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Jason -- secret agent (MM)

Chapter six: The protest

Back at school Jason sat down in his war studies tutorial when Lance strode in. He handed out the essays that he had marked making little comments as he went.

"Not your best work if you want to get into graduate studies Goodhead" Lance reported.

Jason looked at his mark, `A' and then put the paper in his folio. After class he approached Lance,

"I wanted to talk to you about my mark, I don't see where I went wrong on this" He began.

"We translated the conversations from your upload" Lance replied, as the room was now empty. "You were right they are totally fixed on getting someone inside. They mentioned that they had something to deliver, then later one of them said the chemical will be ready, so we're going on the assumption that they plan to release something, or plant something inside"

"What should I do?" Jason asked.

"Continue as planned, we've arranged two passes into the conference under ULAG, if they want you to go, then go, either way we'll have some one else on the inside." Lance advised.

"And if they try and release a chemical or something then what?" Jason continued.

"If it's an imminent threat then you're authorized to use lethal force" Lance advised.

"Yes sir" Jason replied before leaving the room.


Jason walked Richard and one of the Arabs up to the checkpoint at the London G8 summit and waited until Richard gave him the thumbs up as the pair was admitted to the conference. There was some doubt about the passes that Jason had provided, the group was still concerned about his commitment but in the end he was sure that Richard was happy with him. At least he figured he'd played the part of `stupid rich kid' well enough.

Jason found his way to the rear of the protest in a small park some distance from the front. Mathew was reluctant to attend the rally after his father's lecture on the subject but Kyle had promised him a safe job, well away from the police lines. When Jason found him he was sitting in the park with a white backpack on, emblazoned with a red cross.

"Doctor, my lips hurt will you kiss them better?" Jason asked as he surprised his man.

Mathew smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

"So you're the bandage boy eh?" Jason remarked as he examined the strange box on Mathew's back "weird looking thing, more like a pest control pack or something" He noted of the strange spray handle.

"It's for spraying people down after they've been tear gassed or pepper sprayed." Mathew advised proud of his role in the event.

"Where did they come from?" Jason asked not recalling them mentioned in the planning sessions.

"The Arab guys brought them," Mathew said gleefully of their new allies.

Jason's mind raced, "How many of them?"

"Four of us have them" Mathew replied innocently.

"Get it off!" Jason ordered

"Why?" Mathew asked suddenly shocked by Jason's tone.

"Do it now!" Jason snapped.

Once detached from his love Jason pulled the side of the pack off, it looked wrong, there was no water reservoir, it was all pressurized tanks. He pulled out his phone and took a picture of it, sending a text message attachment.

"Where are the other guys with these?" Jason quizzed.

"All over, I guess, what's going on?" Mathew said puzzled.

Jason's phone rang. "It looks like an aerosol spraying system," The voice advised.

"There are four of them, all in white boxes marked with a red cross" Jason advised, "I've got one here"

"Ok, we're sending help" the voice replied as Jason snapped his phone shut.

"Go home, go back to the flat, right now" Jason ordered

"Why?" Mathew wondered.

"It's not safe, just go!" Jason repeated.

Jason spotted another guy with a box and ran up to him.

"Get this off!" he ordered

"Piss off" the young man replied, pushing Jason back.

Jason slammed his fist into the man's throat sending him down in a heap. He removed the box from the crumpled student as others began to gather around. He carried it back to where he'd left Mathew's just as four men in military uniforms arrived carrying large guns. The crowd moved back quickly as the soldiers circled Jason.

"There are two more just like these" Jason said pointing.

One solider examined the box that Jason had pulled apart.

"Definitely a gas spray, not any kind of aid box I've ever seen sir." The soldier reported as Jason noted the man's medic's patch.

"We'll find the other boxes sir," Another soldier said as he spoke into his radio.

"Carry on Sergeant" Jason replied.

Police and soldiers flooded into the area as Jason waited with the two boxes, wondering if it wouldn't be wiser for him to just take off. Before long a Hazardous materials team arrived to take charge. The crowd of protesters were surprised to see such an early show of force, nowhere near the security wall. With the more militant protestors out of position the crowds dispersed as the police moved in. Two suits approached Jason after the HAZMAT team pulled away in their truck.

"Good work lieutenant, we didn't find anything on the counsel delegates so when your photo came in we figured it had to be serious."

"What was it" Jason asked.

"VX gas an aerosol nerve agent, nasty stuff" One suit reported "how the hell did they get it into the country?"

"We've arrested 3 of the suspects so we'll get some information out of them" The other replied.

"So what do I do now?" Jason asked.

"Go back to your flat and wait for instructions," the suit ordered.

Jason did just that hoping to find Mathew there but he wasn't, in fact there was no sign of him at his dorm either. Jason was starting to worry, it wasn't like the cautious boy to not check in.

There was a rap at the door the next day. Jason hadn't gone back to class but rather waited for his handlers to contact him. He rushed to the door hoping to see his emo boy but was crestfallen to see two suits through the peephole. He let the men into the flat and sat down with them.

"You've done a good job son but this is the end of the road for you. You can return to your unit now," The suit advised, meaning that it was time for Jason to go home.

"One thing though, I need you to release Mathew Bottomley without charge" Jason asked.

One suit looked puzzled as he flipped his phone out, "yeah do we have a Mathew Bottomley in custody? ...The name doesn't ring a bell... No? Ok thanks. Don't' have him" he reported.

"I'll call Conundrum if I have to" Jason replied, thinking that Mathews's fragile personality wouldn't last in a MI5 interrogation cell. The experience would likely damage him forever.

"Call who you like, we don't have him, he's likely just run and hid somewhere, he'll turn up fine," The other suit advised.

Jason wasn't so sure, he figured Mathew a guarded type, not one to just run anywhere but home. He'd already called the Bottomley residence and spoke to his brother Paul, on the pretence of chatting, and determined that Mathew wasn't there.

Once the suits had left Jason flipped open his laptop. There was indeed no mention of Mathew being arrested, transferred or charged in the databases. He also checked for hospital admissions finding none, not even unknowns fitting Mathew's description. Lastly Jason ran a passport search. He almost missed it, but there it was, entry into France, twice! Jason clicked on the link for details and noted that Mathew's passport was scanned entering yesterday.

Jason opened his e-mail to send a message home. He stopped half way through wondering if he should send it, fearing that he'd be told to stand down but in the end he figured he might need help.

Jason stuffed a few of his personal items into a bag and was off to the car park. He was out onto the road and headed for the Chunnel as quickly as he dared when his cell phone chirped. It was a text message Jason could see as he flipped his phone open, hoping desperately that it was from Mathew but it wasn't, the message was from Conundrum. Jason wasn't sure he wanted to read it but he had to. He waited for a traffic light to stop and then he opened the message.

`Proceed to RAF Northolt -- GFCA helo under NATO tasking'

Jason snapped his phone shut and headed for the air force base. Conundrum had come through for him, French Special Forces were coming to pick him up. Jason drove to the gate of the military base where he was challenged. His MI5 mission was over and with that it was the end of Jason Goodhead. Jason flashed his military ID and smiled at the guard.

"Lieutenant Jason Smythe ...Yes I know I need a hair cut corporal," he said at the man's suspicious look.

The man found Jason's name on his chart and saluted smartly as he granted him access.

"You may proceed Lieutenant" He advised.

Jason parked at the operations centre where he found his ride, a Puma Helicopter. The French pilots had him airborne quickly but during the flight he wondered if they might be more interested in catching the remaining terrorists than saving his beloved.


Mathew was scared, he'd never been more scared in his life. After Jason had told him to head home he bumped into two of the Arabs as they all fled the tear gas and on rush of the police line. Mathew was desperate not to be arrested again, his father would likely disown him if that happened. So when the others suggested that he come with them he happily agreed. The trio arrived at a house where the group had been staying in London. A third member of the group joined them before long and suggested that Mathew lay low until tomorrow. That evening they made dinner and included him. The food wasn't what he was used to but he was hungry enough to eat anything. It had certainly been a stressful day but Mathew could only think about what Jason was up to. It seemed odd for him to be so concerned about the backpack and to be yapping on the phone about it to someone. The clincher was that Jason didn't run with the rest of the crowd, rather he stayed and spoke to the police when they arrived. Mathew figured they must be special police with their rifles and uniforms but he really didn't get a close look. Mathew concluded that Jason must have been a plant all along. His behaviour certainly fit and it explained why such a jock would have any interest in a guy like him.

Mathew was tired after dinner, as he dozed off his heart was full of sorrow for his lost love. He wasn't really angry with Jason as he was still in love with him but obviously Jason was just doing a job, faking his interest in the cause and in Mathew.

He regained his senses when he realised that they were back in their little house in Paris. He had a foggy recollection of traveling last night but it was all in a daze. He suspected that they must have put something in the food.

The three men seemed to be arguing but Mathew couldn't understand them. He just hoped that they weren't trying to decide what to do with a hostage that they may no longer need. A rap at the door interrupted their angry discussion. The three stood silently dumbfounded, until the apparent leader went to the door. It swung open and he pulled Jason inside. Mathew was so happy to see his love that his doubts were cast aside.

"I was barely able to get out of there, the cops came to my flat so I had nowhere to run," He explained as he walked over to where Mathew was seated. He pulled his friend to his feet and to the obvious disgust of their hosts he kissed his man in greeting. Mathew held on tight to Jason and felt something hard in his pants, but it wasn't his cock.

"Don't panic, stay behind me and don't leave me" Jason ordered as he started to move for the door.

One of Arabs moved to block them. Jason whipped out his pistol and pointed it at the man as he backed Mathew towards the door. The second man pulled out his gun as Jason shot him in the head, then quickly aimed at the charging man closest to him and squeezed off another shot, falling the on rushing man. The door opened and he shoved Mathew out, just as they left the doorway Jason took a bullet in the back and fell onto Mathew. The door exploded in a hale of gunfire and then heavily armoured soldiers poured in. Mathew struggled to get Jason off him finally pushing him up enough to move from under him. He then began to wail as his lover lay groaning in pain on the ground. Two medics were on Jason quickly and carried him away as Mathew stood uselessly alongside. He joined them in the ambulance as they stripped off Jason's shirt to reveal his body armour.

"Oh shut up Mathew!" Jason snapped at Mathew's incoherent wailing.

"Are you hit lieutenant? We can't find a wound," The medic asked.

"I think I took it in the vest" Jason said wincing as he was still in pain.

The medic motioned for the ambulance to roll. "We'll give you a full scan at the hospital".


Mathew stood by the window looking out at the Adriatic Sea, as the wind blew gently in.

"So are you going to answer my questions?" He asked.

"What's that?" Jason asked as he joined his love by the window.

"You keep telling me to ask you later, well it's later now" Mathew said.

"Ok, what do you want to ask" Jason said as he hugged his emo from behind.

"Has someone told my parents we're ok?" Mathew wondered.

"Yes, I told you someone would, they understand that you're a witness against ULAG in the terror plot and that you're in hiding. They're to tell everyone you're studying aboard" Jason replied.

"Are you really in the army?" Mathew continued.

"Well, not really, I'm more of a spy my rank is honorary" Jason explained.

"How long are we going to stay in Venice?" Mathew quizzed

"Until the loose ends are tied up, all the bad guys are captured or presumed gone," Jason suggested. "Why? You anxious to leave?" Jason asked as he kissed his boy's cheek.

"Then what happens?" Mathew asked.

"Then we go back to our lives, home, school, together or apart it's up to us," Jason noted. "Any more questions?" He asked as Mathew paused.

"You wanna play hide the sausage?" Mathew asked cheekily.

Mathew got his response when Jason lifted him off his feet and carried him into the bedroom. Jason tossed the light boy onto the bed and then began to yank his pants off.

"Prepare for entry Mr. Bottomley" Jason announced.

"Yes sir" Mathew replied with a mock salute. He then turned his attention to Jason's dress shirt, working to unbutton it. Frustrated, he yanked it apart ripping the shirt as he pulled. Jason quickly finished the job and climbed naked onto the bed.

Jason mounted him from behind with Mathew on all fours. The younger voice gave off soft grunts as the sausage was placed deep inside him. Jason began to pump slowly at first, until Mathew was ready for him to pound. His skinny emo had grown accustomed to being fucked and was quickly relaxed. His high-pitched moans drove Jason on as he slapped into him with an irregular rhythm. Jason was playing him like an instrument again. The teen's moans were interspersed with some intelligible language, "Oh god Jason, oh yeah, god I love you"

Jason flipped his love over onto his back and lifted his legs, re-entering him. Jason was able to pound his cock deeper into Mathew, pushing the man to his first orgasm of the night. Mathew gripped the headboard and grunted as Jason slowed his actions. He stayed with it and soon was back up to speed giving Mathew continued pleasure. He was completely lost in his prostate massage, looking into Jason's deep brown eyes Mathew had his second orgasm as his man joined him in ecstasy.



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