Guide to a New Life
By Cyrus B. Alvarez

Chapter 6 - How to Start Fresh for the Nth Time

AFTER spending most of the year trying to hitch Chuckie and after finally giving up when you saw him tearing down your Christmas gift into pieces, you are again faced with a new challenge: How to start fresh.

First, accept the fact that you and Chuckie are not meant to be together. You're simply too different from each other. He's chicken, and you're not.

The next step is to try to get rid of your popularity. After all, it is partly to blame for your failure with Chukie. And try to stop thinking about what that witch who was trying to control your life did to make Chuckie change his mind (and heart) about you.

Dropping your popularity will be the hardest part. But you can start by not taking on any responsibility. Turn down any top position offered to you in any organization in school.

Shatter the image that your admirers built around your personality. Make them realize that you're really just a human being... a less than perfect human being.

But to really be successful in changing your life this time, accept that you have once again fallen into the pit of lies that you tried to get out of in your `previous life'.

Accept that you were mesmerized by your popularity and the attention you've been receiving. Then, realize that this same popularity is what's really destroying you and your plans of a new life.

However, the most important part is realizing that you don't need to wait for graduation to start anew.

Set your priorities. Besides graduating, admit that what you really want the most right now is someone to share your life with... your joys, your sorrows, your triumphs, your failures... everything...

Go look. But don't be too consumed with looking, lest you might miss the one right before your eyes.

When pursuing a new love-interest, be cautious. But don't be afraid to take the risk. You wouldn't want this one to think that you're not interested.

Take it slow, though. You wouldn't want to rush things with this one.

After all, this might be it.

Starting a new life may be hard for some... and may be easy for some, too. Admit that in your case, you've already begun.

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