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Half In, Half Out

"The Life of a Collegiate Gymnast"

Chapter 10

"Feel So Close"


"Come on Jake we're going to be late!" I yelled up to him.

Jake yelled down to me, "Give me a minute Tyler. Go wait for me in the car. I'll be down in a second!"

"Alright. Hurry up! Kyle said he'd be waiting for us at baggage. I want to beat him there!"

"We will Ty. Let me finish brushing my teeth and we can go."

Naturally, the two of us were running late today. The day I had anxiously been awaiting was finally here. Kyle's plane would be here shortly. Over the past few days it seemed like everyone was teasing me about how excited I was for his visit. This was the first time since I started here at state that Kyle was visiting for longer than a few days at a time. For my parents I'm sure they were interested to see how this plays out. If anything it was going to give them a preview of what was to come next year.

"Alright let's go." Jake said getting into the passenger seat. "We'll make it on time; just don't kill us trying to get there."

I rolled my eyes, "I'm a great driver."

"Just get us there in one piece Ty." He buckled up and got comfortable. As I pulled out of the drive way Jake asked, "I know this is a stupid question, but how are you excited about baby bro coming?"

"You know how excited I am." I tried to contain my excitement. "Having my two best friends with me, it'll be like summer all over again. I'm sure he'll fit right in."

"You're right. See you have nothing to be nervous about." Jake nodded back at me. "He's met a majority of your friends already so only thing changing is that he's visiting longer than a few days."

"You're right."

"Always am Ty. How long is it going to take you to realize that?" Jake laughed.

He was right, Kyle had already pretty much met everyone. Over the past few years he could fly in for a weekend every now and then. My parents were pretty lenient when it come to us seeing each other as much as possible.

"Do you think Jayden and him will get along? I mean, I don't see why not, but I want them to get along."

"I think they will." Jake said. "Jayden, while I wasn't to big of a fan at first, he is a great guy."

"You only didn't like him cause he was in a frat."

"Well, I think you can agree, most fraternity" Jake poked me reminding me how Jayden hates to be referred to as a `frat guy'. "Jayden is a great guy, he's definitely broken the stereotype for me." Jake laughed. "And Kyle, well, he's just like a younger version of you. And I guess you're not too bad."

"Jerk." I laughed at him.

Jake said in a cocky tone, "You love me."

"And you love me."

Jake agreed, "Like the brother my mother never had. Now quit worrying and drive."

"True. But this is the first guy I've dated."

"Are you guys officially dating or what is your status."

I ignored that comment, "It's important to me that they get along. Next to you, Kyle is my best friend." Mainly because Jayden and me haven't discussed what our official status was.

Jake shrugged at my comment. "Tyler I'm sure it's going to be fine. Quit worrying and watch..." A truck had almost cut me off as we merged onto the expressway. "... out! Phew, this little visit was almost over before it started."

"Damn! I swear, you Midwesterners cannot drive worth a shit." I tried to laugh it off.

"Um... I'm from Boston fool! Just keep blaming it on those midwesters..."

After our little incident I paid closer attention to the road. Even with all my excitement over Kyle's visit I was dragging a bit this morning. Jayden had spent the night but didn't come over till late. He was with the pledges till around one in the morning. Knowing the next few days were going to be busy for me he had wanted to stay over. Nice gesture in thought but once he came over the two of us had trouble falling asleep. The two of us ended up watching an few episodes of How I Met Your Mother and drifting in and out of conversation. I was doing my best to get Jayden into the show. This morning Jayden accidently mistook my alarm for his alarm and turned it off. Luckily, Jake had set his alarm too but, the three of us getting ready at the same time was a bit of a mess.

As I pulled into the parking garage for the airport Kyle sent me a text.

Kyle: Hey bro! Just landed. On the way to go grab my bags, you guys here yet?

"Shit. He's already landed." I hurried off the exit ramp to the parking garage to find a spot new the terminal.

"Slow down buddy, we've got a good ten minutes before he even gets off the plane. Let's just hope they don't lose his things like last time." Jake said.

"Gosh that blew!" I slowed back down. "If it happens again I don't want to be there for the explosion that would happen." The two of us laughed.

"You're right the temper on you Conti men. True hot blooded Italians."

Jake was right. "We're pretty much made in Italy."

"Might as well be." Jake laughed. "Plus he has all his gear too."

"I didn't even think of that." I said.

"Yeah, so I guess the explosion would be justified." He nodded back at me, "But let's just remember for as excited as we are, this isn't a vacation for him. We gotta make gotta make sure he doesn't slack off during training or any school work."

"Yeah I know. My parents would murder me. Plus I'd get an angry Romanian man with broken English yelling at me for letting Kyle slack off."

"Tyler! Why did Kyle become so lazy in two weeks?" Jake mocked Mihai's thick accent. "Unacceptable. Wait till you come home this summer. You will clean the pit!"

"Ugh, don't remind me. Love the man but he knows the one thing I hate more than Pommel Horse is cleaning out the pits." The two of us were laughing as we walked toward the baggage claim area. Looking around for Kyle, I couldn't see him anywhere. "Do you see him anywhere?"

"Nope." Jake told me. "I'm sure he's around here. You have your phone?"

Reaching into my pocket I realized I had left it in the car. "Dammit, left it in the car. What about you?"

"Nope, figured you'd have yours."

"We're useless." I laughed at the two of us. "I'll walk that way and see if I see him, you go that way."

"Alright sounds good. I'll check..." Jake stopped midsentence and got a big smile on his face.

I turned around and saw Kyle looking at me. "Sono qui!" Kyle said out loud towards the two of us letting us know where he was. Kyle had a big grin on his face and gave us a half wave.

An immediate rush of joy came over my body. Quickly I ran over to him. "Mi sei mancato!".

"I've missed you too!" Kyle said to me. Kyle held out his arms and I pulled him into a giant hug and squeezed him tightly. "It's been too long!"

"I know!" I let go of him and Jake pulled him into a hug too.

We grabbed his things and started walking back to my car. Finally after talking about it for so long, Kyle finally was here. I felt elated having him here; it was going to be just like this past summer with the three of us. Looking over Kyle, it was easy to notice he had grown a bit since I last saw him. "Way to get your growth spurt senior year." I teased him. He had to be about as tall as I was.

"Shut up. But yeah, I finally reached 5'9." Kyle laughed.

"Yeah and that hair..." I ran my hands through it messing it up a bit. "When did you do that, we just video chatted a few days ago." Kyle had dyed his hair from his natural dirty blonde to a dark brown like mine.

"Oh! Do you like it? I was over my friends' house yesterday. Wanted to try a new look for these college girls."

Jake and me laughed out loud at that comment.

"Looks good. " Jake said. "We'll find you a girl when we're out. But you gotta promise something...."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Kyle asked.

"You're not just going to screw around while we're here." Jake said.

"I agree." I said.

"Well... at least not screw around too much while you're here." Jake amended his last statement.

"Yeah. Please... Mom, Dad, and Mihai all gave me a talk." Kyle said sounding slightly annoyed. "This is a work and fun trip."

"Agreed. Well now that we've got that outta the way, you hungry?" I asked Kyle.

"Hell yeah, I'm starving! All they gave us on the flight was peanuts and water."

Agreeing with him I groaned, "You're right, plane food is the worst."

"Mom and Dad didn't spring for first class?" Jake teased.

"Shut it." Kyle and me said to Jake.

"Oh I got first class..." Kyle said.

We looked at him confused for a second, "They don't have first class on that airline Kyle."

"Uh yeah they do... Group A." The three of us laughed even louder than before.

"That was good one bro. We're gonna head to lunch right now actually. We're meeting Jess and Jayden actually."

"Oh..." Kyle said hesitantly.

Jake and me both could hear the change in his voice. We glanced at each other quickly. "Is that cool?"

"Yeah." Kyle tried to hide his tone of voice.

Jake noticed me frown a bit. He shook his head telling me not to worry about it. As we drove to meet Jayden and Jess the conversation went back to what we had planned for his visit. The awkwardness of what just happened when mentioning Jayden had left and everything was back to normal. Kyle sounded like a kid in a candy store when we talked about our plans. It got me excited that he was just as excited as me. I could tell already this was going to be a great visit.

Pulling up to the restaurant I parked in a spot close to Jaydens car."Hey Jake, we'll be in, in a sec. Gotta catch up with Kyle on a brotherly level really quick."

Jake nodded knowing what I meant. "Sounds good; Jess told me they're already inside. See you two in there."

Jake got out of the car and it was Kyle and me. "Everything good Ky?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't it be?" Kyle looked at me.

"Oh, you seemed a bit..." I paused for a second waiting to think of the right word to use. "hesitant about meeting Jayden and Jess for lunch."

Kyle looked away for a second. "Sorry Ty. Just a bit caught off guard. I mean I'm excited to see Jess she's totally hot, but I'm a little nervous about Jayden."

"Why?" I asked slightly confused. "If anything he should be worried about meeting you."

Kyle smirked at that comment. "I mean, I know he's important to you. I just thought we'd have more one on one time before meeting him. Do you think he'll like me?"

"Like I said, he should be more worried about meeting you than you meeting him bro. You're my brother, we can't change that. This guy I'm quazi dating... we can change that." I laughed. "But I'd prefer it if we didn't."

Kyle laughed at me and asked, "Quazi?"

"It's complicated in facebook terms." I laughed. "We're just not rushing things... in more ways than one. I'm sure at this point he's moved on from Ethan, but I don't want him to feel pressured to do something he doesn't want to do for the sake of saying I have a boyfriend."

Kyle agreed with me. "That's probably for the best. But in more ways than one...?"

"Yeah." I said bluntly. "But it's okay, my hand has been my friend this long."

"That's enough." Kyle said.

"Shut up. We have no secrets." I smiled back at Kyle.

"I know, I know."

"And besides, I've had to hear all about your sexual encounters."


"Anyways, sorry about catching you off guard. I'm just ready for the two of you to meet already.

Kyle nodded back at me. "Well let's do this!"

I turned the car off and we got out heading towards the restaurant. "Hey bro, I don't want you thinking I was acting like that cause I'm uncomfortable with you know..."

"Oh I know. Besides, I'd kick your ass if you were."

"Hey! I'm just as tall as you are now. So I'm sure I could take you,"

"Keep telling youself that baby Conti!"


I smiled to myself as we walked into the restaurant. "Besides it's not like I'm going to jump his bones right in front of you."

Kyle rolled his eyes at me. "I know that! It's just I know he's becoming someone important to you and I want him to like me." As we walked towards the table Kyle lightly swatted my shoulder, "None of that baby brother stuff in front of the other guys this weekend!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..."


"Kyle..." I looked back at him. "Don't worry; I won't embarrass you in front of the guys. Just glad you're here." Throwing my arm over his shoulder I gave him a tight squeeze.

As we walked to where the three of them were sitting I suddenly got really nervous. What if the two of them didn't get along with each other? I did my best to calm myself quickly in the short walk over to our table. Once we got close to the table Jayden seemed to be looking around anxiously. It made me feel a little better knowing that he was nervous about the meeting too.

The two of us walked up to the table. Jess jumped up from her seat and pulled Kyle into a big hug. "I've got some girl friends that I'm going to have to introduce you to!"

"I can't wait!" Kyle laughed.

She sat back down and Jayden stood up from his chair to greet Kyle.

He stuck out his hand to shake hands, "Nice to finally meet you Kyle. I'm Jayden." Jayden smiled the same way he smiled at me when we met for the first time on the patio eating dinner a few months ago. He was such a great guy I thought.

"Yeah man, you too." Kyle shook Jayden's hand firmly. "Ty's told me a lot about you."

"Oh really?" Jayden looked at him. "Hopefully he didn't make me sound like some dumb frat guy he randomly met." He joked.

Kyle laughed back at him, "Nah, mostly good things bro."

"Mostly, huh..." Jayden looked over at me. "I guess I'll take that." We sat down at the table to eat. I sat between the two of them. I smiled at Jayden and gave his knee a squeeze under the table.

As we were looking at our menus Jaydens eyes and mine caught each other. He gave me a quick wink. I couldn't help but smile back at him.

Quickly any feeling of anxiousness I had about the two of them meeting faded away quickly. Kyle and Jayden actually hit it off pretty quickly. Kyle toke in interest in hearing about Jaydens fraternity. It was nice to see them hit it off so well.

"Uh oh... don't go trying to convert my brother Jayden. Conti men are not fraternity men."

"You just do them." Jess added in quickly. Everyone at the table quickly looked over at Jess who had a smile on her face. "Oh relax you guys! I'm just messing around."

I could feel my face turning bright red. Kyle let out a hesitant laugh and looked over to me; I just looked down and tried my best to keep from laughing. Jake finally lost it and the rest of us joined in his laughter.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it you guys." Jake said. "But the look your face Tyler after Jess said that."

"Hey, hey, hey, this isn't gang up on Tyler day!" I said.

"Anyways..." Jayden tried his best to compose himself. He gave my knee a squeeze under the table. "We'll let your brother make that choice next year."

"Yeah Ty. I've gotta have someone else to party with next year besides you guys."

"Hey!" Jake looked up from the menu. "You're brother and me are pretty awesome!" Jake fist pounded me. "You'd be lucky to have us let you hang out with us next year."

Jayden laughed, "Well yeah, partying is just a small part of what we do. Maybe sometime while you're here Tyler will let me take you over to the house and show you around."

"Awesome!" Kyle sounded excited at the sound of that.

Jayden looked over at me, "And you, if I remember correctly Ty, there was something you told me awhile ago that I've broken your image of the typical frat guy."

Leaning into Jayden's shoulder, "I was just teasing. I think it'd be cool for him to check out a fraternity actually. Let him see another side of college."

"Hell yeah!" Kyle excitedly gave a high five Jayden.

We ordered our food and continued talking about what we had planned for his visit. Jess said she wanted some time with Kyle too. Here I was worried about trying to make sure Kyle wasn't going to be bored on his visit and my friends were already making plans with him. At least he'd have something to do when he wasn't training or doing school work. Kyle was beaming with all the attention he was getting.

"Well, so long as he gets his things done and doesn't slack off in practice he can do whatever." I said. "Gross, I sound like my mother."

After finishing our meal we headed out of the restaurant to our cars. I fell back with Jayden behind the group to get some quick one on one time with him.

"Thanks." I said to him.

Jayden looked at me with a smirk on his face. "What?"

"I was a bit nervous about you two meeting. It was important to me you two hit it off."

"So you couldn't tell I was nervous?"

"Oh, I could."

I smiled at him as we headed towards his car. "Well you're welcome buddy."


"Buddy." Jayden said with a smirk on his face. He unlocked his door and turned around to face me, "Alright, I'll let you go back to your brother. You two need some time to catch up just the two of you."

"You're right."

"Tyler, the sooner you learn I'm always right the sooner you'll stop being surprised."

"You and Jake I tell you." I shook my head back at him. "You're a fool. You're lucky I kind of like you."

"Yeah, well I kind of like you too."

"Just a bit huh?" I looked at him.

"Yeah, just a bit." Jayden pulled me closer to him and gave me a soft kiss. "Oh I'm..."

Jayden's kiss had caught me off guard. Instantly my body stiffened up. I pulled away slowly looking hesitantly around to see if anyone had saw what just happened. "Um.. I better get going." I said.

Jayden had a guilty look on his face. "Sorry.."

"You're fine!" I smiled back at him and slowly started walking back to my car. "I'll... I'll text you later."

Jayden nodded back at me. The look on his face told me all I needed to know. My reaction had disappointed him. It's not that the thought of the two of us kissing in public bothered me, or did it? He just seemed to really catch me off guard with that. Being out to my friends and brother is one thing allowing everyone to see that part of myself was still something I struggled with considering who I was.

As we drove towards campus to get Kyle settled into the dorm room he was going to be sharing with another one of incoming freshmen it was easy to see Kyle was starting to get nervous again. Being as I was still in my own world after what happened in the parking lot Jake kept the conversation going between the three of us. The two of them continued talking about what they wanted to do while Kyle was here. Seeing my friends so accepting and welcoming to Kyle made me feel great. I really did have a great circle of friends. It wasn't till we pulled up to the building that I realized he was in the same dorm as Aaron.

We parked the car in the loading zone and grabbed Kyle's bags. "Do you think he likes me?" Kyle asked me.

"Huh?" My mind was still distracted with what happened in the parking lot. "Oh, Jayden?"

"Yeah. He seems like a really cool guy, I can see why you like him."

"Oh yeah, I think he does."

"Good. Do you think maybe I could go with him sometime while I'm here to check out his fraternity?"

"Sure. I'm not babysitting you Kyle." I laughed. "I mean, I want you to have a good time here. Yeah we're working but all work and no fun is going to make for a pretty lame visit. So if you want to, you can. Just promise me..."

Kyle cut me off before I finished my sentence, "If I hear that one more time..."

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry buddy. You're a good kid, I don't know why Mom thinks we're going to burn the school down or something"

"That's what I've been saying all this time!"

"We're here. Steeb Hall!" I said.

On our way up to the room he was going to be staying in, Kyle couldn't stand still in the elevator. "Dude will you chill out, you're going to make me have to piss." Jake said.

Kyle frowned slightly "Sorry."

"I'm just messing with ya buddy. But seriously, don't worry. You've already got a leg up on the rest of the guys. Your brother is on the team and you know most of the guys." Jake patted Kyle on his back.

The elevator stopped on his floor and we got out. He was on the top floor, just two floors above Aaron. "Hey, so you're going to be in the same building as a few of the freshmen on the team. There's Aaron, he's a good guy. He's just two floors below you."

"Yeah. Aaron..." I quickly shot Jake a glare. The relationship between the two of them was funny. It was like the opposite of Kyle and me. Aaron was like the little brother that Jake liked having around but wouldn't let you know it. "I like him Tyler, you know that! I just still can't believe you thought it'd be okay to dump his puking corpse in my bed that night."

"Really, are we still on that? I thought we were even?" I said.

"Not even close." Jake smiled at me.

As we walked down to the room that Kyle was going to be sharing the door was slightly cracked opened with light coming from there. Walking down to the room that Kyle was going to be sharing the door was cracked and there was light coming from there. His roommate must've already gotten there. As we got closer I could hear multiple voices coming from the room. Once we were at the door I immediately recognized one of the voices coming from the other side.

"So you're roommate is Kyle. His brother is..." Nate turned around as we opened the door. "His brother is right here actually." The three us of walked into the room. Nate and Eric were both standing there helping the new guy unpack.

"Hey man, I'm Tyler." I held out my hand to shake his. "This is my brother, Kyle."

"Hey man, it's nice to meet you. I'm Colton." Colt shook my hand firmly. Looking over him had to be one of the tallest gymnasts I had ever met. He looked to be at least 6'2. Even though he was tall he was still pretty lean for someone of his height. His short brown hair was styled spikey and his skin was pretty darkly tanned. I assumed he was from somewhere sunny like Kyle and me. I think he caught me sizing him up cause he said, "Yeah, I know. I'm pretty tall for a gymnast. You guys can call me Colt though." He laughed.

"Yeah you are pretty freaking tall. Sorry for staring." I laughed back at him.

"Are you?" Jake said under his breath. It seemed like only Nate and me caught what he said to me. I smirked at that comment cause I knew Jake was playing. Nate on the other hand didn't find it as funny as I did. Jake raised his hands like he was innocent.

"It's cool man. I get it a lot actually." Nate looked at him questionably. "That I'm really tall..."

Nate smiled back at him and patted him on the shoulder. "You might be the tallest on the team actually man. Looks like you'll be taking Jake and Tylers spot at the end of the line up."

"What do you mean?"

"Just before we break off into groups for practicing; we line up from tallest to shortest. Those two are the tallest on the team so they're on the end."

"Yeah we are!" Jake gave me a high five.

Colton just smirked and nodded his head.

Colton seemed like a nice guy. Tucker seemed like a nice guy. It was easy to see he was just as nervous as Kyle was. Besides Nate's brief introduction Nate and I avoided any sort of conversation with each other. The two of us were still staying out of each other's way and not making eye contact. It was obvious to Eric and Jake what was going on but I think Kyle and Colton didn't notice it. Kyle might've but only because he knew what was going on between the two of us.

Having to act like nothing was wrong between Nate and I was becoming easier and easier as the days had gone by. It still hurt not having there like he had been the past 3 years; I missed his friendship more than anything. I knew he was right, we were causing more pain than good for each other but it sucked that we couldn't work things out and still be friends. Hopefully we'll be able to work it out in the future but for now I'll have to take what I can get. If it's the occasional words of encouragement towards each other or spotting each other here and there in practice is all we can give each other now, I'll take it. I knew somewhere inside of Nate he missed our friendship too.

After awhile it was just Colton, Kyle, Jake, and me in the room. Nate and Eric had left. Aaron was supposed to be up soon to come and take the guys with him over to the practice gym in an hour or so.

Noticing it would be time for practice soon and Jake had said he wanted to nap he mentioned to the Colton and Kyle, "Alright, well we gotta head out. I need a power nap before practice and we gotta go grab our gear too. We should get going Ty."

Jake and me left and headed down to the car. As we were waiting for the elevator we talked about Nate and I. Jake told me he could tell how hard it was for the two of us to be around each other. "Nate will never admit it, he's too head strong but I can tell he doesn't like this."

I looked down at the floor. "Hey man, I tried."

"I know you did Ty."

"I know it will work out. I'm sure it will. It just sucks not having the two of you talking. Chase has said the same. You notice the two of you have been hanging out less and less since Nate and you stopped talking?" Jake said.

"I know. I need to make more of an effort. Especially with him. Gah, this is like a divorce." I said.

The elevator finally arrived at our floor interrupting out conversation.

"Hey guys!" Aaron said excitedly. He was grinning ear to ear.

"Hey." Jake said.

"You're smiley today." I added. "Did you get some?"

Jake snorted at my comment. Aaron shot him an angry glare. "Sorry."

"Nope, I'm just excited just excited to meet baby brother."

"Oh, well DON'T call him that." I laughed. "He's being really touchy about that."

"Alright, I'll try to remember that." Aaron said.

"See you at practice. Take care of our baby brother!" Jake shouted to Aaron as the elevator door closed.

We hurried back to my car and headed back to the house. I was exhausted from my lack of sleep from last night and decided to catch a quick nap before practice. Jake told me he'd wake me up when it was time to leave. Before heading to sleep I pulled out my phone to text Jayden.

Tyler: Sorry about that awkwardness in the parking lot. I just didn't know we were doing that. You know, kissing in public and everything. It's new for me. Talk about it later?

Putting my phone back down I quickly dozed off to sleep. After what seemed to be not long enough Jake was nudging me on my leg to wake up. I rolled over to see if Jayden had texted me back but had no response.

Once we got to the gym we got to meet the two other freshmen that were joining the team next year. All of them seemed like nice guys. Kyle, Aaron, and Colton had hit it off. I was a little worried at first because Kyle had already known a lot of the guys from his visits the past few years. He was already starting to mess around with some of the guys on the team. Before we broke out into groups to work out I pulled him aside to talk to him let him know not to act like one of the guys already. He understood and toned it done a bit. I didn't want him to alienate the other guys or himself. The rest of practice was going smoothly for the most part. We went about practice the same we always would. Kyle joined us in our rotation group, having Kyle back in the gym felt like old times. It almost felt like we were back at home. Kyle was warming up on vault when Nate walked over to me.

"You seem distracted today." He said.

Nate talking to me had caught me off guard. I looked at him for a second trying to figure out why all the sudden he decided to talk to me. "Sorry. Just got other things on my mind right now; I'm cool."

"Good." He looked over at Kyle who was doing timers on vault. "Your brother is doing really well today. I'm impressed. Did you talk to him about trying not to showboat so much with the guys?"

I nodded back at him.

"I can tell. It's good that you did. These weekends are about making their transition to the team next year easy, I didn't want to see your brother get singled out because of you."


"Relax. I just meant." Nate took a second to figure out what he was going to say. I looked at him; I didn't really get what he was trying to say to me. "Just wanted to make sure all those guys are on an even playing field, that's all."

"Right." I looked over at Jake confused as Nate walked away. "That was weird."

"Yeah I know. Hey, at least he's talking to you right?" Jake said.

"I guess so?" I looked as Kyle threw his first vault. He did a great double twisting yurchenko vault. "Good job Kyle!" I yelled down at him. His talent still amazed me. Kyle was as talented as I was in the gym.

"He's doing great today Ty!" Jake excitedly said to me.

I laughed at Jake, "I know. I've got my work cut out for me next year."

"Nah..." Jake said, I looked at him curiously. "You're brother is good, but you're on your own level for now. It's finally starting to show. It's like you're eating your Wheaties or something."

"Well, you know, that's always been our plan hasn't it?" I asked Jake. "Remember when we were freshmen? It's going to be you and me going 1 and 2 in the all around at Nationals."

"Whatever you say Tyler."


"What? I don't doubt it can't happen. We've just got our work cut out for us."

"We'll push each other. Just like always." I held out my fist to him. We fist pounded and I walked over to the vault runway to start doing timers to get ready to practice my vaults.

Coach complimented Kyle as the two of them walked back to the runway to where we were standing. You could always tell when our Coach was pleased with us. He would grab us by the back and go over everything that we did well and give us encouragement. He must've been telling him some good things because Kyle was beaming.

I ran past the two of them as I started doing my timers for vault. The first few of them felt great and I was ready to start throwing my vaults. Kyle and me were at the chalk bucket together talking as Jake was finishing up his timers.

"You're looking great there Ty. What are you throwing now?"

"Round off half on, double twist off; working on the 2 and a half for post season this year though."

"Shut up. Dude, you were barely just doing the double off the half on at nationals last year."

"Yeah I know, but by the end of summer Mihai and me started training the 2 , occasionally. It's been coming around semi consistently."

"That's so awesome. That's like seriously one of the hardest thrown in competition. Do you throw it in practice?"

"Yeah, I thought I told you all this already?"

"No man."

"Oh well. I'll throw it probably once in a bit. Coach has me throw the double off as well as my second optional first. Then depending how I'm feeling I throw the 2 ."

"Awesome bro. Gosh, I'm jealous."

I shook my head and tried not to think about what I said. I stood there staring down the runway. I played out in my head what I was going to do. I started running down the runway and hit the springboard as hard as I could. Everything felt great in the air and I landed just taking a few steps. I threw it a few more times before practicing my second optional. We were almost done when coach told me he wanted me to throw the 2 a few times into the pit.

I walked over to Kyle. "I'm going to do a few into the pit, make sure you're watching."


I walked over to the vault that leads into the foam pit. I did a few more timers getting ready before feeling ready to throw it. Coach had everyone stop what they were doing to watch me. He had wanted me to get used to throwing it slowly but surely. On my first attempt I came up short of my twist and fell. I tried two more times before finally landing it up right. I jumped into the air fist pumping the air before falling down onto the mats. I heard the other guys cheer for me. As I walked back towards them Kyle had a big smile on his face.

"I'm proud of you bro."

I smiled back at him and threw my arm over his shoulder. "Proud of you too bro."

As we finished up practice Nate made an announcement that Coach and he were taking the freshman out to dinner after practice. I volunteered to drive the new guys back their dorm so I could get some more time to hang out with Kyle. As we drove back to the dorms the other guys were asking me tons of questions about the school and the team. Having the guys all so eager to come to State was pretty cool. I wished we were doing this when I was a freshman. It would've made those first few weeks a little easier. Pulling up to the dorm the guys got out the car. Kyle said he'd meet them upstairs and stayed in the car with me for a second.

"I wish we didn't have to go to this dinner. I want to hang out." Kyle said.

"I know. They didn't say anything about taking you guys out tonight, but don't worry bro. We've got two weeks!"

"Hell yeah!. Alright I'm going to get going so I can shower up and get ready for dinner."

"Sounds good. Have fun tonight."

"Will do bro I'll text you later."

Kyle grabbed his bag out the back of the car and started walking into the dorm. Before he got too far I shouted for him. He turned around and looked at me. "You did awesome today!"

Kyle nodded with a big grin on his face and headed back inside.

As I drove back home I checked to see if Jayden had responded to me. Nothing yet, I frowned and put my phone down. Almost instantly my phone vibrated, I picked it up and saw it was a message from Jayden.

Jayden: Don't worry about it... hope your visit is going good.

He was being distant with me. I hoped I hadn't hurt his feelings. He just needed to understand for as comfortable as I am with who I am it's still a learning process for me. I sighed and continued to drive. I know it was hard for him to understand but this was still all very new to me.

The next few days had swept by really fast. Between school and practices I didn't have time to see anyone but the guys on the team. The only time Jayden and I saw each other was at lunch on Thursday when Kyle got here. After the awkwardness that was the parking lot we hadn't talked really. It was starting to bother me. Jayden was being distant with me wasn't something I wanted to deal with right now. I had hoped that it was only temporary because of how busy I had been and that once we got to be together we could clear the air.

Saturday night after we were finished with practice we had gone out as a team to dinner. At dinner Nate announced he was inviting everyone back to his place to have some more team bonding. The new guys were excited however I was a little annoyed. I was hoping that I would get to finally have some time to myself and maybe see Jayden. Before heading to Nates we stopped and picked up some booze for the impromptu party.

"You seem annoyed tonight." Jake mentioned.

I shook my head. "Not annoyed... well THAT annoyed. This team bonding is driving me a bit crazy." I laughed.

"I know. We've bonded enough for a month." Jake agreed with me. "Don't get me wrong, I love the guys, but I need my life outside the gym!"


We pulled up to Nates place, there was some guys playing beer pong on the porch and I could hear the music coming from inside. I shook my head thinking how much trouble we could get into if we got busted tonight. Walking in everyone looked like they had come straight from dinner. I put some of the beer in the freezer and went to look for Kyle. He was in the front room with Aaron talking. The way Kyle was fitting in with the guys made me happy. It helped ease my mood.

"Here bro." I passed him a beer. "Don't be drinking with Aaron. He's a lightweight." I joked with them.

Aarons face turned bright red, "Dude!"

I threw my arm over his shoulder. "Don't tell that to anyone Ky. It's our secret."

"We do have a few don't we." Aaron said with a grin on his face.

"That we do buddy." I squeezed his shoulder tighter. I wonder if Kyle had suspected anything about Aaron. We never really talked about Aaron too much so he didn't know he was gay. Kyle and Jake went to go mingle leaving Aaron and me together.

"How's the visit going?" Aaron asked.

"Great, though we haven't really hung out by ourselves. We're going to dinner tomorrow the two of us after we drop off the other guys at the airport."

"Sweet. How's Jayden and everything going?" Aaron must've noticed me frown a bit. "Not going to good?" He asked.

"No, it's not that. Everything was going great, but it got a little weird on Thursday. We went to lunch after I picked up Kyle and I was saying goodbye and he kissed me bye."

Aaron asked, "So?"

"Well it caught me off guard. It wasn't that I didn't like it, but at the same time I didn't like it. You know?"

Aaron shrugged, "I think I get what you're saying."

"Basically it made me a little uncomfortable kissing out in the open like that."


"It's not a matter to me of being official or anything. It's just, you know who we are."

Aaron nodded back at me. "Want to go outside and talk about this?" I agreed and we headed out to the porch. The party had moved inside so it was just the two of us standing on the porch. For the first time in our friendship our roles had seemed to reverse. "So you freaked didn't you? I know I would."

"Yeah I did. Kyle was right there, he had never seen me kiss another guy and that right there is still a bit awkward for me. Kyle accepts it, but you, it's hard to explain. Then kissing out in public, I'm okay being out to my friends and such and it's not like I haven't to been to a gay bar or anything. But I felt... it still worries me." I paused for a second and took a drink of my beer. "It's so messed up for us you know. As accepted as it is being gay, it isn't. Especially if you're on an athlete on a scholarship at a major university in the nation."

"Hell yeah man. I know what you mean, we gotta be careful about that stuff. That's why even though everything that was going on with that dbag on my floor I've had to hide it. I don't want to risk getting into any trouble with anyone."

I sighed, "I know. We've gotta be careful. it's just something that we've never discussed between the two of.." I got quiet really quick. I heard someone talking around the corner.

"Yeah I know. Chase is pretty pissed at me right now but I don't care." It became obvious to me that it was Eric. I wondered who he was talking to. "I just can't live with a homo."

"Dude what the fuck?" Aaron whispered.

I hushed him to see if I could hear more of the conversation. "Yeah I know..." There was a slight pause. "... I told them a few days ago I was moving out. Made up some BS I don't know if they believed me or not. Nate..."

It sounded like he was getting closer to us. Aaron and me backed up towards the door to go back into the house. The two of us looked at each other. My heart sank hearing the news. Poor Nate I thought. I made Aaron promise not to tell anyone what he heard and we went back inside the house. Hearing Eric talk about Nate like that made me so pissed. I immediately headed over to see where Nate was. He looked like he was having a good time, I hoped he wasn't drunk. But I needed to check on him. Against my better judgment I pulled him aside to talk.

We walked up to his room. I closed the door behind us. "I know about Eric..."

Nate looked confused. "What?"

"That he's moving out." I said carefully. "Look Nate I know we're not talking, but I'm here for you. I was outside on the phone." I lied to him that I was on the phone. I didn't want him to know about Aaron. " But I heard someone around the side of the house. It was Eric and he was talking to someone on the phone too. He was being pretty shitty..."

Nate cut me off. "Look Tyler, thank you for worrying. But this is something private between Chase, Eric, and me. I'd appreciate it if you don't tell anyone."

"Nate quit acting like I'm some stranger. Quit acting like some damn diplomat. You've been acting like a robot. Let me be there for you." I was starting to get mad at him.

"We've had this discussion already Tyler. Drop it." Nate walked towards the door and opened it.

That was all I needed to know our conversation was over with. I got up to walk out but my tempter got the best of me. "You know what? You're acting like a fucking child!" I yelled at him. "I get you're pissed at me. I was the more sober of the two. I should've stopped us from going that far. But I've said sorry for what I did. But quit pushing those of us who care about you the most Nate. Did you know that when Jake is around you he's worried he's going to say the wrong thing to you and you'll quit talking to him? Did you know I can't even bring myself to hang out with Chase because this is hurting me not having you there as my friend?"

Nate looked at me intensely. I could tell he was barely holding it together and it would be best for me not to push him too hard. We sat there staring at each other for a minute. I was conflicted as to what to do next. Part of me wanted to pull him into a hug and tell him everything would be okay. Another part of me wanted to punch him for being such a dick. Just then Nate's phone rang.

"I'm going to need to take this." Nate said sternly. I shook my head and walked downstairs to join the rest of the guys.

Around two o clock the party had started to die down. Kyle and the other guys were having a blast together. They said that they were just going to stay there tonight. I was feeling pretty buzzed and ready to head home. Jake was in the same boat as me. The two of us were in no condition to drive though. Summer and Jess weren't picking up their phones. We thought about walking back to our apartment but then I decided to try Jayden.

"Hello?" Jayden asked. It was loud in the background.

"Hey... are you busy?"

"Hold on." I could hear him walking away from whatever he was doing to a quieter place."Hey Tyler. This is unexpected." He sounded happy to hear me.

"Sorry... I've been really busy with these two a days and all this damn team bonding."

"It's okay. I understand." He laughed. "What's going on. You okay? You sound a bit shwasted."

"No... well not wasted but I am feeling a bit buzzed. I was wondering if you could pick us up from Nates?"

"Yeah babe. I can be there in like ten minutes."


"Yeah, I said it."

I smiled really big. "Thank you. We'll see you in a few."

"Sounds good." We got off the phone. I could feel the big smile I had on my face.

"Well he's still up. He'll be here in like ten minutes." I said.

"I could tell by the giant smile you got on your face."

I nodded happily. "Gah, I turn into sucha boob at times."

The two of us laughed at what was going on. Jake sat down on the steps of the porch. He nodded for me to sit down next to him. "So is this how you saw this year going buddy?"

I looked at him, "What do you mean?"

"The two of us, Summer and me, Jayden and you in a relationship, well relationship-ish."

I shrugged. "Well it's not a surprise for me about you. I always knew you had a thing for Summer. Especially after Jess and you didn't work out and the three of us moved in together."

"You did not." Jake playfully hit me on the shoulder. "And if you did, what the hell took you so long to say something?"

"Well, you're a slut."

Jake laughed, "I am not. It's just nice to have options. I know you're not talking Tyler Savino Conti you're well on your way to becoming one yourself, Jayden, Nate... anyone else I don't know about... maybe Aaron?"

We both laughed at that comment. "Dbag."

"I'm just messing. But I'm happy for us."

"Me too."

"Just like I told you freshman year, it's you and me to the top. The rest will fall into place."

I nodded back at Jake. It was moments like this that I really cherished our friendship. In the 3 years since we met we've pretty much been inseparable. Thinking back to the night I came out to Jake. Having someone be so supportive of you and not be a member of your family was one of the reasons that helped being away from home so easy. I was lucky to have him as a friend.

"You know..." I started to tell him just how much our friendship meant to me.

"I know, I know Tyler. Let's not get all mushy mushy on each other right now. I think your boyfriend is pulling up right now."

I rolled my eyes at him. "You and feelings Jacob I swear."

"Ha! You mean YOU and feelings Tyler. And full naming? That is not called for right now."

Jayden pulled up in his car and the two of us got in.

"Hey guys." Jayden said to us.

"Thank you for coming." Jake said as he climbed in the back seat.

Jayden shrugged, "Don't worry about it man. I'd rather come and pick you guys up than have you walking this late at night."

I gave his hand a tight squeeze as we drove off to our place. We drove off to our place. Jayden asked about how the night went. Even though everything sounded fine on the phone he still felt a little distant in the car. Luckily as we got closer to our house he seemed to go back to his old self. He pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. The three of us got out the car and headed into the house. Jake went straight to his room leaving Jayden and me in the kitchen.

Jayden was looking at me, I could tell he wanted to say something. I moved myself infront of him putting my arms on either side of him as he leaned against the counter. "Hey you." I smiled at him.

"Hey you." He smiled back at me.

"Everything okay?" I asked him.

Jayden nodded, "Yeah it will be. Sorry for being weird in the car. My mind is just all over the place right now. It's been a busy few days for me too with work, school, and the fraternity."

"It's alright." I laid my head against his chest. I breathed in the light scent of his cologne. "We'll have to figure something out."


"Yeah, I mean... you plan on sticking around don't you?" I moved my head up to his to get ready to kiss him.

Jayden leaned closer to me. Our mouths were inches from each others. "You think a few busy days are going to scare me away Conti?" He leaned in and kissed me. "You're going to have to try harder than that."

"Good." Hearing Jayden say that made me feel at ease. I knew that we'd talk about what happened in the parking lot and move forward from it.

"I can smell the beer on your breath." Jayden laughed. "You have a good night?"

"Yeah..." I put my nuzzled against his neck. I breathed in the smell of his cologne again and started to kiss him along his neck. The scent of his cologne was intoxicating. "But, I've kind of missed you these past couple days."

"Samehere." Jayden let out a deep breath as I continued kissing him. He placed his arms around the back of my neck squeezing pulling me in tightly. "Is this how it's going to be during your season?"

I shook my head telling him no. "I mean, on weekends we have away meets. If it's far away we usually leave the day before but come back right after the meet usually. But other than that, it will be just like any other week prior to this week. With the exception I don't really drink or stay out late as I do now during the season."

"Well I think we have a good balance right now, don't you?"

"Actually, for the most part yeah, you're right. It's my third year of doing this, so I know what to expect and what I need to do to make sure I stay on track this season. I'm sure we'll work something out. I'm sure we'll figure out a good balance of everything once the season starts up."

Jayden nodded back to me. I looked up at him and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Want me to stay tonight?" He asked.

I nodded back at him and kissed him once more time."Yeah."

"Okay let's go up to your room." Jayden motioned towards his room. "I'm tired, too."

"Sounds good stud." I smiled back at him while biting my lower lip. "I want to show you just how much I've missed you."

We walked up to my room and closed the door behind us. Jayden grabbed me by the waist and turned me around towards him. He put his hands under my t-shirt and started rubbing along my smooth chest. He mentioned how he liked how smooth it felt. In one quick move he pulled my shirt off my body and pushed me back onto my bed. He climbed on of me and ripped off his shirt.

"You're so hot." I told him as he continued to kiss me passionately.

Jayden on top of me was really turning me on. His trimmed chest hair against my chest tickled me slightly. He smiled and backed up a bit. I pulled him back into kissing him strongly. Our tongues swirled around each other's mouths. I bit the bottom of his lip gently which seemed to drive him crazy. He was grinding his waist into mine. I could feel through the fabric of his mesh shorts that he was getting hard.

"I've been waiting to be with you like this." Jayden said breathing heavily. He leaned down and kissed me again.

"So have I." I pulled him close to me and turned him on his back in a quick move.

Jayden got a smile on his face and looked up at me. "Oh so you like to be on top huh?" He wrapped his legs around my waist and squeezed tightly pulling my waist into his. "That could work."

"Well have to see won't we?" I kissed him one more time. I grabbed his wrist and put them above his head. I made my way down his body starting at his lips and kissing him softly down to his neck. Kissing him slightly on each side of his adams apple I nibbled into his neck pulling the skin slightly.

"That feels great Ty." Jayden started running his hands through my hair. He tugged on it as I swirled my tongue around his left nipple. "Keep doing that Ty."

As I played with the other nipple he grabbed my hair pulling me off his nipple and back up towards me to pull me into a kiss. "You like it rough don't you." I said to him.

"Maybe a little..." He smiled back at me. He sat up and started to kiss my chest. He ran his hands along my muscular chest squeezing each of my pecks. "You're so ripped. I love it." He squeezed one of my nipples while he teased the other with his tongue.

"Good." I said breathing a little heavy. "You're body is great too Jay." I pushed him back on his back and backed off him a bit. Making my way slowly back down his body towards his dick. My heart was pounding. I breathed lightly around his naval causing him to squirm a bit. "Someone ticklish?"

Jayden nodded back up to me. "A little bit."

I slowly blew my breath along his lower abdomen. Running my face along the light bristle of his chest hair that led down under the waistband of his shorts; I took a deep breath. I was inches from Jaydens dick. I could feel my heart beating hard with anticipation of this moment. I took a second and looked up at Jayden.

"Go ahead babe." He was looking down at me intensely. He nodded down to me, "You want it don't you?"

That was all the encouragement I needed. Reaching in I grabbed his hard dick. Jayden groaned in pleasure as I squeezed it. The head of his dick swelled up as I squeezed it tighter and started to stroke his dick slowly. His dick felt thick in my hand. I pulled it out from under his shorts and looked at it. He looked to be a little smaller in length than me but he had one of the thickest dicks I had ever seen. Grabbing it at the base I put the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the top. Jayden grinded his hips into me making me take it a little deeper.

Jayden continued to grind into me as I moved up and down with my mouth on his dick. "That feels so good." I took his dick as far back into my mouth until I couldn't go anymore; taking it out of my mouth stroking it up and down with my hand.

"My turn." Jayden said excitedly.

He grabbed me and turned me on my back. He made his way down my body; lightly tracing down to the waist of my jeans with his tongue. Working his way back up to my nipple he bit down on it.I felt a rush go through my body and let out a moan. He continued to play with my nipples as his hand worked his way down under my pants. He grabbed my dick through my pants.

"Someone's excited. You're leaking." Jayden had a devilish smile on his face. He continued to stroke my dick under my pants. I grinded into him harder and harder. I wanted him to take my dick out and start sucking. Him making me wait was driving me crazy.

"Suck it Jayden please." I said breathing heavily. "I need it."

He kissed me hard as he used his hands to unbutton my jeans. I lifted up helping him take off my jeans. For the first time the two of us laid there naked next to each other. The two of our cocks were caught between each other as we grinding together. I could feel his precum leak onto my stomach.

Jayden turned so we were in a 69 position and started sucking me off. Slowly he made his way up and down my dick. As he did that I took his dick into my mouth soaking it with my tongue. Jayden moved up and down on my dick quickly. I started grinding my hips into his mouth like I was fucking him. Then he took all of me down to the very base. The feeling that came over me brought me close to orgasm.

"Ahh yeah Jay. Keep doing that. You're making me get close." I said to him.

"You like that?"

He went all the way back down to the base of my dick. I felt his throat tighten around my shaft causing me to stop sucking his and moan in pleasure.

"I want you to cum on my face Ty. You ready to get off?"


"Climb on top of me."

I climbed on top of him. He started jerking me off and teasing the head of my dick. I was getting closer and closer. Reaching back I grabbed his dick and started to stroke it.

"I'm getting close babe." I said.

I climbed closer to his face. He was stroking me faster and faster. I could feel myself getting close. I took a deep breath and next thing I knew I was cumming. Shot after shot splashed onto Jaydens face and around his mouth. I moaned out in pleasure. Until there was no more. I sat there for a second catching my breath. Looking down at Jayden he was covered in my load. I leaned down and licked it some of it up and bought it to his tongue. He licked it up off my tongue and pulled me into a kiss. I moved over to the side and let him whip himself off. He was still hard. I grabbed his dick and started jerking him off fast. Before I knew it he was moaning that he was close and started to cum. I moved down closer trying to get some of his load in my mouth. Each shot coated the back of my throat with his warm cum. When he was done I moved my mouth off his cock and licked up the last of his load.

I climbed back up next to him. He pulled me close to him and kissed me gently.

"Thank you." He said.

I laughed at him. "Don't be silly."

"Let's get cleaned up and go to sleep." He said.

Waking up the next morning with spooning against the back of Jayden was something that I was getting more and more used to. I sat there for a few minutes listening to him sleep as I replayed the events of the night in my head. After all this time to finally be intimate with Jayden was such a rush. It was something that I had wanted to do for so long. It meant more than just a random hook. I was really falling for him. After last night I felt so close to him. Jayden totally had me.

Jayden shifted and turned around to face me. He let out a light yawn and looked up at me. "Morning stud." He ran his hand along my chest.

"Morning." I leaned my head towards his and nudged it. "Sleep good?"

"Besides your snoring? I slept great."

"Shut up!" Playfully hitting him, "I don't snore."

Jayden acted like he was trying to dodge me. "I know." He laughed and moved closer to me. "I slept great."


He was running his hand along my arm that was drapped across him. "So what do you have planned for today?"

"Lay here in bed with you until you get tired of me." I squeezed him tight. "I bet if I tried hard enough I could even get Jake to go get us food."

Jayden giggled, "You're crazy. Don't you have to take the guys back to the airport today?"

"Yeah. Kyle said he'd call me around 1." I reached over and grabbed my phone to check for any messages and see what time was. "It's 11 right now. I should be getting called soon from Kyle to hear what's up."

We sat there in bed listening to music. Enjoying each-others company. Since texting was all we did the past few days we caught up on what we had been doing. Jayden told me how he was busy planning initiation week for the pledges coming up in a few weeks. I told him how Kyle had been doing in practice. Jayden mentioned getting a chance to hang out with Kyle sometime this week. Knowing that Jayden wanted to get to know my brother made me feel comfortable about where the two of us were headed. Besides our brief talk last night in the kitchen we hadn't talked about what we were. I was still trying to make sure he didn't feel pressured into anything. However, the fact of him taking an interest in getting to know my brother helped me realize we were both thinking the same thing and on the right path to what the two of us had wanted.

Almost on cue Kyle called me a little before noon. "Hey bro." He sounded like hell. "Were you sleeping? We just got back from breakfast, I'm exhausted."

"I bet."

"I talked to the guys. Only two of them are flying home, Colton lives close to school and his parents are picking him up."

"Oh great, that's a sight their parents need to see. All of them hung over after their weekend with a bunch of college guys." I said half sarcastically and half serious. I didn't think about what their parents would say if they realized their underage kids were drinking.

"Don't worry. We all went to breakfast, everyone is looking pretty normal."

"Cool. So I'll be there around 1 to pick you all up. Make sure the rooms aren't trashed." I told him. Coach had put me in charge of making sure I got the keys back from them.

"See you then bro."

"Later." I hung up and laid back down with Jayden for a few minutes. I didn't feel like leaving my bed at all today.

"You have to take the guys to the airport today?"

"Yeah." I sighed. "Let's get changed and grab a coffee."

We got out of bed. I ran and took a quick shower. Jayden ran down the street to get us coffee while I was in the shower. As I finished getting ready Jayden started to ask about my birthday. With how busy as I had been it was the last night I had thought about. He told me not to worry about it cause Jess, Jake, and him were planning it.

"Alright, I'm going to get going since you have to go pick up the guys." Jayden got up from the couch where we were sitting. "I'll talk to you later."

"Sounds good." I got up to walk him to the door.

We stood there for a second, neither of us knowing what to do. Jayden made the first move and leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I smiled back at him and watched as he drove out the driveway. Checking to see what time it was, I realized I was going to be late if I didn't leave in a few minutes. I was tempted to wake up Jake to make him come with me but decided to let him sleep.

Pulling up to the dorm the guys were all standing outside. Coltons parents where loading his things into their car. The group of them looked pretty good considering they were partying to who knows when last night.

Driving them back to the airport they were mostly quiet. I parked in the same spot that I parked when I picked up Kyle a few days prior. The two of us walked the guys up to the terminal watched as they walked off through security. Walking back to the car Kyle filled me in on the rest of the night.

"From the sounds of it you guys had a good night."

"Oh man, it was a great night!" Kyle said excitedly. "However I'm exhausted and can't wait to crash."

"Cool, cause I didn't sleep too much last night either..."

Kyle adjusted himself in his chair and looked over at me. "Do you get some last night?"



The two of us started laughing at each other. "Yes I did get some. And it was good! Want to smell my fingers?" I jokingly put them by his face.

"Gross!" Kyle swatted my hand away. "You didn't really do that did you?"

I shook my head no. "Anyways, new subject, where did you guys go eat at?"

"Oh, some place a few blocks from Nates place. The SouthStar."

"Oh really..." I said coyly remembering that Heath worked there. "Did Nate go with you?"

"No. When we told him where we were going he said he wanted to sleep a bit longer."

"Oh, I bet he did." I snorted.

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked confused.

"His ex, Heath works there."

"Oh man. I didn't know..." Kyle shrugged, "Oh well, I couldn't really tell you guys weren't talking to each other."

"Well that's good. That means the other guys didn't notice."

"Yeah. But that's not important now. I'm ready for the rest of my visit to get started!"

"Cause you get to hang out with your big bro?"

"Well yeah and other things."

"Other things huh?" I laughed. "So long as hanging out with me is number one that's all that matters baby Conti!"

"Tyler! Don't call me that!"

I laughed at him. "Alright, alright. It's not like anyone heard me. Let's get your REAL visit started bro."

"Sounds good to me."

We bumped fists and drove back towards the house.


To Be Continued!!

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