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Bedtime Stories Presents

Friday Night...

Written by Ed'Michael

  "...And finally, your assignment for Monday will be to read the remaining chapters of the book. They're very short and simple... Enjoy!" Professor Dackery announced at the end of his English class. He was a good-looking professor. He was young and very attractive. Anyway, sometimes I would wonder if he was part of the Family. He wore tight Calvin Klein khakis that would show the fine prints of his manhood and his nice round butt. Sometimes I would stare. I know he knew. I mean come on now, he wore these pants without briefs or boxers. It was pretty obvious, I mean, a person could have described his manhood pretty well. He was uncut, that's how much you could tell.

"Have a nice weekend! Remember to sign out" He continued. I never spoke to him ever since the semester started. To me, he was like the stuck up and conceited type. I was afraid of getting `diss' by him.

The thing that troubled me was the fact that he was White. As a Black person whom just migrated in the States, it was pretty intense when it came to inter-racial relationships. Well, let's say--- I was never attracted to them. I had White friends, but I never saw them as a Sexual Thang. They appeared to be tasteless. All my sex partners were of Color. Ooh! They tasted so good.

I packed my books and walked down the aisle to his desk, where the sign-out sheet was. He stood with his hands on his hips over looking the class. It wasn't feminine at all. In fact, he appeared very Manly and an exercise freak. He lived for the gym, I thought. I arrived at the desk and could not stop looking from his waist down. He was so `yummy' looking. I knew that I wanted that. I kept on looking as if he wasn't paying me no mind. All of a sudden, I looked up and caught his glare on me. Damn, I was caught. But come on now, could he blame me.

He sniffed and looked down at his desk. His hands lowered and he made a turn facing the blackboard. His butt was in full view and I quickly found myself daydreaming about hittin' it. All to quickly, he turned around and apparently said something. I was lost...

"Serge, are you ok?" he asked as he lowered himself to my level. I jumped and dropped the pen. "Hey dude, you alright?" He continued. `Dude' was what he called me. Wow!

"I'm sorry... It's... I've been... I've been thinking about som...Did you say something?" I stammered.

"Oh..." He squinted his eyes as to let me know that I was a weird one. "... I asked if you're enjoying the book." By now the class was empty. Actually I didn't turn around to check, it was the sound of our voices that revealed it.

"Yes... Yes sir. It's great. The Rainmaker, it's a good choice." I began to sweat. The fact that he actually knew my name, called me dude as if we were buddies, and spoke to me was incredible.

"I know... You'll love the movie when we go watch it" He smiled and picked up his books from the desk.

"Oh, really... You are taking us to the movies" I chuckled. He nodded and stopped whatever he was doing. He looked up at me and began to smile lightly.

"Hey, I'm just trying to make this class exciting. I mean, if you guys don't want to go it's fine by me."

"Yes sir, by all means do so Professor. I believe the class will love that." I finally got my eyes to meet his. His piercing blue eyes literally pierced the life out of me. I rapidly rolled them down. I felt something different just by looking at him. He cleared his throat and picked his belongings.

"So, any parties for this weekend?" He asked. I looked at him, not in the eyes, but his face and grimaced for some reason. " What? I used to be a college student myself. I know how it works." We laughed lightly.

"Uh, well, my friends are planning on going to the City. Maybe catch a movie or perhaps dinner."

"Oh, wonderful." He walked by me and gestured as for me to follow and exit the room. "I think that I might be doing the same."

"There's not a Mrs. Dackery?" I asked as we walked side by side. He chuckled and announced

"No, no, no. I'm not married."

"Oh, I'm sorry..." And my voice was overlapped by my buddy Dwayne when I began to say something that was going to get me in trouble. I was about to say that a PHYNE looking young Professor like him, how could he not have a wife. Thank goodness for Dwayne, he said " Hey Serge, what's been taking you so long?" Dwayne was one of those thuggish jiggaz that I wanted to get with. But he was straight as a stick. Well, honestly, I doubted that. If he's such a Thug, how come he didn't beat the crap out of me yet. He had to know about me. I mean, it was obvious that I wanted him. But, my gaydar wasn't receiving good vibes or something. Oh, better yet, Dwayne claimed to be `Open Minded'. That... well, you decide.

"Have a great one, Serge. Be careful" Professor Dackery warned me.

"Thank you sir and ..." I was overlapped by the Professor down the hall

"... And don't forget to read the last chapters. Don't wait until Sunday night."

"Yes sir." I shouted and watched him walked down the hall. He was a HOTTIE.

Since I was shorter than Dwayne, he grabbed me with an arm lock and sort of dragged me with him. Dwayne was also a HOTTIE. He was light-skinned and had some incredible soft dread locks that reached his shoulders. His lips were something to admire. His deep voice was another thing to masturbate to. At 6'1", he had a models body. I sometimes advised him to model for a career. He had two different colored eyes, one grayish green and the other brown. The only thing that was a turn off was his addiction to Weed. Other then that, he had it going on!

"So, little buddy, ready to hit the streets?" Dwayne asked me as he approached the girl that he was so dying for.

"Hi, Serge. Are we ready?" The lovely Keisha asked. She had a boyfriend that was younger than her, but nonetheless, that didn't affect Dwayne's love for her. He was in love, he told me. That's one of the reasons I became friends with him. He wanted me to hook him up, as if I was `cool' with the Fish. Just because we came from the same country didn't mean we would like each other. Well, she was cool; but to be honest with you, she was my man's Mecca and... Need I say more?

It was around six something that we boarded the subway to Manhattan. West Fourth (The Village) was our destination. The Village was a Gay Area in the heart of New York City. Why we chose there to go eat and chill. Well, I felt more at `home' shall I say. Besides, my favorite dish was at Robin's, a gay café.

While we were on the train, PhYne looking young man kept on coming in and out of it. Of course, I looked and was looked upon. But, that day I was more obvious then usual. Actually, I purposefully did that to make Dwayne aware of my preference, `beef-o-roni.' As I looked at the boarding passengers with care, I also observed Dwayne's eye following my every move. He didn't look too please or he must have felt left out by me, as I tried to be alone in my imaginary world. Well, he had his interest with him, right?

Anyway, we got off and rushed out of the station. The weather was wonderful; actually, the atmosphere was incredible. All Happy People were looking fantastic and extremely Happy. I loved the Village, it was really Freedom. We began to walk down Christopher Street, where Dwayne was being the center of attention. I mean, the Jiggah was PHYNE---What else did he expect.

At first, I wanted to just walk around- Up and Down. Just roamed the streets. Then, Keisha suggested that we'd go grab something to eat because she was starving. I was hungry too, but I wanted to watch my people walk around. It was agreed and on our way to Robin's Café, Dwayne and I began to play fight in the street. He wanted to pick me up off the ground and I tried to stop him while I laughed out loud like a `Bitch.' It was really gay of me (As If). He was fun.

Robin's Café was a great place to grab a sandwich. We were the loudest (I was) in the shop. Laughing, joking, and eating. I saw another side of Dwayne that night, he was really interesting to be with. To me, it felt as if he wanted to be with me rather than Keisha. I had to think about that. Well, that was interesting! On our way out of the shop, Keisha got a beep. 911- I loved it when people beeped emergency.

There wasn't a payphone near by, so we had to walk to 7th Avenue. At the corner of the street, I saw a familiar face waiting to cross. I looked closer and quickly realized that it was my Flamboyant friend, Jahmal. He quickly brought a smile to my face, as he was the best buddy on earth.

"Going somewhere?" I asked Jahmal from behind. He quickly turned and lit up at my sight.

"Oh my God!" He screamed. And jumped at me with an embraced. He was really excited to see me. As I was being hugged, I turned around to face Dwayne with a not too pleasing facial expression. Confusion or embarrassment, I couldn't make it out. Mean while, Keisha had spotted a payphone and rushed to it. So it was Dwayne, Jahmal, and I.

"Why you looking so nice?" I asked him. He still had a smile on his face---- he acted as if, its been awhile since he saw me. We were on the phone last night

"Well, it's Friday night and you know what goes on" He announced as he `READ' my friend Dwayne. Jahmal looked amazed at Dwayne's appearance and quickly extended his hand. Well, he did it in a Very Gayish way. "Who's your friend, Sergio?" he continued. I looked at him with a smile and looked up at Dwayne, who by now had a troubled face.

"Oh, girl...this is my good friend Dwayne. We go to school together." Jahmal, gently slapped my shoulder for calling him girl and looked at Dwayne directly in the eyes. They shook hands and I saw Dwayne mumble something.

"Well, its nice to meet you Dwayne. Where have you been? I mean..." Jahmal began to say in his high tone voice when I gently punched him. " Is he biracial?" He continued. Biracial was a term that Jahmal used to inquire if someone was part of the Family. And if I replied they were Racist, he would know that that person was totally against Happy People. You got it?

"Uhm, I'm mixed wi..." Dwayne began to say, not understanding our language, when I overlapped him with.

"NO!" Jahmal quickly fixed his posture and looked back at me. He quickly understood that my interest in Dwayne was to introduce him to the lifestyle. Dwayne looked at me and I grimaced something that announced him to shut up.

"So, Sergio are you coming later on? Actually, I'm going to Rodney' s place right now. He has something planned and we'll be going to the, uh,...uh, you know, the party." Jahmal began to say when Keisha arrived.

"Ah! Another party by Rodney. Wonderful! May be I'll..." I was interrupted by her.

"Hey you guys, I have to go. Something's been up."

"Is everything OK?" Dwayne and I asked at the same time.

"Well, I had to go baby-sit for my sister and I forgot." She smiled. Oh, she had to go and it couldn't have been any better. Perfect timing. Now, Dwayne and Keisha would have to go. So, I could make it to the party, I began to think. I smiled at the thought, but quickly picked my jaw from the ground when Dwayne announced.

"Hey, can I come to the party with yall?" It was a shock. Dwayne was going to leave his interest go home all alone. He's girl... Hold up, what just happened I asked myself.

"My friend, its not that sort of a party, you know?" Jahmal said laughingly.

"Uh, sure. You could go to their party. I really have to go, besides I can't take you home" Keisha said to Dwayne who was looking at her for some approval. The tone of her voice was not heartbroken either. Hello! I was still mouthed opened.
"So, whad you say Sergio?" Dwayne asked me, and called me like my only friend called me. I was still in shock and could not managed to say anything. Jahmal took over for me.

"If you want to my friend."

"Well, then. Bye" Keisha said and hugged all of us. She rushed and left Dwayne.

Huh! What just happened?--- My face complained.

"Get it together, Serge" Jahmal took me by the arm.

"Yeah, you know!" Dwayne added.

"Uhm! Why did...What... Why..." I began to say.

"He's biracial!" Jahmal said as he looked at Dwayne and whispered to "Or maybe becoming one" He laughed and I smiled. Dwayne laughed at the race comment.

At some point in Rodney's room, I got over the fact that Dwayne left the girl of his dreams to hang out with me. Was it OK to assume that he was part of the Family? I didn't know. May be he didn't get out much or something. But I got over it. We chatted and played and just enjoyed each other's company. My Happy friends were considerate enough to calm down and understand where I stood with Dwayne. Now, something else bothered me. It seems like they forgot what type of a party they were taking the poor soul. I jumped at that thought and quickly faced Jahmal. I explained to him what was going on and he came up with a plan.

"Uh, Dwayne. We... I mean, I forgot to mention the type of party we were going to. Danm't, how could I do this!" Jahmal said.

"What's the problem?" He didn't looked troubled.

"Well, my friend. I'm gay and...and ..."

"I knew... Come on man, I figured it was that." Dwayne said rather softly. I looked at him with a surprise looked. DUH! He's face announced to me.

"Oh, great. So you're down with that?" Jahmal asked. Dwayne cleared his throat and looked at me with a `cool' facial expression.

"Uh, well. I'm really open- minded. Sergio knows da deal, right dawg." He said. I melted.

The atmosphere at the party was overwhelming. Oh, did I mention that it was a `Sex-Party'? Well, yes it was. And the aroma quickly filled our nostrils. I checked on Dwayne and he seemed ok. Too OK for a Straight guy, don't you think? I was being greeted and being introduced to good looking men. Dwayne was being part of the spot light as well. Nothing seemed to bother him. He was cool.

"Is that safe?" He asked in a whisper. The music was great and I bobbed my head with the beat. I looked at him and smiled.

"I guess so. Just don't get mingled with anybody else please" I said jokingly. We both laughed and I sensed he moved closer to me. We walked and talked with other people. We also took some drinks. All of a sudden, Dwayne started dancing slowly to the hip-hop jam playing. He looked at me and smiled as the music began to possess over him. By now, Jahmal was long gone. Having sex maybe.

"Having fun?" I asked sarcastically facing him with a `what da hell are you doing' look'. Don't get me wrong, he was dancing pretty great. But, I didn't expect that of him. He then moved closer and I moved back. I couldn't comprehend what was going on. He moved again and I moved backwards again. He tried a third time and grabbed me by the arm so that I stayed in place.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he kept on moving. Was it the drink or what?

"What's wrong, you ask. What da hell are you doing?"

"I'm having fun with you... Come on man, dance with me--that's my jam" He smiled. Shit. Was he being for real?

"..." I looked at him for a second and nodded in agreement. I turned around and made him face my back. I began to dance and grind my butt against him. I checked back, and he kept on moving as if it was nothing. So, I swallowed my fear and got into it. Another good song came up and we were lost in the world of Music.

I felt his hand on my waist and after wrapped around it. It was nice, but then...

"Are you lovin' it?" He whispered by my ear. His lips fell on my neck. I restrained in shocked of not understanding. Was this really happening? Was I dreaming? Nope, it was real. Because he pulled me closer and kissed my neck again now softer and sweeter. Shit, Goosebumps all over.

I opened my eyes to face him but was in terrible shock when my eyes met Professor Dackery's piercing blue eyes.

"Ah!!" I screamed. And Dwayne stopped grinding and I stopped my move. The Professor smiled and began to dance as he moved towards me. This was definitely a dream. I tried to wake up, but again I was reminded that it was real. His crotch rubbed against my thigh and I quickly looked at Dwayne that seemed to be enjoying the moment. He was smiling and resumed his actions. I was being made a sandwich.

I moved slowly and never looked at the Professor.

I felt the Professor's harden prick on my thigh, and I also felt something hard on my butt cheeks.

To be continued...

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