Give My My Angel

Part 3

The next day Pat and I looked like zombies. We were still recovering from the explosive weekend.

"That could she turn me down...? ME!!? Girls swoon at my feet," Pat said.

"Uh-huh," I said and nodded.

Pat was cribbing over his failed plan to get laid. I was thinking about coffee boy. Did he after all remove my clothes?

"I mean...she likes that Harry guy...he is so gay!"

Is coffee boy gay?

"I bet he got some that night...she would have been mine...bitch!"

I nodded. I wanted to sleep again on coffee boy's chest. It felt so good.

"Jess...Fuck...Are you listening to me?"

"Huh? Of course...she is a bitch!"

"Yeah...what does she think of herself? Some high school prom queen?"



"Do you know that bitch's bro man?"

"Her bro? Yeah...why?"

Why? just one night, I lost myself to him. It had been a long time since I felt attracted to anyone.

"Uhhh...I bumped into him at the party...he was asking about you."

"'s been a while since I talked to him...Fuck his sister!"

I grinned at him. "You already tried doing that didn't you?" I smirked.

" want a smack from me or something?

"Hahaha. Just kidding man! There are gonna be more parties...and more hang in there..." Nevertheless, there was only one sweet coffee boy.

"Yeah...I guess...besides I am a natural chick-magnet."

Chick-magnet! Balls! I pitied every chick Pat dated. Such a snub that he was.

I dreamed away during the lecture. It was foolish of me to keep thinking of coffee boy. But that didn't stop me from doing so. If you show a gay guy even the slightest possibility of meaningful relationship with a real guy, why wouldn't he dream about it?

During my entire meeting with him, I was either drunk...humiliated...semi-naked or incredibly dumb. So many emotions were running through my mind that I did not realize my feelings for him. I had failed to grasp the intensity of the moment.

In between my dream sequences, I realized I had forgotten to ask Pat coffee boy's name! I could have as well hit myself against the professor's huge forehead for my stupidity. Now I could either ask Pat coffee boy's name or I could keep quiet about it. Pat was obviously irritated about Laura's behavior towards him and if I kept bringing her brother into our conversations, he would naturally get suspicious. I just had to find another way.

Harry was a cute kid. He was as old as we were, but looked a lot younger. However, he was still cute and probably straight. I liked him instantaneously. He looked geeky, but he had a completely different personality hidden under that cute face.

"So are you sure you want to do this project with me?"

"Yes of course...why wouldn't I...?

"Well you know how most people feel about me..."

"Hey Harry you are a great kid...err...I mean guy. Okay?"

"Yup! That is true. Beside you, I and Laura would make a great team!"

I had found my way.

"So what do we do now...?"

"Well you can meet me and Laura at my house today at seven."


"Why don't we meet at Laura's home?" How could I have asked that? "I mean...since she has such a large home ..." Dumb Dumb Dumb.

"No...I can't go there. See you at seven..."

"See you..." I said. I failed to understand why he didn't want to meet at Laura's. I want to go there!

On my way to Harry's home, I was trying to figure out a way to meet coffee boy. I came up with so many ideas! I could act as if I was interested in Laura and then she would invite me to her home. Maybe I could go to her home directly in a disguise. Maybe I could break in to their home at night. Maybe I was mad. My desperation had to  be ceased.

Harry's called home was a modest two-bedroom apartment on the eight-floor. He invited me inside as if it was some bungalow. I smiled at Laura and she smiled back.

"Hey Jesse..."

"Hey are you?" What's your bro's name?

"I am fine...Harry...get us some coke?" she said and narrowed her eyes.

It was interesting to see someone like Laura and someone like Harry together. Pat was right; mismatched is the word for them. From the way she almost ordered Harry to bring coke for us, I concluded she was a controlling super-slut cum bitch. I smiled at Laura. She smiled back.

"So Jess...ready to discover our old Presidents?"

I didn't expect her to go into the project right away. I wanted to do some small talk...and maybe ask her if her bro was gay. Here was someone who could tell me so much about a person I was so curious about, and I couldn't do a damn thing to make her tell me anything. And she wants to start the project.

"Sure...let's get started!" I said picking a pencil and paper. Laura had huge books by her side.

Almost an hour passed by and I was running out of luck. I had to do something!

"So you wrote that Jesse...?" Laura asked.

"Yeah...Died in 1957...he brought about revolutionary changes in public transportation...anything else?"

"Do you think he can fit in more in his term?"

"I have got something..." Harry said.

"You know what guys...I am sick of this...shall we take a break?" I said and gave a broad smile.

"Me too..." Laura said, to my relief. "Harry...we are out of coke here!"

"I will get some..." Harry said.

Harry disappeared into the small kitchen. There was a disturbing silence between Laura and myself. Why was it so difficult to talk to her? Right then something inside my brain worked.

"So what is the deal with Harry?"

"Just a good friend..." she said.

Just a good friend for a good fuck during weekends. I remembered how Pat called her bitch several times. Now I was chanting too.

"So do you live alone?" she asked.

" a roomie..."

Silence again.

Suddenly I remembered something. Here is your stuff...Laura asked me to give it to you...

"Hey thanks for sending my clothes the other day" I said. Now she had to talk!

"No problem..."

I waited. Her lips didn't move an inch.

No problem. That's it? I was expecting some kind of explanation as to why she had my clothes. No problem! I wanted to strangle her and make her yap. Girls usually say a lot more than they should, what was her problem?

" did you find my clothes?" I asked. She'd better give me an informative answer.

"My stupid bro had them on..."

Had them on? Had them ON! Wow.

"What do you mean?"

"Well he gets crazy during these parties and likes to put on everyone's clothes!"


"Of course not Jesse! I don't know how he got your clothes! You have to ask him! He just told me to give them to you."

I gasped for breath. Little did she know that this wasn't a time for her horrible sense of humor. Talking to this girl meant more questions than answers. Why did he ask her to give me my clothes? Why did he or anyone undress me in the first place?

"What's the look flushed!"

How I wish I could tell her.


Harry was back. He had brought enough coke cans to last the entire night. It made me wonder whether he had brought it or bought it! Never underestimate the power of a slut.

Soon it was time for us to depart and I was incredibly sad. My big plan had flopped and instead I had to learn bullshit about Presidents.

"Good night Laura" Harry said, "Goodnight Jess."

Laura kissed Harry on his forehead. I wondered what would have happened if they did the project without me in the group.

I walked Laura to her car and hoping for some kind of miracle. Nothing. She sat inside the car.

"Hey you want me to drop you home?"

For a second I heard Do you want to come home?

I blinked and then said, "Yeah sure..."

"Hop in..."

The car started and there was silence again. Why was she so quiet?

" the way before I forget Rene said Hi to you"


"My brother."

I smiled. Rene. Such a beautiful name.

"Does he remember me?" I asked.

Strange because I don't remember mentioning my name to Rene. He somehow knew more about me.

"Of course."

This girl needs a chick to teach her to talk more!

"He told me you had a chat with him," she said. At last.

"Oh...Yes, we chatted that morning before I left"

"No...I was morning...but it was...You guys were drunk, and were like best of pals...roaming and talking..."

I didn't respond. I was getting used to the sudden inflow of information.

"...and then of course you did the dance," she said.

"Tell me more..." I could as well pull her tongue out and make it speak.

"You danced all around the place wearing a really nice dress! Do you still have it?"

I thought she was kidding, but she seemed serious.

"No...I don't," I said blankly. I saw through the window and panicked.

"Shit...we are past my place..." I said. I really wanted to know more, but I couldn't take any more humiliation by Laura. She was weird.

"Do you want us to backup?" she said. Weird but kind I guess.

"No's just two blocks away...I can walk..."

"Are you sure it's safe..."

"Yes...Bye Laura...I had a nice time."


I sulked and looked ahead. Home was almost fourteen blocks away.

Willow was focusing at the TV remote. I was focusing at our fish tank. The television that usually was on at this time had been switched off. Willow had acquired every piece of information about Rene from me. We were now breaking our heads trying to answer the inevitable questions that arise from all the new information. We were like detectives solving a once in a lifetime overwhelming murder mystery.

"Hmmmm...So you hanged out with Rene that night and don't remember anything about it?"

"Well I distinctly remember being with him...that's it..." Maybe that's why I felt so close to him.

"Jess it is obvious he undressed you..."

"But why?"

"Maybe he is after all gay and you are pretty guy! Put two in two together!"

"You are right about me being pretty..." I smirked, "But he just can't be gay. It is too good to be true."

"A girl's intuition is always correct Jess. He is gay. So are you," she said and grinned.

"He wasn't drunk..."

"Listen...only a drunken straight guy will hang out with another guy. And only a gay guy will hang out with another drunken guy."

She smiled and then looked confused by her own prophecy.

"Don't crap!"

"It does make sense..."

"Yeah rig--"

"--I think straight guys prefer girls when they are conscious. When they are drugged they go for other guys. Because as humans we actually are looking for more things in common rather than opposites in our partners..."

"I said stop crapping!"

"Now...since our Rene wasn't drunk and he went for you. That makes him gay!"

She wasn't about to stop.

"Willow! Don't pick some random theory from those fat med books of yours and the fact that your ex-bf turned out to be gay to make some bullshit hypothesis!"

She stared at me and her face lost its color. She had finally shut her big mouth. I started to think again. I was desperate enough to go to a video shop looking for a video of that night's event. That was the only way now I was going to find out what happened.

I looked at Willow. She was too quiet.

"I am sorry..." I said.

"It's okay..." she said. She got up and started towards her room.


"I said it was okay Jesse!" she said and slammed the door shut.

She was obviously not okay. I waited for five minutes before I knocked on her door. She opened it and then went and lied down on the bed.

"Come here..." I said standing by the door.


"Come here!"

"What is it Jess?" she said walking towards me.

I pulled her and hugged her. "I am sorry...okay...?"

She smiled. "Don't talk about that asshole again..."

" get some good sleep. You have an early class tomorrow"

"Good night."

That night I couldn't sleep. I wasn't thinking of any new master plans or analyzing facts. I was just thinking of Rene my mysterious angel.

The next morning Laura called up. I wondered how much she would talk on the phone.

"Hey Jess..."

"Hey Laura what's up?"

"Could you do me a favor?"

Oh dear.

"Yeah...tell me"

"Could you come to my house this evening?"

Oh wow!

"Sure! Ah...why?"

Maybe I said sure too soon.

"You know we had some left over work on the project...and I said I could manage it..."


"Well I can't manage it. We've lot more to go!"

"Oh shit..." Great!

"I really sucks...I really could use a hand..."

"No Harry gonna be there too?"

"No he isn't coming...hey I got to go now...something came up...bye"

"Oh okay...Bye"

I had never been so glad to do a favor for someone. I was going to see Rene again! Strange...why did Laura call me up when she could have talked to me at the university? Moreover, she talked so formally with me. Maybe she was embarrassed to talk to me in front of everyone. I didn't care! I was going to see RENE.

To be continued...

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