I'll Bring You To Paradise



Authors Note: Hey guys how's it going? Sorry its been quite a while since i posted a chapter of my story but here it is. Enjoy this one If you are not in the legal age to read this stuff just be careful mommy and daddy won't catch you okay!? Or you'll be in a lot of trouble. Anyway enjoy reading!!! And guys E-mail me!!!!



I woke up early the next morning and went out for a run. My brother seems to be avoiding me. Weird but I don't even know what I did except if he's done something I'd be really pissed about. I let it pass and busied myself with school stuff. I was too busy inside my room I din't heard my mum calling me. I was only aware of someone knocking on my door.

"Huh? What?! Is that you Ma?" He kept on knocking and that irritated me. Maybe its Jake and he wanted to say sorry. "Stop knocking and come in whoever you are!"

I heard the door opened and I looked up to see who it was. I almost fell to my chair when I saw Alex standing there with a goofy grin. "Hey there love, surprise. What are you up to?" He walked towards me and kissed me on the lips and went to check out my cd collection and popped GOO GOO DOLLS in the player.

"Thanks I needed this." I sat there just watching him fidget with my cd player. He looked at me and smiled. Wow my day is finally complete.

"No sweat anyway you stink! Take a bath and wear something nice we'll go out."

"Huh? Where are we going? I haven't asked mum if I can go out or not."

"Don't worry I took care of that now go take a bath." I got up and went to the shower. Minutes later I emerged from the bathroom with just my towel wrapped around my waist. He grabbed me in a tight embrace and started bathing me with kisses.

"Keep that up and we may not be able to go where you're planning to take me." I got out of his grasp and went to my closet for a clean pair of boxers, shirt and jeans. He just sat there watching me put on my clothes. I went to where he's sitting and took his hand leading him downstairs.

We went to the mall and watched Sweet Home Alabama and after that we had dinner. I was felt so contented and happy just by spending time with Alex. Deep in my heart I was hoping that this feelings would last until my last breath. Yeah probably but I wished it would be with Alex but deep down I know it won't last. Maybe it will but not forever, definitely not. We got to my house about nine in the evening. I knew Alex would be tired with all the traffic so I told him to rest for a couple of minutes before driving home. We went up to my room. I put on my chill out CD and sat on the bed. Alex was standing in front of the door looking at me with a devilish grin. He don't hafta say anything I know completely what's on his mind. I stood up and started dancing with Iris playing on the background and slowly taking off my shirt. Alex was grinning from ear to ear. He also started dancing and followed me stripping off his clothes.  Finally I was stripped down to my boxers I sat on my bed-crossed leg while I wait for him. When he finally reached me he took hold of my neck and kissed me. It was a very hungry and very passionate kiss. I was instantly high form it. I then traced my way down to his penis. I needed this; I was hungry for him. I grabbed his briefs and swallowed him whole. He gasped for air and then moaned. He was squirming and trying to push his crotch deeper into my hungry mouth. Within a couple of minutes he started shooting in me. It was urgent and eager, full of passion and lust. After he shot his last he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me to lie down and pulled my boxers down. He engulfed me whole and gave me pleasure. It was rough and lustful. I was so turned on by him that I shot after a minute. He got up and kissed me. We were puffed trying to catch our breath lying in the bed side by side. I looked at him. He was staring back at me with this contented smile plastered on his face. I was in a daze knowing that I make him feel content. It was 12pm when Alex pulled out of our driveway. I slept with a smile that night. The next morning I woke up five in the morning.


I went out for a jog just to condition myself before classes. I felt like in heaven and nothing can dampen my spirit. I was a little distracted in class. I can't stop thinking of Alex. It seemed so perfect yet it reeked of some flaw. Although I did not know what they are I just felt that there's something missing. Signs of a heavy rain were obvious that day. I know I have to get home before it started raining. Right after classes I went straight home. Alex tried to convince me to go out but I declined. I was in luck coz the rain hasn't started to pour yet when I got home. I went straight to my computer to finish with my research paper. I can't concentrate even if I tried hard to. My earlier realization kept on bugging me. Alex and me are completely happy, we content each other and we love each other so what is it that is missing? I looked outside the window I could see the drops of rain pouring hard and the flashing of lightning. The rain looks so calming. Without thinking twice I went out to the garden and sat on one of the marble chairs and let the rain soak me. I just sat there thinking of nothing but the cold drops of rain drenching my clothes and my skin. All the thoughts I had earlier were left inside the house. I need a break and the calming touch of the raindrops on my skin felt so consoling. Then a mind's eye was beginning to form in my head without even knowing. This would feel nice if Jake's here with me with his comforting embrace contrasting the cold drops of the rain. How nice it would feel if I could kiss him right now. But why does he have to be a complete jerk and ruin our friendship. Is my happiness not important for him? I had been happy when he and Joan got together and supported him. Why can't he do the same for me if he really is my best friend? Or is he not comfortable with my sexuality? No he is cool with it he assured me many times. But why is he being unreasonable? But why do I have to think of him so much when he made it clear he's not happy for me. But what he feels is very important to me he's important to me. I still feel the same for him. Then it hit me I was not over Jake. I still love him not only as a friend but more than a friend. All this time I thought I was giving Alex my love but its my human instinct to seek and acknowledge a warm feeling that would comfort me and make me feel safe and I gladly accepted it coz Jake couldn't give that to me. I finally found out what is missing. I tried to convince myself that I would learn to give that same intensity of love to Alex. I should be grateful Alex is there for me unlike Jake who's acting so bitter. I felt enlightened already so I went to the bath to shower. After a couple of minutes I was back in front of my computer with a renewed concentration. I was typing my conclusion, the last part of my paper when mum called us for dinner. Dinner was okay we had the usual family talk. My brother just kept on looking at me when he thinks I don't' see him. Now am sure he felt guilty over something he'd done. But I am not going to ask him I'll wait for his conscience to eat him up. After dinner I went up to my room and started proof reading my paper looking for some errors. After I finished I went to my window and lit a cigarette while drinking a cup of coffee. I tried to come up of romantic plans, stuff Alex and me can do. I have to spend more time with him and start forgetting about my feelings for Jake.

The next two weeks were busy. Considering that Alex and me went out a lot and I started avoiding Jake to get him out of my system. I know I'm being too unfair and unreasonable to. I can't just forget that Jake and me had been through a lot. He's like a brother to me well more like to us, me and my siblings. All those years the happy, sad and difficult times we've shared. I thought going out with Alex more and avoiding Jake would lessen the intensity of what I feel for him but I was wrong I missed him more. Even if just the littlest thought of him boils up my blood pressure I can't ignore that I still love him more than I love Alex.

It was early Saturday and I have no plans. Alex is going to Cavite with his dad. I thought of staying at home and helping mum with the house chores but she told me to go out and have fun. I decided to go to the mall and check out some stuff. I drove the Galant to Megamall. I decided to see what movies they're screening. I was checking the monitor and nothing tickled my interest. So I just decided to have coffee when I saw Jake staring at me standing a few meters away from me. I was nervous all of a sudden. I can't read his expression. For a couple minutes both of us just stared at each other not moving. Then he smiled at me. I smiled back unsure of what am going to say to him.

"Hey nice to see you again. Who are you with?" He started to walk towards me.

"Uh just myself. Nice to see you to uhm so who's with you?" That was okay I guess. Am handling it okay.

"No one too. So you wanna hang out with me? Its been a while since we spend time with each other." His eyes were pleading with me to go with him.

"Okay since I was going to have coffee too." We went to Figarro and ordered ourselves coffee. I insisted on paying for our coffee but he beat me to it.

"So how are you?" Jake asked me while sitting.

"I'm okay and everything's going smooth I guess. Anyway how about you?"  I lit a cigarette waiting for his reaction.

"I'm okay getting the hang of being single. Oh before I forgot you remember John ayt? He's inviting us to his party this coming Saturday. Do you want  to come?"

"Uhu I do. So where's this party?" I took a sip of my coffee, "I'll check it with Al then I'll just call you." His reaction suddenly changed into something like sarcasm.

"Oh of course you hafta check with the other lovebird. What he's taking over your life suddenly? Is he also fixing your schedule for you?" Although he said it calmly the blow of his words hit right past my self-control. But I tried to stay calm.

"You are impossible you know that? Jake I don't want to argue with you. Lets have this conversation without arguing okay?" I looked at him pleading.

"Okay sorry but please come to the party."

"I'll try okay? I'll call you tonight and let you know. So you haven't seen someone who interests you yet? Why don't you go out and date?"

"Uh I don't know I think I have. But its too complicated."

"Really? Maybe I can help. Why don't you tell me about this girl?"

"Its really impossible. She already loves someone." He stared at me. He looked so lost, so vulnerable and so helpless. I felt bad for him.

"Oh. That's not too bad in the first place you have no claim with the girl. Just forget about her you're a great guy Jake you'll find someone better than her." I tried to console him.

"I dunno, that person made a big impact in my life for the longest time. Uh she made me feel important, needed and always makes me laugh and cheers me up when I'm down. I don't see my future without that person. I'm willing to change and take what people have to say to me just to have that person in my life for the rest of my life." He smiled at me with the sweetest smile ever that melted my heart.

"Well then fight for her Jake. That's the only way you can get to spend the rest of your life with her. But you have to be responsible with your actions. It won't be easy; you have to be strong dude. You might lose that person in the process." I patted his arm to tell him that I'll be at his side whenever that happens.

"Thanks Joe. So uh I think I better go mum just asked me to buy her some stuff that she needs. Come on I'll take you home."

"Oh I brought the car. You go ahead I think I'll window shop muna (awhile)."

"Are you sure?"

"Uhu I'll be okay. Come on go ahead."

It was already nine in the evening when I got home. I went straight to bed. I was so exhausted I drifted of to sleep not bothering to change my clothes. The next day we all went to the church and had lunch in a cool resto mum wanted to show us. The rest of the day I spent with Alex. We went to his house and had dinner with his parents. I got home ten in the evening. I din't even bothered to read my notes. Monday again, I felt tired but I still need to go to school to submit papers and get resource materials for my classes. The rest of the week went on okay. Jake was so persistent and kept calling me every night about John's party. Finally I agreed to come with him. Alex is gonna be busy with his feasibility study so he won't be able to come I told Jake. I thought I heard him sigh in relief when he talked to me that Friday night, hmmm my paranoid self and me. We agreed Jake would pick me up by seven in the evening. I felt so tired I just slept the rest of the day. I was woken up by my alarm clock at 6pm. I took a bath and readied myself. It was only seven when I heard Jake pulled in front of the house. I was sitting in front of my computer with just my boxer shorts when he went inside my room.

"Your early. Play some music first am just checking my mail." I looked at him he was staring at me with a weird expression painted on his face. "Are you okay Jake?"

"Uh yeah I am. Anyway come on make it fast so we'll be there early." He went to my compo and played GOO GOO DOLLS. After a few minutes I shut down my pc and went to my closet to get a pair of jeans and a white crisp button down shirt. I was looking at Jake from the corner of my eyes he seemed uncomfortable, shifting in his chair. Finally he spoke.

"Uh I'll just wait for you downstairs okay?" He left my room without turning my stereo off. That's weird. After I put on my clothes dabbed some cologne I went downstairs to find Jake. He was busy playing Grand Tourismo with my brother.

"Come on, we don't want to be late don't we?" He got up from his chair and joined me. I went to the kitchen to say goodbye to my mum. We went to his car and started the one-hour journey to john's house. Jake was very talkative filling me up with what's been going on with him lately. I was overwhelmed by the way he was treating me. Both of us were trying to avoid topics that would heat up an argument. We finally arrived at John's place. People were everywhere. Even the huge garden was swarming with people. Those who knew us greeted us along our trek inside the house. It was pretty cool but I'm not a real fan of humongous parties packed with party people. As we entered the house the smell of beer, punch, cigarette, sweat and even pot reeked. It was kinda overwhelming coz I wasn't use to this scene anymore. We went from corner to corner until we found John drinking with some of his bud. He invited us to join the group.   I sat comfortably on one of the chair and scanned for people I know in the circle. Hmm I recognized some people to be John's buddies from school. In my mind I was trying to remember some of the guys' name when suddenly I almost fell out of my chair and coughed some of the beer I was drinking as I laid my eyes on the third person to John's left. Jake was on my back to catch me from falling and started patting my back. Paolo was there sitting in the group. I was beet red from embarrassment and resentment. I wasn't expecting to see him again; I know that was unreasonable but nothing prepared me for that moment. He saw me coming I guess and was a little prepared himself to deal with my presence but I was caught off guard. I still resent him for abandoning me and for ruining all the plans we had. I so wanted to kick him that time. It was too overwhelming that I excused myself from the group. I told everybody I'll go wash up in the bath. I've been at John's place for a couple of times with Jake so I quite know my way. I picked the bathroom in the second floor knowing that not much people would be there. I was right there wasn't anyone in sight. I was about to go into the bath when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Paolo.

"Hey wait. I dunno I still have the same impact to you. I should've made my presence known so you'd be prepared." He was grinning trying to make fun of the situation. I frowned at him.

"You never change a bit do you Paolo. Still the cocky guy you are." I said with a hint of sarcasm and proceeded to go inside the bathroom but he caught my hands.

"Wait. Are you avoiding me? Its been quite long, don't tell me you haven't moved on?" His eyes were pleading me to stay and talk.

"Wow you think you really made a big impact in my life do you? I moved on a long time ago Pao. Why haven't you?" I finally gave in and stood there looking at him waiting for whatever he wanted to say.

"Uh I did. But I can't help thinking and feeling guilty for what I did to you. I'm sorry."

"Like I've said Pao I have moved on I don't give a damn on what you hafta say. I'd rather bury that part of my life like the rest of my past. I wasn't expecting you to be here so I was caught off guard when I saw you. Its only an overwhelming feeling. Let's just forget about it." I gave him a smile. I was trying hard to convince myself yet though. Am not really sure if I meant what I said. I was still hurting from what he did to me. I was vulnerable then and I thought he's gonna take care of me but he left me hanging. Its not that I still have feelings for him. I felt helpless and alone after he left. He smiled at me.

"I...uhm I miss you. I din't meant to leave you like that. But still I know its my fault. I missed you so much. Lets try to work things out again Joe." He took my hand to his and looked at me. I can't really say if he's sincere but I'm not that vulnerable guy who fell for him before. I took my hand from his.

"I'm sorry Pao but I'm going out with someone right now and besides there's nothing to work out between us. We had our chance but you blew it, life goes on I did and you have to."

"I...I did but when I saw you tonight I knew I still love you." 

"Thanks but I don't. Go back downstairs and enjoy yourself. Come on you'll find someone better than uh...well not better than me so better than you deserve I guess. Hahahaha. Come on Pao move on I did." I joked to lighten up the mood but I guess I really meant what I said this time, everything I've said.

"Okay then I'll try. Have a nice life Joe." He started walking away.

"You to Paolo, have a nice life." I went to the bath and peed after which I went downstairs and told the guys I'll go outside and look for someone I know. Jake wanted to go with me. I tried to argue with him and stay with John but its useless. We got some punch and each a bottle of beer and went outside. I knew Jake was enjoying himself but I wanted to get out of there. The party was cool but I wasn't enjoying myself. I told him I wanted to go but if he still wanted to stay I'm not going to get in the way. But he said he wanted to get out there too. John was a little disappointed, though. We were driving along Libis when he asked me if I still wanted to drink. I said yes so we went to Crocodile Bar and drank a couple of beers. I know if I don't stop Jake won't too and he still have to drive us home so I said we better go. It was 2:30 in the morning when we finally pulled in front of my house. I told Jake he better sleep over. I still wanted to drink so I told him to crush in my room and I'll stay in the garden for a few minutes. He again wanted to come. I was amazed its like Jake can't get enough of my company so I told him to grab two wine glasses. I went to get a bottle of red wine. He was sitting comfortably in one of the chairs in front of our old Mango tree. I stared at the tree for a moment. The tree looks real old I wonder if I'm still going to be seeing it when am old. I poured each of us a glass of wine. Jake doesn't seem to ran out of stories to tell. We used to be like this before I came out to him. What could have happened that made him change and start to open up to me again? I felt happy about it but sad at the same time because I still don't know how to act in his presence. There were many questions swimming in my head that time. Would it gross him out if I started telling him stuff about Alex and me? Is he still comfortable with me or it's just the alcohol kicking in. I was still looking at the mango tree preoccupied when suddenly Jake started to lean his face on mine. Oh my gawd he's going to kiss me!

"What are you thinking?" Jake whispered to me and started giggling.

"Uh...oh nothing." How could I entertain that thought. I felt stupid.

"Yeah right I was talking the whole time here and you looked like you're in another galaxy. Come on what are you thinking?" I faced him this time. He had this concerned look on his face.

"Some stuff. What's going to happen to me after graduation? Am I going to work or should I pursue medicine? I don't know what I want anymore." I thought of that as the safest answer.

"Yeah me too. I guess I still have no plans after graduation. I think I'll take it easy for a year then decide from there."

"That's a good plan I think." The bottle of wine was half empty at that time.

"These past few weeks I had been thinking. Thinking about who I really am, what I really want and what would make me happy. You know what I found out?"

"Uh that you're superman?" He laughed at my corny joke.

"Hahaha, no. I finally found the person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with." That's new. I was suddenly curious.

"So who's this lucky girl then?" This time he leaned in to me and kissed me on the lips. It lasted for a couple of second with me frozen like an ice. He looked at me smiling. "Huh what was that?"

"You figure it out yourself I had a hard time doing that." He laughed at his own corny joke, stood up and went inside the house. I was shocked. Does that mean I was the lucky uhm person? I went inside the house and started to look for Jake when I heard his car pulled from the garage. Huh why did he left? Did I do something wrong? I was so tired and didn't have the energy to think of what happened. So I went to bed and let the alcohol take me to dreamland.

The next day I woke up after ten in the morning. I went down to the kitchen poured some cereal on a bowl and started to eat. Our helper was cooking something I can smell tomato bacon and pasta cooking.

"Manang (Short for sister and how we refer to our helper) where is everybody?" I asked our helper while reading the back of the cereal box.

"Ay they all went to the church. I was about to wake you when your mum told me u got home late and just let you sleep. Is that all you are eating Joey? I'm cooking fettuccine and carbonara sauce. You want me to fix you a plate?" She said to me while mixing the sauce.

"Uh ok thanks Manang." I continued reading while waiting for the plate of pasta. After I ate I went straight to the bathroom and took a bath. After an hour I was getting the keys for the other car on my mum's room. I told our helper am going out and am not sure what time I'll be back and told her to just call me on my mobile phone if something came up. I went to the mall and went straight to the bookstore and found an interesting novel. After paying for it I went to Sugarhouse and ordered coffee. After an hour of reading and drinking coffee my mobile rang. It was Jake. I wonder what he wants. Then suddenly I remembered our little conversation in the garden. I was nervous as hell and don't know what I would say.

"Uh Jake uhm what?"

I called your house but you weren't there so I called your mobile.

"Oh so why are you calling me?"

Where are you? Are you doing something? So what's your plan?"

"Am in Megamall particularly in Sugarhouse drinking coffee and reading a book." I thought he might have forgotten what he said. He sounded so sure and comfortable talking to me.

So have you figured it out yet? Anyway uhm can I meet you there in like an hour from now? You're not with someone are you? I mean are you alone?

"Uh...yeah I'm alone and yes an hour, I'll be waiting in Sugarhouse." He's serious then. What could have happened? Is he sure he's uhm gay? Did I made him gay? Oh God is it my fault? Maybe he's mistaken it for something else. This is really complicated. I thought of things I'm gonna say to Jake but I got tired of it and continued reading and let the moment provide words into my mouth. After reading about 5 chapters of the paperback I saw Jake making his way to my table. He sat in front of me with this goofy smile and sipped on my coffee. I can't help but smile myself. He looks really adorable with his goofy grin.

"Hmmm good coffee you got there. So how was your day? How come you weren't home and having a great time with your family?" He took the book from me and read the cover.

"They left me at home. Mum figured I'm tired I guess. Anyway she's been bugging me to give myself a break. So I did just that." I said trying to hide my discomfort.

"Wow I can't believe how much I missed you when we just spent the whole night and uhm early morning together." He smiled at me and lit a cigarette. I can't take this anymore I have to say something about what happened this morning. We need to talk about it.

"Jake uhm you know what you uhm did this morning? What's that about? Are you experimenting or something?" His smile turned into a serious stare. He took a drag from his cigarette and exhaled the smoke then studied me again.

"No its not an experimentation. I...I... it's a realization. Its why I've been acting real weird lately. I told you I know now whom I wanted to spend my future with. Its not with Joan or another girl. Fill in the blanks Joe." The waiter came to our table and took Jake's order. "You want something Joe?"

"Uhm no, thank you." The waiter left our table. "Yeah, but are you sure Jake. Maybe you're just mistaken it for something else. Maybe you're just being selfish and you don't want to share your best friend. Is it my fault? Did I turn you gay? Oh God Jake come on. I do wish that for the longest time and I won't hide it anymore but I don't want you to compromise yourself just to uhm test the waters. This is complicated Jake its not like one of the games we play when we're still kids. You're putting our friendship on the line here. What if it doesn't work out and we end up hating each other. I don't want to lose you as my best friend. Just be sure Jake, be very damn sure about what you're getting yourself into. I don't make sense now do I?" I looked at him he was trying to digest what I just said.

"You are right Joe this is going to be complicated and I have to be sure of what am really feeling for you and that's what I've been doing for the couple of months. You think I just woke up one day and decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, with a guy? I thought about this before I decided Joe. I weighed things and you weighed more than anyone I could think of, well except for my family but the point is I get jealous every time I see you with Alex. The night after that party at your house when I saw you two cuddled up together in bed I felt a pang of jealousy I should be the one making you happy, happy in that way. I can't stand the thought of you kissing someone else. I want you to kiss only me. I want to make you happy the way Alex makes you happy." He sipped from my coffee.

"But Jake you know I'm going out with Alex. And we have something special..." I wasn't able to continue not knowing what else to say. I was trying to convince myself that I'm completely happy with Alex. But that was the moment I've been dreaming of and waiting for the rest of my life to happen and well it happened but I am committed already and I have to honor that or maybe no. Then the waiter came back to our table with Jake's order and left after he served it.

"I won't give you up with a fight. But first look at me in the eye and tell me you don't want me the way I do and I'll get lost. I mean I'll forget we ever had this conversation and what happened this morning." He was determined, looking me in the eye. I was really uncomfortable right now. I kept looking to my side then at him.

"I loved you before Jake and I still do but..." I can't let this pass. I love the guy for god's sakes!

"That's all I needed to hear Joe. Enough of this talks and argument, did you miss me?" He smiled at me. I was caught off guard by his question. I sat there my mouth gaping and he just started to laugh.

"Uh well I guess." Now it's my turn to smile. He stuck his tongue out and proceeded to eat his pasta. We made small talk asking each other stuff that's been going on with our lives. After thirty minutes he was swallowing the last of his food. He called the waiter and paid for our bill.

"Joe yah wanna watch a movie?" He started to get up and took my book from me. Uh wow that was a little corny.

"Okay what do you wanna watch then?" I stood up and followed him to the movie world.

"Lets look at the titles playing then." We went to the movie world but since we weren't interested in some corny drama we just went to the arcade and played Daytona for an hour. I don't remember having this so much fun in the longest time. After an hour in the arcade my stomach started to growl. We bought some burgers and fries for take out. Since Jake din't brought his car he drove mine. I was quiet on the way home reflecting on what happened the last few days. I love Jake very much but still am committed to someone and I just can't ignore that. I love Alex and I respect him and I'm contented in our relationship. He adds up to my happiness and that's all I needed. But I'm not going to be a hypocrite and don't admit that I don't consider breaking up with Alex. I know Jake is the one who's going to make me complete. Or is it only what I think? I love Jake more than I love Alex and its unfair for Alex. But Alex came first. I don't have to decide right now. I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride and let it take me to where its going. I was still thinking when I was hurled on the dashboard of the car.

"What the hell Jake!" I forgot to buckle my seatbelt. I looked outside to see what made Jake stop the car abruptly. A shocked kid was standing in front of us. He was too petrified to move.

"He's crazy!" He signaled the kid to go on.

"God that was close. Are you driving too fast?" He looked at me and laughed. "What's so funny you jerk. You almost killed that kid!"  I can't believe he's laughing.

"I'm sorry, I din't see the kid crossing. You were in some kind of a trance a while ago and I can't help but notice. What were you thinking anyway?"

"Nothing, now go on and drive am tired and I want to sleep okay," I said.

"Okay sir. God why are you so cranky just now?" He asked.

"Nah its nothing, can you turn off the ac I want to smoke," I requested.

"No problem Joe. Can you light one for me?"

"Uhu," I retorted.

I lit cigarettes for both of us. It was a little humid making me more irritable. We got home late because of the traffic. I felt so sticky and showered. Jake waited in my room sampling some of my new CD's.

"Not too loud Jake you don't wanna disturb the whole neighborhood," I called from the bath.

"Uhu," he answered.

I got out of the shower after a couple of minutes.

"You want to eat?" I asked him.

"Good thing you asked. I've been starving since we got home."

"Come on let's go down."

We went to the kitchen and got us some left over food. We ate while watching TV. Jake went home at 11pm. I was too exhausted and went straight to bed after Jake left.

The next day I woke up early and went for a jog. The morning breeze felt refreshing as I ran the barely lit streets of our village. After my morning jog I went straight to my computer sweat pouring over my body and checked my final and requirements for my subjects. I started printing them and went to take a bath. The computer was printing the last page of my case studies as I was drying up myself. I got ready to go to school and pass all my requirements.

It was already 9am when I arrived in our building. I submitted my case studies then went to the sunken garden with my friends to smoke. Alex wanted to meet before lunch so we could eat together. I stared at people moving from one place to another with large bags on their shoulders while holding folders that they need to pass. Thank God I finished with my requirements early. I wonder if Jake got all his work done by this time. We'll be graduating three weeks from now. My uncle promised me a job in a bank he manages. I know Alex will be helping his dad with their business. Jake and I haven't got the chance to talk about our plans after graduation. I was halfway through my pack of cigarette when Alex showed up.

"Hey, you ready to go?" He asked.

"Uh yeah, lets go."

"Where do you wanna eat?"

"I dunno, its up to you." I said

"Hmm I think I'd like to have Chinese. Why don't we go to Megamall ok? We'll eat at Superbowl."

"That sounds nice."

We went to the mall and ate Chinese food. I knew I was being unfair thinking of Jake while am with Alex but I still don't know what am going to do. I love Alex but I knew deep inside that my feelings for Jake is stronger than what I feel for Alex. Alex was telling me his plans after the graduation but I wasn't really listening to him attentively. I was just looking at him but my mind is weighing all the possible solutions and choices that I have right now. He finally noticed that my attention wasn't with him.

"Hey you weren't listening. Hmm you seem very agitated today. What's bothering you?" He asked me.

"Uh, its nothing what were you saying?" I asked diverting our conversation.

"Okay I'll wait till you're ready to tell me what's on your mind," ha said and went on with his plans.

He told me he'd work for some big corporation after graduation. His dad wanted him to take over their family business but he wants to try working for big companies and when he thinks he have learned enough that's the only time he'll take over their business. Again I started thinking. I don't want to hurt Alex by choosing him over Jake but I don't think I can't stand  being with Alex when I knew in my heart it beats only for Jake. I knew I had to be fair with my choice and I know just how to be fair alright. He took me to the movies and after we went to have coffee. I tried to be attentive and ecstatic with his company.

It was already 10pm when I got home. Jake was playing video games with my brother. I sat beside him and watched their game. After he lost the game we went to my room. I changed to my big tattered shirt and boxers. He was fidgeting with my stereo when I came in from the bath.

"So how was your date?" He said with a hint of sarcasm.

"It went quite well. And please don't start am tired," I told him.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were going to go out. I was here four in the afternoon waiting for you. Anyway it doesn't matter, you're here now," he said while giving me a hug.


I felt his hard on throbbing against my back. I felt his tongue licking my left earlobe. I was too tired but so consumed with the burning desire in him. I turned around and kissed his hungry mouth. I felt him opened his mouth and his tongue darted forward to seek entry to mine. I opened my mouth and let his tongue play with my lips and teeth. I tugged and sucked at his bottom and upper lip. I wrestled his tongue with mine. I felt his hands slipped to my butt and he slowly massaged it while pushing me to his taut body. I let my hands wander along his backside. I felt his firm muscles in the back. His hard on was pressed against my abdomen. I didn't noticed when he got his shorts off but now he's only wearing a pair of boxers and shorts. I broke off the kiss and help him get his shirt off. I stared at his chiseled pectorals and abs. He's time spent in the gym paid off well. I let my hands roam on his pecs and abs. I kneeled in front of him taking with me his boxers. I looked at his face, he was staring back at me his expression bursting with passion and yearning. I let my gaze fall to his phallus. It was angry with fervor. It stood seven inches. I let my tongue taste the white nectar it spitted out then let my mouth devour the head. He let out a soft moan as he touched my hair.

"Oh god you don't know what you're doing to me right now," he said.

I groaned while I took his meat inside slowly as he continued to mon. He kept on stroking my hair while I started my phase with his meat. I let it out and let it slide in my mouth wanting to please my love. Then suddenly he pulled me up and led me to my bed after he took of my boxers and holey shirt. He showered my face with kiss. He licked both my earlobes and kissed my forehead then both my cheek. He then kissed me on the lips and started to duel with our tongues grinding our hard-on against each other. After a couple of minutes he slid down and licked my neck while taking hold of my dick. He started to masturbate it while licking and sucking my neck and chest and nipples. I stopped him when I was about to cum. I took his face and kissed him again and licked my way to his earlobes.

"Uhh Jake make love to me. Shit I want to feel you deep inside me. I want to feel your cum inside me please," I begged.

"Are you sure? Shit I want it too. I promise I'll be gentle," he said

I was about to push him aside so I could get up and get my tube of K.Y. when he reached for his shorts and took out a small tube of K.Y..

"Hey why do I have the feeling that you planned this? Why do you have a tube of lube in your pocket?" I asked while he continued to rub his hard dick against mine.

"Uhhh well uhm yeah..." he said.

"Oh god. Cum on babe start getting me ready..." I said between moans.

"Have,uhh, you and Alex uhhh, uhm what I mean is have Alex did it to you?" he asked

"No, not yet...we only blew each other everytime. Now please Jake..." I begged.

He took the lube and squeezed some on his fingers and next I felt his index finger enter my hole. I gasp at the sudden pain of his intrusion. He went slowly as he embedded his whole index finger into me and when he felt me relax he added another finger and when he had three fingers in me he momentarily sat up and coated his dick with the clear liquid. He panted as the cold liquid made contact with his hard on. He got into position letting my legs rest on his shoulders. He Put his dick on my hole and started to push it in. I wheezed at the swift sting that his invasion brought. He tried to soothe me by kissing me on the lips but this move forced more of his dick inside me making me scream from the pain. He steadied himself and kissed me while saying sorry. Then we heard a knock from my door.

"Hey you guys okay inside? Are you guys fighting?" my brother asked from outside the door.

"Huh, yeah we're okay and we're not fighting. You go back to whatever you're doing," I said.

"Okay." My brother said as he left.

Jake smiled nervously at me then kissed me some more. I was still gasping from the pain. I breathed and tried to relax my rectum from his invasion. When the pain was not as much as before I told him to continue. He kept burying his dick in me. Finally I felt his bush against my bum. I told him to stop for a sec and let me adjust with the fullness of his dick. I felt really uncomfortable from the burning sensation his invasion brought. When the pain wasn't too uncomfortable I told him to go slowly in and out. He was so tender, kissing me and stroking me every now and then. Then suddenly the pain became a feeling of fullness and pleasure. He was hitting something inside me that brought pleasure to me.  I was moaning softly and urging him to go faster. He took hold of my dick and started stroking it. His thrust became faster, driving his dick in and out hitting my prostate gland adding up to the pleasure I'm feeling. I tried to hold my pending orgasm but he continued to masturbate me and kept hitting my prostate and that combined pleasure took me to nirvana and I finally exploded. I came all over my abs and chest. Some of my cum hit him on the nose. After a minute of thrusting in and out of me his expression turned into full pleasure and his thrust got faster and finally he drove his dick deeper and I felt it pulse and suddenly I felt my insides get coated with his hot cum. When his orgasm subsided he fell on top of me. He was trying to catch his breath.

"Oh Joe I love you, I love you very much. God that was incredible," he said.

"I love you Jake," I said as kissed him on the forehead.

He lied on his back and gathered me in his embrace. My head was lying on top of his chest. I was drained and exhausted. I dozed off in this position. I woke up at around three in the morning. I was freezing. I got up and put on my shirt and boxers. I got the thickest blanket I got, lied down beside Jake and spread the blanket over us.

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