Getting Oriented
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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Part 2

The dining hall was packed, and we had to cram into a booth way in the back that was in sort of a separate section from the main room.  So the three of us were wedged into a booth intended for two, across from two other guys who had gotten there first.  After we had stuffed enough food into our faces to calm the hunger pangs, we started to talk.

“This is Rod” I said, nodding to my right, “this is Peter,” nodding to my left,  “and I’m Ash,” I said.  “You can call him HotRod, cuz he’s got a really hot rod.  Just how long is it, anyway?”  As I spoke I had begun to stroke his cock, which was very obvious under his shorts, lying alongside his thigh.

“Actually, it’s not as big as it looks.  It’s nine inches soft and about ten and a half hard.  It just looks longer cuz I’m so small,” Rod said.

“You got a nine inch dick?” one of the other boys asked.  “I thought mine was big at seven.  Can I see it?”

“Sure, dude.  Come back to the dorm with us and we’ll have a showing.”

Between the talk and my stroking him, Rod’s rod had stiffened, still along his thigh, but totally hard and pushing against the loose leg of his shorts.  I reached down to his knee and pulled his shorts back until I encountered his hard head after only a few inches.  It was wet and slick with pre-cum, which I began to distribute where it counted.

Although mostly hidden by the table, what I was doing to Rod was pretty obvious, given the turn our conversation had suddenly taken.

“Have you guys known each other like forever, or what?” the one boy asked.

“No, actually we just met before dinner in the shower.”  Peter answered.  “We got acquainted in a circle jerk.”

“You did that here?  In the shower?  Today?”  Both boys were incredulous.

“Yeah,” I answered.  “Peter and I had just cum all over each other in our room, and we needed a shower.  Rod was already in there jerking off, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“I can’t wait, I wanna see it now,” the first boy blurted, and then just slid down off the seat and under the table.  Moments later, his face appeared between Rod’s legs, pretty much head to head.  He reached up and opened Rod’s shorts. 

“Lift up, dude,” he said, and Rod did, allowing his shorts to be pulled down to his knees.  His hot rod stood up a bit higher now, unrestrained by clothing or hand.  The boy stared at it in wonder.  “Dude, that is beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.”  He put one hand on the shaft and brought his face forward so that he could lick the tip, and then he sucked as much as he could into his mouth.

“I’m coming too,” the other boy announced, and joined his friend under the table to see Rod’s wonderful cock.  There wasn’t room for him to do anything, but by this time I was fully erect and he was in front of me.

“Don’t be shy,” I said, spreading my legs as wide as possible.  “Come on in.”

He unzipped me and let my ordinary prick stand free.  Needing no further invitation, he took me into his mouth, licking and sucking and going up and down as much as possbible, given the contraints of the space, and bumping his head on the table a few times.  Not wanting to ignore Peter, I slipped my free hand into his pants and squeezed his solid cock.

Rod had been pretty well worked up for a few minutes by this time, and he wasn’t going to last long, and neither was I.  Just then, two girls looking for seats came over, and Rod and I just leaned forward to hide our exposed parts and the blowjobs in progress below. 

“Are these seats free?” they asked.

Neither Rod nor I were exactly in conversational mode at that point, so Peter, being on the end anyway, answered,  “Nope, they’ve just gone for dessert.”

I could hardly sit still anymore, and about when Peter said “dessert,” I came, shooting my fourth load of the afternoon into the mouth under the table.  “Dude, that was awesome,” I told him as I slumped back against the seat, my hand now on his head rather than Rod’s.

Rod too was climaxing, shooting his copious cum into his new friend’s mouth.  He shot in proportion to his length, and a lot did not stay in the mouth.  When both boys returned to their seats, about three major dribbles of cum were running down the chin of Rod’s cocksucker.

“Peter, you’re next.  But not here, OK?” said the boy who had blown me.

Peter was willing to wait a bit, seeing as how anything he did at the table would be open to public scrutiny.

We left the dining hall and headed back to the dorm by way of the campus store, where we picked out a good supply of condoms.  Neither Peter nor I knew what kinds to get, (thanks to Mom again), but our new friends did.  I got a variety12-pack of Trojans, Peter got a similar 12-pack of Durex, and Rod found a 10 pack of LifeStyles Large.  As we walked back to the dorm, we finally got around to exchanging the rest of our names.  The boy who’d blown me was Drew, a smooth blonde hockey player, and the one who’d sucked off Rod’s rod was Doug, a curly brown-haired theater and dance major.  The two of them had known each other from high school, and had fooled around together a lot.  They were rooming together in the Fall, as well as for Orientation.

Nothing was scheduled for the evening, since the Orientation did not actually start until the next morning.  We went back to Peter’s and my room, since Rod’s roommate still hadn’t checked in, and Drew and Doug were in another dorm across the quad. 

We started with Peter.  Doug and Drew unbuttoned his preppy Oxford shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, touching all over his chest as they did so.  Then they moved to his khaki cargo shorts, which they unzipped slowly, pressing against his hardon as they went.  He’d maintained a pretty fair pants tent (and growing wet spot!) since dinner, and once the shorts were down, he poked horizontal out of his boxers.  They got rid of that final garment, and then put Peter on the single bed on his back, Drew and Doug next to each other.  They commenced kissing and touching and licking him, everywhere except his rigid penis, now leaking precum steadily.

While Peter was being prepared, Rod and I had been attending to each other in a similar manner, and once we were naked again, we decided to try out our new condoms.  I took an extra large one we’d bought for Rod, and added some lube, and rolled it down his pole.  Even the extra large only went part way down his shaft.  But apparently it felt good going on, because Rod was making appreciative moans and movements.  Then he put a regular one on me, and I understood why he had liked it when I did it to him.

Thus sheathed and lubed, we each stepped behind one of the Doug and Drew team, and reaching around, opened their pants and pulled them down, releasing their own hardons and exposing naked asses.  Rod added some lube to Doug’s ass, and handed the tube to me to do Drew’s.  Neither of us were quite sure about entering protocol, and we hesitated at that point.

Drew took a hand off Peter, took one ass cheek in his hand and pulled it aside, and said, “Come on in!  What are you waiting for?”

So waiting no longer, I pushed my cockhead against the round muscle, and with just a bit of pressure, it slipped in.  I was engulfed by hot tightness and it felt fantastic.  Then I pushed forward until I was buried up to my pubes, and evidently it felt good for Drew. because he yelled something.  Next to me, Rod was doing likewise, altho’ he didn’t get all the way in before Doug also was making inarticulate sounds of pleasure.

On the bed, Peter was feeling pretty OK too, judging from his ragged breathing and involuntary pelvic thrusting.

Kind of in tandem, Rod and I started fucking the asses which ensconced us, each time eliciting more pleasure sounds as we passed the prostate.  I reached around and starting jacking Drew’s cock, using a full fist squeeze because of the slippery pre-cum that covered his head and foreskin.  Rod started doing the same to Doug.  My own orgasm was on its way, and I pushed hard into Drew, pumping cum into him and the condom, the climax so intense that I literally saw stars.  My cock continued to pulse a few times after the major initial shots, and as I finished, Drew started.  I felt his cock pumping a half dozen times, and simultaneous with feeling the spasms in my hand, I saw both Peter’s and Doug’s cocks erupt, Peter’s shooting straight up into the air and then falling back onto his body, and Doug’s sending lateral streams arcing over him.

The four of us standing kind of collapsed on top of Peter’s cummy body, Rod and I still inside Doug and Drew.  No one spoke for awhile; we just concentrated of the intense pleasure, and on breathing.  My softened cock slipped out of Drew’s ass and came out of the condom at the same time, and I left the pale latex where it was.  The same thing happened to Rod, and he followed suit.

Finally we stood up.  Peter had cum literally from head to toe.  There was some in his hair and on his cheek, all over his chest and belly, and a bunch on his legs.  Not to mention a fair aount on the bed.  Once vertical, Doug and Drew began to leak cum out of the condoms still in their asses, and it dribbled down their legs.  We were a mess.

“Looks like it’s time for another shower, guys,” Rod said.  “Let’s go while it’s fresh.”  And with him leading the way, five guys with five loads of cum dripping off them walked down the hall to the showers.  Between dinner and the room, we were pretty much used up for awhile, so this shower was just that.  We pulled the condoms out of Doug and Drew and left them on the floor of the shower room for other guys to wonder about.

Rod had taken no towel with him to the showers, so he walked back to his room wet.  Inside, he discovered that his roommate had arrived.  I stayed with him, the others went on back to my room.  A thin, very black, and  shirtless boy was hanging up some clothes when Rod walked in naked and grabbed a towel to dry himself.  He introduced us as he did so and we learned that the black boy was Flynn, and he had just arrived from Ghana, in West Africa.  Rod shook his hand, making no effort to cover up.  Flynn could not keep his eyes of Rod’s rod.  In fact, he was staring at it, and sprouting some very impressive wood of his own as he gawked at Rod’s returning erection.

“I think that your penis is longer than even mine,” he said in lightly accented English.  “And mine was the greatest amongst all my mates at school.”

“Well, let’s compare,” Rod suggested, pulling the elastic waist of Flynn’s basketball shorts down to his thighs.  He did the same with the boxers, and Flynn’s hardening cock unfurled, rising up to stand rigidly against his dark belly above a very sparse set of tightly curled pubes.

“Ash, you compare.  I don’t have anything to measure with.”  The two boys stood side by side, their impressive tools now solid and hard.  I used my fingers sideways to measure, starting at the bottom of the shaft in the pubic hair and counting hand-widths to the end.  Rod was three hands and three fingers long.  Flynn was three hands and two fingers long.  Hardly a major difference, given the length of their members.  Flynn seemed to like the touching, though, because he suggested I might check him again, as he thought he’d gotten a bit harder.  So I “measured” him again and told him he might be a quarter inch longer, but not much.  Then I abandoned all pretense of measurement, and just jacked him off.  Rod added his hand to mine, and directed Flynn to use his hand on Rod’s rod.  Flynn’s uncut head was producing plenty of precum, and I used it to lube his foreskin so that it slid easily back and forth.  Rod was working the rest of the shaft and the balls, and in short order Flynn was sending strong streams of thick white cum that landed on his chest and stomach.  Rod, having cum three times in the last hour or so, was not so quick.  “On your knees, Dude.  Suck me, OK?”

And Flynn, needing no further urging, dropped to his knees and took Rod’s lengthy penis in his mouth, his ebony face in dark contrast to Rod’s pale body.  A minute or so of noisy blowjob brought Rod to climax again, and by now I was quite hard again myself, so I presented my hardon to Flynn, and he sucked me off too.  I pulled out of his mouth as I came, and squirted my cum onto his face, painting a white line on his right cheek, across his nose, and on his chin.  I hugged his head to my crotch when I was done, and then said, “Welcome to America.  Glad you could come.”  Rod cracked up, and suggested Flynn could use a shower.

Then I went back down the hall to my own room, where I found Peter, Doug and Drew all with condoms on, and Peter getting some lessons on fucking.  Drew had his cock buried in Peter’s ass, and Peter’s cock was likewise contained by Doug.  Obviously, something needed to be done for Doug, and I had just cum, so I volunteered my virgin ass.  After the last few hours, I was ready for anything, including saying goodbye to my virgin ass.