Fraternity War: The Prequel (Part Two)
by Jackson Amacher

This story is for adults only. It is a "prequel" to a story I wrote a few years ago, called Fraternity War, available in the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive.

After what had happened I expected Chris to say something, but he never did. Two weeks after I had refused to help Chris and watched him face total humiliation at the hands of a cocky freshman, everything seemed friendly between us. That Sunday night Chris asked me if I wanted to go with him to explore the college's steam tunnels.

"They go underground, but they let you get to the top of campus buildings, too," Chris said. "They give you access to special maintenance staircases that go to the top of the roof."

This sounded really cool, so I agreed to go along. I asked him what we needed to bring, and all he said was to bring stuff you could go running in.

The steam tunnels were great. They had all sorts of old bomb shelter stuff, and also some old furniture that people had left behind. We were down there for a good thirty minutes before we came to a door.

Chris used a master key to open the door. There was a staircase there, and we climbed it. There were six or seven flights of stairs. Finally, there was another locked door to open, and we found ourselves in the roof of Kameny Hall.

"This is awesome," I said, admiring he view.

"Let me show you around," Chris said.

We walked around the roof. The roof was sloped, so it was tough to move around. But we made our way across it, over to the other side of the building.

I should mention something about Kameny Hall at this point. In our college, it served as both a lecture hall and student center. Most of the big classes were held there, but there was also a place for meetings and video games, so the place was usually packed when it was busy.

"Take a look at that," Chris said, pointing downwards.

I looked down. Chris and I were standing on the roof above a small courtyard near the entrance to Kameny Hall. All that there was in the courtyard was a flowerbed. It used to be covered with grass and was a place where students could hang out, but last year they locked the courtyard doors and turned it into a display garden. The courtyard walls were all glass, so this made a lot of sense.

"Let's drop down into there," Chris said, "and use my key to get into the building."

"How do we get down? It looks kind of far," I said.

"Nah," Chris said. "I've done it before. That flowerbed breaks your fall. Come on," he said.

Chris lowered himself down off the roof and hung from the gutter for a second, and then let go and fell down several feet. Like he said, he landed somewhat gracefully in the flowerbed.

I followed suit, and landed down in the courtyard with him. I had never been in there before. It was kind of cool, being surrounded by glass on all four sides. You could see rooms from two different floors, and they could all see the garden.

"Let's go," Chris said, and walked towards the door. I followed.

Chris pulled out his master key and stuck it into the lock. The key did not turn.

"Shit," Chris said under his breath. "Let me try another key."

Chris tried the rest of his keys on the ring. Some didn't even fit in the lock. The ones that did didn't turn.

"I thought you did this before?" I asked him.

"I did, I did!" Chris shouted, kind of panicked. "It looks like they changed the lock on us."

"Well, now what?" I asked. "We sleep here, and wait for custodial to get us out of here tomorrow morning?"

"No fucking way," Chris said. "They are cracking down hard on steam tunnel people. A guy I know got suspended for it last month."

"Well, how are we going to get out?" I asked.

I started examining the walls, looking for anything that could help our situation. They were all made of plate glass. Climbing would be useless.

After a while, Chris said, "This is only about fifteen feet. If I stand on your shoulders, I could reach the roof and pull myself up."

"And how do I get out of here?" I asked.

"I could pull you up, if you can reach," Chris said.

So we gave it a try. Chris is smaller, so he stood on my shoulders. He managed to jump up and just barely grab the roof gutter with his fingertips and then pull himself up. Then he lied down flat on his stomach and held out his arm for me.

"Try to get up," he said.

I jumped but couldn't even come close to reaching his hand. All I managed to do was slam into the glass wall.

"I have an idea," Chris said. "We'll make a rope."

With that, Chris stripped off his shirt and started to untie the laces on his shoes.

"Will that work?," I asked

"I think so," Chris said. He took down his running shorts. "Let's try it with my clothes first."

I watched Chris, sitting in only his low-cut briefs, tie one leg of his shorts to his shirt sleeve. He lowered the makeshift rope down. I leapt for it, but again couldn't reach it. It wasn't even close to the ground.

"Take off your clothes and toss them up here," Chris said.

"Are you crazy?," I asked.

"Look at me!," Chris shouted, standing up and gesturing at his almost naked body. "Do you see anything else around we can make a rope out of?"

"Well, yeah, actually," I said, chuckling.

"Oh, you want to see me naked again, huh? Here you go," Chris said.

I couldn't believe it. With one motion, Chris pulled off his briefs. I got another glimpse at his body. It had been a while since I'd seen him naked, and he was better than I remembered.

Chris tied the briefs to the clothing rope and lowered it again. But it still couldn't reach me.

"It's no use," Chris said. "Take off your clothes and toss them up here."

Now, I want to say something at this point. In the back of my mind I realized that this was putting me into a risky situation. But somehow I couldn't refuse. After all, Chris was standing up there stark naked, with his nice pecker swinging in the breeze. He was more vulnerable than I was. What's more, we were both potentially in trouble, and the thought that he would leave me behind and risk that I would rat him out seemed unreal.

So I stripped off my shirt and tossed it up there. Chris called for my pants, too, and so I took off my shoes, pulled down my jeans, and tossed them up to Chris. He caught them and started tying them to the rope, too.

This left me standing there wearing nothing but a jock strap. Normally, I'm uncomfortable taking off my shirt in public, at least when I'm the only guy like that. But I didn't feel too weird, because Chris was up there naked, and he'd seen me naked in the locker room, anyway.

Chris lowered the rope again. I leapt for it, but it was still about a foot too short.

"Time is running out," Chris said. "Toss up your jock strap."

"Wait a second," I said. "Lower the rope again. Can't it go lower than that?"

"No," Chris said, with a totally straight face. "I can use your jock up on this end, to tie the rope to the roof so that it will reach further."

"Bullshit, Chris," I said. "Lower the rope and let me up."

Chris stared at me and broke a big smile on his face.

"You can't blame me for trying," Chris said.

Chris raised the rope and started to untie his own clothes.

"You bastard!" I shouted, and picked up one of my shoes and threw it at his head. I missed, and the shoe bounced away. Chris dodged, though, and this put him slightly off balance. That encouraged me, so in my rage I threw my second shoe but missed again.

"Thanks for the shoes," Chris said, as he pulled his shirt over his head. "Listen, don't worry. Students for the morning classes should be here in a few hours. I'm sure they'll take care of you."

I shouted something I won't repeat here as Chris pulled up his pants, grabbed all my clothes, and walked out of sight.

I stood there, bare naked except for a tiny jock strap that barely covered my dick and balls. I looked around again for any way to escape, but realized that it was hopeless. Chris had managed to trick me into stripping almost naked in the middle of what was basically a big fishbowl for the entire college.

I looked around for anything that could cover me. There was no park bench, statue, or any gardening equipment like a tarp. The flowers were all too small to do much good. And even lying down didn't protect me, since you could still see me from the upper floors.

Just then I noticed someone coming towards the courtyard door. It was Chris!

I ran over to the door and pounded on it. "Let me in, dude, this isn't cool," I said.

Chris just smiled at me and then stuck a piece of chewing gum into his mouth. I kept talking with him, pleading to be let in before anyone showed up, but all he did was look me up and down.

I could see my own reflection in the glass. My face had a panicked look to it. But I noticed that my pecs and abs were showing nicely. Chris seemed to be impressed with them, too.

"I don't want to leave you here," Chris said. "Throw your jock onto the roof and I'll open the door. Trust me," he said.

He couldn't keep from laughing when he said that, so I kept my jock on.

"Come on, you believed me before!" Chris said, laughing at my humiliating situation even more.

I swore some more at Chris and pounded at the door. But then Chris did something that made my stomach drop even more.

He took out a bicycle U-lock. He ran it through the two door handles, which were already locked, and locked them together for a second time.

"You aren't getting out of there until I say so," Chris said. "Have a good day, and remember to suck in that gut in order to put on a good show."

Chris walked away.

I stood there for a long time. I thought about tearing up some flowers to cover myself, but realized that would only make me look more ridiculous. I gave up on trying to find anything to cover myself, and laid down for a bit to try to sleep. But then I realized it would be dangerous to fall asleep in my jock strap in the middle of a major campus building's courtyard, so I stayed awake.

I was probably there for a few more hours, in the dark and cold. I kind of curled up to keep warm, and realized that this did a pretty good job of hiding most of my body from anyone who'd be looking on.

Eventually the sun came up. It was an overcast morning. I didn't have a watch, but I figured it was around six in the morning or so. With the light, I could see around the courtyard better. The walls were really big windows. The rooms on the other side were classrooms and a student lounge. I didn't see anyone in the building yet, but I knew that the place would be crawling with students soon.

I sat up and walked around the courtyard some more. I thought of trying to find a rock or something I could use to break the glass, so that I could crawl inside and escape. But there were only a few pebbles. I thought there might be a hose around that I could use to crawl up to the roof, but there was nothing.

Suddenly I heard a pounding on the window behind me. I turned around and saw a guy smiling and waving at me. He had a huge grin on his face, and seemed to be enjoying the view. I thought I recognized him, but I'd never really met him. I think he was a frosh or something.

A couple more people joined him in the student lounge. I couldn't hear a thing they were saying, but they were definitely laughing and pointing at me. One of them was talking on a cell phone.

I heard tapping on windows behind me, and then to my left and right. Sure enough, I was surrounded by my fellow students, pointing and laughing at me. I crouched down, holding my legs to my chest and sitting my naked butt on the ground. This way, at least, all they could see was my back and my bright red face.

But then I felt something wet on the back of my neck. I looked up at the dark, cloudy morning sky and realized that it was raining. This was North Carolina in the spring, so the rain could come really fast and hard. Within about a minute, we had a sprinkle, and that turned into a downpour.

I think it was only 7:30 or so, so luckily there still weren't that many people in the building. But I think everyone there was in the building was staring at me and my predicament. I was hoping that the rain would get on the windows so that they couldn't see me, but there were gutters keeping that from happening. I was getting soaked, though. I could feel the water rolling down my shoulders, over my chest, and then soaking my jock.

I realized my situation was getting desperate. The last thing I had going for me was the tiny jock covering my crotch. With it getting wet, I wasn't hiding much anymore. I knew that in a few hours, the building would be packed with people, and they'd be able to see everything.

I heard some knocking on the one door to the courtyard. It was Chris. He motioned at me to come towards the door. I didn't do anything. He held up the key and motioned to me again.

I really had no choice. I stood up. As soon as I did, I heard some clapping on the other side of the windows. I glanced down, and saw that the white cotton of my jock was completely soaked, and clinging tightly to my dick and balls.

I put one hand over my crotch and the other over my butt and walked over to the door. Chris pushed the door open slightly so that I could hear him.

"Had enough yet, sport?," Chris asked.

"Chris, please, just tell me what you want me to do."

"I've already told you. Before we talk any more, take off that jock and throw it on the roof," Chris said. He closed the door and stepped back, smiling.

I couldn't believe this. I put my hands on the elastic waistband. I glanced around a bit, and saw all the people staring at me, waiting for me to do it. What the hell, I thought.

I pulled down quickly, and the jock came off. I stepped out of it, and bent down to pick it up. I could hear the cheers and hollering through the plate glass windows. I balled it up, put it in my right hand, and tossed it up to the roof. Then I immediately crouched down again so that no one could see me.

"Very good," Chris said, pushing the door open slightly. "But there's no use hiding that body of yours. Stand up and put your hands behind your head."

I had to do what Chris said. He had the key to that bicycle lock, and unless I waited for maintenance to cut that thing off I had no choice but to keep Chris happy. I stood up and locked my fingers behind my head.

"Now keep your hands like that walk to the other side of the courtyard and back. Slowly," Chris said.

I did my best to look only directly forward and ignore all the people staring at me. I walked down the courtyard, turned around, and walked back towards Chris. I could see him staring at me, getting a good view of my limp cock bobbing as I walked.

"You do a good job of keeping in shape," Chris said. "Why don't you show everyone how you can do jumping jacks? Do fifty for me. Right now."

I realized that these humiliations weren't going to end anytime soon.

"Chris, please," I said. "There's going to be a ton of people here soon. Let me in."

"Hurry up," Chris said.

I started the jumping jacks. My dick kept flopping up and down as I jumped. I could definitely hear the laughter of everyone staring at me. It was absolutely mortifying. I did them as fast as I could, but fifty is a lot.

"Very good," Chris said. "OK, are you ready to start talking about how you're getting out of there?"

I nodded.

"I'll let you out, but you've got to promise to do everything I say for the rest of the day," Chris said. "If you go back on your word, I'll put you back in the courtyard."

I gulped, and said, "Deal."

Chris produced a pair of handcuffs and tossed them through the narrow crack in the doorway.

"Cuff yourself behind your back, crossing your wrists near your shoulder blades," Chris said. "You know--just like you tied me up the other day."

I couldn't believe this. My ordeal wasn't going to end anytime soon. I did what he said, and Chris unlocked the door to let me in.

to be continued...