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Jason and Shaun

Chapter 25

Christmas As A Couple

It's the day after Thanksgiving and in this household; it's time to get ready for Christmas, and it's been this way for as long as Shaun can remember. It's a tradition that has been added to Jason's life ever since their first Christmas together. The Christmas season begins with the annual trip out to purchase a tree, and it usually takes a half hour of searching before they finally find the perfect tree.

"Are you ready to get your tree home?"

Jason asks Shaun with a grin on his face.

"Yes, I am Jason dear"

The guys are honestly tired of looking for the perfect tree hunting, and are ready to head home. They stand by the tree while one of the workers gathers his supplies, that he needs in order to load it up onto the car. They approach the cash register so they can pay for the tree, then Shaun takes out his credit card from his wallet and pays for the tree. After it's paid for the member of the staff from earlier picks up the tree in order to get it to the car.

"When you are ready, I can load the tree for you?"

The worker says as he looks at Jason and Shaun.

"In that case, let's get it to the car."

Shaun says to Jason and the staff member. Jason can't wait to get home so that they can dig out the decorations, set up the tree, and then enjoy the season. Together, they walk toward the car with the worker who's carrying the tree without even thinking about what's going on around them, Jason and Shaun take each other's hands and start walking. Amazingly, the guy that is carrying the tree is gay but not out as of yet, but seeing them holding hands, makes him feel as if he could face the world. Maybe someday, he can find a boyfriend. Right then and there, he decides to come out in January after all the holidays are over. Jason unlocks the car door and rolls down the windows to help get the tree attached to the roof. As soon as the tree is in place, Jason and Shaun take off towards home.

"I can't wait to get home and get this tree set up."

Shaun exclaims as he grins his sweetheart for life.

"I know Jason, I know how much this holiday means to you, so while, I get the tree set up, can you dig out the decorations?"

Shaun asks Jason knowing that he put them away when the tree came down last year.

"Yes love, I can do that."

Jason loves working with Shaun when it comes to working on a project or even on chores. When they arrive at home, Jason and Shaun help each other get the tree off the roof, and then Shaun carries it into the house. Shaun goes to work immediately on getting the tree physically ready for setting up in the living room. Jason on the other hand is up in the attic brushing away cobwebs and grabbing the box of decorations.


Jason and Shaun sit down together while they sort out the decorations. Some of these decorations they've bought together and some have been gifts but in the end, they all belong to them. One by one, they place the decorations on the tree, and while they are decorating the tree, they are also listening to Christmas music. They bounce back and forth from the boxes and the tree, but then Jason pauses a couple times to give Shaun a few kisses. Unknown to Shaun, Jason sneaked out of the living room and into their office long enough to hang up the mistletoe that he bought earlier. Shaun strings up garland and the lights while singing some of his favorite Christmas carols. Normally, Jason would say something about his singing voice but not tonight, because he finds himself joining in and singing. Every Christmas that they've been together, it's been the same thing, and it's to the point that, it's just become a part of their tradition.

"Maybe, it's the hot chocolate from earlier but you sound really good this year."

Jason says with a smile on his face as he looks up into Shaun's eyes.

"Thanks Babe, but you haven't had any hot chocolate yet, now you're sounding like someone else we both know."

They have a mutual friend who goes is practically addicted to chocolate in any of its forms.

"Perhaps, but I just love the sound of your voice."

Jason says as he touches Shaun's face with his lips and then he kisses him softly. Shaun giggles as Jason steps away from him and watches his husband's ass as he walks away. The very last decoration is pulled from the box and handed to Shaun to add to the tree. The tree topper is about to be added to the tree, and it's a star that they were given to them by Ms. White, and they treasure it. When the tree is finished, Jason turns off the lights in the living room, so he can take in the beauty of the tree with lights all aglow.

"Come sit down, we've earned as few minutes of cuddles on the couch."

Jason can't argue with Shaun about earning the cuddles, so he climbs on the couch and just relaxes. Jason and Shaun are now embracing each other while the lights from the tree shower the room in color.


The guys decide that they want to do their Christmas shopping. They reach the local mall but then they separate up so they can shop without the other guy seeing what they're buying for each other. Shaun strides into the mall's science shop looking for a fossil that Jason doesn't have yet. He discovers what he wants and then heads out to the next store, where he looks through a store that sells all kinds of cooking utensils and other pieces of cooking equipment. He knows Jason recently pitched his cutting board and still hasn't replaced the board, so a new cutting board might make for a good gift for his hubby. He looks over the boards, finds one that looks perfect, he grabs it and buys a nice looking one. He's happy with himself for finding this present. He walks over to another store where he was able to find something for Jason's final present. Meanwhile, Jason is out looking for Shaun's presents. Buying for Shaun has always been easy because, Shaun is one of those guys who loves whatever is bought for him as it comes out of love. First thing is to buy a DVD collection of horror movies, just so that Shaun could have his favorite horror movie. They actually argued about having the movie, and Jason lost that argument, so now he has to sit down with Shaun and watch the movie. Shaun has a blue-tooth but he's been wanting a blue-tooth speaker, so that is the next stop for this Christmas shopping trip, and the final stop before they stop at home for lunch and then more shopping but this time they will be getting gifts for their families. It takes a little more time to get the family shopping done but at least this shopping trip will be spent in each other's company. At the tail end of all the shopping, Shaun is very excited.

"It feels good to have the shopping done for another year huh?"

Shaun says as they enter the car.

"Yeah it does, it feels good knowing that we're done for another year. I want to go home though and snuggle in bed with you."

Shaun doesn't need any more convincing than that, and he quickly gets into the car. In no time, the husbands are on their way home to enjoy some time together in bed and then perhaps take a nap. It's a nap that Shaun and Jason are waiting for a nap they get. They get an entire hour to themselves before getting up to enjoy the evening. Jason gets busy stashing his goodies in places where Jason wouldn't look. Shaun also takes time to stash his goodies in places where Jason wouldn't look. At last, it's time to end the merriment and go to bed.

"I love you Jason."

Shaun exchanges a couple of kisses with Jason before they call it a night. Hearing the words and feeling those kisses cause Jason's heart to melt. Jason and Shaun are enjoying the holiday season so far, but in the upcoming weeks there will be even more happy times.


Jump to December first, and in the house, it's been feeling like Christmas since the day after Thanksgiving. Shaun grabs the advent calendar and proudly puts it up on display in the living room. It's the one Christmas decoration that Jason wishes, he would throw away expect he is sure it would lead to a fight. On the other hand, it's an excuse to steal a piece of chocolate every other day for the entire month of December. Jason kicks back and relaxes as he watches his hubby disappear into the bedroom, and he knows what's going on in the room Shaun is wrapping up the presents that they bought while out on the shopping trip. He wraps up the presents and then gets out the 3X5 cards and sets out to work on them. There are four cards and each one of them is good for one date that Shaun has to pay for good for any time of the year. Shaun stole the idea from something he saw on the internet. It takes around fifteen minutes for the presents to get wrapped up, and he plans on stashing the cards into Jason's stocking. After finishing up his wrapping, Shaun carefully places the presents under the tree.

"I promise to not cheat this year, Shaun."

Jason is known for checking out each and every box, and then he tries to get Shaun to tell him the identity of each present out of his hubby.

"Come on Jason, who are you kidding, you know that you're going to try to figure the presents out."

Shaun smirks a little as he looks at his hubby as gets up from the floor, he parks himself on the couch next to his lover and they cuddle.


No major plans for today, and it gives them a day to simply relax but a little later in the day, the phone rings and Jason answers the phone.

"Hi Mom, how can I help you?"

"Dad and I are hoping that you and Shaun might come up for Christmas?"

Jason looks at Shaun who is sitting nearby.

"Let me ask Shaun what's going on okay?"

He knows, that Shaun has discussed the possibility of having Christmas at home.

"Are we having Christmas at home this year?"

"Yeah, I want to spend Christmas with you here at home."

Shaun answers with a smile as he looks into Jason's eyes.

"Mom, Shaun and I are going to spend our first Christmas as husbands together at home."

There is a bit of silence as Jason's mom contemplates what Jason said.

"Well, I don't like the idea of not seeing my son and my son-in-law on Christmas."

Jason doesn't like disappointing his mom, but he does look forward to their Christmas. It feels right somehow to have this Christmas kept between themselves.

"Mom, I know it's going to feel strange not having the whole family at the house, but we still love you."

Jason's mom's words helped to ease Jason's feelings about not coming home for Christmas.

"I understand sweetie. It's fine, you're Dad and I spent our first Christmas together. Shaun and you should spend the holiday together. I'll have everyone send their presents for you and Shaun directly to the house."

"Thanks Mom, I really appreciate your understanding."

"You guys have a great Christmas."

His mom hung up the phone. The plans for their Christmas has been laid down now and the guys could relax a little.


Finally, the week of Christmas is here and the guys are going to enjoy the hell out of the week. They start off the day with a hearty breakfast made by Jason with Shaun's help. They have plans to watch 3 or 4 different Christmas concerts. During the first concert, Jason kind of gets into it and sings with the choir.

"You sound awesome Babe, were you ever in a choir?"

Shaun asks as he listens to both the concert and his boyfriend, and to be honest, Jason does sound pretty sound.

"Nopes I was never in choir."

You wouldn't know though by listening to him. He isn't exactly up to par with some of the singers in the choirs, but he's still good.

"I still think, you sound great."

There are times during the concerts when Jason and Shaun would both join in singing. The last concert for the day is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert, and it brings back memories of Christmas past for Shaun because his family always watched the concerts, and he assumes that they still do. Today is more about the music than anything else, and it helps to set the mood in a house where the spirit of Christmas is reigning supreme. Tomorrow brings something unique to the table.


It's the next day, and Jason and Shaun are lucky. Jason doesn't have any presentations lined up for today, so he's got the entire day open. As with any day what you have planned can change in a heartbeat and today is no exception. Jason is taking care of some pet business when the phone rings, and there is only one reason why he answered the phone. It's Eric, and the guys always answer the phone when it's Eric or Steve calling.

"Eric, what's up?"

"I was wondering if you had anything planned today?"

Jason checks his planner to see what's going on for today, and the day is completely empty.

"I'm free but do you mind telling me what we're doing?"

"Well, I need to go shopping for Steve and my family, but I don't want them with me, so I was hoping to you or Shaun, so I could get it done."

Jason doesn't want to be stuck at home with nothing to do, so this is the perfect opportunity to get out.

"Come on over and we will get going."

In a few minutes, Eric knocks at the door, Jason exits the house, locks it up, and then heads for the car. Inside the car, Jason puts the keys into the ignition and they head out for Eric's last-minute gifts.

"Thanks Jason, I really appreciate this so much."
"No sweat man."

They pull up to the store and, Eric and Jason both get out of the car, and head into the mall. It takes a couple of hours for Eric to wrap up his shopping but at least it's done. By the time Shaun comes home, Jason remembers that they are going out caroling with Eric, Sarah, and Mark.

"Hey, are you ready to head out caroling?"

Jason asks his husband who has been home for a couple hours now. He's had a half hour nap and now he's ready to head out with Jason. They walk over to Sarah's and Mark's house while knocking on the door, they exchange a quick kiss just as Sarah opens up the door.

"Come inside for a second."

It's in the 30's outside, and she didn't want her guests to freeze while they are doing some clothing adjustments, gathering up the music for caroling, and Mark is also giving some last-minute instructions to the babysitter. Throughout the evening, Jason and Shaun hold hands and sing along with Eric's family. They walk up and down the street pausing to share music with their neighbors, and even manage to pick up a few other singers along the way. Jason and Shaun are enjoying being around their friends, their adopted family, and neighbors along the way, they sing, talk laugh, and exchange kisses. At the end of the evening they collapse onto their bed and they fall asleep in the blink of an eye.


It's Shaun's day to be by himself, so after a few struggles, he takes just a few moments to appreciate the tree and the smells in the house; the house smells like a mix of pine trees, cinnamon, and hot chocolate. After relaxing for a bit, Shaun goes out for a walk amongst the lightly falling snow. Returning home, he turns on the radio and listens to the radio as the cats leap up to play. A knock on the door leads to Shaun getting up and answering the knock.

"Hey Shaun, are you busy?"

Eric is outside holding two large bags of unwrapped presents. The only presents that he isn't carrying with him are the ones for Jason and Shaun.

"No, do you need some help?"

"Yeah, can I come inside?"

Eric's a little cold, he raced over without a coat, so he's starting to get cold.

"Come on it Eric, do yourself a favor though, next time put on sweater."

Eric comes into the house and sets his bags in the middle of the living room.

"I was hoping you would help me wrap up some presents?"

Shaun quickly agrees to help out his friend. It takes about an hour to complete the task.

"Would you like some hot chocolate? It's not Jason's famous hot chocolate, but it's hot chocolate."

Eric hasn't had Jason's hot chocolate so he can't compare it to anything else.

"Sure, I'll have some."

After looking around the living room while drinking his drink, Eric looks at Shaun.

"Are you guys always like this at Christmas time?"

Shaun laughs a little at Eric's question.

"You know to be honest, no. Jason's family celebrates Christmas but not like my family did, so we've incorporated a bunch of my family's traditions and Jason's traditions. What you see before you are what happens when you combine lives."

"Wow, I can't wait to see what happens when...I mean what might happen if Steve and I get married."

Eric gets a concerned look from Shaun.

"Eric take my advice and just focus on today, because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring."

Eric looks out the window and then back to Shaun.

"I try but it's hard to just focus on today, when the future is wide open for both Steve and I. Well, I had better get home and get these gifts under the tree."

Shaun feels warm inside from having helped his friend.


A little bird at work told Jason about a free concert being given at the university, and he knows Shaun will love it. Apparently, the music is all traditional carols. Jason arrives at home and walks right into the office where Shaun is looking over his email.

"Hey Shaun, would you be interested in attending a concert tonight? The university is doing a free one for alumni and current students and before you ask, it's all traditional carols."

Shaun smiles at Jason, who is bending down to give him a kiss.

"I would love too. When does it start?"

"It starts at 6:00 pm, and it's in the auditorium in the Springer Building."

Shaun grins as he looks at back to the computer.

"Okay, so we have a few hours before it starts. I need to finish up these emails and then I am all yours for the rest of the day."

Jason likes the sound of that because sometimes, they don't see much of each other between Jason's work and school, and Shaun spending so much time in the office as he job hunts. Sometimes, it feels like Shaun is working a full-time job with his hunt for work going on right now. It's all good because when they have these date nights it makes everything feel right.

"I love you Shaun."

"Love you too Babe."

Shaun looks back at Jason and smiles and then gets back to work on his emails. Two hours before the concert, Jason and Shaun enjoy a shower together making sure to clean those hard to reach areas for each other. Day to day life doesn't always allow for them to shower together every day, but it seems extra special when they do get a chance to do this together. It's after the shower when things get rough because they have to share the counter top. After struggling a bit in getting ready, they are now ready to be seen by strangers and but even better they are ready to enjoy the night. Since it's a date, they actually cleaned up a bit more than usual but it's for each other's benefit not the people around them. Jason looks up the information on the concert on the school's website, and then calls for information. The person he spoke with suggested coming in a little early so they can get good seats. Around 5:00, they leave their house and head for the university. They arrive early for the concert and end up getting good seats, smack dab in the middle of the first five rows. When the concert begins, Shaun is completely spellbound by the power of the performers. There was one tenor whose voice is purely angelic and Shaun loved his solo of "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel". After the concert, the guys walk out hand in hand to the car but before they get into the car, Jason looks into Shaun's eyes and smiles.

"How did I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?"

Shaun smirks as he looks at Jason.

"You answered the phone when I called to find out about being your room-mate."

Jason kisses Shaun as small snowflakes begin to fall.

"Yeah, I guess that is it."

"Did you enjoy the concert"

Shaun asks a they continue walking to the car.

"Yeah, but my green-eyed monster started to come out, when you kept giving that performer googly eyes."

Jason is only joking but he could tell that Shaun was taken by the power of the singer's voice.

"I admit, I was swept up by his voice, but there is only one guy allowed in my life, and that is you."
Shaun stops Jason right in his tracks and kisses him on the lips.

"You do now that there are people staring at us."

Jason says after the kiss is placed on his face and Shaun could care less about the people gawking at them.

"What they've never seen two people kiss?"

Shaun said loud enough for anyone close enough to hear him.

"Okay, I guess you are getting over your shyness huh?"

Shaun doesn't say anything, he just starts walking.

"We are so cuddling on the couch when we get home."

Shaun says wanting to enjoy the time, he was with Jason.

"Can we cuddle on the bed?"

Jason says with a bit of smirk.

"I suppose that works too."

Once they make it to the car, Jason unlocks the car and then they get into the vehicle. The keys are placed into the ignition and off they go.


It's finally Christmas Eve and all through the house, there is building excitement for tomorrow. Shaun assists with making breakfast. He loves spending time with Jason in the kitchen. Breakfast is simple, blueberry pancakes, sage pork breakfast sausage, eggs, potatoes O'Brien, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Shaun was hoping for omelets but he'll take whatever Jason is cooking. It doesn't take too long to finish breakfast, and everything looks amazing. All the food was incredible thanks to Jason's and Shaun's efforts. Shaun scraps off the plates and rinses them off, fills the sinks, and puts away the leftovers. Once the sinks are filled with water and dishes, they start washing the dishes. Shaun starts washing while Jason dries and puts away. They don't spend a lot of time on dishes. After dishes, they relax until around 5:00 pm, when Jason reminds Shaun of a tradition that is strictly something that Shaun does and Jason listens to him while he speaks. Shaun gets up and grabs his bible, opening it up to Luke and begins to read the events leading to the birth of Jesus. Jason learned early on in their relationship that Shaun somehow needed to incorporate components of his upbringing into who they are as a couple. Jason has to admit that hearing him read from the Bible, somehow feels right. It definitely adds to the feel of Christmas, and there is a certain spirit in reading it. When he finishes reading it, Jason thanks him and then he gets up and moves to his room. Gathering up the gifts, Jason walks into the bedroom and pulls out the wrapping paper and sets about wrapping presents. Just before bed, the guys are sitting around in the living room, when Shaun gets up and closes all the blinds in the room. He turns on "Santa Baby" and walks up to Jason who is now sitting on the couch. He immediately begins to strut his stuff in front of his husband. Jason smiles as Shaun does his best to strip for his husband. Shaun drops his jeans and then looks into his lover's eyes and plants a kiss on his husband's lips. They take each other's hands and they walk into the bedroom together.


Christmas morning comes and Jason is the first one up, and he turns on the tree's lights and then lights some candles. He gets out the little extras that he bought for Shaun's stocking so he can have a few surprises first thing in the morning. The first item going into Shaun's stocking is an orange, a tradition in his family. There are several hazelnut chocolate balls that Shaun loves. Jason also hides some mixed nuts in the container. There are some old-fashioned candies which includes candy canes, lemon-heads and horehound candies. A pack of Shaun's favorite pens is also dropped into the stocking. Jason takes the stocking into the living room and hangs it up on the couch with a thumb tack. The kitchen is calling though so he heads off into the kitchen to start cooking. Shaun wakes up to the smell of bacon and drags himself out of bed and he grabs his bag of stocking stuffers and heads into the living room with them. Shaun gives Jason an orange, mixed nuts, white chocolate truffles, a six pack of pencil leads for machinal pencils, and a little toy for the bedroom, as well as couple cards that Jason can use for a date on Shaun at any time. Shaun walks into the kitchen and steals a piece of crispy bacon, and ends up getting his hand slapped by Jason.

"Ouch! What was that for Jason?"

"Breakfast isn't ready yet, why don't you go get cleaned up?"

Shaun doesn't want to leave Jason's side, but he can tell that Jason is doing his best to cook up a storm. He decides that if Jason wants him out of the kitchen, then he would get cleaned up. After a quick shower, Shaun ventures out of the bathroom and joins his lover in the kitchen.

"Hey sexy, is breakfast ready yet?"

Jason finally smiles at Shaun and motions towards the table. It's not done but the table is set.

"Why don't you get in here and help me finish up the omelets?"

In no time, Shaun is adding their favorite ingredients into the eggs before Jason takes it and turns it into a culinary masterpiece. There is also French toast with strawberry pie filling and powdered sugar. Jason prepares freshly squeezed orange juice as well.

"Thanks for breakfast Baby."

Shaun says as they finish up breakfast. They immediately set about getting the dishes done so they can enjoy the day.


Shaun and Jason enter the living room where the Christmas tree is lit up and the room smells of cinnamon and apples. Their parents have sent two large boxes which contain presents. Of course, there are also presents from each other placed under the tree. Plus, there are presents from Eric and Steve, but they are opening up their presents from each other first. Shaun passes out the presents that belong to Jason. One by one Jason opens them but when he comes to the cutting board, he tears up.

"Shaun...thank you. Thank you."

Jason hugs Shaun and gives him a tender kiss on the lips.

"I want you to use those cards okay?"

Jason nods his head and kisses Shaun again. The gift that got Jason's heart welling up wasn't the cards, the fossils, instead it was the cutting board, that oak cutting board. The cutting board comes from the heart. To someone who doesn't know them, the board seems pretty ordinary, but to Jason, it's something more. See the board that he threw away came from an aunt, and it saw many, many knives. Maybe the new board didn't come from his aunt, but it came from some place even better, it came from Shaun. Shaun sits down and begins to open his presents. His first present is the horror movie classics DVD which he loves. His second gift is the Bluetooth speaker.

"Thanks Babe, but you know what we're watching first."

"Well, I didn't but I do now."

He reaches over and kisses Jason on the cheek. Shaun and Jason pass out the remaining presents, then clean up the messes made by all the wrapping paper. Jason and Shaun loved all the gifts and have loved Christmas morning so far. They have so much more planned for today.


They sit beside each other on the couch and cuddle for a while. As they cuddle, Shaun turns on the television and the guys start watching more concerts.

"Thank you, Shaun, it's been a great day so far."

Jason smiles as he looks at Shaun who is resting against him. Jason melts into his husband's arms. Jason wonders what Christmas will be like when they welcome a child into their home. One thing for sure, they will spoil that child and maybe that is why adopting two kids is better, than adopting just one, but now isn't the time to discuss that, he wants to relax with the man he loves. He's heard his mom say that children add a magic to the holiday, so maybe Christmas can be even more wonderful than it is with just Shaun and him. Time will tell just what happens when the kid(s) join the family but for now, he's going to enjoy having his husband beside him. They watch two more concerts together. There planning to take a short nap before calling their parents. Between work and school, it feels like sometimes Jason is never there, and with Shaun he's been very busy with the job hunt, so moments like this feel like a million dollars. They can't wait will life slows down just a little bit.


While the guys are relaxing, the house phone rings and Jason answers it and after untangling himself from Shaun.

"Hey neighbor, what's going on?"

"Sorry for the silence, we were wondering if you and Shaun wanted to come over and have lunch with us?"

"Give me a second to talk with Shaun, and I will be right with you."

Jason set the phone down to talk with Shaun for a second.

"Hey Sarah is on the phone, she wants to know if we're interested in going to their house for lunch?"

Shaun frowns at Jason. The message that Shaun is sending is pretty clear.

"Sarah, I think we're going to stay home. Thanks for inviting us."

"Well, if you change your mind, I can always warm it up for you."

Jason smiles as he hears Sarah's last comment. Jason hangs up the phone and then returns to Shaun on the couch.

"You know, if we went to Sarah's house, I wouldn't have to cook lunch."

"Yeah well, if we went to Sarah's, then I couldn't do this."

Shaun gets up and moves Jason back to the couch. Once on the couch, Shaun begins to kiss Jason and the pair move towards the bedroom. The guys lay down just relaxes in each other's arms. Skipping lunch may not have been a good idea, but the guys are enjoying themselves. Two hours later, the guys emerge from the bedroom.


After their nap, Shaun gets up and walks into the living room where he pulls a movie off the shelf, and then returns to the bedroom.

"What movie is that?"

Jason asks as Shaun moves towards the Blu-ray player.

"You know what the movie is Jason, so sit back and enjoy it."

Returning to the bed, he climbs up and sits next to Jason who can't wait for the movie to start. The movie starts and instantly the guys begin to enjoy the movie. "A Christmas Carol" is one of Jason's favorite movies, but it's also one of Shaun's favorite movies as well. For the entire time, that the movie is playing, the guys don't move. This show has been a staple in their homes since Jason and Shaun were little. There is just something about this story, that helps them remember the holidays at home. When it ends, they get up and head into the kitchen.


Jason sets out to make dinner for his husband and him. He opens the fridge and gets out the chicken that is replacing their turkey. Removing everything that is found inside the chicken's cavity, he then gets out all the spices that he intends to use in flavoring the bird. Carefully, he uses a knife to separate the skin from the meat, then he gently lifts the skin from the meat. Using the knife, incisions are cut into the meat and each cut is stuffed with fresh sage leaves. He also places a small square of butter in several places underneath the skin to help keep it moist. The stuffing is next with Shaun's help, he makes quick work of it. Unlike his grandma's turkey, Jason never cooks the stuffing inside the bird. No one needs to be sick on Christmas. Shaun thaws out a bunch of green beans and then cooks them, while Jason prepares the sweet potatoes so, they can be placed in the oven. Once the beans are done, Shaun's next job is peeling the potatoes while trying not to cut himself on the peeler. After peeling the potatoes, he cuts them into cubes and then puts them into the water to boil. Jason takes over from their while Shaun jumps to the next job that Jason has lined up for him to do. Jason told him, that they could have pumpkin pie as long as someone else did the work of preparing it, so Shaun bought a pumpkin pie at the store in preparation for today's meal. All that is left is to set the table and get out the sparkling grape juice out of the fridge. When everything is done, they sit down to enjoy their first Christmas meal as husbands. Everything taste incredible and when it's done, they carefully scrape off their plates and then put away the leftovers. Usually they wash them together, but today, the dirty dishes are put into the dish washer, and the rest of it is set in the sink for tomorrow. Shaun starts the dish waster and then Jason goes and sits down in the living room.


Jason sneaks off to grab something out of a safe spot in the bedroom. It's one of several letters written for Shaun to celebrate all the one-time events in their joint lives. Today's letter is all about their first Christmas together. As soon as he grabs the letter, he rushes to the living room in hopes of beating Shaun to the couch, which he does. When his husband enters the living room, the letter is held up in the air and waved.

"I thought all the presents were passed out already."

At first Jason keeps the letter out of Shaun's hands but then with almost lightning quick hands, Shaun grabs the letter which has "Our First Christmas" written on its envelope. Carefully, he opens the envelope and he puts the envelope on his lap.


We have only been engaged for 2 months now, and I am looking forward to the day, that we are married. I know that you can hardly wait yourself. I am dying to spend our first Christmas alone with you. We've discussed having our first major holidays alone at the house. I hope, we spend time with you at our house, wherever that might be. There are so many things that, I want to do, but I can't wait to see what happens. I won't get upset if we don't spend the day by ourselves, but I hope we do. I'm not sure what our lives will be like but it doesn't matter because we will be together. I love you forever Babe.


Your guy Jason"

Although he doesn't cry, Shaun is touched by the letter and all Shaun can do is hug his husband. Christmas seems so much better this year. It's the end of the day and the guys are ready for bed. Shaun gets up and takes Jason's hands.

"Times for bed, I want you right next to me."

Jason laughs at Shaun.

"I want to be right next to you also."

They walk to their bedroom and open the doors and then disappear quietly behind the door.

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