Hell's Syn


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Chapter 3

The Broken-Hearted Boy

It was my first time being back inside of the city of Brunswick itself. It was horrible. The buildings were all run down, broken in. Everything that was once new and fresh had become old and battered.

Even the people...

Medusa seemed to notice how I was going to react when she pointed things out, "Remember our old high school? All rubbish now. Not a desk or locker left."

Everything I'd known had been destroyed.

God had taken vengeance on us. He had taken us down like Sodom and Gomorra. I used to have dreams about rain all the time. They were the most uncomfortable dreams ever.

And then I saw it. The street that used to be my street. We had walked a long way from the campus. Probably so far that I'd have to try to catch a cab back or something. We had walked all the way across town.

And now we were on my street. We were at the house that my parents have left me. The house that T-Boy and I used to reside in.

And strange enough...it was the only house standing in decent condition.

I could have sworn it would have been destroyed. I had abandoned it a while back even though most likely I still probably owned it. But I didn't want it anymore.

"Memories huh?" Medusa stated, "I remember that party we had here. Remember that party?"

"The one where Shane was killed."

"Don't be like that. Listen maybe we can throw another party. One for you and Sampson coming back. Now it feels like the old gang is back together."

"Your old friends...not mine."


We entered my old house. It was clear from the smell that this was a trap house. It was a house that drugs were sold.

As I entered the house I saw that eyes immediately all crossed and they all turned to me in this suspicious way. This is where all the people I really recognized were at. They were all selling drugs, all doing drugs.

The first person I recognized was Sydney. She saw my face and got up. She had the biggest crush on T-Boy in high school. She was pregnant now. What the hell was she doing in a place like this with bags of weed and cocaine laying around as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

She looked terrified of me when she saw me. She walked to the next room as though hiding from me.

"This is STILL my house girl," I stated, "You can leave if you don't want to see my face."

I rolled my eyes. She was probably hiding under the kitchen cabinet or something. Sydney was never the best looking girl but now she was definitely one of the worst. And she looked far along in her pregnancy.

"Big Rob's the father," I heard a voice say.

I turned around to see someone. It was ...Yolanda.

She was my cousin. My backstabbing cousin however. She knew how to betray someone and if it was a craft she would be the Head Bitch in Charge. She looked at me now, as though she was really missing me. As though I really hadn't broken her down almost just as bad as I did Sydney and the rest of them.

She knew better not to reach her slimy hands across me and touch me though. She stood in my face, looking in my eyes.
"He isn't doing her justice letting her walk around like that."

"Big Rob died Syn, he died in the storm," She stated.

Big Rob. He was T-Boy's biggest crony. He did whatever T-Boy said to do like T-Boy shitted gold or something. It was kind of an annoyance. But for him to be gone...just like that. Damn. That was crazy.

That was when I noticed all these silent guys. They were packaging the drugs. They were all big just like Big Rob. It was like T-Boy got 5 guys to replace the one that he lost.

I looked around and saw a couple other people from high school. Most of them I just recognized faces. I knew for sure none of them were friendly towards me.

"You all look a fucking mess," I announced, "It's disgusting. FEMA played the country out again huh?"

One of the bigger drug dealers turned to Yolanda, "Who the fuck is this guy?"

"The better question is who the fuck are you? You get people high for a living. Your life resolves around destroying others. You need to wonder who the fuck YOU are."

"He's never going to change."

I looked in the corner. There was someone there. Someone that had been lurking there, watching, waiting like a silent predator. I couldn't believe who it was when the person came out into the open.

I couldn't believe the face if someone paid me. It was a face from my past. His name was Byron. He was the only one who looked even slightly decent in this trap house. He used to be my friend and then he started dating Sampson knowing damn well how I felt about Sampson. Then when Sampson cheated on him with me, it seemed like any hopes of a friendship that Byron and I had were all gone.

Byron had disappeared. He had joined a parade of people, stating he wasn't gay anymore. I knew that was all a fraud. I knew it was all fake.

"Oh, I know you DEFINITELY must miss me," I stated, confronting him.

"Why don't you leave Syn? Why show up...why now? T-Boy was doing fine without you. We all were doing fine without you. Just get the fuck out. Disappear again. Take Sampson with you while you're at it."

"I didn't come here for you faggot."

"Who you calling a faggot?"

He took a step closer to me threatening me. I could see that he was still pissed at me for stealing Sampson away from him. I could see the anger in his eyes.

"You...look at you. You probably aren't even over Sampson are you? You probably still in love with him. Poor little pathetic thing. If you think you can piss me off or run me out of my own home then you must be retarded. You must be a child of incest OR SOMETHING!"

He grabbed at me.

Holding my collar and pulling back his arm. He was about to knock the shit out of me, I could see it in his eyes. It wouldn't be the first time Byron got all crazy on me. I remember he beat my ass one time.

But true victory never lies in force. Because he went home not being able to sleep and I had a smile on my face.

His hand was held back...

It was T-Boy. Jesus. He looked different. He still had his powerful huge arms. That was the thing about T-Boy. He always was real ripped. His face however had changed. He used to have one of these pretty boy faces. I always thought T-Boy looked like Omarrion without the hair. Now he looked different though.

He still had those puppy dog eyes, but now he had a tattoo on his face. Under his one eye was a teardrop. And now he had tattoos everywhere else too. All over his arms there were heavy tattoos.

He had a heavy chain wrapped around his bare chest. He had T-Boy tattooed right across his neck in long cursive letters. He still looked good...he still looked sexy, but it was a different person now. Now he had changed.

"Byron stop it."

"Baby...he pissed me off," Byron started, "Please don't sit there and pretend like you don't know who this is. Don't pretend like this isn't Syn."

"Baby?" I asked.

Oh wow. This was definitely a shocker.

T-Boy just looked at me for a second. I could see so much in his eyes. So much that he looked like he wanted to say to me. It was such a heavy burden in him. I couldn't believe it. There was love in his eyes but there was pain.

And he just stared and then signaled for me to come upstairs.

"Oh hell no!" Byron stated.

"BYRON STOP!" T-Boy stormed in a voice that I had never heard he speak before. He was forceful now. It roared like a lion and it sent Byron taking a couple steps back.

T-Boy grabbed my arm and led me upstairs. I could see Byron looked at me the entire time. His eyes settled on mine with such worry.

We had walked upstairs. They hadn't changed the inside of the house at all. I could see all the old decorations were back. They were all hung up.

I was nervous as I followed T-Boy. I didn't even know where to start with him. I didn't know what to possibly say. Looking at his back at all those tattoos across them. He was different. One tattoo was long. It looked like he had an entire poem sketched out on his back or something.

He took me into my old room. The nostalgic feeling overwhelmed me when I opened the door and saw everything the same.

T-Boy was silent still. He was spending a couple minutes putting some stuff away quietly as I stood there remembering all the experiences him, Sampson and I had in this house. He was obviously putting away drugs.

"I never thought I'd see you again," T-Boy stated, "So I really don't know where to start."

It was a very blunt statement almost like he didn't need a reply. It was very short and to the point. It was full of emotion even if he was trying to seem all hard and like a thug. I knew T-Boy when he was at his most sensitive.

"Listen about Sampson..."


"Wait I think I should let you know..."


He roared at me that time, just like he did Byron in his commanding tone. And I did stop. I just looked at him as he turned to me. His eyes burned into me. This was so awkward. I never thought I'd see T-Boy again either.

He turned to me and stated, "Sorry. I really am. I just wasn't prepared for this. I didn't know what to say. But that isn't how I wanted to start. I miss you. And you couldn't fathom how much I missed you. You were the first person I loved."

"I know. And you were my first love too. Listen I thought about you through the years. It's just things change you know. Like who knew you ever would go with Byron?"

"Byron and I have been dating for awhile. He helped me heal. I can't lie. After you left me..."

"Stop it."

"I'm trying to stop. I'm trying not to bring up the fact that YOU left me for Sampson. You knew all about me baby. You knew I would put my relationship with Sampson on the line for you. You knew I would pull out my heart and bring it right to you. But you didn't want it."

"I'm sorry..."

"Get the fuck out," he stated and silently added, "Don't look back."



I didn't know what to say about anything. I got home walking slowly. Medusa walked me all the way home. We were silent on the way back. We both knew damn well that the little meeting with T-Boy didn't go well.

I guess I deserved it. I had broken his heart.

T-Boy never spoke to me like that, but I understand it completely.

"You should give him some time. He hasn't seen you for years you know. I mean it is completely understandable you know. He is completely making sense."

"Well I can't stand Byron. We need to bring you back in the picture."

I rolled my eyes.

"I'm with Sampson right now," I stated steadily, "I love him."

And I wasn't going to leave him.

"Well ok. We'll see about that..."

Medusa gave a little laugh before turning around and walking away. What the hell did she mean that we would see about that? What was Medusa up to? Why the hell would she want me to be with T-Boy?

I just let it go and turned towards my building walking up to it. Just then I was surprised.

Someone grabbing me from the back holding me.

"What was she here for?"

It was my man's voice. I knew it from anywhere. I turned around to see Sampson standing there. He was dressed in some sweats and it was obvious that he had just come back from the gym by how he smelled.

"I don't know. Can you get off?"

"You still mad at me? You can't stay mad at me."

"No I'm not mad at you, but you stink right now," I stated, realizing his smell.

"Oh, ok, you don't complain when you're rubbing my six pack," he stated and smiled a lot, "I miss you."

He pulled me in closer, fastening his arms onto me. He held me close. I finally broke away and started towards the dorm.

I knew Sampson was following me. He was right. I couldn't stay mad at him. Something about his smile. Something about the way he never really let me go. He always stuck around. That was a soulmate, you know. Someone that always sticks around.

"Come on stupid," I stated.

He was smiling at me, "Baby, so what's up with Medusa...you never answered my question."

I shook my head.


Why bring T-Boy up? From what I heard they were on good terms. Why even stress the past? It was years later. I was with Sampson. And things would stay that way...I hoped.

We made our way to my floor, only to see Angelina and Khan standing outside. They were playing something cards or something in their pajamas. As soon as I walked in I could see Angelina's eyes lift up almost immediately.

At that Sampson was back at grabbing me from behind, pressing up against me.

Angelina looked shocked.


"Angelina this is my boyfriend Sampson," I replied.

It was obvious she couldn't see Sampson as being gay. I got a lot of responses like that. People usually weren't so surprised by me being gay, just cause I had an attitude sometimes.

She stuttered a little bit, "Nice...to meet you. Dang you guys are the straightest gay couple ever. Does that make sense?"

Khan just put her arm on his shoulder, "No it doesn't boo."

"I mean, Sampson, when I met you yesterday. I never would have thought you two were gay together. I mean I saw you staring across the lake."

"Gay together?" Sampson stated.

"I um...I didn't mean. I mean I guess Syn is the...I don't know what to call it receiver? I um..."

I started cracking up. Seeing Angelina not knowing how to approach the situation was hilarious. I could tell she didn't mean any harm by it. She was trying so hard not to offend Sampson or me.

"Are you saying that my boyfriend looks like he wants to get fucked all the time?" Sampson asked, looking surprised.

"Um...well no. Well yes. Just you're such a guy."

"I thought Syn was a guy too," Sampson stated.

I nudged him. I knew he was joking with her by pretending to be offended. His face was serious as well. He was really playing the role.

"Yeah, he is. You both are. Listen. Maybe no one has to be the receiver. I'm happy too. Not gay. But you know. I don't know the terms. Listen, I support gay marriage...ok. I have an uncle that's gay."

Khan smiled, sarcastically, "Angelina. You should probably just..."

I could see her fighting to not seem like she was some redneck, "Um...yeah. Um...happy...um being gay."

"Shut up," Khan stated.

Angelina put her hand over her mouth.

Sampson smiled, "It's ok Angelina. I'm just joking. I'm not offended ok. Any friend of my baby's is a friend of mine."

He smiled and took a seat next to Angelina. I looked over at Khan.

"Hey Syn, I was meaning to tell you. My job was hiring for the night shift. Was wondering if you were interested."

"Doing what?"

"Gas station store."

"No. Hell no."

I rolled my eyes immediately. The hell did I look like? Sitting out there all night waiting for someone to come pump gas all day. I hate jobs where you had to talk to people. I just needed a job where I was entering data or something. Computers didn't get all emotional.

"He'll take it," Sampson stated, overstepping his bounds yet again, "He needs something to keep him out of trouble."

I elbowed him hard.

"Oh great," Khan stated, "My boss is going to be excited when he finds out that I found someone. You can start tomorrow."

I grabbed Sampson up, "Ok, guys. Excuse us."

"Sure. I'll keep Khan out here. You guys can go be gay. I mean cause we don't mind," Angelina stated, obviously still not getting over her shock that Sampson was gay.



I grabbed Sampson into the room.

"Don't start complaining baby, seriously."

"I'll stop complaining when you stop making decisions for me," I replied, "I'm not a little kid."

"Syn, you need help sometimes. When you said that I would be your boyfriend, you agreed to take that as well."

I rolled my eyes. He was so difficult.

"You put me in the damn psycho apartments and then..."

"Syn. Come here I really don't want to argue tonight. You need to learn how to just drop things. Ok? Damn..."

I sat on the bed. I couldn't stand him keep telling me how to run my life. I couldn't stand being babied like Sampson did. Like when would he learn that he was my boyfriend and not my father. It wasn't a turn on anymore.

"I love you, it's just..."

"I'm doing everything for you. I've seen the worst things happen to you because people don't know how to deal with you. And when they can't deal with someone verbally, they choose to deal with them in other ways. And I don't want you to be hurt. I am not always there to save you. Now I'll take a shower, but when I come back out, I want a smile on that face."

He went into the bathroom that was connected to our room.

I sat there in the room for a couple minutes.

I couldn't take it. I went in the bathroom with him.

"I went to see T-Boy today," I told him from behind the screen.

He was silent for a second.

"Come into the shower," he stated.

I waited for a while. I took off all my clothes and went into the shower with him. I could see him looking at me with this look as I got in.

He loved me. I could tell by his look.

"Being back in Brunswick is not going to be easy, but this is our home," he replied and took a step close to me, "I need to know that you are with me. And that you are going to stay with me. I need you to promise."

I nodded.

That was when he kissed me, softly at first under the hot water that was steaming around us. Sampson's kisses were so soft. His lips pressed up against mine with such ease. His tongue entered my mouth.

His body pressed up against mine.

His dick was the biggest dick I'd ever had. It was a long dick that fell about 9 or 10 inches. He grabbed my hand and placed it on therer.

I stroked it a couple times, taking the entire length into my hands. He knew what he had. I bent down immediately and began to suck it.

I struggled to deep throat him, taking as much of it into my mouth as I could and letting it slide to the back of my throat. The water poured over us from the shower. He moaned heavily. I could feel him tensing up every time up slid it in and out.

"I love you baby," he laughed, as he realized the water was all over my face, "You look so sexy right now. You know that."

I went deeper taking him deeper. Taking his dick all the way.

I felt him holding onto my arms. He was holding onto them hard. I knew he was about to nut. I could feel it. I could feel him beginning to clench onto me.

Squeezing my shoulders.

Panting softly and letting out short but heavy exhales.

"I'm bout to nut baby."

It wasn't even a second later, but he nut in my mouth. The strong flow of his manhood filling my mouth like warm milk

I swallowed everything as he lifted up and kissed me heavily.



We slept that night. Khan had no problem with Sampson sleeping in my room with us. He was surprisingly extremely cool with it.

And having Sampson hold me, I felt at that moment that maybe it was real and maybe it would last forever. That was when I got a phone call on my cellphone.

I flipped it open.


<I'm going to kill you motherfucker. You hear me...Syn. I'm going to get you. You watch your motherfucking back. You won't make it through the week.>

I hung up the phone.

My heart beat fast. The man's voice did not sound familiar at all. Maybe they were trying to disguise it. I couldn't tell.

All the enemies I had it was hard to really link it. But no one had ever bluntly stated that they wanted to kill me like that. I didn't get it. I was...afraid.

"Who was that?" Sampson stated, stirring up from his sleep.

"No one baby. No one."

I laid back down with him and let him wrap me up again. Truth was I was scared. That didn't sound like some regular bullshit. It wasn't a prank. I could tell in the tone.

Someone wanted me dead.



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