Fraternity War: The Prequel (Part Four)
by Jackson Amacher

This story is for adults only. It is a "prequel" to a story I wrote a few years ago, called Fraternity War, available in the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive. Search Google Groups if you want to see parts One through Three.

Heath led us through the kitchen entrance, and down into the basement.

The basement had a pool table, some sofas, and a card table with chairs. A huge color TV was against one wall. There was a water pipe running the length of the room right above the TV.

Heath, pulling Chris by the leash attached to his cock strap, led him to the side of the TV. Heath tossed Chris's cock leash up toward the ceiling, wrapped it around the water pipe, and pulled. Chris strained; he was standing on his tiptoes, but still the leash was tight. Heath tied it in place.

With the leash up there, Chris could barely move. Heath reached behind Chris and unlocked his cuffs. Before Chris could struggle, Heath lifted both hands above the pipe and cuffed them up there. Then, Heath detached the leash from Chris's cock strap.

I have to say that Chris looked pretty fucking hot with his hands cuffed above his head. There was plenty of space for someone to get in front or behind him.

Heath turned to me next. He made me stand on the other side of the TV. He tied one end of Chris's old leash to my handcuffed wrists, and tied the other to the water pipe above.

Heath stood back and surveyed his work. He now had two naked, helpless, bound crew jocks tied up on either side of the TV.

Heath spoke to both Chris and I softly. "It's going to be a simple deal," he said. "You do what you are told, and after a while I'll give you some clothes and let you go. If you don't do what you're told, it gets more complicated. Do you understand?"

I really didn't think the deal was going to be that "simple," but I nodded anyway.

"OK. For now, it's easy. Don't go anywhere. And don't say a single word to anyone, no matter what happens, unless I order you to," Heath said. "Chris, I trust that won't be a problem."

Chris grunted into his gag.

Heath walked upstairs, leaving Chris and I naked and alone again.

There was just enough slack on my leash to let me walk a few feet if I bent my arms a bit. So I took a few steps and bent my head so I could look at Chris. He avoided my gaze. It looked like he was trying to get out of his cuffs; as he struggled, you could see his arms and pecs flexing.

We heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Two Brig brothers walked into the basement, and headed straight for the couch. I don't think they noticed us at first. But then one of them--a tall guy, kind of blond, and wearing glasses--looked toward the TV and did a double-take.

"What the hell?," he asked his friend, a short, fat guy wearing a flannel shirt.

"Maybe these guys are the door prizes Heath was talking about," his friend said.

"Hey, I recognize you," the blond guy said to me. "You're the hottie who was doing the dance for us this morning in the courtyard."

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I kept quiet.

The blond guy walked up to me, and ran his hand from my clavicle, down across my chest, around a nipple, and then down to my bound dick. He touched the dick head briefly, and my erection jumped back to full strength.

"You're in TED, aren't you?," the blond guy laughed. "Hey Mike, looks like TED is sending us their jocks as entertainment."

"Almost as much entertainment as State will give our team tonight," Mike said.

To my horror, I realized that a bunch of Brig guys were planning on watching the game that night. Chris and I were standing right next to the TV they planned to watch it on.

Two more guys came downstairs. They laughed at Chris and me, and walked over to Chris, tickling his armpits.

"Hey, do you think we should brand them?," one of the guys said.

"Nah, tattoos will last longer," another one said.

I couldn't stand it. I shut my eyes. More and more Brig guys came down the stairs. I tried to shut out their laughter and their occasional groping, but I was helpless.

Then I heard the TV go on. I opened my eyes, and saw that Chris and I were now being stared at by at least twenty Brig frat boys. Heath was there now; so was Ky, a senior who had some kind of leadership position in Brig.

I was scared shitless. I recognized some of these guys. I didn't think there was any escape.

"Hey, I recognize these guys," one of the Brig frat boys--a pretty fat guy, wearing a tattered flannel shirt--said. "Isn't that guy on the left the one who was naked in the courtyard this morning?"

"Yeah," Heath said. "And the other one is his boyfriend."

"No shit?," the fat guy asked.

"Sure. Watch," Heath said.

Heath walked over to me. He reached behind my back, and untied the leash that held me to the ceiling. Then he leaned over to my ear, and whispered a command.

I couldn't believe what Heath said to me, but I had no choice but to obey. Slowly, I walked over to Chris, and then walked behind him. Kneeling down, I stuck out my tongue, pushed it between his ass cheeks, and started rimming him.

The guys in the room exploded with laughter and shouting, pointing and screaming at me. I had to close my eyes just to bear the humiliation. The awful taste of Chris on my tongue almost didn't matter.

"Holy shit, they're not just toys, they're your fucking sex slaves!," the fat flannel guy shouted.

"That's right," Heath said. He walked over to me and yanked me to my feet, then moved me directly in front of the TV screen.

"This one is a bit disobedient, so I keep him like this," Heath said, reaching over to grab Chris's nipple and twist. "But this one," he said, laying a hand on my shoulder, "will do whatever you tell him to. Hey Justin, show them your pretty ass."

I turned around to face away from the crowd. Chris grabbed my shoulders and forced me to bend over, sticking my ass out toward the entire crowd.

"I'm happy to share them with you," Heath said, "but there's only two to go around. What do you guys say--a game of cards?"

The guys all agreed.

"But let's wait for the commercial," one of them offered.

"Of course, I forgot," Heath said. "Step to the side, Justin. But keep that pose."

I stepped to the left, away from the TV, but kept the humiliating position of bending forward.

The Brig guys settled down to watch their game. All their conversation stopped; their eyes were fixated on the TV, but they didn't have to wander far to focus on Chris's muscular front and fully erect dick, or on my butt. The humiliation of having all those guys staring at me, combined with the anticipation for what was going to come, was just too much.

Then the commercial came. "OK guys," Heath said. "Five card stud, no cards wild. Highest hand gets to pick one of them."

I glanced over at Chris. He looked furious, and mortified. We were going to be traded around, like used furniture, and there wasn't much we could do about it.

They dealt a hand of cards while looking over at the TV, and us. But when it came time for the guys to reveal their hands, the fat guy slapped his cards down.

"Full house!," he announced.

"Looks like you win," Heath said. "Which one will it be?"

"Him," the fat guy said, pointing at me. "The courtyard dude."

The fat guy bounced off his chair and walked confidently toward me.

"You guys want a room?," Heath asked.

"Nah, this is fine," the fat guy said.

To my horror, the guy rolled up his shirt and unzipped his crotch, pulling out a small dick.

So they made me do it right there. The guy was disgusting, which made it even more humiliating. Plus, he had no idea what he was doing. It felt like I was being humped by a fat dog. The other guys started making fun of the fat guy for taking so long.

Then I heard a voice from the top of the basement stairs:

"What the hell is this?"

I turned and looked. It was Rick. He was a junior in TED, the same frat that Chris and I belonged to. Chris and I both looked up to him. He was popular, confident, smart, and a real leader. On top of getting great grades, he was a star athlete on two different teams.

"'sup Rick," Heath said. "Your friends here are providing some entertainment."

Just then, the fat guy let out some sort of grunt, and I felt hot semen hit me.

"What the fuck?," Rick asked. "Give them their clothes back and let them go!"

The Brig guys laughed, and Heath shook his head.

"I don't think so, Rick," he said. "I won them both, fair and square. Tell you what, though, I'll make them give you a free blowjob if you want."

The other guys laughed, amused by our predicament and by Rick's obvious anger.

"I'm not leaving here without them, Heath," Rick said.

"Well," Heath said, "you're welcome to strip naked and join them. We'll be letting them go sometime tomorrow."

"I think I know how we can settle this," said Ky, sitting at a card table.

"How's that, Ky?," Rick asked.

"You and Heath play a round of cards. If you win, the boy toys here," Ky said, motioning at Chris and me, "become your property. If you lose, you join them. Is that OK with you, Heath?"

"No," Heath said. "That's betting two slaves in exchange for just one. To make it fair, if I win, Rick becomes my slave not just for a tonight, but for a week. Hell," Heath said, "I even brought a spare pair of cuffs with me."

And he had. Heath held them up, dangling them in front of Rick, to make the threat more real.

"Rick?," Ky asked.

Rick thought for a minute. He took one look at Chris and I, standing there naked and helpless, and another look at Heath's handcuffs.

"Two days only," Rick said, "But if I win, both these guys are my property, and I get to fuck Heath once, in a manner of my choosing."

"Deal," Heath said.

Heath and Rick sat down at the table. Ky shuffled, let Rick cut, and then dealt both guys five cards. Heath asked to swap two cards, but Rick swapped only one.

"OK, moment of truth," Ky said. "Show your hands."

Heath put his cards on the table. It was two pair: Kings and Queens. Heath smiled broadly. Then Rick put his cards down: Three twos.

The room was silent, until Ky said, "Triple beats two pair. Heath, you've lost."

Rick got up, very quickly, and went over to Heath.

"Give me the keys to those handcuffs," Rick said.

Heath reached into his pocket and handed Rick a keyring.

"I've only got the keys for Chris," Heath said. "Justin was naked and cuffed when I found him."

"And the keys for those," Rick said, pointing at the spare handcuffs Heath brought.

"It's the same key," Heath said slowly.

"I'll take you right here and now, Heath" Rick said. "Strip buck naked."

"Fuck you," Heath said.

"Heath, don't back out," Ky said.

Heath stood up. A little disoriented, he started taking off his shirt. His stomach was flat, and he had impressive pecs. Then he pulled off both shoes, then both socks. He unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. That left him standing in front of everyone, wearing only bright white designer briefs.

Heath hesitated before taking off his briefs. Rick grabbed him, and the pair of spare handcuffs. He dragged Heath to my side of the TV. Then he forced Heath to stick up both of his hands, and handcuffed them above the pipe--exactly as Heath had done to Chris.

I was close enough to Heath to hear him whisper, "No, please don't!"

Rick smiled, grabbed Heath's briefs, and pulled them down. The crowd roared with laughter.

I couldn't believe this had happened so quickly. Heath had gone from being our smirking, pimping freshman master to a naked fucktoy.

Rick grabbed a bottle of lube and put some into Heath's asshole. Then he unzipped his cock, put a condom on, and started fucking Heath. Quickly, and hard.

Heath's naked front was in full view of the crowd. From where I was, I could bend my neck to see Heath's face. His expression was agonized and humiliated.

Heath looked ridiculous and helpless and totally shamed. His frat boys looked on, first shocked and then later amused. They started laughing and pointing as they watched the contortions on Heath's face.

Finally, Rick cried out, pulled out, and shot his cum on Heath's butt. He stuffed his dick back in his pants and zipped up.

"I'll be leaving now," Rick said, "and taking these guys with me," he said, pointing at Chris and I.

Rick untied my leash. Then he went over to Chris, and unlocked the handcuffs so that Chris could lower his arms. Before Chris could do anything, Heath cuffed them behind his back again.

"Thanks for coming by, Rick," Ky said. "Don't worry about Heath. We'll take good care of him for the night."

As much as I wanted to see that, I wanted to get out of there more. Still naked, I followed Rick up the stairs. Chris was close behind me.

"Rick," Chris whispered, "you can take off my handcuffs."

"Keep your mouth shut," Rick hissed, "and follow me."

Rick walked up the stairs, through the Brig house, and out their front door. Horrified, I followed him out--still butt naked, still handcuffed, and still wearing that thing around my cock and balls.

"We're walking back to our house," Rick said. "Walk in front of me, slowly."

So Chris and I stuck our naked bodies in front of Rick, and started walking up the sidewalk to our frat house. To my horror, there were people on the sidewalk already. I tried to keep my eyes down, but I couldn't avoid the mocking leers on their faces, or avoid hearing the whistles and applause.

When we got to our frat house, Rick unlocked the door and ushered us into the house and up to his room. He closed the door to his room and turned around to face us.

"Both of you have been acting like real idiots," Rick said. "You're lucky I was there to put my ass on the line to save both of yours."

We nodded and said thanks.

"Thanks aren't enough," Rick said. "A few different cards, and I'd be Heath's fuck slave right now along with the both of you. I literally put my ass on the line to get you guys out of a stupid situation you got yourselves into."

We both said we were sorry.

"Well, you heard what the deal was," Rick said. "Both of you are mine now. Agreed?"

Chris and I looked at each other, kind of worried, and said nothing.

"Don't worry, I'm going to be good about it," Rick said. "From time to time, I'll want to fuck one or both of you. In private. Cooperate, and you won't have to be naked in public ever again. Agreed?"

"Agreed," we both said.

"OK then," Rick said. "Let's see what we can do about those cuffs."

Rick took the keys he had won from Heath an unlocked Chris' cuffs. He tried the same keys on mine, but they wouldn't open.

"I've got a spare key for those in my room," Chris said, rubbing his shoulders.

"Go get it, now," Rick said.

Chris paused.

"Go! Don't get dressed, just come back with that key!," Rick ordered.

Chris opened the door and ran out into the hall. I wasn't comfortable standing naked in front of the open door, so I shut it with my foot.

Rick looked at me and smiled. "While we wait, I think I'll give you a test run," Rick said. "Lie down on the bed."

I did as I was told, and lied face down. Rick grabbed my shoulders and rolled me over. My stiff dick flopped against my stomach.

"So this is the body that drove all those guys nuts today," Rick said, smiling. He reached out with his hand, and started stroking my abs. He went down and brushed the head of my dick. That slight touch was enough to set it on fire yet again. Then Chris started tickling my nipples.

This teasing was driving me crazy. I felt the need to cum badly, but it wouldn't happen because of that stupid strap around my dick and balls.

There was a knock on the door. Rick ignored it. He took a small bottle of lube from the side of the bed and squirted it on his hand, and then started rubbing my cock. The sensation was so intense that I could barely move or talk.

There was another knock, more urgent this time. "Come on," I heard Chris say. "Someone is going to see me."

"Stand up," Rick whispered to me. Then Rick got up, went to the door, and opened it. Chris was standing there, still stark naked. Rick motioned for him to enter, and then shut the door.

"You found the key?," Rick asked.

"Yeah," Chris said, and handed it to him.

Rick walked to me and unlocked the handcuffs. Thank god! I reached up with my hands to massage my shoulders. Then I reached down to unstrap my dick.

"Not so fast," Rick commanded. "Keep your hands at your sides."

It was agonizing, but I obeyed. It looked like Rick's "trial run" was not over yet.

"Chris, lie down on the bed."

Chris obeyed, flopping down face up. He looked over at me, still cock- bound, and smiled.

"Face down, Chris," Rick said.

Chris looked a little worried, but flipped himself over, exposing his cute ass to the air. Rick took my old handcuffs and snapped them around one of Chris' wrists, fed the other end around a post in the bed frame, and then snapped it onto Chris' other wrist.

"What the hell?," Chris asked.

"This is how I like to fuck guys," Rick said.

Rick went to his closet and took out two lengths of rope. He returned to the bed, spread Chris' legs far apart, and tied each of his ankles to the bed frame.

"Justin, Chris's asshole is way too hairy," Rick said. He handed me a small electric razor. "Fix that."

"Oh, hell no," Chris said.

I crouched over Chris, held his ass cheeks apart with one hand, and with the other hand used the razor to shave off some hair. Rick watched as I worked, and directed me to some spots I missed. Chris made feeble protests, but we ignored him.

"Good," Rick said. "I want both of you to keep yourself shaved back there. Now, it looks like someone's fucked Chris today already. But he's still not loose enough for my tastes. Justin, loosen him up for me."

"You mean...," I asked.

"Yup," Rick said.

I took the bottle of lube and squirted some into Chris's asshole. Then I plunged my swollen, bound cock into his asshole. Chris yelped meekly but did not protest.

I started fucking him. I realized I had never wanted to fuck someone so badly. Beneath me, I had a cute, bound crew stud, who had teased me with his naked body, tricked me into stripping in front of most of the entire school, and then enslaved and fucked me and sold me to a rival frat. I didn't want to hurt him, but I wanted to be in complete control of his tight body.

I rammed him, maybe rougher than I should have, for a good five minutes. The sensation was extraordinary, and so intense that I had to pause.

"Please," I said to Rick, "let me take off the strap."

"Not yet," Rick said.

So I kept going. Chris had been tight before, but now he had learned how to loosen himself up. My engorged dick made a larger and larger thrust than before. I was beginning to get exhausted, and the pain from the strap was growing more intense.

Then Rick walked over. I noticed that he had stripped down to his briefs. There was a huge bulge in front.

"Stay in him, but arch your back," Rick said. I kept my dick firmly in Chris, but lifted it enough to create a gap between my body and his. Rick reached in there, tugged on the strap around my dick, and then removed it.

My whole body involuntarily jerked, and I felt the surge of an enormous orgasm. The jism shot straight into Chris, but kept coming, and overflowed out of him. I kept shooting, more than I had shot in my life. Then I collapsed, utterly unable to move, and rolled off Chris onto the floor.

Rick literally stood over me, straddling my head with his feet.

"Anything you want to say to me?," Rick asked.

"Thank you," I croaked.

Rick smiled. He hooked his thumbs under the elastic of his briefs, and pushed down, letting them land on my mouth. He had a gigantic boner.

Rick looked at me and said, "You're done. Get out."

I didn't ask any questions. Still naked, I opened the door, went into the hall, and closed the door behind me. I made my way quickly back to my own room, and put some clothes on for the first time in almost a day.