Matt's heart started racing faster as Keegan's face was only an inch away
from his. He tried desperately to wake up but this time, it wasn't a

Chapter 13
Matt & Keegan

He heard shuffling of feet from the other room. He slowly opened his eyes
to see a light coming from under his door. Keegan looked at the clock on
his bedside table. It was almost four in the morning. He lazily rolled
out of bed and put on a shirt before going out of his room.

"Where're you going?" Keegan scratched his head as he sleepily watched
Chris packing his stuff inside a duffel bag. He decided to head over to
the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker.

"It's our anniversary. Deena and I are headin' out to Mexico for three

"Playin' hookie?"

"Nope. I took advanced classes."

Keegan put a pot of coffee in and watched as Chris jam more stuff in the
overpacked duffel bag. Chris forced it close and slung it over his
shoulder. "I'll be back on Monday... or Tuesday," he smiled to himself.
"Don't even think of touchin' my stuff or I'll kick your ass. Got that?"

"Yup," Keegan nodded as the smell of the brewing coffee slowly woke him
up from his sleep. He watched as Chris walked out the door then stared
back at their empty apartment. For the first time in several weeks, he
had the apartment to himself. Usually he was happy about it since he and
his girlfriend would have the place to themselves but this time, he was
alone. Keegan sighed as he poured himself a cup of coffee. He took one
sip and headed to his room to pack his swimming gear.

Keegan felt the cold tile floor beneath his feet as he walked over to the
pool. He smiled when he saw Matt already doing laps. He walked over to
the edge and jumped in. Matt stopped near where he was and came up for
air. He looked to his side and saw Keegan putting on his goggles.

"Hey," Matt smiled as he gasped for air.

"Wanna race?" Keegan smiled.

Matt smiled and put his back against the wall to catch his breath, "Give
me a sec."

"No time for breaks. One. Two. Three."

Both of them sped across the length of the pool. Keegan got to the end
first and quickly kicked off and started swimming back, with Matt
trailing closely behind. Matt pushed himself further and kicked harder as
he pulled himself to the lead, getting to the wall first. Matt quickly
went up for air and smiled, "I win."

Keegan was panting beside him as he laughed, "I'm really starting to suck
at this."

"I don't think you suck. I'm just gettin' better."

"Wanna race again?"

"Nah. I have to meet some friends for breakfast."

"Well, that sucks. It ain't fun if I swim by myself again."

Keegan pulled himself out of the pool with Matt watching closely from
behind. His mouth was left open as he stared at Keegan's tight trunks
which clung perfectly to his butt. Matt pulled himself up the pool and
grabbed his towel. He took off his goggles and followed Keegan down to
the locker room.

Keegan pulled off his trunks and headed to the showers. He walked under
one of the under the spray of hot water and started soaping himself.

"You're already done swimming?" a naked Matt asked as he turned the
shower on beside Keegan. He made sure to put on cold water to keep his
hard on down.

"I already told you, I don't want to swim by myself."

Matt chuckled as he started soaping his body.

"What's so funny?"

"You sound like a spoiled brat who didn't get what he wanted."

"I do?" Keegan sighed. "I guess I do. It's just that I'm not really good
with this solitary... alone thing," Keegan laughed. "Pam and I were
always together and now that she's gone it's like I have all this free
time to kill by myself. It gets really boring."

He turned around as he let the water rinse off the soap off his back,
giving Matt a great view of his butt. Matt quickly turned the water to
its maximum coldness. "I can't really hang out with Chris and the guys
that much. They're pretty much busy with their girlfriends and stuff. I
don't know how you do it man, being single... it's tough."

"You'll get used to it," Matt chuckled as he took another glimpse of
Keegan's back before the guy turned around, giving Matt a full view of
his cock. Matt looked up just in time to see Keegan staring at him with
suspicious eyes. Matt quickly looked at the tiled floor and started
rinsing off his hair. "Why don't you just date another girl? I mean, you
look great. Girls chase after you."

Keegan laughed, "I wish. Seriously though, I don't think I wanna be in a
relationship with any girl right now. It's emotionally... draining."
Keegan laughed again as he turned off the water and grabbed his towel. He
began drying himself up before walking towards the lockers. Matt let out
a silent sigh of relief as he closed his eyes under the spray of cold
water. He waited a few seconds to let the cold take effect before turning
off the knob and heading to the lockers.

Keegan was putting on underwear as Matt began drying his hair.

"You know, you do look better with short hair."

Matt blushed nervously as he started to bone up again. He subtly let his
towel cover his cock as he asked, "What makes you say that?"

"I can see your eyes without all that hair. This look suits you."

"Thanks. Uh... Do you wanna have breakfast?"

"With you?"


"I thought you're meeting up with friends?"

"I don't think they'd mind."

"Sure. Thanks," Keegan smiled as he pulled on his shirt.

Kevin was laughing uncontrollably as Vince whispered something in his
ear. They were seated side by side at the corner of a small busy
restaurant as they waited for Matt to arrive.

"That'd be a bad idea for your comeback performance," Kevin continued
laughing as he raised an eyebrow, "But we could use that later."

Vince grinned as rubbed Kevin's thigh, "Yer a dirty dirty lad."

"Hey, I didn't come up with the idea," Kevin laughed once more before
looking at his watch. "Where the heck is Matty?"

"You worry too much. He'll be here."

"Yeah, but he kinda freaked last night. I'm not really sure."

"The guy just came out. Well, at least to you. It's natural. I bet ya
went through the same thing when you came out."

"Technically, I never really did," Kevin made an awkward frown. "My mom
kinda figured something was up with me and Xavier. She actually caught us
once..." Kevin noticed Vince staring at him with that naughty grin on his
face, "Long embarrassing story, don't ask. She knows about me being gay
but my dad is completely clueless."

"Ya haven't come out to yer dad?"

"It's kinda hard to. You see, Andrea's very conservative. If she knew I
was into guys, she might never let me see the twins again."

"You'll never know if you don't try."

"I don't wanna risk it... Matt!" Kevin called from the table.

Vince looked up to see Matt walking towards them, with Keegan following
closely behind. Matt smiled and stopped at the end of the table, "Hope
you guys don't mind, I invited a friend of mine for breakfast. Kevin this
is Keegan. He's from the swim team."

Keegan courteously shook Kevin's hand.

"Vince, you already know Keegan," Matt continued.

"Yeah," Vince grinned as both Keegan and Matt took the coach in front of
them. "You guys still owe us our bet winnings."

Keegan smiled as he lightly scratched his head, "Do you have anything in
mind already?"

"I'll let Matty here decide your fate. Tell Chris to get ready. I've
already thought of a great dare."

"I will," Keegan nodded.

Kevin stared at Keegan for a minute. He liked his face. He had a boyish
charm to him past that rugged exterior. He had clean-cut hair, a piercing
on one eyebrow an odd habit of twisting his lips when he's not speaking.
He tried guessing what was under the oversized NYU sweater before asking
him, "So? Swim team? I heard Matty here kicks your ass every day."

"Does he?" Keegan looked at Matt who was starting to blush. "Well, he
does have a right to brag. He did take my ass this morning."

Vince instantly raised an eyebrow at Keegan's comment.

"Order!" Matt shouted abruptly and a little louder than normal, making
all three guys look at him. "I mean, I'm hungry. I wanna order

"Excuse me? Can I ask for ketchup?" Kevin told the waitress as she passed
by their table.

Matt was stuffing his mouth with huge pieces of sausage and hash browns
as both Kevin and Vince continued their 'interview' with Keegan.

"So, what made you decide to do film?"

"I'm a big fan of movies. I used to watch them all the time with my dad.
I wrote a couple of stuff, shorts, video concepts just for fun way back
in high school. I guess it really got serious when I tried making skating
videos. I tried out for the X-games... wasn't good enough. I fell in love
with the camera and I guess that was that," Keegan took a sip from his
coffee, "How about you? What're you majoring on?"

"Music," Vince replied without hesitation.

Kevin almost choked on his coffee. "Music? You've decided on a major?"

"Yeah. I told you a couple of days ago, didn't I?"

"When was that?"

"Right after we fucked each other silly in my apartment."

It was now Matt's time to choke on his coffee.

"You two are...?" Keegan asked curiously.

"Together?" Vince finished his question.

Keegan nodded.

"Yep," Vince smiled and wrapped his arm around Kevin which made both
Kevin and Matt uncomfortable.

"Wow! I'd never expect that you two would be... wow," Keegan repeated.

"Do ya have any problems with that?"

"No," Keegan replied. "I think it's cool."

Matt's heart was beating rapidly and he could feel his face turning pale
with anxiety. He turned his attention to Vince who was already looking at
him with a coy expression on his face.

"Where the hell's the ketchup?" Kevin butt in.

"I'll get it," Keegan stood up and walked over to the counter.

Vince leaned over towards Matt and whispered, "He's a great guy. Why
don't you make a move on him?"

"You told him?!" Matt looked at Kevin.

"Vince is my boyfriend. Of course I told him."

"Don't get mad at him Matty. I actually knew from the get-go, remember?"

"I don't see a problem here," Kevin interjected, "Keegan's hot. He's
intelligent, athletic, and not to mention that ass."

"You were checking him out?" Vince turned to Kevin.

"It's not as if you weren't," Kevin jokingly punched Vince in the arm.

"Will you guys stop it? Nothing's going on between me and Keegan and nor
will there ever be anything between us. We're friends and he's one
hundred percent straight."

"Yeah, but you told me last night that he was 'open' to doing stuff."

"Did I tell you that?"

"Yeah. You, pretty much, spilled everything."

Matt covered his face. "I should've kept my mouth shut."

Vince stretched his arm across the table and put a hand on Matt's
shoulder, "Believe me Matty, it's gonna be fine. You're just getting used
to it, that's all."

"Did I miss anything?" Keegan sat back down and handed the ketchup bottle
to Kevin.

"Nope," Matt answered quickly.

"So what're you two doing later?" Vince asked as he raised his fork.

"I'm free the whole day. My schedule's way too loose nowadays," Keegan

"How about you Matty?"

"Uh... I'm attending this symposium on youth leadership."

"That's the one with the Turner guy, isn't it?"

"It's Scott Turner Jr. and yes. Are you coming?" Matt asked Kevin.

"I can't. I'm going to stick around for sound check. Vince is going to
play at Joe's tonight... big comeback." Kevin pinched Vince's cheek.

"That's tonight?" Matt asked.

"Yeah. Do ya have any song requests?"

"Do me a favor and no more virgin songs," Matt chuckled.

"Will do," Vince grinned and turned to Keegan, "How about you?"

"Me?" Keegan asked, a little surprised.

"Yeah. You are coming to my show, aren't ya?"

"Sure," Keegan smiled.

"What artists do you like listening to?"

"I'm a big Counting Crows fan. If you can put one song in there, that'd
be great."

"Ah, I think I have the perfect one in mind already," Vince grinned as he
took a long sip from his coffee.

Kevin started chatting up Keegan again leaving Matt to his food. Matt
looked up and saw Vince wink at him from across the table.

The room was packed with people as Scott Turner Jr. took the stage. He
had finished giving his talk and the students were already asking him
questions about his political career at the University of Wisconsin. Matt
was seated at the back, engrossed with every word that came out of this
guy's mouth.

One of the students in front of Matt raised his hand and asked his
question, "What can the student government really do out of the
university? Those students in position might have a huge influence within
the campus but outside, they really can't make an impact. Your case was
special with regards to fact that you were a regent and got to make calls
on behalf of the student body but as for the others in the student
government how good is their influence when their circles are limited?"

The young teacher nodded his head and took the mic, "Well, I'm not sure
that a student government ought to do anything outside in the so-called
`real world' of politics and government. In our case, the Wisconsin
Student Association has the job of being the students' voice on matters
that come from within the UW system. On the bigger social or political
issues, we ought to help inform the folks on campus about what's going on
in, say, the legislature or in Congress. But the reality is that our
constituents have political beliefs that are all over the board. There
are Young Democrats and Young Republicans on campus, and they engage in
debates on outside issues. Plus, we also have the tree huggers, the
socialists, the anarchists, one or two GLBT organizations, ROTC, a whole
host of ethnic minority groups, feminists, right wingers, pro-Israel,
pro-Palestinian, fundamentalist name it. Our job, I think,
is to represent them all on UW issues." He was on a roll now, and more
than a little taken by the attention. "We've got `no nukes,' `more
nukes,' `save the whales,' `no guns,' `more guns,' `drill off shore,' `no
more drilling off shore,' `global warming,' `global warming is a bunch of
crap,' `prayer in school,' `no prayer in school,' `gay marriage,' no gay
marriage,'... Hells Bells! I think we might even have `nuke the gay whales
for Jesus!' somewhere on campus in Madison. So, you're in college and
have a gripe or a cause that's bigger than college life? Well, there's a
group to advocate for you. And if there's not, then get off your ass and
start one. But I think it's the limited mission of the student government
to help students of every political stripe to make a difference with the
powers that be at the university level."

Scott paused and then pointed at the crowd. "But that's not to say that
young voters can't make a difference without their student government
doing their job for them. The sad reality is—and history bears me out on
this—is that with all of our noise making and hell raising and `Rock the
Vote' jaw flapping, on Election Day we just sit on our hands. We let the
middle aged homeowners and the senior citizens call the shots. The worst
voter turnout is always... and I mean always... the 18 to 25 year olds. But
the bald heads and the blue hairs? Hell, you can't chase them away from
the polls with a stick! Let's say you're 19 or 20 and you want, for
instance, a lower drinking age in your state. I'm told that's a pretty
popular view among one or two college students. Well, what lawmaker in
their right mind will listen to you when they know you're not going to do
anything about it? The baby boomers and the social security crowd don't
want it, and they actually get off their butts when it counts and make
themselves heard!"

Another student got to ask a question, "What would you say were the key
moments of your political career in the university?"

A sardonic grin emerged on his lips. He scratched his head as he thought.
"Well, it's kinda funny, actually. First, I ran for WSA more or less on
a whim. This one pretty smug, smarmy, elitist frat boy suggested I wasn't
worthy of joining their ranks. Nothing against fraternity members, mind
you. Truth is, he and I eventually found some common ground and are
friends today. But anyway, a small group of my friends thought it was
worth really fighting for and they gave me several big boosts in the
race. One guy in particular, Marty Anderson, pulled out all the stops.
The dude actually streaked at a football game to get attention." The
audience laughed along with Scott. "Mind you, for the record, I had no
prior knowledge of his plans. But, yeah, I benefited from the loyal
support of some good friends." He paused for a drink of water. "The next
biggie on my list was the election to the organization's presidency,
twice, I'm happy to say. It probably sounds a bit arrogant... aw hell, it
is a bit arrogant... but it seemed to me that it was coming down to a
choice between two bad candidates, so I threw my hat in the ring. I admit
to a bit of political maneuvering on that one, but I hope it was for the

"Then, there was the appointment to The Board of Regents by Governor
Hackett. We're lucky to have one student member on the Board, and a real
voting member at that. Once again I had the help of a good friend who was
very well connected. But with that job there was real decision making to
be done, and I was one of only 17 members instead of the 33 in the WSA.
Plus, the decisions we made actually had some weight. They really made a

"For me the high points were probably a fight over student tuition at the
Regents' table, which we won. In the WSA, we had a big brouhaha over
spending student activity fees that the "good guys' also won. On the
downside? The Regents made a tough decision that ended up cutting the
baseball program from our athletic budget, and I'm sorry to say that my
fingerprints were all over that one. It still stings."

The organizer excused himself and borrowed the mic from Scott, "We only
have time for one more question... yes," he pointed to one of the
students in the front row who went to ask his question.

"Your sexuality and personal life had been targeted by a lot of people
during your stint in the council and the board of regents. Has that, in
any way, affected how you led your groups?"

"I don't think it has, or at least I hope not. I think I've been pretty
consistent on that matter. If I answer a question like that one way or
another, I'd be saying that it's okay to ask it in the first place.
Well, it's not. What anybody does with another consenting adult in the
privacy of their own home and on their own time has absolutely nothing to
do with their ability to do their job, whether it's fighting the good
fight in student government or teaching high school students about that
government. A person's sexuality just has no place in the discussion." He
paused and smirked, and then leaned over into the microphone, whispering,
"but I could tell you stories that I'll bet would make you all pretty
jealous, whatever your orientation." He winked at the crowd as they
laughed. "But, seriously, questions like that usually come from some
bigoted buffoon with an ignorant, hateful agenda. It's kind of fun when
the morons in this world shine a light on themselves for being the fools
that they are." He could still picture the fundamentalist zealot in the
WSA, Elliot Lyman, frothing at the mouth in a futile effort to discredit
him a few years earlier. Scott had rather enjoyed Elliot's senseless
ranting. "So, yeah, I've been asked the question and I've just refused to
answer. My Gran used to say, `it might be true that there's no such thing
as a stupid question, but there sure as hell are a lot of inquisitive
idiots in this world. Give `em room to show off their stupidity and
they'll do it every time.' She was right."

The organizers adjourned the forum and thanked Mr. Turner. Scott shook
hands with a couple of people and his fellow speakers. He took a couple
of photos and went down the stage. Matt walked past the crowd of students
heading out the auditorium. He was getting more nervous by the minute as
he slowly approached the guy.

Scott was talking to one of the professors as Matt waited patiently
behind them. Scott shook hands with the old professor and turned around,
almost bumping into Matt, "Sorry 'bout that buddy. You shouldn't really
be standing too close."

Matt blushed and stuttered, "I- Uh, I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay," Scott smiled.

"I'm Matthew Dinicol sir," Matt stretched out his hand abruptly.

Scott smiled as he shook Matt's hand, "Don't call me sir, it's Scott.
Nice to meet 'ya Matthew... can I call you Matt?"

"Yes, absolutely," Matt's hands were shaking as he pondered on whether he
just said that with too much enthusiasm. "I wanted ask you something a
while ago but I wasn't able to."

Scott put a hand on Matt's shoulder, "Sure, ask away but do you mind
walking? I need to catch a plane."

"Oh, sorry if I'm stalling you."

"Don't worry 'bout it. I like answering questions. Are you taking up

"Yeah," Matt couldn't help taking side glances at this guy as they
walked. He was still very young and very good looking.

"You had a question?" Scott smiled as he caught Matt staring at him.

"Oh, uh," Matt snapped out of his star struck state, "Um... This question
is kind of personal but it might give me some... enlightenment on my
views in politics... Why did you decide to leave it all and settle for
teaching? Are you... happy you did it?"

"Settle for teaching? Hell, Matt, I'm not just happy, I'm proud that I
did it. And I don't think I `settled' for anything. I think I took a
step up. In a lot of ways it's harder work and a lot more noble, in my
book. And remember, I worked in the Capitol and my dad's a state
senator, so I've had a good look at both jobs."

Matt blushed in embarrassment, "Sorry, it was a stupid question."

Scott put a hand on Matt's shoulder as they walked, giving Matt goose
bumps down his back, "It's not stupid. When you want to know something,
go ask it. You should really stop being too nervous and courteous."

He stared Matt in the eyes in earnest. "Let me put it to you this way,
Matt. Ask the average `Joe' what their state lawmaker has ever done for
them directly, and most of them can't give you an answer. Hell, most of
`em in Wisconsin can't even name their lawmakers in Madison unless it's
election time and the roads are dotted with campaign signs. Now, ask
that same person to name one or two teachers who really had a lasting,
positive impact on their lives. They'll spit out a couple names in a
heartbeat, and then go on and on and on while they fondly recall what a
difference this one or that one had on their lives. And they'll mean it.
They'll really, really mean it." Scott grinned broadly. "Sorry, Matt,
but that's not `settling' for anything. That, my friend, is both a gift
and a blessing that few politicians will ever know."

Scott and Matt were already out of the hall and in front of the building;
a car was waiting to take Scott to the airport. He stretched out his hand
and shook Matt's hand one more time. "Hopefully I answered your question.
Remember what I said Matt, don't be too nervous about things. Relax. It
was nice meeting you."

"It was an honor meeting you," Matt smiled as he nervously continued
shaking Scott's hand.

"You can let go now," Scott smiled.

"Oh!" Matt let go of Scott's hand.

Scott pointed to a guy standing behind Matt, "I think your friend's
already waiting for you to finish talking to me. If you're ever planning
on visiting Madison and want to talk more about politics give me a call."
Scott gave Matt his calling card and walked towards the car.

Matt read the card as he watched the car drive off. He turned around to
see Keegan standing behind him. "Interesting talk."

"You went in?"

"Yeah, I had nothing better to do," Keegan smiled. "Solid guy."

"One of the best," Matt put the card in his wallet.

"Wanna grab something to eat?"

"Nope. I'm good."

"How about a drink?" Keegan raised his pierced eyebrow.

"No. I need to go. I still have stuff to do," Matt lied.

"Are you sure? I can cook you something if you're hungry."

"Your eggs?" Matt chuckled. "No thank you."

"I can offer you something better than my eggs," Keegan looked at Matt
with a needy innocent smile on his face.

"Why do you want me to go to your place?"

Keegan sighed, "What can I say? I'm bored. I can't last another day
staring at the wall by myself."

Matt chuckled. "Why don't you go out then?"

"With who? My friends are busy, Chris is out of town with his
girlfriend... and I'm here, all alone, in our apartment..." Keegan looked
at Matt and smiled sheepishly, "So, are you comin'?"

Matt was sitting on the couch as he watched a tape of Keegan attempting a
360 inward heel and failing miserably, repeatedly. Keegan was in the
kitchen busy mixing up a couple of drinks. Matt laughed as Keegan tried
walking off after another fall in the video.

"Don't laugh too much, it'll give you gas," Keegan smiled as he handed
Matt his drink.

Matt took a whiff of the odd green cocktail in his hand, "What is this?"

"It's my own brew. Try it. I do have to warn you, it's a little strong,"
Keegan raised his own glass and downed one fourth of it.

Matt followed suit and quickly spat out a mouthful. Keegan laughed as
Matt wiped his tongue on his sleeve. "You don't like it?"

"No offense, but your mixing skills are worse than your cooking skills."

Keegan just smiled and downed the rest of his drink. Matt continued
watching the video as Keegan stood up to grab something from the pile of
tapes on the table. "I want you to watch this one."

Keegan popped the tape out of the player and replaced it with the one in
his hands.

"What is it?"

"It's my thesis. I only need to finish this one and I'm done."

"With what?"

"College," Keegan smiled and pressed play.

A young man was standing in the middle of an empty room. Everything was
in grayscale, in stark contrast of blacks and whites. The guy was looking
out the window, seeing the world outside in full color.

Matt was trying to decipher what was going on screen as Keegan got out of
his chair and lounged beside Matt as he lazily held the remote in his

"I don't get it. There're no sounds."

"It's a silent movie. It's just a rough draft. I haven't finished it

Matt kept on watching as young man paced all over the room. Matt was
thinking, 'This movie's crap' and decided to keep it to himself. On
screen, the young man held the door knob and decided to lock it. Matt was
bored out of his wits, out of respect, he didn't say anything. Keegan was
watching him closely, trying to read his reactions.

After a few more minutes of nothing happening, the movie ended, to Matt's

"So? Did you like it?"

"Can I be honest with you?"

"Of course."

Matt scratched his head, "I didn't get it."

Keegan laughed and stood up to get the tape. Matt couldn't help but stare
at Keegan's boxers which stuck out as he bent over to get the tape from
the player. Keegan put the tape on the table and went back to sit beside

"Well, it's basically about a guy, who's stuck in a world where
everything is plain black and white. Everything is either right or wrong,
there are no grays, no colors. He limits himself even though he has the
option not to; that's why his room is left barren and empty. He's all
alone while the whole world moves right outside his window," Keegan
turned his head to face Matt, "He can always choose to step out into the
world, if he only wanted to try something different, be free."

Matt felt a lump down his throat and smiled weakly, "Deep shit."

"I guess," Keegan smiled, his eyes still transfixed on Matt's. "Remember
the dare we had?"

"From the basketball game?"

"That one," Keegan smiled nervously. "Why don't you dare me now?"

"Dare you to do what?"

"Kiss you."

Matt felt hot and nervous. He felt his heart start beating faster. "Why
would you want me to dare you to do that?"

"I know you're interested. I caught you checking me out a couple of
times. I told you before that I'm open to anything once. So dare me,"
Keegan leaned over to Matt.

Matt's heart started racing faster as Keegan's face was only an inch away
from his. He tried desperately to wake up but this time, it wasn't a
dream. Matt just sat there, shaking a little bit, confused at what he was
supposed to do next. He liked the guy and really wanted to pounce on him
but he was afraid of many things. 'What if this comes out? What if he's
just joking? Shit!' Matt thought to himself.

"I'm sorry," Keegan backed away. "I must've read you wrong. This is
weird... sorry 'bout that."

"Yeah... it's cool," Matt sighed as a weight lifted of his chest but his
heart was still pacing and his face still hot.

Keegan quickly stood up and went to the kitchen, "Do you wanna order out
or something?"

"No. I think I have to go," Matt stood up and took his jacket. "Vince is
performing in a few minutes. I wouldn't want to miss it... are you

"I think I'll stay in and order Chinese food. My cooking ain't that great

Both of them shared a short laugh before Matt said goodbye and walked out
the door.

Matt maneuvred his way through the thick crowd and found Ally and Jessica
sitting at their usual table. "Hey ladies! How long have you been here?"

"Three hours," Ally smiled as she looked towards the empty makeshift

"Three hours?"

"Yeah. We wanted to get good seats."

"I haven't seen you lately," Jessica's gaze was locked on Matt which made
him very uncomfortable.

"I've been busy."

"All work and no play? You know what they say Matty," Jessica smiled. "I
heard about your friend. They said she went to rehab."

"Sarah?" Matt asked, a little annoyed that Jessica brought it up all of a

"It's a pity. She seemed nice."

"She was nice and I still don't think she'd ever do drugs."

"They found some on her. You can't beat hard evidence," Jessica took
another sip of her drink as she looked at Matt who was looking back at
her suspiciously.

"Hey! Where's Keegan?" Kevin sat down on the empty chair beside Matt.

"I don't know," Matt lied, "I haven't really seen him since this

Suddenly the room erupted with cheers from screaming girls as Vince took
on the stage and sat in front of his piano. Ally whistled as Vince winked
at their table. Jessica sat there smiling and shaking her head as she
silently sipped her drink.

"Why don't you call him?" Kevin whispered to Matt.

"Are you crazy?"

"No. He's your friend, isn't he? Call him as a friend."

"He tried to make a move on me," Matt whispered, careful not let anybody
hear except Kevin.

"What? Are you serious? I thought you haven't seen him since this

Matt tried to shush Kevin's surprised response.

"Sorry," Kevin whispered. "So he likes you?"

"I'm not really sure," Matt whispered back.

Vince started playing a few keys on the piano and looked at Kevin in the
audience. Both Kevin and Matt looked at the stage as Vince started

While the crowd is waiting for the final kiss

The crowd cheered as Vince continued singing.

The one which allows them to sleep well
We walk along the wrong path
The one which lead us to our own blessed

"Why don't you find out? Where is he now?" Kevin whispered as he leaned
towards Matt.

"At his apartment."

"Do you really like him?"

We need hints before we get tired
But we need hints before we get tired

Matt looked at Kevin who already had a serious expression on his face.
"Then what're you doing here?"

Matt got out from his chair and walked out of the cafe. Jessica looked
off stage and watched Matt walk out the door.

Now we need hints before we lose pace
Now we need a hint to know we're on the right track

Keegan opened the fridge and took out a cold can of beer. He opened it a
had a long gulp. He stood there and looked at the empty apartment. He put
his can of beer down once he heard a knock on the door.

Keegan was surprised to see Matt standing in the hallway, "What're you
doing here? I thought-"

"I dare you," Matt cut him off. "I dare you to kiss me."

"Are you serious?"

"Are you gonna chicken out?"

Keegan smiled and planted his lips on Matt's. Matt closed his lips at
first but the warmth of Keegan's lips on his made him relax. He slowly
opened his mouth and let the other guy's tongue in. He felt their lips
press against each other as they tasted each other for the very first
time. Matt pulled away to catch his breath, his eyes focused on Keegan's.

Keegan licked his lips. "Have you ever kissed a guy before?"

"Nope. You?"

"First time," Keegan smiled.

"Wanna try again?" Matt had a grin on his face as Keegan pulled him
inside and closed the door.

Keegan kissed Matt a little harder, one hand grabbing Matt from behind
while the other held him gently by the nape. Matt put his hands on
Keegan's back, tracing the swimmer's defined body. Matt could feel his
hard-on pressing against the confines of his pants. If he wasn't
mistaken, he could also feel Keegan's throbbing tool pressing against
his. Keegan moved his lips away and started kissing the side of Matt's
face, down to the back of his ear, eliciting a moan from Matt.

"You like that?" Keegan whispered.


Keegan nibbled on Matt's ear as he slowly made his way to the side of
Matt's neck, licking his skin. Matt pushed Keegan back for a second, "Are
you sure you haven't done this before?"

"With a guy? Never."

Matt let out a quick nervous laugh, "This is crazy, you know that?"

"It is," Keegan laughed as well.

"Are you sure Chris won't be coming home soon?"


Matt kissed Keegan's lips as he tried to do the same thing Keegan did. He
licked down the side of Keegan's neck, tasting his skin for the first
time. Keegan had his eyes closed as he felt Matt's hot tongue gliding
down the side of his neck. Matt felt Keegan's hands go up the back of his
shirt, sending him goose bumps with the slightest touch of his skin. Matt
continued kissing the side of Keegan's face for a few minutes before
Keegan pushed him back. Keegan's eyes were still fixed on Matt's as he
pulled off his own shirt. Matt took in Keegan's body and burned an image
of it in his mind. He always stole a couple of glances during practice
but this was the first time he ever really got to look at him, and touch
him. Matt placed his hands on Keegan's chest as he leaned forward to kiss
him. Both of them had their eyes closed as they felt their tongues moving
against each other. Matt ran his hands up Keegan's defined arms, his
right hand resting on the small tattoo on Keegan's left shoulder.

He felt Keegan pulling off his jacket and tugging his shirt up which he
happily helped do so. He pulled the fabric off and let Keegan stare at
him for a few seconds before going back to kissing. Matt leaned his head
back as he felt Keegan's lips find its way down to his chest. He felt
Keegan's teeth nibbling on his nipple before running his tongue on it.
Matt moaned as he dug his fingers through Keegan's hair. Keegan went back
up and kissed Matt on the lips. Matt chuckled nervously as they parted

"What's so funny?"

"I can't believe you're doing this."

"It's a dare right?" Keegan smiled.

"Well this is more than a kiss."

"You can always dare me to do more. Like I said, I'm willing to do
anything once."

Matt bit his lip as Keegan pulled him in for another kiss. Matt felt
Keegan's fingers working on the button of his pants, pulling down his
zipper and placing his hand inside his boxers. He could feel Keegan's
warm hand wrapping around his cock as their tongues continued to collide.
Matt broke the kiss and helped Keegan by pulling off his pants and boxers
together with his shoes and socks.


"What? You've seen it before."

"Yeah, but I'm taking that in my mouth."

"You are?"

Keegan laughed. "Well now I'm starting to think I won't."

"I dare you."

Keegan smiled before got down on his knees and stared at his friend's rod
which was now in full attention. He took a deep breath and started
working on it.

Matt gasped as he felt Keegan's warm tongue touch the tip of his cock.
Matt closed his eyes as he felt Keegan's lips surround his tool before
slowly sliding down.

"Ow!" Matt reacted as he looked at Keegan. "Watch the teeth."

"Sorry," Keegan looked at Matt, "I'm a newbie at this."

Matt chuckled as he dug his fingers in Keegan's hair. Keegan smiled and
tried again. He started licking down the side of Matt's cock, bathing it
in his spit. Keegan took a deep breath before he slid his lips down
Matt's shaft, careful not to let it hit his teeth. Keegan could only take
a few inches before he started to gag and pulled off.

Keegan gasped for air and looked at Matt, "This is harder than it
looks... I mean, it is hard but the, you know..."

Matt laughed and pulled Keegan up towards him, pulling him into a kiss.
"Let me try."

Matt led Keegan towards the couch and let him sit down. Matt kissed down
Keegan's neck, slowly nibbling his skin. Keegan let Matt run his tongue
down his torso, kissing every inch of him as he went down. Matt followed
Keegan's happy trail as he pulled down Keegan's boxers. He unconsciously
licked his lips, staring at the semi in front of him. Matt gently wrapped
his fingers around Keegan's cock, bringing it to life. Keegan watched as
Matt stroked him slowly. Their eyes were glued to each other as Matt let
his hand work Keegan's cock.

Matt licked his lips again and took a deep breath. He wrapped his lips
around Keegan's throbbing head and carefully slid down his long shaft.
Keegan grasped the couch as he felt Matt take him half way down before
slowly pulling off. "Jeesus!"

Matt smiled as he Keegan gave out a nervous laugh, "How the hell did you
do that?"

"I don't know," Matt chuckled and stroked Keegan's dick. He lowered his
head and started licking down the side of Keegan's cock, down to the
base. He took a long whiff of his scent as he started sucking Keegan's
balls in his mouth. Keegan's mind was elsewhere as he felt the pleasure
Matt's hand and tongue were giving him.

Matt's lips found its way back on Keegan's shaft as he started forming a
steady pace up and down. Keegan put his hands behind Matt's head as he
guided him. Matt stroked himself as he continued his slow assault on
Keegan's hard tool in his mouth. Keegan let go of Matt's hair and watched
as Matt continued to work on him.

Matt pulled off to catch his breath. He looked at Keegan who had a very
satisfied smile on his face. Keegan pulled him up on the couch as the two
started kissing each other. Keegan held Matt by the chin as his other
hand grazed Matt's back. Keegan gently pushed Matt down on the couch and
straddled him. He smiled and leaned forward, resting his naked body on
top of Matt's. They kissed, letting the heat of their bodies rub off and
their hard tools pressed against each other.

Matt moaned as Keegan kissed the side of his neck, pulling his skin with
his lips. He ran his hand up Keegan's back up to the back of his head as
the other ran down to Keegan's virgin ass. Keegan started grinding into
Matt, rubbing their cocks together.

Keegan fell off the couch as they heard a knocking on the door.

"Shit!" Keegan quickly grabbed his clothes and put them on, "The food's
here... I ordered out."

Matt quickly put his clothes on as he watched Keegan get dressed before
running to the door. Keegan took the food, paid the delivery guy and
closed the door. Matt was already half-dressed sitting back on the couch.

"Do you like Chinese? I only ordered for one... We can share if you

"Sure," Matt smiled.

Keegan grabbed the food and split it into two bowls. He handed Matt one
and gave him a pair of chopsticks. "Thanks."

The two started eating in silence. Matt chewed slowly stealing glances at
Keegan as he ate.

"So..." Keegan broke the silence, "Does this mean I'm gay now?"

Matt chuckled. "I don't know. Are you?"

"If I get to do that all the time, I'd love to be gay," Keegan joked.
"Are you sure you've never done that before?"

"I'm sure about that... I'm a virgin," Matt said shyly.

"Are you serious?" Keegan stopped eating and looked at Matt, "Not even a


"Whoa," Keegan looked at Matt with bewilderment. "So that means? I'm the
first... well, we haven't done it yet but... you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I guess," Matt smiled.

"So does this make us boyfriends?" Keegan joked again.

Matt chuckled nervously, not really sure how to answer that. "I don't
know. I'm new at this."

Both of them laughed and continued eating.

"Are you comfortable with it? You know...?"

"I don't know," Keegan answered honestly. "I like it but I don't know if
I'm okay with everyone knowing... Let's keep it a secret okay? Don't tell

"Okay," Matt smiled.

"Hey," Vince smiled as he sat down beside Kevin and the girls during his
intermission, "Where's Matty?"

"He left during your first song," Jessica stated as she took another sip
of her drink.

"Better cut down on those; I think you've downed five already," Kevin
looked at Jessica who was turning a little red from all the alcohol.

"Oh, she's fine. This girl can drink," Ally laughed.

Jessica just shrugged her shoulders and continued drinking.

"So, where did he go?" Vince whispered in Kevin's ear.

A smile stretched on Kevin's face and whispered back, "He's with Keegan."

Vince grinned and shook his head, "Too bad, I had a song prepared for

Matt and Keegan lay naked on Keegan's bed. They were slowly stroking each
other's cocks side by side as their tongues softly wrestled against each
other. Keegan turned to his side and ran his hand on Matt's chest as
they continued kissing. Matt held Keegan by the arm and pulled him on
top. They ground their hard tools against each other. Whatever
apprehensions Matt had before going there had vanished. He was lost in
the sea of sheets which smelled of Keegan. Matt's cock slipped out from
under Keegan's body and hit Keegan's ass they kept grinding against each

Keegan could feel the stiff rod rubbing against his crack. Matt let his
hands run up Keegan's ass and gripped them tightly, pressing Keegan's
crotch down and parting his cheeks as his own cock slid between them.
Keegan looked at Matt as he stopped grinding. Matt looked back as the two
of them just stayed in that position.

"I don't think I'm ready for that kind of stuff," Keegan whispered in
short breaths.

"Me too," Matt smiled weakly.

Keegan lowered his head down and kissed Matt.

"Hey ladies and gents! Thanks for comin' to my... how should I say this
without sounding arrogant... comeback show."

The crowd laughed as Vince grinned from behind his keyboard. There were a
few girls who screamed 'I love you' which elicited a couple more laughs.

"Sorry, ladies, I'm taken," Vince smiled and pressed a few keys on the
keyboard. "But, tell you what, as a consolation, I'm dedicating this last
song to you. You know you want it."

Some people from the crowd laughed as Vince started laying his fingers on
the keyboard and played a chord.

I am colorblind
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready. I am ready. I am ready. I am...

Matt straddled Keegan on his bed. He was on his knees, legs parted as
Keegan sat upright, his back resting on the wall, his hands on Matt's
back as his tongue danced around Matt's nipple, their hard cocks pressed
against each other.

Taffy stuck and tongue-tied
Stuttered shook and uptight
Pull me out from inside
I am ready. I am ready. I am ready. I am...

Matt lowered himself down and put Keegan's tool in his mouth. Keegan
gasped for air as he rested his head against the wall, his eyes set on
Matt, who eagerly went down on him. Matt let his tongue press against
Keegan's meat as he forced his lips around it. Keegan was shaking as he
felt it coming. "I'm close."

I am covered in skin
No one gets to come in
Pull me out from inside
I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding.
I am... colorblind.

Matt let it slip out of his mouth as he positioned himself beside Keegan
and began to stroke him quickly. Keegan squirmed a bit as he felt a wave
run through his body. He moaned as jet after jet of cum spewed out and
covered his chiselled exterior. Keegan gasped for air, his arm wrapped
around Matt. He turned to his side and kissed him.

Keegan stretched his other arm and traced the lines on Matt's abs and let
his hand slip on Matt's hard tool. He started stroking him slowly as they
mashed their lips against each other.

Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready. I am ready. I am ready
I am... fine
I am... fine

Matt shuddered as he felt it coming close. Matt pulled back from Keegan's
kiss as he titled his head back. Keegan stroked him faster and ran his
other hand on Matt's chest. Matt started shooting in Keegan's hand,
spraying across his own cock and flat, cum-covered stomach. Matt shook as
Keegan tugged his cock a few more times. He opened his eyes to see Keegan
smiling at him. He smiled back as both of them shared one last kiss for
the night. He laid his head on Keegan's chest and closed his eyes.

I am fine.

Hints by Jose Gonzales

Colorblind by the Counting Crows


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