Hell's Syn


DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult content.


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Chapter 5

Who's Bad


Quan looked at me with this weird look, "Have you seen Sampson?"

Porter all of a sudden seem to sober up as he slid slowly away from me. He looked kind of surprised. I didn't get it. What the hell had made him kiss me in the first place?


"You wouldn't. You up here with another guy while your boyfriend is missing. What's that about?"

"Your boyfriend?" Porter asked, "You have a boyfriend?"

Quan smiled, "Oh this is classic! You didn't tell you new trick that you had a boyfriend?"

"That isn't my new trick, you botched abortion," I replied, getting up off the bed, "Why are you asking me where Sampson is?"

Porter shook his head, "Wait you're gay?"


"Is that why you tried to kiss me?" Porter asked.

Quan looked over at me with a raised eyebrow, "Damn son. You trying to play my friend out huh? I told him he better give you some space..."

Porter was looking at me, seriously with this serious face on. Like he definitely believed what he was saying. He definitely BELIEVED that I was the one that tried to kiss him. What the fuck was he drinking? It has to be the strongest shit in the world or something but now all of a sudden he wasn't "as drunk" as before.

"What? I didn't fucking try to kiss you. You tried to kiss me!"

"I'm not a homo, I don't play that shit," Porter replied.

Quan interrupted, "Sorry to get in between this lover's spat, but where is Sampson...seriously. I asked downstairs. We were at the lake and he got a phone call. It was saying Syn was in trouble. And he had to leave."

"Are you serious?"

"He should have been here by now. Unless he's still at the lake."

I looked at Quan and Quan looked at me. Shit.




I found myself searching the lake. Dani was there helping Quan and pretending all of a sudden like she was this good girlfriend. She was completely ignoring Porter who was just traveling along the lake with us.

"Thanks a lot Porter, you're real cool helping us try to find Sampson," Quan had stated as we all got the beach.

Porter just looked at the ground, "Yeah thanks."

"This is bullshit," I stated, "You both are so fake."

Porter was lucky Quan walked away before he heard what I had said. If he

inquired what I was talking about I would have told. Porter wanted to play me. I could play games too.

Porter looked at me for a minute almost as though he was going to say something. It didn't look like he was mad though, almost like he was about to apologize but instead he just shook his head and walked away, calling out for Sampson.

Porter completely ignored me the whole time. Searching places that I wasn't.

Soon I saw Angelina.

She was running along the beach panicking until she found me. She got to me and held my hands.

"Oh my god, I got your text message," she stated to me. She had been sweating and did look sincerely worried.

"Yeah, I don't know. This was the last place he was seen. His phone is off. I been calling it. I called Khan where's he at?"

"Um...I don't know. Back at the party probably. I ran out. Is SHE here?"

I nodded and pointed down the lake where Dani and Porter had flashlights. Why were they flashing them in the water? It was scaring me. Sampson couldn't possibly be in the water.

Just a few minutes later, I could see Khan racing down with a different expression. He seemed surprised.

"Oh my god, am I too late?"

"TOO LATE FOR WHAT? I wish you guys would stop trying to scare me," I stated.

"I'm sure it's fine," Angelina stated, "He probably just needed some time for himself. He probably just went for a walk."

"What was the phonecall about then?" I asked, "Someone called him about me."

"Syn, it's ok, calm down..."

I was panicking.

Sampson was my life. Sampson was the person I wanted to be with.

"Maybe we should split up," I stated, "Angelina why don't you go catch up with Porter. And me and Khan will go up the other way."



We searched for 10 minutes up the other side of the lake. We watched it up and down carefully. Khan looked just as worried as I was. I was kinda glad that everyone seemed to care a little bit though.

"Fuck, I feel like shit," I stated, "I was out kissing another boy. Sampson probably fucking needed me. This is all my fault."

"You were doing what?"

I shut up and looked around, making sure Angelina wasn't around. No, I couldn't even see anyone else. We were by ourselves completely.

I stopped moving for a minute and looked over at Khan.


"You got to be kidding Syn. You were kissing Porter?"

"Yeah," I nodded.

He mouth dropped open and he just stared at me with this blank stare. He definitely couldn't believe it.

Khan shook his head, "How the hell does that happen?"

I was stressed, "I don't know. He just...kissed me. Like it was just so random. I'm thinking maybe he was still horny from his whole little thing with Dani. Maybe he confused me for her."

"Or maybe he's gay..."

"I don't think he's gay. Like he really didn't believe he did it. Like you should have seen his face. You didn't see what I saw."

"I think he's gay. He's always staring at you. Tell me you didn't notice that. Angelina even noticed it. You need to tell her so she can stop crushing on that boy."

"I'm not going to do that?"

"Why the hell not?" Khan replied.

"Because I don't think he's gay. I think him and Angelina would be good together. I'm not going to screw that up with something I don't know for sure."

Khan looked annoyed, "Syn be reasonable. He kissed you..."

"I know. But when Quan saw us."

"Oh shit. Quan saw you?"


"Damn Syn. Doesn't Quan like hate your guts or something? Or is it just me?"

"He pretends like everything's cool but I know he's going to use that against me."

"I hope you're wrong..."

Just as he said that I could see Angelina storming down the lake. She was running like a track runner. It definitely was something.

She reached over to us.

"Come quick!"


My heart raced as Khan, Angelina and I raced down towards the beach. I couldn't take this. I realized at that moment how much I loved Sampson. He had been there for me for so long. He had been there with me since the beginning. He'd always loved me and I always loved him. I felt like I would probably die if something happened to him. I cared about him way too much for that. Like I realized how much I would do for him. I just wanted him to be ok.

That's all I wanted.

Please just be ok...Sampson...please...

Just as we got closer we saw the ambulance. I couldn't see down there.

Keep running, Syn, keep running.

We made our way all the way down the other side of the lake.

An ambulance was there. How fucking long had they known about this? How long had they found Sampson and I was just now getting called.

And just as I approached the ambulance that was there... IT WAS PULLING AWAY .

"No! No! No!" I screamed out.

The ambulance pulled away just as I got there.

"Relax. He's ok," Dani stated, "Quan went with him."

She and Porter were standing there looking dumb as Angelina, Khan and I came

over the hill.

"What the fuck happened?" I asked.

Dani shrugged, "Someone attacked him on the beach. We don't know who. It was just someone. And knocked him out. He was floating in the water. Luckily he was face up on the dock or else he probably would be dead right now."


The idea of dead and Sampson didn't click to me.

It caused me to panic...yet again.

"I wanted to ride with him! Why the hell didn't anyone come get me earlier.

"Wait," Angelina started, her eyes burning into her sister, "Why didn't anyone come get us? If it wasn't for me seeing the ambulance lights, I wouldn't have known to go call Syn."

Dani shook her hand, "Well sister, it isn't about Syn. Now is it?"

"He'd like someone to ride with him," Khan added.

Dani rolled her eyes, "Weren't you listening? Quan went with him. Or maybe if

I said it in Chinese."

"Well I'm his boyfriend, not Quan."

"Please don't get your homosexual tendency towards having an attitude, again, Syn," Dani replied.

"Can you be any more of a bitch, Dani?" Khan asked.

She put her hand in his face, "I am too parched for this. Sampson's ok. Everything's fine. Go home and relax. He should be back tomorrow."

This bitch was blowing me off.

I couldn't believe the nerve of this bitch, but I was too worried to be upset with her. I had my entire mind focused on Sampson.

If he was going to be ok, then that's all I needed to here.

Why Quan though? Why ride with Quan? I was HIS Boyfriend. Not Quan. Maybe Quan purposely didn't go find me. Maybe he wanted me not to find out.

"So Porter, you mind walking me home?" Dani asked, like the true slut she was.

I could see Angelina just walk off pissed off at that moment. Why was Dani such a bitch that she continued to shove it in Angelina's face.

"No...I'm cool," Porter said surprisingly, walking away himself.

Dani just sat there looking stupid.

She was not used to be denied, I could tell. Her mouth opened.

Khan broke out into this rude laughter.

"Dani...oh my god, you are making such a mess," I laughed, "Pick up your face."






I sat in Philosophy class...pondering. Isn't that what I always did anyway...


Quan knew something. He knew something about me now. I wasn't sure what he was going to do with it. It was weird, the way he looked at me when he found out.

It was nothing but drunken behavior.

What if he told Sampson? Fuck...Sampson would be so pissed.


I turned to the professor. I didn't know his name. I called him Professor Crab because he was always in such a bad mood. It was a small class, only about 8 kids but I still wondered how he knew my name.

"Yes sir?"


"Obviously sir."

"Well, in your daydreams, how do you feel about morality?"

He was trying to catch me off guard. I could tell he was trying to embarrass me and prove this intent point. God knows the class I was in or how I even got here. I was a walking zombie all morning. I couldn't stop thinking about how weird Quan reacted when he saw Porter about to kiss me.

And why the FUCK was Porter trying to kiss me.

"I am a follower of the master-slave morality."

"The what now?"

"Oh come on professor. You never heard of Friedrich Nietzsche. His philosophy where the lines of good and bad are not really what modern people believe. Those who believe in self-preservation are good. Aggression triumphs over self pity. In this world there are masters and then there are slaves. Slaves try over and over to break those who are stronger by them by noting them as evil. Why evil? Because I command attention in every room that I enter. Because I am not afraid to speak out?"


He shut up and left me alone.

Left me alone to daydream again. What the hell was Porter thinking? I had to talk to him, find out why he did what he did. I mean, he was straight? Right? So what was that all about.

At the end of class I started walking out. I'd have to go find Porter. I had to talk to him. I had to figure things out.

Instead I was stopped by the professor.

"Syn, there is something interesting about you," he started, "Something controversial perhaps. I was willing to take a chance. Usually I ask graduate students or students I've had in multiple classes, but I was wondering how you'd feel about gaining some extra credit by being my teacher's assistant?"

I thought about it for a second.

"I'll have to get back to you about it."

He looked disappointed, "Ok...ok, you have a lot of talent though Syn. I can already see. You have a complex way of looking at things. You could one day be a great philosopher."

"I could one day be a great bum too. Who knows these days, isn't that right sir? With the economy the way it is?"

I walked away from him.

I wasn't going to think about a damn thing. If he was looking for a teacher's pet, he could catch one of those loud mouth birds that chirping around the campus all day.





I ended up heading back towards my dorm when I saw Porter. He was jogging. He had his shirt off and sweat was rolling down all those muscles of his. We made eye contact for a quick second before he sped away.


I called out to him the first time. I had to talk to him. I had to find out what that kiss was really all about. It had to be about something. I just didn't want our friendship to go away because of a dumb ass kiss.

He ignored me though. This motherfucker ran right past me, pretending like his running was so important.

I couldn't believe this shit.

I couldn't understand it. And then just as I was about to cross the street and chase after Porter a car pulled up, blocking me.

Fuck. I watched as Porter ran out of sight.

"Yow what the fuck! You blind?" I screamed at the car.

I looked down. It was an Oldsmobile. The driver had a hat on but pulled it to the side and I saw the face of the person.

It was T-Boy.


"Get in."

I looked over at him. He wasn't smiling or seeming happy to see me at all. He didn't even look me in my eyes.

"Look T-Boy about what happened before..."

"I don't care. He is still your dude and he is still my adopted brother. So get in the car."

T-Boy was being aggressive like he usually was. But he was being cold to me. He had changed so much. It felt awkward like I didn't even know him at all.

I got in the car.

I looked over T-Boy. He was dressed in a wife beater and some cargo shorts. The shorts sagged underneath his butt. All the tattoos were all over his body.

"Um...I wasn't there for him. I don't know what happened."

He shook his head, "Well we'll figure it out."

He put both his arms on the steering wheel. That was when I saw something...on his arm. It was clearly written in cursive.

I reached out for his arm.

He pulled away pushing me hard, "DON'T TOUCH ME!"
It had Hell's Very Own Syn sketched inside his skin.

Hell's Syn.

He continued to drive not apologizing for pushing me so hard. He looked mad as a matter of fact. He looked more offended then anything.

I didn't bring it up. I could tell it would just start another argument. What was he going through when he got that tattoo. He had to be referring to me. Sin was spelled with a Y.

I just couldn't figure him out.




I dared them stop me.

"I'll call security, sir,"

"Is that a ROACH! ROACH! In the fucking hospital!"

Immediately a couple people turned around looking funny. T-Boy watched me. He was always impressed by how I could blow up in such a quick second.

"Sir we do not have roaches here."

"By the time the health inspectors come and search the entire hospital and tear through the staff to figure out why the hell there is a roach complaint in the hospital, causing extreme havoc."


"I mean wasn't there just a hurricane. A lot of water attracts bugs. Wouldn't it make sense?"

"Oh my god, we don't have roaches?"

" I mean...WHY NOT SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE HOSPITAL. You paying you're rent can't be more important then me just going to make a visit...right? I mean would you really want to risk all of that."

"Down the hall, three doors to your left."


I couldn't figure out if she was really intimidated or if she just wanted me to get out of her face just because.

I walked down the hall though, followed by T-Boy who was still acting awkward as hell. He stopped me before we advanced.


His arm graced mine roughly like before.

"What is it?"

He shook his head, "Syn, what you saw on my arm was your name. I hated you. For the life of me. And that hurricane it was hell. It really was."

"I'm sorry...I..."

"I know you're sorry but that can't take back the past. Syn, are you happy with Sampson. Are you more happy with him then you could have been with me?"

"Why does it matter?"

"It doesn't. I'm not begging you back. Don't get that idea. I am tell you however that maybe you made a mistake. Don't you ever wonder that? Maybe you chose the wrong brother."

What was this?

Was he trying to take me on a guilt trip or something?
It was working, I had to admit.

"I chose the right one," I told him.

I turned away going towards the room. T-Boy not looking at me again. We made our way to the room to see T-Boy there.

I got to the room and all of a sudden I realized I was hearing talking. I stopped T-Boy with my arm. I couldn't believe it. It was Quan. Fuck was he still doing around Sampson. My Sampson.

I moved closer peering into the room.

They were there together, looking at one another.

And then I heard Quan, "I love you."

And Sampson replied to him, "I love you too. Knew that I'd fall in love the day that I met you. Knew you was right for me and knew that I was right for you. Now that we're together nothing can stop us but divine intervention."

And my heart broke.

My heart shattered, as I ran into the room, anger in bounds.


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