In His Songs

Chapter 14: Turkey!


Austin, Texas

The young Romanian, blew him a kiss on screen as the sweat from his skin glistened to the lights of the room. The guy was lean and had an infectious smile. He took a long drag of weed before resting his back against the wall, giving him a full view of his 9 inch European cock. Matt felt his own sweat trickle down his neck as the guy continued stroking himself slowly. He leaned forward and began typing away on the keyboard.

00Just4U: U like?


Matt rolled his chair closer to his laptop and started typing.

Nubie: Yeah. stroke faster

The young blonde smiled and lowered his webcam, showing Matt his slick cock as he tugged on it repeatedly. Matt slipped his hand in his shorts and started rubbing his crotch as he imagined that dick in his mouth. The young guy tilted the webcam up to reveal his young mischievous face. Matt spewed precum all over his hand just watching him lick his pierced lower lip. Matt used his free hand and started typing once again.

Nubie: Cum 4 me bb

The young guy happily obliged and placed the webcam down. He sat at the edge of his bed and started stroking himself vigorously, playfully blowing kisses at Matt as he did. Matt went to work on his cock. He'd been holding back his load for a good hour and a half, he wanted to make it last and really didn't care about extending his pay-per-view credit. Just as the guy was about to blow his load, Matt heard a knock on his door. He quickly closed up his laptop and pulled his hand from his shorts.

"Matthew? Why are you still awake?"

"I couldn't sleep," Matt lied as his mother walked inside his room. It was a good thing his room was dark so she didn't notice the tent in his shorts and the sweat covering his naked torso.

"Your room is all stuffy. Why don't you open the curtains?" Before Matt could even answer, she did so herself.

"Thanks ma."

"You should get some sleep. Your father wants us to be at the church early for the children."

"I will."

"Good night," she kissed her son on the forehead before heading out.

"Good night ma."

As soon as Matt heard her close the door, Matt lifted his laptop screen only to see his credit had expired and the young Romanian had logged out. Matt sighed and took care of his blue balls in bed.

Matthew Winston Dinicol, was standing in the cold as a queue of hungry orphans lined up the service table. This wasn't new to him. Matt had been helping out his parents carry on their work since he was able to walk and carry things around. The only difference was, back then, he actually enjoyed it, now it seemed like a chore. Matt ladled some soup in a bowl and passed it on to the young lady standing beside him.

"What's eating you?"


Shirley giggled silently as she handed the soup bowls to the kids, "Well your nothing's really bothering you. It shows."

Matt chuckled, "The only person bothering me is you."

"Thank you!" The last little girl smiled as she walked back to her table with her bowl of soup.

"Matthew, Shirley, bring the pot at the back and start serving the turkey when the kids finish, okay?" Matt's old man hollered from a distance as he ate with the kids.

"Will do Pastor!" Shirley smiled as she put away the ladles.

Matt just shrugged his shoulders and followed his dad's instructions as he lifted the huge pot of soup at the back with Shirley following closely behind.

"You don't seem too excited to be back home."

"Well, this really isn't home for me. I've barely lived here for a couple of months."

"But your parents have."

"Yeah, but I kinda missed travelling. I don't know, my parents seem... domesticated."

Shirley smiled as she put the ladles in the sink beside Matt's pot. "I think it's a good thing. The pastor did a lot of good around here."

Matt looked at Shirley. She was young, about seventeen, pale-skinned, dark brown eyes and boy-cut black hair. She was always around the house since she assisted Matt's parents with their ministry work. He'd only known her for a little over one month before he flew out to New York for college. He found her intolerable, but her Southern charm always made up for it.


Matt sighed, "Yeah. But I liked it better when they were full-time missionaries. We always got to move around."

"Don't you like settling here?"

"It's okay, I guess. I'm just not used to it."

"How about in New York? Are you used to that?"

"But that's different," Matt continued talking as they walked back to the front of the church. "There, it's exciting. I get to meet new people. Here, I'm with my family."

"You have me," Shirley playfully poked Matt's side which caused him to jerk away and laugh.

"Yeah, that makes a big difference," Matt said sarcastically, "I'm still stuck in a house with my parents."

"What's wrong with that?"

Matt didn't answer and just started carving the first turkey for the kids.

Matt sat quietly as his father brought the turkey to the table. It felt odd for him to be sitting around the table for dinner and for once, having guests over instead of them being the guests. He was caught off guard once his father spoke, "Matthew, why don't you say grace?"

"Uh," Matt hesitated.

"Let me do it," Shirley volunteered, "Dear Lord, thank you for Your kindness and grace. Thank you for bringing us all here, together, to celebrate a day for giving thanks. We thank you for the meal You have prepared before us. We ask you to bless it and everyone sitting at this table. Amen."

"Amen," the six of them repeated.

Matt passed around the salad as he waited his turn for a slice of turkey. He looked around the table to see Shirley's parents and little sister sitting at the other side of the table. His mother was busy chatting with hers as his father carved the turkey. Matt felt Shirley's gaze on him and turned his head to look at her. She was smiling at him and he smiled back.

Right after their early dinner, Matt and Shirley walked out to the barn. It had been their little sanctuary over the weeks they spent together before he left. Matt was seated on a wooden prop as he swung his legs back and forth. Shirley was quietly seated beside him. She leaned closer to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek which caught him off guard and nearly made him fall off.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. You just... surprised me, that's all."

Shirley rested her head on his shoulders. "You smell different."

Matt chuckled and looked at her, her head still resting on his shoulder. "What am I supposed to smell like?"

"Morning dew and sunshine."

"What do I smell like now?"

"Nothing," Shirley raised her head and looked at Matt. "You've changed a lot... You cut your hair, no more glasses..." she continued as she ran a hand through his hair.

"I did... Do you like it?"


She looked at him and smiled, "You look good."


Shirley put her hand on Matt's. His skin felt cold under her hand before he quickly pulled it away.

"I missed you," she whispered into his ear.

Matt kept just kept quiet and looked ahead. He stood up and patted his pants from dirt, "I'm headin' back in."

"Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"No. I'm just, tired," Matt lied and forced a smile. "Goodnight."

"See you tomorrow sunshine." She watched him walk away, with a fake smile on her face; a little bit concerned why acted the way he did.



Matt walked back inside the house, and headed up the stairs. He noticed the door to his room was open. He quietly walked towards the door and saw his dad looking at old photos of him mounted on side of the wall. Matt tried not to make a sound as he moved away from his room.


"You were five when I took this," the pastor smiled still looking at one of the photos, fully aware that Matt was sneaking out.


Matt reluctantly walked in.


"You were excited to be on the beach."


"I was," Matt smiled as he looked at the photo his dad was talking about. He remembered that one summer where his parents got time off ministry work and they all flew to Hawaii. He instantly fell in love with the water and he'd been swimming ever since.

"So how is the swim team?"


"Good. Finals are really close so the coach gave us a break."

"That's good to hear. And your studies?"


"I still have a few papers to finish. I'll get back to writing them once I fly back... but I'm doing well."


"Have you made friends?"




"Are they Christian?"


Matt knew that question was coming. He looked down, "Um... I'm not really sure."


The pastor sighed as he looked at his son and put his hand on his shoulder, "Just focus on your studies there. Don't get side swept by people who can influence you to do things you shouldn't."


"I know dad," Matt cut in which made the pastor a little disappointed.


"It's nice to have you with us. I missed you," the pastor hugged his son.


"You too dad," Matt hugged back.


The pastor smiled as he ruffled his son's hair, "I like this look on you," he said before walking out of Matt's room.


Matt closed the door, remembering to lock it this time. He never really had a problem with privacy growing up. He was always an open book to his parents but recent events have forced him to close it. He didn't know what he felt. For the first time in the past few months, his problem was actually staring him at the face.


He looked at his reflection on the window. He was gay, there wasn't any doubt about that anymore. His problem was how he was going to live with it given his situation. His parents would condemn him. They couldn't know. He was too scared. He looked past his reflection and saw Shirley looking up at his window from a distance.


She was another thorn in his side. She was just a summer fling, nothing else. Somehow, Matt didn't know how to open up to her. He was confused. That house was not his home. He didn't feel safe. 'Shit,' Matt thought to himself as he plopped down on his bed and fell asleep.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Matt woke up with a dry throat. He opened his eyes and quickly sat up. He slept with his contacts on. He checked to see if they were still there and carefully rubbed the sleep off his eyes. Then, it hit him, he wasn't in his room. He turned to his side to see Keegan sleeping soundly beside him.


Matt smiled and quietly slipped out of bed. He couldn't help but stare at his naked friend, sleeping soundly. He searched for his clothes which were scattered all around the apartment. He found his underwear by the foot of the bed and picked it up. He quickly jumped forward when he felt a hand run up his side.


"Good morning!" Keegan smiled.


Matt smiled back, "I didn't mean to wake you."


Keegan stretched his arms as he sat up on his bed. Matt watched as Keegan's muscles flexed as he yawned, "It's okay. I need to get up anyway. What time is it?"


"I think it's a little past eight."


"We still have time."


"For what?" Matt asked, still standing naked with his boxers in hand.


Keegan quickly pulled him on the bed and kissed him. Matt pulled back, "Um... morning breath."


Keegan laughed, "What? It's not like yours is different."


Matt chuckled, "So. What happened between us..."


"Stays between us," Keegan looked at Matt, "I mean... it's a one time thing right? You dare me, I dare you?"


"Then why did you kiss me then?"


"I don't know... You're a good kisser," Keegan shrugged his shoulders and lay back on bed.


Matt got up and looked for his other clothes then turned to Keegan, "Was I good? I mean... in giving head."


Keegan sat up and smiled as he raised his pierced eyebrow, "I wouldn't mind you doing it again... if you like... I mean, I'm not forcing you or anything... I can always return the favor if you want."


Matt couldn't help but smile as he put on his clothes. Keegan got out of bed and put on a pair of underwear, "Do you want me to cook you breakfast?"


"No thanks. I don't think I can eat that shit again."


Keegan pushed Matt aside playfully and walked to the kitchen to start the coffeemaker. "Do you want coffee?"




Keegan looked inside the pot to see that they were out, "Aw man! Uh... we just ran out. I'll go to the store and buy some." Keegan started walking to his room to put on  clothes.


"It's cool. I need to get back anyway. I still have shitloads of papers to finish," Matt said as he walked out of Keegan's room, already fully dressed, "I'll see you soon." Without really thinking, Matt gave Keegan a quick peck on the lips which surprised both of them once it was over.


Keegan smiled as Matt blushed. "Okay. I'll see you."


Matt got his coat, took one last look at Keegan in his underwear and walked out the apartment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Matt turned to his side. He felt something vibrating by his headboard. He opened his eyes and grabbed his cell phone, and answered the incoming call.


"Hey!" Matt smiled as he heard Keegan's voice over the phone.

"Happy Thanksgiving."

"Happy Thanksgiving," Matt chuckled. "Why did you call?"

"Just checkin' up on you. How's Texas?"

"It's okay. I'm flyin' back out after tomorrow. How was Jersey?"

"Just had dinner with my family, visited a couple of friends... what're you doing right now?"

"Nothing. Surfing the net. You?"

"Do you have IM?"

"Yeah," Matt smiled, "Why?"

"Wanna go on webcam?"

Even though he couldn't see him, Matt pictured Keegan with that pierced eyebrow raised and a devilish smile painted on his face.

"Sure. Are you online right now?"


Matt turned on IM and buzzed Keegan as he ended the call. He accepted a webcam invite and saw Keegan smiling back at him from his house. Matt turned his own webcam on.

KeeMan03: Whats up?
MattKicksButt: Nothin much
KeeMan03: Im horny

Matt chuckled and started typing back.

MattKicksButt: me 2
KeeMan03: wanna jerk off?
MattKicksButt: lol
KeeMan03: im serious
MattKicksButt: r u alone?
KeeMan03: yup. cmon
KeeMan03: wanna see it?

Matt smiled as he felt his cock stand in attention.

MattKickButt: yeah

Keegan pulled his cock out of his boxers and started stroking it on cam causing Matt to bone up. Keegan started typing on the keyboard.

KeeMan03: I want ur lips on this. U give gr8 head

Matt smiled and typed back.

MattKicksButt: I thought that was a 1 time thing
KeeMan03: im hoping 4 more 1 time things
MattKicksButt: So ur gay now?

Matt saw Keegan laughing in front of the camera before typing back.

KeeMan03: only 4 u :))
MattKicksButt: lol
KeeMan03: im pretending ur suckin me now

Matt watched as Keegan continued to stroke his cock on cam. Matt unconsciously licked his lips as he started stroking himself from under his shorts. Matt started breathing heavily as he typed.

MattKicksButt: i wanna lick ur balls

Keegan read the message and started fondling his balls on screen as he stroked. Matt gripped his cock as he stroked harder.

KeeMan03: Show me ur cock

Matt obediently whipped out his hard tool and stroked it on screen. His hand glistened with precum as he slipped it up and down his shaft.

KeeMan03: I want that in myy mouth

Matt continued stroking as he imagined Keegan going down on his meat.

KeeMan03: Im close

Matt watched as Keegan moved a little in front of the webcam to show Matt a great view of his cock and face. He began stroking vigorously as shot after shot of thick white cum blew out of his cock, splattering his black shirt. Matt couldn't hold it back as well, as he shot his load all over his hand and all over the floor. He started gasping but his eyes were still glued on the screen with Keegan still stroking his spent cock, smiling at the webcam.

KeeMan03: U lyk that?

Matt used his clean hand to type back.

MattKicksButt: yeah
KeeMan03: But it's better in person
MattKicksButt: still horny?
KeeMan03: lol! yeah
MattKicksButt: we'll see when I get back ;)
Matt KicksButt: I'm going to bed. have to catch an early flight back. Nyt!
KeeMan03: Lookin 4wrd 2 it
KeeMan03: Nyt!

Matt logged out and cleaned up. 'Happy Thanksgiving,' he smiled to himself before he turned off the lights and went to bed.

Manhattan, New York

"Shit," she pulled out another paper towel and tried rubbing it off the fabric. She couldn't get the stain off.

"Don't worry about it. It's little. Nobody will notice that," Jessica spoke as she reapplied lipstick in front of the powder room mirror.

Ally was right beside her trying to conceal what was left of the turkey pate etched on her cocktail gown. "Try telling that to my mother. She sees everything."

"Dina is such a perfectionist. I can't blame her. It is her annual thanksgiving dinner. She never fails to impress even me."

"Where have you been?" Ally's mother walked towards her daughter. Dina was wearing an elegant blue dress that fit her perfectly. She had diamonds strewn around her arm and neck as if they were made of cloth. "You should be out there, talking with the guests. I invited Robert Hill to the party and he brought his son along. Zachary looks really charming, why don't you go talk to him?"

"Mom, I'm not that desperate to look for a boyfriend."

"Well you aren't even trying," Dina said as she went to see if her dress was perfect in the mirror.

Jessica was just standing there, enjoying the motherly banter.

"That's because I don't want to. Not everyone in the world is like you. I don't want to get married young."

"You should," Dina faced her daughter, "It makes things a lot easier. You don't have to work too hard for too long to make sure your children get everything they want."

"We're Gallaghers, mom. We never need to work too hard."

Dina shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Fine, be that way, but I expect you to talk to Zachary. Don't disappoint me," she sighed as she walked back to the ballroom.

"Why the hell do we have difficult parents?"

"Beats me," Jessica smiled as both of them walked out the door and headed to the crowded ballroom. The walls were elegantly draped with silk and ornamented with imported flowers. The champagne was flowing all around as the guests mingled with each other, laughing and sharing their own stories of business and wealth. It was a perfect Upper East Side Thanksgiving party, Dina Gallagher style.


Andrew was standing by the bar, ordering a martini. He turned around and looked at the crowd of familiar faces, all friends of his parents. He took the cocktail in his hand and took a short sip.

"Drinking already? It's just a little past noon."

"I like to get things started early," Andrew smirked at his friend Harry, or Henry Carlyle III to anyone who asked.

Harry ordered a drink at the bar and scoped the place. He directed Andrew's attention to the other side of the room as Zachary Hill was busy talking to Ally, "Looks like Zach's interested in your sister."

"Who isn't? I know you'd want to get in her pants," Andrew took another drink from his martini. "Besides, she's not interested. She's playing along."

"Any new prospects?"

"I'm scoping. Who's she?" Andrew directed Harry's attention to a young lady in the velvet dress.

"That's Nadia Connors, new blood. Her dad's a small business tycoon in Britain and her mom's half-Indian. She grew up on the West coast before they decided to move here. Are you interested?"

"Maybe," Andrew smirked.

"Well, I'll leave you to her. I have some other things to attend to. Excuse me," Harry slipped away and approached a young blonde standing with her posse.

Andrew finished his martini and went on the prowl. He walked towards Nadia, just in time to catch her turn around.


"Hello," Nadia smiled.

"I'm Andrew Gallagher and you are?" Andrew stretched his hand.

"Nadia Connors," she gave her hand to him and he kissed it gently as she smiled.

Nadia was beautiful. She was tall, dignified, curvy at the right places, and she had a very exotic look to her face brought out by her mixed ancestry.

"Your mother throws a great party."

"She does, doesn't she?"

"I was being polite. I'm bored," she smiled. "I heard all about you, Andrew. I'm not interested. I'm not really sure why girls fall for you in the first place... I'll see you around," Nadia casually walked away leaving Andrew alone and even more intrigued.

"Turned down? I'm surprised."

Andrew turned around to see Jessica walk towards him, "Why are you talking to me?"

"Come on Andy, it's a party. We have to keep up appearances."

"Well you can keep it up, away from me."

"I wouldn't be too harsh. You wouldn't want the world to know your secrets," Jessica smiled flaunting a small tape in her hands.

"What is that?"

"What do you think it is? Your friend might have found everything, but lucky for me, he didn't see this one."

Andrew's blood began to boil as Jessica casually walked towards him and pressed her body against his as she whispered into his ear, "I'm not done with you yet. I'm going to show this to everybody here, right now, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Jessica let Andrew turn around to see the wide flat screen on the wall, waiting for a video to be fed. "You don't mess with me."

"What can I do to make you change your mind?" Andrew whispered his plea.

Jessica smiled as she walked away. Andrew quickly walked after her into an empty room. Ally noticed this from a distance and followed them.


Andrew closed the door as Jessica sat down on one of the lounge chairs, "I want you to ruin the party. I want you to destroy Nadia Connors in front of everybody in the ballroom."

"Why Nadia? What's in it for you?"

"Amusement. Nadia Connor's new blood. She's acting like she owns the place. We need to teach her a lesson and show her who's boss."

"Why don't you do it yourself?"

"You know me, that's not how I work. I let other people do it for me."

"Just like you did with that college girl?"

"You know about that?"

"Sarah Mathison. Drug scams are tacky, but you pulled it off. Why pick on a nobody?"

"She was eating up space," Jessica sighed non-chalantly as she stood up, "You have thirty minutes to come up with something. Make it big. If you don't, everyone will see you for what you really are."

"Why don't you just drop it?"

"After what you did to me? I'm not stopping until I bring you down. You don't just use me and dump me for everyone to see. I get even."

"You're taking this way out of proportion."

"I hope you still have it in you. Thirty minutes," she walked out of the room, leaving Andrew inside. He sat down for a while, thinking of a plan.

He looked up to see his sister standing beside him, "What're you doing here?"

"Don't do it."

"You heard?"

"Everything. She hasn't changed, has she?"

"No," Andrew patted the chair beside him as Ally sat down.

"If you do it, you screw up mom and destroy Nadia and yourself in the process."

"That's the plan."

Ally looked at her brother with concern. She placed her hand on his lap, "What does she have on you?"

Andrew sighed. He knew he'd eventually have to fess up but he didn't expect it to be this soon. He looked straight into his sister's eyes, "I have sex with men."

"You're joking, right?"

Andrew looked with that dead-on stare, "I like playing the field. Sometimes I'm into girls, sometimes guys. It's fair game. She has a tape of me doing it with another guy."

Ally smiled and covered her lips with her hand. She was a bit shocked but kind of expected something out of the ordinary from her brother.

"This can't go out. Our reputation's at stake."

"But if you do what she wants, you'll destroy it as well."

"At least it's not that serious."

"As long as she has that tape, it'll just get worse."

Andrew covered his face with his hands.

"What is it?"

Andrew faced his sister and sighed, "There's more."

Jessica waited by the bar as she watched the clock on the wall tick. Andrew's thirty minutes were almost up. She smiled as she saw him walk out to the ballroom, heading towards Nadia. She pulled out the olive from her drink and ate it.

"You bitch!" she turned to her side, surprised to see Ally walking towards her.

Everybody in the room stopped to see the commotion.

"You fucking bitch!" Ally slapped Jessica across the face. "You think I'd never know? You drugged me and let Peter rape me!"

Dina almost fainted as she watched her daughter cause a scene. Jessica looked around the room to see everyone she knew staring at her. She was speechless.

"And you call yourself a friend? You snaked your way into my life just to destroy it. You're a liar and a drug addict."

"That's a lie," Jessica responded in her defense.

"Then what's in the bag?"

Jessica tried to pull it away as Ally took it from her. She opened it and pulled out Jessica's stash for everyone to see, "You're nothing but a lying alcoholic junkie who thinks she can get away with everything. I thought I was screwed up when that happened, now I know I can thank you for it. Get out!"

Ally threw Jessica's bag at her and pointed towards the door. Jessica felt everyone's eyes stabbing at her as she took the walk of shame. Ally walked away as Dina followed her.

"What was that young lady?"

"That was me, trying," Ally continued walking away, leaving her mother to do damage control.


Ally found Andrew waiting in one of the empty rooms. She was a bit shaken as she walked towards her brother.


"I'm sorry about that... but I do have to admit, you put on a great show."

"Someone needed to take the bullet. Thanks for telling me the truth," Ally handed over the tape she grabbed from Jessica's bag, "Destroy it... let's hope she never comes back."

"After that? I don't think she will," Andrew gave her sister a long hug.

The Hamptons, New York

Baby you can drive my car
Yes, you're gonna be a star
Baby you can drive my car
And baby I love you

Beep Beep Beep Beep Yeah!
Beep Beep Beep Beep Yeah!

Vince honked the horn as he sang, making Kevin laugh in the process. Both of them were in Vince's truck as he drove them to Kevin's dad's house for Thanksgiving lunch.

"You can park here."

Vince set the truck on the side and turned off the radio. Vince was about to get out of the truck before Kevin quickly held his hand.

"I love you, you know that?"

Vince grinned at Kevin and nodded. "I know."

"I know you want me to come out to my dad and Andrea but it isn't that simple."

"Kev, relax. I'm not pressuring you. It's hard enough as it is; I know that for a fact. You can tell them at your own time."

"Thank you," Kevin smiled as he kissed his boyfriend on the cheek, "That'll be the last one for now. Like I said, no kissing, hugging, touching or anything of that sort inside the house, I don't want Andrea to freak."

"It can't hurt to have one more," Vince grinned and leaned in for another. Their lips touched in a gentle kiss. Kevin could feel Vince's tongue with his as he tilted his head aside. He sighed as Vince pulled back faster than he had wanted him to.

They got out of the car and walked to the front door and Kevin rang the doorbell. They waited for a few seconds before Olivia opened it.

"Kevin!" she gave her son a hug and a long kiss on the cheek which lasted a few good minutes.

"Mom, you can let go now."

"What? I can't hug you now? I haven't seen you in a long time."

Kevin smiled as he returned the hug. Vince was standing behind them, just watching awkwardly by the doorway.


Olivia let go of her son to give way to the twins, who were excitedly running towards their brother. Kevin lifted them up, and hugged them tight before letting them down.

"And you must be Vincent?" Olivia smiled as she welcomed him in.

"Yeah. Happy Thanksgiving!" Vince grinned.

"It's so nice to finally meet you," Olivia gave Vince a big hug, which caught him by surprise.

"You too mommy," Vince hugged back and grinned making Olivia laugh.

"This guy's a funny one. Cute, and funny. I like that," Olivia hinted that she knew about them to her son, "Come on in. Andrea's in the kitchen with Xavier."

Kevin stopped walking, "Xavier's here?"

"Yes. I invited him over."

Kevin looked at Vince as both of them shared a weary glance. All five of them walked into the kitchen. Xavier was busy chopping sweet potatoes and putting them in a bowl as Andrea checked on the turkey.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Kevin smiled as he greeted Andrea.

"You too dear... Do you mind getting that?" Andrea pointed to the baster.

Kevin took it and handed it over. He saw Xavier looking at him. Kevin felt obliged to say something so he came up with, "Hey."

"Hey," Xavier responded.

"Um, I brought a friend over," Kevin introduced Vince to Andrea.

"I'm Vince," Vince grinned and held out his hand. to Andrea.

She stretched her hand out expecting a friendly handshake but Vince surprised her by kissing it, making her blush.

"Mmmm... tastes like turkey."

Andrea laughed, "Is it good turkey?"

Vince licked his lips, "It needs a little more zing to it."

"I knew it!" Andrea went to the spice rack and looked for some dried herbs.

The twins started waltzing around the room, grabbing random ingredients from the pantry. Olivia shook her head, "These two are terrorizing the kitchen. Would you guys mind taking them outside?"

"Sure, no problem," Kevin answered.

"No young man, you stay here. I meant Xavier and Vince."

Both of the guys quickly looked at each other, a little surprised but neither one of them showing it on their faces.

"Come here 'ya little buggers!" Vince exclaimed as he picked Tim up from the floor and walked out to the backyard.

Tim laughed, "He talks funny."

Xavier held out his hand and walked Mallory out with them.

"Those two can be a handful, how do you manage?" Olivia asked Andrea.

"Practice," Andrea smiled.

"So where's dad?"

"He's buying cranberry sauce. He forgot again... just like last year," Andrea sighed as she continued Xavier's piled of vegetables.

"That guy tends to forget a lot of things lately," Olivia shook her head.

"Tell me about it," the two women shared a laugh.

"Kevin, can you help me with the dough?"

Kevin walked to his mother's side and helped her roll out the dough for the apple pie.

"Did you tell Phil to buy Cool Whip?"

Andrea let go of the knife she was holding. "I forgot! Hopefully he hasn't left the store yet. Check on the turkey for me." Andrea wiped her hands on her apron and walked out of the kitchen.

"So, are you and Vince going steady?" Olivia asked as she floured the board.

"I don't think we should talk about this here."

"I'm your mother, I'll keep on bugging you until you give me a straight answer so you might as well talk to me. Andrea isn't here," Olivia smiled at her son, "So, are you?"

"Well, yeah... why did you invite Xavier over?"

"Why not? He's your best friend."

"Not anymore," Kevin stated as he rolled the dough out on the board.

"Well I like Xavier. He's like my second son... Why did you break up?"

Kevin closed his eyes, hoping that the conversation would end already, "Can we talk about something else please?"

"I think you're perfect together."

"Obviously it didn't work out... I still wish you didn't invite him."

"It's Thanksgiving and he's all alone. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't invite him over."

"Yeah, but it's awkward. I don't want my ex hanging around with my boyfriend."

"Why did you think I sent them out together? It'll do them good to get to know each other," Olivia looked out the window as the two guys played with the kids.

Xavier let Mallory run off to Vince who was busily twirling Tim around on his shoulders. Xavier sat down on the garden pavement. He felt a pair of eyes staring at him as he looked at the house and met Kevin's eyes which darted at him from the window. Kevin quickly looked away and back to cooking.

Xavier watched as the kids enjoyed themselves trying to tackle Vince to the ground. He smirked as Vince went down hard on the newly polished lawn as Tim attempted a mini pile driver.

"Ow!" Vince play acted which made the kids laugh out louder.

Xavier shook his head, a little amused as Vince slowly got up and dusted his clothes off, "I'm beat little kiddies. This ol' man can't take on two youngins" Vince attempted doing his old-man Southern accent and failed miserably.

"You talk funny!" Tim pointed out again as both the twins laughed.

"Go run around now. After that turkey hits the bottom of 'yer bellies, you won't be able to do so for a couple of weeks," Vince grinned as he shooed the twins off.

The twins willingly obeyed their new playmate as they played two-person tag in the backyard. Xavier thought this was pointless but accepted the fact that they were kids. Vince took a seat beside Xavier and caught his breath.

"Those two are a handful."

"Tell me about it," Xavier smiled as he watched the twins running around in circles trying to tag each other. "I babysat with Kev for one whole day and those two sucked the life outta me... Don't run too fast!" Xavier shouted as the kids ran off after each other.

"You're so uptight, let the kids have fun," Vince grinned as he shook his head.

"Yeah, but they might hurt themselves."

Vince laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"You just don't tell kids not to run too fast. They're kids. They're supposed to run fast. If they get hurt, they get hurt. They learn that way."

"What makes you the kid expert?"

"I was raised that way."

"And looked how that turned out," Xavier replied sarcastically.

Vince caught Xavier's tone and looked at him sternly, "What the hell's your problem?"

"You. You just come in here and impose yourself on everyone."

"I'm not imposing myself on anyone. I was invited by my boyfriend."

"Nice way to flaunt it. You might have forgotten you stole him from me."

"You forced yourself back into his life after you left him for a whole year. What kind of a boyfriend is that? He's better off with me."

Xavier wanted to punch him right there but he opted not to, given the situation, "I don't know what he sees in you. He hates arrogance."

"He hates it but he loves me."


Both of them looked as Tim lay on the floor crying. Vince and Xavier quickly rushed to him to see what happened. Tim had tripped and scraped his shoulder on the concrete garden path. Vince got to him first and lifted up his arm and looked at the small cut. Vince quickly feigned a faint which made both kids laugh and stopped Tim from crying.

Vince sat up and grinned at Tim, "Don't worry buddy, it's just a little scratch. Let's take care of it," Vince carried Tim in his arms and walked back towards the house.

Xavier went to take Mallory's arm to escort her inside but found that she was already tailing the two into the kitchen. Xavier sighed and walked back in.

Kevin sat uncomfortably as he looked across the table. Andrea had asked Vince to sit in between the kids since the twins had grown a huge liking to him. Kevin avoided looking towards his right where Xavier sat. Olivia had strongly insisted he sit beside Xavier since she wanted to talk to Andrea at the end of the table. Kevin knew exactly what his mother was doing and he didn't like it one bit.

The twins were laughing as Vince made funny faces. He winked at Kevin from across the table. Kevin saw this and tried to stop blushing. Xavier just shook his head and turned to Phil who just sat at the end of the table with the huge turkey.

Phil smiled as he took off his oven mitts, "Dig in!"

"Wait!" Mallory protested, "My teacher said we should say what we're thankful for before eating."

"That's a nice idea, honey," Andrea smiled, "Why don't you start Xavier?"

Xavier was surprised by the sudden shift of attention towards him. "Uh... I'm thankful for just being here," He smiled awkwardly as he slightly raised his hands, "Thanks for making me feel like I'm part of a family."

"You're always welcome," Phil smiled from the head of the table. "How about you Kevin?"

"Well, I'm thankful for having you guys here... for having two great moms, a cool dad, two hyperactive siblings... my best friend," Kevin said awkwardly as he pertained to Xavier, "...and my... friend," Kevin spoke even more awkwardly about Vince.

"Can I go next?" Vince butt in.

"Sure," Phil smiled.

"Well, I'm just thankful for this huge turkey. I'm starved, let's eat!"

Andrea, Olivia and Phil sighed in relief as they didn't have to make up things to be thankful for. Phil raised the carving knife, "Cheers to that!"



"So Vince, I heard you were a musician?" Andrea asked.

"Yep. I do covers here and there."


"Have you written any originals?"


"Nah. I'm trying to though... I still need a bit of inspiration," Vince glanced at Kevin who immediately caught his drift.


Xavier coughed and took a drink of water.


"Don't you have a girlfriend?" Andrea asked Vince.




"You better find one then. You easily get inspired when you're in love. Isn't that right honey?" Andrea looked at Phil.


"Yeah," Phil smiled although the tone of his voice gave away that he was uninterested in responding.


"How about you Xavier? How's school?" Olivia interjected.


"I'm doing good. At this rate, I might even graduate early," Xavier smiled.


"You know Kev, you can learn a thing or two from Xavier," Phil pointed with his fork, "This guy knows how to get serious."


"Dad, please. Can we drop the career talk? It's Thanksgiving," Kevin asked politely.


Phil looked at Olivia from across the table. She gave him the eye and he conceded to his son's request.


"Are you dating anyone?" Andrea asked Xavier.


"Yeah," Xavier smiled.


Kevin was caught off guard with the answer and accidentally dropped his fork on his plate, making a loud clatter. Vince looked at Kevin from across the table.


"What's her name?" Olivia asked, quite intrigued by Xavier's response.


"Michelle," Xavier beamed, "She's great. We've only gone for a few dates but everything's going great."


"That's nice to hear," Andrea smiled.



Vince and Kevin were lounging on the sofa as they waited for Olivia to come out with her surprise. Phil took the time to help Andrea get the twins ready for their nap.

"I love your family. I wouldn't mind being a part of it someday," Vince whispered quietly into Kevin's ear as he wrapped one arm around him.

Kevin quickly moved it away and whispered back, "No touching, remember?"

Vince sighed as Olivia's walked in, followed closely by Xavier who was carrying a big box.

"Oh no," Kevin covered his face for a second, "Is that what I think it is?"

"What is it?" Vince asked as Xavier put the box down.

Xavier quickly pulled up the top to reveal Olivia's karaoke machine. Olivia picked up the mic and pointed at Kevin, "It's show time!"

Kevin started blushing, knowing that in a few minutes, his mom would be embarrassing herself in front of his boyfriend. Back in L.A. his mom would desperately try to sing for fun. It was funny for a couple of songs, but for four hours straight, it was torture. Kevin shook his head as he thought of the possibilities.

"I love karaoke!" Vince grinned.

Xavier turned on the machine just in time for Phil to go down. "Andrea's reading to the kids. Knowing how much they love their stories, she'll be up there for-" He stopped to see Olivia holding the mic. "You brought that here?"

"Yes!" Olivia spoke excitedly as the machine turned on.

"Well I'm singing after you," Phil smiled as he took a seat.

Kevin buried his face under his palms. No one in his family was ever born to sing especially not his dad. 'Oh boy,' Kevin thought to himself, 'This is gonna be a long day.'

Swaying room as the music starts
Strangers making the most of the dark
Two by two their bodies become one

Kevin cringed as his mom went off key at most parts of the stanza. Vince wrapped an arm around Kevin's neck and pulled him close so that he could hear him whisper, "Your mom rocks."

Kevin laughed as he quickly shrugged Vince's arm off. Xavier was eyeing them from the opposite couch.

I see you through the smoky air

Vince took hold of the second mic and started to sing with her.

Can't you feel the weight of my stare
You're so close but still a world away

Kevin felt goose bumps all over his body. Vince's voice suited the slow song perfectly.

Yeah what I'm dying to say, is that
I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

Phil tapped Kevin's shoulder, "Can you help me get drinks?"

Kevin nodded and followed his dad into the kitchen.

"That Vince can sing," Phil stated as he pulled a bottle of beer out of the fridge, "Does he drink?"

"He prefers coffee."

"Well I guess it's just me and Xavier drinking huh?" Phil pulled out another bottle. "So, are you and Vince safe?"

"What?" Kevin asked with a mix of confusion and panic.

"I mean, when you have sex, do you use protection?"

Kevin was shocked, "Uh..."

"Don't worry about it. I know. I've been waiting for you to tell me. I'm just concerned, do you practice safe sex."

"I don't know if I even want to respond to that."

"So you don't?"

"No! We do!" Kevin exclaimed, "It's just that it's weird. I thought you'd freak out. So you knew all along?"

"Your mom filled me in over the phone. She told me you were afraid how Andrea and I would react. I know Andrea wouldn't approve of it. She does tend to be very close-minded... most of the time." Phil paused, "I'm okay with it... I was really surprised to learn about it and concerned about you but I'm okay with it. You know, it's your life... As long as you have a plan for it and you can stand up by yourself, I'm with you..." Phil paused for a bit, "How did it happen?"


"What happened?"


"When did you decide to be... gay?" Phil asked.


"Actually, I don't know," Kevin leaned on the counter and put his hands in his pockets. He felt weird having to talk to his dad about it but he guessed it was the perfect time to get it over with. "It just happened I guess."


"So Xavier was your first... encounter?"




"Why did you two-?"


"It's a long story," Kevin spoke before his dad even finished the question since he didn't really want to get asked that again.


Phil looked at his son, "I was actually waiting for you to tell me in private but I couldn't let the moment pass without making sure you're safe."

"You don't have to worry about that."

"Good," Phil patted his son at the back.

"Dad, can we not talk about my sex life again... ever?"

"Sure. Just promise me to be-"

"Safe! I know," Kevin wanted to dismiss the whole sex talk already.

"Okay then," Phil grabbed the two beers from the counter just as Xavier walked in the kitchen.

"Uh, can I talk to you in private?" Xavier addressed Kevin.

"Sure," Kevin agreed reluctantly.

"I'll leave you two alone," Phil said as he walked back to the karaoke-fest in the lounge.

Xavier led Kevin to the backyard porch and sat down on the bench. Kevin decided to stay standing up and avoided any eye contact with Xavier.

"You look good," Xavier tried to start a conversation.

Kevin smirked, "If you want to talk to me, you can start by killing the flattery. You know it doesn't work on me."

"Are you still mad at me?"

Kevin didn't answer for a few seconds as he just stood there, looking elsewhere, "So you have a girlfriend?"


"I lied. Michelle's my friend but she's not my girlfriend."


Kevin looked at Xavier. He had a subtle smile on his face. "Why would you lie?"


"You know me. People ask too many questions. I just tell them what they want to hear so they'd just stop."


Kevin knew what Xavier was talking about. Xavier had lied his way through several conversations in high school to cover up things about his life he didn't want people to know about. Kevin formed this habit as well, something that he got from Xavier over the years.

"I'm sorry," Xavier paused, "The last conversation we had didn't end up so well."

"You think?" Kevin smirked, trying not to look at Xavier.

"I pulled you out here just to smooth things out. I want us to be friends again."

Kevin decided to sit down beside Xavier as he faced him, "I wanna be honest with you. The moment I saw you here, I was actually a little bit annoyed. I knew my mom wanted you here for me. She still think we're perfect," Kevin quoted his mom's words. "Another part of me was a bit relieved. I've been meaning to talk to you but I thought you'd probably be pissed with me too."

Xavier listened quietly as Kevin continued.

"I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later... you and me. There were so many issues there waiting to explode. So if you're trying to win me back, I'm in love with Vince and I'm sticking with him."

"I know that. You made that loud and clear. Believe it or not, I just wanna be friends with you," Xavier smiled. "You guys are perfect for each other. I hate the guy's guts and I still think he's an arrogant prick but I know that he cares for you."

"He does," Kevin paused and looked away from Xavier, "I don't know if I can really be friends with you again."

"Why not?"

Kevin shook his head, "You're my ex-boyfriend. It'd just be weird."

"Then forget we ever had a relationship. It was stupid anyway. We were just friends with benefits right?"

Kevin smirked, "I guess."

"So? Friends?" Xavier smiled and stuck out his hand.

"It's easy as that huh?"

"Well I hope it is," Xavier threw Kevin the puppy dog eyes which made Kevin laugh since that was the last thing he'd expect from him.

"What the heck, okay. Friends minus the benefits," Kevin smiled and shook his hand.

"Of course," Xavier laughed.

They heard the screen door open as they turned to see Vince walking over.

"I'm gonna head back in. Thanks."

Kevin just smiled as Xavier walked away leaving him and Vince to themselves.

"So? How did it go?"

"We're friends again."

"It looked like it."

"Are you okay with that?"

Vince sat down beside his boyfriend and grinned, "I don't mind competition."

Kevin punched Vince playfully in the arm, "You don't have to worry about that. I love you and I'm not gonna leave you. Xavier's just a friend, you're more than that."

"You do know how to make a bloke melt, don't 'ya," Vince grinned as he leaned in for a kiss.

Kevin quickly pulled away and whispered, "I told you, no kissing."

"No one's gonna see. Everyone's inside. Just one quick peck?"

Kevin smiled as Vince held him by the chin and pulled his face closer to his. The two shared a kiss which took longer than usual to end.

Olivia sighed as she watched from the lounge window.

"Give them some privacy," Phil scolded her as he took a sip from his beer.

"I hate to say it but they look good with each other."

"You were trying to get him back with Xavier, weren't you?"

Olivia smiled as she turned to face Phil, "You can't blame a woman for trying. He's a nice boy. I really like him. I guess nice boys really don't get to have the love of their life in the end."

Phil put his beer down and stared at her, "I'm leaving Andrea."

"What?" Olivia asked in total shock. "You're not serious."

"I am. I made a mistake. I want to be with you."

"This is midlife crisis talking. Shut up and get that thought outta your head mister."

"You don't want to be with me?"

"No!" she protested. "You have two great kids and they need a great dad. Don't leave them. What we had between us was nothing compared to what you have with Andrea. Don't be stupid Phil!"

Phil shook his head as they heard footsteps out the hallway, "I know you're listening, come on in."

Xavier walked in the lounge sheepishly. He was caught eavesdropping. "I'm heading out. Thank you so much for dinner. It was really nice being here. Thanks for having me."

"Anytime," Olivia smiled.

"Need a ride? I can take you to the bus terminal if you want," Phil offered.

"No, I'm good. I'll just call a cab."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'll be fine," Xavier smiled. Olivia always treated him really well when he and Kevin were 'together' in high school.

"I'll walk you to the door," Olivia insisted.


Phil shook Xavier's hand one last time and patted him on the back before Xavier walked down the hallway with Olivia. The two were silent for a good two minutes, each of them staring at the Andrea's decorated walls.

"Whatever you heard there, it doesn't come out. Not to Kevin. Not to anyone. Phil's just a little confused, that's all."

"Don't worry. I promise," Xavier replied as he walked towards the door.

Andrea came down the stairs and saw them heading to the door. "You're leaving already?"

"Yeah," Xavier forced a smile, "Thanks for dinner."

"Don't mention it. It was nice having you around to help. I apologize for the twins. I just put them to bed. I could wake them up but you know how it is."

Xavier laughed, "Oh, I know. Thanks again Andrea."

"Where's Phil?"

"In the lounge," Olivia answered as she watched Andrea walk away. She turned her focus back to Xavier and put her hands on his broad shoulders, "You take care of yourself, okay? Keep an eye on Kevin for me. I trust you with him."

"I will," Xavier smiled as he leaned over and hugged Olivia. She kissed him on the cheek and opened the door for him.

"Wait up!"

Both of them turned around to see Kevin and Vince walking towards them.

"We're headin' out," Kevin kissed his mom on the cheek.

"You're leaving already?"

"Yep, I'm pretty sure traffic will suck in a couple of hours. Better get a head start."

Olivia looked at her son's face for a long time before pinching his cheek.

"Ow!" Kevin pulled back.

"I missed you!"

Kevin laughed. "You too mom. Happy Thanksgiving," he said as he hugged her and gave her another kiss on the cheek.

"How about you Mr. Scotland?" Olivia turned to Vince who was busily putting on his jacket.

"I'm takin' yer son home safe and sound," Vince grinned at her.

"You better!"

"Mom!" Kevin raised an eyebrow.

"It was really nice meeting you, Vincent," she gave him a hug as well before watching all three of the boys walk out the door.

"You're going back to the hotel?" Kevin asked Xavier.

"Yeah, I'm going to take a cab."

"No you won't. You're riding with us," Vince grinned.

"No thanks. I'm fine."

"Come on! You know you want to," Vince teased him.

Xavier smirked, "Is he always this sure of himself?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Kevin laughed, "So? Are you coming? There's a lot of space in the truck."

"Okay," Xavier caved.

"Great!" Vince walked over to the driver's side and opened the locks.

All three guys went in; Vince in the driver's seat, Kevin right beside him while Xavier sat comfortably at the back. Vince adjusted his rear-view mirror and looked at Xavier. Xavier could've sworn he saw Vince's reflection wink at him.

Vince put the keys in the ignition, "So Xavier, are you still up for some post Thanksgiving dinner fun?"

Xavier looked at Kevin who was also cluelessly looking right back at him. "What do you have in mind?"

"You'll see," Vince grinned mischievously as he turned on the engine and drove off.




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