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Author: Himeros
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RECAP: A freshman frat-boy, Gavin, gets caught breaking a No Masturbation rule and is immediately sent down the path of punishment. He is forced to wear a chastity device and cater to every sadistic demand that his fellow frat brothers dream up. After being used in a game of Ball Pong, the loser - Ethan, threatens to post an embarrassing video of him if Gavin doesn't come to his room that night to service his cock.


Gavin spent another 2 hours tied to the bench in his own urine soaked undies. 4 more upperclassmen visited him in that time and he begged each one of them for release, but instead all he got was a mouthful of loose pubes and the undeniably putrid taste of fratboy nut sack. Each one had to steal a peek at his locked cock, and once they saw his pathetic boyhood - shaved and bound in it its limp state - they each derided him for being a dickless faggot.

Gavin had a new name now, he was no longer "Boy", he was now called "Limp-Dick" or "Limp" for short. Some of his brothers had never even managed to learn his actual name to begin with. "Boy" was all they had ever called him. Now they would call him this instead.

After he spent all afternoon sucking balls, Shane and Dean finally showed up again. They walked into the bathroom wearing only shorts as usual. Their strong athletic physiques dwarfed Gavin's boyish frame - as if more evidence of his lack of manliness was necessary.

Again Gavin begged, "Please let me out guys"

"Alright, Limp-Dick, I think it's time we set some more ground rules here." began Dean ignoring Gavin's plea. He produced the key from his pocket as he straddled the bench "From now on you'll refer to upperclassmen as 'Sirs' not 'Guys'"

"Sorry....sir" Gavin replied hating the words as they left his mouth.

"And secondly there's the matter of protocol. Shane and I have the key to your cage now, but we may decide at any point to let someone else keep it. Whoever holds the key is your master. And when you see your master, you will get on your knees, stare directly into his crotch and say the following: 'Sir, my tiny pee-pee and little boy balls are useless and pathetic. Please never let me use them again.' Got it?"

Gavin was speechless. He stared up at his master in disbelief. How could he possibly say these words? Gavin's dick was his best friend, He wanted nothing more than to jerk off, it's all he could think about between servicing his brothers' balls this afternoon. He finally managed to utter an "ok..."

"Great, let's try it!" with that Shane cut the duct tape off his legs and Dean undid the handcuffs. He tossed the chastity key to Shane. "Go ahead"

Gavin knelt on the grimy bathroom floor, still damp from his own piss. He lifted his head to gaze directly at Shane's package.

"You'll want to get closer than that" instructed Dean, "You should be able to feel the warm stink on your face as it radiates off of Shane's junk."

Gavin corrected his stance, his nose was as close as it could be to the senior's manhood.


Then Gavin began, "Sir...My...My tiny pee-pee and little boy balls are..."

"Useless" Dean prompted.

Gavin continued, "are useless and..."

"Pathetic" Dean helped again.

"Useless and Pathetic. Please...." Gavin exhaled, "Please never let me use them again."

Shane reached his hand to the back of Gavin's head and responded, "Don't worry Limp, I won't." Then he grinned as he pulled Gavin's head into his crotch smashing his face up against his floppy Fratcock. There was only a thin pair of sweaty smelly basketball shorts separating Gavin's face from Shane's dick. He rubbed the freshman's face from side to side, then pressed him deep into himself before pushing him away.

"Perfect" announced Dean, "That's what we expect each time we see you. No matter the circumstances."

A pit of worry welled up inside Gavin's gut. He hated that he was forced to degrade himself, and that he would be expected to do it regularly in front of whoever. But to beg to be kept in chastity was the ultimate worst. It hadn't even been 24 hours, and the freshman was absolutely desperate to cum. Seeing all the other guys dicks wasn't helping. They were free to use them however they wished. Smacking him in the face with it, forcing the casual load of cum down his throat, making him taste their rancid piss! It wasn't fair! Gavin was 19 years old and he'd never even had a blowjob, but in one weekend he'd eaten more cum than he'd thought humanly possible. Just thinking of how he'd been forced to debase himself over and over again made him feel like the most disgusting loser on campus. But it in no way diminished his desire to jerk himself off. If anything, the cage made him want it more.

"So you're probably eager to get back to suckin' some nuts huh?" asked Shane, "but we wanted to give you the chance to clock-out early. If you're interested."

Gavin was interested. "What do I have to do?"

"So the guy that does our landscaping needs some help out back. We really don't feel like doing it, but if you will - you're free for the night." Shane waited for a response. "Of course - you have to help him wearing just yer underoos. Thems the rules" Shane grinned.

So it was to be his first public humiliation in front of an outsider, thought Gavin. What assholes. He'd be forced to walk outside in the day light wearing soiled briefs and nothing else. Gavin considered it for a moment, but in the end he couldn't stomach another mouthful of balls. "Ok, I'll do it"

Shane escorted the freshman out of the bathroom and through the senior hall. The usual giggles followed him as they went. Once outside Gavin was even more self conscious. They were in the backyard thankfully, which had some privacy bushes, but an entire side was visible to the street. Gavin was not looking forward to doing yard work in his underwear. They walked in silence towards the shed at the far back.

"What's up man?" Shane said greeting the guy. "So this is Limp, he'll be helping you out. Limp, this is Aaron, he does the lawn."

Aaron was young, thin and well tanned from the job. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt drenched in sweat. When he saw Gavin approach he let out a small laugh. "How's it going..Limp?"

Shane didn't let him answer. "So Aaron here needs a BJ - you're gonna help him out with that. Got it?"

Gavin was in shock - this isn't what he thought "help" meant "Wait, well..."

"Aaron needs his fucking cock sucked, Limp Dick. Don't you Aaron?"

"Heh, heh, Yeah" Aaron giggled under his breath.

"20 minutes in the shed - You do anything he wants, if he's not happy afterwards, your balls and my foot are gonna have a nice long conversation. Got it?"

Gavin shook his head and headed into the shed. Aaron started to follow, but Shane stopped him. "Whatever you want in there, bud. Even if he doesn't want to. He can't say No, ok?"

"Heh heh - Got it" smiled Aaron.

Now alone in the shed, Aaron looked at Gavin. He had less confidence in his eyes than Dean or Shane would have. But he still knew what he wanted.

"Get on yer knees and...and get my dick out." Aaron, was certainly a little unsure of himself. He clearly wasn't as experienced at being an asshole as the seniors in Gavin's fraternity.

Gavin reached up to undo Aaron's pants dropping them to the floor. Underneath he wore a tight pair of boxer shorts, they were moist with an afternoon of hardwork. Aaron's dick tented outward obscenely - clearly he didn't need that much help, thought Gavin. He slowly peeled the sweaty boxers off of the guy's body..

"Suck it, fag" commanded Aaron, with a tone of urgency in his voice. Gavin slowly placed his lips around the cock head - hating every inch as it drove between his lips. "And yer gonna swallow it.." Gavin couldn't tell if it was a question or another command. He began awkwardly massaging Aaron's dick with his tongue. It wasn't as big as the other guys' had been, and his pubes were sparse compared to Ethan's bushy crotch, he thought. He wasn't quite the manly man Gavin had had to deal with so far. But it was somehow even more mortifying to be ordered around by some kid who Gavin thought he could probably take in a fight. But what choice did he have, he thought, as the wreaking dick in his mouth leaked copious amounts of pre-cum.

"F-f-f-fuh....Fuck man" Aaron's knees began to buckle. "That's fuckin' hot man"

Then all of the sudden not a minute into the blowjob, Aaron's hand found the back of Gavin's head - a feeling the Freshman was now used to. He drove his cock deep into Gavin's throat then as he edged back, a torrent of hot semen flooded Gavin's mouth. "MMMMnnhh Unnnngh!!!! Fuh.... UNNGGH!!!" Aaron bucked back and forth gagging Gavin as he emptied his balls onto the poor swimmer boy's tongue. Gavin winced at the taste, it was potent and slimy.

"fuck dude!" He'd cum almost immediately. It stuck in Gavin' throat and coated his mouth. He hadn't been prepared for that. All he wanted to do was to spit the horrible nut-juice out, but he was quickly reminded not to. "Swallow it, fag!" Gavin gulped down the rancid load. "heh heh, sick man!"

There was something off about Aaron, Gavin thought. But he was glad it was all over so quickly. Gavin got up to leave, but Aaron stopped him.

"He said we got 20 minutes - gimme a second, we'll go again. Get back on your knees."

Gavin grudgingly did so, remembering what further punishment awaited him if he didn't. It was clear now Aaron suddenly had more confidence. Maybe forcing another guy to his knees, and pumping his mouth full of cum will do that to a guy. But Gavin still couldn't shake the odd feeling he got from him. He waited in awkward silence as Aaron played with himself.

"So what year are you? You go here?" asked Gavin, his voice cracking.

"I'm a junior" he answered, seeming annoyed by Gavin's questioning. He stared directly into Gavin's eyes as he jerked his dick back to life. "I go to Kennedy"

"A Junior...at Kennedy!?" Gavin shot back - suddenly he felt sick. "The High School?!"

"Yup, and you just ate my fucking jizz, college boy. And you're gonna do it again."

Gavin's eyes grew wide in horror as Aaron shoved his half engorged dick back into the Freshman's mouth. There was nothing he could do. This was the lowest of lows. Shane and Dean had just whore him out as a cock sucker to some high school kid. No wonder he blew his load so fast, thought Gavin. He cringed and heaved at the sweaty dick in his mouth.

"Yeah, FFFFFuck...Mmmmm" Aaron was getting hard again. His confidence continued to grow along with his dick. He was now back at full mast. "Go deeper, dude. Suck it!" Gavin slurped and gagged on the kid's meat as his face was forced further down the shaft - He hated how much longer it was taking this time. "Mmmm...Fuck college boy, you must really like nut huh?. Unnngh...Fuck, are girls this good at it? Fuck Mmmmm"

It was then that Gavin realized he had the dubious honor of being the first to give Aaron a BJ. This kid had now had one and half more blowjobs that Gavin himself had ever had! Aaron pulled his sweaty shirt off and tossed it to the ground. He was now buck naked in the little shed, ramming his dirty dick into a college freshman's mouth. The thought of having total control over another guy was a little intoxicating. He wished he had more time now, there were so many perverse things that were rushing through his head now, but time was running short. He could've made Gavin do anything. But he'd been too nervous at first.

Gavin tasted pre-cum again. Just then Aaron pulled out.

"Kiss my ass, fag" he commanded slapping Gavin in the face with his hard meat. Gavin was confused and disoriented.

Aaron swung around presenting his damp ass to the college freshman.

"Kiss it, and beg me for my nut"

Gavin hated the whole thing. "cmon man..."

"Do it now, fag, or you know what happens."

Gavin gave Aaron's butt check a quick peck and begged him, "Please....Let me...eat your nut, man." He couldn't believe he actually said it.

"No, kiss the hole, douchebag"

Terror shot through Gavin's heart at the very thought.

"You don't have a fucking choice, fucking lick my asshole!"

Gavin felt broken, the kid was right. If he didn't make him happy, one bad review would be a night of the worst pain for him. He spread Aaron's tight butt cheeks and slowly reached his face inside. He gave his anus a quick kiss, then he darted his tongue out just brushing against the hole. It was foul.

"Don't be such a pussy, keep licking it till I tell you to stop."

"No man..." protested Gavin.

With that Aaron swung around and placed his foot between Gavin's legs poised just below his nuts. Then he deftly brought his foot up smacking into Gavin's bulging balls.

"UUUNG!!!" Gavin doubled over in pain.

"Now lick it!" the high schooler commanded again.

Gavin got back up to his knees cradling his testicles and plunged his face back into Aaron's ass. Then as commanded, he stuck his tongue out to meet the dank hole. Aaron giggled at the sensation while he jerked his dick furiously. Then with no warning he swung around again and kicked Gavin to the ground. Then he quickly climbed on top of him and plunged his dick back into the Freshman's mouth. "Fuck, Fuck I'm cumming" Another spurt of teen cum filled Gavin's mouth. The kid pulled out and dumped the rest on Gavin's face, squirting it into his eye and up the side of his cheek. "FUCK!, UUNGGH!!!" His balls quivered as his dick pulsed again and again, until finally he was done.

Gavin reached up to wipe the sticky cream from his eye. "Don't even think about it, fag" Aaron ordered. "Hands down!" Gavin remained laying on the floor of the dirty shed, face covered in cum with one eye squeezed shut. Aaron knelt back down and used his dick to smear the cum around on Gavin's face. "Clean it off cocksucker" he forcing his cock-head back into the swimmer's mouth. Gavin gently sucked the nasty cum off the spent softening dick. They remained there for several more minutes, as Aaron let his college cock sucker clean his dick way longer than necessary. He just stared down at Gavin in awe of the pathetic faggot he'd just completely dominated.

Then with no warning he stood up, kicked a cloud of dirt onto Gavin's face and grabbed his clothes. Gavin recoiled and curled into a ball, cowering on the floor like a defenseless child. Cum was not only slathered on his face but boiling deep in his belly - Used. Aaron wouldn't forget his first time, in fact it might have made him a monster. The lawnmower boy slipped his clothes back on and left without giving Gavin another look.


Although he'd just earned his freedom for the day, Gavin remained in the shed. He couldn't face his brothers after what he'd just been part of. He knew there was a group of them hanging out in the yard, he could smell the grill, hear their voices. They had to know what just transpired - what Limp-Dick just did in the shed. He couldn't walk out to face them. So he curled up on an old tarp and just waited, playing the last 24 hours over and over in his head. His cock was sore inside the metal cage. It pressed against the tiny bars, desperate to get out. He tried his best to ignore it, but as he slowly drifted off to sleep, it was his only thought.

It was dark by the time Shane finally found him. Gavin was still on the tarp, dirty, face caked in dried cum. The senior pressed his bare foot onto his face and slowly pressed against his mouth and nose until the boy suddenly snorted awake.

"Fuck, What the..."

"You fell asleep douche"

"What time is it?" Gavin asked still groggy.

"It's like 10-ish I think."

A rush of adrenaline coursed through Gavin's veins. That was the exact response he had desperately hoped he would not hear. "Fuck!"

Gavin sprung to his feet and darted out of the shed, confusing Shane, who just laughed at the ridiculous boy. He was panicking, of course, about Ethan. The junior had told him earlier that afternoon, that if he didn't come to his room at 10:00, he'd post a very embarrassing video of Gavin pissing himself online. It was nearly impossible to run with the chastity cage on, compounded with the fact that his dick was hard - as hard as it could be crushed inside the metal prison. He had to hold it in place in order to get any speed. He must have looked like a massive idiot, but he was in a hurry. He had no choice.

He finally rounded the corner of the Junior hall and came to a lurching stop at Ethan's door. "Hey" he said, out of breath.

Ethan looked up from his computer screen and smiled, "Good timing, Limp. I was just thinking how much I needed to stick my dick in something." Gavin was startled by a slow drawn out chuckle from the other side of the room. Ethan wasn't alone.

Sitting in an arm chair in the corner with his legs reclined on an ottoman was a tall mocha skinned black man playing X-Box. He wore a tank top that revealed his tight lean muscled torso from the side. He was clearly a runner just like Ethan and the other Juniors. But he was definitely not in the frat. Gavin stared at him - still breathless from his mad dash back into the house.

"What up Limp-dick?" the stranger tossed out, his eyes never leaving the screen.

"You don't mind if Wyatt's here for this do you?" Ethan asked, without really asking. "Yo check this shit out Wy!" Ethan grinned at Gavin, then commanded him: "Strip, Freshman."

Gavin's face slumped as he realized he was now going to be humiliated in front of yet another outsider. It was somehow "in the family" to endure punishment from his brothers, but Aaron, and now Wyatt - they somehow made him feel even more uncomfortable. As if there was a new layer of embarrassment that had been peeled back, exposing him even more. The real world was now in on the joke. He hated it.

Gavin thumbed the waistband of his underwear nervously, then quickly pulled them down to his ankles

"Stop right there, bitch. Leave 'em there."

"That's fuckin' messed up shit man" Wyatt had stolen a glance at the cock-caged freshman and gone right back to playing his game, shaking his head in disgust.

Ethan remained seated at his computer desk and chuckled at Wyatt's reaction, "Well get over here fag, and eat my jizz."

Gavin waddled over to his frat brother, underwear still around his ankles then knelt down grudgingly between Ethan's spread legs. Ethan's attention then returned to his computer, the forced moaning of a woman could be heard through the speakers.

"Ain't gonna suck itself, cum dump. Get to it." Ethan's gaze remained fixed on the screen. As across the room Wyatt did the same with this game. Gavin reached up and unzipped Ethan's shorts pulling them to the ground. He wore no underwear. His bushy pubes reminded Gavin that he was sucking a man's cock as opposed to his own smooth hairless crotch. With trepidation he handled the flaccid penis pulling on it gently.

"You suck a dick with your mouth, not your hands, idiot." Ethan reminded him. Wyatt chuckled from across the room.

Gavin leaned in and took the cubby meat into his mouth. It started firming up instantly as Ethan repositioned himself in the chair. Gavin kept going, it was easy to deep throat at this stage and he wanted it over and done with so he went for it, swallowing his manhood whole.

"Shit, kid" Ethan's eyes remained trained on his porn.

Gavin gagged having overestimated his abilities to shove cock down his throat. More chuckles floated over from across the room at the sounds he was making. Ethan finally glanced down at the boy. He looked repulsed at the sight, then he was back to porn.

"mmmm, shit..." His dick was now suddenly hard in Gavin's mouth. "All the way down fag" he commanded, "Don't stop til you hit pubes, dumb ass."

"Ha! Fuck..." Wyatt was more and more entertained by the debauchery. He stole a couple more glances.

Gavin dove deeper, trying against his own will to deep throat the fully erect member. But it was too hard. The gagging was now constant, he coughed up saliva. Ethan then grabbed him by the hair and shoved him the rest of the way. Gavin thought he was dying. His face turned beet red as he choked on the slimy frat-cock lodged in his throat. He was desperate for a breath, but Ethan continued the assault, utterly unconcerned.

"All the way, cocksucker!"

Gavin thought he was going to puke, No, he knew he was going to puke. Ethan continued ramming his mouth deeper and deeper, plunging the helpless Freshman's face into his forest of pubes. Then finally he froze. Gavin's face was engulfed. The poor kid gulped pathetically against the cock plugging his throat - stealing his breath. His whole body convulsed wildly as he pushed against Ethan's superior strength - trying in vain to free himself. He was starting to pass out, his vision blurred. Then finally he felt it, the warm ooze seeping into him. Ethan came silently, muffling himself, as he pumped his rotten seed directly into the Freshman's gullet. Then tuggin on Gavin's hair he pulled the cocksucker off in a single fluid motion. Gavin fell backwards coughing up cum, and gasping for air. His face was a mess, Ethan's cum had filled him in and out, it even dribbled out of his nose. The flavor of fratboy was all about him, his semen was foul and plentiful - permeating Gavin's ever sense.

"Fuck Freshman, that might be the worst BJ I've ever had." Ethan grinned down at him. "Still felt good to choke a faggot though." He cackled at his own joke. Gavin had to agree, it was the worst BJ he'd ever been apart of as well. He almost always gagged, but he'd never been throat fucked before. It's the sign of a true asshole, he thought, to nearly kill someone who's trying to suck your cock.

"Now, let's see how many perverts have 'liked' your video so far!"

To Be Continued...

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