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Jason -- secret agent (MM)

Chapter 4: Home cooking

Jason couldn't concentrate on his studies as his little homemaker was cooking for them again and the smell was delightful. It wasn't a question of money Mathew just liked cooking, it seemed an almost intimate experience for him.

"When's dinner going to be ready?" An impatient Jason asked.

"Half an hour" Mathew replied.

"Half an hour, man it smells great, I'm hungry now!" Jason protested.

Mathew laughed. "You're going to miss me next week"

"Miss you why?" Jason wondered.

"Its study week, I'll be going home for a few days. That reminds me I'll have to buy my train ticket soon" Mathew advised.

"Oh right, yeah so you said a while back" Jason recalled something about that during one of Mathew's ramblings. "Where is it, I could drive you if you want"

"You have car!" Mathew blurted, Jason had certainly never mentioned it.

"Yeah I have a car but I haven't driven it yet, you guys drive on the wrong side of the road!" Jason noted.

"I live on the outskirts of Worcester about 3 hours drive, so it's not like you can just drop me off." Mathew replied. "I could ask my mother if you can stay with us". He suggested wondering how Jason might react to meeting his family.

"Sure that would great, I'll do my best to embarrass you" Jason replied with a smile. "Oh, are you out to your family?" He asked quickly.

"Yeah, but it's not something they're thrilled about, my younger brother's a complete twit about it" Mathew advised.

"Well call her and see I'd love to get out of London for a while" Jason closed.

That evening Jason crawled into bed with his slim beauty. Mathew's dark hair accentuated his pale skin. It was quite a contrast to Jason's more tanned body as they cuddled in. Jason began to rub up against Mathew from behind as he nuzzled the boy's neck. Jason was quickly becoming excited and so was Mathew, he knew what was coming next and he had grown to quickly love it.

"I can't believe I waited so long to get laid" Mathew advised as he passed the lube and condoms to Jason.

"We're all ready in our own time, you were just waiting for me to come along" Jason replied cheekily.

"Anh, owwwe, easy" Mathew whined as he was entered, it was still a bit uncomfortable at initial penetration.

Jason eased himself on top of Mathew, pressing firmly into his hole. Mathew was used to his man's weight on his body now and in fact enjoyed the sensation. Jason pushed in and out slowly, giving Mathew time to relax. The boys' sighs and sweet moans told Jason that he was having the desired effect. It was a slow gentle prostate massage while he rubbed his body along the smooth soft creature. Mathew was taken to utterances of love during these times.

"Yeah... yeah, oh god I love you" He muttered.

Jason felt him quiver, his body awash in an anal orgasm. Mathew turned his head to allow a kiss and Jason could see his eyes were watery. The moment of release was intense for the smaller man.

"naah, naah, ohhwwwe" Mathew groaned as he soaked the sheets with his goo.

Jason kept the same steady pace as Mathew reached his climax. The constricting hole gave Jason pleasure but he resisted the temptation to pound himself to completion.

"Oh god you're still hard" Mathew groaned as Jason slid in and out, maintaining Mathew's rapture. "Deeper" he urged.

Jason pushed one of Mathew's legs up toward his chest and pushed in as far as he could. Making slow pumping motions with his hips he slid perhaps just an inch out and then fully back in. Mathew's head snapped back each time, the sensation was overwhelming as the boy gripped the bed sheets tightly. Jason was playing Mathew like an instrument with all the sweet moans and panting. He loved it, he was giving this pleasure to his emo boy.

Mathew's body went all numb again as Jason continued his deep pumping. He lost himself in the moment as another wave of pleasure washed over him. Mathew let out a soft gasp as he orgasmed again. It wasn't as wet this time but it was even more intense than the first. His body went soft as Jason said something into his ear. Mathew had no idea what it was. He felt Jason pulling almost right out of him before pushing back in deeply. The Athletic man on top of him was pumping more quickly now, firmly pushing in with a slap each time. Mathew spread his legs as far apart as he could, pushing his hips up as Jason's grunts became more urgent. He concentrated on tightening his hole, trying to push Jason over the edge. He could feel the weight of Jason's body crashing down on him as he rammed hard into him, this was it. Jason growled as he pushed in with finality holding his thick cock deep inside Mathew and then collapsed.

The two lay together Jason's cock still buried inside the pale body. Mathew wriggled himself free and rolled over to face Jason. Mathew pressed his face in for sloppy wet kisses and ended up on top of his man as Jason rolled back. They were both covered in sweet sweat as Mathew rubbed his face along Jason's chest. He lifted up and looked directly into the deep brown eyes and said,

"When ever you're ready we can go again"

"You're insatiable" Jason replied as he stroked Mathew's thick hair.


Mathew was jittery most of the day, Jason could tell. He had a bad habit of chewing on his lower lip when stressed, or sometimes when he was about to orgasm. Mathew reported that his family was excited about him bringing a friend home but now his love was wondering if it was such a good idea after all. Jason led his man into an underground car park. He stopped behind a silver Audi A5 and popped the trunk. The car had sat there since Jason had arrived, the leasing company had put it there and thus far he'd had no need of it. He threw their gear into the back and closed it.

"Here you drive" Jason said thrusting the keys toward him.

"I can't drive this!" Mathew protested.

"Why not?" Jason wondered if Mathew had his license, he'd never even bothered to ask.

"What if I scratch it or smash it up?" Mathew quizzed.

"I'm more likely to wreck it driving on the wrong side of the road, I'm not even sure I can shift with my left hand" Jason suggested. "You get us out of London and maybe I'll take over"

Mathew gave in and took the keys. Jason was likely capable but he'd rather his emo have something to keep his mind on, it would be better than fretting over Jason meeting his parents. Mathew seemed to take quite a while getting comfortable in the leather seats and adjusting all the mirrors but finally he started the machine and put it in gear. He gingerly eased the car out into the light of day heading out toward the M40 highway. At first Mathew over revved his gearshifts, obviously used to a less powerful car but he got the hang of it and impressed Jason with how confident he became.

Eventually they entered the town and drove down the laneways that took them to Mathew's house. He pointed out The Royal Grammar School that he attended and generally jabbered on as he usually did when he was in his comfort zone. He pulled into the driveway in front of a red brick house. It was a typical home with 2 stories and an older ford parked in front. A teenage boy was quickly outside to investigate their arrival. He was perhaps an inch or two shorter than Mathew but heavier. Jason noticed some family resemblance but it wasn't obvious that they were brothers.

As Mathew got out of the car the boy was on him quickly.

"He let YOU drive that?" the boy quizzed.

"Yeah why wouldn't he" Mathew said dismissively as Jason rounded the vehicle.

"Jason this is my annoying brother Paul" Mathew advised.

Jason shook hands with the boy careful not to grip too hard.

"I'm Jason" he greeted.

Mathew had already warned him about the fifteen-year-old brat, dressed in his typically teenage loose fitting clothes. They got their bags and went inside. Mathew's mother was all over him with kisses and greetings and then she practically pulled Jason into the living room. The woman seemed to consume all the oxygen in the room with her jabber until they finally got down to dinner. Mathew's father appeared and gave Jason the cursory polite handshake and then it was time to eat.

Jason realised where Mathew got his cooking skill, and his ability to prattle on, during dinner. Finally the father spoke when there was a lull in the conversation.

"So what are you studying Jason?"

"I'm working on my History degree, in War studies, political science and sociology." Jason announced.

"You're not in Mathew's classes?" He interrogated.

"No, we belong to the same social group" Jason replied.

"Yeah, we heard about that, I thought you were going to quit it yeah?" The man said sternly to Mathew.

He hung his head, as though speaking to his food, "I said wasn't going to any more rallies and I won't".

"You know how much a lawyer costs boy?" The father continued.

Jason could see that he'd struck a land mine and moved on quickly. "Are all those trophies in the living room yours Paul?"

"Yeah for taekwondo, I'm blue belt" He announced proudly, "I bet I could kick your arse".

Mathew looked over at Jason smiling, "I'm sure Jason would like to see you try," He teased.

"After dinner!" The boy accepted.

Jason chuckled, he wondered if Mathew had some idea of his capabilities or if he was just trying to goad his younger brother. After desert and coffee was served embarrassing photos of Mathew as a child were displayed. Jason laughed at all his mother's funny stories, Mathew seemed like such a happy child and well loved by his mother at least.

Paul broke up the history of Mathew lesson when he appeared in his taekwondo outfit.

"Oh good, time for the brick breaking demonstration" Jason chided, but he was happy to get away.

Paul went through his formal presentation before sparing. To Jason it seemed almost comical. His martial art was more about the business of combat, rather than a formal system.

"Ok, try and hit me," Paul challenged, clearly it was his favourite parlour trick with his mates.

Jason turned and moved to slap the boy but Paul blocked him with an arm and stepped forward. Jason stepped back and smiled.

"Again!" Paul challenged clearly happy with himself.

Jason paused and then shot his hand straight toward Paul's chin, between his arms. The dumbfounded boy was stunned to have been slapped on the face before he could even react.

"Good one, ok .. ok again" Paul recovered.

Jason moved his hand again but this time also swung the other arm around so that when Paul blocked he was exposed to a sharp slap on the side of the head by Jason's other hand. The boy withdrew wincing.

"Sorry that was kinda hard" Jason offered as he looked over at Mathew watching from the window.

"Ok, it's fine... now I'll try to hit you" Paul suggested.

"You sure about that?" Jason replied.

Paul didn't hesitate he moved in and kicked high. Jason grabbed the boy's foot and flung him to the ground.

"Not bad, but kinda slow" Jason teased as Paul lay sprawled. He pulled the boy to his feet and stood back.

"Ok, watch" Jason ordered as he swiftly went through several lightning fast gabbing motions and quick kicks. Paul was left gob smacked he was simply amazed at Jason's speed.

He gave the boy a simple lesson on how to kick better hoping it wouldn't upset his Masters when Paul when back to class.

"Jason you're awesome, I can't believe you're mates with Mathew" Paul suggested.

"Ah, Mathew's a good guy" Jason offered.

"You know he's a poofter, yeah?" Paul confided.

"Really?" Jason said with surprise, barely able to contain his amusement.

"Yeah, I'm not joking he's queer" Paul confirmed seriously

"Well that works out ok, I'm a poofter too" Jason replied smiling.

Paul laughed and then a look of confusion fell over his face. "Really? But you don't act gay?"

"Not all gay people act the same way Paul" Jason advised as he put his arm around the boy and led him back inside.

"Paul you run off and get ready for bed now" Mathew's mother ordered as the pair entered the house. "Mathew, I've set out the camping mattress for you in Paul's room, Jason can have your bed" She continued.

Mathew rolled his eyes as Jason stepped up behind him, he couldn't believe that she was treating him like a child. Jason put his arms around his man and held him firmly. Mathew tensed as Jason gave him a little kiss on the side of the face. Having his parents accept he was gay was a challenge but demonstrating it front of his mother was something else entirely.

"It's ok Mrs. Bottomley, Mathew and I are accustomed to sleeping together," Jason reported as Mathew squirmed. "We'll behave ourselves, I promise"


Chapter 5 coming soon.