Give My My Angel

Part 2

I was dazed when I woke up. My head felt ten times heavier and my brain imploded and exploded at the same time. Strangely I felt very naked. I didn't realize where I was. I was sleeping on something very soft and cozy. I comprehended that I was sleeping on someone's chest. I had my right hand around him (him - judging by the absence of two boobs) and my right leg intertwined with his. I was in a posture which I found myself every morning with my favorite pillow at home. I looked up and smiled at the coffee boy. Not worrying about the consequences I went to sleep again, maintaining my hold on him. I felt very happy that an actual person had replaced my pillow.


I didn't know how long I had been asleep; when I woke up I found that I was alone. The coffee boy was gone.

I waited some time for my eyes to get used to the light. I looked around. And he was right there, on the sofa, drinking coffee. I wanted to lie there forever and look at him. He looked more beautiful than before...maybe because last time I saw him I was too drunk. He realized I was awake.

"Hey..." he said...his voice echoing in my ears.

"Hey..." I said. I sounded so weird, like my vocal organs were dipped in wine.

"Looks like you need some coffee..."

"Do you always offer other people coffee?"

" just you."

" will do good."

He got up and walked away. He looked back and said, "Nice outfit by the way..."

Confused as to what he was saying, I looked down. I held back from screaming loudly. My shirt and pants were gone. I was wearing...wearing...a woman's dress! I recognized the clothes; they were worn by the drunken girl on the sofa. It was a black dress...and it was transparent. The skirt was so damn short. I looked at my legs and almost cried when I saw the pantyhose.

I immediately got up. No words would suffice to describe my embarrassment. I was relieved to see most of the guys and girls were still lying on the floor asleep. Some of them where coming to their senses. I quickly removed the pantyhose, but that made me more naked. I looked around frantically.

I at last found the girl lying below a table. She was covered with a blanket. Without hesitating I carefully looked under the blanket. She was not wearing any of my clothes! She was clad in her bra and panty. Suddenly I remembered something distinctly about the word panty, but I couldn't remember exactly what was so striking about it.

I looked around some more but in vain. Suddenly I heard someone behind me.

"Here is your coffee..."

"Have you seen my panty?" What the fuck was wrong with me? "I mean pants..."

"No...I don't think you will find them either...look around. Hey you sang a song yesterday...I don't remember...hmm..."

I profusely thanked god. There was a limit to humiliation.

"Maybe it wasn't I...who sang..."


We looked at the house. I couldn't even make out the identity of the room we were in. All the rooms looked alike. Guys were lying here and there...broken bottles everywhere...graffiti on the was a total mess.

"Doesn't it look like a hurricane passed through here...", he said.


I felt naked again. "I need something to wear," I said.  I sounded more helpless than intended.

"Why? You look pretty in whatever it is you are wearing..."

"I look like a hooker!"

"Just kidding..." he said and looked around. He elegantly pulled a blanket and a guy curled out of it and fell on the floor face first. The guy moaned softly and then passed out.

"Manage with this for now...I will get you some clothes later..."

I quickly wrapped the blanket around me. It could barely cover me.

Suddenly my head felt heavy and I sat down on the floor.

"Your body needs liquid...better drink that coffee..."

"Yeah..." I whispered.

He sat next to me and we drank coffee quietly. It was five minutes later that I was strong enough to speak.

"How come you don't have a hangover?"

"What made you think I was drunk yesterday...or rather today?"

"I thought you had passed were lying beside me..." I said. Suddenly I remembered how I had clung to him like my pillow and wished he wouldn't remember.

"Yeah...I was sleeping next to you and you did some pretty strange things you don't want to hear..."

Damn it!

"If you hadn't passed out why did you sleep on the floor?"

What kind of stupid question was that anyway?

"Eh...I just like to sleep on the floor and the bedrooms were taken."

A real stupid question.


We kept quiet for some more time. There was a second round of coffee and this time we sat on the sofa. I broke the ice between us.

"What kind of dumb wretched parents will leave their daughter...a super-slut alone during the weekend...?"

"I don't know...I think the kids are dumb, not the parents."


"Yes...the super-slut and her brother."

He said and got up. He was going to get some more coffee, I guessed.

"How did you find the kitchen?"

"I happen to live here", he said without turning back.

Realizing what that meant I turned all possible shades of red with embarrassment. For some stupid reason I followed him to the kitchen. Maybe I was fond of getting myself humiliated.

"That means you are blond girl...I mean...Laura's brother...?"

"Yes that is correct" he said pouring sugar in his cup.

"And she is your sister..."

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

"I guess so!"

"Damn...I am so sorry about those things...back...then...I didn't know..."

"It's okay were right about most some more coffee?"


"If you are hungry, help yourself. There must be something left in the fridge. I am going to take a shower."

"I need one badly too..."

"Why don't you join me..." he said glaring at me.

I looked at him dumbfounded, the coffee cup in my hand slightly shaking.

"Relax...I was just might want to make an extra cup for Pat..."

"Of course you were kidding..." I said like some kind of weird small animal scared to death by a large beast.


I found Pat after searching through many passed out chicks and hunks. Dirty thoughts came to my mind whenever I came across a pretty faced hunk. But I some how managed to control my freaking mind. The coffee was working. Pat was however in a deplorable state. For some reason he was really angry. From what he was mumbling I understood that he had failed miserably to get laid. So instead he got drunk, that of course I summed up.

After thirty minutes a lean girl walked towards us. She was carrying MY clothes in her hand. I felt relieved. I didn't really want know how people would react to a gay guy dressed like a hooker, wrapped in a towel walking on the street catching a cab. Of course they wouldn't know I was gay. But that didn't make me feel better.

"Here is your stuff..." she said, throwing the clothes at me, as if it were garbage.


"No problem...Laura asked me to give them to you..."


"Yeah...I think it was actually her brother who removed it. And you danced around pretty well wearing that silly outfit!" She laughed and walked away.


When I reached home I felt like I had survived an air crash. I felt high...felt fear...shock...confusion and humiliation...all in one fucked up night.

Willow opened the door and glared at me. My face obviously didn't hide anything. I was in no mood to explain what had happened. Too many things happened and I just wanted to spend the rest of day...sleeping.

"Where were you all night?" she asked.

"Party..." I managed to say.

"You actually went for an overnight party?" she asked me, as if she had made a startling discovery that would change mankind forever.


"Oh my God! My kid brother is growing up at last! An overnight party! He has surpassed me by all means!"

"Haha...very funny...I am going to sleep. You can mock me till your tongue runs dry; I just won't be awake..."

"Don't tell me you are not going to tell me about it..."

I was on my bed.

"Jess! have to tell me everything that happened...and spare no details..."

Willow had one look at me and slammed the door. She realized I was already deep in sleep.


I was woken up by a storm of pillows. I hate it when people force you to wake up and don't get me started on those damn alarm clocks. Willow was now smacking me with a gigantic pillow.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

"Ah...Willow...let me SLEEP!"

"You have been doing that all morning and I can't contain my curiosity any more..."

"Okay...okay" I said. I got up and there was still a tantalizing pain in my head for a second. Then it stopped.

"Now tell me what happened..." Willow asked. She was sitting by my side as if she was going to pounce on me at any moment.

"First get me some coffee..."

She growled. And then decided to follow my orders. She was smart, but I had outsmarted her this time!

We sat on adjacent sides of our coffee table and I told Willow everything that happened. Right from the moment I got drunk, to hitting the guy on the face, the shower incident...exaggerating every once in a while. She sat like a twelve year old listening to some fucked up fairy tale.

"So what's the guy's name?" she asked.

I looked blankly at her.

"Jesse? What's his name..."

"I don't...know..." I said.

"Don't tell me that you didn't ask him his name..."

I still couldn't speak.

"Jesse! Tell me his name!"

"I don't know okay..."

She gave a bewildering laugh and said, "So he is Mr. Coffee-boy that's it?"

"Fuck...why didn't I ask his name?"

" meet your soul mate and you forgot to ask his name! You goofed up big time!"

"I am going back..." I said and stood up.

"Yeah...and what are you gonna tell him? 'Hey Coffee boy...I came back to ask your pretty name'"

I knew I couldn't go back. But at that moment I wanted to stay away from this laughing stock.

"I am just going to go for a walk"

"Oh...let me join you!"

"NO...I want to go alone..."

It was a fine day outside. The weather was beautiful, the birds chirping. And I had fucked up on such a fine day! Five minutes into my `to be left alone' walk, Willow caught up with me. I was secretly glad she had decided to do so. We talked more about coffee boy and Willow laughed some more.


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