Jacob and Nathan

Part 7

Nathan can't help himself... he's a good sub boy.

"Please daddy..."
    \ u | _  ____
     .~/.\ ./    \         
       \(     .  |
 _____ (  /    . \ ________________________________________
 3-/_____/ \   __  \___
            \/    \/    \
            |     ;      \___ _ _._. _
 __________'     /U \    .       _ _/.)_________________________
          /     / .  \.__ - - -.    \/
          \  ./   :                  .
          :   \
           '. '
            \ |   .
            ./    .
         .,_/.)   *..

Good subs get cock in the ass.

             ---.* .     --
           /      .:.       \
          /            .     \
         |      ___-----__ . |
         | ._*_/ ===    ====--|
          /=====           +++ |
          /.                    \
          |                     |
           |          .   .  .   |
            |    .               .\
             | .                   |
              /                     \

Nathan knows it's coming,

"No..."                     +:
 '     `.                                |
:    ,_.|.-_                             |
 \._-        .`-.__ _      .___          /
  /                 ____` /    `---._   |
  .   `. _ .     .'     `\o.-,_._._._. /
   `   \     ` ./         '\ : ` ` `` `# .
    '   |      |          | ``-.----.-    :
     /  .      \          \           `__'*\
    '  /        \    .  ,_|               |
   / .'          `\.       `.            |
_._`)              \         \           |
                     `                    |

But every time feels like the first time.

I walked in the door, after a long day. I had just returned, and it was snowing. Over there in sunny California it felt like Spring had already come. But now I was back. I had looked out the window of the plane as we landed in the dark, and snow had already covered the wing.

Nathan was there to greet me as I opened the door. He held his arms out to me and I tucked him into my chest and smelled his hair.

"How was your trip?"

We grinned at each other. He already knew. I had called him from the campus after my interview. I was accepted to <-school name-> for graduate school.

I said, "I can't believe it."

He grinned. "Was it really a surprise?"

"You never know."

"Well now you can be relieved."

I smiled, from the inside. It's nice when things go well.

Nathan was looking at me. His lips twitched. His eyes batted. My dick jumped in my pants. This was my boy.

His pink lips were asking me to come close. I leaned in and kissed him gently. He smelled like soap and roast chicken and warm bubbles of pleasure. He wrapped his arms around me and we stayed like that for a second.

"Are you hungry?"


"What do you want?"

"Did you make something?"

"Yeah I have some chicken and... Why don't you go take a shower while I get it ready."

I kissed him. "Don't accuse me of domesticating you."

He whispered in my ear, "You are guilty and you know it. I've been waiting for you."

I took a shower. I put on a bathrobe and some shorts and walked into the kitchen.

Nathan watched me from across the table as I ate. He grinned at me while I ate his food.

So much had happened that day. Do you ever have a day where it seems that so much happens, you can't really recall what happened early in the day? And your attitude and personality can totally change within the day. Anything that bothered you in the morning can seem so distant, that it doesn't even register by the end of the day.

I had only been gone for two days, but they were long days. Now I was sitting in the kitchen with Nathan like I had barely left.

But the only thing on my mind right then was Nathan sitting across from me at the table, and Nathan's food in my belly, and Nathan's soft touch that I wanted to feel against me in bed tonight. He was sitting there, proud and happy for me ... and proud and happy for himself, because he had a daddy like me, and he knew I wanted him ... And I'm sure he was also proud that he hadn't cum while I was gone, and he was going to show me his cock tonight, and I was going to tell him what a good good boy he was, and just maybe I would finally give him relief....

His eyes smiled at me. He breathed in. He asked,

"Did you masturbate in the hotel?"

"You're getting right down to business."

He smirked.

I brought another fork full to my mouth. I was chewing. "I was way too tired. It was the farthest thing from my mind."

"The stress reduces libido."

"But I thought about you, at night, right before I fell asleep."

I swear he was blushing. He swallowed. "I've been thinking about you too."

I smiled. I couldn't eat fast enough.

Nathan and I climbed into bed.

I know I just claimed that I couldn't eat fast enough, wanting to get Nathan into bed, but I was so tired that just laying down seemed like the goal.

"Nathan, I'm sorry but I'm tired..."

He pressed my shoulders towards the bed. "You just lay back."

I settled back against the headboard and he leaned over me.

He undid the bathrobe tie and looked at my naked chest and stomach. He looked at my cock.

I opened my legs, and he nestled inbetween.

He swallowed my cock like a snake swallows a hamster. He consumed it inch by inch, moving me slowly inwards. I could almost see its shape in his neck.

Once I was inside him, he stopped moving. The saliva in his mouth was building up. He mouth was hot and my cock needed action.

He swallowed. Slow and simple. Excruciating. He swallowed again. My cock was in a velvet hole. He swallowed. His throat muscles were made for this. They massaged me. He swallowed again.

I was going to be pissing cum in a mater of minutes if he kept this up. He started a slow back and forth movement. I was still lodged far up his throat. He never let it go far out of his mouth. He stopped still and swallowed again.

I was sinking into the deep, dark warmth of the bed. I let him swallow me. He was taking care of my needs. My simple, instinctual needs. There he was, sucking my cock. Beautiful and unashamed, giving me what I needed. I trusted him with every second.

My hand brushed his on the bed. I touched the inside of his wrist, so soft and smooth. His fingers were manly but delicate and caring. Soft and hard at the same time. I rubbed my thumb along the softness of his wrist as he bobbed gently on my cock. He had all the softness and hardness he needed.

I was floating in the pleasure he gave me. Deep pleasure. He was sucking on my cock because he wanted too... because he was MY soft baby... because he was my bitch, deep down inside...

I lost control and unloaded in his mouth. He quietly swallowed it down. He held me in his mouth and waited for me to relax. He nursed the last few drops out and then finally re-exposed my cock to the elements.

I was out. Nathan snuggled up beside me and I wrapped my arm around him. This is what a devoted boyfriend is for.

The next day Nathan made breakfast and I told him more about my trip. I was still in shock to be back. I was happy to stay home that day, after all the running around the days before.

I opened the closet to hang up my suit jacket, and found that everything was disorganized. Each shoe was matched with a wrong partner. My pants were where my shirts usually were, the the jackets were all intermingled... Nathan was clearly trying to set up some kind of scene...

I put on one hiking boot and one dress shoe and walked into the kitchen.

Nathan smiled. His eyes followed me around the room and looked down at my shoes.

I frowned. "You really thought I would get mad about something silly like this?"

"Just a little," he said quietly, breathing expectantly like a bitch.

"Nathan, I only get mad when you really do something bad."

He swallowed.

I knitted my eyebrows. "It's not a joke."

His breathing accelerated.

"Maybe you think that you never really do anything bad, and this is just all for fun."

"No. I --"

"It's not for fun Nathan. I'm doing it for you. Discipline will help you your whole life."

"I --"

"You don't have to artificially set up bad behavior."

"I'm sorry."

I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his cheek. His hard cock was standing up between us. "But you do bring up a good point. You usually are so Good that it's hard to find some reason to punish you."

"What do I do that's bad?"

"The only thing bad you do is resist your training."

He whispered, "Daddy I've been so hard the last few days..."

"I know, I know." I rubbed his back.


I whispered into his ear, "I know you want to cum all the time, but good boys just don't do that."

"Ohhnnn..." He whimpered into my shoulder. His hard cock was wedged inbetween our bodies. "I didn't touch myself while you were away."

"Were you hard when you went to bed on Friday night?"


"So what did you do?"

"I just rolled over into bed and tried to fall asleep. But it was a little more difficult then usual..."

"Uh huh."

"So I got out of bed and rearranged your shoes."

I laughed.

"But it didn't help. I was just thinking about what you would do to me. And then I rearranged your shirts and I was like dripping --- "

I laughed.

"And so I ... I sort of cheated a little bit."


"I went into the bathroom and pressed my dick against the cold metal in the shower stall... and it went down a little..." He looked sad.

"Ahh poor baby." I wrapped my arms around him and pressed his head into my chest. "You are so good."

"But I..."

"You did what you needed to do to not cum. That's devotion."

His muscles relaxed.

"And you told me about it -- double points."

He chuckled.

"But you obviously still need work. The truth is that you will always need reminders about what your cock is for." I squeezed his side. "Gentle reminders about what kind of cock you have."

"What kind do I have?"

"Well I have a pleasure cock. It's for pleasure. It gives me pleasure, and it gives you pleasure too, doesn't it?"


"But you have a ... reminder cock. It's too remind you about what you do for daddy."


"It shows me when you are ready," I kissed him, "when you really want it. When you are horny for daddy."

He was whimpering.

"And that's why I tease you honey. So you are always reminded about who you are." I sat down on a chair. "Come sit on my lap."

I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his weeping, hard cock. I ran two fingers up and down the shaft.


My thumb and forefinger ran circles around his tip. I dug my forefinger into that special spot at the tip.

He was dying. He was moaning in my arms.

I wrapped my hand around his cock and let my thumb masturbate his tip. I went on like this for a while, with a feathery, slow slow touch.



"You have me in a perfect circle."

"Which circle."

"A... uhh..," he whimpered, "... a short circuit. It will never stop.."

"Tell me."

"You touch me, and you don't let me cum. But I'm turned on by that you don't let me cum. And so I just stay hard, and hard and hard ... And then you won't let me cum, but I stay hard because you won't let me cum."

"It's it perfect?"


My thumb was unmercifully teasing his gland. He squirmed in my arms.

"You have to have a special kind of brain chemistry to get off on this, don't you..."


"Oh yes."

"You made me this way..."

"I'm just exploiting nature. I'm bringing it out of you."


I kept rubbing, slowly. His head was thrown back, resting on my shoulder. His eyes were closed. His cock was extremely hard. His balls pulled to the sides.

"Looks like you are getting close."


"You are just full of 'no' today, aren't you?"


I teased my finger around the tip. His breathing accelerated. I ran my finger from the tip, down the bottom ridge of his cock. I went up again and teased him and went back down. Once more. He was writhing.

That was enough. I held his warm balls in my palm.

I removed my hand and gave him a rest. His labored breathing was extremely satisfying for me. The unsatisfied baby lamb was trying to recover from over stimulation, trembling in my arms.

"Shuuuuuuu" I consoled him.

"Jacob... I feel like I..."

"Shuuu, I want to you focus on something."

"Ohhh... Ohhh..." His breathing was loud and frustrated.

"Can you focus for me?"

"Yes sir..." He was listening.

"What is more important that your pleasure right now?"

"You ... us... the way, ... the way you want me..."

"You don't need to cum right now. What I just did is to remind you about what you do for daddy."


"Tell me what that means."

"I... please..." He was still writhing.

"Shuuu..." I gently slapped his thigh.

He said, "I... I'll do everything for you, tonight..." He turned his head towards me and I kissed him.

"You cock is hard now but it will quiet down soon. It needs to go back in your underpants. That's where it belongs. It will feel safe there."

"Please no..."

I gently stuffed his hard member back into his white undies and zipped him all back up.

"Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"A little."

"With the right mind set you won't feel uncomfortable. The way you feel now is the way you should feel."

"Oh..." He was whining.

I bounced him on my knee. "Boys like you should have hard cocks in their pants all the time. It shows how attentive you are."


"Shuuu... there's no argument about it." I kissed his cheek. "It's healthy for young submissive boys to have hard cocks in their pants."


"A hard, unattended to cock keeps you nice and happy, doesn't it?"

"Daddy..." he turned towards me, "I like being hard for you."

"That's my good boy."

He whimpered with pleasure. "What do hard boys do for their daddies?"

"They..." the hard lump in my pants wasn't fooling Nathan. "...they suck on daddy's cock."

I whispered in his ear, "They suck like a trained bitch." He shuddered.

He got down on the kitchen floor and starting sucking. I held him by the back of the head. I made him keep it deep in his throat, not moving. The occasional fluter of his throat muscles set me on edge. But he was a pro now, even with his baby boy nature.

I came quickly and he swallowed me down devotedly just like the night before.

When Nathan stood back up, I could tell his cocklet wasn't very happy. But good subs don't cum without cock up their ass.

I smiled at him, "Unsatisfied?"

A good boy stays hard for his daddy...

       _.            .'    `.
      /  \          /        \
      `' l         .       .  `
      / `!        /        `   \
----__|  /.-.   ,:        |.   :
.    .   ` ,-`_-          ` \   .
      `---` `..,_         |  `.  `
            `    `~.     /     '``.
             `      `._-`      (_`.`._`_,
---.                    `.
     `.                   `,
       `-___.-``-._         )
                   `-.      '
                     /      '

... even if his cocklet cries.

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