Jacob and Nathan

Part 8

This part takes a symbolic / surrealist turn, but don't worry, Jacob and Nathan still get busy.

Nathan was laying on the bed, on his stomach, reading something. His ass was on DISPLAY. He was wearing cute little shorts.

"Nathan!" I slapped his ass, "You've been lazy."


"You need to exercise more."

"Maybe you do."

"Let's go outside." It was finally something resembling Spring.



"Do you want to see who's faster?" he asked.

"Not really."

"I bet I would win. Those cross country runners are so light and thin."

"That's true."

"So aren't I more of a man if I'm faster?" He wiggled his feet in the air, still looking at his book.

"I don't think speed is the factor honey..." I leaned in and grabbed the side of his body, and kissed his neck. "Real men stay around and fight. They don't run away like some kind of a gazelle."

"Yeah," he breathed, "you can't be speedy while carrying around those bigs muscles can you."


"So I'm the gazelle and you are the mountain lion? You've skewered me so many times I'm just not quite sure what I am."

"Okay," I let him go, "You are clearly getting enough mental exercise, but want to see your ass bouncing around on the pavement."

"So that's it, I'm a little piece of ass for you to stare at?"

I turned my head towards his rear and slapped his ass. I whispered, "Little PIECE of," I kissed him, "SWEET ass."

"Oooouu... you are rendering me, rendering the fat. Toning me up...molding my poor tuchis, which takes so much abuse already."

I threw him his shoes. "I'll see you outside cute boy."

We started running side by side. Then I made him run in front of me.

He pranced along in front of me like a deer. 'He's happy.' I thought. His ass was curvaceous and compact. His legs tapped the pavement lightly as he sprung forward, carefree.

No one was around.

I called him, "Hirsh..."

He didn't hear me.




He turned around and smiled with the sun in his face. He slowed to walking and I caught up with him.

He said, "My new name? What am I, a deer?"

"You are swift like a deer."


"Yeah, tell me something beautiful."

"Hmmm Jacob, you must really be my Daddy."

I smirked. "Go on baby boy," I whispered, "I want to see more of your ass."

He continued running, discretely wiggling his tushie at me.

After a while we reached the waterfront. The sun was bouncing off the water, blinding us. The trail crossed under a major bridge, which we were approaching. Nathan slowed down ahead of me and we walked side by side.

I smiled into the sunshine. We were radiant, walking in peace. We almost slowed to a stop.

"Nathan..." I was about to say something. His curious deer ears curled towards me in expectation and pleasure. His elegant legs balanced him on the pavement.

"Bark!" Out of nowhere came two dogs. We jumped. They weren't normal dogs. They were practically hunting dogs, the size of horses. They were coming toward us, running at full speed, teeth bared.

"Uhhmm..." Were we really afraid of two dogs?

"Jacob let's go!"

We ran. You can't do battle with an irrational aggressor. We started running away, two long legged deer with our heels nipped by dogs. How does a deer look when he's running? He's focused on protecting his own. Nathan and I sprang back down the path.

We had been running on a trail within the city. Streets ran parallel to the trail, but there were trees and other growth between them. We made it to a break in the bushes and spilled out onto the side walk. We crossed the street and the dogs stayed near the bushes, unnerved by the business of the street.

We walked further away from the trail, huffing and puffing, and came into a quiet residential area.

"Wasn't that weird?" I said.

"Yeah." We were still breathing hard.

"I'm usually friendly with dogs," I said "You can predict most dogs' behavior."

"But there're different types," Nathan said.


"You think you're friendly, but you are just accustomed to them."

"I can live with them."

"But some dogs are set against you."

I said, "And we were bested by two dogs?"

"You can't deal with irrational behavior. It's not predictable."

"So what's the best thing to do?"

"All you need is distance, you don't have to defeat them." He looked at me. "We have moved on to bigger and better things."

"Nathan, what are we talking about?"

I knew exactly what we were talking about. Your past experiences rear up at any moment. But it didn't mater anymore.

I'm not trying to be cryptic. Imagine any of your past oppressors. It takes a while to finally let go of them, and the things they said to you. But they've contributed to the person you are today, and in the end you've benefited from the experience: "I'm stronger because of it; never again; I'll recognize that in the future; I'm prepared." You use the memory of the pain to sustain and ground you.

You recover, and move on to better and brighter things. But you're still grounded in the pain and distrust. You haven't reopened your heart, or reopened your mind. You THINK about the past, about the way it should never be again. Please now, let it go, and feel open and happy.

Nathan and I had our redemption. We had paid for it, for several long years. And now we could indulge. We had the luxury to indulge in lust.

I looked at him. I could taste his attractiveness. It was palpable in the warm air, and the sweet sweat on his upper lip. And he was Mine. I grabbed his hand. "You're bleeding..."

Without thinking I squeezed the cut and licked the blood away. I looked up slowly and we locked eyes. Nathan looked back at me, eyes blank and unmoving. I squeezed his hand.

"Ooo!" he winced and looked down at his hand. "I hadn't felt it but now it hurts."

I smiled. "I'm only making it worse."

"No... you're..."

"Yea..." I could still taste his blood and the saltiness of his sweat. My dry mouth couldn't get the taste out.

He inhaled shakily, and smiled, "Let's go home."

"Okay let's go."

"Jacob," he said quietly. He looked away, all of a sudden embarrassed.

I looked at him, still holding his hand, "What is it?"

"I want to go home... let's go home and," he said softly, "...make love."

My vision dimmed with pleasure. "Let's go home baby. And we will do it the right way." I moved closer to him.

"I'm in love with you," he said.

"I love you too."

"I want you to hold me and ..."

"We are going to do it. We are going to go home, and I'm going to kiss my love into you." I whispered.

We stood there, satisfied in our mutual love. I was still holding his hand. We could have started walking. But Nathan still sort of paused.

"Do you remember what it was like in high school?" he said.


"It was terrible, wasn't it?"


"They were dogs."

"They deserve what they get."

"I was like I was bleeding, internally, mentally."

"Sometimes I even forget about it."

"The brain manages to forget some of the bad things."


"But dogs still exist."

"We have distance now." I ran my arm around his shoulders.


"It's just the two of us."

He inhaled. "It feels good, doesn't it?"


"I'm yours."

"Let's go home."

He smiled.

"I'm going to make love to you."

"Please Jacob, I want you to."

"There's nothing I want more."

"Everything I have is yours."

"You're precious."

"Jacob, we are lions, we are sons of Judah, when we go running in the forest."

We walked back in a haphazard fashion. We had gotten far out, and we were pretty exhausted by the time we got back.

We took a shower together. Nathan leaned against me under the water and I wrapped my arms around him tightly. It felt so good to just be WITH him. To have him right there, mine and devotedly so.

We crawled into bed, fresh and dewy from the shower. We rubbed our naked bodies together under the covers. I just enjoyed rubbing my body against his. His skin was soft. We kissed gently.

I almost could have dozed off right then, but Nathan's little wiggling body didn't let me ignore my hardon. His kisses were soft and urgent.

He spread his legs, inviting me.

I nestled right between his legs. This was how we were meant to be. This was the position. He gripped me between him.

I oiled everything up and entered him slowly. He shuddered quietly from the invasion, trying to not let it show on his face. But I saw his moment of discomfort and leaned in to kiss him. I rubbed the back of his neck. He looked up at me, breathing fast.

He fought down the natural urge to fight me. I watched his eyelids flutter and relax as he surrendered to me, letting me in. His ass relaxed around my cock.

I kissed his cheek. "Ready?"

"Immn hmm"

I stayed still. "Are you ready for me?" I said softly.

"Yes Jacob."

My cock twitched, impatient for play.

"Please Jacob."

I kissed him again.

"Please Jacob, I'm ready. Use my body. Love me, please."

Out faces were inches apart. "I love you Nathan."

His lips twitched. "I love you too."

His half open eyes looked at me devotedly. He dung his fingers harder into my back. "Please..."

I began to move.

We started an endlessly long fuck session. I just fucked him in and out, evenly. He just lay there, arms wrapped around my shoulders, accepting cock.

His ass was really a pussy now. He was giving up his pussy to me. Displaying it, opening it up for me, inviting me in.

Our movements were muscle memory, part of the subconscious, after all of our previous fuck sessions. It was second nature. I wasn't thinking about anything, I was just DOING. I just focused on the warm wet pussy enveloping my cock, and the hot impatient whimpering boy underneath me.

I grunted, "Oggh, oggh,... my baby, ... my baby," over and over again.

"Ouu..." he cooed for me. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me towards him.

It all was becoming too much. This was it. No teasing, no nothing. We both just unloaded. He unloaded onto his stomach. I watched as a healthy spurt landed above his navel. His ass muscles twitched around me and I involuntarily unloaded into his ass. I poured my seed into him. I wanted him to keep it inside of him. It was his now and he wanted it.

I rested for a second, numb. I pulled out slowly and sat up a little. I was too tired to move. I looked at his used asshole, a little red but looking happy and satisfied.

Our slow, drowsy eyes met. He smiled. He knew what I wanted to see. He squeezed his hole closed, locking in my cum. He did it once more, and his hole winked at me, with a little bit of cum seeping out.

He smiled lazily up at me and I caressed his thighs.

I got out from between his tired legs and lay down beside him. I wrapped my arm around him and he nuzzled into my neck. We fell into deep sleep.

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