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Jason -- secret agent (MM)

Chapter 2: Making Contact

Jason peered out from behind his textbook as he watched Mathew exit his psychology class. Jason knew where to find him as he had full access to the University database and had looked up Mathew's schedule. Jason watched as the boy passed him oblivious to his presence in the crowded hallway. Mathew was wearing tight black jeans and a snug dark blue T, but what caught Jason's eye was his perfect round ass. He waited a moment to see who else might be following Mathew and then started out casually. His movements were predictable as he funnelled toward the exit at the end of the day. Mathew crossed out into the street and then suddenly ducked into a pub. Jason paused briefly outside but couldn't really see inside, so in he went. He stopped at the doorway and scanned the room. Mathew was in a booth with a muscular looking guy maybe Jason's age or a bit older and shorter than himself. Jason took a seat at the bar, close enough for Mathew to notice him and then annoyed the bartender with questions about available drafts, loud enough to be sure Mathew could hear him. Sure enough Mathew noticed,

"Jason, Jason ..." Mathew called.

Jason paused long enough so that he could pretend to be surprised.

"Mathew?" He quizzed in the dim light of the pub.

"Yeah, come join us!" Mathew encouraged.

Jason didn't hesitate he wanted to join them, he was fairly certain he knew the other guy from the briefing notes.

"Jason this is Kyle" Mathew introduced.

Jason was right Kyle was the suspected student leader of ULAG.

"Jason's from Canada, he's here to study history" Mathew gushed.

"Hi" Jason offered.

Jason sat beside Mathew, who didn't give him much room on the bench, ensuring bodily contact between them.

Kyle looked at Jason contemptuously figuring him for some rich man's son, likely hadn't worked a day in his life. There was no way he was going to get behind the cause, he'd join in as long as he was getting a piece of little Mathew but otherwise this guy was of no use.

Kyle scowled, "You guys can always find your kind, yeah. I'll leave you to it" and then he was off.

Jason was disappointed not to have made meaningful contact but at least he had another confirmation of Mathew's sexual orientation.

"Sorry Mathew I didn't mean to interrupt" Jason said.

"It's ok, he was just telling me that we expect the police to move out the homeless in the next few days, we'll have to keep our numbers up at the park" the little social activist noted.

"Why is it important to you?" Jason quizzed.

Mathew seemed almost taken aback by the question. "It's important to everybody, we have to resist the oppression of the poor by the capitalist state," he said as though reading from a pamphlet.

"I take it you want to be a social worker?" Jason asked rhetorically.


"Well you're going to be employed by the very same government right? So why not lobby for policy changes that will hire more social workers and provide more benefits to the poor?" Jason wondered.

"You don't understand, the global financial institutions and agreements undermine local decision-making methods. Governments and free trade institutions are acting for the good of trans-national corporations not the people," Mathew countered.

"Yeah, I guess most of the politicians are business people" Jason noted. "So you want to get something to eat here?" He continued.

Mathew shook his head.

"Some place else?" Jason pressed.

"I'm on a budget" Mathew replied.

"I'll buy" Jason said magnanimously

"No" Mathew said flatly.

"You want to get take out and go back to my place?" Jason continued.

Mathew was silent for a moment and then hushed, "alright"

They arrived back at Jason's flat after having picked up pizza. Mathew was still prattling on about the anti globalization movement while Jason just took most of it in. The emo boy certainly seemed passionate about the subject.

"You here by yourself?" Mathew quizzed

"Yep, but you can keep me company anytime." Jason replied with a big grin.

"It's rather a large place must be expensive," Mathew advised as he examined the large living room and the big LCD TV.

"I've got two rooms and a kitchen Mathew, it's smaller than what I'm used to and to be honest I have no idea what it costs my uncle pays for it all" Jason explained.

He sat down beside Mathew and the pair devoured the pizza. Jason cleared the mess when they were done while Mathew flipped channels on the TV. Jason sat back down and swung his arm around the smaller boy. He then leaned his face in.

"What are you doing?" Mathew quizzed.

"We've had the jib jab, the munchies and now it's time for the kissy kissy" Jason explained glibly.

"You think you can have your way with me for a pizza?" Mathew wondered aloud.

"Come on, you're like a little girl around me, you feel the connection too" Jason said more forcefully than he meant, he just wasn't much for game play.

"What is it?" Jason asked as Mathew squirmed.

"It's not like I jump into bed with just anyone" Mathew advised.

"It's ok Mathew, I'm looking for a buddy not a one nighter" Jason said softly as he moved in again.

This time Mathew didn't stop him and their lips met. Jason was aware of the size difference between them and was careful to avoid putting his full weight into it. They shared gentle brushing kisses almost until Jason couldn't contain himself then finally Mathew opened his mouth. Jason pressed his tongue in enjoying the passion of the moment, happy that his younger friend was getting into it. Jason peeled of his shirt and went back down, licking along Mathew's neck and flicking his tongue around the outside of the boy's ears, pushing the annoying hair out of his way.

"Get your shirt off" Jason ordered breathlessly, disappointed that he had to ask.

Mathew leaned forward and allowed Jason to help him get the tight T off. Jason's hands were all over him immediately, exploring the pale soft skin. He set to work licking a nipple as the emo quivered in excitement. Mathew ran his hands along the firm tanned skin of his new friend. He couldn't believe his luck, he did have a couple of `sort of' boy friends in the past but that was more about mutual relief, this was passion like he'd never known it. The whole time he kept asking himself, why? What did this hunk want with a lanky boy like him? The question was answered when Jason began to work on unbuttoning Mathew's pants, `he means to fuck me!'

"I'm not going all the way," Mathew blurted as he sat up.

At first Jason didn't understand the statement pausing to collect his thoughts through the excitement. He kissed Mathew firmly and then spoke,

"We'll just suck each other," He offered and his hands returned to Mathew's pants.

It was a struggle but off they came, Jason wondered how the boy got dressed in the morning they were so tight. Mathew's seven inches popped out for all to see. Jason was down on it right away he wanted no excuse.

"Hmmm oh, god" Mathew moaned as Jason bobbed on him quickly. Jason stopped and yanked off his own pants. He flipped himself around on the couch and presented his own cock. It wasn't gigantic but it was longer and thicker than Mathew's, perhaps 8 inches.

Jason returned to sucking Mathew deeply plunging all the way down while Mathew tentatively took the head of Jason's dick into his mouth and swirled his tongue around.

"Yeah baby that's great," He said between plunges hoping encouragement would help.

He did get better as they went on but he obviously lacked experience. Jason could tell that Mathew was close. He pulled off and flipped back around, lying on top of the boy. He mashed their cocks together and humped as he kissed the lad. Mathew went silent and quivered as his cock spurted thick streams of cum between them.

"Gunna cum" Jason announced as he continued his rubbing action finding Mathew's skin so wonderfully soft. "Yeah, oh hrmargh, oh Mathew" Jason moaned as he mingled his fluids between their sticky bellies. Jason rolled them onto their sides and kissed the emo passionately, this time Mathew was immediately responsive.

As they paused in the after glow Jason spoke,

"You wanna be my boyfriend?" He asked hoping to give Mathew some reassurance that he wasn't being used.

"I'll think about it" Mathew replied coyly, back to playing games.


Two days later Jason was standing in the park, holding a protest sign. He was embarrassed to be there but Mathew was insistent and he was hopeful that this was going to help him gain membership in ULAG. It was a boring way to spend the afternoon that was until the police arrived in force. Jason knew they were going to move in, he could tell by the riot gear and the positions they were taking up.

"We should get out of here Mathew" Jason suggested.

"You go, I'm staying" He replied finding an unknown well of strength.

"Mathew the police are going to move in" Jason pleaded to no avail.

The charge did come as they moved into the park, Jason watched as Kyle and another student threw rocks toward the police line. Mathew was busy still chanting his protest slogan when Jason knew the time for that was long over. He should have dragged the boy away with him but he didn't and now he was right up to the advancing police line. The clubs started to swing and the crowd ran. Jason was serene in the chaos as he watched Mathew overcome by the surge. The boy was down with three officers around him, clubs flying. Mathew was screaming as they hit, unable to protect himself. Jason's mind told him to back away to flee with the crowd, blend in but his heart wouldn't let him. Jason walked up to the three men as the main charge passed him.

"Hey stop it you're hurting him!" Jason ordered.

"Piss off" One cop called.

"Arrest him already he's not resisting" Jason pleaded, as he looked around checking the positions of the other cops.

Jason's hand stopped a swinging club and took it from the officer. He then used it across the man's throat sending him back. Jason quickly turned and struck the second officer full force behind the knee, sending him sprawling. The third officer had time to react and pulled out his pepper spray. Jason turned his face away as he grabbed the canister. He twisted the man's arm and fired in under the cop's helmet. A forth cop arrived on the crumpled heap of men and swung his club at Jason. He reacted ducking and then thrusting his arm up under the man's chin, slamming him back. Jason then kicked his feet out from under him even before the cop could fall to the ground.

Mathew was bloodied and incoherent, Jason was hopeful that he hadn't seen any of his abilities. He picked Mathew up and carried him toward an ambulance well into the police line. Once he transferred the boy to medical care he noticed three more cops had appeared. These ones were giving him distance though, likely waiting for backup.

Jason scanned the men and turned to ranking officer,

"Sergeant, I'm prepared to surrender now," He said holding his arms out.

"Right then sir over here, up against the car" The man ordered as he took Jason into custody.


"Mr. Bottomley?" The doctor asked as he entered the examination room.

"Yes" Mathew replied.

"The results are back. It appears that nothing is broken and you don't have a concussion," The doctor said as he looked at the report.

"I can go then?" Mathew asked as he was already tired of waiting around. The pain medication was doing its job all he really wanted to do was find out what happened to Jason.

"Well I'll release you but the police will want to talk to you first" The doctor noted.

Mathew sighed, how was he going to explain to his mother that he'd been arrested? His family wouldn't appreciate having to pay a lawyer, it was difficult enough funding his education. Jason was right, he should have fled with the others, standing on the line was stupid. Mathew didn't recall much from the time the police tackled him until he regained his senses in the ambulance. He knew it was Jason that carried him there, he must have stayed when the police charged, why did he do that? Mathew thought. Surely Jason would be in custody now.

"Mathew Bottomley" A police officer stated as he entered the room.

"Yes" Mathew said softly.

"Sign this promise to appear and you can be on your way," The officer ordered.

As Mathew complied the officer spoke, "Present yourself at court on the date shown".

Mathew got dressed slowly, he was still a bit stiff from his altercation. He made his way down to the street, clutching the prescription for more pain medication in his hand.


Jason wasn't in the police station more than half an hour before two suits arrived, identifying themselves as MI5. Claiming him as a person of interest for national security they whisked him away.

"So what is this, your initiation into ULAG?" One of the suits asked as they drove him back to his flat.

"All good protestors get arrested" Jason reasoned.

"Not many can take down four riot cops," The other suit suggested.

"Yeah that, sorry" Jason mumbled, "Is Mathew ok?"

"No serious injuries" the suit offered, "You sure you want to go back in? You might have blown your cover"

"Yeah I'll be fine, I'll brag I took out 8 cops, let them think what they want I'm pretty sure Mathew didn't see much" Jason reasoned.

The black car stopped a few blocks away from Jason's flat and let him out. He walked the rest of the way, not worried about his mission but rather about Mathew.