Jacob and Nathan

Part 4

"Fuck Jacob, it's 2 am."

"I know, just a second." I was still working at my desk. Nathan was in my bed, waiting for me.

"Come on Jacob, why did I even come over tonight?"

"I'm sorry."

Sometimes I annoyed him, which was basically a crime. He gave me non stop love.

He crawled out of bed and stood next to me.

"You know, it's sexy when you work hard. I like that," he squeezed my arm. "But working TOO hard, that's not right."

I put my pen down. "I know, you're right. I just have too much to do."

He whispered in my ear, "You don't even have time to fuck your boyfriend?"

I smirked.

He took my hand and led me to the bathroom. "Come on."

He took off my shirt and wrapped his arms around my torso. He kissed each of my nipples, and then turned me around. I was facing the sink. "OK, brush your teeth."

I laughed. "Someone's getting demanding these days."

"See Jacob, I'm basically your Mother these days. You need constant monitoring. You can't even go to sleep at a reasonable hour."

"Alright, alright. Give me a second."

He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist while I brushed my teeth. His package was pressing against my ass. He softly massaged my stomach. I loved the way he clung to me.

I finished and washed my face.

His arms were still wrapped around me. He said, "Alright Jacob, time to pee."

I chuckled. He pulled me along with him until we were standing over the toilet. I let him undo my pants. He pulled out my cock with gentle hands. He held it softly in his palm. "Ok Jacob, you're ready."

"What.. I can't do it like this."

"Come on Jacob, your baby's taking care of you."

"Nathan, I can't." I tried. Nothing was coming out.

He wiggled my cock a little. He blew air into my ear, "Shhhhhhhuu, just let it go."



I took a long breath. I didn't care. It started flowing.

Strangely it felt wonderful. Nathan was holding me so gently in his warm palm. I let my head fall backward and closed my eyes. It seemed like it went on forever.

Finally I was done and Nathan wiggled my cock again.

I came down from some sort of urinary high and wrapped my arm back around him. "Nathan, that felt good."

"Uh huh." He smiled. "Uh, now I have to go." He turned around and let out a stream. I just stood there and watched him. I was getting hard.

We got into bed. I was wearing a shirt and no underwear, and he was totally naked. I spooned up behind him and started kissing the back of his neck. I rubbed the area behind his ear. He loved that.

I ran my hand around his slender waist and dung my fingers through the silky hair above his groin.

He was murmuring softly into the bed. "Oh, you're wonderful, your hands.. you love me, ... please ..."

He protruded his pussy out to me. I ground my cock into his backside.

He turned around and wrapped a leg around me. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips and looked me in the eyes.

"Jacob, I don't think we should tonight."

"What do you mean baby."

He kissed me on the nose. "The gate closes at 2 am."

I laughed.

"I mean it," he said.


"It's too late to play."

"So you're teasing me."

"No..!" he said with false panic.

"Nathan, I always thought you were such a Good boy."

"I'm not trying to tease, I just... don't feel like it. You know I've been so BUSY lately."

"What..." I laughed. He laughed too.

I said, "Alright, I guess I can UNDERSTAND that."

He smirked and kissed me on the check. I was still hard as ever. He rolled over and pressed his back to me.

"Can you just..." he said. He reached over and gently wedged my cock between his ass cheeks.

I laughed. "Is this how you want to sleep?"

"Yea." He wiggled his ass. "I like it."

"Is this Tease Position # 1?"

"Shhhu," he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled my arm over him. "Just hold me. You can fuck me in the morning."

When I woke up it was sunny. The light was almost too bright from outside. Do you know those sunny, cold winter days?

Nathan had turned onto his back during the night, and his face was turned towards me on the pillow. He is really beautiful. My beloved is really beautiful. His lips are curved.

His eyelashes are long.
His nose is chiseled to form a perfect rounded triangle,
the same nose his mother gave him.
Here I am in bed with her son.

His cheeks sing to me,
kiss me and tell me you are mine.
I tell him there is nothing sweeter than his hand in mine,
Even though he tells me it's nothing special.

The white sheets surround him like a new bride.
His body smells sweet beneath the sheets,
and I could bury my face in his skin forever.
He shifts his weight and pulls the covers up to his chin,
and I follow his movements and rub up beside him.

He is altogether lovable, and he is tender in my arms.
But he is not my bride, or the mother of my children.
This is my beloved, and this is my friend,
here in the city we live.

I must be getting too sentimental, I thought. How am I ever going to part with him when we have to move?

I looked over again. There was a little smile on his lips. He wasn't sleeping at all.

"Nathan," I said softly.

No response. I saw him try to dissipate the smile.

I looked at him some more. I put my hand on his tummy and rubbed. Like he was a little baby.

"I know you're awake baby."

He opened his eyes. "I know you like to look at me when I sleep. I'm trying to prolong the moment for you."

"Ahhhh you must really think I'm a huge sap."

"That's okay with me."

"Is that how you like me? Totally drooling over you?"


"Nathan, how did you even get this cute?"

"Eye of the beholder."

"What? You're telling me other people wouldn't find you cute?"

"Sounds like you're getting ready to ship me off somewhere."

"You wish. You are only mine."

"Yea daddy, tell me what I want to hear."

"You're my property."

"Do I have permission to be with anyone else?"

"No baby. You're only for me. But you know what? You are getting out of practice."


"When was the last time you had my cock down your throat?"

"Well... you haven't put it there recently."

"Why don't you reach down there and feel it."

He squeezed me through the sheets.

"How does it feel?" I said.

"It's really hard."

"Is it hard enough for you?"


"Do you like to feel that hard thing slide up your ass?"

"Yea daddy. I like it."

"Say it again baby. Why do you like it?"

"I like it when you Enter me, you know.." he squeezed my cock, "you just Take me...you make me take it..."

"I like to make you feel good baby."

He smiled into my shoulder. "I love it when you touch me."

"You know what Nathan? My cock is hard for you. You're the only one that gives me so much pleasure. Do you like that?"

"Of course I do."

I kissed the top of his head. "And what about your cock Nathan? Who does it belong to?"

"It's yours."

"Have you been keeping it nice and clean for me?"


"Do you get hard in the shower when you clean it?"


"But you don't touch yourself do you?"

"No daddy."

"Why baby?"

"Because I'm not allowed to cum."

I held him by the neck and we kissed, sort of nibbling at the lips.

"When was the last time you came?"

"I don't remember."

"You don't remember? It must not be that important to you."

"It's not about that. It's your cock so I don't worry about when I cum. I just maintain it for you."

I kissed him on the ear. "But you must get frustrated Nathan."

"I know how to handle it daddy. You've taught me."

I kissed him again. "We must have a full load down there. Let me take a look."

He rolled onto his back.

"Spread your legs honey."

I cupped his area in my hand. The front of his underwear was all wet.

I chuckled. "You've got some serious precum here."

I peeled off his sticky underpants and grasped his shaft.

"Uuuoo..." his body jerked. I kissed his neck.

I gave him some slow steady strokes. His chest twitched. I stopped.

"Nathan what have I told you about moving when you are being touched? Take a deep breath."

He breathed in and out.

"Good boy. Now relax."

I stroked him and he lay there motionless, breathing hard and deep. More precum was oozing out lubing my assault on his cock.

I ran my thumb repeatedly over his piss slit and he moaned like a bitch.

But we both knew where this was headed. I eased up and ran my hand down his inner thigh.

"Ughhh please..."

"Please what?"

"Please just a little more."

I wiggled my finger over the smooth skin of his inner thigh. "I thought you just told me you could handle it."

"It's just..."

"You said that you understand that your cock belongs to daddy you want to make him happy." I slapped his inner thigh lightly.

"Aww.. I do.. I can ..."

"Can what?"

"Oh!" He squealed as I dragged my finger down his piss slit one more time.

"Baby," I whispered in his ear, "well behaved boys don't beg."

He was breathing hard. He was quiet.

"Do you hear me?" I growled.

"I'm sorry daddy." His cock was rock hard and standing up with full force. "I know you're right."

"Shhh, just relax with me." I pulled him towards me and rubbed his back. He rested his head on my shoulder. I rubbed his back until his body relaxed.

I rubbed behind his neck. "Good boy." I kissed the top of his head. "By the way your cock felt really nice. And your balls are nice and big, aren't they? You've got a nice full load down there."

He murmured unintelligibly into the sheets.

"How do your balls feel?"

"They're heavy daddy." He squirmed around my leg.

"I like seeing you walk around with heavy full balls."

He wiggled his pelvis around my leg. "Are you going to milk me later?"

"I want you to stay nice and full for a while."

"Okay." He looked up at me, "I like knowing I have a lot of milk inside me."

"Do you like milk?" I kissed him on the lips.


"Are you ready for some daddy milk?"


Nathan looked at my dick which was sticking out obnoxiously under the covers.

I whispered, "It wants you baby. Go ahead."

I leaned back and rested my head while Nathan reached down and rubbed me. He was slow and careful and loving.

He knew how to suck me. His tongue edged around the tip of my cock. He went down a little and then traced back up to the top. He teased me just enough and then come up and gave me what I wanted.

I rubbed the back of his head.

He held my balls in one warm hand. I was going to Feed him with those balls. I was going to FEED him.

"You want my milk Nathan?"

"Imm hmm."

"You are going to suck it out me aren't you?"


"That's right Nathan, don't speak. You are busy sucking milk from daddy."

"Immmhmmmm!" He went back up my shaft and engulfed my head.

"Oh..." I was cuming. Nathan had the tip of my cock in his mouth. Some of it went right onto his tongue. He was swallowing. I was shooting in the warm oasis of his month. He licked me some more and finished off all my juice.

He looked back up at me.

I shook my head. "You are too good."

He smiled. He kissed the air. I guided his head to rest on my shoulder and we lay still for a while. I pinched his ass. "Shower time?"


Soon we were in the shower. Nathan stood under the water and I held him from behind.

My cock was alongside his leg. I licked the back of his neck. "Can I piss on your leg Nathan?" We had never done this before.


I had already started to and my piss was forming a stream running down his leg. Then I directed my cock so I was hitting his tummy and balls and cock.

He stood here breathing deeply while I marked him.

"Ohhh..." I threw my head back. It felt great. And he just stood there. My piss was meant for him.

"Don't you have to go Nathan?"

"I'm too hard to pee."

"Come on baby, this must happen all the time to you in the shower."


"So what do you do when it happens?"

"I stop thinking about it."

I held his cock. "Baby, give me some gold.."

"Jacob, you know I can't. Just give me some time."

"Oh my poor baby, he can't pee."

I loved the idea of him brimming with both too much cum and too much piss in is sweet boy frame. How was he even holding all of his liquids inside of him? He was so tender and sweet and if I just squeezed him too much his liquids would come squirting out beyond his control.

His body was so sensitive. I rubbed soap all over his back and shoulders. He has great skin. I dug my soapy fingernails into his armpits and tickled him.

"No! No!" He wiggled away. I pinned him against the shower wall. I gave him some more slow tickles..

"Imnnn immm..! Stop!"

I become still all of a sudden. I was pressed against him. I had some more piss and let it go over his leg.

"Oh Jacob.."

"Ughh..." I was done.

"What are you, a dog?" he said.

"Yea and I'm marking property." I reached around and squeezed his tits.


I guided us back under the water. He was excited. We washed off the soap. I got more. I worked my way down to his lower back. I wrapped my hands around his abdomen and put pressure on his bladder. He buckled under my grasp.

"Oh fuck you..." he mouthed.


"Ohhh, .. so is this what you do? Take advantage of a boy who can't pee?"

"You're just sensitive there right now. It's going to be okay."

I pressed down on his abdomen again.

"Oh! .. please..." he whined.

"You're my sweet boy, with all your sweet juices.." I let up on his abdomen.

I slid my hand around to his lower back again. I whispered in his ear, "Push your ass out so daddy can wash it."

He pushed it out for me. No matter how outrageously I teased him one moment, the next moment Nathan was ready to do exactly what I told him. My hands slid down to his ass. I found his sensitive hole. I liked the feeling of his hairs encircling his hole. Like a bullet eye. The target was laid out by mother nature. He trembled while I fingered him.

"Have you been keeping yourself clean boy?"

"Yes sir."

"Your ass is hungry boy, isn't it?"


"It's been waiting for something good to be put in there, hasn't it?"

"Yea," Nathan breathed, "But it's a good boy just like me and it knows how to wait."

I kissed his neck. "Hmmm let me see, I bet you would like this."

I pushed my soapy finger further in and found his prostate.

"Uhhgg" he husked, "oh fuck you Jacob,.. oh..."

I was giving him gentle pressure, and wiggling my finger, tapping it, tapping my baby's love spot.

"I'm going to ..." he started.

I stopped the pressure. "I know it's too much for you baby."

I took my finger out. He was whining like a bitch.

"Shuuu shuu, calm down." I purred in his ear. "Calm down." We finished washing and I got out of the shower and dried off. Nathan was still in there and the water was running.

"You staying in there?"

"Jacob, just leave me for a second, I still have to pee."

I chuckled.

"You're a fucking psychopath," he said.

"Okay baby, that's right. Now you just stay in the bathroom and I'll give you some privacy."

I could practically hear him in the shower stall, trying to will his cock to give him some relief. I left the bathroom and went to make some breakfast.

Eventually he came in and sat down at the kitchen table.

I smiled at him. "Feeling better?"

He shook his head playfully. "I don't even know why I put up with this."

I put a sunny side up egg on the table, with toast. "Don't worry about it. Your body wants what it wants." I gestured to the plate, "Look, I even cook for you."

"Oh yea?" He said playfully, "This is just one of your tricks to keep me keen."

"Really? What are my other tricks?"

"Well, when you... you know."

I said, "When I rub your special spots..." he was grinning, I continued, "..you know where. And when I let you cum? Are those tricks?"

"Don't tease me." He was eating. He was all business. He broke the yellow yoke of the egg with the bread. He looked like a baby wolf engorging his prey. The yellow blood was spilling out uncontrollably.

"Look at you eat. What a wolf. Baby prey for you?"

He smacked his lips at me. He said, "You know what it means when you like watching someone eat?"


"Severe attachment."

"Awww are we getting sentimental over breakfast?"

"Sure Jacob, you can pin it on me," he said, "but we both know who's the breeding heart here."

I laughed. "You are too good to be true."

"I know." He was licking his plate, finishing the yoke.

"What kind of manners are those honey?" I said.

"The only people I do this in front of are my sister, and you."

"Hmm I'm on the short list."

"Yea honey, you can see me lick a plate."

"How's your sister."

"She's fine."

"What's she going to study?" She was younger than us.

"Don't be all interested like that. I know you want her."

"What are you talking about."

"Come on, I know you want her. I've seen you looking at her pretty face. Come on, she's a more feminine version of me, what more could you want?" He smiled at me.

"I wouldn't touch your sister."

"Only if she wanted you to."

"What's this with your sister?"

"Listen Jacob, I have a plan. You marry my sister. I'll find another woman who's in on it, and we have like a quad-some type thing. We will always be close."

"But then our children can't get married. They will be cousins."

"That's true."

"But I'm in on the quad..."

"The quad-some!" He giggled.

"You know, I'm crazy on the short term, but you are terminally crazy."

"Alright, alright, we'll come back to it."

"Uh huh."

He grinned at me and picked up his knife. "So what are you going to do!" He dung the handle of the knife into the table, jokingly. "You are going to give me up!" He laughed strangely, "when we are thirty something and you need a child!"

He was joking and serious at the same time.

"Nathan... I know ..." I grabbed his hand. He looked at me. "I know it's not perfect. I don't know what's going to happen."

He swallowed. "I know." He returned the squeezing on my hand. "I didn't mean to bring it up just now."

"It's fine."

I breathed in. "We have years.."

He looked up at me quickly. "Don't assume the future. We can't know. We just need to work each day in the present."

"Nathan, I want to be here with you for a good while."

"Me too."

We had been sitting at the kitchen table for quite some time. I said, "Let's go out."

That day was Saturday and we needed to move some furniture. My office needed a new desk and we were going to the university's second hand supply warehouse to find something.

I parked the car nearby and we walked in. We managed to find a good table.

"Do you deliver?" Nathan asked the guy.

"Yea, but next day." He walked away.

"I think we can fit it in the back," I said. My car was a station wagon.

"Really? We need to unscrew it." It was more of a table than a desk.

I was reaching around underneath it.

"Yeah Jacob, dismantle it before it's even yours."

I looked up and smiled at him. He loved to make fun of me when we were in public.

The guy had come back. He was in his early forties. He was chuckling. "Here, I'll lend you a screw driver."

We did the unscrewing and got the table into the back of my car. We eventually got it upstairs to my office in the engineering building. I share the office with two other students, who weren't in at the moment.

We went about reconstructing the table. We looked like two guys putting a table together. But one of the parts was hard to fit. We started arguing about how to do it. I thought we should pull it one way, but Nathan thought the other. We were so comfortable together that we could argue like family.

"Ah, alright Jacob, just do it that way. What's with all this bickering?" He sat down on one of my office mate's chairs. In the privacy of the office Nathan started to giggle. "Anyone would think we were married."

"Yea, if you keep up that obnoxious giggle."

"Don't lie. You're a bleeding heart."

When we were just about done I heard keys at the door. Nathan was still smiling and joking and looking as cute as fuck sitting on his chair.

"Someone's coming."

Meysam walked in and said hello as usual. I introduced Nathan with a nod and a smile and that was it, Meysam sat at his desk. He when straight to printing something out. The primary purpose of the office for Meysam seemed to be the printer. He would print then leave. Come, print, then leave. And he was cute as fuck, but I stayed away. Nathan is far more special.

I wonder what Meysam felt when he looked at my beautiful Nathan. But I really didn't know. You know how it is with office mates. You don't want to get too close to them for fear of falling out with them later. Then you regret not getting to know them, because they actually seem like really nice people. Meysam was one such case with the added bonus of being unnervingly attractive.

Nathan and I continued chatting. We we were done we walked outside into the cold air.

Nathan nudged me. "So what's with Meysam?"

"What about him?"

"You must find him cute."

"I do. But I don't go near him. I barely speak to him."

"I know, it's okay." He continued, "Just imagine what he would look like with his legs all spread out underneath you."

"Yeah Nathan, let's imagine."

"So what makes me more special?"

"Nathan, you know everything there is to know."

"I know, just tell me again."

I looked at him. We were walking through a narrow passage with overgrowth. I whispered, "I love you," and then I shoved him gently into the bushes, "and you're already Trained."

His breathing increased just that much. "Jacob, please don't get me hard in public."

I let him go with a disdainful look on my face. "Apparently not well trained enough."

He laughed. I started walking away. He came up right beside me. He was my best friend. He was my lover. He got my humor. And I got him hard.

"Where to now Nathan?"

"Well I'm getting hungry." He said declaratively.

"Oh boy, the big man's hungry."

"Yeah big bro, I need feeding."

To be continued.

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