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Golden Light

Chapter II -- The Date

The next day, Marcus spent all afternoon vacillating between finishing his homework and obsessing over his choice of outfit for his upcoming date. He eventually finished doing his physics assignment, after settling on a form-fitting blue zip polo and cargo shorts, after trying on every combination of garments in his wardrobe.

He arrived exactly at 6:00, but practice seemed to still be going on, so he sat in the bleachers to wait. A few dozen shirtless, sweaty soccer players were running around the field, involved in various drills and exercises. His jaw dropped a little as he watched the well-greaved athletes going about their practice, not caring in the slightest that Alex would be late.

He quickly caught sight of Alex amongst his comrades and immediately forgot about everyone else. Marcus didn't really care that much about sports, but he knew enough to see that Alex really was especially-talented, in addition to his many other redeeming qualities. After watching him being put through his paces for about five minutes, he heard a whistle being blown, signaling the players to the locker room, except Alex, who came bounding up the bleachers to him.

"Hi," Alex said, with a perfectly-handsome smile.

"Hi...," Marcus said, absently. His attention was taken up completely by the fact that Alex was clad only in his cleats, shin-guards, and skimpy green soccer shorts, leaving his sweaty chest and abs fully on display.

"Sorry about being late... Practice ran long," Alex explained. Marcus' eyes flickered momentarily up to Alex's face, but quickly returned to their rather obvious study of Alex's sculpted body. He was especially fascinated by the way his Apollo's belt and treasure trail seemed to pull his gaze directly down to the soccer star's shorts.

"It's ok, I don't mind," Marcus murmured, before wrenching his head up to look Alex in the eyes, with a sheepish grin.

"I'm all hot and sweaty, so why don't we go back to my place, so I can shower, then we can go out to dinner?" Alex asked, grinning at Marcus' obvious enrapturement.

"Yes," Marcus replied simply, before standing up from the bleachers and following Alex back to where his duffle bag was.

"You look gorgeous, by the way. That color really brings out your eyes," Alex said, as he slung the bag over his shoulder. He paused to brush a stray strand of hair off of the boy's forehead, grabbing his hand and leading the way towards his house.

"You look... so hot...," Marcus replied, blushing deeply, because he was just above eye level with Alex's defined pectoral muscles. His naked compliment elicited a laugh out of the jock, who put his hand on the small of Marcus' back, in a protective sort of way as they walked.

That added physical contact did nothing to clear Marcus' head; Alex's scent and the feeling of his strong touch were rather intoxicating to him, but his willingness to be physically affectionate towards him on public really made his head swim. He wondered if some similar wheels were turning in Alex's mind, because neither of them seemed to notice or react to the darkening cumulonimbus clouds forming in the western sky.

They had been walking for fifteen minutes, before the sky opened up with fat drops of rain, amid distant claps of thunder and flashed of lightning -- summer's last grasp of foul weather. It happened just as they turned onto Alex's street; his blue Cape Cod visible a block away. They looked at each other for a moment, before setting out in a spring towards his house. Splashing through quickly-rising puddles, Marcus arrived at Alex's doorstep, soaked and panting as equally-wet but far less-winded Alex fished in his bag for his house keys.

With the door opened, they stumbled into the living room drenched by the sudden cloud-burst and instantly chilled by the air conditioning on their wet skin. Alex dropped his bag with a thud as it hit the tile flooring of the entry way, before disappearing into another room momentarily to retrieve a pair of thick white towels. He immediately began drying an obviously-shivering Marcus' hair, being incredibly gentle with the towel.

"Y-You don't have to do that," Marcus said, stammering both from nervousness as well as the cold.

"Do you want me to stop?"


"Good," Alex replied, with a grin as he resumed his task. Marcus couldn't help but sigh contently at his ministrations. With apparent satisfaction about his hair, Alex put the towel over his own shoulders, before putting his hands on the hem of Marcus' blue shirt, which was clinging to the boy's skin in its soaked state. "You're going to catch a cold in these wet clothes, babe," Alex said, seeking permission that he did not need.

His vision free from the towel, Marcus could now see Alex's chiseled body glistening and illuminated only by occasional flashed of lightning from outside the windows. He could only smile at Alex, which prompted the swift removal of his shirt, which Alex tossed to the side, before resuming drying him off.

It was Alex's turn to stare, as he made sure Marcus's skinny body was dry enough, taking special care to try every inch of his tight stomach and slim chest. When there was nothing left to dry off, he slipped the towel around Marcus' waist and pulled him in closer, before abandoning even that pretense and putting his strong hands right on the boy's hips, while leaning in to kiss him softly. Marcus leaned up into the kiss and placed his soft hands on Alex's wet, strong chest.

"You are beautiful," Alex said, before kissing him again, this time slipping his tongue past Marcus' soft lips. His resulting soft moan was muffled by a clash of thunder, as they moved closer together. Alex's hands came further up on Marcus to hug him tightly, undoing some of his drying as his wet skin came into contact with Marcus', prompting Marcus to wrap his arms around Alex's neck. Alex gently pushed him so that he was pinned against the wall, kissing him deeply, and Marcus couldn't help but moan again when he felt Alex's prominent erection rub against his own through his shorts.

"You have no idea how hard I'm suddenly finding it to be good," Alex whispered, with a grin. There was a flash of lightning in the sky, momentarily lighting up the room again.

"I think I have some idea," Marcus said, with a laugh, as Alex rested his forehead on his.

"I was thinking about you all day," Alex said, causing Marcus' heart to throb. "You're like the perfect guy."

"I don't know about that," Marcus said, before kissing him softly on the lips. "Are you sure that you weren't thinking about some other Marcus?" he asked, with a wry smile.

"Definitely. No one could possibly be as adorable and sweet as you are," Alex replied, as he looked into his blue eyes. "Not to mention have as cute a butt as you do," he added with a grin.

"You could have your pick of anyone. I still don't get why you'd pick me," Marcus replied, blushing deeply, as he avoided Alex's gaze.

"I have good taste," Alex said simply, before putting his hand on Marcus' cheek and kissing him deeply. His tongue lingered in the boy's mouth and his other hand on his hip for some time, before he stepped back half a pace. "Part of me says that I'm an idiot for not picking you up and carrying you off to bed, but I wouldn't want to break any more rules," he said, with a grin. Marcus smiled at him, also of mixed minds about not getting pinned to Alex's bed, but sill incredibly flattered that his companion thought enough of him that he didn't need to jump straight into sex, even though they both seemed to want it badly.

"You're right; we're probably already in trouble for kissing on the first date," Marcus replied, grinning at him.

"Since it's raining so hard, and your clothes are soaked, would you just want to order a pizza?" Alex asked, looking relieved at Marcus' reply.

"As long as I get to eat it with you," Marcus said, beaming. He really honestly didn't care what they did, so long as he got to be around him. It would have been nice to have a real date, but spending time alone with Alex was still very appealing.

"Awesome. Why don't you take a shower to warm up, while I find some clothes for you," Alex suggested, noticing that Marcus was still shivering. Marcus nodded, and Alex led him by the hand up to the upstairs bathroom, through his bedroom.

A quick, warm shower instantly removed the chill of being rained on and frozen by the air conditioning. Once he was again dry, he cinched a towel around his slim waist and went to find Alex back in the bedroom, slightly self-conscious despite the fact that Alex had seen him clad nearly the same, just a few minutes prior. He found him sitting on the bed, holding a set of clothes. He couldn't help but stare at his exposed muscles, as he walked over to him.

"I need to get you caught in thunderstorms more often," Alex murmured, apparently thinking along the same lines, when Marcus was standing in front of him. "These should fit," he said, handing over some athletic shorts and a t-shirt, before standing up from the bed. "You can change in here... Find something to watch on the TV downstairs, when you're done. I'm going to go take a shower, because I'm still all hot and bothered from practice," he added, before kissing him on the cheek and disappearing into the bathroom.

Marcus could barely contain his excitement about being in Alex's bedroom -- the king-sized bed dominating the center of the room was especially alluring. The clothes he had been given were a little worn and had the insignia of a high school that he didn't recognize emblazoned upon them, evidently Alex's old workout clothes. Though marked a size too large for him, they seemed to have shrunk significantly, as they fit Marcus very snugly. The realization that he was now wearing clothes that Alex Rodham had once worn to be sweaty, athletic, and otherwise full of testosterone was a definite turn on.

He considered that perhaps, he may have liked Alex too much, if even his old gym clothes turned him on, as he went back to the living room and started flipping through the channels on TV. A while later, Alex returned from his soapy adventure, clad only in blue soccer shorts, leaving his eight-pack again on display, causing Marcus' jaw to drop noticeably enough to elicit a chuckle from him.

Alex sat down on the couch and surprised him by pulling him down into a tight spooning embrace. Marcus giggled when he felt Alex's lips on his neck, causing him to arch his back up against the jock's muscles.

"Did the clothes fit okay?" Alex asked, as he felt him to see for himself.

"Yeah, thanks. I was surprised that anything of hunky yours fit scrawny me," Marcus said.

"You're not scrawny," Alex reproved, as he nuzzled his neck.

"You are hunky, though," Marcus replied, with another giggle, when he felt Alex's hot breath on his ear.

"Nuh-uh," Alex replied, as he fished his cell phone out. "What kind of pizza do you like?"

"I'm pretty easy to please... Pepperoni is fine," Marcus replied.

"I really wanted to take you somewhere nice," Alex said, softly.

"It's ok. You can't control the weather," Marcus said, cheerfully.

"I know... but, I think that you're worth a nice night out," the jock replied, before calling to order a pizza and then wrapping his arms tightly around Marcus. I can't say that I'm totally sad to get to stay in and cuddle again, though," Alex whispered.

"Maybe fate's conspiring to get us to cuddle," Marcus replied, with a grin.

"Or maybe I'm just really lucky," Alex countered, before kissing him on the neck. "What else could a guy want than to have a cute boy to hug on?" he asked, before squeezing him again.

"You `have' me, huh?" Marcus teased, as he twisted to look at his handsome face.

"Yeah, you're mine," Alex replied, with a laugh as he rolled the boy onto his back and pinned his hands above his head playfully. He gave him a half-grin before biting his own lip suggestively as he pushed Marcus' legs apart and covered the skinny boy completely with his own half-naked body.

Marcus couldn't help but moan softly when Alex again slipped his tongue into his mouth. Alex's strong grip was an incredible turn-on, and he could see the fire in his eyes as he restrained him effortlessly, prompting Marcus to squirm, just to feel the power of his grip on him.

"I think I like you," Marcus said, after he was kissed again, causing the soccer boy to smile softly at him.

"Ditto, cute stuff," Alex whispered.

"I don't think I could cope if you let go," Marcus said, playfully, before craning his neck up to plant a soft kiss on his lips. He knew the "Rules," but he didn't think that he could help but fall for Alex -- he was just too perfect.

"I better not let go, then," Alex said, simply. "I can't say I like the idea of letting you up, either," he added, before kissing him yet again. He thought for a moment, before releasing his hands, while staying firmly on top of him and snuggling up against his slim chest.

"Are you sure that you're not one of those Stepford Wives robots?" Marcus teased, as he ran his fingers through Alex's thick hair.

"I guess you can try to find an off switch, but it'd be pretty hard for you to turn me off," Alex countered, crawling up some and planting his hands next to the boy's head, leaning down to kiss him. As their lips met again, the doorbell rang. Alex responded by kissing him more deeply, rather than by going to answer it.

"I guess I should get that," he said, reluctantly, as he attempted to stop kissing him, when the bell rang again.

"Uh-huh," Marcus said, after one last soft kiss. Alex sprung up to open the front door, revealing a rather wet pizza girl. Her eyes got wide when she noticed Alex's lack of a shirt and prominent hard-on in his gym shorts. He grinned at her sheepishly, before exchanging a $20 bill for the pizza.

A few minutes later, Marcus' heart was still pounding as they ate and finished the bottle of wine from the previous night, as he pretended to understand what was being said on ESPN. He was failing greatly at that task, but did find the occasional images of attractive athletes and sports drink commercials which involved scantily-clad, sweaty men over-hydrating. He looked over at Alex and found his green eyes already upon him.

"Pizza okay?" Alex asked, having eaten twice as much as Marcus had.

"Yeah, it's good," Marcus said, absently; he had just been too nervous to eat with Alex around. He found himself again staring at Alex's body, studying every line and curve of his muscles. "How do you keep that zero-percent body fat body like that?" he wondered, aloud as Alex finished another slice, before realizing that didn't sound very nice.

"This is nothing; usually I eat the whole pizza," Alex replied, with a laugh. "I run like ten miles a day and lift weights all the time, to keep my inner fat kid at bay," he added, with a smile.

"I have one of those, too -- an inner fat kid. I love to eat," Marcus replied. "I run some, but it's mostly just metabolism that keeps me skinny," he added.

"Whatever you're doing... keep doing it... It's definitely working for you," Alex said, before squeezing Marcus' thigh, sending a shock of pleasure up the boy's spine. With a crooked grin, Alex allowed his hand to continue up a little under the leg of his shorts. Marcus shuddered with pleasure, again, at that. He had completely dropped any pretense of avoiding staring at him, and he studied every detail of his tight chest with great interest.

"You have a little sauce on your chest," Marcus whispered, noticing a spot of red in the center of the jock's chest. Alex reached for a napkin, but Marcus stopped him. "I'll get it," he said, softly, before leaning over to lick it off. A soft moan escaped Alex's mouth as he felt Marcus' soft lips on his skin. "Definitely yummy."

"Want another taste?" Alex asked, with another grin. Marcus flashed him another cute smile, before kissing Alex's strong chest again. His soft lips caressed soft skin over hard muscle, and Marcus couldn't think about anything other than Alex as he locked his blue eyes with Alex's green ones and continued to worship his naked chest. The feeling of Alex's arousal poking him in the stomach sent a spark of electricity up his spine.

"My turn," Alex murmured, grinning as he tugged off the boy's borrowed shirt and pushed him back on the couch gently, while laying kisses on his slim chest and running a hand through his brown hair. "I like you a lot. What if I said that I don't want to follow the rules anymore?" the jock whispered, as he crawled up to cover Marcus completely with his muscular body.

"I'd be okay with that," Marcus replied, shyly, before kissing him softly. Alex replied by slipping his tongue into the boy's mouth. Suddenly, Marcus found himself being picked up. Within seconds, he found himself pinned down in the middle of Alex's bed. The jock pushed the boy's legs apart and ground himself against him.

"This is what I was dreaming about all day," Alex whispered, before kissing Marcus deeply again. Marcus couldn't help but whimper with pleasure, as he threw his arms around Alex's neck. He felt completely at home on top of Alex's soft down comforter and under his strong body. "I kind of take it from your body language that you're a bottom," the jock stated, when he felt Marcus wrap his legs around his waist.

"Yup," Marcus replied, with a shy grin. "I'm... I haven't a while," he added, stammering a little as a blush spread across his face.

"We don't have to, if you don't want to," Alex said, concern returning to his voice.

"I really want to... Just be gentle," Marcus replied, before kissing him softly.

"Always," Alex replied, with a tender smile. He caressed the boy's cheek, before kissing him softly. "I've never been more attracted to anyone than I am to you, right now," he said, still smiling, He began softly kissing his neck, biting gently on his skin and eliciting soft moans out of his object of affection. He slowly continued down to his slim chest, before nibbling and licking his way down his flat stomach. With a smile, he tugged his borrowed gym shorts off of him and tossed them aside.

"Damn, babe, you're hung," Alex muttered, as he squeezed Marcus' respectable seven-inch hardon, which seemed especially big on his small frame. Marcus blushed a little at the compliment and couldn't help but moan as Alex's fingers wrapped around his member. Alex leaned in and licked his cock slowly, all the while keeping his eyes locked on Marcus'. The storm raged on outside, but Alex pushed all thoughts except himself out of Marcus' mind.

Marcus couldn't help but moan again, purely from the sight of the soccer team captain going down on him. His hands went reflexively to Alex's hair, as he squirmed from pleasure. More and more of his cock disappeared into his mouth, until Marcus felt himself completely enveloped by Alex's warm mouth, so that he was positively levitating with pleasure.

"I think it's my turn," Marcus said, gasping a little, after allowing the jock a few minutes. Alex grinned at him and moved up to straddle the boy's chest. Licking his lips, Marcus pulled down Alex's blue mesh shorts to reveal a very thick cock pointing him in the face.

"And you said I was hung," Marcus muttered, as he wrapped his fingers around it before licking it gently. He quickly opened his mouth to swallow it, totally consumed by lust.

"Fuck...," Alex moaned, as Marcus' soft mouth did its job. He rolled off of him and sat up against the headboard to give the boy a better angle from which to work. He stroked the boy's hair gently, encouraging him to take more in his mouth.

"Definitely yummy," Marcus said, with a playful grin, before diving in for more. The scent and taste of Alex were overwhelming, as Marcus lapped at his cock. He'd never seen one so big and knew that it had to be over nine inches long. He couldn't help but feel a tingly at finding out that his gorgeous, intelligent crush was also massively well-endowed. What he found most sexy, though, was the way he was able to get Alex to moan, as he worshiped his cock; there was nothing that turned him on more than making a guy go crazy. The jock's hands were in his hair, but they didn't seem to know what to do, anymore.

After a while, Alex reached around to grab Marcus' hips and roughly pulled him around on top of him so that he was in range for the sixty-nine position. Marcus positively melted when the sensation of having Alex's cock in his mouth was combined with that of Alex's expert lips and tongue on his balls. Alex's tongue did not stay there long, however, as his interested shifted up to his perky ass. Marcus moaned loudly when he felt Alex's tongue probing his entrance, which Alex took as a cue to be a little bolder with his explorations. Marcus squirmed when Alex gently inserted one finger and then two, before gently working them around. It didn't feel bad, but he hadn't had sex in a while, so he was very, very tight, and he was a little nervous about what he knew was coming.

"You are so tight, Marcus... Does that feel okay?" Alex asked, in a concerned tone of voice.

"You're really good at that," Marcus replied, still squirming. Alex rolled him over on his stomach and resumed licking his ass with great enthusiasm. His heart was pounding with anticipation, but Alex's gentle touch was very reassuring. He felt the jock's strong hands squeezing his ass as he worked, revealing his own excitement at what they both knew was about to happen.

"You have the most amazing butt," Alex murmured, as he gently rolled Marcus onto his back.

"I want you," Marcus whispered, as Alex got between his legs again, and he felt the stud's erection rubbing against him. Alex grinned and reached over to grab some lube from the drawer of his nightstand. He made sure they were both well-prepared, before pushing into him slowly. Things went relatively smoothly, but Marcus still whimpered with pain mingled with pleasure, as Alex's thick cock stretched his tight ass open. Alex gave him a concerned look, but grinned and continued after Marcus wrapped his legs around Alex's hips. Marcus' blue eyes got wider and wider as more and more of Alex slid into him.

"How does that feel, babe?" Alex asked, in a whisper, as he kissed the boy's lips, softly, when his balls were resting on Marcus' ass cheeks.

"Awesome," Marcus gasped, before kissing him back, as he processed the feeling of being completely full. Pulses of both pain and pleasure radiated from his ass, in time with the throbbing of the nine inches of jock cock lodged firmly inside him.

"Yeah? You like my cock?" Alex teased, as he kissed the side of Marcus' face and rocked gently in and out of him. Marcus could only shudder in pleasure at the feeling of Alex slowly breaking him in. Though not his first lover, Alex was by far the largest, making Marcus feel as if he was having his cherry popped again.

"You're amazing," Marcus affirmed, completely enjoying having Alex's entire cock inside him. His own erection was throbbing, and he felt like he could almost cum just from the pulsing of Alex's massive member inside him.

"It's like your ass was built just for me," Alex murmured, as he slowly began thrusting into him, with gentle but powerful strokes, after he was satisfied that Marcus was enjoying it. His green eyes were fixed on him, alert for any signs of discomfort and were taking in every visual clue of Marcus' arousal. "Yeah, moan for me," he murmured into the boy's ear, when he heard him gasping softly, as the power of his strokes increased.

"Fuck me," Marcus whispered, in response, as he threw his arms around Alex's neck and pulled on his waist with his legs.

"Your wish is my command, babe," Alex replied, grinning as he really started to pound him in earnest. "Fuck, you're tight," he muttered, before slipping his tongue into the boy's mouth. Marcus could do little but moan and claw at the jock's back as he felt his cock going to town on his ass, while his lips, teeth, and tongue were busy on his neck.

He had never been with a man who was so strong or so dominant, he found his caring aggression to be an extreme turn on. Alex began alternating between fucking him hard and fast and slow and gentle, sending shocks of pleasure up his spine, before settling back into a steady, strong rhythm.

"You're such a stud," Marcus gasped, causing Alex to grin widely.

"You like that, huh?" he asked, before thrusting in especially hard and eliciting another loud moan from him. He bit his own lip, evidently pleased with the way he was making his bottom squirm. He pulled out of him and rolled him onto his stomach, before slipping back inside him. Marcus whimpered with pleasure when he felt his hand tugging on his sandy-brown hair, pulling his mouth around to be kissed.

The new position let Alex use his weight and legs to maximum effect, getting even deeper inside him. He felt Alex's fingers interlaced with his, pinning his arms down under the pillows in front of him. He turned his head to kiss him back and was rewarded with the sensation of Alex's tongue slipping itself into his mouth. Alex slowed down to focus on kissing him properly, gently teasing the boy's lips with his teeth and exploring his mouth with his tongue.

"You're like the perfect bottom," Alex murmured, after breaking the kiss. He wrapped his arms around Marcus' chest and pulled him up, so they were both on their knees. With one arm still wrapped around his chest and one hand at his hip, he resumed pounding him.

"Alex...," Marcus gasped, as he discovered that this second new position allowed Alex to nail his prostate directly. The jock took that as a signal to speed up, and it wasn't long before sparks of pleasure were going up his spine and he felt all of his muscles tightening up. The sensation of Alex's muscles holding him, his hot breath on his ear, and his soft moans of pleasure, combined with the feeling of his thick cock slamming into his ass was enough to send him over the edge. "I'm cumming," he announced, as every muscle in his body clenched and he felt himself losing control..

"Yeah, babe!" Alex replied, reaching down to squeeze his hard on. "Oh fuck, me, too!" he added, as Marcus' ass suddenly got twice as tight. As Marcus started spraying cum on Alex's bedspread, Alex began bumping his load deep inside his new twink. The only thing keeping Marcus from falling down to the bed was Alex's strong grip, as he shook and shuddered from the power of his orgasm.

"I've never... without touching it, before," he stammered, amazed that Alex had taken him to the edge without even touching his dick.

"I'm sure that we can teach each other lots of tricks, Mister Super Bottom," Alex replied, grinning as he caressed the boy's front and lowered him down to the bed. "You really are stunning, Marcus," he whispered, still panting as he ran a hand through his tussled hair.

"Speak for yourself," Marcus replied, blushing. He leaned over to kiss him again, before rolling over so that he was on top of the jock. He snuggled against Alex's pecs, enjoying the warmth of his sweaty body.

"I wasn't too rough, was I?" Alex asked, reaching down to caress his face. He smiled when Marcus smiled back and shook his head. "I get... kinda aggressive, when I'm horny," he added, blushing sheepishly.

"I like it aggressive," Marcus replied, just as shyly. "Well... gentle, too," he added, his blush getting a few shades darker. He wasn't used to talking about sex and was surprised how easily he found that it was with Alex; he normally got tongue-tied around hot guys like him.

"I think I can handle both of those," Alex replied, with a big grin, before leaning in to kiss him again. Their lips quickly locked as they made out slowly. Marcus scooted up a little and stroked Alex's messy hair and ran his hand along his jawline, still completely enthralled by him. Normally , an orgasm would bring him a few moments of clarity where he would regret his partner or lose interest, but Alex was different; it felt right to be with him, and nothing seemed to be able to shake the pleasant cloud of attraction that was living in his brain. The contrast between Alex's bronzed skin from countless practices and his own fair skin as he lay on top of him had him especially enthralled, at that moment. He couldn't help but smile, when Alex kissed all over his face.

"I have to say... I'm really glad I met you," Alex said, seemingly reading Marcus' mind. "I don't mean to get... uh... weird, but I hope that this wasn't just a one-time thing, Marcus," he added, softly. Marcus could feel the jock's heart pounding in his chest and he was no longer sure that it was entirely from the workout that he had just done with him.

" I sure hope it wasn't. I don't usually... go this far, so quickly, but I really like you... You're different than most guys," Marcus replied, quietly.

"Good," Alex replied, simply, before kissing him deeply. His tongue pushed past the boy's lips to wrestle with his tongue. "Up for round two?" he asked, in a husky tone, as he locked eyes with him again.

"Always," Marcus replied, laughing a little, when he felt Alex's cock poking his ass again. He placed his soft hands on the soccer star's firm pecs, before easing himself onto Alex's thick cock, his ass still slick from before. Alex's hands immediately went to Marcus' hips, encouraging the skinny bottom to ride him.

Marcus grinned and complied very willingly, bouncing happily on Alex's cock. He gingerly removed Alex's hands from his waist and pinned his arms playfully above his head, thinking that it was fair for him to be in charge. He leaned down to kiss Alex's chest and lick his nipples, grazing them with his teeth.

That brief contact of teeth on his flesh sent a shock of pleasure through his body, causing him to moan and buck his hips wildly. Marcus took that as a good sign and continued to worship his chest, as he rode him. There was a wild look of lust in Alex's eyes as he squirmed and thrust up against him, clearly enjoying himself. He stroked Alex's ripped abs, awed by the amount of time that the jock had spent sculpting them, while keeping his arms lightly pinned with his other hand. A soft smile spread across his face, as a new idea began turning in his mind. Alex moaned loudly, when Marcus squeezed his ass around his cock and stopped moving completely, trapping Alex inside his warm, silky-soft ass.

"Marcus...," Alex groaned, causing the boy's smile to get slightly more wicked. He wasn't normally very assertive, but he liked having the hunk at his mercy, even though he was well aware that Alex was allowing him to be in control.

"You like that?" Marcus whispered, feigning innocence in his voice, as he squeezed his ass again, eliciting another deep moan from the jock.

"Please...," Alex said, softly, displaying another look of extreme lust. Marcus could feel him restraining himself from simply flipping him over and plowing him, as his muscles tensed and his nostrils flared, and it was incredibly evident that Alex's restraint would be very short-lived.

Marcus smiled softly and slowly resumed riding him, causing the jock's pretty green eyes to roll back into his head. He released his hands, allowing Alex to wrap his arms around him and to sit up, giving him better leverage to thrust up into the boy. He leaned into bite and suck on the soft skin of Marcus' neck, before taking more control and rolling him over on his back. It was Marcus' turn to be frustrated, when Alex pulled his dick out except for the head, causing him to squirm. He tried to pull him in with his legs, but Alex was much stronger and easily held his ground.

"None of that," Alex replied, playfully, as he leaned in to nibble on Marcus' ear, as he gently rocked in a little, before pulling back just to the tip again.

"Alex...," Marcus whispered. The jock grinned at him, before slamming the rest of it inside him, making the boy yelp. He began assaulting his mouth with his tongue, as he started slamming into him with all of his strength, evidently worked up by being teased.

"Take it," Alex groaned, as he fucked him. Marcus couldn't help but moan just from that command, as he totally submitted to Alex. The jock's stamina was incredible, as he kept fucking him for what seemed like hours, driving them both closer to their second orgasm with each thrust. He locked lips with Marcus, when he felt him tensing up again. This time, Marcus tightened so much that Alex couldn't help but cum before him.

"Fuck... I'm cumming!" he shouted, as he erupted inside him again. Marcus whimpered happily as he felt the jock's cock expand inside of him, sending him completely over the edge. He shot ropes of cum all over his stomach and chest, before Alex collapsed on top of him, still firmly inside his ass. "Amazing," Alex murmured, panting as he lay on top of him. Marcus' legs fell down weakly, as Alex held him tight with his legs and arms.

"I like you," Marcus murmured, as Alex slowly pulled out of him. The jock grinned and leaned down to lick some of the cum off of Marcus' chest.

"I like you, too, twinkalicious," Alex replied, giving him a goofy grin, before he kissed him softly. They both just smiled at each other for quite a while. Alex ran a hand through his hair, before kissing him softly on the neck.

"Twinkalicious?" Marcus asked, laughing.

"Yeah, `cause you're a twink and you're—"

"—`alicious?'" he interrupted, now giggling.

"Yup. Totally `alicious,'" Alex replied, grinning from ear to ear. "Beautiful would also be a good way of describing you," he added, after looking into his blue eyes for a moment.

"I don't know about that...," Marcus said, as Alex made him blush for what seemed like the hundredth time that evening. Alex responded by rolling him on top of him and holding him tightly.

"Don't worry. I'll convince you," he said, with an air of finality. His green eyes met Marcus' blue ones, before his lips again pressed gently into his. They lingered there for a moment, and Marcus replied by slipping his tongue past them, as he enjoyed laying on Alex's warm body. They kissed slowly for a while, before dozing off . Marcus felt warm and completely secure with him, as he drifted in and out of consciousness. "We're sticky. Do you want to take a shower?" Alex asked, after about half an hour of napping.

"Do I get to take it with you?"

"If you're getting wet and soapy, I'm gonna be part of it," Alex said, simply.

"It's a deal, then," Marcus replied, smiling. He rather liked sweaty Alex, but the chance to lather him up was also appealing. He climbed off of him and started towards the bathroom.

"So cute," Alex murmured, as he followed him and put a hand on his ass. The cool tile felt good on the soles of Marcus' feet, as he watched while Alex turned on the large walk-in shower to let it warm up.

"Not so bad yourself, jockalicious," Marcus quipped, as he watched Alex's muscular back and ass. Alex arched his back and turned around to show off his muscles as he stretched, before coming over and placing his hands on Marcus' hips. The smaller boy responded by placing soft kisses on his sweaty chest, as they waited for the water. He enjoyed the contrast between the cool bathroom and Alex's warmth.

Alex's hands remained on him when they stepped into the shower. As in their earlier wet trust, the taller boy began seeing to Marcus, by soaping up and rubbing every inch of his skin. The hot water beat down on their bodies, washing away the results of a few hours spent making love in Alex's bed. Marcus' heart still tingled every time that Alex touched his bare skin. As Alex lathered his body up, he explored Alex's, gently caressing every inch of his well-built chest and abs. He felt his hands on his hips again and was coaxed to turn around to allow the shower head to rinse his front off, allowing Alex access to his backside.

"It's tempting to be naughty," Alex said, laughing a little as he massaged Marcus' back and ensured that no part of his skin went untouched, from his shoulder blades down to his ass.

"This isn't naughty already?"

"Compared to what I'd like to do, it's pretty tame," Alex replied, as he squeezed Marcus' ass. "I'm usually pretty horny, but, damn, I can't get enough of you," he whispered, leaning in to nibble on the shorter boy's ear.

"I wouldn't want to leave you hanging," Marcus gasped, squirming at the feeling of Alex's hot breath on his ear.

"I want you again," Alex murmured, as he slipped a finger inside him. Marcus moaned softly in assent, prompting Alex to slip more fingers inside him, to ensure that he was still ready, before pushing him playfully against the shower wall and entering him gently.

"Oh, fuck...," Marcus whispered, as Alex's huge dick sunk its way into him.

"That's the general idea, hot stuff," Alex replied, when he was buried up to the hilt inside him. He began fucking him very slowly, again sending ripples of pleasure up Marcus' spine. Every part of the boy's body felt warm and tingly, with Alex's hot form covering him and the water pouring over them both. "I'm gonna make you cum, again," Alex whispered, as he continued to nibble and lick Marcus' ear and reached around to squeeze his cock with one hand and his nipples with the other.

"Take me!" Marcus gasped, overwhelmed by sensory input. He loved the way that Alex made him feel completely full and secure, as well as the way that Alex seemed to enjoy making him feel that way.

"You're already mine, Marcus," Alex replied, as he slammed his hips in. He was jerking Marcus' dick furiously, and seemed to be in a much bigger hurry to get him off than he had before. Marcus bucked his hips back against him, and Alex replied by pushing even deeper into him, pinning him completely to the tile wall in front of them. He fucked him like that for ten minutes, before Marcus felt himself tensing up.

"I can't take much of this, Alex," the twink warned, as Alex aimed the head of his cock directly at his prostate.

"Don't hold back!"

"Alex!" Marcus gasped, as he began spraying cum all over the shower wall in front of him. Alex grunted, as he slammed in especially hard as he began filling his ass with cum for the third time that night.

"Holy shit...," Alex panted, as he kissed his neck and shoulders gently, before slowly pulling out of him. Marcus' legs almost buckled; he felt weak, but completely at ease between Alex and the wall.

"Indeed," he managed, barely in a whisper. Alex kissed him one last time, before gently ensuring that his back was clean, before washing his hair for him. Marcus smiled appreciatively, before returning the favor. He took special care to see to it that Alex's abs and Apollo's Belt were looked after; of all of Alex's attractive features, he found his eyes drawn to that area most often.

Though outwardly modest, the looks Alex was giving him showed that he didn't mind the attention very much. With their shower complete, they dried each other off again, and headed back into the bedroom.

"I want you in my bed, tonight," Alex whispered, as he wrapped his arms around him, causing yet another soft smile to appear on his face.

"I was hoping that you'd say something like that," Marcus replied, as Alex pulled him back towards the comfortable bed. They snuggled together in the middle, and Alex drew the comforters up over them and wrapped his arms and legs around Marcus, leaving him feeling very warm and secure.

"When I wake up, you're going to be here, right?" Alex asked, as he played with Marcus' soft hair.

"Definitely," Marcus replied, quietly.

"And it won't be a dream?"

"I sure hope not; this has been even better than a dream," Marcus replied, giggling a little as Alex squeezed him. The storm had dulled to occasional cracks of thunder, and the sound of rain on the windows was very relaxing and sleep-inducing, though Marcus was quite sure that Alex's muscular body pressed up against his own was more than enough to make him feel comfortable on its own.

"Speak for yourself," Alex murmured, before they both drifted off into sleep.