Jacob and Nathan

Part 5

Continued from Part 4.

We ate lunch at a nearby restaurant. I made sure Nathan drank a large glass of water.

He smiled at me across the table, "You're really pushing the water aren't you."

"We have to keep you hydrated."

"And that's not something I can do myself?"

"Apparently not."

He just smiled. He didn't argue. He let me do whatever I wanted.

We drove back to my place. I had been teasing him in the car. The littlest things set him off. He was sensitive. He was edgy. He hadn't cum for several days.

When we got home Nathan was clearly hard in his pants.

I looked at him sternly. "Nathan, go stand in front of the dresser."

He went there and looked at me expectantly.

I knitted my eyebrows and looked disapprovingly at him. "Show me your penis."

He started to unbuckle his pants. He was going too slowly.

"We are losing daylight."

He awkwardly pulled his pants off his legs. He was down to his underwear. He looked at me. I raised my eyebrows.

He looped his thumbs under the underwear band and quickly exposed his cock. It was throbbing. I could smell him.

He was looking off to the side.

"Nathan, look at me."

He barely met my gaze.

"You need to learn to wait."

He swallowed.

I got a chair and tied his feet to the base. His penis was off the edge of the chair.

I walked around behind him and wrapped my arms around him. I massaged his tits. They were sensitive and pink. I kissed the back of his neck and he shuddered. His reactions were phenomenal, as usual.

I slowly massaged his dick with careful, slow strokes. I went on forever. It was slow and painful. I didn't give him enough to get off.

"Jacob... ooo... where is this going."

"Shuuuu." I continued.

"Jacob please..."

"Sounds like you are thirsty."

I went to the kitchen and got some water. I fed it to him, sitting in the chair. He drank it quietly.

I sat down on the chair behind him, with my cock against his ass. I had him lean back against me while I fondled his tits again. He moaned.

"Feel good?"


"Your tits are sensitive today."

"They're not tits."

I laughed. "I am encountering some dissension today?"

He was serious. "Just a little."

"You know, there's all kinds of punishments for that."

"Daddy please be gentle with me."

"It sounds like you know what is coming to you."

I ran my hands over his belly which was extended a little with all the water I had pumped into him. I put pressure on his bladder.


"Shhuuuuu." I let up.

I massaged his tummy. "You're pretty full in there aren't you?"

He was clearly getting uncomfortable. He was squirming.

"Please not this again."

"What are you talking about? You responded very well this morning." I pressed on his abdomen.


I pressed down on a different spot.


I ran my hands through the air above his groin. I went back up and pressed firmly on his bladder.

"Aghhhh... no... no..."

I let up and moved back to his tits. He took deep breaths.

"Feels better doesn't it?"

He nodded.

I whispered, "Put your arms above your head."

He meekly raised his arms.

"All the way up baby, don't be shy."

Very lightly, I started tickling his armpits. He withstood it for a little while but soon he was bringing down his arms and hiding his sensitive pits.

I slapped his tummy. "Up!"

He went back up and I tickled more relentlessly. He couldn't maintain it. I was getting annoyed. I went back to his abdomen and pressed on his swollen bladder.

"Oh Jacob please..."

"Arms up baby."

He shot them up like a knife and I tickled the hell out of him. I keep one hand on this tummy for when he was bad, and the other hand tickled his sensitive parts.

Eventually I stopped. He was out of the breath. I got up.

"Just rest for a while." I left him sitting there and went and did something else. He could have easily escaped from his leg restraints, but he didn't.

I came back five minutes later. I looked at him. He looked at me. I leaned in and kissed him full on the mouth. His kiss was urgent and hurried. I looked down at his tummy. I ran my hand over it.

"Looks like you are due soon."

"Jacob, can I please pee?"

"You can't argue with nature Nathan. You are not due yet. I want you to relax." I kissed him again. "Relax your mouth." He let me invade. His mouth turned to jelly. He loosened up and let go.

All of a sudden I realized he was pissing. He was letting it go all over the floor. I was sincerely shocked. He had never done anything like this before. We always kept things tidy if you know what I mean. He knew there was nothing under him on the floor.


"I had to let it go... go... ohhhh..." He was happily pissing. He had no abandon.

The carpet was getting soaked in his yellow piss. How could he DO this. I quickly grabbed my not so nice shirt and put it under him to absorb the liquid. I ran to the bathroom to get a bucket and managed to get it under him only to catch the last few drops.

He just looked at me with a semi relieved, semi confused look.

"Nathan, how could you?"

"I don't know, it just happened."

"Listen Nathan, I know I keep calling you 'baby,' but I'm not actually into a boy who can't control his bladder."

He looked at me. His eyes were half closed and he was tilting his head to the side. He looked remorseful.

"Do I need to remind you about what is Okay and what is Not Okay in my house?" I knitted my eyebrows together.

"Daddy I know...I'm sorry," he said softly.

"I think you still need some work Nathan."

He swallowed. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were opening wide. "I'm sorry and..." He was pleading with his eyes. He wanted something. I glanced down at his cock. He was getting hard again.

I stared at him hard and he fell silent. "Nathan," I said coolly, "don't lie to me about what you want."

He swallowed.

"I can see that you are needy. Just tell me what you want."

He looked at me timidly. "Please don't."

"Nathan," I said to him lovingly, "I don't like this beating around the bush."

He sat there breathing hard.

"I can see that your cock is hard again," I said in an endearing tone. He glanced down at his dicklet which was dripping a tear of Venus. "It's trying to tell me something. It's not ashamed."

"I would like it if you remind me..." he paused. He didn't finish.

"Don't stop now honey."

"If you use your hands.. on my tushh..."

"Your tush??"


"My baby has a TUSH?"

He was whimpering. "Yes..." He paused.

"And what? What do I do with your Tush?"


"What's the word honey?"


"Tell me the word."


"Aww. There's the word." I grabbed his cock and gave him a few nice strokes.

"Oh! OH!" He was in heaven. A small reward for a good boy. I took my hand away. I smiled at him.

"Nathan, you are going to get what you want."

He swallowed.

"But before that you have to clean up the mess you made. Okay?"

"Yes daddy."

I went to the laundry room and got the carpet cleaner and a rag.

I went back to my happy boy. "I'm going to release you Nathan."

I took him out of his binding. I watched as he scrubbed the floor. I could have just left him to it, but I was manic enough that I had to watch him do it to make sure he was cleaning it well enough. I didn't want a stain on the floor in my room.

"Nathan, if you don't clean it well, there will be a permanent stain. I'll be able to point to it and say, 'Here's Nathan's piss stain circa Winter 2013.'"

He was smiling into the floor.

"Or is that what you were going for? You want evidence of your miscreant tendencies for everyone to see?"


His hard cock was pointing upwards between his legs as his rubbed the floor. It wagged around with his movements. He was boy in heat, cleaning the floor.

"I know Nathan, I know. We already talked about what you really want. Keep scrubbing."

After a while I checked his work and it still wasn't enough. The floor was still yellow. I went and got him a bucket of water.

"Nathan, I'm going to pour it over the carpet." He was still sitting on the floor. I held him by the neck, against my leg. I dribbled some water onto the floor. "Nathan look up at me." He looked up with innocent eyes. "Open your mouth." I poured some plain water slowly from the bucket into his mouth. "I want you to swallow."

When his mouth became full he had to close his mouth to swallow. Water spilled over his lips and face. I sprinkled some water over the rest of his face and down his back. He shuddered as the cold water hit his back. He didn't complain.

"Doesn't that feel refreshing?"


"Good, now finish this."

After he washed the floor to my satisfaction, I got him ready for the next phase. I told him to lean against the bed with his ass facing me.

This time I had a flexible metal ruler which I had singled out for this purpose not too long ago.

I smacked the sides of his ass cheeks lightly with the ruler. Over and over again, pretty lightly. He loved it. I wasn't really hurting him. Just jiggling the flesh. His cheeks were turning red. The spots were small and pink.

"Oh! Oh!" His cries were delicate and sweet.

His ass cheeks were clenched together waiting for the next spank.

"Relax your butt Nathan. Relaxed boys get better spankings."

He let it go. His ass was relaxed and vulnerable. I slapped him and he jumped.

"Accept it baby. I want you relaxed and ready for the next spank."

He breathed deeply and released the tension. I smacked him.

"Oh!" He jumped again.

"Nathan, stop moving!" I gave him a flurry of light spanks.

"Oh! Imnnnn! Just! Please...." he was squealing gently into the sheets.

I stopped. "Okay Nathan, try again. No jumping. Accept the pain as part of you."

I massaged his ass with my hand. He purred.

"You know the spanks are good for you. I want you to be still and accept them as part of you. Let them go through your system. Into your skin. Don't jump away. Let it resonate honey."

I gave him a gentle spank. He moved slightly.

"You're not there yet."

I gave him more slaps. "Breathe Nathan, take a deep breath."

He was quiet.

"I want to hear you breathe."

I stopped and put my hand on his neck. "Breathe honey." I took a deep breath and he followed.

I stroked his back. He sighed into the bed.

"Let it out honey. Let go."

I wiggled my finger at the very top of his butt crack, just where the crack starts. He was always super sensitive there for some reason. I touched him like a feather. He squirmed and shivered.


I gave him a spank. I tickled him some more.

"Oh please..."

"Shu, shuuu. No moving."

He was still. He let me touch him.

I started spanking him harder. His dicklet was hard. It was hard and proud.

"Nathan, is this good for you?"

"Yes.." Spank.

"Aren't you happy you asked me for what you wanted?"

"Yes daddy." Spank.

I got out a small butt plug and lubed it up.

"Nathan, something is going in your ass."

I lubed him a little and then slowly worked the plug inside his ass. He was quiet and still. It popped in. I caressed his ass.

"Feel full?"


"Good boy."

I started spanking again.

"Oh! Aghh!" I wanted the plug to jiggle around in his ass during each spank.

"Jacob, Jacob..."

I kept on spanking.

"Oh! Please take it out!"

"Shuuu. This is new and you're doing a great job."

"Jacob..." he was whining.

"I know honey, just a little bit more."

"Oh..." he was whimpering. He started crying.

"Shuuuu you are doing an excellent job."

"Daddy, please..."

I paused. I gave him a hard slap. "Oh!"

I paused again. He was waiting. I gave him a spank and he shivered.

"That's the shiver of satisfaction, isn't it Nathan?"

"Yes..." he was limp.

"I'm proud of you, admitting what you want."

I continued spanking him harder and he started crying again. He was crying into the sheets. But he left his ass open and exposed, sticking up in the air like a true bitch.

I took out the plug and he barely reacted. Eventually I stopped spanking and he was still whimpering. I took his cock between my thumb and forefinger and pulled it towards me. With another finger, I rubbed his tip, back and forth, back and forth.

His breaths became deeper and his sobs went away. He raised his head and tilted it backwards, concentrating on the pleasure.

"You're a slave to this cock Nathan. Look how it controls you."

He was just breathing hard, with his eyes closed. Precum oozed onto my hand.

"Ok, that's enough." I let him go. He didn't move. His ass cheeks were red.

I got onto the bed and took him in my arms. I murmured in his ear, "You did very well baby." He smiled. "Come on," I said, "lay down over here."

I helped him sit down in bed beside me. His hard cock bobbed around as he moved. He sat down but recoiled when the sheets scraped his raw ass.

"Aww, I know honey. You can lay on your stomach if you like."

He rested his body while I caressed his back with my finger tips. He sighed.

I could feel heat coming from his ass.

"I have something for that honey."

I got out a thick cream, which was really cold at the moment.

"Thanks daddy."

"This will make it feel better."

"Oh!" The shock of the cold cream startled him. I loved it.

He cuddled into me while I smeared the cream all over his red tush.

He sighed. "Thank you daddy."

"Aww there's a good boy. I like to make you happy baby boy."

"You do daddy."

I played with his asshole and gave him a nice gentle fingering to stimulate the prostate. He laid still and enjoyed my fingers.

I finished with the cream and we cuddled together.

"Did you enjoy your spanking?"

He breathed in. "Imm hmm."

I rubbed his head. "Did you have a good cry?"

"Yea.. thanks daddy."

"You're a wonderful boy Nathan."

His hand brushed across my hard dick in my pants. He looked up at me with a question. His mouth twitched. I rubbed the back of his head.

"Not yet baby. Come up here and give me a kiss." He put his weight of top of my chest and leaned in gently.

I gave him the kind of kiss that he deserved. I held the back of his head softly and guided him to daddy's warm mouth. I bathed his lips and tongue in my warmth and made him feel loved.

He purred into me and I stroked his back.

Eventually we got up. I wanted to eat dinner.

He was trying to put his pants on, but he was clearly suffering from the friction on his ass.

"Aww honey I have something better."

I got out a loose sleeveless black dress. It used to be my sister's. It had a cool, silky feeling.

I smiled at him, "Take those things off."

He looked at me with a stifled smirk. "So is this how you like me now?"

"It will help baby, do it for the sake of your tush."

I held the dress over his head and let it spill down his body. He shuddered from the cold material. I hugged him close again. I kissed him behind the ear. He pressed against me.

I whispered, "I told you it would feel good."

"It feels good."

I stepped away. His hard cock sprung out, making a tent in the dress. That didn't look right.

He laughed. "So what's your next wardrobe solution, big daddy?"

"Do you need some underwear?"

"No... that will hurt."

"Hmmm." I got out a piece of string.

"I'll tie it around your waist, okay?"

"Uh.. that will cut into my..."

I got a thick tissue and put it between his cock and the string, and tied him all up.

"Feel okay?"


"Good. Time for dinner."

We started preparing something in the kitchen. Sometimes I would run my hand along his backside and he would shiver and whimper from the soreness. Then I smacked him lightly. He yelped like a little animal. This was may baby, and he was in heat.

After we ate, we curled up on the sofa. He swung is legs across my lap and rested his head against my shoulder.

He said, "I like your arms around me."

"I want to make you feel nice and happy."

"You do daddy."

I kissed the top of his head. His hair smelled good. It was his smell. He smiled up at me.

I asked, "How does your cock feel?"

"It's okay."

"Daddy's going to check it."

I gently lifted his dress. He whimpered from the exposure.


I investigated. The tissue was damp. He was in a semi hard state.

"You look happy down there honey."

He clung to my neck and kissed my cheek.

I was getting hard again. I really needed to fuck after all this build up.

"Nathan, does your pussy need something?"

He grinned broadly and kissed my neck. "It's ready daddy."

I growled. "Has it been waiting?"

"Ya..." he kissed my neck again.

I quickly got him into bed. We were laying next to each other. I fondled his chin.

"Honey, I think we should have a new rule."

He looked up at me and swallowed.

"You can cum whenever you like," I smiled, "but it has to be when your pussy is full."

"Innnmm," he moaned.

"Sounds good baby? No touching your cocklet. All you have to do is worry about what's in your ass."

He looked at me with partly open lips. "Will daddy make me cum with his cock?"

"Yes honey. All you have to do is let it happen."

"I trust you daddy."

"I love you Nathan."

"I trust your cock."

I smiled.

He said, "I know what it can do."

"It has a big effect on you honey?"

"Yes," he purred.

"Is your pussy nice and juicy?"

He purred.

"Is it ready for cock?"

"Yes daddy, it need something to be PUT in there."

"Are you going to be a good girl and let me fuck you for a good long while?"


I pulled the dress up and over him.

"You want it honey?"


"How does your pussy feel?"

"It's... it's tingling because it needs something in there."

"Hmmm," I was quickly getting undressed, "do you think your pussy wants my cock?"


"Are you sure honey? I bet you are really tight right now."

"That's why I need..."

"You know, I might end up stretching your tight hole a bit."

He squealed. "Oh daddy! That's why I need you, I need a stretching..."

"A maintenance stretching?"

"Yes! ... Oh daddy I deserve it!" he whined, "I deserve cock in my ass! Please..."

"Shuuu, shuuu" I quieted him. "Bend over the bed."

I had him lean against the bed, with his ass presented to me. I stood behind him and put some lube on my cock. I put my hands on his ass and knelt down behind him.

"That's right honey, show me what a hungry cunt looks like." I rubbed the skin right next to his hole. "Wink for me honey."

He clenched his ass muscles and then let go.

I teased a finger at his hole. I pushed it in and pulled out. His ass hole was tight around my finger. I invaded again and hooked my finger downwards.


"Is that a good spot for you?"

"Yes sir..."

I stopped. I put two fingers in. Man, just a week or so with no fucking, and my baby was Tight.

I was going in and out with my fingers. He was shuddering. He wanted it. But he knew not to try to rush me.

I continued fingering him. I put in three fingers and he whimpered.

"Feel good?"

"Imnnn... please..."

"Shuuu, don't worry."

I made his hole nice and ready. He was open and needy. His hole was winking at me.

I started really slow. I fucked him for a long time.

I entered him from behind like he was a bitch who only deserved to be fucked face down. Eventually we both got onto the bed and I drilled him into the mattress. He whimpered like a puppy. His puppy cheeks were sore, and his puppy hole was going to be sore too from daddy's stern fucks.

His hard cock bounced around lazily and he accepted his deep fucking.

After a while I was really to unload. I increased my speed. He was still whimpering like an animal.

"Nathan, what's it going to be? You can cum honey."

He barely responded and seemed dazed from the long fuck session.

I paused and squeezed his tit.


I whispered, "Is that big load ready to come out?"


"Not sure?"


"Poor boy."

I kept pumping. I was getting close. Oh.. oh.. I couldn't help it anymore and I bred him deep in the ass. He pulled me towards him and told me how good it felt to have his daddy's seed all the way up his hole.

I came down from my high. I was a little disappointed that he hadn't cum. I pulled out. He was panting with his eyes closed, with sweat on his chest.

"Nathan, I know you need to release that load."

He opened his eyes. "I just... had to wait until you came.."

"Sweet Nathan." I kissed him.

He was still breathing hard. He grabbed my arm as if to steady his breaths.

"You know you can only cum with something in your pussy."

His legs were still spread open and his hole was raw. He looked well used. I had mercy. I had teased him all day.

I stuck two fingers in his red open hole. He shuddered as I entered him. It was extremely tender.

"Oh..! Oh..."

I rubbed his prostate lovingly and gently.

"I'm not stopping until you cum Nathan."

His eyes were closed and he kept his legs spread open, letting daddy finger his tender pussy.

His cock was swollen and it was steadily drolling onto his stomach. It lolled around uselessly, unattended to. His overused ass was silently protesting in an angry red color.

I continued applying pressure on his love spot. He was getting close. Every now and then his cock twitched.

He reached for me. He found my hand. He clung to it. I could feel he was near. I stopped moving my finger, and then started again. And I stopped, and then I let him have it. His cock let out a sudden stream of juice. It wasn't just a healthy spurt, it was a steady river. He was pissing cum. I watched as my boy had the most outstanding orgasm of a long time.

He finally finished. He laid still. He opened his eyes and squeezed my arm.

"Jacob, I'm going to sleep."

With that, he closed his eyes and was knocked out almost immediately. I smiled. The bed was a mess. We were going to sleep in a lake tonight.

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