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Jason -- secret agent (MM)

Chapter 5: Back to Business

Jason stirred as the morning light peaked into the room from behind the curtains. Mathew mumbled something in his sleep as Jason carefully extracted himself and made his way to the bathroom. It was certainly strange to be sleeping in Mathew's childhood bedroom it didn't seem to reflect the maturity of the man he knew. Pictures of young unknown faces stared back him and there was a stack of board games on the shelf.

It was the last morning of their stay at the Bottomley household. Jason had enjoyed the refuge from school and his assignment. He hadn't really thought about it in a while but now wondered what was going on back in London. Jason made his way downstairs to find Mathew's mother cooking, again. Pancakes this time, Jason smelt.

"Morning Mrs. Bottomley" Jason greeted as he sat at the kitchen table.

"Oh good morning Jason" She returned, putting a plate of pancakes before him. "I'm so glad Mathew met such a nice boy, we'll be sad to see you two off again. I was worried about whom he might meet in London but I guess I worry too much"

"Not to worry I'll make sure Mathew stays out of trouble" Jason replied as he began to eat.

"You're so good for Mathew and it's clear you boys are in love" She stated making Jason a bit uncomfortable. Just what did Mathew and his family expect from him long term.

"Well let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet, its not like we're getting married or anything," Jason warned.

"You poofters can't marry" Paul said joining the conversation as he entered the room.

"Sure we can" Jason rebuked.

"Naw, all you can have is a civil union," Paul explained.

"Well then, we'll have to get married in my enlightened country and you'll have to come to the wedding" Jason said smiling, "It would only be right, me marrying your sister and all"

Paul choked on Jason's comment, causing his orange juice to pass back out through his nose. Jason broke out in hysterical laughter as Mathew arrived.

"Paul! You clean up that mess right now!" Mrs. Bottomley scolded.

"Do I want to know?" Mathew asked smugly.

"No!" Jason replied still recovering.

"You two are more like brothers than Paul and me," Mathew reported.

"Now isn't that scary" Jason replied.

After breakfast Jason used Paul's computer to send a message to his other `younger brother' back home. Jason logged in and created a new e-mail account. He then copied and pasted an article on global warming, then in the middle of the article he inserted his message... Hey Strawberry sorry I haven't written, it's been busy but school's going well. I'm sure you're taking good care of both your dads tell them I miss them. I'll try and write again soon.. Jason sent the message and then deleted the account. That was the way it had to be, communication could only be one way. He knew that Mark needed the reassurance that he was all right but he couldn't risk open contact. If things went bad, he needed to keep the people he cared about isolated. That might not work out so well with Mathew however.

That afternoon they packed the car and said their goodbyes. Firm handshakes from the father and then the hug and kiss from the mother. Mathew just waved obligatorily at his brother who stood back from them. Jason couldn't resist and grabbed the boy in a big bear hug, lifting him off the ground. Mathew was stunned when Paul returned the gesture, perhaps just holding on for dear life.

"You take care of yourself young Bottomley" He fare welled as he walked toward the car.

"You want me to drive?" Mathew asked as he stood by the door.

"No I think I'll give it a go" He replied.

"Well, then maybe you should get in the other side, where the steering wheel is" Mathew advised.

"Oh yeah" Jason replied as he skipped around to the other side of the car and got in.

He pulled out of the drive and they sped away.

"Ok, there's second gear" Jason announced, "at least the gas pedal is still on the right!"

The car came to an intersection, where Jason turned right into the right lane.

"Left lane, left lane!" Mathew shouted as Jason eased the car over to the correct side of the road.

"Sorry" he offered sheepishly.

With Mathew's vigilance they arrived safely back in the underground garage.

The pair lugged their stuff back to Jason's flat where Jason sprawled out on the couch and began flipping through channels on the TV tired from their travels. Mathew wasn't far behind, draping himself over Jason as he snuggled in. It wasn't long before Mathew found the strength to start making out with Jason. It was soft kisses at first moving to heightened passion.

"You're happy to be back I see" Jason reported.

"We haven't had sex in almost a week!" Mathew noted as he continued his efforts to excite Jason.

"Well if you were that horny we could have done something about it," Jason advised.

"Yeah right and have my mother or worse Paul walk in on us, no way!" Mathew explained.

Mathew had unbuttoned Jason's pants and now had his hand down them, searching for his sausage. Jason stood and yanked his pants down as Mathew tore his own clothing off, he was far more eager for sex than his first visit to Jason's flat. Mathew positioned himself on the couch with his ass facing out waiting for Jason. His hunk didn't hesitate, he slapped a condom on and was in quickly. Mathew grunted as he gripped the back of the furniture. Jason began to pump increasing his pace as he went. Mathew's soft grunts were now in rapid succession as Jason slapped into the boy's tight hole. He gripped Mathew by the hips as he pushed forward. Mathew was lost to his own delights, as he held tight to the back of couch making incoherent sounds. Jason was close so he eased back on the pace, seeking to extend Mathew's enjoyment. He wondered if the younger man might let him go until he was exhausted. Mathew was quick today however, his orgasm sounds filled the room as his constricting ass pushed Jason over the edge too. Jason stayed in hoping that it might lead to a quick second round but Mathew wriggled free and the two collapsed on the couch together as they lay snuggling. In this moment Mathew was content in the arms of his lover as he struggled to remember a time before Jason came into his life.


School life returned the next day when Jason caught up to Kyle and Rich in the hallway as he made his way to lunch.

"Hey boys, so what's going on?" He asked eager for information.

"Not much, were going to talk to O'Toole this afternoon about the London G8 summit and then we'll have a group meeting tomorrow or the next day." Kyle advised.

"Alright, I'll see you then" Jason replied.

That afternoon Jason followed the pair as they approached a tutorial room, presumably to meet the professor. Jason passed by the room, blending in with a group of students and then went into the next room, which was thankfully vacant. He put his mp3 player headphones on and pressed the device up against the adjoining wall. It was no ordinary mp3 player, in that it could pick up the sounds from the other room as Jason adjusted the amplification.

He could hear O'Toole speaking, "Are we sure we can trust them?"

"I've been in contact with them for a while now, they seem to share our goal of disrupting the summit." Jason heard Richard reply.

"They want us to meet them in Paris" Kyle advised.

"Alright, go see what they've got to say ... and take the love birds along, make it a proper boy's trip. See if you can get Mr. Money bags to pay for the hotel" O'Toole suggested.

As the meeting broke up Jason waited before leaving the room. He wondered whom it was they might be meeting in Paris, noting that's where his predecessor was last headed before disappearing.


Mathew squeezed Jason's hand firmly as the train disappeared into the channel tunnel. It was his first trip under the English Channel. He'd been to France years before on a family trip but they went across on a ferry. Mathew was happy that Jason had so readily agreed to go on the trip to meet the other anti-capitalist group. He was also thankful that Jason sprung for a suite so that they could have a separate bedroom from the other two. Once they appeared out the other side of the tunnel, Mathew relaxed. They carried on into Paris arriving at the hotel. The hotel manager eyed the quartet suspiciously when they checked in but when Jason spoke to him in French it seemed to help a little, his credit card deposit and room service order helped just as much as the large tip.

They went to the room and began to unpack when there was a sudden rap at the door. Jason opened the door and allowed the attendant in with a cart of finger food. As Mathew moved to partake he realised that Jason had also ordered Champagne for the room. He really just wanted it for him and Mathew but it seemed rude to exclude the other ULAG members. Thankfully though Kyle and Richard got the idea and excused themselves to go and check out the area. Make contact more likely, Jason thought but it didn't matter.

Jason and Mathew retired to the balcony with their Champagne. Mathew looked out over the city as he spoke,

"It's great that you brought us here, I know you're not totally into the anti-capitalist movement"

"Yeah but I'm totally into you" Jason said as he gripped Mathew with an arm around his back. "And I'm starting to get why you're so passionate about the cause." Jason said afraid that his first statement was true, even if the second bit was a lie.

The next day they went out for the typical site seeing, Mathew led Jason around, tour book in hand, while the other two appeared disinterested. Jason wondered if they might be nervous about the upcoming meet. They made their way to a small house where they were to meet their contacts. Jason would have preferred a public place but he couldn't find an excuse that the others might accept without looking suspicious. Jason wasn't totally surprised when they entered the house to find that the six men they were meeting were all Arabs. After everyone eyed each other guardedly they got down to talking. The flow of the meeting was obvious to Jason, in the end all they wanted was to be in on internal meeting that Jason was to arrange through his cousin. They wanted to be on the inside of the walls and all the jibber jabber about opposing globalization was just to make ULAG happy. Jason wondered if Kyle and Rich realised that they were being used. Some of the men spoke in a language that Jason didn't understand but he had brought his special mp3 player, which was recording everything.

After the meeting Jason suggested, "Mathew and I are going to get a coffee, we'll meet you guys back at the room".

The other two didn't seem to mind and Mathew was certainly agreeable to the diversion. They ducked into an Internet cafe where Jason uploaded the conversation to MI5, while Mathew obliviously checked out places for dinner, on another computer, as they sipped on their cappuccinos.

Mathew seemed so happy at dinner, it was just he and Jason, as the other two decided to hang out elsewhere. Jason noted that Mathew seemed more comfortable with being openly gay perhaps it was that they were away where no one knew them. His emo boy prattled on in his comfortably effeminate way as Jason Listened, staring into the teen's dancing blue eyes. Again Jason caught himself wondering just what Mathew was thinking and he thought about how things might play out after his assignment was over. He figured it would all come to an end with the G8 rally or if nothing should transpire there he'd finish the school year and then he'd be back home.


Chapter Six coming soon.