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Jason -- secret agent (MM)


This is a stand-alone story that makes infrequent reference to another story series, `Marks 2 Dads'. The main character of this story is taken from the `Stray puppy' series, who also appears in `Marks 2 Dads'. Both stories can be found on nifty in the Adult Youth section but it is not necessary to read them to understand this story. This story is not meant to be a political commentary; it is rather just an adventure story using topical themes of the day.


Chapter 1: The Mission

The room seemed over bright for the seriousness of the meeting with large plate windows overlooking the river Thames allowing light to flood in. While light came in, nothing else would penetrate, not prying eyes, not listening devices not even a bullet. A man dressed smartly in a suit spoke first as he flipped through his paper files.

"Well it seems we've lost Woodhouse, he was keeping an eye on ULAG. A month ago he reported that he was off to Paris and then we've heard nothing since. The MI5 recovery team hasn't been able to trace him so we've passed it on to MI6" The suit reported as he gestured to a military officer across the table.

"We should have had a proper agent in there, not some college boy" An older suit suggested.

"I've put a member of the Special Air Service on site but these groups are difficult to infiltrate" the military man reported.

"I thought this ..." The older suit said as he paused to read his papers " London University Anti Gobalists group was supposed to be harmless"

"We have no intelligence to indicate that they had anything to do with Woodhouse's disappearance" the young suit advised.

"I have another agent in mind" The military man suggested. "A young Canadian University student..."

"Another boy" The old suit interrupted.

"A lieutenant currently assigned to JTF2, special forces with a special skill," The military officer continued.

"Professor Niall O'Toole is we believe the ring leader in all this," the young suit noted as he projected the man's picture on the wall. "He's been a vocal anti-capitalist for years and as a student himself was an outspoken supporter of the Republican cause in Northern Ireland. He's also a rather predatory homosexual with a taste for young college boys"


"So this agent is going to get in through this professors bed I take it?" The old suit asked.


"That's the idea but this time we're sending in a fully trained soldier" The military man noted.


"Soldiers aren't often the best tool for finesse operations" The old suit noted protectively of his agency.


"This one was hand picked and trained by Banana," The military man said smugly thinking that should shut the old man up.


"Agent Banana, didn't they retire him?" The old suit asked, recalling his interactions with the agent. Banana was a Canadian military officer who had the ability to see patterns in otherwise random information, a bit of a nutter but eerily accurate.


"Yes, he teaches at a University now." The military man noted.


As a silent consensus fell over the room the young suit spoke,


"I'll officially activate agent Banana Split, then"



Jason wasn't totally out of his element when he arrived in London, having lived the bulk of his life in large cities. At 20 Jason was fit, almost six feet tall with youthfully rounded features and longish sandy brown hair. He navigated the metropolis and easily found the University. It wasn't unlike what he was used to in Toronto, old buildings interspersed within the city. Jason performed all the obligatory registration duties and then made his way to the library. It wasn't long before his thoughts were interrupted by a man in his mid twenties, a couple of inches taller and clearly more muscular than himself. The bulging dress shirt on the man seemed almost unable to contain his biceps.

"Goodhead" The man called.

It made Jason smile, even though he came up with the fake name himself.

"Yes, do I know you?" Jason asked standing.

"I'm Lance Marshall, you're in my War studies tutorial" The man greeted with a firm handshake. Jason detected a slight surprise in the man's face when he returned the grip just as hard.

"You're a prof?" Jason asked politely but though him rather young for that.

"No, I'm a grad student and teaching assistant, you're in 3rd year right?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, but this is my first year aboard" Jason advised.

"Can I get you something to drink at the café? Banana split perhaps?" Lance asked still standing.

Jason looked up at his accomplice and handed him a large denomination bill. "I'll just take a coffee but I'm buying, my Uncle gives me tons of money, it's like I'm his puppy" Jason completed his verification coding.

"Coffee's no where near that much lad," Lance chided as they lined up at the café.

"I'm still getting used to your money" Jason advised.

After they bought their drinks Lance suggested that they go to his office to talk. Arriving, Jason thought the room felt smaller than it was, with small windows and dark wood panel walls.

"This your first assignment Goodhead" Lance asked

"Yes sir, officially anyway, I've done some escape and evade as well as a minor hostage rescue," Jason advised actually meaning a minor, a boy of 13 who he now suddenly missed. Mark was the son of Jason's older boyfriend, in reality more of a younger brother to him. Jason wasn't about to tell his MI5 contact that most of his experience was getting the boy out of trouble. He wondered how the kid was getting on without out him as he continued, "but this is my first cover assignment."

Lance laid out the group he was to infiltrate and suggested how he might begin the process. Finally the briefing came to a close with the procedures he should follow should he find himself in trouble.

"So Goodhead, do you live up to your namesake?" Lance asked seductively.

"Yeah, but I've heard British guys have small dicks" Jason replied cheekily.

"Well let's put that rumour to bed right away shall we" Lance noted as he led Jason down the hall to a locked closet. "I know it's a bit cliché but is the closet alright"

Jason chuckled as he pushed the man in. It wasn't as bad as he thought, the room seemed clean enough. Jason quickly unbuttoned Lance's pants and yanked them down. The man's ample cock sprang out. Jason stroked it slowly and then knelt down. He licked up and down the shaft bringing the man to full erection at over 8 inches. Satisfied with his work Lance hissed, "Suck it Goodhead, suck it".

Jason took the cock half way down and bobbed back again. Lance gripped Jason by the sides of his head and pumped in and out of his mouth, urgently seeking relief.

"Oh, argh, god Goodhead, I'm close" Lance announced seconds before his warm fluids filled Jason's mouth. He didn't need to ask, he could easily tell that Jason had swallowed most of it, cum still dripped from his lips as he slowly sucked the man down.

"God you homos are such good cock suckers" Lance announced.

"And you're not gay?" Jason quizzed incredulously.

"Well moderately bisexual perhaps" Lance offered.

"Moderately eh, so I guess that mean's I'm not getting any in return." Jason wondered.

"I could give you right good fucking, lad" Lance suggested.

Jason dropped his pants as Lance fished a condom out and put it on. Jason bent over in the cramped closet and waited for Lance to begin. The entry was quick as Lance went right too it. He certainly wasn't much good at it Jason thought, his rhythm was wrong, likely more for his own pleasure. Jason thought about complaining but just stroked his own cock, bringing himself and the man to a quick release. Lance moaned as Jason's anus gripped him firmly while Jason sprayed his cum on the floor. Jason braced himself against the wall as the military man slapped his cock in deep.

"arrgh, hmmpt, hmmpt" Lance moaned as he pushed in hard and quickly finished.

Both men left the closest looking around and went separate ways, Jason finding his first British cock rather unfulfilling.


Jason attended his classes and scoped out the surrounding area, becoming more confident in his situation. Lance was there if he needed him, but Jason knew that this was his assignment. He came on a small group of students walking in a park with placards, two of which he identified as confirmed members of ULAG. Jason decided to make contact with the cutest of the pair.

Mathew Bottomley was slim 5 foot 8, pale with straight dark hair. A social studies student he was prime for such utopian causes.

"What's going on?" He asked boldly

Mathew looked at him cautiously wondering who this handsome stranger was. "You a yank?" He asked in a sweet soft voice, unable to think of anything more intelligent to say.

"Naa, Canadian, I'm a foreign student" Jason reported as he pointed at the school, as though Mathew might not understand.

"Yeah, well we're protesting the eviction of homeless people in the park" Mathew reported as he held up his sign.

"Yeah affordable housing is a major policy issue in a lot of cities" Jason noted and with that he got the boy yapping. Mathew went on about the current situation before Jason cut him off.

"You wanna get a coffee?" Jason asked.

"Ok, I can take a break" Mathew replied sheepishly, as he handed his sign to a protestor without one.

Jason was amazed at how thin Mathew was, perhaps it was that he dressed in the emo style with low slung tight jeans and studded belt, or perhaps the skin tight shirt. After getting coffee the pair sat at a table by the window.

"I'm Jason... Jason Goodhead" he greeted after staring into Mathew's bright blue eyes, they seemed accentuated by his pale features.

"Mathew Bottomley" The younger man replied softly. Mathew's handshake was like a wet noodle Jason thought as he almost said `I know' in response to the introduction. He had to keep himself focused, he knew a lot more about these people than he should, and a slip might expose him.

"You don't look like you're old enough to drink coffee Mathew" Jason suggested jovially.

"I'm just 18" The boy sighed.

"20" Jason responded.

"Oh, I figured you for younger" Mathew replied wondering just why the jock was interested in him.

"Two years is nothing, I've dated guys a lot older than me" Jason countered.

"This isn't a date" Mathew said more firmly "and what makes you think I'm gay?"

"Your eyes" Jason replied seductively, causing Mathew to blush he had no idea that it was so obvious. He had spent his adolescence trying to keep a low profile and now this stranger had seen right through him.

Jason didn't care about his task in this moment, he just wanted Mathew, and there was something about the lithe little emo. He was so vulnerable, so sweet, so cute. Jason decided to take a chance, the kid was still sitting there, if he was offended or not interested he'd have left by now.

"You wanna come back to my place? I've got a ... Flat around the corner" Jason said searching for the correct word.

Mathew picked up his coffee sipped, prolonging the pause before he spoke.

"Some other time maybe, I'm just on a break. I should be getting back," Mathew announced before getting up. Jason's eye's followed him to the door where Mathew turned around and gave a slight wave before leaving.


Jason sat down in his sociology class and gazed objectively at Professor O'Toole. The man was trim, in decent shape for a guy in his forties, certainly attractive. He was nowhere near as fit as Jason himself but he could see why the younger men might be seduced by his charm. He was an excellent orator and spoke with a memorizing cadence.

Jason approached him at the end of the lecture,

"Professor O'Toole, Goodhead .. Jason Goodhead. I'm not used to your style of lecture, you're certainly interesting" Jason gushed only partially embellishing.

"So you've come from Canada for a proper education have you now" The professor charmed,

"Yes, I guess it's me that has the accent around here" Jason replied flashing his big brown eyes. He'd worn his tight fitting University of Toronto T-shirt and hoped the Prof liked what he saw.

"From your sunny complexion and your rebellious hair, would it be the West Coast that you come from?" O'Toole asked, sending a chill down Jason's back. This man knew way too much about him, he was indeed from the west coast, he'd grown up in Vancouver and spent most of his life there, how could O'Toole have made such a guess.

"Yeah! You're really good Professor, I bet you could tell me more about myself than I even know" Jason feigned.

"Well there's more about you I'd like to know lad, but I'm needed else where right now, you may talk to me anytime" O'Toole said glibly as he collected his books and left.


If there's sufficient interest in the story then I'll continue with the next chapter.