I'll Bring You To Paradise



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"Okay." My brother said as he left.

Jake smiled nervously at me then kissed me some more. I was still gasping from the pain. I breathed and tried to relax my rectum from his invasion. When the pain was not as much as before I told him to continue. He kept burying his dick in me. Finally I felt his bush against my bum. I told him to stop for a sec and let me adjust with the fullness of his dick. I felt really uncomfortable from the burning sensation his invasion brought. When the pain wasn't too uncomfortable I told him to go slowly in and out. He was so tender, kissing me and stroking me every now and then. Then suddenly the pain became a feeling of fullness and pleasure. He was hitting something inside me that brought pleasure to me.  I was moaning softly and urging him to go faster. He took hold of my dick and started stroking it. His thrust became faster, driving his dick in and out hitting my prostate gland adding up to the pleasure I'm feeling. I tried to hold my pending orgasm but he continued to masturbate me and kept hitting my prostate and that combined pleasure took me to nirvana and I finally exploded. I came all over my abs and chest. Some of my cum hit him on the nose. After a minute of thrusting in and out of me his expression turned into full pleasure and his thrust got faster and finally he drove his dick deeper and I felt it pulse and suddenly I felt my insides get coated with his hot cum. When his orgasm subsided he fell on top of me. He was trying to catch his breath.

"Oh Joe I love you, I love you very much. God that was incredible," he said.

"I love you Jake," I said as I kissed him on the forehead.

He lied on his back and gathered me in his embrace. My head was lying on top of his chest. I was drained and exhausted. I dozed off in this position. I woke up at around three in the morning. I was freezing. I got up and put on my shirt and boxers. I got the thickest blanket I got, lied down beside Jake and spread the blanket over us.

            I was awakened by the stirring beside me that was Jake. I opened my eyes and sat up. My clock read 8:30am. I went to the bath washed my face and brushed my teeth and headed downstairs. My mum was preparing breakfast when I got into the kitchen. Our helper handed me an envelope. It was from the company where I worked for the last three consecutive summers. They wanted me to continue working for them as an HR trainee right after I graduate. I don't have to think twice because I've decided long ago that if they ask me to work for them after I graduate I'd eagerly accept. But still I got too excited and went to hug my mum. She had this puzzled look then I remembered I haven't shown her the letter. I let her read the letter and got excited too. Mum was still hugging me when Jake came in the kitchen. He had this bemused expression. I was feeling ecstatic when I noticed he was almost naked. I was mortified and quickly averted my gaze on mum and she had this knowing smile directed at me.

"What was the excitement all about?" he asked.

            He then noticed my face. He raised an eyebrow asking me what I was so shocked about while he scratched his left pectoral.

And it suddenly dawned on him he was only in his boxers and a couple of hickies on his pecs and neck were showing. He turned beet red and slowly looked at my mum.

"Sit down Jake and have breakfast now you too Joe," she commanded.

"Uh tita it's not what it looks like-" he started but my mum cut him off.

"It's okay, you don't owe me an explanation. Joe has been making decisions for himself ever since he made his first step and I trust his judgment. Now you two take a sit and enjoy breakfast," mum said.

We ate breakfast while talking about our plans after graduation. After an hour and a half of talking Jake made his way to my bedroom, got dressed and headed home. I called San Miguel Corp. and they had me scheduled for interview the next day.


I was silently eating my lunch in the food court alone. Finally I was satisfied with how my life was going. I decided to call things off with Alex. He was quite mad at first but he understood. I guess you could consider that we're still friends but Jake gets a little jealous whenever Alex and I meet up. I was so absorbed with my thoughts that I didn't notice the time. It was 15 minutes past 1pm when I looked at my watch. I hurriedly got and ran back to the office.

There were a lot of things I need to finish that day. I didn't expect Jake to be quite early so I asked him to wait for me in the mall.

It was nearly 7pm when I stepped out of the building and headed to the mall. I met Jake in front of McDonalds.

"Hey how was your day?" he asked.

"It was very tiring. My boss kept me working for the whole friggin' day," I bawled.

"Hmmm my poor baby, hey I know what will make you feel better. Why don't we go to Sbarro and order you a mushroom and spinach pizza ok?

"Sure," I said.

We went to Sbarro and ate.

Jake was awfully silent while we were eating. I could feel something was troubling him. I wanted to ask him about it but I decided to wait and let him tell me. Half way through his lasagna he looked up at me and smiled. I braced myself feeling that I won't like whatever he's about to tell me.

"Joe I've something to tell you," he said.

"And I can feel whatever it is, its troubling you right?" I asked.

"Uhm Joe, remember I told you about my uncle Ross who's in the US? He wanted me to work for his practice as an accountant. I wouldn't want that opportunity to pass so I accepted it. I didn't know he was already processing my papers.

"I had my interview in the US embassy a month ago. I know I should've told you but I wasn't really decided yet at that time. Well the embassy called last night and my visa is ready. My uncle already sent us the money to buy my plane ticket.

"Dad already booked me a flight this morning. My flight was scheduled on the 27th of November, uh two weeks from now," he relayed.

I was too shocked to say anything. All I could think of was he's living me. I have stopped eating and blankly stared at him.

"Joe, baby say something please," he begged.

"Well good luck Jake..." I managed to speak softly.

"Oh baby am sorry for not telling you. I didn't know it would be that fast. Don't worry after a year I'll come back for you," he said.

"I'm just surprised. This is all so sudden. Why didn't you tell me earlier Jake? You know I would understand."

"I know Joe, I'm really sorry," he said.

"I... I'm tired Jake, I wanna go home," I said.

"Okay, I'll take you home."


We were both quiet on the way home. I really don't know how I should feel about him leaving me. I don't even know what to say.


The thought of Jake leaving me was very depressing. I tried hard to believe that it'll be okay and that he'll come back for me and we'll start our life together and everything will be fine but I wasn't convincing myself. Three days I avoided Jake hoping that by doing so i'll forget about him leaving. But it became worse and I was spacing out every now and then.


I opened the gate to our house and knocked on the door. I was so tired and hungry I went straight to the kitchen to grab a sandwich and an iced tea. I was about to go up to my room but I decide to check out mum and the siblings in the den. I went inside but suddenly froze when I saw Jake with my brother and sister playing some board game.

"Hey uh you're a little late today," he said.

"Uh yeah, I have to finish some stuff in the office," I said.

"Have you eaten yet Joe?" My mum asked.

"Huh?" It suddenly snapped me out of some trance, "uh I grabbed a sandwich and an iced tea from the kitchen. I don't feel like eating," I told my mum and showed her the stuff I got in the kitchen, "Jake let's go up to my room."

Jake got up and followed me to my room. As soon as I closed the door I turned to him and kissed him that caught him off guard. After a couple of seconds he kissed me back and let me to my bed. I put the sandwich and iced tea on top of my study table. I was about to pull his shirt off when he grabbed my hand and stopped me.

"Hey easy, I know you're tired and hungry so eat your sandwich first and besides am still angry at you. For not returning my calls and for not calling me," he stated.

"Yeah am hungry and am sorry for not calling you or for not returning any of your calls. I just don't want to deal with it and I thought by not talking to you or seeing you will help me forget."

"Well did it help? I mean avoiding me?" He has a slight smirk on his face, "I guess not coz the moment you had me alone you were all over me," he teased.

"Whatever, Jerk!" I shouted.

I took a bite off my sandwich and offered him but he refused. I looked at him tenderly and let everything that's been bothering me off my mind as I concentrated and drank in his beauty. I knew he'll be living in less than two weeks time and I have to make the most of it. Plus I've decided I have to do something before he leaves.

I finished eating and went to brush my teeth and take a fast shower leaving Jake in my room fidgeting with my sound system. After showering I went to my room. I was taken a back. The room was lit up by candles and Jake was lying on my bed with only his black shiny boxers I bought him for Christmas. I was instantly aroused and raced my way to bed and jumped, literally jump on him.

"Ooofh! Slow down tiger. We have all night," he said.

I kissed him with such passion and he returned it with hunger. I was in heaven feeling his soft yet hungry lips and his warm caresses. I'm going to miss everything about him and this will be fucking hard. I was about to start crying but I forced those thoughts out of my head and let myself enjoy our love making. We did all possible positions there is, reciprocating and doing each other. It was already four in the morning when we stopped so consumed with our lovemaking. We were both sweaty and sticky so we decided to take a shower and slept. I woke up around 9 in the morning and since it was Saturday and no work for me I lingered in the bed contented with Jake's arms around me. 10 minutes after I woke up I felt him kiss and lick me on the neck.

"Wow that was so amazing!" He said.

"Yeah I know. Hmm its Saturday. What do you say we go out for lunch watch a movie and have coffee after?" I asked him.

"Sure I'd love that. I'd love to spend my Saturdays, and every other day of the week and the rest of my life with you and we'll only be separated for a couple of years so I can earn and save up for our future," he said while kissing my back and neck.

I sighed and let what he said sink in.

"Yeah I know."

"What you don't believe me? Joe you're always be the one for me. You know what I just realized. My subconscious knew that I was in love with you for the longest time. You were the first person I love meaning you're my first love. You know how I found out?"

"Uh well no not really," I said

"I was thinking the past three days. You know when you din't call me and all'" he said while he gave me a smirk.

"Stop with that okay? I said I'm sorry."

"Fine, so back then I always miss you and always feel good when I'm around you. Yes I convinced my self that I was in love with Joan but it wasn't the same intense feeling I feel when I was with you. I think I noticed it and it made me spent my time more with Joan. I guess the boiling point was when you started going out with Alex. You see you were the first person I loved and still love," he said while continuing to give my back kisses.

"Wow that's new. That's why I love you. You proved that you're nut just a dumb cute guy," I said while getting away from his grasp and running to the bath.

"You ass! But hey I you loving me is enough."


We took a bath and got dressed. Since Jake din't brought any clothes I let him borrow some of mine. Lunch was incredible; I missed having lunch with him. We ate at some Chinese resto. He talked about the past few days; how his relatives went and go to their house bidding him luck and giving him all sort of gifts. The movie was great we watched an art film. Finally we were having coffee. I was about to change everything. I've made up my mind and I know I have to do this and be strong for Jake's future.


We sat in one of those sort of hidden away from most table booth.

"Jake what do you feel?" I asked

"Honestly? I'm a bit excited but very sad at the same time.  I just wish you could come with me. I'm gonna miss you yah know." He said.

I looked at the people passing by the café. I took a deep breath and got the small package I had in my pocket.

"I want you to have something to remember me by," I said and handed him the small box.

"Wow thanks. Don't you think its too early to be giving me my going away present?" He jokingly asked.

I smiled at him and watched him opened the box.

"Wow this is beautiful... Wait are you proposing now?" he joked while taking my hands and rubbed it, " I want you to put it on my finger.

I took the ring and placed it on his right ring finger. I had it made for his birthday three months from now but since he's leaving a week from now I decided to give his birthday present early. The whit gold ring and a solitary small diamond engraved in the middle reflected the light coming from the lights in the café.

"Wow thanks again. Now I forgot my gift at home, coz I was going to give it to you on my despedida (going away party)."

"Its okay." I said as tears suddenly fell from my eyes.

"Hey come on don't cry, I'll be back for you, promise," he said while wiping away my tears.

"Jake, you know I love you very much and I'm going to miss you. But I don't want you to limit yourself and holdback. There'll be a lot of opportunity coming your way and I don't want to be one of the reasons you holding back from taking big steps and making decisions when you're already there. So I've to do this Jake. It would be unfair for you or me to wait and hold back for each other. Not because I won't be able to wait for you. Its you I'm worried of well not that I don't trust you. Jake you have to understand why I'm doing this.

"I want you to succeed and do it without thinking of other things but your future alone. You'll always be my first love and don't ever think that I'm not in love with you anymore just coz I'm doing this. No Jake I love you more than life itself and I don't want to hold you back from a bright future ahead of you. And this is hurting me so much. You know how the cliché goes. If you love someone you gotta let them go. I'll always be here for you waiting and you have my word. But for I know let's just stay as best friends. I can't sustain a long distance relationship Jake," I said whilem letting the pent up emotion take over and let the tears fall freely.

"Are you breaking up with me Joe?" he asked

"For now Jake yes, you are a great guy and you'll find someone there. I'll go nuts thinking of you everyday; thinking that you are so far away surrounded with lots of cute guys and maybe girls. And I wont be there to satisfy you Jake. You're still a guy and I am too. I just know that you can't live without sex. Don't make it harder Jake. Understand why I'm doing this, please."

"I can't Joe. I just can't. I need time to think. Lets go i don't like to be here now."

We went home. The drive going home was pretty silent. He parked in front of our house.

"Joe why? I don't want to lose you. I'm doing this for you, for us. Why can't you understand that?" he asked sadly.

"I understand that Jake but I'm thinking of you and you're future. There's lots of opportunities there. I love you so much it hurts. But I know I have to do this. I have to go Jake I'm tired. I'll just be here `til you leave," I said while kissing him. He was openly sobbing and it hurts to see him like that but I know I have to be strong and be man enough to stand up for my decision.


I cried myself to sleep that night. My heart ached. I was like a complete zombie for the whole week, getting up going to work. I've talked to Jake everyday and we always end up crying over the phone every night.


I went inside Jake's house putting up a brave face for him. Everyone was having fun. This would be the last night I'd be spending with him and god knows when the next would be. I talked to some of his friends, helped his mum in the kitchen well just busying myself with anything so I won't keep on thinking about his flight tomorrow. I was a bit tipsy when the crowd was finally thinning out. It was already 12am when the last of his guest left. I was busy putting the last bag of trash outside when Jake hugged me from behind and asked me to meet him in his room after.


I knocked and waited for him to open the door. He had this amused expression.

"Why did you have to knock? He asked.

"Well nothing. So what's up?"

"Come here." He said patting the space beside him.

"Here," he said while handing me a small box.

I opened it and I found a necklace with my name and his name as pendant. There was a shiny stone connecting our names.

"This is gorgeous wow." I said and kissed him.


There were no more words said and we made love for the last time. Jake knew tomorrow will be the start of us being best friends again and never said a word to try and change my mind.


I stared as Jake's plane took off the ran way. I felt tears falling out of my eyes. I know I'm strong and I'll get through this. We promised that we'll keep each other posted through e-mail. I drove out of the airport still crying. I felt like half of me was taken away by that plane but I kept on reminding myself to be strong. I know I have to keep move on and start anew, for Jake and mostly for myself.





"Yes mum I'll be there. I won't miss it for anything else. I told you I'm tied up with something right now," I said to my mum who's calling me on my mobile.


But Joe you know your sister is so excited to see you. Are you sure you can't make it on Wednesday?


"Mum I told you I'll see what I can do. Ive been tied up with so much work for the past couple of days. As much as I want to take a leave of absence I can't they need me here."


Okay fine. But promise me you'll try. And put Michaels christening on your PDA thing. Your brother will be very disappointed if you don't come to your nephews christening okay?


"Oh god I told you I wont miss it for whatever reason mother! Now I have to go back to work mother! I love you bye!" I said as I hang up the phone.


I went home and as usual I was very tired. I ate up the take out Chinese that I bought. Coming home to my empty house everyday has been quite an ordeal. For years since I moved to my own place I've been missing the noise of my nephews and niece made when they ran. I got up and took a shower and lay on my bed waiting for sleep to overcome.



 I woke up feeling satisfied after a very relaxing sleep. I looked at my alarm clock to check what day it is. Hmmm its Saturday. I got up, made coffee and fried some bacon. After cooking my breakfast I grab my phone and tried to look for some company. I convinced Gene and Jules to have lunch and coffee.


After a hearty breakfast of bacon and French toast I went to my dresser to look for something to wear. I was thinking of jeans, shirt and rubber shoes. I remember I bought a new pair of Nike Presto a month ago but never had the chance to wear them. I reached for the box but tripped on my own foot. The box fell on top of my head and I end up on the floor. I was about to get up when I notice a photo lying on top of my feet. I got up and took the photo flipping. My heart seemed to stop beating for a couple of seconds. On the picture was Jake staring back at me. The pain started creeping into my heart again. After e year of constant email form each other he just stopped. I tried to contact him and emailed him a couple of times more but I never received anything back. After a year since he stopped emailing and calling me I lost all hoped. I became depressed but I know I have to keep on living for myself so I tried my best to get over him. I put all the stuff he gave me including the necklace on one of my closets. I wonder how this photo got here. I became angry and I told myself why would I let him affect me when he made it clear he doesn't want anything to do with me and completely forgot me.


The mall was steaming with people. We decided to eat at one of our favorite resto and as always we went to Starbucks for our coffee after meal.


"You seem a little bit distracted today Joe. Anything wrong?" she asked

"Uh am just stressed out with the launching of the new flavored beer and all, interviewing staff and applicants for the team. I'm sorry if I'm a bore today, I just wanted to have some company," I said.

"Ok hun we understand. Anyway you two remember the site we visited last Saturday with Alex well that would be a good one..."


Although I was a bit preoccupied the three of us enjoyed window shopping and just driving around the Metro.


Sunday next morning I went to my mother's house for our Sunday family lunch. I forgot how stressed I was when my nephews, niece and I played in the garden. I decided to finally go home at around 3pm.


I was trying to relax watching Dead Poet's Society for what seems like the hundredth time when my doorbell rang. I went down to see who the intruder was. I opened the door and started my way to the gate when I stopped dead on my tracks. Jake, my Jake well before standing in front of my gate I don't know what to do at that moment. I just stared at him and he stared at me. I felt the hurt creeping its way to my heart again. It brought me back to reality.


"What are you doing here?" I asked uncomfortably.

"To-to visit you," he said.

"Well ain't that grand Jake. I don't want anything to do with you anymore. Just leave please;" I said and started to go back inside.

"Joe please wait! Let's talk," he begged. I turned around and faced him once again.

"No Jake we don't have anything to talk about. Please leave before I call the police."

I tried so hard not to breakdown in front of him. I can't let him see me cry and breakdown. But once when I was inside I fell on sat on the floor and let the tears that were trying to escape my eyes fall. I sat there in front of the door crying for three hours. My mother called several times. I was too weak to go and pick it up so I let the machine get it. She knew about Jake being back and trying to visit me. He asked her first but when she din't give him my address he tried to get it from my brother and he did. My mother explained. Three times she called asking me if I was okay. I was too weak and too tired to go get the phone. I just sat there and cried. I was just looking at the couch which looks so soft and comforting yet seems so far from me and I don't have the energy to crawl when I heard a knock. I was startled.

"Who's there? How'd you get in?" I asked?

"Joe it's Alex. Your mum called me and told me what happened. Julie asked me to go and check you out since you weren't answering your mobile phone. I'll let myself in okay?" he said.


I remembered I gave Alex a key to my house. I crawled my way to the couch and sat before Alex got inside.

"Joe, I'm sorry," he said as he approached me and pulled me into a hug.

Alex felt warm and comforting and it made me cry again. Shit I need to get a hold of myself. I can't afford to feel this way if ever I came face to face with Jake again. I've forgotten everything that happened between us! Well am trying to convince myself.

Its not fair, I'm already contented with my life. Although I'm not dating my friends help ,e get through life's twists and turns.


Alex stayed with me the whole night. I knew I can't let that or him affect me. When I woke up the next morning I put on a brave face and made my way to the kitchen to cook breakfast for Alex and myself. He asked me a couple of times if I were okay and if I wanted to stay at home.


"Alex, life goes on and I won't be able to hide from this one. I'm not yet okay but I can get by this. Now eat your breakfast. I need to be at work by 9am," I said.

"You know I admire that in you. You're so strong, well most of the time."


Wednesday came and mum was calling me every minute to remind me of my sister's birthday party. I knew I've stil got a lot of work to finish but who cares. I've been working 14hrs everyday and I deserve a break. I got out of work early and called Alex, Gene and Julie. I invited them to come with me and they readily agreed.


We got at around 6pm at my mum's place and wow there were a lot of people. I looked for my sister and gave her my gift.


"Wow thanks Joe. I'll open it later. You guys help yourselves with the food. I've got guests to entertain. Later you guys," she said and left.


We helped ourselves with the food. Most of the guests were my sister's friend and as much as we want to socialize we don't really know most of them so I decided to take the three stooges to the 2nd floor terrace.


"I always liked your mum's cooking Joe," Alex said munching.

"Yeah she makes one of the best puto(rice cake) and pancit malabon(a native noodle delicacy)," Gene piped in.

"I know that's why I always make it a point to be here every Sunday for lunch," I said.

"Maybe we could invite your mum to cook for us in one of our parties? Well anyway Joe tell us and I want you to be honest, how are you?" Julie asked.

"Guys it was so sudden. I never expected him to show up soon and be standing in front of my gate. It was like seeing your past and gradually making your world fall. Shit! I felt like everything went slow mo that time," I said.

"But you know you can't avoid him forever. Sooner or later you're gonna need to talk to him, so you could uh move on. And I know you needed explanation. You always need an explanation for everything!" Gene said laughing.

"Yeah I know. I was just caught off guard. Next time I see him I'm gonna drag him and demand a fuckin' explanation! Putangina (motherfucker!)! I've suffered hard and was depressed for a while. He owe me an explanation big time!

"But guys you know I told you I broke up with him before he left right?" I said

"Yeah Joe you did but even though he was your best friend. Best friends don't jut leave each other," Julie said.

Just then my brother's was standing on the doorway.

"There you are guys. Mum told me you three were here and I'd use this opportunity to give you the invitation for my son's christening this coming 27th next month. You guys should not miss it," my brother said.

"Yes Ian we won't!" the three stooges bellowed.

"Okay, okay, anyway look who I found downstairs," he said while grabbing someone.

The four of us were gasping and my brother had a questioning look.

"Hi guys," Jake muttered.



to be continued...

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