Jacob and Nathan

Part 6

We were sitting in the living room. Nathan was sitting across from me with his legs spread slightly apart. He was wearing that loose black dress from before. I could almost see his junk, up the bottom of the dress.

"Daddy, my cunt is hungry."

"What is it with you, every two hours?"

"I feel empty."

"I already satisfied you once today."

"I know, I need daddy to make me feel full again."

"Are you thinking about my cock?"


"Do you think about my cock when you should be doing other things?"


"Go to the bedroom."

I watched him walk his cute ass out of the room. His gentle mounds were intoxicating. They were infuriating. They needed work.

I found him standing in front of the bed looking needy.

"Turn around and show me your ass."

He carefully pulled down his pants and exposed his cheeks.

"Look at that." I rubbed one cheek with my hand. He purred. "Who knew you were so horny."

I put both hands on his ass and rubbed gently.

"Bend over honey."

I pulled out my cock and rubbed lube all over. I was really hard. I was ready to skewer him. But not yet.

I rested my dick on top of his ass cheek. I bet he could feel my weight. It radiated heat. I just let it rest there while he fidgeted under my cock. He had truly become an ass boy.

"You're really in heat, aren't you?"

"I'm just here to serve daddy."

"Oh really, then why are you begging me to fuck you?"

"Uhhh..." he was at a dilemma. He knew I loved it when he begged me.

"That's right Nathan. You are just interested in YOUR pleasure and YOUR ass getting fucked."

I slapped him on the ass.


"Don't lie to yourself and especially don't lie to me. We both know what you are."

He moaned. "No..."

"You're a needy boy and you need daddy's cock whether you like it or not. Tell me the truth honey."

He just fidgeted under my cock.

I slapped his ass.

"I..I can't stop thinking about how hard you are."

"Is that all?"

"And I love it that I turn you on. That I make you hard. Please..." He was whimpering softy, "I want to feel you up there..."

"Now that's what a good boy sounds like." I teased some lubed up fingers into his hole. My cock was still resting on his ass cheek. I was leaking precum onto his lower back.

"Do you feel that juice on your back Nathan?"


"That's because I love you. I need you too. You make me hard."

I knew he loved to hear that.

"Let me see that smile baby."

He turned his head a little to the side. I could see the profile of his face.

"Aww there's that smile."

He smiled wider. He was grinning into the sheets.

"Now you're ready to be fucked aren't you."


"You're a happy boy waiting for cock."


I hitched his legs up onto the bed. I entered him slowly and there wasn't much resistance. He was quiet while I impaled him. He was getting what he begged for. He was a happy boy on my cock.

I know I've already told you, but I'll say it once again. Nathan's ass is perfect. His ass is fresh Each time I do him. It's a fresh piece of meat and it sucks in my cock like a warm, addicted mouth.

"Nathan, squeeze me with your ass." He tightened his ass muscles while I pulled out. It felt so good. His ass was sucking me in.

We had already fucked once that day, so I had some lasting power. Nathan settled down under by cock while I gave him good fucks.

He reached for his dick but I brushed his hand away. "You're an ass boy remember."

He moaned. He splayed his arms above his head, resigned to anal pleasure. He knew deep down that my cock was enough. He was a happy boy.

I was ready to cum, but I wanted him to cum right before me. I wanted my cock in his ass to be enough.

"Nathan, I want you to cum."

"Yes sir."

"Unload those balls for me honey."

"Jacob... I will..."

"If you don't cum now, you are not going to get another chance until tomorrow."


"Show me how your hungry cunt can cum. Show me.."

He was cuming. His ass was clenching around my cock and soon I unloaded forcefully inside him. When we were done I pulled out and rested my weight on his back. We both were exhausted and breathing heavily. I climbed into bed with him. We cuddled into a ball and fell asleep.

When we woke up it was early evening. I was still entangled with Nathan and the sheets were pulled tightly around us.

Nathan put his nose under the sheets and took a deep breath. "We smell like sex." He giggled.

I pulled him closer to me and nuzzled into his hair. "We smell like satisfaction."

"Immnnn." He agreed.

We were walking. It was Monday, and life did have to return to work. The sexual stuper of the weekend couldn't last forever, after all. We had to contend with reality.

We had parked sort of far away from the main campus, and we were walking up a large hill. It was extremely cold and I could see Nathan's breath. Every now and then I glanced over at him. He would smirk back like 'not right now,' and continue busily walking up the hill.

We were companions, walking side by side. We gave each other support. This was an important year for us. It was the last year. We were getting ready for the next stage of our lives. Honestly, we needed to be focused.

When we got to the top of the hill we went our separate ways. I was always sad to part with him, even for a short time. I felt like he was mine, and he should always be with me. We had an interesting relationship. When we got down to business in bed, it was clear that Nathan liked to dissolve into a total bitch, while I played the daddy master sir role and controlled his every bodily function. But we were more than just that. I truly loved him and didn't need anyone else. If I could have it my way, he would be by my side most hours of the day. I wanted him to cling to me in a sort of platonic way. I wanted his body near me and his voice in my ears - like I could just turn around and stick my cock into one of his warm holes.

It was getting to the point that all I had to think about was how Warm Nathan was in bed, to make me feel wonderful during the cold, odd hours of the day. I thought about how warm he was against my stomach when I spooned up behind him, and the smell of is neck when I rubbed my nose into the hair behind his ear. And I would imagine him pressing his ass back against my cock, murmuring his appreciation. I felt extremely reassured. He was my tender boy who cared about me.

The week passed and in all honesty I was extremely exhausted. It seems like everyone is super busy these days. Everyone's trying to get the best job they possibly can, and they are stretching themselves in every capacity in order to do so. You are expected to spend most of your 'free time' working. You are expected to answer every work related email within at the most, g0d forbid, 24 hours. If not, who are you? If not now, when? Are you really expecting to be Outstanding in your chosen field?

Nathan and I collapsed at my place on Friday night and slept pretty heavily.

When I woke up I could hear Nathan's soft breathing by my side. I loved that. I turned and inched my nose closer to him and inhaled deeply. I don't know what it is; I always love the way Nathan smells in the morning. I took another breath. There it was, his sweet boy smell. I felt a little guilty. Was it wrong for me to sniff at him when he was asleep?

All my deep breathing must have woken him. He opened his eyes and smiled.

"Are you smelling me again?" His weak morning voice made me hard.

I had to smile. "Yeah."

"What do I smell like?"

"You smell like pure sweetness, motek sheli."

"You're always sweet in the morning."

"I have a sweet boy in my bed."

He purred, "Innnn..."

I kissed him. "Even your breath is sweet."

"No it isn't. How many times are you going to say 'sweet'?"

I squeezed him where the neck meets the shoulder.


"See? You are full of sweet juice."

We kissed. His lips were like fleshy, pink pieces of gummy candy. Maybe that's a strange comparison.

I said, "I'm addicted to your mouth."

"Imm hm."

"I am, it is intoxicating."

"Do you know why you are addicted?"

"Why?" He broke the kiss and looked at me intently, "Because I give myself completely."

He rested his chin on my chest. "I'm completely yours, and you take me. You know you are going to get a full reward."

I squeezed his shoulders and pulled him to me. "Ahh... You know me." We kissed hard.

He pulled away and started kissing my bare chest. I said, "Do I give enough in return?"

"Yes. I can completely relax while you do all the work." He looked at me and smiled, "and you make me feel like I am the only one in the world."

I grinned and pulled him towards me. He wrapped a leg around me and my hard cock fell into place between his warm legs. He got out the lube and rubbed my cock - his possession - it was Our cock - the cock for combined pleasure. He lowered himself on top of me and we had a quick, sloppy fuck. Neither of us can last very long in the morning.

The next day Nathan wanted to take an ass break, which I totally understood. His pussy skin was precious. I had him suck on my cock for a long time. His ass was in recovery mode, and he was nursing on my cock.

We stayed in the house that afternoon, and he sorted of followed me around the house, crawling around on the floor, asking for more milk.

"Daddy can I have..."

"Nathan, it's not feeding time yet."

"Please daddy I need more nourishment."

"Not yet." I did have to get some work done, sometime. We couldn't just spend the entire weekend rubbing our hinds together, as much as I would love that. But I liked the fact that our bodies were apparently capable of doing just that. If I could, I would grind my cock into Nathan's body the entire day. And he would grind back, because he loved daddy's cock.

I was sitting at my desk in one room, and Nathan was in the other, doing his own work. Every now and then he would come in and bother me.

He crawled into my room and knelt down in front of me. He started licking my leg. It felt good. His tongue was Hot. He licks became wetter.

"You looking for something Nathan?"

He gazed at my crotch. "Can I? Can I? Can I...."

I unzipped my pants and with record speed he nuzzled into my groin like a dog. He popped me into his mouth and I was all the way down his throat. Fuck, it felt good. He wrapped his arms around me and gripped my ass for support. I held onto the table.

He kept me deep in his throat. It was so warm. He swallowed slowly. His throat muscles massaged my cock. He bobbed up and down slightly, keeping me deep inside.

He swallowed again. I moaned. It felt like some kind of big, warm, wet apparatus was wrapped around my hips. I was strapped in and was experiencing ultimate pleasure. He was a sucking machine. He was wrapped around my groin and sucked on auto pilot.

I came quickly. He quietly held me in his throat as I unloaded. He didn't flinch. He swallowed me whole. It landed in his stomach. He was going to digest it along with the eggs we had for breakfast.

He cleaned me off lovingly and tucked everything back in my pants and zipped me up.

I smiled. "Full service?"

He sat on my lap. "Yes Jacob."

I kissed him. I loved my smell being all over his face. Our noses played with each other. I rubbed his stomach. "Are you happy in there?"

"Imm hmmnn..." We kissed some more.

"Alright." I said. I stood him up and slapped his ass. He jumped away. "I don't want to see you for another hour."

He chuckled and went back to his work.

I came several times that day in his mouth. I didn't have much at the end. I guess I had made his ass sore the day before and now he was pushing my cock to the limit. His cock wasn't getting any attention. It was off limits for him today. He knew I wouldn't let him cum that way. He was only going to cum from pussy attention.

That night I gave him a slow, deep back massage. A lot of oil. I like to have him relaxed and limp in my bed. He became one with the bed, not moving a muscle. He gave out nice slow moans while my hands roamed over him. He loved that kind of tender care from daddy.

I rubbed oil into his asshole to take away the soreness. I knew he wanted me to continue and rub him to orgasm. But I only skimmed his prostate. I turned him on his side. He was really beautiful. His flesh was glowing and pumping with blood. His ass was rounded perfectly, as always. He was sticking it out as I rubbed oil into his hole. His erect cock was standing out proudly from his body. It had a healthy curve. It was resting gently on the bed, resigned to its passive role. It was humbly showing me how turned on he was. His balls were tight and full. They moved around when I over excited him. His scrotum was a fleshly, warm, pulsing place.

How could I not let this healthy, young thing cum? I couldn't deny him. He was clearly ready. His body was pulsing and aroused. His Entire body seemed to be aroused. But he was relaxed and didn't ask for anything. He had accepted that it was my choice if he came or not. He Wanted to give up those choices to me, it got him off. Here he was, laying down in total submission to me, accepting my fingers where they were and when they were.

I pushed another finger into his ass. The oil had taken the soreness out. I rubbed his spot.

"Ohhooohhh...." he let out a long droning sound. He didn't open his eyes.

I slowly rubbed him. It was a disciplined rubbing. Not any faster, not any slower. He was patient. He was relaxed and focused on my fingers.

He opened his eyes a little. We just looked at each other while I moved my fingers. He was almost smiling, but not quite. He barely had energy for that. We understood each other. We didn't need to say anything else.

He didn't expect me to let him cum. Was I teasing him? He lay there passively, searching my face with his eyes, moaning softly as my fingers played with his pleasure.

I continued rubbing. His balls drew close to his body, tentatively. They were begging me, showing me how much they could do if I just let them - if I just let Nathan cum. He sucked in air and let it out quickly from his mouth. I continued fingering him. He didn't move at all, and let my hands do the work.

He looked at me. I nodded. He breathed in. He was a pleasantly surprised, happy boy. He let my hands deftly administer pleasure.

His balls were ready. My fingers dung in some more, and then his cock started drolling. He had his orgasm in silence, except for his labored breathing. He squirted all over himself like a little boy.

When he was done his eyes fluttered shut. I got up and turned off the lights. I crawled back into bed with him and he cuddled against me.

"That was wonderful Jacob."

"You deserve it. I love you."

"I love you too." He breathed in. "You know," he was speaking into my chest, "I'm completely yours."

I kissed the top of his head. "I'm your's too."

He turned his head up, "But I mean..."

I smiled in the dark. "I know."

"I mean, I'm Your's. You know I'll do anything." He squeezed his arms around me.

"I know Nathan, and I'm glad you are mine."

I kissed him gently. He was like a bird specking at my lips. He wanted me. He wanted THIS. And we were living it.

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