Guide to a New Life
By Cyrus B. Alvarez

Chapter 4 How to Get Rid of a Vice by Having Too Much

SINCE there is only one bed in your room, agree for Rod to sleep beside you.

Do your usual evening ritual: eat dinner, brush your teeth, take a shower, and put baby powder all over your body. Remember that you `re not alone in the room anymore. So this time, wear a comfortable boxer shorts and a cool sando shirt.

Turn off the lights. Try to go to sleep while waiting for Rod to show up. Wonder where in the world he is.

Cover your eyes when Rod comes in the room and turns the light on. Let out some profanity as you try to adjust your eyes with the light.

Watch as he strips off his clothes. Wish that you had his body.

Feel the bed shudder as he slips in beside you in his briefs. Feel the bed vibrate as he jacks off right beside you. Try to ignore him when he wraps his arm and leg around you.

Try to ignore him some more when he starts exploring your body with his hand. Try to control your feelings as your own `thingy' starts getting stiff.

Mumble, "Horny bastard!" But let him do as he pleases anyway. It's not like you haven't done that before.

Take off your shirt. It's simply getting too warm on the bed.



In the morning, find yourself waking up with your arm and leg around him. Don't resist when he gently pushes your hand down and inside his underwear. Give it a little squeeze.

Put your other hand inside your boxers and give yourself a little squeeze. If you can't handle it anymore, jack off.

Never mind if your wristwatch says that you're gonna be late for your first class. Miss the second class, too. And the third. Miss breakfast and lunch.

Finally, in the afternoon, when you're tired of your very long foreplay, say, "Let's just do this right and get it over with."

Start kissing his neck even before he says yes. Go down to his chest and lick his nipples. Listen to him moan as he pushes you down some more. Take off his underwear. Lick the head. Nibble the sides. Then try to take it all in.

When he complains that your teeth are scraping it, say, "Sorry, I really don't do this." Try not to let your own `thingy' go limp.

Then add, "You know what, let's just do what I do best."

Grab the bottle of Vaseline from your bag. Push his legs up and put some lotion in his hole. Put one finger in, then two. Slow down a little when he complains of a little pain.

Go to the main course.

Grab a condom from your pants' back pocket. Put it on. Slowly slide it in. Pull back... then push it back in.

Find your rhythm. Enjoy the pleasure.

Take a shower together. Get dressed and go to school. Try to wipe that smile off your face.


Wonder why Rod always asks for money from one of his instructors. Wonder why he needed money in the first place. He is, after all, supposed to be rich.

Grimace when you find out that his favorite hobby is smoking pot. Shower him with profanity when he brings pot in your room. Tell him it's not allowed there.

Try not to vomit when you find out why Rod stays out late most of the time. But when you learn that every faggot in town as well as on the next town, and the town after that, and after that... has had a piece of him, vomit. Wish you never had his body.

When he comes in one early morning and tries to snuggle up with you on the bed, don't give in to his horniness again. Just try to visualize where he was all night. Try not to vomit.

Get up, take a cold, cold shower, and go to school.


Tell Rod that he can't stay in your room for long because your landlady has warned you to get rid of him.

If Rod tells you that he'd be out by the end of the month because one of his `clients' was going to get him an apartment, thank God silently. Wish it was the end of the month.

Rejoice when you finally have your room all by yourself again. Sleep in your birthday suit again. In fact, strip off whenever you get in there.


Don't miss Rod too much. After all, even though you must admit that you've had your promiscuous streak when you were younger, he's simply too much for you. Plus, you've been seeing a lot of your erstwhile crush lately. You've even heard that your crush is planning to stay in town for quite a while yet.

Rejoice some more.

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