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Jason -- secret agent (MM)

Chapter 3: Some kind of Hero

The next two days were uneventful with Jason going about his routine as if nothing had happened. He checked to see that Mathew was back at school but he decided to keep his distance for now.

That night Jason was surprised by a knock on his door. He looked through the peephole and was happy to see an impatient emo starting back at him. Jason flung the door open and his joy was instantly tempered. Jason had brought Kyle with him and another guy his age. Jason figured the other guy was most likely Richard, another member of ULAG.

"You need an escort around town now?" Jason asked, as he appeared from behind the door in his faded casual jeans and loose T.

Mathew smiled happy to see his hunk, "You remember Kyle? This is Rich" Mathew introduced as he pushed in, wearing his typical tight black jeans.

Jason smiled back, shook hands and then formed a plan in his mind to kill all three of them he certainly wasn't going to end up like his predecessor. He hoped it wouldn't be necessary but he was ready as he intently examined them for tell tale bulges in their clothing that would indicate weapons. He suspiciously eyed Mathew's backpack as well. Take Kyle first he decided quick punch to the throat and then smash his head on the table. Rich was smaller, more bookish. Jason figured he'd snap his neck or maybe strangle him. Mathew would be difficult, he'd have to do it fast.

"Come in guys" Jason said walking backwards into his flat.

Mathew crushed up against him and pressed in for a kiss. Jason returned it but kept his eyes on the other two. Mathew was disappointed at the greeting but figured that Jason wasn't comfortable with kissing in front of the guys.

"So Jason, we heard you we're quite a hero" Kyle began.

"It was nothing, I just carried Mathew to the ambulance" Jason dismissed as he choose to remain standing behind the chair Mathew had taken.

"After you beat the crap out of two coppers" Rich added.

So Rich had seen something, or did he just hear about it. "I took a club away from one and swung it at him, I couldn't let him hit Mathew again, I'm not even sure I hit him. The police took off, they're not so tough when there's not a hundred of them around" Jason suggested.

"You were arrested but they let you go" Kyle stated, he wasn't asking, he knew.

"Yeah" Jason said noncommittally.

"And why would they do that?" Rich challenged, making Jason somewhat nervous.

"My cousin is Giles Crowborough, he got me released without charge" Jason lied.

"The Earl of Sussex, gosh you are posh" Mathew blurted.


"We're not close but we are family" Jason advised, hoping they were buying it.

"That could be useful" Kyle mused. "Jason, we'd like you to come to a meeting next week. We're planning a rally for the G8 meeting".

"Hey guys, I can't be getting arrested again, I got the big lecture and I'm not sure I get another get out of jail free card" Jason suggested, not wanting to seem over eager.

"Just come to the meeting, decide about the rally later" Rich interjected.

"I'll think about it" Jason dismissed.

"Ok, right then, we'll leave you love birds" Kyle said as he stood. Jason was ready to attack if he tired anything. Both the men exited down the hallway, Jason carefully behind them. He left Mathew in his seat, a calculated risk but thankfully none of his plans were required.

"So you're my love bird now eh?" Jason asked as he got down to kissing his emo boy. The phone suddenly rang before Mathew could respond.

"Hello?" Jason answered

"Yeah looking for Sally," A strange voice asked.

"Sorry wrong number" Jason replied

"Ok" The voice said and hung up.

Jason knew he was being watched, Sally was a code word, and in fact it was the name of Jason's pretend girlfriend from high school. At least someone was keeping an eye on things for him.

"So I take it you're staying the night," Jason asked.

"Well aren't we rather forward, even if you did rescue me from the agents of the capitalist state" Mathew replied coyly. `He has no idea' Jason thought.

"You brought luggage Mathew, books for tomorrow and clean underwear," Jason said pointing to the backpack that the boy had brought with him.

"And a clean shirt!" Mathew added.

Jason pulled him gently by the hand. Mathew got up and allowed him self to be led to the bedroom. Jason closed the door and then peeled off his clothes. He noticed that Mathew hadn't and so yanked off the boy's tight T-shirt. After some passionate kissing, Mathew worked his pants off. The pair then eased into bed and cuddled up. Jason enjoyed running his hands all over Mathew's soft skin as he ground his cock against him. They were both hard as their passionate kissing continued.

"Jason, do you want to play hide the sausage?" Mathew asked shyly.

"I'm not into any of your weird British games involving food as a sexual aid" Jason replied softly.

"No silly this sausage" Mathew replied gripping Jason's cock.

"Well in that case I can think of a place I'd like to put that," Jason suggested.

"Umm, yeah about that, well I've had fingers up there and all but never actually well you know .. done it" Mathew advised, his bright blue eyes peering from beneath his dark hair.

"It's ok, I'll take care of you little virgin" Jason said as he reached over to the night table. He took out condoms and lube and put a pillow under Mathew's back as he laid him down flat. Jason worked a lubed finger in and then two. Mathew was relaxing, this part at least was familiar. Jason lifted the boy's legs up and positioned his cock for entry. Mathew felt the head begin to part him and then suddenly Jason was at least halfway in. The athletic man was pushing forward, keeping Mathew's legs up as he pressed in for a kiss.

"hnnnnnm, hnnnm" Mathew moaned at the stretching sensation.

"Here we go" Jason announced as he rammed his full length in.

"Ahh, god, easy, easy" Mathew panted as felt impossibly full.

"You're a man now" Jason said with his forehead on Mathew's "Don't ever let anyone call you a boy again," He continued lustily.

Mathew looked up into Jason's deep brown puppy dog eyes and relaxed as best he could. Jason began pumping, slowly at first as Mathew got used to the overwhelming feelings. It wasn't long before Jason was fucking him at a steady rhythm. Mathew grunted with each push in his sweet soft voice until he finally started to moan loudly, his body quivering with excitement as his orgasm approached. Jason slapped in good and hard, pushing the virgin over the edge.

"Oh god, Jason, oh yeah" Mathew mumbled as his first anal orgasm was upon him. Jason wasn't far behind as Mathew gripped the headboard, holding on tight. Jason unloaded as he kissed Mathew pushing his tongue as deep as his dick. He collapsed on the emo both of them panting.

"Off" Mathew ordered.

"Let me leave it in for a bit" Jason asked of his still rigid cock.

"My back hurts" Mathew complained.

Jason pulled out and rolled Mathew onto his side, allowing his legs to fall back onto the bed. Jason spooned up behind and pressed his half hard cock in. Mathew allowed him entry with a sigh.

"I love you," he mumbled.

"I love you too puppy" Jason repeated.

"Can you go again?" Mathew asked, eager for a repeat of the powerful orgasm.

"We're going to do this all night," Jason advised lustily.


Jason entered the meeting room, clutching Mathew's hand possessively. The pair had become close friends over the past few weeks, with the emo boy becoming a frequent visitor to Jason's flat. Jason's progression through the ULAG ranks had been swift as well. This meeting would set the foundation for the G8 protest, and this time Jason was invited to more than just the ancillary planning.

Professor O'Toole was there, the first time Jason had observed his direct participation. Previously he was just referred to in meetings.

"Jason, I'm glad you could join us" The professor began as the meeting came to order. "We'll be needing your help"

"I'm happy to help out any way I can," Jason advised, flashing his bright smile as he squeezed his young boyfriend's hand.

The phrase burned Kyle, this spoiled posh kid might be fooling Mathew but he was under no illusion that Jason was on their side. Kyle figured that Jason would stick around as long as he was boning Mathew and that was about the extent of his commitment.

"Well, I understand your cousin is the Earl of Sussex, he went to Oxford with the Prime Minister" O'Toole noted.

"Oh Yeah" Jason replied cautiously.

"Well, at the G8 they allow a small delegation of protest leaders in to address them. ULAG is a pretty minor player in all this. If we could get a seat at that table, we'd be taken more seriously within the anti capitalist movement." O'Toole explained.

"And you want me to ask Giles to make that happen? I'm not sure I know how to do that," Jason offered.

"Well lad come to my room tonight and we'll discuss it. Ok next item.." O'Toole continued assuming Jason's agreement.

That evening Jason arrived at the professor's dorm dressed in his tight jeans and a button down dress shirt.

"Hello there handsome" O'Toole greeted as he opened the door.

Jason entered and accepted a drink. He smelt it, brandy he suspected, and hopefully nothing else.

"So you have our young Mathew under your spell" O'Toole noted.

"Mathew's a sweet guy," Jason advised. "But sometimes an experienced man is better" Jason completed as he stood very close to the professor, making his intentions clear.

O'Toole chuckled, "It usually takes a few visits to get the idea across but I can see you're not a shy one". O'Toole breathed in Jason's aroma as he softly touched his face. This one was going to be different, he was strong, confident not like his typical prey.

Jason leaned in and kissed the professor firmly as if to confirm his lack of shyness. He could feel the Profs hands working to unbutton his jeans and assisted. The man turned him around and put him over the desk, he hadn't even bothered to get Jason's pants all the way off. O'Toole quickly dropped his own pants and slapped on a condom. He pressed into the firm young ass and sighed. Jason grunted at first and then relaxed as the average sized dick slowly began to move in and out. O'Toole wasn't as big as Lance but he certainly was more patient, building up gradually to hard slapping. Jason braced himself against the wall as the desk squeaked from the pounding he was getting. He let out soft moans of pleasure and although he had better fucks, he did admit to himself that the Prof was pretty good as he finally released. Jason's constricting hole pushed the professor over the edge too.

O'Toole pulled out and collected himself quickly as Jason pulled up his pants.

"Well that was better than I've had for a long time lad, I hope we'll get the chance of a repeat performance" O'Toole noted.

"That was awesome professor, it's the best fuck I've had in a long while" Jason gushed trying to feed the man's ego. In fact it was the best he'd had since arriving in England but it was nowhere near the pleasure he got from screwing Mathew.

Jason straightened his clothing and left, heading back to his flat. He felt a little dirty letting the professor do him just for the sake of the assignment but he knew from the start that it was likely going to happen. The thing he hadn't counted on was Mathew. The emo had slowly wrapped himself around Jason's heart. Jason wondered what he might think if he new the truth, that he used him to get into the group. Jason snapped himself out of his daydream, he'd have to be focused, careful, it wouldn't do to have Mathew suspect anything.

Jason checked his watch, it was late but he still had time. He quickly made his way to Mathew's dorm room. He rapped softly on the door and his lover's roommate opened it. The guy just turned back to his laptop leaving the door open. He'd been good about him and Mathew, never complained or made snide remarks but why should he. Jason had Mathew over at his flat a lot of the time, so he ended up with the room to himself mostly. Jason walked into the room and sat on Mathew's bed. His beauty was under the covers watching his tiny TV.

"It go ok with the professor?" Mathew asked.

"I think so" Jason replied before leaning over for a passionate goodnight kiss.

"Love you" Mathew sighed as they parted.

"Me too" Jason said, "my place tomorrow night" Jason promised as he closed the door behind him.


Chapter four coming soon.