I'll Bring You To Paradise

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I felt really tired so I took a nap first. I woke up at 7:30. I ate dinner and readied myself. I decided to wear a white lycra hugging shirt, black denim bootleg pants paired with black boots. Alex was just on time. We got to Katipunan at 9:45 some of my classmates are already there. I was saving my money for later so we opted to stay in the car and smoked.

"So Alex how's Gene. I really felt guilty spending him spending a gimmick night with me rather than Gene, but it kinda felt kinky, hehehe.

"Oh she's going out with her friends, planning for this slumber party. Anywayz how's it going for you?"

"Everything's fine, I can't wait for summer vacation."

"Why? What's your plan?"

"My mum's going to spend her summer with my Dad, she's going to New York, sort of her gift to herself. My brother and sister are going to Baguio. I'll be staying at home instead so I have the house to myself for two months!"

""Cool maybe we can hang out there huh?"

"Yeah that'll be cool. Hey there's Grae."

Grae then arrived, she oriented everybody then we're of o Libis. Some of us went into different bars. Alex and I decided to go with Grae and her gang. We went to Coast101, the smell of cigarette; perfume mixed with sweat, sounded like it smelled bad but actually its kind of an aphrodisiac greeted us. Anywayz we got a table in the second floor, settled and ordered ourselves drinks and food. People who wanted to dance occupied the space between tables and grooved their staff. I scanned the place for a possible interview while I sipped my Mule. I was looking for somebody who seems to be outgoing and friendly, but there's no luck. Everybody looks so uptight and snob. A couple of times I danced but most of the time talking with Alex. It was 15 past eleven when I asked Alex if he wanted to go somewhere quiet and relaxing. I told Grae I had no luck getting an interview so I'm going to try my luck at a nearby bar. Alex and I went to Crocodiles Bar. I wanted to drink and the booze is much cheaper in Croc. I had already 3 mule, one Long Island, Margarita and two shots of Orgasm when a guy caught my attention. He was tall maybe 3 inches taller than me. He was so confident and walked his way to a nearby table. The guy seems to be alone. I was feeling really bold so I told Alex I found someone really interesting to interview. I made my way to his table.

"Hi uhm this may sound really weird but I have this paper. We kind of have to interview somebody, most probably a bar hopper na we don't know. So uhm if you don't mind I would like to ask some of your time. By the way I'm Joey." He looked a little cynical but then I guess my expression looked genuine and he nodded.

"Okay, I'm Eli. So what's this paper about?" He motioned me to the sit next to him. I looked at Alex and gave him this I'm sorry, please bare with me look. He just smiled and mouthed go ahead.

"It's a paper for my Social Psychology class. I don't know what got into my professor's head. Anywayz you really don't mind?"

"Nope Its okay. I'm not with somebody so you might as well give me company." I put my recorder on the table and got my questions. The interview went smoothly. He was a perfect sport. I found out that he studies at University of Santo Tomas and taking up Business Administration. I kept looking at Alex and checking if he's okay. I checked my watch and we were like talking for 45 minutes. I know its not normal to get a guy's number in your first meeting but I took the chance. I asked for his number and he gladly gave it and asked for mine too. I wonder why he asked my mobile number but then dismissed the idea and said my thank you and goodbye. I went back to our table. Alex just smiled and said how friendly I am and how I handled it effortlessly. It must be the booze. Anywayz Alex and I stayed for an hour more and talked. I wasn't my uptight, remote self that time and our conversation led into more private topic without me changing it. I got home three in the morning. I was trying so hard not to kiss Alex while the whole time I'm watching him drive. I slept the whole Saturday but tried to finish my paper so I'll have the whole Sunday free.

The week of departmental arrived I was really busy finishing papers and reviewing for exams. I had three weeks of self-deprivation. I allotted little time for sleep. I was either in front of the computer and slumped on my table reading notes and books. I hardly speak to anyone on the phone coz I wanted to concentrate on my studies.

At last finals was over and I can now do what I want. I planned to just relax and pamper myself the whole summer. 27th of March we woke up 5 in the morning and piled ourselves in the car. Mum's going that day and we offered to take her to the airport. We took her luggage inside and said our goodbyes. I thought of the whole summer, I'm surely going to miss mum. Am going to miss all her crazy banters and all her nagging and of course her excellent cooking. When we got home we piled my siblings' bags in the trunk and went to Baguio. We bought take out food and drove five hours straight. We arrived in Baguio ten past two in the afternoon. My cousins were glad to see us. They were asking for me to stay but I reasoned I have bunch of papers to finish and submit this summer. I had dinner with them and drove back to manila and alone at ten in the evening. I was back home at three in the morning and slept the whole day. I was peacefully sleeping when I felt some moving in my room. I opened my eyes and saw a pair of eyes staring back at me. Oh Jake again.

"Hey wake up you've been sleeping the whole day. I didn't want to wake you up coz Manang told me you got home three in the morning from Baguio."

"Hunh, oh yeah...tired...still need to sleep...go away...play with my computer..." He took my hand and forced me to get out of bed and throw me inside the bathroom.

"You stink, take a bath and act like human." He then laughed at me.

"Am gonna kill you!!!!!" But I was too tired to grab and throw something at him. I closed the bathroom door and went into the shower. After I took a bath I went downstairs to join Jake in the kitchen. He just finished making sandwiches.

"Here eat. I'm kind of hungry myself." He took a bite on his sandwich. I went to get juice in the fridge and ate mine.

"So why din't you told me you were going to Baguio. I could have accompanied you. You were driving at ten in the evening."

"I can take care of myself very well."

"Forget it, your too stubborn and proud to listen to anybody."

"Uhu, so stop bickering and just eat your sandwich. So what brings you here?"

"To visit my best friend."

"Oh ain't that nice."

"So how's your summer starting? How's Joan? Are you guys planning to go somewhere to spend your summer?"

"My summer is starting out fine and Joan's busy with her summer job."

We spent the night watching TV. I think sleeping the whole day kept me up all night. Jake decided to stay over. I wanted to relax all summer but what the heck one party won't spoil my plan so I told my plan to Jake and he readily agreed. We started to plan the party. He told me he's going to chip in for the booze. Its Wednesday and so Friday would be the party night. I started to call people and let them know about the party. I even called Gene and Alex. But then again Gene's busy with her snob rich friends. I told her I invited Alex and she thanked me for taking care of her boyfriend, boy if she just knows the truth. I invited some of my classmates whom I'm quite acquainted with and some of my high school friends. We slept pretty much late. I was awoken by the piercing sound of my alarm clock. I remembered I set it to alarm at eight in the morning. I woke up Jake and we geared up for a very busy day. We drove to Megamall and buy booze for the party. We were expecting 30 to 40 people and I have to budget. We bought chips and ingredient for sandwich and anything we can think of to eat. I asked our help to clean the house. I borrowed coolers from all the people I know. We put the beer in the fridge and chilled it overnight. Jake slept over the house and we woke up the next day at ten and started texting and calling people. Alex arrived early and helped us fix the house. We finished at three in the afternoon. We freshen up and relaxed. We watched videos to kill time. Guests started to arrive at eight in the evening. The party kicked off at 10. The stereo was blaring with techno music courtesy of Jake. I went to check on the booze and talked to people I knew. There were faces that I don't recognize that were introduced to me. I was enjoying the party but I had too many drinks and went upstairs to my room to chill for a while. I went inside my room not bothering to turn on the lights. I closed the door and lay down on my bed when I felt a body lying next to mine. I jumped out of bed and switched on my lamp. There was Alex lying down and seemed to be asleep. I turned the lamp off and started to leave when I heard him stir.

"Wait, don't leave." Alex said in a lethargic tone. I din't know what to do so I just stood there. "Come here lie down beside me"

But still I stood there frozen not knowing what I should do. I felt him stir one more time and then the lamp suddenly illuminated the room. Alex looked into my eyes motioning me to him. He looked so adorable that I was drawn into him. The next thing I knew I was in bed with him and we were locked in a tight embrace. I felt his warm breath on my cheeks. He started kissing my face and finally stopping on my lips. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth and played with my tongue. I was lost and I couldn't think of anything at that moment. My cousin's face popped in my head by I was too aroused to care and let my defenses down. I kissed him back and started to caress his back and tugged at his pants. I moved my hands inside his briefs and kneaded his butt, his warm skin sending shivers to my hands and my whole body. We started to remove pieces of clothing from our bodies. When we finally got naked, I started to kiss my way down his dick. It was hard and throbbing, aching for my touch. I took it in my hands and massaged his prick making him moan. After toying with his prick pre-cum started to appear at the tip and I licked it, tasting his sweet nectar. He gasped at the contact of my wet tongue. I have to have him and fast. I took half of his cock in my mouth savoring its taste. I knew he's in heaven by the way he's breathing hard and moaning. I started to move my head up and down his cock. I was in heaven knowing that I'm pleasuring him. I continued my pace on his dick and after few minutes his moaning got louder and I felt his cock engorge and a hefty load of his semen flowed in my mouth. I swallowed all I could but some of it ran out of my mouth. When he finished ejaculating he reached for my hand and let me up. He licked the cum that ran out off my mouth and kissed me and then kissed his way down my knob. He took it the moment he reached my crotch. I see he isn't a first timer with this. His tongue moved like an expert pleasuring me. I moved my hips back and forth encouraging him with what his doing to me. Thinking of Alex going down on me got me real excited. I warned him that am gonna cum but he made no effort to remove his head so when I can't hold it anymore I rammed my whole cock into his face and had one of the best orgasm in my life. He pulled back a little and sucked the come out of my cock. After I had the last shot he stood up and kissed, sharing with me the remains of my pleasure. We stood there kissing and caressing each other's body. When our lips parted I looked into his eyes to see his reaction. He had this contented look on his face.

"I wanted that to happen since the night we kissed at Jake's party but I wasn't sure am ready for the consequences." Alex said while he caressed my cheeks.

"So I guess your ready to face those consequences now? What's this Alex? A moment of pure lust?" I know this can't happen again. I don't want to hurt my cousin and I'm not sure what Alex's intention is?

"Yes I think I do. And no, I like you the moment I see you, but I wasn't sure. After a couple of times talking with you, getting to know you. I know you're different and special and I won't let this chance go. But I have to make sure I'm ready to face the consequences. I have to stab at this chance with you. I don't want those `what if' questions hunt me for the rest of my life and I know I won't regret this decision. Give me a chance." Alex looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Wow, I don't know what to say. But I don't want to hurt my cousin." I sat down on the bed, still naked.

"Me too Joey, but I can't help it. I know what I am feeling and I can't ignore that. We don't have to tell her." He sat beside me and hugged me from behind.

"And you're gonna continue dating her?"

"No, I broke up with her last night."

"I wonder why she didn't call me."

"Please Joey say yes. That you wanna try to work what it is we're sharing now."

"Give me a reason not to say yes Alex?" I looked at his eyes smiling.

"Well, I can't think of anything."
"Then I guess I have no choice but to say yes."

I don't know what to feel at that moment. I wanted so much to be happy but there's a part of me that doesn't want to. I stared blankly at him, and then he leaned forward and kissed me. All I can do at that time is to surrender and make that moment last. After that long passionate kiss we put our clothes on and went downstairs to join the party. Some of the crowd has left. I had a couple of beers and joined the crowd playing spin the bottle. Alex sat in a corner watching the game. The last of the people who came left at about four in the morning and we finished cleaning up the mess at five in the morning. I was too tired and went to my room while Alex followed me. Jake was left behind watching TV. I snuggled to Alex and we slept.

Jake's POV

I didn't want to sleep yet so I opted to watch TV. I watched some corny movie, but after 30 minutes I got bored. I went outside to smoke and saw Alex's car outside. So the guy hasn't left yet. Must be sleeping in one of the room upstairs. After I finished smoking I made my way to Joey's room and thought of crashing in his bed. But when I opened his door I saw him cuddled up by Alex. I was repulsed at first, I don't know why. I watched them for a few minutes and saw how peaceful Joe's face is. I know I should be happy for him, coz at last he found someone who's going to make him happy. But I can't deep inside I felt jealous. I should be the one who's making him happy. I should be the one who ought to hold him and make him feel safe, complete him and content him. I felt angry to myself for feeling such things. I can't be. I tried to rationalize my feelings for Joey, he's like a brother to me and that's all. Maybe I am not rationalizing it but just fooling myself. Joey stirred so I closed the door and decided to go home. I have to clear my mind of this crap. I slept until two in the afternoon. After I ate I shot some hoops and played some RPG on my PC. But still the picture of Joe with Alex is all in my mind. Why?

Yep people to be continued...

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