I'll Bring You To Paradise

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Joey's POV

I woke up at ten in the morning. I felt happy and alive. I looked at Alex still sleeping beside me. I needed to pee so I carefully got out of the bed and went to the john. When I get back Alex was awake and smiling at me.

"Hmmm, I wish I could wake up like this everyday." He then reached for my hand and kissed me. Well I guess waking up like this everyday wasn't a bad idea considering those sweet kisses.

"Uhu, but I got to do a few things today. Maybe few is an understatement. I'm gonna have a very busy day. As much as I want you to stay, I can't let you. I won't be able to entertain you the whole day." I started to pick up pillows and fold the sheets.

"Don't worry about me. I'll just accompany you and be of help whatever you got to do. If its okay with you?" He got out of bed hugged me from behind and licked my ears; Gawd what a feeling.

"Okay but you hafta promise me you're going to behave."

"Oh yeah, I will behave."

After the bed was made we went down stairs and set off to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I was half through my food when I remembered Jake.

"Uh Manang, where is Jake? Is he still in the den? Did he sleep there?" I asked our help.

"Ay wala na si Jake. Pagdating ko eh malinis na yung den at wala ng tao. (Oh Jake's not here anymore. When I got home the den is clean and nobody was there)" She said while putting another serving of hotcake and sausage on Alex's plate.

"Ok thanks Manang. I wonder what happened to him? Anyway I'll just pass by their place before I pay all the bills. You stink, after this, take a shower. Did you bring clothes?" I asked Jake.

"Oh yeah I forgot. Staying overnight wasn't my original plan, though."

"Okay you'll just hafta borrow from me. You're quite bigger than me but I think my clothes will fit you but in a snug fit. Wow I can't wait to see you wearing my clothes."

"Its okay you just have to refrain yourself from getting excited."

"Whatever, I'll go upstairs now and find you something to wear and take a bath just follow me upstairs after you finish your food okay?" I went upstairs and got Jake something to wear. I got him a white Limp Bizkit print shirt and decided to ask him after I got out of the shower if he wanted to borrow a pair of boxers from me. Well I'm not sure if he wants to okay? After I got out of the shower I saw Jake reading one of my paperback collection.

"You enjoying it?" I asked him while I towel dry my hair.

"Oh yeah so much. This is a nice a book."

"So uhm wanna borrow a pair of my boxers?"

"If you want to. And do I get to keep the pair I'm going to borrow?"

"Okay but be sure you're gonna buy me a new one, deal?"

"Okay, deal. Can I borrow your towel?"

"Yeah, here. One more thing, doplan to borrow pants? Coz I don't think one of my pants will fit you." I handed him my towel.

"Its okay. I'll just use my pants again anyway its not that filthy. Hehehe"

"Okay. Now get into the shower, we're gonna have a long day."

We head to Jake's house first but his mum said he went out. I wonder where he went without even asking if I wanted to come or just letting me know where he's going. I got kind of pissed off about Jake going out without informing me. I know am over reacting but hey we're best friends ayt? Anyway we started the afternoon paying bills. By three in the afternoon we were finished and decided to go to Galleria. We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling, window-shopping and when we got tired we had frappe. By eight in the evening we headed home. As much as Alex wanted to stay he had to go. He told me his family always goes out on Sundays. He wanted me go out with his family. He said he's gonna pick me up come morning, but am not yet comfortable with the idea of going out with his family so I declined. I spent my Sunday watching TV and trying to call Jake to ask him what's up but he's also out the whole day. Well what the hell is his problem? I am not going to plead with him just to tell me what's his problem so I just let the idea of finding out what Mike's setback aside. The week was pretty exciting. Alex was there everyday bumming around with me. We did nothing but watch TV, eat, sleep and have uhm passionate sex. And the coming weeks were also a repeat of our first week together. We can't seem to get enough of each other. The summer is fast ending and classes would be starting in two weeks. Jake and I weren't able to hang out with each other that much. So I haven't got the chance to ask him what's bothering him. Every time Jake was at home he would just play with my computer and play while I busied myself with some repairing and cleaning my mum's garden. Whenever I would ask him what's his problem he always changes the topic. I know better not to force him. I decided to spend my remaining two weeks in Baguio. I told Alex my plan and he wanted to come with me. We went to Baguio and spent yet the best two weeks of vacation I ever had. Every night he would drive me to the park. We'll gaze at the stars and talk. We never ran out of things to talk about. Life seems to get easier when he's around. Although life appears to be perfectly happy we can't avoid petty quarrels. He's always the one who come up to apologize even if we both know I'm the one who started the fight. Guess I'm too proud to huh? We were having a great time. My sister and he got along very well. But my brother seemed to be goaded by his presence. Alex tried hard to get him into a conversation, asked him to shoot some hoops with him and invited him when we go clubbing but his effort were all wasted. I think he sensed something was up with Alex and me. Like he can sense there's something more than friendship on our relationship. And by the way he's acting, avoiding me and spending little time with us tells me he's bothered. I let it pass and just avoid him. I won't let him ruin my happiness. I deserve this and he has no right to take it away. The first day of classes was fast approaching. Three days before classes started we went down to manila. My brother wanted to stay until Sunday. He knew well that classes are going to start on Monday. I wanted to ask why but I think I know what the answer would be so I didn't. But I insisted he go with us he knew not to contradict me so he packed his things. Mum won't be home till the end of the month so I have to take care of my siblings for a month. I was stressed for a month taking care of my sister and brother. I have to wake up early see to it they got all the things they need and after classes help them with their assignments and projects. I have to buy groceries and pay bills. Although Alex offered to help I don't want to bother him. My mum finally got home and I can go back to my regular routine. I would go to school, research and do my papers. Jake would sometimes visit at home and play ball with my bro. Little did I know he would be asking stuff about Alex and me.

It was the 2nd of July I went to school early to study for a quiz. I sat down on one of the benches facing the Sunken Garden. I lit a cigarette and went over my notes. An hour after, I was sitting in the classroom taking one hell of an exam. I miss Alex. He won't be able to meet up with me that day. He'd be busy with his feasibility study that is okay by me. I won't be having classes after the exam but I din't feel like going home so I decided to hang out with my classmates after the exam. After nearly two hours of cracking my brain I passed my paper and left. I waited for in the lobby for the others to finish. After which we headed to the caf and ate. I was having a good time laughing at the corny jokes of my classmate when I heard someone calling my name. I scanned the place and saw Jake at the other side of the caf waving an arm at me. I missed his company. Maybe this would be a good time to make up for those lost times. I told my classmates I had to go and thanked them for the hilarious time. I walked my way to Jake's table.

"Hey stranger, how's it going?" I sat across him.

"Not bad. I'm nearly finished with my proposal for my feasibility study. How bout you?"

"Pretty good I guess. Anyway I haven't seen Joan with you lately?" He turned his gaze outside.

"She's always busy. And I'm not sure our relationship is going where we wanted it to be. I don't know." Jake continued to eat his food not wanting to look at me.

"Come on Jake we're all busy right now. Its our last year."

"I know that Joe! But she's avoiding me; I'm not dumb you know. In the other hand its okay with me. I guess I'm falling out of...it." He finally looked at me curious of my reaction. I was surprised. They were perfect together. I wonder what went wrong.

"Well what happened?"

"I was the first one who started to avoid her." I was looking at him waiting for his explanation. He was trying to avoid my stare so I turned my gaze elsewhere.

"Why? What happened to you guys? I can't believe it."

"Me either Joe. I don't know what happened. It was the day after your party I got into thinking. The spark isn't there anymore and my feelings for her have diminished. I know I have to think it through before arriving into a decision. I needed to be alone and spending time with her will not help me make my mind clear. Anyway I'm not happy with her anymore. I know I can't keep on avoiding her. I'm going to break up with her this weekend. Enough about me. So how's it going? What's keeping you busy these days?" He finally looked at me.

"But Jake are you sure? What happened? Is there someone other than Joan?"

"Huh? I dunno, maybe."

"What do you mean maybe? You're being unfair to her Jake. Why do you have to wait until Saturday? You are only hurting her and yourself. Are you going to tell her about uhm you know the other party?"

"Joe there's no other party okay. I dunno its really complicated. I started to like someone but were not going out and its impossible okay."

"Who's this new girl? Do I know her?"

"Huh? N...no y..y..you don't." He then looked down. "What's her name? Where is she from?"

"Huh! You don't know her okay? So stop asking."

"Okay am sorry. I'm just trying to be a friend." Then my mobile phone started ringing. It was Alex. "Wait!...Where are you?...Oh Okay...I'm here at the caf...Okay I'll see then okay?...Bye..."

"Who was that?"

"Its Alex." I looked at him sheepishly.

"Oh, why?" He lost his enthusiasm and got a blank expression on his face.

"He uh...he is-" I was cut off suddenly. Someone wrapped their hands over my eyes.

"Hey there!" So got a busy day? How was your exam? Oh hey Jake how's it going?" He removed his hands on my eyes and sat beside me.

"Oh hey. I have to go now. I have to finish a paper." He's kind of irritated. I was about to say something but he just left without waiting for our well goodbyes! What's his problem?

"Whoa you two had an argument?" He squeezed my knee and smiled that gorgeous smile.

"Well not really. Anyway I thought you have stuff to do about your feasibility studies?"

"Uhu but we finished early so I decided to call you and ask you if you're still here in school. And you are."

"Oh okay. So what's your plan then?"

"Let's go to my car. Come on hurry." We got up and went to his car. He opened the passenger's door for me, how sweet.

"I got something for you." He got something out of the backseat. I took the plastic bag from him.

"Oh you got me a pizza." I took the box out.

"Yep and it's your favorite." "Uhmmm mushroom and spinach wow. I'm not really hungry but I never say no to mushroom and spinach pizza. How did you know?" I started to eat the pizza while he looked at me with a sheepish grin.

"I asked Gene. Before you say something here, I know you like Sola Iced tea Cranberry flavor with your pizza." He gave me a bottle of Cranberry flavored Sola Iced tea.

"So I guess you also asked Gene about my favorite drink huh? Are you nuts? How can you ask her that? Did she ask you why? What if she thinks something's going on between us? Alex she and I are close. She'll feel betrayed. Even if she knows about my lifestyle I have no right to steal her boyfriend!" I got carried away but then what would Gene think of me? I don't want her to hate me.

"Hey I'm not that dumb, give me a little credit ok? Jake called me last night. He wanted to talk to me about us. I denied it at first but then he saw us after the party in your room. And besides he knew about me going to Baguio with you. How we always go out at night and some stuff we did there. I wanted to ask him how he found out about our trip to Baguio but I was a little embarrassed. I think he's bothered about me and you dating."

"What?! How did he know about that and how did he find out about us? I haven't got the chance to tell him about us if that's okay with you." I looked at him waiting for his reaction.

"I dunno, if you think he's cool with it then go ahead. I trust your judgment." He took my hand and kissed it. I secretly liked it but I think it so cheesy so I took my hand away and pinched his cheek.

"So cheesy Alex. Yes he's cool with it. We've been friends since we were in pre-school and I know him very well. He'll be okay with it. Alex I have to go home. I promised mum I'll go to the grocery with her. Am going to meet her at Megamall."

"I'll give you a ride."

"It's okay I know you're busy." I finished the last of my pizza and drank the iced tea.

"Not that busy I'll take you there. I don't wanna argue with you so just buckle your seatbelt." He started the engine and kissed me on the lips. I didn't wanna argue with him so I just buckled my seatbelt and relaxed. We were in luck. There was a little traffic going to the mall. He wanted to tag along with us. I insisted that he continue with his feasibility study but again no argument. He just has to stare at me and smile that tender smile at me. We met up with my mum and went to the grocery. It was the first time my mum met Alex. My mum has been always friendly with my friends but I couldn't tell if she liked Alex instantly. Alex went inside the supermarket with us. I asked him to push the cart for me. He made small talks with my mum. Mum in the other hand interrogated him with all sorts of questions. An hour later we were piling the groceries in the trunk of our car. After we settled them in the trunk mum suggested we eat first before heading home. Alex was about to decline when my mum insisted he join us. I wanted Japanese so I proposed we eat at Tokyo Tokyo. After we ate mum was already laughing at Alex's corny jokes. I felt proud of him. He was able to level with my mum. It seldom happens. We bought take out food for my brother and sister and after which I decided to look at some of the stores that were on sale while my mum decided to check out some of the appliance store. I bought a couple of shirts that I liked and got 50% off on each item. After thirty minutes we were at the parking lot with my mum. I walked Alex to his car and said goodbye not forgetting to give him a peck. Mum and I got home about eight in the evening. I was too tired that I went straight to bed. I never got than chance to talk to Jake again until Saturday of that week. I got home three in the afternoon. Jake was at home playing PS with my brother. "Why are you home early?" My brother asked me with a hint of irritation in his voice, I wondered why. Hmmm I smell something fishy.

"We finished early. Why do you have a problem with that?" I got irritated and just went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Jake followed suit.

"So how's the case study going?" I found a chicken pie and made some iced tea while munching on some chips.

"Doing okay. How bout you? Aren't you supposed to be doing something?" He got the bag of potato chips from me and started to eat the contents while I ate my pie. I wanted to breathe some fresh air so I went to the garden while Jake followed again.

"So is there something you wanted to tell me?" He kept on stuffing potato chips in his mouth.

"Huh? What do you mean? I can't think of anything. Why don't you just ask me?" I was too tired I din't get what he was talking about when I saw him staring at me and it finally dawned on me. "Oh that. Jake I'm really sorry I forgot to tell you about that. I guess if there's someone who's gonna notice it, it would be you. It happened the night of the party. He made the move I guess..." I waited for his reaction. Expecting him to smile and give me his moral support. But I guess I was wrong.

"You and Alex were going out for almost two months. That long you forgot to tell me or you just don't want to tell me?" He stopped eating and just stared at me.

"What?! Of course I've been meaning to tell you but I got really busy and I've got a lot of things on my mind the past few months. Don't start Jake I'm tired."

"You have all the time Joey. You could've called me! If I hadn't seen you both in bed after the party I wouldn't have known!" He was shouting real loud I think my brother and sister heard us.

"So what are you ranting at? You saw us in bed?! You could've told me you saw us!"

"Well...I wanted it to come from you!" We were out of control and am in the point of desperation. He has to be right, always.

"Ok point taken! I'm sorry! But you could at least be happy for me or pretend that you're happy for me if in reality your not! I'm happy Jake and I am not going to let any one destroy or take it away! You're my best friend dude I thought you're the first person who's going to support me. I guess I'm mistaken." I dunno what to think at that time. Why is he mad at me, for what reason? Gawd what have I done wrong again?

"I am," he wasn't sure of his answer and I can sense it. Why? Alex is a great guy he knows that, "I...I'm just hurt you forgot to tell me Joe. As you said I'm your best friend why din't it came to your mind that I deserve to know." He was looking at his feet and I can't see his reaction.

"I said am sorry dude come on."

"Whatever. You din't even ask me to come with you guys to Baguio. Come on Joe what's happening to us? I thought we're best buds. You really enjoyed your stay in Baguio, going out every night ayt!?" I was surprised how did Jake know?

"Wait! How did you know Alex was with me?! Or maybe who told you we went out at night?!" Now I'm mad, real mad. Jake felt uncomfortable and couldn't look at me in the eye.

"Well...I ...I ...I asked your brother."

"I can't believe you Jake! How could you? Are you spying on me now?"

"No! I just wanted to find out what's happening. Why its taking you long to tell me about you and Alex."

"You should have asked me not my brother!"

"Well you could have told me sooner in the first place! Its not my fault you don't want to be honest with me!" He walked out on me. I can't believe him. He made me look like the bad guy again. I was so pissed off at him but then he had a point. I wasn't really ready to tell him about Alex and me had he not found out about it and put me in a position were I don't have a choice but to admit it. I went up to my room and called up Alex. I told him everything that happened that day not forgetting about my confrontation with Jake. We talked for an hour. That evening I sat on my bed pondering on what had transpired between Jake and me that afternoon. He is right; it took me so long to tell him about Alex and me. But still he didn't have to be such an ass and overreacted. This is all shit! I'll just forget about it and sleep anyway Jake's always that unreasonable.

"Who was that?"

To be continued.

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