Jacob and Nathan

Part 3

This section starts with some background about Jacob and Nathan.

The truth is that interesting things happen at the boundaries. When you find something at the boundary, and you're not sure to which group it belongs.

It's like the beach: the boundary between land and sea. There's uncertainty because you're not sure where the water begins and the land ends. But you want to be at the beach because it's a nice place to be. You find beautiful things like shells, that you never find anywhere else.

And that's the way it is with Nathan and me. We play with the boundary. I guess I am bisexual. And I like exceptions to the rule. And what's more is that the exceptions are romantic. Romance comes when you're doing something you're not expected to do, but all of a sudden you want it more than anything.

Nathan is a man but when we are together he becomes my little bitch. When I see him I want to grab him by the waist and thrown him onto the ground and bite his thigh. When he gives out the slightest moan my dick twitches and I feel alive.

When I was very young I only thought about girls. I had several girlfriends. But in high school one of my friends came onto me.

I had no idea he wanted me. One day we were sitting in his car and he looked at me and I just kind of knew. He was a little drunk, I saw it in his eyes that he wanted me to hold him down. That was an ego trip for me, and I went for it. He was the first guy I fucked.

After that, I realized I had so many options. I wanted more male pussy. Just saying those words makes me chub up. I love turning a strong, hard boy into my play thing. He pulls his legs back towards his chest and shows me his asshole. He wants something from me. He wants MY cock, and in spite of his better judgement, he's spreading his legs open for me. He wants the security he feels when I'm holding him.

When I started university I was ready for more. Let me interject here, that I am very studious, and work hard. You can't play hard if you don't work hard, enough said. If you really want to enjoy yourself, work hard during the day, so that you know you're worth it when play time starts.

On some days when I walked between classes I passed by a boy who was good looking. He might have looked a little like me, but he was shorter and smaller. He was dark haired with smooth skin and sparkling eyes. Do you know how some people's eyes do you in when you look into them? There's something so congenial about their complexion, that you are attracted to them no mater what you do. He had those kind of dark eyes and eyebrows. He had a face like the moon and sliver light was radiating from it.

I caught his eye a few times and tried not to let it happen again. I was trained to suppress non-straight behavior in the school setting. But what was so risky? This could be as anonymous as I wanted, on a big campus like this. But I had no reason at all to believe he would want me. All I can say is that he was my type and I wanted him.

After I made the decision to approach him, I didn't see him for weeks. You know how it is when you are looking for someone. I don't like to anticipate something like this.

One day I saw him and I tried my best to be causal. I made up some story about recognizing him from somewhere, which he kindly refuted. That got us talking and we became friends. Over the months I couldn't really tell if he was interested in me. There weren't any obvious signs that he wasn't, but that could just be friendliness. But I was going to be patient, because I really liked to talk to him. We were both engineering students. I wanted him as my friend, even if not the other thing. I never talked about relationships. It didn't come up. I didn't even tell him about my previous girlfriends. I think he was a complete virgin.

One day we were sitting in the library.

Nathan said, "You really live in an apartment off campus? You are so lucky. You are going to be a spoiled brat." He was joking.

"Well, then I already am."

At the time I was sharing an apartment with roommates nearby the campus, rather than living in the dorms.

"Hmm you must be hiding it all under your smooth cover up. Who knows what you are up to."

I laughed. He made me feel comfortable. Well, maybe not. It was a strange mixture of comfort and displeasure. We were friends and we were on the same page, if you know what I mean. But now and then I looked at his little face and my eyes traveled down to his arms. They had little muscles. They were rounded like almonds. Well, I'm not sure; he usually wore long-selves. But I could tell they were special even under his clothes. I was completely unsure if he knew I was sizing him up like this.

I said, "My place is near Finn Park. Have you been there?"

"Yeah I have. I know it exactly. Do you ever go home in between classes?"

"No, not enough time."

"Yeah that makes sense."

"Do you want hang out at my place?"


We took the bus. I wasn't sure why he wanted to see my apartment. There wasn't that much to see.

When we got there we chatted a little, and I showed him some of my old midterms to help him prepare for his classes. We didn't do much the rest of the day. But things got a little strange towards the end. The sun was coming in through the window, shining on his face, and I was looking at him. We had run out of things to say. I had looked at him for too long. I had let my guard down in my own house.

I was fucking paranoid and thought I had made a mistake. I think he had realized something was up. I could have taken a chance and once and for all let him know what I wanted. But I held back, and I can't really say why. It wasn't logical for me to expect him to make a move, given that I still didn't know what he thought. It was My job to seduce Him.

Eventually he went home and I felt bad. I was worried something in our friendship had ended. Was it my fault? What had given me away? I had let my guard down in my own house. I hadn't even made a move on him. Yet maybe the intent wasn't hidden. The air in the room felt like he had said, 'wait a minute.' I went back to studying. That's the only thing to do.

The next Saturday I planned to stay at home. My mood was somewhat neutral and I tried to keep it that way. At about eleven my phone buzzed. It was Nathan. I felt exalted. I won. He sounded almost normal on the phone.

"Hey, I could really use that other old midterm I didn't borrow from you."

"Sure, no problem. Come by any time."

"Ok I'll be there in an hour."

Should I say something else?

"And stay a while. I'm bored here all by myself."

"Okay, I'll bee there soon."

I opened the door and tried not to make a big deal of looking at his face or not. After all, maybe he wasn't thinking what I was thinking and really needed the midterm.

"I'm cooking something right now, let me just turn it down."


I was cooking a chicken. The timing was weird, but that was that. I cooked a chicken once a week. I checked it and turned to the sink to wash my hands. I heard him walk into the kitchen. When I turned around I saw him leaning against the refrigerator. I looked at him. He had an odd expression on his face, so I had a right to look at him. He was looking right at me.

What else could it be? What else could I have spotted those days passing by him between classes? His neck bent down a little and his gaze feel somewhere on my collarbone. That was it.

I moved towards him. I put my hands on his hips and he shivered a little. He still didn't look me in the eyes. I brought myself closer to him and our bodies were side by side. I held up his chin. There was almost forgiveness in his eyes.

He said, "Jacob... I'm sorry, I don't know..."

"It's okay, everything's okay..."

Before I could kiss him he nestled his face into my neck and let out a sigh. I let him stay there for a few moments and ran my hand through his hair. But I wanted to kiss him. I pulled him out by the hair and pushed him and his shoulders against the refrigerator with a thud. He let out an 'Awwhkgh' sound. I guess he was shocked. But I was going to replace the shock with lust.

I put my palm on his forehead and pushed my mouth into his. The silver radiated out of his face. Our mouths unlinked and his neck fell slack. His head rolled to one side. I moved to his neck and put my fingers under his shirt. His belly was so smooth and hard, but where were those little arm muscles? I rubbed into him and shoved him farther against the wall. He was in a state of bliss, I was sure of it.

He was falling into my arms. He wanted to surrender. I picked him up and put him on the couch. He didn't open his eyes, but just reached for me. I took off his shirt. His arms were like gold. I was right about that.

"Let me look at you," I said.

He opened his eyes a crack. He had a little smile across his face but there was a pleading look in his eyes. I pushed his arms above his head and linked my arms around him. I ran my fingers over his armpits. The hair was dark and sweet.

I asked, "What do you want me to do to you?"

He made a groaning sound.

"Answer me."

He smiled in pain. I felt his pelvis grope for my body.

"Ta ta ta. I will have to bite you." I nibbled the softest part of his cheek until the tip of my incisors hit flesh. He let out a little moan of pleasure.

"Answer me."

He looked into my eyes. "Use your.."

I raised my eyebrows. "You have to be more specific than that. Here, you can whisper it in my ear." I put my ear right above his mouth.

"Fuck me.." he whispered.

"Wait I didn't hear you. Buck knee?"

His hands were trying to do damage to my head and hair. He legs were wrapped around me and I ground my hard cock into him.

He said a little louder, "Fuck me."

I turned my gaze back to his eyes and shook my head and smiled. I stopped moving until he couldn't take the pause any more.

"Fuck me!"

I picked him up and took him to my room. We crashed down onto the bed. He frantically began undoing his belt and I helped him yank his pants off. I took off my shirt and the rest. He spread his legs without being told. This was natural for my baby.

I nestled my body between his offering. He was breathing hard. The feeling of his legs all spread open beneath me gave me such a rush.

His body was limp and pliable. He had submitted to me. I pushed back his legs and peaked at his virgin hole. I think he had showered just before he came. He had anticipated this shit.

His asshole and scrotum looked so sweet. Sweet as in perfect. I wanted to find his prostate and get him hooked on penetration.

I put some oil on my fingers and encircled his ass hole.

"Oaahh.." He was moaning. Every time I touched the perimeter of his hole he jerked and moaned.

"Shuu, shuu..."

His cock twitched when I touched his hole. I loved that.

I slowly pushed one finger in and hooked it upwards. I was going in and out. I grabbed his shaft and gave him some gentle strokes on the underside.

After only a few moments it was too much for him and he made a mess. I grabbed my cock and in a few seconds was spewing all over his stomach too.

I fell down next to him and soon we were asleep.

When I woke up Nathan was squeezing my cock. I swear, it had never felt so big before. He was squeezing it and playing with it like it was a piece of meat. He looked Hot lying there next to me. It looked Right.

I reached out and ran my hand around his lower back. I pulled him towards me and kissed his mouth. Our tongues touched and I needed to fuck.

I put a pillow under his ass and got back on top. I got more oil and worked a finger in. Maybe this time the poor baby could hold out longer.

One finger went in easily, and I added another. The third finger wasn't so easy. Nathan was moving around and whimpering.

"Please just fuck me, please just fuck me, I've been thinking about it, I want it.."

"No Nathan, you have to be ready."

I held onto his leg with one hand, and fingered him with the other.

He grabbed his dick and gave himself some strokes but I knocked his fingers away. "No touching!" He listened instantly and let his hands fall to either side of him.

"Ohh.. Ohh.. I'm ready!" He was moving his ass from side to side, trying to expel my fingers. "I'm Ready! Please." He was moving so much that it was hard to hold him down.

I took my fingers out and pulled his leg to one side so that his ass was facing upward. I slapped him hard once on the ass. "Fuck Nathan, quiet down!"

I could hear his breathing. We locked eyes.

"You are going to DO what I say!" I held his gaze and he just looked back at me in amazement.

I turned his ass back around and worked my fingers back into his pussy. I fingered him for a good ten minutes. He was quiet and let me do it. He was leaking precum. All I could hear was his breathing.

His ass was open and relaxed.

I tried to slide my cock in, but it was still too big for his sweet hole.

"Oh, oh .. Oh, oh.." was all he could say.

Eventually I made some progress. I just kept pushing into him while he whined underneath me.

"Yea baby. That's what it feels like."

When I was all the way in I lowered myself on top of him. I kissed him and rubbed behind his ear. He was breathing really hard.

"Jacob..." he said.

I started a slow fuck.

All too soon I couldn't help it and I was fucking him faster and faster. I pumped my seed into him and he was mine.

The next week was wonderful. We fucked in the shower, we fucked in the bed, and we fucked in the morning. He liked it rough, which was how I liked to give it. He absolutely loved me, and that's what made it so good.

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