jock fun


October 16 2007
Chapter one:

Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don't like any of the
following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage
wherever you are reading this.

This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or
deceased. Please do not copy without my consent.

I hope you enjoy!!!

JMU Jock Fun

     Matt was a 21 year old football jock attending James Madison University. He was the son of a small town preacher somewhere in Culpeper county, Va. He was about 5'9" tall, 175lbs, hard pecs, chisled abs, and a dick that looked like it was made from a mold. A very large mold. When fully hard he measured 11.5"! He had red hair, and green eyes and a bubbled ass to die for. He like most jocks had his share of pussy, usually bringing a diffent girl home each night. He was an all american straight sports god that all women and men alike wanted a piece of. He had never had a man service him but that was about to change.

     I am Josh a 20 year old computer science major at JMU. I stand 5'8" tall, weigh 155lbs, blue eyes, blonde hair, and a seven inch uncut cock. I am gay and have know this since I was about 12. But, on campus i stayed to myself and concentrated on school, never letting on to anybody I was a fag! This was all about to change.

     I meet Matt in the fall of 2004. He and I shared an english class. The first time I saw him I knew I wanted to get me some of him. And I knew that if he was like most "straight" guys it wouldnt take much before he was mine. I just had to figure out a plan to seduce him and achieve my goal. I watched every move he made. Attended every football game and practice he had. I stayed up all night trying to figure a way to get him. Of course I knew in my mind what I wanted to do with him.

     Well my chance finally came right after winter break. You see I was an excellent english student, making staright A's and all. He on the other hand was a jock and didn't apply himself in anything other then football. Therefore, he was failing english. His coach recieved an e-mail from professor Stump telling him that Matt would not be able to play in any games if his grades did not improve. The coach was furious and met with Matt to discuss possible solutions to his problem, You see Matt being the staring qb, he was a very valuable person on the team and they didn't want to lose him.

     So one day after english Matt approached me asking if I would tutor him. I told him no I was to busy staying on top of my own problems I didn't have time to help anyone else. He begged me telling me he would do anything to stay on the football team, and that the coach and his dad wuld kill him if he got kicked off. I finally set up a time to meet him at his apartment to "tutor" him.

     I arrived at his apartment Saturday night around 5pm, he was waiting for me at the door unsure if I would show or not. He was wearing a tight fitting pair of gym shorts, a wife beater, and by the looks of it a nice jock strap. So he invited me inside and I once again told him I did not have time to tutor him he better be thankful for tonight. He told me anything I wanted or needed he would give me. I told him to remember that sometimes words bite you in the ass later. He just smiled and nodded.

     Finally after a few hours of studying he was finally getting the hang of things. He wasn't dumb he just needed some reassuring he was doing things correctly. It was getting late and it was a saturday night so I told him I think we are done here for now. I got up and started to leave when he asked me if I needed anything for the lesson I gave him. I could no longer control my lust of this man so I told him how ever since I met him in class I wanted to suck his cock, lick his balls, get fucked, eat his ass, lick his pits, and generally just worship his body. I stood back waiting for him to pummel me into the ground. But instead of a look of anger on his face, he wore a look of shock. I also noticed a nice bulge starting in his shorts. after a few minutes of intense starring he said that he use to fool around with buddies in highschool, but never to that extent. He said he guess he would be willing to give me my fantasy for all my hard work.

     I fell onto my knees and ripped his tight shorts off of him, as he pulled his beater of his head. I left him in his dirty, cum, piss, and sweat stained jock which was streaching to the max and quick. I leaned forward and licked his cock head through the jock, tasting all his mixed juices at once sending me into a drug like state. I continued to suck his cock through his jock all the while he was getting hornier and hornier. He picked me up in one swift motion and carried me to his bedroom, ripped off my clothes, and threw me ass up on his bed. Next thing I know this fucking god is eating my ass for all he is worth. Sticking his talented tounge as far up my ass as he can, Im moaning and groaning from the good tounge fucking he is giving me when he stopped, got on his kness behind me and shoved his cock in my ass. I was not prepared for the size of this fuckers dick. I felt like my insides were being torn up. After several minutes of hard thrusting I finally got into the groove of things. He held me with his left hand as his right hand found my hair. Everytime he thrusted in to me he pulled my hair making me hotter then hell. He told me my cunt was like nothing he had ever felt before, and told me he was going to fuck my sweet ass anytime he wanted. He kept saying I was a good little bitch, a good fuck, and a great fag as he slammed his cock into my ass repeadetly with such force that his headboard was slamming into the wall. He was fucking me for all he was worth. My boi cunt was getting the work out it so longed for. he continued to fuck me for a good hour never slowing down. He just kept hammering my tight ass over and over again, pulling my hair, slapping my ass, biting my neck and back, and talking dirty all the while. Then it happened He started having staggered thrusts, panting heavy, and cussing like a sailor right before he came deep in my cunt. He was saying fucking going to cum, going to cum deep in you, going to give you this nut, fuck im going to breed you, get ready, get ready, here it coems, arghhh as he screamed in passion filling me full.

     After his orgasm he just laid on my back, cock still firmly planted in my cunt, slowly deflating.

to be continued.......................................

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