Grant of course. He slowly but firmly pressed Jackson's face into the soft cottony warmth of Marco's taint. Then he guided Jackson's head downwards into the ass and slowly back up shoving his nose under Marco's bulbous ball sack. The underwear covering everything made it easier, but also somehow dirtier.

"You got it?" Asked Grant, "Do that, but with your tongue out."

Jackson held his tongue out and again pressed his face against dirty under side of Marco's briefs. He tasted every salty, earthy inch of the latino's under carriage. He did this several times wetting the briefs as he went.

"You know Jack...Who are we kidding here...We all know where the dirtiest part is...How bout you just focus on that ass crack?" A hand once again grabbed the back of Jackson's head and forced his tongue, mouth, and nose deep into Marco's ass. "Right there man, really clean that shit out" Grant giggled at his own pun.

Jackson was humiliated by the feeling of being buried in ass - but getting out of the cage was worth anything at this point. The chastity device that held his aching dick in limbo had ruined his entire life in just one week. Even when he did manage to cum moments before - into Gavin's unwilling mouth - he had received no pleasure from it, not even a little. Somehow it had actually made him hornier. He was desperate to feel his own cock in his hands, to experience the euphoric sensation of truly stroking his own hard-on. He never realized how much of a need it was for him until now. It was safe to say he would do anything to get it back. He felt the cage swaying between his legs, like a pendulum. Counting the minutes until he would be free.

"...the fuck yo?" Marco groaned beginning to stir, very groggy.

"Keep going..." instructed Grant feigning seriousness.

Marco had yet to open his eyes, but his brain was beginning to piece together the fact that someone was going to town on his dirty bits.

"Yo what the fuck?" his voice went as high. He finally looked down at the pathetic freshman lapping up his crotch essence. "Bitch, you want a meal, here's the main course!"

Then with ease and grace, Marco grabbed Jackson by the hair and pulled his face up to the half erect cock bulging from his briefs. He smeared Jackson's face all over the front of his undies pressing the boy's mouth and nose deep into his dick and balls. The onlookers laughed their heads off. Then just as easy, he tossed the boy aside joining in the laughter. "Yo I'm sorry lil dude" He said while still laughing. Then Grant tossed a key to Marco.

"So anyway, I owe you man. This is his last night in that cage - he's all yours." Grant smiled and headed back into the TV room with the others.

A squinty-eyed grin grew over Marco's face as he looked over at the freshman on the floor - Jackson had just become his property now.

"Let's go smoke up boy" he said quickly jumping to his feet. Still wearing nothing more than a pair of tighty whiteys.

The two went down the hall to Marco's room.

"Take yer drawers off yo, Ima pack a bowl."

Marco walked over to his dresser and began loading a pipe. Jackson slipped out of Gavin's underwear and stood naked (but for the cage) awaiting instructions. Marco took a big hit off the pipe and turned back to the boy.

"Go ahead yo, bend over!" He forced Jackson over onto the bed with his bare buttocks exposed to the room, then gave him several quick pats to the ass.

"So here's the deal kid, I wanna fuck you like a bitch, yo. My lady don't do that back door shit, you dig? But you aint gotta choice right?" Jackson could see it, but the demented grin on Marco's face was implied.

At this point Jackson was scared shitless...he was being manhandled by a member of the wrestling team who was completely nonchalant about fucking him up the ass for the first time. Marco - still in his briefs - lined himself up with Jackson's bare ass and gave him several "test" thrusts while holding onto the boys hips.

"Mmmm Mmmm MMMM!" That'll do boy! Damn! You ever been fucked." Marco pressed his growing cock up against Jackson's ass and held position while waiting for a response.

"I, uhhh...no, no man" He was trembling.

"Mmmmm Nice...Tight as fuck right?" Then Marco pulled the freshman off his bed and let him tumble to the floor. "Well shit kid, Ima be nice then. You can blow me first - but if I get bored for even a fucking second, Ima finish up yer butt. Sound good kid?"

"uh...ok" there was no dignified way of answering that question. Jackson just clung to the possibility of avoided being raped by what was bound to be a gigantic dong.

"You know where it's at fag" Marco leaned back in the bed resting on his elbows.

Jackson slowly tugged at Marco's underwear - still a bit moist on the underside - and pulled them to the floor letting Marco step out of them, then he came eye to eye with an enormous set of beautiful brown dick and balls. He scratched his balls right in Jackson's face.

"Tick tock Puta"

Jackson took a couple deep breaths then slid the stiffening flesh in his mouth. It was a smooth and heady and way too big for a human mouth. The Freshman resorted to sucking the glans and stroking the shaft, slobbering as much as he could all the while. Marco's eyes rolled back as he moaned - a good sign for the cock sucker. A quick stream of super slick precum oozed into Jackson's mouth as he kept going harder and harder. He felt like he was on a good track. He pumped and pumped against the throbbing giant, until finally Marco's hand found the back of his head once again, and the motion ended.

"Mmmmm, fuck man"

He slowly pressed against Jackson's head - deeper and a little deeper. Jackson began to panic, to gag. The obvious sound of choking did nothing to stop the lean muscled latin god as Jackson new breathed in spit and dick juice instead of air. Dark thick pubes began dusting his nose and Jackson's face had turned into a bright red mess. He thought he was going to die of cockphyxiation! Then Marco released him. The boy sunk to the floor gasping for air.

Marco too appeared to be short on breath, his dick was raging hard and he was squirming on the very edge of cumming.

"Get the fuck up yo!" he commanded, with an uncharacteristically urgent tone - he would cum any minute.

Jackson quickly scrambled to his knees only to be pulled back onto the bed, the Freshman's ass once again exposed. His fists dug into the bedspread as he girded himself for the worst. There was nearly no warning, Marco was so close. A wet finger quickly probed his hole for a brief half-second before...

"FUUUNNHHH!!!" Marco plunged his rock hard cock deep into the Freshman.

"AAAANNNGH!!!!!!" Screamed Jackson as his ass was penetrated in one solid compassionless fuck-thrust.

Jackson's eyes bulged out as he felt a massive load of Marco's seed discharge into his formerly virgin ass hole. They both breathed deeply, heaving in and out. Marco was in to the hild, his balls were pressed up against the freshman's body as he twitched sending his monster load into the boy. Then he slowly pulled back, giving it another pump, which proved too much for Marco's sensitive cock head. He froze half in - then in a single fluid motion the beast withdrew.

Jackson collapsed sweating, eyes tearing up.

"Damn, kid! Hope you on the pill, son! Fuck that was good yo!" Marco laughed breathlessly as he wiped his wet dick off on the freshman's bare buttocks. "So you wanna bong hit?"


Gavin brow was furrowed, he was confused to be in cub scouts again - just a kid. He was snuggled up tight in his sleeping bag drifting to sleep helplessly. He was exhausted. Then suddenly the sound of a slow drawn-out zipping noise broke the silence. An intruder was entering his tent! He froze, immobilized. His trusty scout's knife was in has pack just a foot away, but he couldn't bring himself to leave the comfort of his sleeping bag. Then the flaps spread apart and a wretched menacing face poked through the opened flaps. It was too dark to make out who or what it was. Then it cackled at him, terrifying the scout as it crept into the tent, closer and closer to the frightened boy. Then just as it was upon him, the creature raised up, pursed its lips together, sucked in a deep breath and spewed a powerful stream of hot venom directly out of its lips onto Gavin's face. He coughed and choked and wheezed as the poison drenched him. Then suddenly he woke up. Gavin was laying in his own bed, groggy as hell, head pounding like a bass drum. Standing next to him, cackling, was a fellow fratboy who had unzipped his fly and was now using Gavin as a human urinal. He was being pissed on in his own bed!

"Fuck! Stop it fucker!", he shouted realizing he'd just been dreaming. He couldn't make out who it was because of the underwear thoughtful arranged over his head and face. The assailant darted out of the room giggling, as Gavin thrashed his head back and forth trying to escape the warm piss-soaked briefs. It was then he realized that his arms were pinned to his sides. He was so disoriented. Was he drunk? He had no recollection of going to bed whatsoever. And why were his arms pinned? Then it struck him, he wasn't alone in bed! His arms were being held in place by someone's arms wrapped around his waist, spooning him from behind! He freaked out. Squirming and thrashing even more, he desperately tryed to free himself. He finally wriggled his arms up and out of the stranger's hold. Then he quickly tore the undies from his head and reached to flip the lamp on. He sighed, it was Jackson, dead asleep, and completely naked.

"What the fuck...Wake up man." Gavin whispered not wanting to draw any attention. But Jackson was completely passed out, definitely drunk or stoned. Gavin then jerked at the boys arms to release his death grip and just as he did a sharp pain shot through his balls.

"UUUNNGGHH!!!!" He groaned, bending forward - forcing his ass into Jackson's crotch by accident.

Something was wrong. His balls ached in a way he'd never felt before - as if someone had just tried to pull them off. He reached his hands down to his groin instinctively and it was then that he saw it. His newly shaved cock and balls were now locked in Jackson's former chastity device! It clung to his unwilling boy-cock with an unexpected weight. The little golden padlock stared up at him with it's one squinting eye binding the metal cage to its ring - uncaring and unconcerned. Gavin thought he was going to hyperventilate at the sight of his penis encased in those unforgiving metal bars - He had no idea who possessed the key, or how he could obtain it. But as he examined closer he saw it was actually worse. Jackson's arms were handcuffed around his waist and the chain of those cuffs was locked in place by that same unfeeling golden padlock. The boys were bound together - locked in a spooning position, with Jackson's hands resting on either side of Gavin's tightly constricted genitals. There was nothing he could do, no escape! Another guy's hands were fucking touching his junk, and there was nothing he could do! His eyes darted around the room for an answer. Tinsnips, bolt cutters, a blow torch - why didn't he have any of these tools? What kind of a man was he? There was nothing that would do the trick. And it was then that Gavin made yet another realization - his room was missing one crucial element - one he definitely remembered having before - one he'd used many times. The door. His brothers had removed it entirely!

Quickly Gavin fumbled to turn the lamp off. At any moment anyone could've passed by and seen the two boys spooning naked on top of a sheet-less mattress - exposed to the world! In his panic his fingers slipped and the lamp went sailing through the air smashing onto floor with a loud crash and snap of electricity. The room went dark.

"What the fuh...?" mumbled Jackson, half asleep as he fully pressed up against Gavin's backside.

"Fuck, Wake up man!" Gavin snapped back at him, creeped out by his unconscious cuddling.

"Wait what..." Jackson just realized he was in cuffs - his hands instinctively went together - finding Gavin's caged cock in the middle. "Woah - sorry man" Then he quickly jerked his hands back.

"AAAGNH!!!! FUCK, no don't man! Don't move!!!" begged Gavin. "You're cuffed to my fucking balls man!!"

"Oh Fuck...Oh Right!" Jackson responded, suddenly remembering he was free of that damn cage.

"How the fuck did this happen? How are we supposed to get out of this?" Gavin started to panic, as he lay uncomfortably on his side in Jackson's arms.

"You, you don't remember?"

"No, do you?."

"Well..." Jackson knew everything that had happened to Gavin that night. Most of it was playing on a loop in the TV room all night long. But there was another time to bring that up probably - Gavin needed the pertinent details. He needed to know about...the oath.

The two laid still in the forced spooning position as Jackson whispered the story "So when they finally let you out of that room and brought you upstairs - you were completely waisted. They said you must have had like 5 Peetinis."

"What...in fuck's name...is a Peetini?" asked Gavin staring forward into the room, horrified, unable to see Jackson's face as they spoke.

"Uhh, it's a...It's like a double shot of ice cold vodka in a solo cup of warm piss. Like a martini but with..." Gavin groaned, interrupting the unnecessary explanation.

"Sorry man...It's fuckin' sick, but it's not like you had a choice." Gavin didn't respond, he was embarrassed beyond consoling - and yet Jackson did make him feel better some how. Maybe just by being his awkward self.

"So anyway...they pulled us outside in the backyard completely naked - must of been after midnight. You know that concrete slab in the middle of the yard? It's like a little circle?"


"Well there's a little metal loop in the center. They cuffed me...cuffed my cock cage to the metal loop in the ground. So I was on my knees - with my knees kinda spread out. It fuckin' sucked. Anyway - then you took the oath."

"Oath? Holy shit - I don't remember any of this!!"

"Yeah, I actually had to do a version of it when they put the cage on me last week. But this one was different."

"What happened?"

"So I'm on my knees - my junk all cuffed to the ground. And they made me put my head back and have you stand over me." Jackson was starting to get uncomfortable. "Then...then you had to put your balls in my mouth and I had to hold them between my teeth."

"Holy fuck..."

Jackson repositioned himself in bed slightly tugging the cuffs. "Shit, sorry man"

"Ahh...it's cool...so, so then what happened?"

"So then they made us stay in that position for like a half an hour. I had to hold your balls literally between my teeth which meant biting them a little bit - It was a good thing you were drunk.

"Am drunk..."

"But the whole time we are out there shivering in the cold, buck naked. You had to keep chanting the oath."

"What's the oath? Do you remember it?"

"Yeah, I heard you say it like 50 times. it goes...

I do swear on these, my balls, now set betwixt my brother's teeth,

that I do freely heed the call to bear the Iron Sheath.

The Ring shall bind my manhood, to hold me fast and true.

The Cage shall force my phallus down, to humble and subdue.

Until another swears the oath, and frees my balls and cock,
He who holds the key is lord of all bound by its lock."

"Shit..." Gavin instinctively curled into a semi-fetal position. Jackson adjusted himself to match.

"After that they gave you another...'drink' Then they undid me from the cage and made you squat there instead. You were pretty much passed out at that point when they locked you in the cage."

Jackson didn't have the heart to tell him the rest. That after being locked in his new metal erection crusher, that Jackson was then forced to stand over Gavin and stick his newly freed cock in the drunk boy's mouth forcing him to suck on it. Since Gavin was so drunk though, they ended up making Jackson jerk off instead. He got hard almost instantly and came all over Gavin's face. It went in his nose, his eye, and directly into his mouth.

At the time, Jackson was so happy to be free and to feel his own hard cock again - he felt little remorse for the passed out cum-receptacle beneath him. In fact it kind of turned him on. It was empowering to relieve his pent up balls onto another boy's helpless face.

In fact the thought of it still turned him on. Panic suddenly swept over Jackson as he realized - he was now sporting a full erection, just centimeters from Gavin's bare ass.

To Be Continued...

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