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Author: Himeros
Email: ofvenus@gmail.com


RECAP: A freshman frat-boy, Gavin, gets caught breaking a No Masturbation rule and is immediately sent down the path of punishment. He is forced to wear a chastity device and cater to every sadistic demeaning demand that his fellow frat brothers dream up.


The next morning the two bound freshman slept their hangovers off until noon. With Gavin's door completely removed it didn't take long before the entire Freshman hall was hovering just outside the doorway snickering at the two sleeping boys.

Jackson, still unconscious, pulled himself closer to Gavin, pressing his morning wood up against the sleeping swimmer boy's bare ass. Just then the Freshmen dispersed as Shane popped in the room. He was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist - his chiseled core still glistening from the shower. Without saying a word he uncuffed Jackson's hands and slapped him on the head to wake him up.

"Grab his arms" he ordered.

Jackson quickly snapped to, and pulled Gavin up into a full nelson, waking the groggy limp boy in the process.

"What the fuck is..."

"Shut up boy"

Gavin was suddenly fully awake struggling against Jackson's hold.

"Wait what are you doing?!"

Shane didn't respond, he undid the chastity lock, removed the cuffs then snapped the lock shut again. Then he dangled the key in Gavin's face.

"As long as you're locked in that cage, whoever has these is your fucking God - you got it?" Gavin nodded, "You'll do whatever they say, no matter what - got it?" Gavin nodded again, "And if you don't..." Shane grabbed a fistful of Gavin's protruding balls and squeezed. The boy jerked forward in shock forcing himself against Jackson's still erect cock. "...If you don't - Your two best friends down here are gonna regret it. Got it?"

"Yeah, I got it." Gavin answered breathing erratically. Shane's grip tightened. "Unnnh" Gavin's ass press harder into Jackson.

"Now get dressed and report to the senior lavatory!" Then he was gone.

Jackson released his grip and Gavin jumped out of bed, looking for his blue undies - the only thing he was allowed to wear that weekend. He glared back at Jackson who was trying to hide his erection.

"Sorry man...I can't help it...I was locked in that thing for a week... Everything makes me get hard now."

Gavin ignored the excuse. "What are they gonna fucking do to me man?"

"I dunno..."

Gavin left his room and quickly sped down the hall way - drawing the attention of everyone he passed. His fellow Freshmen laughed at him as he went by. He finally made it to the senior hall and quickly ducked into the lavatory. Theirs was the same as his. Half of it was a communal shower area with a couple long benches and the other half had urinals and stalls. Dean and Shane were standing near the showers, waiting. Shane was holding the handcuffs from earlier.

"Sleep well, boy?" Dean asked with a smirk. "Get the fuck over here."

Gavin quickly did as commanded. He stood in front of the two glistening seniors. Dean was wearing his work-out pants - still sweaty from his morning work-out, and Shane still wore nothing but a towel. Dean casually pulled at the waistband of Gavin's underwear and peaked at the humiliating cock cage inside. Gavin blushed - he was mortified that another guy held this much control over him, but he had no choice but to allow himself to be used

"You Golf?" he asked.

"uh, No" Gavin answered.

"Oh, then this might be educational. I'm gonna show you what a Ball-Washer is. Get on the bench."

Gavin slowly sat down on the bench. Shane quickly grabbed his wrists and pulled him to a laying position, cuffing his hands underneath the bench seat. Meanwhile, Dean duct taped his ankles to the bench legs. In a matter of seconds he was entirely immobilized.

"Lemme show you."

With that said, Dean dropped his shorts to the ground and pulled his boxer briefs off. He straddled the bench directly over Gavin's head. The freshman stared up in terror at Dean's sweaty balls and taint as they slowly eased down over the boy's face.

"Lick em clean"

He squatted down onto Gavin's face letting his balls flop directly on his nose and upper lip. Gavin had to protest. "Aw Cmon man..."

Suddenly Shane's vice-like grip was crushing his nuts. "UUNNH!!!" He grunted in pain. "Ok, Ok, I'm sorry I'll do it!" Dean looked over his shoulder and grinned at Shane.

The boy slowly opened his mouth and stretched his tongue out to meet the warm smelly testicles dangling freely in front of him. "Lick...My Nuts...Bitch" Dean commanded clearly and succinctly. The boy slowly stroked the dangling scrotum with his quivering tongue - his face contorting at the unbearable musky essence.

"Really get up in it fag" ordered Dean.

Gavin stretched his tongue even further curving all the way up behind the balls into Dean's taint then licked all the way down and back up the front - the full tongue bath. It was powerful - Sweat, piss, cum, nut-oil - every foul flavor swimming in a man's crotch all mixed into one. And all the while he was forced to work around the senior's thick limp dick - he had only his face to nudge it out of the way.

"Now put em in yer mouth"

With that Gavin opened wide, still wincing and contorting his face. It was more than just the taste. It was the utter humiliation of being forced to allow the most repugnant parts of male genitalia in his mouth. Even touching them would have been near the height of humiliation, but sucking on them was several steps too far. Despite it all, he tried his hardest to swallow the senior's testicles. The hairs tickled his mouth as he felt himself massaging the wrestler's manhood inside his warm mouth. He realized at that moment that he was legitimately afraid of Dean, more than anyone. And yet he now held Dean's most tender vulnerable body parts in his mouth. All that made Dean an Alpha-God, all that made him a man was nestled centimeters away from Gavin's teeth. What confidence he must have to entrust his only two gonads to a boy he'd been utterly humiliating for the past 12 hours. A single wrong move from Gavin, a freak spasm, and his teeth might bite down, sinking into the soft organs - it would be the worst pain imaginable. Yet Dean swung his hips, slapped the boy on the side of the head, taunted him all the while as if those bulging balls were made of titanium. Had he forgotten about ruthlessly beating Gavin's nuts last night with a ball-paddle? Was he really so fearless? So unaware of the potential karma awaiting him?

Just then Dean lifted his limp cock off of the freshman's cheek and let it flop back down onto the boy's face. Gavin winced at the demeaning gesture, but like a good bitch, his teeth never even so much as grazed Dean's balls. His tongue just kept cleaning them. Washing the grime and filth down his own throat. He now treated Dean's balls with more reverence than his own.

"Alright fag, stop slobbering on my junk and lick my taint." Dean grinned at Shane again as he withdrew himself from Gavin's mouth and edged further over his face mashing his salty crotch onto the boy's tongue and lips. "Lick it!" Dean insisted as he edged further. The two seniors blew up with laughter as Gavin got a tongue full of Dean's ass hole.

"UUNNGGH!" Gavin groaned at the terrible taste. Then it was done. Dean stepped away from the bench.

"So that's how it's done" Dean explained smiling at the pathetic boy.

Shane then approached with a marker and straddled Gavin at the waist. He wrote on the boy's lightly muscled chest, one word: "Ballwasher" with an arrow pointing straight up to his face.


The seniors abandoned Gavin in the bathroom, leaving him bound to the bench in the dank foul-smelling lavatory. He laid there alone occasionally struggling at his restraints for at least half an hour. Every voice he heard walking by filled him with utter dread. Would they walk in? And what would they do to him? He'd been awake for only an hour, and he also had to pee - He drank a lot last night after all. The base of his cock ached inside its metal prison. He'd been servicing everyone else but himself. Truth be told, this was the longest he'd gone without jerking off since he started college. He wanted to touch himself, stroke his meat. But even if he wasn't cuffed to a bench - it would still be impossible. His dick no longer belonged to him - yet it was all he could think about. As he imagined pulling on it - releasing his pent up seed, his cock began to stiffen inside the cage. It bulged and bent - scaring the boy at first. The pain grew more and more steady, as he could now think of nothing else. Then suddenly he heard a pair of foot steps echoing off the bathroom walls.

"ha ha holy shit man" Gavin recognized the voice. It was Wade - a tall lanky runner who as a junior, had no business being in the Senior Lavatory. Gavin realized his services as a ballwasher were being advertised outside just the senior class.

Wade approached the poor freshman still sweating from his morning run. "Man, whatever you did, you fucked up kid." Wade looked Gavin up and down, then his eye stopped at the oddly shaped package in Gavin's underwear. "Do you mind?" he asked reaching for gavin's groin.

"Please don't man, let me go!" Gavin begged.

Wade gingerly lifted the waistband of Gavin's dirty blue undies and peeked at the metal contraption within - Gavin's cock bursting through the metal frame. "Ha ha! Fuck dude - that's puttin' you outta the pussy game for a while huh kid?" Gavin had never been with a girl before, but nonetheless the sentiment was not lost on him. The junior pulled Gavin's underwear down further exposing the entirety of his embarrassment. "Bet these are tender huh?" he commented poking at Gavin's bulging balls - pulled tight by the metal ring.

Gavin squirmed and yelped "AANH!" Wade was only encouraged by the boy's pain. He pulled the curved cage upward exposing the poor boy fully, then flicked each testicle with a wicked snap of his fingers.

AAAAGGH!!! UUUNNGGHH!!! FUCK MAN PLEASE!" Gavin's gut boiled with pain.

Then Wade let the soiled undies snap back to Gavin's waist, giving his balls a quick smack. "Sorry man, couldn't be helped." Wade lifted off his sweat drenched shirt, revealing his expertly toned torso. Then his shorts dropped to the floor.

"cmon man, please don't do this" Gavin begged.

The runner slipped his black briefs off and dangled them over Gavin's face. "Here hold onto these, I gotta take a piss" With that Wade rubbed his sweaty smelly underwear all over Gavin's mouth and nose before stuffing it in his mouth. "Be right back"

The sound of Wade's piss hitting porcelain reminded Gavin that he had to pee really bad. It was torture hearing the naked junior relieving himself 6 feet, while he was unable to do the same. He squirmed in his own skin fighting the urge back. Then Wade returned, and removed the gag.

"Here clean this part first" With that Wade dunked the head of his penis still dribbling with piss into Gavin's mouth. Gavin cringed as he was forced to allow the wet cock-head to penetrate his lips. Then before Gavin could think - Wade withdrew his dick and the freshman's mouth was again full of sweaty frat-scrotum. Wade's balls were rank, his underwear hadn't been too fresh either, but his balls were hairy and sweaty as all hell. He gagged at the overpowering aroma of maleness invading his mouth. Meanwhile the junior encouraged Gavin with every slurp "Cmon man, Oh...Fuck...that's pretty good....fuck, Yeah keep going dude" Gavin watched in horror as he noticed Wade's dick slowly thickening. "Fuck man! Look what you did!" Wade pulled his balls out, rubbing his junk. "Look, I got some friends coming up any minute now - you gotta take care of this shit before they get here."

"Wait what?"

"You fuckin' got me hard dude, you gotta finish it." With that, Wade angled his cock into Gavin's mouth and pressed against the boys lips forcing himself in. Gavin gagging as the stiffened dick pushed down his throat. He bucked back and forth fucking the freshman's face and snickering at the choking sounds it forced out. "Here's it is kid" he suddenly announced before pumping his brother's mouth full of hot sticky semen. "FUCK, Yeah! Fuck!" The load was never ending, Gavin swallowed once, only to have his mouth filled again. The taste was overwhelming.

Gavin moaned in disgust "Unnnngh...Munnngh"

Voices approached just as Wade finished up. He quickly pulled out and smeared the remaining cum on Gavin's cheek. Then a moment later laughter broke out as 2 more juniors entered the lavatory. Gavin gulped down the remaining wad of cum in his throat - he couldn't help but wonder if that was going to count towards the 30 loads he owed, somehow he didn't think anyone was keeping count.

"Fuck, they tied him down, perfect!" yelled Luke as he entered carrying a gym bag. His friend Ethan followed close behind, he looked just as shocked and disgusted. Then Luke got right to the point, "So who's first?"

"Fuck it, I'll go" said Ethan as he tore off his sweaty tank top and slipped out of his shorts. They were all runners as far as Gavin new and they all had the same lean builds. Ethan approached with his big unkempt bush of pubic hair scratching at his naked balls.

Then Luke instructed, "Drop your boys in his mouth, and hope for the best E" Everyone laughed - Gavin was completely confused.

"You better treat these like they're yours! Open up fag." With that Ethan plugged Gavin's unwilling mouth with his hairy nutsack. Gavin gagged. Wade's semen flavor still lingered in his mouth as he was forced to gargle on yet another sweaty pair of testicles - His third for the day.

Wade then reached down to Gavin's groin and pulled the lock of his chastity device so that it was held just under the waistband of his underwear. It forced the whole unit upward tenting his underwear as the rigid cage now pointed straight up.

Luke explained the game, "Ok, standard Ball-Pong rules. We each get three shots, only a direct hit counts. If the bitch bites - he eats ass. Loser's gotta do the deed." They all laughed, scrunching their noses up in disgust. Gavin was scared as shit.

Luke pulled a tube of tennis balls out of his bag. Gavin couldn't see them since he was staring straight into Ethan's steaming taint. Luke then positioned himself 4 feet back from Gavin and tossed a tennis ball underhanded directly towards Gavin's exposed crotch. The ball smacked his inner thigh causing him to just slightly bite into the tender tissue of Ethan's smelly testicles. "FUCK! Fucker!" Ethan immediately pulled his balls out as his friends began laughing. The ball had of course been intended for Gavin's tightly bound and vulnerable balls, but the shock alone had been enough to earn him his penalty.

"Mother fucker - no biting!" With that Ethan grabbed the back of the freshman's head and squatted his ass directly over the poor boy's face. Gavin tried to jerk his head away but to no avail, he got a face full of sweaty taint and ass as his punishment.

"Now don't do it again, fag!" chided Ethan as he reinserted his balls into the boys mouth. It couldn't have hurt too bad, but Ethan wanted to send the message.

Then Luke wound up again and lobbed another tennis ball at Gavin's boy bulge. This one hit his balls squarely and expertly.

"MMMMMPHHH!!!" Gavin screamed as much as he could with a mouthful of nuts. The pain rolled up into his stomach as he continued his muffled scream. "MMMMMPHH!!! MMPHH!!!!! UNNNGH" He pulled at his restraints rattling his cuffs against he underside of the bench. But despite it all he managed not to bite anything this time. He used his tongue and lips to cover his teeth as best he could. It was a miserable predicament, loose pubes swum in his mouth as he suckled the ball-sack of a man he'd never really even met and now the rules of the game were clear to him - his balls were the target in a sadistic reimagining of Bocce Ball. Then suddenly Luke's third volley struck him, it landed directly on the upright cock cage, the force reverberated through Gavin's groin causing him to cough and gag around Ethan's balls. He plunged his face further against the boy - deep throating his testicles and pressing his nose deep into the boys hairy taint, all to avoid biting and getting a face full of ass again.

Finally Ethan pulled his balls out leaving Gavin coughing and spitting.

"Hey fucker - don't ever spit out your brother's stank, Freshman!" commanded Wade, "That shit's a gift, apologize!"

Gavin calmed himself and quickly obliged, "Sorry, sorry man. Thanks for letting me lick your balls."

The lavatory blew up in laughter as Luke stepped up for his turn.

Luke's balls were smoother than Ethan's but no less foul. He slid them in and feigned a shudder at the warmth and expertise of the Freshman ball licker. Wade was at bat for this one, he lobbed two direct hits to Gavin's bulging balls - forcing tears to the little swimmer boy's eyes on the last one. "UUUUUUNNNGGGHHH!!!! BBBUGGGGGNNNNH!!"

Then as Luke withdrew his junk, Gavin couldn't hold back anymore.

"Please man, fuck it hurts, and I gotta take a piss so bad, you guys gotta let me out!"

Luke glanced over at Wade and grinned, "Looks like the stakes just got higher, dude. Go ahead and pee freshman - right where you are."

"Serious man, I can't hold it."

"No I'm serious - Piss yourself, fag!"

With that Gavin gave in, a torrent of piss shot up from his tenting underwear then rained back down on his underwear and legs. He held his breath in as he let it out, all the while his frat brothers doubled over in laughter. Ethan had his phone out taking a video of the whole thing. Then it was done, his briefs were soaked and only a puddle of golden shame remained

"You're up Wade!"

Wade quickly placed his balls in Gavin's mouth (again), as Ethan began his turn at the toss. The first and second were a clear miss, then he wound up for the third, only to hit the cock cage instead, it earned him a squeal from the bound freshman. "UNNNGH!!!!"

"Ow!" yelled Wade at the same time, faking it. Gavin hadn't bitten him, but the junior didn't give a shit. "Lick my ass faggot!" He then squatted over Gavin's face and forced his ass crack up and down pressing his sweaty underside against the boy's lips.

"Looks like you lose Ethan" announced Luke.

"Fuckin' no way, he just pissed himself!" he protested, but Wade and Luke weren't backing down. "Fuck you guys..."

Ethan walked over to and knelt before Gavin's crotch - trying to avoid the urine on the ground. He slowly stretched out his lips towards the freshman's balls screwing his face up in disgust until finally his lips were pressed up against Gavin's soaked underwear. The ballwasher was getting his balls washed. The warm urine aroma nearly made him gag as he held his lips dutifully around the freshman's beaten balls. His fellow juniors slowly counted to ten. Once done, he immediately shot to his feet spitting the taste back onto Gavin - his peers were in hysterics at the sight.

"Shut the fuck up!"

He ran naked to the sink and bathed his tongue in the steady stream. Luke and Wade gathered their things and dressed. Then left him there, still at the sink, as they headed down the hall laughing out loud. Gavin heard the sink turn off and Ethan walked back over.

"You're fucking pathetic, fag."

Gavin was frozen, unable to speak. Nothing he could say would help the situation so he just let his eyes gaze to the side in submission.

"You fuckin' piss yerself - and I have to taste it? That's fucking bullshit freshman!" Ethan spit on the boy again. "You're the fuckin' piss drinker anyway...I saw the shit, it was nasty." Ethan edged closer to Gavin rubbing his hairy crotch as his cock flopped from side to side. "You're gonna fucking take some more right now too, fag"

"Cmon man...I'm sorry - I didn't know they were gonna make you...UUUNGH!" Gavin was cut short by a deft nut tap.

"Open up"

Gavin didn't want to, it was all too much. Not again. No more

"Man, I can make it worse" Ethan threatened. Gavin's balls still throbbed with pain from the sick game they just played - he wanted to hold them so bad, to cradle them - he couldn't bare another blow.

"Ok" with that Gavin opened his mouth wide and waited as Ethan pointed his loaded cock down at him. The first hot spurt went directly in Gavin's eye - it stung. Then a second longer spurt hit him, it traced a trail up his face and into his hair. Then a steady flow fell down upon him, directed at his eyes and nose. He choked as the potent acrid waste trickled down his nose into his mouth. Then with a sudden rage, Ethan plunged his cock between Gavin's lips and let loose the full stream.

"Don't spill a drop, you fuckin' urinal. Not a fucking drop - or Ima beat the shit out of you"

Gavin gulped and gulped swallowing the heady fluid as fast as he could. There seemed to be an endless supply. Then just as his gagging reached its zenith, the stream slowed to a trickle and Ethan's limp penis was all that remained in his mouth.

"Suck out every last drop, freshman."

Gavin awkwardly suckled the junior's dickhead, lips quivering in disgust.

"Good job, fag. I gotta head out, but you're gonna fucking eat my cum tonight. If you aren't in my room on your knees at 10:00 - that video I took of you pissing yourself, goes online. Got it?"

Gavin nodded and coughed. His mouth was coated in the oily residue of frat-piss. It permeated every tastebud.

"Hope they let you out of here by then."

Then he was gone.

To Be Continued...

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