The following story is homosexual in nature, meaning it is oriented to sex between two males, consentual in nature. If this offends you in any way, turn back now, as you have been warned

Jason and the Bat Man

by Ben Tucker

(part one)

Jason sighs, finding sleep hard to come by. His thoughts on his lover. He sighs. "I won't be seeing Chris for two weeks." He says to the darkness of his bedroom. With another sigh he rolls on his back, thoughts for his lover roll through his mind. "I don't know if I'll get through this trip without him." Jason's voice sounds softly. His hand gently caresses his chest, his fingers lightly stroke his nipples. His thoughts wondering if a quick session of beating off would help sleep come.

His thoughts for his lover continue, recalling his lover, and how things had developed between them. The feeling in his gut of leaving Chris behind was new to him. He sighs to himself starring at the ceiling, as his thoughts return to earlier in the day.

"I don't know why you have to leave on this trip." Chris said, his usually bright sparkling eyes, seemed dim. "Maybe it's just the restaurant." Jason thought. "He's never wanted me not to go before." His thoughts continue.

The trip was one that was important to Jason. It was part of his college program, working in an independent study with a teaching assistant with his job with the state department of natural resources, checking the populations of fauna in the wilderness areas of the state parks. Jason and Chris had gone out earlier, it was their last night together, taking in a movie and dinner. They had stopped at their favorite local coffee house after the mocie. They sat silently looking at each other. They seemed to be lost in their own thoughts.

"I know that this is imortant to you, I just. . . " Chris seemed to struggle for words, "Ah, fuck, I dunno." He sighed.

Jason smiled. "Yeah, I know the feeling." He offered. His thoughts considered how much Chris had come to mean to him.

Jason sighs, recalling how their friendship had developed. Chris was new in the neighborhood, having moved from Chicago with his family that summer. Jason had watched Chris' family move in, he'd even seen Chris. He liked what he saw, finding Chris' blond hair, and apparant closeness in age. He road his bike in front of Chris' house, just to see Chris, and hoping that Chris would come out and they could talk.

Jason chuckles, recalling that for a week Jason had riden by the new neighbors, but never saw Chris. He finally tired of the effort and set about occupying himself with his other friends. By mid summer Chris had become a memory, and Jason had turned his attention to building a tree fort in the woods behind his house.

"Hey." A voice called.

Jason looked out of the crotch of the tree he'd selected, and found Chris peering up the tree at him. "God," Jason sighs, recalling the sight of Chris looking up at him, "he was gorgeous." He smiles recalling the thoughts that afternoon, as he greeted Chris.

"I'm Chris, I just moved in."

"Yeah, I know." Jason said.

"Can I come up?"

"Sure." Jason watched Chris climb the pieces of two by four nailed to the trunk of the tree. He smiled as Chris joined him in the crotch of the tree.

"You building a fort?"

"Yeah." Jason answered. "I though I'd use the junk wood in the sub division down the street. The workers said I could."

Chris smiled, as he settled against the huge limb stretchin above them. "Looks like a good tree." Jason nodded.

Together they worked on the tree fort. Building a platform, then walls, then a roof. By summer's end they had finished the tree fort and christened it with a sleep out.

Jason sighs, as his hand gently plays with his nipple, recalling the night they first slept in the tree fort, and seeing Chris strip to his briefs, and slide inside his sleeping bag. Knowing Chris was wearing only his underwear made sleep difficult. Jason's dick was hard at the thought of Chris' proximity. They talked all night. They shared about Chris' adventure at summer camp, and his hopes about starting a new school, and the friends Chris had left behind. They lay in their sleeping bags, Jason secretly played with his dick, while they talked. Finally they fell asleep, Jason having unloaded his balls in his briefs.

Jason smiles, letting his hand slide over his body, and playfully tease his swelling dick.

"You know we've really never said anything about us." Chris said softly.

"What do you mean?"

"Just, well, we've never said anything about being, you know. . . "


Chris nodded.

"We haven't have we." Jason asked, looking across the table at Chris.

"I don't know if I've ever felt this way before." Chris explained. "I don't know if it's just feeling like I'm in love, or if it's just a crush, or something like puppy love."

Jason nodded. He knew the feelings.

Their talk continues as they walked through the city, Chris expressing his feelings. He even shed a few tears.

"He's fallen in love with me." Jason says to his bedroom. He chuckles quietly, wondering if he hadn't fallen in love with Chris.

"I am going to miss you something awful." Chris offered.

"I know, I am going to miss you too." Jason smiled, "I am taking the pictures we took." He offered Chris with a smile, recalling the summer afternoon with a Polaroid, photographing each other's naked body.

"Yeah, right." Chris balked.

"No really I am."

"You're just sayin' that."

"Come on I'll show you." Jason responded, he lead the way to his parent's house, and to his bedroom on the second floor, where his backpack was packed and waiting. He unzipped a pocket, and withdrew the pictures safely wrapped in two zip lock baggies. He tossed the package of photos at Chris. "Now what do you think?"

Chris smiled. "I believe you."

Jason grinned, as he moved towards Chris. "Now that I've got you in my bedroom." He said, taking the pictures from Chris, snaking his arms around Chris, pressing his lips to Chris', forcing his tongue into Chris' mouth. His hands gently caressed Chris' body, feeling him respond to Jason's touch. His mind recording the feel of Chris' body, committing every curve, and texture to memory. "God, this is going to be a long two weeks." Jason offered, breathlessly.

Chris guided them back on the bed, where they fell together, rolling onto Jason's double bed. The springs creaked under the weight of their bodies. Jason tried to keep the noise down, as his family was home and he wasn't sure they'd appreciate their making out while they were home. He lay on his back, as Chris slowly began undressing Jason.

Jason sighs, as his thoughts fill with the feeling of Chris' hands gently opening his jeans, his lips gently kissing his fine pubic hair, peeking from the waist band of Jason's underwear. His lips fell on Jason's stiffening dick, as it grew, stretching the material of Jason's bikini.

Chris looked up from Jason's loins, into Jason's eyes. "I want you to fuck me one more time before you leave."

Jason smiled. "We can't at the moment."

"Why not?"

"The family is still home."

Chris smiled. "How about the tree fort?"

Jason smiles, as he looks at the ceiling, the memories of the tree fort, and Chris.

Building the tree fort had been a catalyst for their friendship. Bringing the two fifteen year olds together. The fort became a haven where, as young teens, they shared their dreams and aspirations, talked of school, parents, family, friends, and their adventures at summer camp. As years passed, the two also shared more, they began experimenting.

"I can remember it like it was yesterday." Jason says. His hand gently toying with his dick, held in the lycra bikini. His dick pulsing remembering the summer they graduated high school, they were eighteen. They had been bringing magazines they snuck from their brother's and father's private collection. They paged through the magazines, pausing to share a picture of a naked woman. Jason chuckles to himself, thinking of the first time they had shared the sight of their hard dicks together. Being in the tree fort with Chris, and the magazines, always brought Jason's dick to a hardened state, once hard it seldom disappeared until he had gotten home, and beat-off in the bathroom. Jason was the one that started bringing the stroke books to the tree fort. Chris had shown up one afternoon while Jason was browsing through one. "That was the start to that." Jason says with a chuckle, recalling the summer of their hormonal sixteenth year. They plowed through the magazines, reading letters from the forums to each other, discussing the sex, and asking each other if they'd eat a girls pussy, or suck a guy's cock.

"We never discussed being gay." Jason says softly, recalling that he had figured he was gay, cause he liked looking at the occasional nude male model in the pictorials. He toys with his dick, through his lycra bikini. He smiles recalling the afternoon his hard-on had snaked from his briefs, and out the leg of his cut-offs, without his knowledge. He glanced at Chris, noticing he was smiling and staring at Jason's crotch. He looked down and found his swollen prick head poking from his loose cut-offs. He blushed, and pushed his dick back into his cut-offs and briefs, he could feel the warmth of his blush in his cheeks. Chris looked at Jason, beaming broadly. "Nice dick Jase." He offered.

Jason's blush grew, as he shuffled nervously on the floor of the tree fort, wondering what would happen next, wondering if Chris would be repulsed by seeing his dick.

"I got one too."


"I always get one with you." Chris stated proudly. He rose to his knees, opened his cut-offs, and freed his prick from the bonds of his cut-offs, and underwear.

Jason sat cross-legged, starring, feeling his ears burn, and his mouth go dry. His mind whirled as he thought of the letters he'd read in the forums, of friends doing it, and he'd fueled many a fantasy with those stories, but never thought that it would really happen.

Chris settled back on the floor of the tree fort, his hand gently tugged on his hard teen flesh, his eyes looked at Jason, sparkling wildly. "Lemme see your's." He stated.

Nervously Jason complied, rising to his knees, slid his cut-offs down, then nervously pulled down his white cotton briefs, allowing his dick to pulse in mid air as it continued to rise. He could feel Chris' eyes consuming his prick as he looked on. Jason settled to the floor, and watched Chris pull on his dick. Time seemed to stop, as the two sat across from each other, their eyes drinking in the sight of the other's hard cock. Chris finally broke the silence. "Go ahead stroke your cock."

Nervously Jason followed Chris' instructions.

Chris grinned. "Com'on you wanna get naked?"

Jason shrugged. They both rose to their feet, dicks bouncing as they hurriedly pulled off their T-shirts, then slipped off their shorts.

Jason chuckles again, recalling they were only naked a few moments, standing frozen in time, staring at the other's naked body, as if for the first time. They'd showered together in school, changed together at the public swimming pool, but this was the first time they'd shared their hard dicks, allowing the other to look. Jason looked, he stared in awe of Chris' cock standing at attention, pointing to the roof of the tree fort at a 45 degree angle. His eyes stared at Chris' swollen purple prick head, looking like a helmet on top of the swollen prick, with veins that bulged.

Chris smiled, running his hands over his body, and turning, offering Jason a full view of his naked body. A voice broke up their little party.



Hurriedly the two teens grabbed at the clothing on the floor, crouching together, as the voice continued to call.


"It's my brother." Jason whispered, as he grabbed for the briefs laying on the floor.

"Shit!" Chris whispered, "You think he saw anything?"

"Jason!" Jason's brother yelled.

Jason shrugged.


Finally, Jason answered. "Yeah!"

"Mom wants you home. It's time for dinner!" His brother answered.

"Okay!" Jason yelled back. He looked at Chris, and they began dressing. He noted Chris' dick was softening. A disappointing sight.

"God," Jason whispers to the room, his hand playfully stroking his cock, recalling that he hadn't wanted to dress, he hadn't wanted to climb from the tree, and return home, he wanted to see more. He wanted to touch Chris. He wanted Chris to touch him.

In a stroke of brilliance, "Hey, you wanna sleep over?" Chris asked, as they found themselves on the ground, beneath the tree.

Jason shrugged. "Sure." He answered.

"I'll call you after dinner."

Jason had to fight the urge to beat-off, finding that he was late, his family was already sitting at the table. He quickly headed to the bathroom, to pee, and wash up. "Shit." He exclaimed, finding the briefs he'd grabbed weren't his, mistakenly he'd grabbed Chris'. Fear entered his mind, thinking that his mother would discover that the briefs weren't his, when she did laundry. He made a note to change before heading to Chris'.

Jason's thoughts return to the present, as he taunts his loins, feeling his dick pulse within the confines of his bikini, fighting for freedom. He sighs, as his thoughts recall that night sleeping over at Chris' how until that night a sleep over had only meant sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, talking until, exhausted, they fell asleep.

That night they headed to the family room in the basement, which was the regular spot for their night together. They stripped from all of their clothing but their briefs. They lay on the sleeping bags watching TV. The outline of semi-hard cocks attracting nervous glances.

Chris' mother came down after awhile, and offered wishes of pleasant dreams, and a good night. Chris grinned, as he glanced at Jason. "Yeah, thanks mom." He said.

"I want you to get some sleep. No more talking."

"Yeah, okay."

They lay silent, listening for the sounds of Chris' mother move through the house above them. They heard her steps on the stairs, followed by Chris' father. They were sure parental intervention was a safe distance away.

There seemed to be a thick silence between them, as they lay quiet, pretending to watch TV. Jason felt butterflies in his stomach. He was nervous to say anything, not wanting to push, not wanting to force the issue. He was afraid of what Chris was thinking, afraid that the afternoon in the tree fort had been a fluke, and that Chris didn't want to continue. He thought about it, as he'd glance from the TV to Chris' white briefs. He tried not to think of the afternoon, tried not to think of seeing Chris' dick jutting from his loins, and the soft curly bush that surrounded the base of Chris' dick.

"God," he thought, "I want to see it again." He could feel his dick lurch in the confines of his briefs. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Chris asked, breaking the silence.

"I dunno." Jason answered.

"You ever think that we'd do that?"

"Do what?"

"What we did this afternoon."

Jason smiled, looking at Chris. "No." He giggled. "I used to think that we might. I've been going home after being in the tree fort, and beating-off."

Chris giggled nervously. "Yeah, me too."

"I always wondered if you did or not."

"I used to wonder if you'd wanna do it with me." Chris looked at Jason. "You know jerk-off together." The chuckled, and seemed to relax, now that the air was clear.

"You remember the last time we slept over?"

Jason nodded.

"I beat off, in the sleeping bag while you were sleeping."

"I wasn't sleeping. I thought that's what you were doing, cause I heard you cum." Jason offered. That hadn't been the only thing Jason had heard. He heard Chris call his name too. He didn't share that fact with Chris.

He chuckles recalling he shared that when he told Chris he was going to the bathroom, he was really going to beat off. "Chris found that amusing." Jason reminds himself. He frees his dick from the bikini, slowly stroking it, recalling the feel of Chris' hand on his shaft, stroking him gently. His eyes close, as he pictures Chris peel his briefs down, to expose his dick.

"Wanna touch it?" Chris asked, as he moved closer to Jason.

Nervously Jason reached out. His arm brushed over Chris' body, feeling the warmth of his body, and the softness of his skin, as his hand nervously reached for Chris' dick. He was surprised by the softness and smoothness of Chris' body. He gently encircled Chris' cock with his hand, feeling it pulse in his hand. "Geez." Jason remarked, feeling how stiff and warm Chris' dick was.

"Mmm." Chris moaned softly. His hand slipped across to Jason's crotch, where his stiff dick was pushing at the material of his briefs. Chris' hand slipped beneath the waist band and withdrew Jason's swollen member.

The feel of Chris' hand on his stiff cock was new, and different, and Jason could hardly control the feelings growing in his loins, fearing he might blow a wad before Chris, and that Chris might think poorly of such a demonstration.

Chris' eyes sparkled in the light glowing from the TV, as he stroked Jason's cock. He paused, and slid Jason's briefs off his body, then pulled his own off his body. He then sat in front of Jason, spreading Jason's legs, draping his own over Jason's.

Together they sat examining what they could of the other, until their cocks were leaking precum, making them slippery. Their hands explored each other's balls, and nutsac. Without a word between them. Finally, unable to stand it any longer they beat-off. Their teenage bodies warm, and burning with passion, their minds caught in the excitement of the moment, as they pulled on their stiff members. "God, I'm cumming." Chris stated.

Jason paused, and watched Chris contort as Chris' hand furiously moved over his dick. Suddenly Chris groaned softly, and his dick exploded all over Jason, cum fired from Chris' cock onto Jason's chest, the scent of the fresh jiz rolling over his body filled Jason's nostrils. "God," he thought, as he watched, Chris' cock fire his juices, each jetting cross space, to land on Jason's bare skin.

The sight of seeing Chris cum, was enough to push Jason over the edge and his dick followed Chris' lead, sending jiz jetting across the gap between their bodies to land on Chris's naked flesh. His explosion seemed to impress Chris.

"Yeah, fire that fuckin' dick." Chris whispered, "Cum all over me."

Jason chuckles, remembering he had. His hand fists his dick, recalling that first time with Chris. He loved it, and the times that followed. "God those were wild days." He says to himself. "Tonight wasn't that bad either." He laughs lightly. "He can still bring me to and intense climax." He tugs at this hard-on, feeling the dribble of precum, as his balls churn.

Their masturbation sessions grew to include sucking, and exploring each other, using the letters in the magazines as guides for their sexual play. They gave each other back rubs, used oils and lotions, they dabbled with condoms lifted from the medicine cabinets, and finally moved to slipping their youthful hard-ons into their firm youthful butts.

He smiles to himself, and opens the drawer to the night stand, and removes a secret weapon, guaranteed to bring him to orgasm. Deftly he pulls a used condom from a baggie, where he kept it, tied off, full of Chris' spunk, and moist with lube. Gently he rubs the cum filled condom against his pulsing cock, as he beats-off. The rubber warms with his dick. He moves the condom to his chest, and rolls the warm cum sack over his nipples, with one hand while the other speeds his balls into climax. His hand toys with his nipples, feeling them harden as he pulls on them.

Jason moans softly as his balls explode. In his mind he can hear Chris, "Jesus Jase. You sure can shoot a fuckin' load." He sighs, feeling his cum land on his body.

Finally relaxed, Jason returns the condom to it's baggie, and into the drawer, he reaches under the bed, and mops up his cum with an old T-shirt. He chuckles, recalling Chris had demonstrated the T-shirts use, explaining that they were readily available in the rag bag. He sighs, recalling how Chris had requested Jason give him the T-shirt he'd been using to clean up with.

Jason packaged the crusty T-shirt in a nice box, and wrapped it up and had given it to Chris that night, asking Chris not to open it until he got home, and was safely in his room.

Chris agreed.

Jason's eyes close, as his lips curve into a soft smile, imagining Chris lay in bed with him, gently caressing Jason, as he falls asleep.

Jason and the Bat Man

by Ben Tucker

(part two)

Jason's eyes flutter, he smiles to himself, looking at the digital clock on his night stand. "Four o'clock," he says, "shit." Time didn't seem to have moved. Sleep was not coming easily. He felt the anticipation of spending two weeks with Ryan. His thoughts turn to the coming journey. He wonders if Ryan had anyone that he would be missing, if he and Ryan would find themselves, lonely and needing each other.

Jason muses to himself. He couldn't remember Ryan ever saying anything about a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. He smiles, remembering the day he met Ryan. Thinking Ryan was attractive, seeing him for the frist time, in his college Biology class. Ryan had been a student of Jason's professor.

Ryan stood visiting with the professor, while Jason worked in the biology lab. His eyes watched Ryan from across the room, noting his tan body. Jason's eyes traveled over Ryan's body, noting his worn hiking boots, with wool socks, falling down around the tops, lightly haired legs rose from the worn hiking boots, disappearing into a pair of well worn hiking shorts. The shorts hung loosely, gently hugging the firm mounds of Ryan's ass. Jason's eyes moved up Ryan's body, noting the flannel shirt that moved with Ryan's breath. From Jason's vantage point, he could see Ryan's bronze chest where the flannel shirt was unbuttoned. He could even see the outline of Ryan's underwear, as he shifted his weight, while he talked to the professor.

Jason nervously looked back to his work when the professor and Ryan looked towards him. Jason tried not to look as they came across the room towards him.

"Jason." The professor called.

Jason looked up. He found himself captured in Ryan's gaze, exchanging smiles.

"This is Ryan , an old student of mine." The professor smiled, his hand gripped Ryan's shoulder. "He's going to be my new assistant."

Jason could feel his throat tighten as Ryan extended his hand.

"Hi." Ryan said smoothly.

Jason shook the firm hand offered to him, noting the day's growth of beard on Ryan's tanned cheek, his green eyes, and dark hair that was long and brushed back in a casual manner.

"He is looking for an assistant." The professor interjected. "I thought you might be interested."

Ryan's eyes sparkled as they stared at each other, their hands still welded together.

Jason's eyes sparkled in return, his dick lurched in his jeans. "Working with this man?" Jason thought. "Shit yes." His mind roared. His mouth calmly said, "Sure."

"Well, how 'bout us going to the coffee shop to discuss what I need, and will be expecting from you."

"Sure." Jason said, his mouth opening without thought. He quickly dispatched with his work in the lab, and walked with Ryan to the coffee shop, where they found an empty table. They sat across from each other, sipping weak coffee from Styrofoam cups.

Jason listened intently as Ryan shared what he was looking for in an assistant. Jason found himself taken by the man across from him. His voice was deep and fluid. He seemed relaxed, where Jason felt nervous to be sitting before a god, and his mind undressing Ryan from the well worn shorts, running his hands over Ryan's firm ass. . . "And those lips. . ." Jason thought, looking into Ryan's face.

Ryan could of been recruiting to empty latrines, and Jason would of said yes, "Just for the chance to be with him." Jason thinks. He sighs, looking at the clock, then glances at the ceiling. Time seemed to stand still. He smiles, as he cradles his head in his hands.

"I'm a naturalist. I work for the state. I'm out in the field for weeks, collecting and surveying the wilderness in the state parks, for the Department of Natural Resources. I'd like to take on an assistant, they've given me the budget, and Greg says your the man." Ryan stated.

"Greg?" Jason asked, wondering who Ryan was talking about.

"Professor Gibson." Ryan smiled, showing off his teeth. "We can't smoke in here can we?" He asked, pulling a pack of smokes from his pocket.

"Nope." Jason replied, finding the fact the man smoked a plus, feeling the need to burn one himself.

"Want to head outside for a smoke?"

Jason nodded.

They continued to talk on the way, Ryan explaining more about the job. He held up his lighter to light Jason's smoke. "Well, what do you think?" He asked finally.

Jason didn't need to be sold. He smiled looking at Ryan, and eagerly said "Yes" to Ryan's proposal.

Jason sighs, since their meeting, he'd been on a dozen trips. None had been to the extent that the upcoming trip would entail. He enjoyed the trips, and found that Ryan and he had many things in common, and enjoyed sharing the outdoors with each other. What Jason enjoyed most were the nights spent around the fire, talking and discussing the coming studies Ryan would be undertaking for the Department of Natural Resources.

Finally, sleepy from the day's hiking, and exploring, setting up live traps, and a swim. They would crawl into the tent, slip from their clothes, and into their sleeping bags. The tent was crowded with packs and equipment. It reminded Jason of sleeping with Chris, when they were younger. The thoughts were the same. Knowing that Ryan was so close, and dressed in his undershorts were a distraction, and Jason secretly beat-off into an old T-shirt, he'd brought for the occasion, rather then discharge his juices into his briefs.

Jason sighs to himself, thinking of a camping trip he had taken with Chris. They had journeyed into the wilderness together, as they had since graduating high school. They canoed for the first day, then worn out from the day's paddling, and portaging they camped for the first night.

They sat by a campfire, after the sun had disappeared, and dinner was finished. Their bodies propped against a fallen log.

"So, do you like him?" Chris had asked. His hand played with a stick stuck into the fire.

Jason shrugged looking at Chris as he played with a stick. He wondered what Chris might be getting at.

Chris' eyes looked into Jason's.

Jason smiled. "Yeah, he's a neat guy." He looked at Chris watching the fire dance in his eyes.

"He know?" Chris asked, turning his gaze into the fire. He seemed distant.

"Know what?" Jason replied, moving closer to Chris.

"That you like him?" Chris responded, looking into Jason's eyes.

"I don't think that I like him that way Chris."

"You don't need to lie to me. I know you like him. I've seen the way you look at him. I know you feel something for him."

Jason blushed, feeling trapped. "Yeah, I think about him, I think about sucking his dick." Jason admitted. He looked at Chris, feeling that he'd betrayed his friend.

"You haven't have you?"

"No. I save that for us." Jason smiled, touching Chris' hand pulling him close, and kissing him. He smiled, as his hands slowly lifted Chris' sweatshirt, reaching to Chris' nipples, gently stimulating them, as Chris responded with a groan.

"Oh god Jason." Chris' body seemed to tremble as Jason's lips found his hot spot just below his earlobe, and began to lick, and suck on the soft skin. He let his breath escape slowly over Chris' ear, as he darted his tongue into the folds of Chris' ear, smiling at Chris gasped, and shuffled under him. "I wanna fuck you." He whispered, with a smile.

Slowly Jason worked Chris' clothing from his body. He knew from experience that Chris' passions would build with each move of a finger, his lips. He knew Chris loved to feel Jason's cock, while they toyed with each other. "That night I made him work for it." Jason whispers to his room. He chuckles recalling he continually moved from Chris' reach as he stripped Chris of his clothes, leaving his shorts for last, finally, sliding his hand into the leg of Chris' shorts, to find the swollen member caught in the material of his bikini, the pouch of the bikini damp from the oozing precum.

Jason shakes his head. "He sure can ooze precum." He says softly. His own loins quake at the thought of Chris' juicy cock jutting from his loins. He chuckles thinking he had just beat-off earlier. He sighs, and rolls out of his bed. The urge to fire up a smoke enters his mind. He grabs his smokes, heading for the back porch, as his parents didn't like the smell of his cigarettes in the house. He adjusts his crotch in the pouch of his bikini as he walks through the house, pausing in the kitchen to grab a soda, then slips out the sliding glass door, closing it behind him. He crosses the deck and rests his ass on the railing, the air of the early morning, cool against his skin. He lights a smoke and looks at the sky, as he twists the soda open. Off in the distance he can see day breaking. Birds wake in the trees. He smiles as his thoughts return to the camping trip with Chris. "God, the look of his body, all sweaty and glowing in the light of the fire." Jason says to himself with a puff of his smoke. "That night was for Chris." He continues, recalling he had taken Chris on a journey. He found himself taking pleasure in making love to Chris, often imagining that his orchestrations were to Ryan, rather than Chris.

Jason smiles. Compared to trips with Ryan, Jason's trips with Chris were often more exciting, as they weren't afraid of each other, and what the other might think of spending the day laying around camp naked, having sex when their passions moved them. Jason greets the morning with a chuckle, recalling the that mornings always seemed to be interesting with Ryan. He sips his soda.

He takes another drag from his cig, recalling mornings in the tent with Ryan. Jason would find himself watching Ryan wake, stirring, groaning a greeting as he shucked off the shell of his sleeping bag. Ryan's dick, usually hard, as was Jason's. He sighs to himself, "I can remember the first time I saw that hard dick of his." Jason. That first morning, creeps into his thoughts. He woke tired and sore from the activities the day before. He lay quiet in his sleeping bag, listening as Ryan shuffled next to him. He heard the lengthy zip of Ryan's sleeping bag opening. The bag flung back. Jason's eyes were immediately open as he glanced at the almost nude man laying next to him, noting Ryan had no tan line from his shorts, and then he saw it, the bulge of Ryan's dick pressed against his briefs. He nearly gasped aloud at the sight. The cotton of Ryan's briefs hid a full view, but Jason's imagination had enough to feed itself. Ryan slipped from the tent, leaving Jason to fist himself, madly working his boner, to climax.

Finished with his morning jack-off, Jason joined Ryan outside the tent, finding Ryan crouched at the fire, bent over, blowing on the embers from the night before, building a small fire for a pot of coffee, with water they had boiled the night before.

Ryan smiled. "Coffee'll be ready in a few minutes." He offered looking up at Jason.

Jason grunted and wandered into the trees to pee. When he returned he found himself looking at Ryan's naked back side his firm ass flexing, as he pulled his legs from his briefs, then crawled part way into the tent, returning with a fresh pair of boxer shorts, which he stepped into then pulled up turning as he did. He offered Jason a smile as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Jason managed a sheepish smile, feeling embarrassed to find himself with the man, finding him to be so attractive. He sighs, recalling all the trips he'd been on, and how every morning and every night seemed to play out the same. Nothing ever happened. "It sure took a lot of doing to not let it get me going." Jason reminds himself. He chuckles. "There've been plenty of times when I was horny enough, and seriously thought Ryan was interested. But, we've never given into our passions." Another chuckle escapes his lips. "I've saved that for Chris." He sighs again taking another sip from his soda.

He puffs his smoke, thinking of the journey a head. "This time it's gonna be different." He thought. "This trip is two weeks in the wilderness." Jason's thoughts continue. He smiles thinking of the next fifteen days, watching Ryan, their rituals, the erections in the morning jokingly referred to as "piss rods," and skinny dipping and washing in the wilderness. "They are gonna be two long weeks without some sort of sexual pleasure." Jason thinks. He smiles, recalling that he'd packed the Polaroid's of Chris, and a couple of Jason's favorite magazines, with naked men, hard cocks, and plump asses. "If I can't have Ryan, at least I'll have something to beat-off with."

He smiles, as the thought crosses his mind, hoping that Ryan might find the mags interesting, if only to share a beat-off session with him.

Jason chuckles, as he takes another puff off his smoke. "If only." Jason says aloud. He had fallen in lust with Ryan the first day they met. He had noted the bulge in Ryan's shorts, and was drawn to the inviting way the well worn material encased Ryan's firm ass, inviting Jason to reach out and touch the material. He closes his eyes, recalling the sight of Ryan's naked body, and the outline of his hard cock in his briefs. Having seen what lay there in the woods, further enhanced his lust.

Jason shakes his head, thinking of Chris, and the previous night in the city, how they had walked through the streets talking in low tones. It seemed strange to Jason to find he actually thought he'd miss Chris. He'd never thought that he would. Somehow their relationship had been developing over the years. It seemed strange to have known Chris as long as he had. Jason thinks. He pauses reflecting on the adventures they had shared and the discovery that they shared the interest of sex with each other. He sighs, recalling that they both dated other guys, through high school. Often sharing with each other some of the date's high points. Dating others was Chris' suggestion. It didn't mater to Jason. "We've remained friends through it." Jason says. He looks at the cig in his finger, and takes a final puff, and crushes the butt in the ashcan set outside by his mother for his smoking. A smile lights across his face thinking of his mother. "I'll miss her too." He tells himself.

He playfully touches his swollen member through the lycra bikini, smiling as his thoughts recall they were a gift from Chris. He chuckles to himself, recalling how he erotic he thought bikini underwear were. "Shit." He sighs, half chuckling, recalling he and Chris had journeyed into the woods behind their houses, and were in the tree fort. Jason was hungry for a glimpse of Chris' manhood, he didn't understand why Chris seemed reticent to be examined, fondled, and sucked.

"Com'on Chris, it's not like it's the first time we've done this." Jason stated. He had worked his cut-offs off his legs. His stiff cock pushed at his white briefs. Eagerly he looked at Chris, as his hands ran over the swollen crotch of his briefs. He smiled and made an attempt to free Chris from his cut-offs.

"I know, I just." Chris fought back, pushing Jason's hand away. "I don't feel like it right now."

Jason persisted. They struggled, and Jason won out, pinning Chris to the floor of the tree fort, his hands fondled the raging hard-on hidden in Chris' cut-offs. He opened them and found Chris' loins covered in a skimpy cotton bikini, his dick straining to be free of the material. "Oh Chris." Jason gasped, as his fingers lightly stroked Chris' hard-on through the cotton.

Chris sighed. "That's why I didn't want to do anything."


"I was afraid you'd think I was . . ." Chris paused, as he tried to think of words to describe his fear.

"I like them." Jason offered. He did.

"There's something about them that is fascinating." Jason says with a smile, and seeing Chris in them with his dick all hard, and dieing to be stroked, Jesus." He exclaims, feeling his loins stir. "All I wanted to do was look at him."

"Stand up and lemme see them." Jason stated.

Chris complied. Jason kneeled before Chris, his own dick soaking his briefs with precum, as his hands turned Chris' hips, examining the way the bikini looked, and how Chris looked in them. He drank it all in. "Kin I try them on?" He asked.

Chris looked at him, and shrugged.

Jason stripped off his briefs, and watched as Chris pulled the bikini off. "Why?" He asked, as he handed Jason the bikini, and sat on the floor of the tree fort.

Jason just shrugged. "I wanna know what it feels like." He offered, and pulled on the skimpy cotton material. His cock swollen and hard fought the confinement of the bikini's pouch. Jason's mind swam in delirious thoughts he hadn't had since finding he had mistakenly put on Chris' briefs after their first encounter.

"Jesus, just knowing that my balls rested where his did, sent me over the edge a few times." He recalls, having found Chris' briefs a toy for his fantasies. Mindlessly Jason's hand plays with his hard-on, slipping it free of the lycra bikini, letting his hand smear his precum along his shaft. He looks down on his cock smiling, proud of his manhood. He looks around the growing light of day, finding himself over looking his backyard, and thinks better of jerking off for the neighbors. Deftly he slips his cock back into the lycra, and heads back inside. He makes his way through the house to the bathroom where he starts the shower, then stands examining his body in the large mirror behind the vanity. He smiles, as his hands glide sensually over his body, gently circling his nipples, then falling to his cock, pressed against the lycra. He lowers the waist band, resting it under his balls, and gazes at his reflection, wondering what it would be like to gaze apon his own dick, and slide it into his lips. He chuckles, slips off the bikini and steps into the shower.

He smiles to himself, feeling the water run over his body, as he leans into the spray. His hands run a bar of soap over his body, building lather. He smiles, reminding himself, that this would be his last shower for fifteen days. His hair wet, he shampoos his blond locks, while his prick sways at his loins. he smiles as he drops a hand to his groin and tugs on his dick. The soap lubes his cock, his hand slides over the shaft, as he pulls on his stiff member. His eyes close as he massages his as with his other hand, probing the cleft of his ass searching for his hole. He moans to himself, as he presses his finger into the opening. He grins as he fingers his hole, and strokes his cock. The water sprays over his body. His finger slowly works on the tightness of his fuck hole, feeling the smooth silky walls of his ass. He moans softly as he pushed another finger into himself, his cock lurches in his hands, feeling his balls begin to rise slightly.

"See?" Chris queried, his finger lubed with spit twisted in Jason's ass. "I told you it wouldn't hurt.

"God, Chris, that feels so . . ." Jason was lost for words, he was floating on a pink cloud, his ass had been licked, giving him a strange feeling, followed by his hole being penetrated by Chris finger.

Chris smiled, lowering himself to Jason's ass, and licked the pink opening again. Jason squirmed, and pushed back against Chris' tongue.

"Eat my asssss." Jason hissed. His mind had never experienced the sensations Chris was producing within him. He could feel Chris replace his tongue with a finger and then a second finger. He groaned as Chris' digits entered his ass. "God Chris." He yelped, "Do it, fuck my hole." He cried. H rolled his head on the mattress beneath them, and pushed against Chris probing fingers. His mind lost to the sensations of those two fingers twisting in and out of his ass. He squirmed. The fingers penetrating his hole crashed into his head, his mind spun on the pleasurable feelings coming from his ass. He felt strange, and wonderful at the same time. He relaxed, as Chris' fingers slid in and out of his hole.

"Jesus, Chris." He moaned. His hand began working his dick, while Chris fingered his ass. He could feel his balls swell with the rhythm. He panted, as his breath grew faster, feeling his body climb higher to the precipice. Without warning his thoughts erupted, as his balls exploded, sending jets of hot white cum in all directions. He gasped for air as he continued to fire volley apon volley of the viscous juices of his loins. He felt as if he would faint, as he laid on the bed, his ass in the air, and Chris gently licking his hole, and sucking the last drops of his cum from his cock.

"Liked that huh?" Chris asked with a smile, as Jason rolled on his back, and Chris slid beside him.

Jason nodded, looking into Chris' eyes, as Chris caressed him. He shook his head.

"I thought you might." Chris said with a smile. "Blows your mind doesn't it?"

Jason nodded.

Jason moans softly as the water cascades over his body, his fingers work his hole, as he pulls on his stiff cock. His body tenses, as his climax nears. He smiles to himself feeling his balls rise, and his cum jets from his cock, mixing with the water from the shower. He sighs, and leans against the wall of the shower, letting his thoughts collect as he feels his climax pass. He stands into the shower. "Not as good as Chris is, but almost as fun." He remarks, letting the shower wash the last of the juices from his dick.

Reluctantly Jason turns off the shower, and grabs a towel as he steps from the tub, and dries off.

End part two

Jason and the Bat Man

by Ben Tucker

(part three)

Jason smiles as he looks at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He chuckles to himself, his thoughts on Chris, and his inquisitive nature.

"So wha'dya think?" Chris asked. His eyes dancing as he looked at Jason, laying on the bed.

Jason shook his head. "Pretty intense Chris."

Chris chuckled

. "Where'd you learn that?"

Chris smiles. "Oh, I read it somewhere, and tried it. Some guy wrote about fingering his ass while he beat-off. I thought it was pretty strange, but I tried it, I wanted to see if you'd like it.

Jason smiled, and pulled Chris to him. He nodded, and let his hands gently stroke Chris' naked body. They lay motionless for a few minutes, softly caressing each other Jason wondered what it would be like to kiss Chris, until that time their mouth had never touched the other's. He smiled looking into Chris' eyes. His thoughts thinking of how Chris's lips had touched Jason's hole, and his tongue had probed Jason's hole, and loosened Jason's muscles to finger his ass. Jason's hand pulled Chris closer, and let his mouth touch Chris'. He was surprised to find Chris receptive, and the warm moistness of Chris' tongue against his own. Their kisses didn't stop there, they continued to kiss each other, moving over the other's body. Jason smiles to himself remembering his lips traveled Chris' body, his tongue bathed Chris' body, finally rolling Chris over and tickling Chris' ass with his tongue, returning the favor. He shakes his head, shaking the memory from his mind. "That's where it changed." Jason thinks to himself.

He continues preparing for the trip, a last shave, deodorant, brushing his teeth and hair. He smiles as he looks at his loins reflected in the mirror, the thought of shaving his pubic hair cross his mind. He sighs, and turns from the vanity, thinking better of the idea, "Besides how would I explain it to Ryan?" He asks himself, wrapping the towel around his waist, then silently walks to his room. Thoughts of Ryan follow him down the hall to his room.

He closes his door, as the thoughts of a party his professor had invited him to. He brought Chris along. It was a party given for Ryan, he was to give a talk on the work he was doing for the DNR, and some of the other work he'd done. The professor had invited all his students, and their friends to come. There were faculty members that had been invited too. The professor lived in a large house owned by the university. The house was large enough for the gathering, there was food, and drink, and several rooms used for conversations.

Ryan's lecture was accompanied by slides from his treks through the wilderness in northern Minnesota, the Rocky Mountains, as well as a few thrown in of a trek through the Himalayas. When he finished the professor invited his guests to enjoy the rest of the night. The guest dispersed throughout the house, where they talked, and munched.

Jason stood with Chris looking at the crowd of guest fawning over Ryan.

"I wouldn't mind trekking with him." Chris offered.

Jason smiled, nodding, as his eyes took in the room. He was impressed with the decor, and wondered how a professor could live there, and how much money one needed to own such a palatial estate. Chris and Jason wandered through the house, a woman came up to them and introduced herself as the professor's wife. She was a pleasant woman, with her blond hair set on her head. She smiled at the two friends.

Jason looked at the woman, finding her nothing like what he imagined his professor's wife would look like.

"You've done a great job with the house." Chris offered.

The professor's wife smiled. "Thank you." She looked at Chris and launched herself into explaining that the house had once been in her family. Her family had given the land the house had been built on to the university, allowing the family to continue to live in it. She smiled, playing the perfect hostess, moving on to greet another group.

Jason managed to loose Chris for a moment, catching sight of Ryan entering the kitchen. He smiled to himself, and followed. A girl came out of the kitchen, as Jason entered. He squeezed by the girl, and turned to find himself unknowingly running into Ryan. His groin pushed against the curves of Ryan's ass, leaving Jason a bit breathless. His thoughts turned wildly in his head, only to be met with Ryan's toothy grin, and an apology for bumping into Jason.

"No problem." Jason responded.

Ryan turned and smiled. He sighed, staring into Jason's eyes. "I really don't like these things."

"Oh?" Jason replied. "I thought you handled yourself pretty well."


Jason nodded.

"Well, I'm no star. I like to travel and explore. I don't do much socializing. Ryan offered Jason a beer, and they both filled a paper plate with appetizers. "I dunno, I' guess there are just times that I'd rather be running naked through the woods than locked in a crowded house."

Jason nodded.

"I probably won't be doing it again. I got the idea to run naked along this lake up north. I was the only person for miles. I lay on the beach, and burned the hell out of my ass and balls." He chuckled. "It made the rest of the trip miserable."

Jason chuckled. "I guess it would." He felt himself drawn into the Ryan's green eyes.

"It can be a lot of fun." Ryan offered. He sipped his drink, smiling, his eyes sparkled as he related his adventures being alone in the wilderness.

Jason's eyes glanced at the bulge in the button fly jeans guarding Ryan's crotch. His eyes looked again to Ryan leaning against the kitchen counter. He chanced another glance.

Ryan chuckled. "Thinking about it gets me hard." Ryan offered, and plunged a barbecue Vienna sausage into his lips

. Jason nervously chuckled. "Yeah, I guess it would." He replied, watching as Ryan's hand ran over his crotch, gently playing with the bulge.

"There's something to be said for greeting the sunrise with your dick in your hand spewing spunk off the edge of a cliff."

Jason blushed, wondering if Ryan was offering, or fishing, or just unknowingly teasing Jason.

Jason shakes his head. The party had been the second time he and Ryan had met. They were to go on their first trip the next day. "I dunno if he knew or not. Sure didn't seem to be something that he was worried about." Jason says. He drops his towel, and opens the top drawer of his dresser. He smiles contemplating wearing the neon pink bikini resting on the top of his underwear. He had packed briefs and boxers for the trip. He considered the bikini as adding to the adventure. His smile grew as he considered the shorts he would wear with the bikini underneath, a pair he and Chris had worked on, splitting the sides of the thread bare cut-offs, patching a few of the holes, letting some of the holes remain open to show off what ever Jason wore, or didn't. Chris had a pair just like them.

Jason knew from riding in Ryan's van, that if he sat just right his crotch would slide into the leg of the shorts, and allow Ryan a view, if he chanced a glance. He knew Ryan had seen him naked and hard. Ryan had even commented that Jason's friends must be jealous, seeing Jason naked in gym class. Jason laughs, recalling he carefully sidestepped Ryan's query, rather than spill the beans. "I wonder what he would of thought if I told him that I had a friend that said the same thing, and took me home and sucked my cock?"

He sighs to himself, pulling on the bikini, and then the cut-offs. He looks in the mirror on the back of his door, as he pulls on an oversized T-shirt.. He grabs his back pack and heads downstairs to the kitchen. He smiles as he enters, finding his mother awake and cooking breakfast for his family.

"You want anything to eat?"

"Just coffee." He looks around the kitchen. "Have you seen my boots?"

"By the back door." His mother answers, setting a coffee mug on the table.

Jason grabs his boots and sits in front of the mug, pulling on his boots and tying them. He finally sips the coffee.

"Guess that'll be your last cup of good coffee."

Jason chuckles. "Ryan brews a good cup of coffee over and open fire."

Hi mother smiles. "Chris'll be lonely."

"Yeah, I know he told me last night."

"You know you two don't have to use the tree fort."

Jason laughs. "We never could hide anything from you, could we?"

"No." his mother pauses. "Wouldn't getting an apartment be better?"

"Yeah, I guess." Jason shrugs. "We've never really talked about it."

The kitchen grows quiet.

"Did I say something that I shouldn't?" Jason's mother asks.

"No, Just . . . I dunno ma. I guess I'm not sure."

"You've known Chris since junior high."

"I know."

"I think you two've been sleeping with each other since then."

"Yeah, sort of."

"And you're not sure?"


"Is it Ryan?"

"I really hate your bluntness mom."

"Does Ryan know you're interested in him?"

Jason chuckles.

"Do you think that Ryan is interested in you?"

Jason shrugs.

Jason's mother sits, and sighs. She reaches across the table to touch her son's hand. "I hope that you'll find out, and I hope it won't hurt."

Jason smirks.

"You want my advice?"

Jason offers a noncommittal shrug.

"Keep Chris."


"Well, of all the guys you've dated, he's been the one that is always around, and I like him." She smiles. "And there is something I see in you when you're with him. You seem happier."

"You've never said anything before."

"Never had a reason."

A horn sounds outside the house.

"Ryan's here."

"Be careful Jason."

"I will mom."

They embrace, and kiss. Then Jason hefts his pack on his back and heads to the front door. His mother follows offering him another hug, as he opens the front door. "Bye mom." Jason offers, and heads to the driveway.

"Jason." Chris' voice calls.

Jason turns to see Chris jogging across the lawn. He smiles, as they meet beside the van.

"Glad I caught you."

"Yeah." Jason replies.

"I'm really going to miss you."

"Me too."

"Here." Chris says handing Jason an envelope.

"What's this?"

"A surprise."

Ryan nods at Chris as he gets out of the van, and takes Jason's pack and loads it in the van. "Gotta get." He offers, climbing back into the van.

"Yeah." Jason replies. He looks at Chris, and sighs. His arms reach out and pull Chris close. "I'll see you when I get back." He whispers. He smiles, and looks into Chris' eyes. "I know we haven't ever discussed this," he says in a low voice, "but, . . ."

"If you're trying to say what I think you're sayin', I think I feel the same way." Chris offers with a smile.

"Yeah, right." Jason replies. He loosens his embrace, and steps back from Chris. He grins broadly. "I'll see you."

"Yeah you will." Chris says with a smile, and lightly punches Jason's shoulder. Jason turns and climbs in the passenger side of the van.

"You ready?"

Jason nods, as the van rolls backwards out of the driveway, and into the street. He waves at his mother, and Chris as Ryan pilots the van, taking them to the northern reaches of the state.

end part three