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  I'll Bring You To Paradise

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The guard opened the driveway when he recognized me. Manong Ramon has been their guard for about 20 yrs. he's really nice and cool. He looks to be about 50 yrs old. I smiled at him and continued inside. I parked at the garage. We got out of the car and headed inside the house. My Aunt Gloria came to welcome us.

"Oh Zit you were able to come. And Joey you've grown into a fine young man.," I blushed when she made that comment, "And this must be Ian, oh you've grown. And Ziara, the unica hija so how are you doing dear?" "I'm fine tita so is Ate Nell here?" My sister answered.

"Ey Joe can we trade Cell tomorrow? I have a date and hafta make a good impression." My brother pleadingly smiled at me. I always have fun tormenting him.

"No way!" I tried not to laugh. My sister gave me this amused look.

"Oh Joe please come on." He's got this desperate look on his face that made me burst out laughing, "Hey what's so funny there? Come on Joe please."

"Oh okay. But only for tomorrow okay? " I turned to my sister.

"So how bout you? I don't want to hear you dating some guy okay?"

"Duh Joe, like I care. Mind your own business." My sister gave me an irritated look. "Ouch! That hurts." I said with my best hurt look. "Whatever. I'm going to find Ate Nell." My sister took off to find Nell; she's kind of cool, though. My sister is only 10 yrs old so I'm just worried. Kids seem to mature early today. My brother joined one our cousins and left me. I went to the buffet table and got some food. When I stuffed my plate with sushi, tempura and calamari I went inside the enormous house and went to the family room. I found my cousin Gene alone. Gene is real nice unlike her brothers and sisters who are snob. We were kind of close so I was happy to find her. "Hey Gene howdy? Mind if I join you?" She has this god I'm really, really, glad to see you smile plastered on her face. "Of course no. I'm doing fine, how bout you, you smartass." Yeah-same old Gene. "I'm okay same old same old. Anywayz what's up with you?" "I got myself a boyfriend," she imitated a cat purr and pinched me on the cheek, "In fact I invited him today." "Okay so where did you meet the guy? I must warn him about your psychotic tendency." We both laughed at what I said.

"You should meet him. He's really cute and mabait (nice). He just went to pee. I don't know what's taking him so long. The problem with his big dick he can't seem to fit it in his underwear. I told him to wear boxer shorts. Hahahaha." Gene's a nuttcase sometimes. I remembered how she found out about me. We were having coffee and smoking when this really cute guy passed by. I made a comment on how hot this guy is and forgot I was with Gene. She was shocked at first but then eventually she laughed so hard she looked real funny I joined her. She thought it's really cool. But then warned me to be careful. She knows how hard coming out so she respected my decision to stay in the closet. Only when we are alone we can talk freely.

"Hmm sounds yummy, mind if you let me borrow him for one night?"

"Huh, he's all mine."

Then a guy came in the room. He was wearing dark shades. I looked back at Gene and smiled. She knows how to pick `em.

"Joey, meet Alex, Alex, Joey. Joey is my first cousin." I again look at the guy then suddenly I froze. He removed his sunglasses and Alex from last night was staring back at me with a surprised look.

"Alex? Whoa what a small world." I looked at Gene's astonished face.

""You bet. So are you still tired?"

"Wait you two know each other?" Gene raised her eyebrow at me.

"Uhu actually the first time we met Alex nearly run me over. And you remember Jake a'ight? Well Alex and Jake are block mates; Jake invited him to his party last night."

"Oh so Alex honey you met my smartassed cousin already. Beware of him okay he changes form at midnight."

"Whatever Gene."

I can't help it but I really felt jealous. I know I should be happy for my cousin and Alex. But the kiss, it felt so right aint it? I shouldn't have assumed, now look at me am going to hurt again and it's nobody's fault just the circumstances. God I hate this Life. Although my mood dropped I tried hard hide it and make it look I'm interested in our conversation. When I really can't stand it I excused myself from Gene and Alex. I went to find my mum and asked her if I can go drive around for a while. She didn't allow me at first but I think she noticed my mood so she said yes with out much persuasion. I drove around the block and parked a couple of houses from my aunt's. I took out a pack of Winston Reds and lit a cig. The smoke felt great, coursing through your lungs and slowly destroying your alveoli. Whew I really gotta get out of manila this summer. I'll stay at Baguio, right and enjoy myself. Anywayz that's too far from now so I'll just have to deal with these people for the mean time. After smoking half of the pack I drove back to the reunion. I went inside to find mum and the guys. Mum was still talking with her cousins my sister sat beside her while my brother played pool with our cousins. Guess I'll just stay inside the car and listen to some of my CD's. I turned the battery on and played the CD player Bic Runga's Sway came blasting off the speakers. Jake burned this CD for me, a collection of my fave songs. I closed my eyes and tried to free my mind off things that stress my mind lately. It felt really relaxing just sitting there with songs like Deep, Drops of Jupiter and Iris in the background. Then without any warning I was cut off of my reverie. Somebody was tapping at my window. I pulled my back and looked outside. Mum was tapping the window. I opened the door and got down the car.

"Now Joey what are you doing there? I told you to join your cousins." She was kind of annoyed with me.

"Mum you know I hate them. Well not all of them, but I don't want to pretend in front of them that I'm having a blast." I tried to argue.

"Hmm okay, but next time try to spend sometime with them. Now come and say goodbye to your relatives okay?" She took my hand and led me to the garden. I said goodbye to my aunts and some of my cousins. I was about to head back to the car when I came across Gene and Alex.

"Hey Joe where did you go?" Gene took my hand.

"Uhm I smoked muna. Anywayz I'll see you at the next rotten reunion okay?" I said smiling and giggling. "And you too Alex." I hid the disappointment in my voice.

"Oh you guys going na?" Gene said pouting her lips.

"Yup. You guys have a nice time okay?" I continued to walk to the car with both of them behind me. My mum was outside the car with some of my aunts. My bro and sister were anxious to go. I took the driver's sit and started the car. Mum kissed my aunts goodbye and joined us. I back out of the garage. Before I drove off the street I looked at Gene and Alex and he was staring at me with a disappointed look. Yeah right, I tried to brush Alex image out of my head. We made it home after an hour, the traffic wasn't that bad. I went straight to my room took off my shoes and clothes and stretched out on my bed. I slept the moment I closed my eyes.

The sound of my radio woke me up. I looked at the clock, 5:00 in the morning. I tried to remember what day it was then suddenly it hit me, whoa Monday. I ran to the bathroom and showered real fast. I put on a shirt and jeans; I grabbed my backpack and started to go down stairs. I took my sandals on the shoe rack. Mum was having coffee in the kitchen when she noticed me cramming.

"Hmm your late again, here I prepared a sandwich for you." Mum handed me a sandwich wrapped in foil.

"Thanks mum I'll go na." I gave her a peck on the cheek and went out of the house.

I took a jeepney going to school. I think the driver dreams of racing someday he was really fast but thanks to him I got to school 20 minutes before the class. I sat outside the building and smoked. I was hoping to see Jake before my class started. I want to apologize for um... hey I don't think I did something wrong. I just wanted to see if he's mad or not I guess. But to no avail I din't even see his shadow. Our professor decided to give us a surprise quiz. I was okay with it coz I have read the lesson before. I thought this day would be a bad one and well it is I just din't let it get to me. I sat alone on the cafeteria eating some soggy pasta at lunch. I wanted so bad to call Alex on his cell phone but I thought of my pride and dropped the idea. I finished eating and started to go to my next class when I felt I needed to be alone and I needed to relax a bit. I can't think of a place to go to so I started to walk, just walk. I lit a cigarette and then walked again. I thought of things that would be able to relax me. I thought of the beach, the sand and wind it helped me calm my nerves. I was smoking my 6th stick and still walking when a car horn startled me. I went to look for the source of the noise. A familiar blue Mitsubishi 1 door lancer was parked beside me. The windows rolled down and Alex came into view.

"Deep in his thoughts. You look like a zombie. Where are you going." I tried to place where I am.

"Oh um I don't know, I just wanted to walk that's all. How bout you?"

"Uh Katipunan. You still have a class?" He asked me. I looked at my watch hmm I walked for about an hour. I didn't attend my 3rd class and am 30 minutes late for my 4th.

"Um yeah but I guess its useless to attend coz I'm 30 minutes late."

"You wanna have coffee?" He offered. I won't be busy till the week after so I accepted. We went to Starbucks, bought ourselves frap and smoked outside. We just stared on the passing cars at first. He broke the ice by asking me question, about my course and about Gene. He caught me off guard when his questions became quite personal. Asking about my family. I wanted to change the topic before he asks an offensive question but I really felt comfortable with him. I looked at my watch it was already 5:00 pm and I have to get going.

"Alex I had a fun time. But I need to go home. Thanks for inviting." I started to get up my sit.

"Oh, um I should probably go home na rin. I'll take you home Joey." He also stood up and started to walk to his car.

"No thanks but I'm out of your way. I'll just se you around."

"Come on its okay no hassle, really."

"Thanks really but you better go home and call Gene, you don't want to give her ideas. I'll be okay." He was going to argue with me but I cut him off and started walking to the waiting shed. I took a jeep to Katipunan and from there a jeep going home. When I got home everybody seems to be busy. I grabbed a banana and iced tea then went up to my room. I played my favorite CD and sat on my bed. I ate my banana and drunk my iced tea. I heard a knock on my door. I stood up and went to get it. I was expecting mum but when I opened the door Jake stood in front of me. "You din't even bothered to call me if you got home safely. I was worried you know. And you don't seem to care. Why? Alex kiss real good that you suddenly forgot me? Huh?" He was poking his finger at my chest. I was dumbfounded. His face was a mixture of anger and hurt. Then abruptly what he said hit me.

H"What? Kiss? Are you crazy? Why would I kiss him and he kiss me. He's straight okay!"

"Come on every time he looks at you, and today at class the first thing he asked me was you. I can't answer him coz I don't even know if you're still alive."
"Look sorry I was tired and I forgot to call you ok. And besides I thought you're mad at me so I wanted to give you sometime to cool off." I looked at him and his expression softened.

"I wasn't mad at you. You know I can't stay mad at you. I'm sorry if I acted like a jerk yesterday. I just miss you dude. Don't gimme that `I'm gay shit and your not so I just wanted to give you some space' crap at me okay. Sorry Joe."

"It's okay, I'm sorry too for not calling. I was really tired and I kind of wanted to be alone lately." I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. Jake hugged me back. We were like that for a couple of seconds then I broke the hug coz my groin starts to tingle and my knees were getting weak. I don't want to pass out in front of him, which will be hard to explain.

"Remember my cousin Gene?" I went to sit on my bed. Jake sat beside me.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well she's dating Alex." I waited for his reaction. He had this disbelief look on his face.

"Really? Whoa what a small world huh? So you saw him at this reunion? Anywayz honestly I think he's um gay, I don't know just a feeling and maybe I'm mistaken but I kind of sense a vibe that he's into you big time. Trust me with that one." I was still looking at his face. He smiled then suddenly frowned and wrinkled his nose. God I can't even read his expression it's too complex.

"Whatever Jake, there you go again. You read too much horoscope and feung shui. He likes my cousin and their happy together. And don't you give me false hopes okay. I don't wanna get disappointed."

"No," Matt protested again, but was ignored.

"I hate horoscopes and I don't even know what feung shui is, but what I do know is something's up with Alex. Ey Joe you still got tickets left for Friday's event?"

"Uhu I still got 7 tickets left, why?" I went to get the tickets.

"I told my block mates bout the party and they wanted to go, I told them you're selling tickets."

"How many do you need?"

"Give me all those seven tickets."

"Uhu okay, next Thursday." He took the tickets and got up to examine my CD collection.

"Hey um how did you know um...me and Alex...you know...um kiss."

""What! Alex kissed you?" His mouth agape and a look of disbelief was painted on his face. "So I was right then? I told you there's something up with him."

"Huh? You mean you don't have an idea? Well I'm only joking?"

"Yeah right, you're joking you slip Joe. So is he a better kisser than me? Hahahaha."

"Whatever, forget about it. We're both drunk and kinda feeling lonely and the place and mood was real conducive. Plus he likes my cousin."

"Yeah right, I think he's confuse and maybe you're the one who's gonna help him clear his mind."

"Stop it okay, you wanna eat?" I started to get up.

"Okay, but you know it's obvious you two like each other, hahahaha." He stood up and we went down stairs to eat. Jake stayed for a couple more hours. We played 4X4 rally on the play station. When he left I went up to my room and smoked. I do like Alex but I don't have an idea what he likes. He's dating my cousin, which would be hard to experiment and try to find out if he's into guys. Huh the hassle of being gay. I just sat by the window resting my head on my knees thinking.

The next morning I woke up feeling great. I have all this energy and excitement I could not explain. I geared up for school grabbed some sandwich my mum made and headed for school. As usual I'm quite early and I made my way to the Sunken garden. I sat there and lit a cigarette; I do this sort of thing when my mind is quite clear; recalling happy memories to compliment this great feeling. Anywayz I haven't noticed the time, I was too lost in thought when I checked my watch I was 20 minutes late for class. Instead of getting pissed at myself I laughed it off. Classes were uneventful. All the guys were too anxious on their upcoming gimmicks. I wanted so much to be excited but the noise of their crazy banters kinda suffocates me. I went out and made my way to the Sunken and lit a few cigarettes and relaxed. I felt someone's presence at my back, I was about to turn my head and see who it was, when he spoke.

"Hmmm why are you alone? Mind if I join you?" No mistake that voice belongs to Alex.

"Ah, just relaxing I wanted to be alone. Everybody's like excited about the project and all. And no I don't mind. Don't have classes na?" He sat beside me and lit a cigarette.

"Hmmm, wala na. So what's this project all about?" He scanned the football field and then looked at me for a few seconds, which made me a little uncomfortable.

"We're suppose to go out on a gimmick and observe people and talk to a stranger, like we have to introduce ourselves. I haven't done that in a long time." I sighed and puffed smoke from my mouth. I made donuts out of smoke. I felt relaxed just sitting beside Alex.

"Uhm what was it that you haven't done for a long time? Go out on a gimmick?" He had this bemused look on his face.

"Oh um introduce myself to a stranger much more interview one. Oh my God. I'll probably get 3 or even 5 on this project." I was worried for a moment but Alex smiled at me and that did it.

"Come on, its not such a bad idea, you can do that. So when are you guys going out? And who are you going to be with?" He asked me while lighting another stick of cig.

"Grae's and Vic's gang. I have no choice really. Don't get me wrong these people are cool to be with but I'm not just comfortable with some of them. That is going to be hard considering that I still have to worry about meeting somebody I can interview." I started to light another cigarette.

"Oh, anywayz I think I wanna go out with you this Friday. Okay with you?"

"Yeah sure at least I'll have somebody who I can talk to like a normal person, yeah I guess you won't get in the way." I started to laugh at my lame joke.

"Hahahaha so I'll pick you up what time?"

"Huh? Pick me up? Okay so I guess I'll spare myself from the trouble of driving. Go to my house 9p.m. okay?"

"Okie dokie."

"I think I better go home and start studying for finals. Anywayz you know my number so if something comes up and you can't make it on Friday just call me okay?" I started to gut up.

"Aren't you going to wait for Jake?" He stood up.

"Nope I hafta go home early. So see you Friday okay?"

"Uhu so why don't you ride with me home. Sige na I'll go na rin."

"Okay sige you can just drop me off at Sta. Lucia." We headed to where his car was parked.

He was supposed to drop me off at Sta. Lucia but he insisted on taking me home. I was tired so I din't argue with him. The past few days were okay, and quite uneventful. Friday came and everybody in the class were all busy talking and asking everybody about the gimmick. Grae asked me if I was gonna come with them or just meet them at Libis. I wasn't sure if Alex can make it that night so I told her I'm going to be at their meeting place. She told me to be at Starbucks Katipunan at 10:00 pm. They were really excited and I guess some of it rubbed of on me. We were dismissed a little early so I went home straight. I was about to take a nap when my mobile phone rang. Alex was calling.

"Hey Joey so what time shall I pick you up?"

"Hey Joey so what time shall I pick you up?"

"Hey Joey so what time shall I pick you up?"

"Not really, you sure this won't be a hassle? Why don't you bring Gene? Or invited some of the guys, para masaya." I was secretly hoping we din't invited his gang and Gene, though.

"I did ask her but she can't make it."

"Oh okay uhm 9pm okay with you? I hafta meet my classmates at Starbucks Katipunan at 10."

"Yeah sure see yah 9pm then? I have to run an errand for my mum. Later Joe."

Hmmmm to be continued...

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