Fraternity War: The Prequel (Part Three)
by Jackson Amacher

This story is for adults only. It is a "prequel" to a story I wrote a few years ago, called Fraternity War, available in the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive.

Chris wasn't alone in the hall, of course. It was still early, but there was probably ten people there. I heard them all shouting and laughing at once. One or two reached out and spanked me or tried to tickle my naked body. With my hands handcuffed behind my back, there wasn't anything I could do.

Chris motioned for me to follow him. We walked down the corridor, and then he opened an unmarked door with his master key. It had a short stairway to the basement. We went down, and then he opened the door to a storeroom and we walked in. The storeroom had a couple of empty shelves and some spare chairs, but not much else.

Chris walked over to me. He held out his hand and touched my shoulder. Then, he started it move it down, over my pecs, stroking my left nipple, and then down over my stomach. This felt weird, so I pulled back.

"Stay still," Chris ordered, "or you're on your own for the rest of the day."

I did what he said, and let him run his hands all over me. He went down to my dick, and stroked it a bit. It was already a little excited, but now it went erect. Pretty quickly.

"Get down on your knees," Chris ordered. I obeyed.

He reached down to his pants and unzipped, and took out his cock.

"Blow me," Chris commanded.

I leaned forward, trying not to lose my balance. I took it into my mouth. I didn't really like the taste, but it didn't gross me out, either. I remembered what Chris looked like naked, and kind of enjoyed getting him off.

Chris never came in my mouth. He started moaning, and then suddenly pulled out of my mouth. I saw him grab the head on his bulging dick. He was holding the stuff back for some reason.

Chris looked at me with a devilish smile.

"Have you given any thought to how you are going to get home, naked and handcuffed?," Chris asked.

I just shrugged.

"I've got a proposal for you," Chris said. "I'm prepared to trade you this," he said, holding up my jock strap. It was still wet, of course, and looked really pitiful, but at that moment I wanted it more than I had wanted anything.

"In exchange for what?," I asked.

"I think you know. I want to fuck you up the ass."

"Jeez, Chris, I dunno," I said.

"I'll be gentle," Chris offered. "I'll use lube and a condom. And don't tell me you don't want some clothes to wear home."

I thought for a second. I was actually curious to see how it would feel like. I agreed.

Chris pointed me over to a dark corner of the basement where there was an old, moldy dorm mattress, and had me lie down, face down.

"Spread your legs," Chris commanded. I did.

"No, wider," Chris said. I tried, but they wouldn't go.

"I'll help," Chris said.

Chris dragged two broken chairs over to the two sides of the mattress. Then, one by one, he pulled my legs wider, and tied each ankle to a chair. This left me naked, handcuffed, and with my legs helplessly spread wide.

Chris immediately went to work. As promised, he squirted some lube onto his finger, and started to work my hole. As he went deeper with his finger, I felt myself getting more excited and intrigued. There was a pause.

"Are you ready for this, bitch?," Chris asked. Before I could say anything, he stuck his dick into my asshole, slowly moving it in and out, and gradually putting more and more of it inside me. The sensation was totally new to me, a sweet combination of pleasure and pain, better than any sex I had had before.

Chris rode me for a long time, and the sensation just got better. Finally, I heard Chris cry out.

"That was great," Chris said. "Do you want a chance to earn some more clothes?"

I considered my position. Chris had just humiliated me before a large group of people, and now he had me naked and handcuffed and bound, lying naked on the floor, with my asshole accessible to anyone who walked by. I was scared about what else he might do if I gave him permission.

"No Chris," I said. "Just give me the jock and let me go."

"Have it your way, bitch," Chris said. He untied my feet from the chair, and told me to stand up. It wasn't easy getting up with my hands uselessly locked behind my back, but I managed.

Chris glanced at my dick. It was still partly erect.

"Are you sure you don't want to do another deal?," Chris said.

I nodded. True to his word, Chris dropped the jock to the floor.

"Step into that, and I'll pull it up for you," Chris said.

I put my feet in the right position. Chris pulled the wet jock up. It felt weird at first; tighter than I remembered it. Then after a few seconds, I realized I had a horrible burning feeling on my dick and balls.

"Holy shit, what's going on?," I cried out.

"Oh, that old jock of mine probably has some Ben-Gay smeared on it," Chris said matter-of-factly.

"Old jock of yours? I thought this was the one I threw up on the roof!"

"You're cute but not too smart," Chris said, running a finger down my bare chest. "Did you ever see me go up there and get it? No, this is one of my old ones from high school."

The pain was incredible. I tried to reach down with my hands to pull the jock down, but I was totally helpless; they were handcuffed behind my back. I stumbled over to the wall and tried to get the jock off me by rubbing it against the wall, but that only made the pain worse.

"Need some help?," Chris asked.

"Yes," I moaned through the pain. I wanted to say something nastier, but I realized I was now totally dependent on Chris, and I felt quite dominated by him.

"You worked hard to earn that jock strap. I don't want to go back on my word or anything. Before I take it off you, I want to hear you asking me to strip you," Chris said.

"OK," I grunted, wincing.

"Say it," Chris said.

"I want you to strip me," I said.

"Say it nicer," Chris said.

"I want you to strip me, sir," I said.

"'Sir'? What the hell is that? Is this some sort of S&M game for you? We aren't playing here, Justin," Chris said.

"Please strip me, Chris," I said.

"If you like," Chris answered.

Chris pulled the jock down to my knees. There was still a bit of the Ben-Gay gunk on my dick and balls. Chris grabbed my dick and rubbed it off, then did the same for my balls. The pain finally began to subside. Chris pulled the jock all the way down, and I stepped out of it without being asked. Chris grabbed it and threw it in the corner.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later. If the cops get you, don't use your phone call on me," Chris said, and started to walk toward the stairs.

"Hey, wait a minute!," I shouted. "You can't leave me here, naked and handcuffed and helpless!"

"I can," Chris said. "Justin, you seem to have a bad memory, and bad judgment, too. Didn't I just offer to make you a deal for more clothes a few minutes ago? And didn't you just tell me to go to hell?"

"Yes," I answered slowly.

"And out in the courtyard--didn't I tell you that if you obeyed me immediately and took off that ridiculous jock, you could have gotten out of there before everyone saw you?," Chris asked.

I nodded.

"I think what we are learning here, slave, is that if you disobey me, things get worse, right?"

A couple hours ago I would have laughed at being called "slave," but now all I did was nod.

"So I will ask you again: Would you like to make a deal to get some clothes?," Chris asked.

"Yes, please," I said.

"Good. But before we even start talking about that, you're already sworn to do everything I say, right?"

"Yes," I said, hesitating.

"Then there's something I want you to do for me," Chris said.

Chris put his hand on top of my head and pressed down, forcing me to drop to my knees. Then he turned around and lowered his pants and briefs, exposing his cute butt.

"Lick it," Chris ordered.

I leaned forward and started licking Chris's butt cheeks.

"What are you, ten years old?," Chris complained. "Go inside, idiot."

I couldn't use my hands, so Chris used his, pulling his cheeks apart to reveal his asshole.

I was disgusted. Of everything I had done that day, this was the worst yet. I hated having my face so close to him, and I hated the feel of my tongue. Yet I found the humiliation of being forced to do that kind of exciting. My dick grew even more erect.

Chris made me continue for what must have been five or ten minutes; I couldn't tell, and probably he couldn't, either. But finally he stepped forward, pulled his pants back up, and turned to face me.

"Here's the deal," Chris said. "I already own you for the day. But I want more. So, if you agree to give your body up to me for whatever I want to do with it for the next eight hours, I'll give you back all of your clothes, minus the underwear and shoes, and I'll unlock those handcuffs. And no, there won't be any stuff smeared on them," Chris added.

"Give my body up?," I asked.

"Give your body up. Become my property for eight hours. Whatever I want done to you is done to you," Chris answered. "You can always chicken out and call the deal off."

By now I had learned that I'm better off accepting Chris's deals.

"OK," I said, sheepishly.

"Sit down between those two chairs," Chris commanded, instantly.

I sat down between them. Chris made me lean back slightly. Then he grabbed each of my legs and pushed them back toward my shoulders. He tied each leg to a chair. This left me totally helpless, and with both my dick and asshole exposed. Only my handcuffed hands and my lower back were supporting me.

Chris took his finger and stuck it in my exposed asshole.

"You're kind of loose," Chris said, "but not loose enough yet for what's going to come."

Chris squirted some lube on his finger and started to work my hole with his finger. Though I was humiliated and uncomfortable, I realized again that I kind of liked the feeling. Chris kept pushing and prodding, getting me to open wider and wider.

"Don't go anywhere, Justin," Chris said. He stood up and headed for the stairs.

"You can't leave me like this!," I shouted. "Someone could come and find me!"

"Don't worry," Chris said. "You're far too valuable a possession for me to let that happen."

Chris left the basement, turning off the light. That left me naked and tied up in the dark. I tested the strength of the handcuffs, but they wouldn't give. I realized that even if I broke free, that'd just leave me naked in the middle of campus.

I don't know how much time passed. It was a couple of hours, at least. My position was really uncomfortable, and I was really hungry. I felt like I only had myself to blame for my stupidity. I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get out of this situation.

After a long time of having nothing to do, I heard the basement door open again. The lights switched on, blinding me temporarily.

"Oh, very nice!," I heard a voice say.

I recognized that voice. It was Heath!

"I'm glad you appreciate it," Chris said. "Justin here has given himself to me as a sex slave. Isn't that right, Justin?"

I strained my head to look at both guys. Heath was, as usual, dressed in high preppie fashion, with a leather messenger bag to boot.

This didn't make sense. Why would Chris do anything nice for Heath?

"Sex slave, huh?," Heath asked. He bent down to get closer to me, and ran a finger over my chest, down to my dick. He tapped my dick a few times. "Interesting relationship you guys have here."

"I'll leave you two alone, Heath. I'll be back in an hour. It's good doing business with you," Chris said. Business?

"Wait a sec," Heath said. "Our deal was, you plus someone else."

"Yeah," Chris said, defensively, "You can have me next."

"I want both of you at once," Heath said. "You fucking him," Heath said, pointing at me, "and me fucking you. To start, that is."

Chris smiled broadly. "You're on," he said.

Chris unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, and started stroking it to make it hard.

"Come on, Chris, you aren't that shy," Heath said. "I want you buck, just like him."

Chris winced, but pulled off his shirt, and stripped the rest of his clothes off. Before I could admire the view, Chris walked over to me, and used his right hand to position his cock at the entrance to my helpless, lubed asshole, and his left to keep his balance. Just like before, he began entering me gently, in and out, coming further inside each time.

Then suddenly a felt a sharp pain as Chris entered me all the way. I cried out. It seemed like he had lost his balance; his entire body fell into mine, pushing my body against my handcuffed wrists.

"What the hell!," I heard Chris shout.

"Gotcha," Heath said. "Christ, Chris, you really are stupid, know that?"

Heath pulled Chris off of me. I realized what had happened: Heath had grabbed Chris' wrists from behind and handcuffed them behind Chris' back.

Heath was still fully clothed, and smiling more than before. Heath walked over to me, and leaned down so his face was close to mine.

"So you're his sex slave, huh?," Heath asked.

"Yeah," I answered. I figured this was not the best time to quibble about the specifics of the deal Chris had struck with me.

"Well, now he's my slave," Heath said, "and so are you."

Heath stood up and looked at Chris. Naked and bound, Chris's chest and stomach were heaving with fury.

"Chris, I'm not going to do anything exotic here. Just be a good slave and lie flat on the floor," Heath said.

With a look somewhere between a glare and humiliation, Chris lied down on the floor. Heath stood over him, and unzipped his cock. Heath's dick was not especially large, but it was striking to see it on an otherwise clothed guy.

Heath got down on the ground and started fucking Chris's naked, helpless ass. Chris yelped a bit. From what I could see, Heath was not being nearly as gentle with Chris as Chris had been with me.

Heath pulled out suddenly. He walked over to me, his fully erect cock flopping as he walked. Then, just like Chris had, Heath squatted over me and started fucking my asshole, too. It hurt much more than the times Chris had fucked me; Heath was obviously doing it for his own pleasure only.

"Oh, you're nicer," Heath whispered, "you like it, don't you?"

I didn't say anything. Heath kept going. Heath came in my ass and pulled out.

"OK, boys, here's the deal," Heath said. "Both of you are my property for tonight, and possibly tomorrow. You'll do what I say, fuck whom I say, and be fucked by whomever I please. Play along, and I'll promise things won't get too unpleasant for either of you."

"As soon as these handcuffs come off," Chris said, standing up, "you're a dead man."

"Chris, that's a very bad attitude," Heath said, scolding, and shaking his head.

Heath walked over to me. "You're going to play along, right?," he asked.

I nodded. To my surprise, Heath untied my legs from the chairs. Then he asked me to stand up.

"Help your friend release some of his tension," Heath said to me. "Give him a blowjob."

So, at last, Heath got his twisted wish. I walked to Chris, knelt down, and cupped my mouth around his dick. It was a bit flaccid at first, but started to perk up almost immediately as I went to work on it.

Just as I thought Chris might be close to cuming, Heath pushed me away. Then he wrapped a small leather strap around Chris's cock and balls. The strap held the erection in place.

"You bastard," Chris whispered. "You're cutting off the flow."

"Get used to it," Heath said. "Hey, Justin, do you always get a hardon when you give your friend a blowjob?"

Before I could figure out what Heath meant, Heath grabbed my erect dick and wrapped another leather strap around my dick and balls. Then he pushed me over so I was standing side-by-side with Chris.

"Excellent," Heath said, as he looked both of our naked bodies over. "But I didn't expect this all to happen so easily. I'm not ready for you boys yet. Why don't you two have a seat, and I'll be back soon?"

Heath pushed Chris down into one of the chairs. He tied Chris's wrists to the back of the chair, and then tied each knee and ankle to a chair leg. That left Chris's body, and especially his dick, out in the open, and left him no way to cover himself up.

Heath pulled the other chair around so that it faced Chris, and then pushed me down into it. He tied me up the exact same way. That left both Chris and I, totally naked and tied up to chairs, with nothing to do or look at except each others' naked bodies.

"You pervert," Chris said. "If you leave us this way, I'll shout until my buds come and let me go."

"You've talked back to me for the last time," Heath said.

Heath picked Chris's underwear up off the floor, balled it together, and shoved in into Chris's mouth. He fastened the gag in place with some duct tape.

Heath glanced at me. "I suppose you might shout, too," he said. Heath tore off another length of duct tape and pushed it over my mouth.

"You two sit tight," Heath said. "If I come back and your chairs have moved, your lives will become a lot more unpleasant. Okay?"

With that, Heath turned around and walked up the stairs.

So now Chris and I had nothing to do but sit, and stare at each other. I could turn my head away, of course, but I kept coming back to looking at his hard body. Despite our desperate situations, I found myself turned on by the entire scene. Everything about it, from my helplessness to the opportunity to gaze at Chris' naked and athletic body, turned me on.

Both of us were gagged, so we couldn't talk to each other. But I tried to look Chris in the eye. He glanced down to avoid my gaze, but I saw lots of regret and fear in his eyes.

Time just went on. Heath didn't care about us; for him, we were just objects, playthings he had stored away until he needed us again. There was no clock down there, and obviously neither of us was wearing watches. I couldn't tell how much time passed, but I could see from the narrow slit windows near the basement ceiling that it was quickly getting into the late afternoon. After ten minutes of sitting in those chairs, I started to worry that someone was going to come by, and even wondered whether Heath had decided to abandon us there to the maintenance people, or whoever else was likely to stumble on two hot bound crew jocks and be inclined to take advantage.

But then, after what must have been hours of having nothing to do except look at Chris' naked body and contemplate my own, Heath came back. He walked slowly down the stairs, carrying his bag. He walked over to me, ignoring Chris, and ripped off my gag.

"Do I have your complete obedience?," Heath asked.

I hadn't spoken in hours, so my voice was rough, but I answered, "yes."

Heath untied me from the chair, but left me handcuffed behind my back, and also left my dick erect and bound. Then he untied Chris from his chair, but left him gagged.

"Now that you're both rested and ready, let's head to the party, shall we?" Heath asked.

Heath put a hand on each of our shoulders and led us toward the basement stairs. He started to go up.

Chris bucked away from Heath's grip, and shouted something into his gag. Heath took out a leash out of his bag, grabbed Chris by the dick, and attached the leash to the leather strap that was already wrapped around Chris' dick and balls.

"Feel that when I tug?," Heath asked. He tugged hard on the leash, pulling Chris forward. I could see Chris wince. "Don't make me do it again."

We had no choice now. Naked, handcuffed, and fully erect, we followed Heath up the stairs. He pushed the door to the hallway open and peered outside.

"The coast is clear," Heath said. "Both of you, run down the hall and wait for me by the fire exit. Keep out of trouble."

Heath pushed me into the hallway. Startled, I turned to the right and ran. There were classrooms on the left side of the hall, and some of them had small windows in their doors. But Heath was right, no one was in the hall. It looked like it was already 4 or 5 in the afternoon, so most people would be done with class for the day. I reached the exit doors, and crouched down in a corner, hiding.

Chris wasn't behind me. I looked over my shoulder, and saw that he had started to run the other way. Heath tackled him and was now leading him, slowly and painfully, toward the exit.

Heath arrived with Chris. He pushed the exit doors open. I jerked back to feel the outside air hit my naked skin once again.

"See the red pickup over there?," Chris said, pointing at a new Ford F- 150 truck. "Run to it, and lie down in the bed."

I did as I was ordered. The tailgate was still up, so it was not easy to get into the bed without using my hands, but I made it. I decided to lie facing down.

Heath led Chris over and made him sit in the cab. Heath pulled the seatbelt over Chris, making it impossible for Chris to move or escape. Then Heath got into the driver's seat and started the car.

We drove only a few blocks, but I felt scared and humiliated. I had no idea who could see me, but I figured that since I was face down I was safe from being recognized.

Then the truck stopped. Heath unlocked the back of the pickup bed and pulled me out. For the first time, I noticed where I was.

"Welcome to the Brig house!," Heath said.

to be continued...