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Currently, the state of Indiana doesn't allow gay marriage, however, since this story is fictional, I'm going to use this story to that end, as well as hope and pray, that in the upcoming year, that maybe we will see marriage legal in Indiana for all its citizens.


Jason and Shaun Chapter 19 The Wedding

It's a beautiful day in Northwest Indiana, the perfect day for a wedding. Memorial Park is beautiful, the flowers are all in bloom and hummingbirds are flying around the gardens. The sound of the nearby river flowing across the rocks adds to the peacefulness of the park. The river and the surrounding forests create a nice backdrop for the day. The weather is perfect. There are just enough clouds in the sky to cool things down a bit. Luckily, there is a zero percent chance of rain today. The wind is minimal and coming in from the south. The guests, with the exception of Miss White, are already in place. It is just about time for the grooms and their families to arrive.


The grooms and the rest of the wedding party are in line to enter the park. Jason and his family are the first to arrive at Memorial Park. All their arrivals were timed so that that grooms wouldn't see each other until their appearance at the park. In attendance at the wedding are Jason's mom, dad, his brother Tom, his three-year-old nephew, Adam, his 16-year-old sister Kim as well as Eric Reynolds, Kim's boyfriend. As they got out of the car, Jason and his family lined up for their entrance for the wedding. Jason is wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and a red tie.

Shaun and his family are the next in line. In attendance with Shaun are his dad, his stepmom, Sandy, his brother Joshua, Joshua's wife, Erin, as well as Joshua's son, Joshua Ryan, and Shaun's brother Trent.

Jason's friends April and Tom drove up together, while Shaun's friend Matt stopped by Miss White's apartment to pick her up. Their neighbors, Sarah, Mark and Eric, and Eric's boyfriend, Steve, are also in attendance.

Now it's time to start the wedding. A friend of Jason's starts the wedding procession by playing Ave Maria on her violin. With the music playing, Shaun walks up to where the pastor is standing. Cameras are flashing and there are a few insects flying around, but nothing is bugging Shaun today. He's been smiling ever since he woke up this morning. In fact, he's smiling even now as he watches Jason coming closer to him.

Jason takes his position across from Shaun, on the opposite side of the pastor. Jason has never been happier, and he's almost to the point of laughing out of pure giddiness. Seeing the handsome man across from him is making him cry happy tears.

Together Jason and Shaun watch as the ushers, Eric and Steve, escort Jason's parents to their seats. They quietly disappear and then reappear as they walk Shaun's parents to their seats. Tom and Matt next appear with Miss White and escort her to her seat, and then take their position along Jason and Shaun. They are Jason and Shaun's Best Men. Next came the groomsmen, Trent, Joshua and Alex. Close behind them Kim and Erin are the flower girls. Finally was Adam, who is serving as the ring bearer. Once Adam made his way up front, Tom stepped up to take Shaun's ring and Matt stepped up to take Jason's ring. After Adam had performed his task, he walks back to his grandparents with Eric.


With the wedding party and the grooms in their spots, it's time to start the actual wedding ceremony. Shaun looks out across the mix of friends and family, and he smiles. Jason does the same; he gives a smile and wink down to Adam who is wiggling with excitement. As the guys were gazing out over those in attendance, they stopped and smiled down at their parents and Miss White. Tears of happiness begin to come down their faces. Once their tears start to flow, so do the tears of the women in their lives. The sun seems to shine just for them today. The pastor turns to them and smiles. The guys turn their attention to the man in front of them.


The pastor is ready to begin.

"Family, Friends, we are assembled today to join with Shaun and Jason on this day that will forever change their relationship. Today, they enter into the bonds of marriage. We join them this day so that we can participate and acknowledge their joining as husbands. It is with much joy and hope that we come together to witness Jason and Shaun as they are joined together in wedlock."

Shaun is standing there, facing his soon-to-be husband, contemplating where they first started; to think, if it were not for Payton, they never would have met.

`Thanks, Payton, for bringing Jason into my life!' To his partner he whispers, "I love you!" Jason tears up again. Trent is watching on pins and needles because he wants to tell Jason and Shaun about his someone special, and he's hoping someday to have a wedding in his future.

"They bring who they truly are to each other on this day. They bring their dreams, their accomplishments, their hopes, their flaws, and their disappointments. They will be there for each other in their good times, their bad times, their sicknesses, their successes, and their failures. No matter what the future may bring them, they do so as a couple, no longer as two, but as one. The covenant they make today seals them until death."

Jason doesn't want death to be the end of their relationship. This talk of death being the end of their relationship doesn't sit well with Shaun either; perhaps it's his LDS (Mormon) upbringing clashing with the whole mention of death ending their relationship.

"Jason and Shaun, I want to talk to you for a few minutes. The love that the two of you have for each other is going to make this step so much easier. Your love for each other is going to bless your dreams and help you conquer the darkness that may come across your path. It will help you in seeing the good in life and allow you overlook the bad. In those dark days, love is your flame that will light the path. Love will help you find the meaning in your lives. We, your family and friends, hope that the love that fills this wedding will continue through your marriage."

The parents look up at their sons and their soon-to-be sons-in-law with much love. Miss White sits in her chair gazing up at her sons, and she is happy to see them taking this step in their lives and in their relationship. She feels so blessed to be here with their families watching them getting married. There is nothing but love in this group.

"Marriage is different from any other relationship that we may enter into in life. It is friendship, business partners, caregivers, and lovers all thrown together into one, and so much more. It joins us as families, celebrates the intimacy between two people, and ties us together for life. It is the most important contract that a person can ever enter into in this life. Your hearts and the hearts of those you know are touched by your act of marriage. You cannot and must not enter into the marriage lightly, for with it comes obligations and responsibilities. Remember the things that you are about to say to each other, for they will bind you forever. Jason and Shaun would like to exchange their vows at this point. Jason and Shaun, would you please face each other?"

Shaun's fingers tremble a bit as he takes the vows out of his pocket. Jason laughs a bit as he watches his best friend acting and feeling nervous. Of course he is feeling the same exact way. Shaun looks right into Jason's eyes.

"Jason, when we first met, I was a wreck, but you turned me around and led me towards a brighter future. Your patience and your amazing ability to forgive me helped to make us last. When I think of what love is, I think of you and all the things that you've brought into my life. As I look into your eyes today, I realize that my love for you is just as strong now as it will be eighty years from now. I promise to stand by you now and forever, and to support you no matter what. You are my everything, my compass, in laughing or ending up in the dark. I promise to be there in sickness, in injury, and in everything that the world and the heavens can and will bring into our lives." With his vows finished, Shaun put his paper back into his pocket.

Jason wanted to kiss Shaun so badly. He tugged the paper out his tuxedo's inner pocket. Gazing into his man's eyes, he smiled. He felt so in love; so happy right now that he wasn't sure the words would come out of his mouth. He thought for sure he would end up laughing or ending up speechless just from looking into Shaun's eyes and seeing the light inside of them.

"When I first met you, I thought you were the most handsome man I had ever seen, as time moved on, I found myself falling for you at every turn. I promise to forever support you in all you do. I will love you and never leave you. Shaun Allen, you mean everything to me. Your compassion has no limits, and I will always love that about you. You've never allowed me to lose sight of my dreams. Whenever I've doubted myself, you showed me that I was strong enough and smart enough to overcome whatever obstacle or project that was in my way. Shaun, I love the way you see the world. Anyone who knows you, knows that you are young at heart. I want every day to start and end in your arms. Shaun, to put it simply, I love you and I'll always love you."

The pastor turns again to the grooms.

"Shaun, do you take Jason Williams to be your husband, to live together as your friend and as your partner, to love him in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, in happiness and in sadness, to keep him beside you, as long as you both shall live?"

Shaun smiled and laughed as he answered, "I do!" He truly meant what he said to the pastor and to his man.

"Jason, do you take Shaun Allen to be your husband, to live together as your friend and as your partner, to love him in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, in happiness and in sadness, to keep him beside you, as long as you both shall live?"

As a tear rolls down his cheek, Jason says, "I do!"

After the vows, they turned to their best men, Tom and Matt. Tom held the ring for Jason and, and Matt held the ring for Shaun.

"Do you hold the rings?"

Tom gave the ring meant for Shaun's finger to Jason, and Matt gave the ring he holds to Shaun. Turning to Shaun, the pastor began to speak.

"These rings mark the beginnings of your journey along a road that will be filled with happiness, sadness, joy, pain, laughter, tears, celebration, and grief. Now repeat after me. Jason, I give you this ring..."

Shaun was looking into Jason's eyes and trying to stay focused on what the pastor was saying.

"Jason, I give you this ring..."

"...as a symbol of the love..."

"...as a symbol of the love..."

"...I have for you."

"...I have for you."

"Wear it now as a sign..."

"Wear it now as a sign..."

"...of the love we share together."

"...of the love we share together."

Shaun went to put the ring on Jason's ring finger and he missed. Shaun laughed at his miss and looked out to those in attendance with a smile on his face.

"Let's try that again, shall we?"

It wasn't like Shaun to have problems with his hands. Jason could tell Shaun's nerves caused him to miss. Again Shaun tried for the ring finger and this time, it slide right into place. This time it was Shaun who wanted to kiss Jason before the appointed time. The pastor turned to Jason and had him repeat the same words that Shaun had just said to him. When the oath was spoken, Jason slipped his ring on Shaun's finger.

"By the authority vested in me by the state of Indiana, I declare you to be wed, according to the ordinances of the law. Congratulations! You may now kiss."

The pastor smiles, and Jason, and Shaun face each other.


The kiss that Jason and Shaun are sharing in front of their friends and families is unlike any kiss that they have ever experienced before. It doesn't matter right now who is watching them. The only thing that matters is each other. "Babe, I love you!" Jason had to say it because he has been dying to say it all through the ceremony.

"I love you more!" Shaun smiled as he kissed his husband again. They turned and walked to the waiting limo and together as a couple they drove to the hall where the reception was going to be held. Shaun was ready to be gone on their honeymoon; the reception was just a stepping stone to the rest of their lives. Jason is happy to just be with Shaun and to be celebrating their journey down a new path together. After reaching the hall, they stepped out of the limo and they both took a deep breath.


As they entered the hall, the staff of the reception hall directed them to a side room, where they would wait till the formal introduction. Their parents will also wait with them until they are called by the DJ. Shaun grabs Jason in a hug and begins to kiss him. They continue kissing until they hear the door beginning to open. Shaun's parents entered the room followed by Jason's parents.

"Mom, Dad, I can't believe, we are actually here. I love this man."

Shaun wrapped his arms around his husband. Man, it felt nice to say that. Heck, it felt great to have Jason in his arms.

"Honey, I think your hubby needs to breathe."

Shaun's mom gave her son quite the look.

"No way, I don't want him to let go of me."

Jason was all smiles and, truth be told, he loves the feel of his Shaun's arms around him. Shaun just laughed, but he loves Jason just as much.

"Mom, I love you!"

Sandy; Shaun's stepmom, was surprised to hear her stepson call her that, but she loves that he's calling her "Mom".

"I love you too, Shaun."

Jason silently wishes that Shaun's mom and stepdad would have answered their invitation. It would have been great to have all six of the parents in attendance. `Guess it just wasn't meant to be,' Jason thinks to himself as he looks at his hubby.

"So where are you going on your honeymoon?"

"We are spending our honeymoon cut off from the world at home. Our honeymoon money is going to treat our second mom, Miss White, to a vacation with her niece." Their parents are impressed with their son's compassion. Jason and Shaun knew it was the right thing to do. Miss White deserves to have a trip. Suddenly the music started playing. "Guess, it's time to line up," Shaun's dad said, as everyone else got lined up ready to start the big night.


With the music started, both sets of parents, as well as the grooms, are ready to make their big entrance.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure this evening to introduce to you the parents of Jason Williams; Mr. Scott Williams and Mrs. Sandra Williams."

Mr. and Mrs. Williams walked into the hall with smiles on their faces. Jason watches as his parents turn to take the walk into the hall itself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure this evening to introduce to you the parents of Shaun Allen; Mr. David Allen and Mrs. Sandy Allen."

Mr. and Mrs. Allen walked into the hall with smiles on their faces. Soon it will be Shaun and Jason's turn to take the walk into the hall.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great honor that I introduce to you the grooms, Shaun Allen-Williams and Jason Allen-Williams."

The guys walked into the hall, hand in hand, to the thunder of applause from their guests. The DJ waited until the happy grooms reached the center of the room and then he started the music for the first dance.

As the music started playing, the guys were soon dancing to 98 Degrees, I Do (Cherish You). They embraced and danced while the music played. Shaun whispered in Jason's ear, "I love being close to you!" Jason leaned in and kissed his man on the cheek. There has never been a minute since they became boyfriends that Jason hasn't dreamed of being in Shaun's arms just as he is right now. Tears gently descend down Jason's face. There is joy in Jason and Shaun's hearts. They want to stay in each other's arms for the rest of the evening.

"Why haven't we done this before?"

Jason smiles at Shaun and they continue dancing until the end of the song. Everyone's eyes are on the couple. The grooms are more in love than they've ever been, and somewhere between the beginning of the song and the end they got lost in each other's eyes. Sadly, the song is ending, and that means their embrace has to end as well. The music stops and they walk to their seats. The servers are passing out champagne and sparkling white grape juice to the guests, as the best men get ready for their toasts.


Tom takes in a deep breath and gets ready to stand up. Matt looks over his notes. He feels lost and he's about ready to drop the notes and go from scratch. Sadly, he's never been very good at speaking his mind, but tonight he's going to do it. The DJ looks at the guys. He steps down and approaches Tom with the microphone. Tom takes it and stands up.


Before he speaks, Tom turns and looks at Jason with a smile.

"For those who don't know me, my name is Thomas Gregory, or as my friends call me, Tom. Now you're expecting me to roast Jason, but I'm not going too. I first met Jason on the first grade playground, and it has been the two musketeers ever since then until this very forward, slightly loud girl took notice of my friend, and then we became the three musketeers. Jump forward to the beginning of Jason's seventh grade year. Jason invited April and me over to his house to spend a day in the pool. During our swim, he called us over to the deck and told us that he had to tell us something. April and I knew what he was going to say, so we waited patiently for him to get the words out. When he finally said "I'm gay!" April and I said, "We know." Jason didn't act surprised and, in fact, he got out of the pool, ran up to the patio door, and gave someone a high five. Jump forward to his freshman year of college, he was hoping to get into an apartment off campus and managed to find someone who needed a room-mate. All we heard the whole way to the apartment is how this guy better not be straight. When we got there and Shaun greeted us, I thought for sure that Jason was going to die happy right there in front of us. On the way back home, April said that Shaun was either gay or dead. I guess, it was lucky for me that Shaun was gay after all because, April, I love you. Flash forward to last night, when Jason told me how lucky he was to have Shaun in his life. I told him that Shaun was lucky too, because he had one of the nicest guys out there as a boyfriend. So Jason, here is too many, many years of being spoiled by the luckiest man in the world, and Shaun, I hope you know that April will hurt you if you leave her friend."

With glasses raised, Tom looks again at his best friend, Jason, and at the luckiest guy in the world, Shaun.

"Here is to the Jason and Shaun; the most perfect couple in the room. Cheers!"

The clinking of glasses filled the room and everyone took a sip from their glass.

Jason smiles at Tom as Shaun looks at Jason with a question burning in his mind. Shaun leaned towards his man.

"Did you really say that you hoped that I wasn't straight?"

Jason acted very coy. He takes Shaun's hands into his.

"Babe, I did and my wishes and hopes have paid off."

Shaun didn't know what to say, so he just accepted the fact that Jason loves him.

"Do you think April would really hurt me if I ever divorced you or hurt you?"

Jason suddenly became very serious.

"Don't ever give her a reason to hurt you. More importantly, let's not even discuss breaking up."

Shaun glances at April who simply smiles at him as he says, "Okay!"


Now it was Matt's turn to hold the microphone. He stood up from where he was sitting and looked at Jason and Shaun.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Matt Jacobs and I first met Shaun here in college. For some unknown reason, I was the first person that he ever told he was gay... at least here in Indiana. I was there when he broke up with Payton. I even warned him about having feelings so early on with the guy who's sitting next to him. Who knows, maybe if Shaun had taken my advice, he might never have come out to Jason. Jason, I don't know if you know this or not, but Shaun was afraid of losing you as a friend and that fear held him back. I'm just glad that he stepped up and told you how he was feeling because you are the best thing that has ever happened to my best friend. Thanks so much for making him happy, Jason. I love you, Shaun!"

Lifting his glass, he was so happy for his best friend. He paused and then said,

"To the best men in the room, who certainly deserve each other.

Again the clinks of glasses fill the room. Everyone was so happy to be there with the guys.

Now it is time for a surprise, Shaun's stepmom came up to Matt and took the microphone from him. Sandy stood there looking out over the guests, but then she turned her gaze to her son and her son-in-law. A couple of tears slid down her face as she looked at her oldest son.

"Shaun, I came into your life when you were nine, and I was worried that you would never accept me. I hated it when you would come back after being with your mom because you always looked so upset, but then after a few hours at home, you would relax. There was something about you that I couldn't put a finger on. One day when you were 14, we went out shopping and ended up running into one of your teachers. You looked like you were in love. I swear that I saw you blush when he said your name. I think that is when I knew you were gay. Your father and I have always been proud of your heart and your wisdom. I love you Shaun, and your father and I gladly accept Jason into our family as our son. If the two of you are ever in need of anything, know that we're here for you. I love you Shaun, I love you Jason."

After handing the microphone back to Matt, she approaches her sons and kisses them both on the cheek. Shaun is a bit teary eared too, but that is understandable. When she is back at her seat, Matt walks up to the DJ and hands him the microphone.


The DJ stands up and ready to announce the next part of the reception.

"Okay everyone, it's time for dinner. It's a buffet, so enjoy. We will be starting with Jason and Shaun's table and then we will move to table 2, and so on. As soon as one table is up getting their food, then the next table in line can go."

Jason grabbed some of the shrimp ceviche, chicken satay, and the strawberry romaine salad. Shaun grabbed the garlic lemon scallops, mini sweet potato samosas, and Caesar salad. The guys spent part of the meal feeding each other from their plates, much to the amusement of their guests. After giving the guests a few minutes to let the food settle, Shaun stood up and approached his mother.

He took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"Mom, I would love it if you would join me on the dance floor."

Sandy stood up and was escorted to the dance floor by her oldest son. They did not practice this part at the rehearsal, so she wasn't expecting to have the dance. With a signal from Shaun, the DJ started the music. Celtic Thunder's, A Bird without Wings, begins to play. She loved this song and Shaun knew it was fitting that they should dance to it. From a few tables away, Adam runs to his Uncle Shaun. He tugs on Shaun's pant leg as his eyes look up into Shaun's eyes. "I want to dance too!" Adam had no idea that he shouldn't be intruding on this dance, but Shaun couldn't say no. He pointed to Jason and had him come up to the dance floor.

"Will you dance with Uncle Jason?"

"Yeah!" He was all smiles as he watched his uncle approaching him. "K let's dance!" Jason and Adam started to dance while a few feet away from them Shaun and Mom danced for a little bit longer. Strange, how a little guy dancing with his 6'4" uncle can take a person's attention away from the mother and son. It really didn't matter because Jason and Adam were having a good time, and Sandy and Shaun were having a good time too. When the song was over, Jason escorted Adam back to his father, and Shaun escorted Sandy back to her seat and even pulled out her chair for her, so she could sit. "Thank you, Shaun, that was wonderful!" His mom pulled him down and kissed him on the cheek to the roar of the other guests.


Jason moved towards his mom. He stood there and looked at her with a smile.

"Mrs. Williams, would you do me the honor of this dance?"

She stood up without answering and joined hands with her son. With a signal to the DJ, the music started to play. The Backstreet Boys, The Perfect Fan, begins as the couple starts their dance. Mrs. Williams used to dance with Jason when he was much smaller. The biggest difference now is that she isn't being stepped on by her son, and he's gained at least 3 feet. Adam wanted to get up again, but this time his daddy told him to let his uncle dance with Grandma. Shaun got up and walked over to Adam. He scooped up the little guy out of his seat without any struggle and led him to the dance floor. Adam was giggling the entire way to the dance floor. Shaun stopped. "Adam, stop laughing."

"Okay Uncle Shaun." Adam thought for sure that he was in trouble. Shaun lowered his nephew to the floor and they started dancing too. Shaun didn't know it, but he might just be dancing with his biggest fan, next to Jason. "Thanks Jason!" His mom said as they danced.

"You're welcome, Mom. Do you remember how many times, you told me to stop playing this song?"

"Vaguely, yes!" She remembered that he loved this song and thought of himself as Backstreet's biggest fan. They quieted down and continued to dance. When the song was over and the music stopped, Jason returned his mother to her seat. Then he turned and walked over to the dance floor.

Shaun stood up and walked over to their second mom, Miss White.

"Jason asked if we could have this dance."

Suddenly, "You Raise Me Up" came over the speakers. Jason walked over to Miss White and embraced her. "Tell me if you get tired!" He said tenderly. Together they danced while Shaun waited for his turn to cut in. About half way through the song, Shaun walked to his husband.

"May I cut in?"

"Of course you may."

Jason traded with Shaun. While Shaun was dancing with her, she started to feel a bit tired so they cut the dance short and her handsome young son returned her to her seat. Jason and Shaun wanted to give her something to remember, not knowing that they already had given her something already.


The DJ got up and grabbed the microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Jason and Shaun would like to invite anyone who might want to dance to join them on the dance floor."

Before the guys got up from their seats, Steve and Eric nabbed them.

"Would you care to dance with me?" Steve asked.

He was in hopes of dancing with Jason. Jason figured that he owed Steve, so he agreed to dance with him. They found a spot on the dance floor and started to move their feet.

"Shaun... would... you do me the honor?" Eric asked.

"There's no reason to be nervous. Of course, I'll dance with you. All you had to do was ask."

If anyone deserved this dance it was Steve and Eric. After all, they had played a major role in their engagement dinner and in today's wedding. They continued to dance with the guys for one song, and then they broke off and joined their significant other. It was nice to be in each other's arms. They danced for a couple of songs, then Trent wanted to dance with Shaun.


Trent danced with his brother, but then something happened that broke Shaun's heart. For no reason, Trent started to cry. Shaun led Trent to the corner of the hall, away from everyone else.

"Trent, what is wrong?"

"I... don't know, it just hit me."


Big brother could feel there was more to this than just a sudden hit of emotion. Trent smiled up at his brother and handed him a piece of paper.

"Dear Shaun,

My name is Alex and I am Trent's boyfriend. I couldn't be there with you and Trent, so I wanted Jason and you to have something from Trent and me. In this letter you'll find a picture of the two of us. Trent would like to ask you a question."

Shaun smiled his killer smile.

"Do Mom and Dad know about this?"

Trent just blushed and that was all that was needed to be said, or rather, not said. Shaun trapped his brother in an embrace. "This is awesome buddy!" Shaun was excited for his brother.

"So what is this question?"

"He wants your blessing."

"Of course little bro, you have my blessings."

Taking his younger brother back to the rest of the guests, Shaun was glowing inside. Walking up to Jason, he gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Trent has a boyfriend."

"Cool!" Jason was excited for his brother-in-law. He couldn't be happier for Trent. Jason and Shaun knew how much Trent deserves to be happy, and he is happy.


It's time for the cake; a banana cake that is five tiered with baby blue fondant on it. Jason and Shaun got up to cut the first two small slices of cake. The DJ started playing Be Our Guest from Disney's Beauty and The Beast. They picked up two slices of cake and moved the slices to the other's mouth. The DJ counted "1,2,3!" and on the count of three, the husbands smashed the slices into each other's faces. Everyone laughed and everyone flashed their camera so that they could capture the image forever. Jason and Shaun fed each other their slices of cake. They want to disappear and hide from sight so they could relax for a few seconds. With the exception of the speech by Shaun's mom, the evening has gone exactly as planned.


Now the evening is beginning to wind down and the guys are dying to give their gift to Miss White. It was time for one more announcement from the DJ, and Jason and Shaun stand as he stands up.

"Jason and Shaun would love for anyone who would like photos of them as a couple to do so now."

They walked to an arch with roses entwined with them. One by one the guests took turns taking pictures with the couple. They smiled for each and every photograph. When the pictures were over, it was time for something magical.


Jason and Shaun are about to have their last chance to dance on their wedding night. As they moved to the dance floor, the DJ started the very last song of the evening. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" filled the hall. The couple smiled as they started to dance. Adam suddenly got excited and ran out to them. He loved this song and it was for him that the song was chosen as the last song. His uncles were equally excited as they watched their nephew run to his daddy so he could dance with him. It was great to watch them dance and even better to be dancing with each other. With the song over, the dance ended and they all returned to their seats.


With the dance over, the DJ stood up and got ready to announce the rest of the evening.

"Jason and Shaun would like to thank everyone for attending the wedding and the reception. It's the end of the evening and time for the Grand Exit. If we could have everyone line up in two rows along the exit."

As Shaun and Jason make their way out of the hall, their family and friends toss white and red rose petals at the couple. As they reached the limo, they forgot one last thing that needs to be seen too. The guys have special plans for one of their friends. Shaun grabs his cell phone and he called the DJ.

"Go ahead and call Miss White to come up to you."

"I'm on it, guys. Could I please have Miss White, and her escort, meet me at the DJ booth? Jason and Shaun have a present for you."

Miss White and Matt walk slowly up to the DJ booth together, hand in hand. The DJ smiled at Miss White and hands her a white envelope.

"Matt, would you open it for me?"

"Of course."

Matt carefully opens the envelope and pulls out the paper from inside. Unfolding the paper, he begins to read it.

"Miss White, you changed our lives with the advice that you gave to both Shaun and I. We will be eternally grateful for your words. If it were not for you, this day would never have happened. We decided to award you with the trip that you always wanted to take. We put the money given to us for our honeymoon into two tickets so that you can have your steamboat ride all the way to New Orleans. Enjoy!"

Miss White was in tears as she looked around for her sons, but they were long gone. Matt escorted her back to his car and drove her home so she could call her niece and start packing.


Back at Shaun and Jason's home, the guys discover a big surprise. The bedroom is covered in red and white rose petals. A basket of strawberries sits on the bed and mixed in with them is some chocolate syrup. Shaun tries to pick up Jason and fails, so they walk into the room hand in hand. The guys walked to the bed, and on it is a note.

"Your house has been attacked by the love bug. Your cable modem has been disconnected and stolen for the next week. Your meals have already been arranged so you don't' have to cook. I know you're stuffed from the reception, so you won't find any food, however there is a bottle of white wine waiting for you, should you choose to enjoy it. Now get naked and enjoy the evening!


The Phantom of Lake View"

Shaun chuckled to himself. Jason put the note down and started to peel off the tuxedo, while Shaun did the same. Jason went and lay down on the bed. Shaun walked up to the bed, his penis hanging over his scrotum. He smiled as he looked at the naked man before him. Jason smiled as he parted his legs and lifted them slightly into the air.

"Do you want this?"

"Yes, Yes I do!"

Shaun smiled as he started to feel his member getting warmer and bigger...


Now we are going to let them have their privacy. This ends their journey... at least for our eyes. Goodbyes are not forever and they may be seen again when the time is right.



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