Freshman Year: Afterglow

This story is completely fictional, any resemblance to real life characters is completely coincidental and unintentional. This story involves male-to-male relations and should not be read by anyone under age or anyone who does not wish to view such material.

Chad awoke in Troy's strong arms and smiled to himself. He still couldn't believe that he was lying in his bed with Troy holding him! He looked over at the clock and saw it was just past 11:00PM. Less than three hours ago, he had gone from loneliness to fear to absolute pure joy! Such a roller coaster of emotions in so little time. Chad snuggled closer into Troy's body and sighed. God he loved this man!

Troy woke up a few minutes later and looked down at Chad snuggled against his chest. He slowly reached up and rubbed his hands through Chad's hair and smiled. He was still a little frightened about the whole thing but he had finally gotten up the nerve to tell Chad how he felt. He was both surprised and giddy with feelings of happiness at Chad's reaction. Troy thought for sure that Chad would call him a faggot and storm out of the room but the exact opposite happened! Chad felt the same way. Sigh. Life was exactly how he wanted it to be at this moment. Chad looked up at Troy and smiled. Troy could feel himself melt inside at the sight of Chad in his arms smiling up at him. This must be what Heaven was like.

"Hi dude", Chad said. "Hi yourself" I responded. Chad slid up my body with his pressed against mine and kissed me on the cheek. "Have a good nap?" "Yeah I did" I said and leaned over and kissed Chad's neck. We both smiled and snuggled together.

"Dude I gotta jump in the shower and clean off" Chad said as he rolled away from me. "Yeah so do I man" I replied as I could feel the dry cum on my belly and chest crack with each movement. We both got out of bed and put on shorts to head to the showers. Just as Chad reached out for the door, I pulled him around and kissed him deep. Chad kissed me back and gently probed my mouth with his tongue. I sighed silently and wrapped my tongue around his. We both started growing hard again so I broke free and said "Plenty of time for that dude. Let's get clean first". Chad smiled and adjusted his half-hard cock. "You bet your ass" Chad said. As he turned around I swatted his ass playfully and grabbed the towels.

As we walked out into the hallway, Chris from across the hall stuck his head out of his door and asked us if we wanted to go to a party with him at midnight. "Where bro?" I asked and he said at the Delta Phi frat house. I knew that place had KILLER parties so I said we would think about it but had to shower. Chris told us to let him know and closed his door. Chad looked at me and asked, "Do you really want to go"? "Sure why not man" I replied. Chad got a look on his face that was part jealousy and part fear I think and just shrugged his shoulders. I let it drop and we went into the bathroom.

The place was empty as we slid out of our shorts and stepped under the showers. The hot water felt great running over my body as I cleaned up. I watched Chad soap up his perfect body and my cock started to grow. He was so perfect I couldn't help myself. Chad looked over at me and smiled at my rising cock. "Dude, control yourself! What if someone walks in"? "So what if they do man," I said with an evil grin on my face. I stepped out from under my shower, grabbed Chad, and kissed him while I ran my hands up and down his strong, naked back. Chad moaned and kissed me back as I felt his fat cock rise up against mine. We held each other and kissed passionately as the hot water ran over our hard bodies. It felt so good, so natural to hold Chad and kiss him this way I couldn't believe I waited so long to talk to him! Thank Christ for Sara!

I reached down and stroked both of our cocks at once while my tongue probed deep into Chad's hot mouth. I laid my cock on top of Chad's and wrapped both hands around them. I could feel the heat of our hot cocks as I stroked them with my soapy hands. Chad stuck his tongue down my throat and started to thrust his hips into me as his cock slid in and out of my hands. He grabbed the back of my head and tried to pull me deeper into him as his moaning got louder. I could feel his dick swelling up and could tell by his breathing that he was gonna shoot. His dick was rubbing the bottom of mine and sending shivers of delight up my spine. I started to swell up as well and I knew the moment was upon us. Chad took once last thrust into my hands and held me tight as his cock shot hot, white cum onto my stomach. The second I felt his cum hit me, I shot a thick wad of my own. We kissed deep and hard as wave after wave of hot cum shot out of us. I could feel Chad's cum slide down my belly onto my pubes. We finally stopped shooting each other and Chad pulled away from my mouth. "I love you Troy" Chad said as he looked deep into my eyes. "Love you Chad" I responded and held him tight.

We were still holding each other when the door opened! I jumped back over to my shower as we both nervously started to clean up. "What the fuck are you two doing in here?" Chris shouted as he walked into the shower area. "Taking a shower, what the fuck does it look like?" I muttered as I turned around to look at him. Chad was still soaping up his belly to get rid of the telltale cum and his face was as red as Santa's suit. "You guys have been in here for over 20 minutes. How fucking dirty are you?" "We were just bullshitting and lost track of time man" I shot back. Chris mistook the nervousness I was expressing as anger and said, "Ok man its cool. Thought maybe you two were fagging around." He flashed a big grin and turned around. Chad's face got even redder and he put his head under the shower.

As Chris was walking out he shouted, "Hurry up if you want to go otherwise I am leaving without you". "Yeah OK dude" I shouted back. I looked over at Chad and whispered "Well that was close huh?" Chad pulled his head out of the shower and looked at me. I saw tears running down his cheeks and a look of pain in his beautiful eyes. I rushed over to him and held him but he pushed me away and whispered "Why is our love so wrong to other people when it feels so right to me?" I didn't know what to say and tried to hold him but he walked away and started to dry off. I turned off the showers and walked over to him. I rubbed his back as he wiped the water off of his glistening skin. He shrugged my hand off of his back and wrapped the towel around him and left the bathroom.

I loved him so much I wanted to help him but I felt powerless and confused. Why was he acting like this now? Didn't we just make love 3 hours ago? Didn't we both just have an intense orgasm together? Why the sudden change? My head was a mess of depressing thoughts and questions and my balls we pulled up into my gut as I worried about what had just happened. I picked up my towel and slowly dried myself off as the thoughts spun around uncontrollably. Did I just loose Chad? Was the perfect world I just found ripped away from me before it even started? I wrapped the towel around my waist, picked up our shorts, and went back to our room.

As I opened the door, Chris stuck his head out again and hollered over, "You two going or not?" I whirled around and almost shouted, "Dude give it a rest OK? Just go and we might meet you there." "Whatever man. Probably want to fag around some more huh?" he retorted and slammed his door. He was lucky he closed that door as fast as he did because I would have pounded his skinny ass into the ground. Probably a queer himself I thought as I turned around and composed myself. I didn't want Chad to know what Chris had just said. He was upset enough and I wanted to make it better for him if I could.

I opened the door and walked into the room that we had made love in a few hours ago. Chad completed me in a way that he would never understand. Hell I didn't quite understand it but I knew it was right! Chad was lying on his bed with the towel still wrapped around his waist. He was lying on his stomach and I could tell by the heaving of his upper back that he was still crying. God I loved him so much that standing there and watching him cry was tearing me up inside. I wanted, no needed, to help him but didn't quite know what to do. So I did what came naturally and sat on his bed and rubbed his back. He continued to cry and I just kept rubbing his back slowly and lovingly.

Neither of us spoke for what seemed to be an eternity but finally Chad's crying slowly subsided and he rolled over. I moved my hand down to his leg and gently rubbed his thigh. "I'm sorry Troy," Chad sniffed, "you must think I am a spaz now." "Not at all Chad. If you haven't realized, I love you more than you know and whatever you feel is important to me" I replied in a low voice. "If it matters to you, it matters to me Chad. Please talk to me. I want to help you with whatever it is that is bothering you." I didn't voice any of my concerns that were threatening to overload my brain. He needed me and I would be here for him. Even if it was to knock down the perfect place I had just built.

Chad wiped his eyes and swung his legs off the side of the bed and sat up. I moved my hand off of his thigh and rubbed his back again as he sat up. "Dude, this might take awhile. If you want to go to the party it can wait." I couldn't believe my ears! Didn't he know how I felt about him? "Chad, dude, take all night if you want. I am here for you and only you. Fuck the party. Fuck the world. I am all yours and don't forget that!" I was almost shaking with emotions. He sighed and wiped his eyes again. "Ok Troy, but don't say I didn't warn you" he said with a lame smile. Even a little smile on his face was better than watching him cry. He looked so sad it actually hurt me to see him like this. I never thought emotion could be a physical hurt but boy was I wrong!

Chad stood up and started to pace. "Troy, all my life I have had these feelings" he started. " I have always liked guys for as long as I can remember. Their scent, hair, eyes, bodies, warmth, and friendship. Everything that makes a guy a guy is what I want, like, need! I have always fantasized about falling in love with a guy but never thought it would happen. I always thought I was the only one. When I actually did find another guy to mess around with, that's all it was. A quick wam bam thank you sir. That was it. I always wanted more but never thought it would find ME! Then you came. The first day I met you, I wanted you. When I saw you walk into my room, I couldn't believe my luck! You are EVERYTHING I have wanted in a man. You're cute, intelligent, charming, and an actual person. BUT, I never thought I would actually get to have you in any sense except a roommate. When you told me how you felt earlier, I thought I was the luckiest person in the world! I was in such turmoil for so long that I just knew that you would make it all better. Make my life a good life. You and I riding off into the sunset. I know it is corny but that is what I thought." Chad finally stopped to breathe and sat on my bed. He seemed exhausted and empty after telling me what was going on in his head. I started to get up but he held his hand up and shook his head no. So I sat down and waited.

He sat there for about 5 minutes then started to pace again. "But, isn't there always a but?" he asked with a lopsided grin. "Ever since I can remember, I have had feelings of guilt. I kept asking myself, Why can't you just be normal? Why do you have these feelings for guys? Do you want to be called a faggot your whole life? I thought that I was a freak. Someone who would never have a normal life. I slowly learned that I was not the only faggot on the planet and felt better about who and what I am." He sighed and sat down next to me. "Then you came along."

My gut became even more of a mess. What the hell does that mean? Then I came along? I was starting to get a little pissed. What the fuck was he trying to say? It was my turn to pace. "Chad, what is wrong with me??" I could just about hold in my anger. He saw the flash in my eyes and quickly got to his feet. "Troy, my baby Troy, it is NOT you!" Chad spat out vehemently. "Dude, it is ME. That is what I am trying to tell you! I thought all of those feelings of guilt and weirdness were gone. But when Chris said that about us fagging around it just hit me. That is what people will ALWAYS think about us! Your love is perfect yet I am the only who can see that! No one else will ever understand! They just see us as fags and that's it. Oh look at the faggots! I can hear them already! I don't know if I can handle that!!!"

Chad collapsed on his bed and started sobbing again. I quickly sat down next to him and held him. He didn't push me away this time. He just continued to sob in my arms. I understood exactly how he felt. Those same thoughts had been in my head for a long time but I had come to the realization that people didn't matter. Only I did. My feelings were mine and mine alone. If the world didn't like that, fuck em! I always wanted to share my life, love, dreams, wants, and desires with another person who felt the same way about me. Now I had him and he was feeling the same feelings that I had overcome.

I held him for a long time and his sobbing slowly stopped. He sniffled a couple of times and sighed deeply. I lifted his chin and looked him deeply into his baby blues. "Chad, I love you and that is all that matters to me. I understand exactly what you are saying because I went through the same things. I just came to the realization that only me and the person I cared about mattered. The whole world can go get fucked!" He smiled at me. A real smile this time and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!!

"Troy, dude, thank you for being you!" he whispered in my ear. I smiled and laid him on his bed. "It's the only person I know how to be babe" I lovingly spoke in his ear. I held him as he drifted off to sleep. He sleepily asked me if I wanted to go to the party and I chuckled softly and told him that here was where I wanted to be.

Ok guys. There is the second installment. I hope you enjoyed it. As always, let me know (good or bad) what you think. Let me know if I should continue.