Justin's Rock


by Tim Mead

Chapter 10



"Time to get up."  A chuckle.  "Actually, I see you're already `up,' so I guess I should say it's time to rise and shine."

"Bite me!"

"In your dreams, roomie."

Justin opened an eye and then woke up quickly.  Bailey was standing there naked, rubbing a deodorant stick in an armpit.  The two had been comfortable about being naked in front of each other from the beginning, but Justin couldn't help enjoying the sight of his muscular friend in all his glory.  He especially admired Bailey's substantial ass.  It wasn't fat.  There was no fat on him anywhere.  But he had big, muscular glutes, and Justin salivated at the thought of what he could do, given the opportunity, with those melons.

He sat up, put his feet on the floor and watched.

"Pervin' on me again, huh?" Bailey asked with a grin.

"Busted!  Does it bother you?"

Bailey had put down the deodorant and was now standing on one foot as he pulled on his boxers.  Justin hated for the show to end, but he admired the way Bailey's muscles rippled under his skin as he shifted from one foot to the other and pulled up the shorts.

"Not really.  I'm flattered, actually, that you like to look at me.  And I know you aren't gonna try to put any moves on me."

He pulled a green wifebeater over his head, giving Justin a breathtaking show of pits, biceps, deltoids, pecs . . . .

"You aren't going to put any moves on me, are you?"

Justin stood up, stretched, grinned, and said, "No, man.  You're a lost cause."

Bailey and Justin often studied together on weeknights, but that evening Bailey left after supper saying he had a study date.  A little after 10:00 Justin had just put away the books and was checking his email when Bailey returned.

"Hey, bro.  Who was your date with?"


"I haven't heard you mention her before, have I?"

"No, this is the first time we've done anything together."  Bailey dropped his backpack and sat on the edge of his bed.

"Gonna ask her out this weekend?"

"Already have."  He grinned as he took off his shoes.

Justin shut down his pc and swiveled to face Bailey.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"As they say, you just did."


"Go ahead, ask."

"It's none of my business, but . . ."

"If I think it's none of your business, I won't answer.  So ask, already."

"You've dated  several different females in the time we've been here, haven't you?"

"Well, yeah, I suppose."

"Have you ever dated any of them more than a couple or three times?"

"Sure I have.  There's, well, let's see . . .  Actually, I guess three times is about the most."

"You're quite the player, aren't you?"

Bailey looked embarrassed.

"Hey, I'm not criticizing.  I was just wondering."

"Look, Jus, I'm not trying to put notches on my belt or anything.  I don't think I'm really the player type.  And I haven't been getting all that much."


"What is?"

"Well, I was just thinking.  We gay guys have the reputation of fucking around and being unable to have stable relationships.  But at least I haven't messed around with anybody except Hal since we got here."

"I hear what you're saying.  But we're both too young, too early in our college careers to be looking for Ms. Right, or in your case, Mr. Right.  Would you describe Harry as your boyfriend?"

Justin thought about that for a minute.  "Not really.  Have you heard the term `fuckbuddies'?"

Bailey grimaced.  "Yeah, but it sounds awful."

Justin grinned.  "It's not so bad.  But I wouldn't mind finding Mr. Right.  I don't see why it's too early."

"Maybe it isn't.  For you."  He paused.  Then, smiling, he said, "If that's what you want, good luck, man."

"Thanks, bro."

*          *          *

As Justin was leaving Principles of Design one day, a member of the class came up to him.  

"You're Quinn, right?"

The speaker was a wiry black guy about Justin's height.  He had a gold loop in each ear and two gold chains around his neck.  `Nice,' Justin thought.  `Not too much.  And the gold looks great with his dark skin.'  The guy's hair looked as if it had been shaved a few days earlier and had grown out enough to look like five o'clock shadow all over his head.

"Yeah.  I'm Justin.  Sorry I don't know your name."

Extending his hand, the guy said, "Peavy."

"Oh," Justin said, "that would be Kevin Peavy, right?"

"Uh huh.  Wanna go for coffee?"

Wondering why, a month into the fall term, Kevin Peavy invited him for coffee, Justin said, "Yeah, sure, I guess."

At a table in a relatively quiet corner of the Commons with something that passed for coffee in styrofoam cups, the two young men faced each other.

"So, Kevin Peavy, why did you want to have coffee with me?"

Kevin looked back at him, the look from his brown eyes boring into Justin's green ones.  "You're gay."


For the first time, Kevin seemed uncomfortable.  "Well, so am I."

Justin's cocky grin appeared.  "Peavy, are you trying to pick me up?  `Cause if you are, I should tell you I'm kind of with someone."

"Get over yourself, Quinn.  I just wanted to ask you to come to the next GSA meeting Thursday night.  It's a good group.  You might meet some people you like.  Both sexes, gay and straight."

"Yeah?"  Justin knew there was a GSA group on campus, but he'd never really thought about going to their meetings.

"We need to support the cause.  There'll be a business meeting and then they're showing a flick.  You and your boyfriend should come."

"Okay, I'll ask him.  Now, why don't you tell me about Kevin Peavy?"

He found out that Kevin was from Springfield, that he was majoring in art with an emphasis on photography, that he was between boyfriends, and that he was a sophomore.  Justin thought he was sexy, particularly because he seemed so intense.

They chatted until Kevin, saying he needed to get to his next class, excused himself.

Justin couldn't help noticing that the skinny Kevin had a nice package and a pleasingly protuberant ass.

That evening Bailey and his girlfriend du jour were going to a French film sponsored by the theatre department.

"You and cutie pie can have the room.  I won't be back until after 11:00, at least."

"He'd hate it if he knew you called him that."

Bailey grinned.  "Then don't tell him.  And open the window, please!"

Justin saluted.  "Yes, sir!"

When Harry tapped on the door, Justin pulled him inside and closed it.  He pushed Harry against the wall and, cupping  his friend's balls with one hand, began to kiss him.  Soon he had his fingers wrapped around Harry's hard dick through his khakis and boxers and his tongue pushing down the squeaking Harry's throat.

Harry's knees began to buckle, but Justin held him up by the handle he was grasping.

When, finally, they broke apart, sucking in air, Justin said, "Welcome to my lair."

Panting, Harry said, "That's the way it feels.  Like I'd just stumbled into your cave and been attacked."

"Not unpleasantly, I hope," Justin chuckled.

"Oh, no!"  It was Harry's turn to fondle Justin's package.  "Now, what did you have in mind?"


"I'm available.  Let's get to it!"

After opening the window, Justin began undressing Harry, who cooperated fully, and then helped Justin shed his own clothes.

As they faced each other, dicks erect, Justin grinned and said, "Now I'm gonna fuck you!"  He had pulled back the spread, blanket, and top sheet of his bed.  He swatted Harry on the butt and said, "On your back, stud."

After Harry obeyed, Justin knelt beside the bed and began to lick.  He started with an ear, first sticking his tongue in it, and then sucking on it while Harry wriggled and moaned.  Leaving the ear, Justin slowly worked his way down Harry's neck, onto his chest, taking his time as Harry cooed his pleasure.

Letting a nipple pop out of his teeth, he licked his way further down Harry's taut body.

"You've got nice abs, Harry.  Must be the gymnastics."

"Yeah, originally.  But I do a lot of crunches to keep `em, now that I'm not doing gymnastics any more."

"Mmmm!"  Justin was licking in the valleys between those mounds.  Harry was wiggling and moaning again.

"Come on, Justin, please!"

Justin looked up at Harry and gave him an evil grin.  "Please what?"

"Bastard!  Suck me!"

Instead, Justin began tonguing Harry's innie navel.  Harry squeaked.

"There's no rush, Hal dude.  We've got three and a half hours before Bailey gets back.  Relax."

"How the fuck can I relax when you're doing that?"

"You must cultivate patience, Grasshopper."  He put his index and middle fingers against Harry's lips.  Harry obediently sucked them into his mouth.  After he had lapped his way from Harry's navel to his pubes, he sucked Harry's sweet pink cock into his mouth.  Removing his fingers from Harry's mouth, he slowly pushed them into his ass as he worked on his hot, rigid dick.

"Ohmygod, Jus!  Ohmygod!  That's so . . ."

Justin chuckled.  "Ya like that Jackson?"

"Oh, I've never, it's so. . . , ohmygod!"

Slowly finger fucking his friend, Justin oh-so-gently licked and sucked his rod,.

It wasn't too long before a panting Harry said, "Oh!  Oh, I'm gonna come!"

Justin drew off long enough to say, "So come, baby."  Then he took Harry's cock all the way down and used his throat muscles to stimulate it as he continued to tickle Harry's joy spot.

Soon he was rewarded with a mouthful of hot boyjuice.

His knees sore by this time, Justin got into the narrow bed beside Harry and hugged him.

Nuzzling Justin's neck, Harry whispered, "Oh, Jus, that was fantastic!  But you haven't come yet.  What can I do?"

"That was the warm-up.  Now I'm gonna fuck you."

"Do it!"

Justin reached under the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube and a foil packet.  Soon ready, he positioned himself behind Harry, who was on all fours on the bed.  He fingered Harry's eager hole again for a few minutes, but then Harry begged to be entered.

As he slowly, gently shoved his sheathed tool into Harry's hot opening, Justin thought, `And that bastard Todd said I was only a bottom boy!'

Later, after he'd filled the condom, he and Harry collapsed.  He wrapped his arms around the smaller man, rolling them onto their sides, and they lay there, warm, content, happy.

"Oh, that's so sweet!"

`Huh?  What?'  Justin opened his eyes.  He was still lying with his arms around Harry, his semi-hard cock still in his friend's chute.  Bailey was standing there looking down at them.  He didn't seem to be angry or disgusted.  He was smiling.

"Oh, sorry, roomie.  I guess we went to sleep."

As Harry began to stir, Bailey said, "Well, at least you opened the window."

*          *          *

"Oh, Hal, I forgot to tell you something."

Justin and Harry were having breakfast at the Commons.  Bailey had gotten up, showered, and presumably eaten earlier.  Justin had no idea where Cliff, Harry's roommate, was and didn't care.

"Yeah?  What's that?" Harry asked, putting down the fork with which he'd been eating scrambled eggs.

"A guy in one of my classes and I had coffee the other morning."

"Oh?"  Harry seemed disturbed.

"Yeah.  Cute gay guy named Kevin Peavy."

"Oh?"  Harry raised an eyebrow and began to push the rest of his eggs around the plate.

"Yeah.  He'd figured out that I'm gay."

"Well, like, that's a no brainer."

"What do you mean?  I'm not femme or anything!"

"No, but you don't make any secret of being gay, Jus.  Everybody that knows you knows you're gay."

"Oh!"  Justin picked up a piece of limp bacon, studied it for a moment, and then put it back on his plate.  "Well, anyway, he wanted you and me to come to the meeting of the GSA tomorrow night."

"How'd he know about me?"

"I thought at first he was trying to pick me up, so I told him about you."

Harry sat up a bit taller and smiled.  "You did?"

"I did."  Justin took a swallow of his coffee.  "But I think we should go.  Like Kevin said, we gotta stick together.  He said there'd be a short business meeting and then they were showing a film.  Would you be willing to go?"

"Sure.  I might meet somebody cute."

"Watch it there, Jackson!"

"Well, we both might."

"Does that mean you aren't satisfied with me?"

Harry laughed.  "Oh, you're so easy.  I'm just jerkin' your chain, baby."

Thursday evening Justin told Bailey where he and Harry were going.  

"That's the Gay/Straight Alliance, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Would you guys mind if I came with you?"

"Of course not.  But it's almost time to go.  Grab your hoodie.  It's chilly out there tonight."

Justin was impressed that Bailey was willing to go to the GSA meeting with Harry and him.  The first meeting had been largely a social affair.  The president, a good-looking young woman Justin couldn't believe was a lesbian, welcomed everyone, outlined some of the activities planned for the coming year, and then adjourned the meeting.  The movie was a mystery with a gay detective based on a series of novels.  Afterward, as they were sampling the punch and cookies, Kevin Peavy came over to Justin and his friends and Justin introduced them.  

Kevin went out of his way to be nice to Bailey.  Thinking a word to the wise might be in order, Justin managed to get Peavy alone for a moment and mentioned that Bailey was straight.

"You didn't need to tell me that, Quinn.  My Gaydar told me he's just gay friendly."  He grinned.  "But we need to make all the breeders feel welcome.  This is supposed to be a Gay/Straight group, you know.  See if you can get your roomie to bring some of his straight friends next time.  Maybe his girlfriend, if he's got one."

*          *          *

One weekend Justin went home with Bailey to Strongsville when the CSU Cougars were playing an away game.  They drove from campus in Justin's SUV, arriving at the Stones' not long before noon.  

Bailey's home was in a subdivision that, he told Justin, was built in the 70's.  It was close to the major shopping mall in Strongsville and not far from I-71, yet it was back in a wooded area with some large cliffs and a ravine, so it seemed secluded.  The house itself was a redwood, stone, and glass affair, with lots of windows, lots of old trees, mostly oaks and maples, built on a slope, so both lower levels opened at some point onto the yard.  The day they were there was late enough in the season that most of the leaves had fallen from the trees and had made a colorful blanket on the lawn.  The sky was intensely blue, and the sun caused the few leaves remaining on the trees to look like jewels.

The Stones were pleasant enough, but, Justin thought, somewhat distant.  At lunch Bailey's parents asked the predictable questions.  Although he was sure Bailey would have told them the basics about him, Justin was surprised when they asked where he was from what his parents did, what he was planning to major in, and so forth, as if they knew nothing about him.

That afternoon Bailey suggested that they explore the Cleveland Museum of Art.  He asked his mother if he could use her car so they wouldn't have to use Justin's

"Oh, dear, I'm going to use it.  But you can take your father's.  He's going to be working here at home and won't need it."

Bailey sighed.  "Oh, okay."

Justin was surprised when they were ready to leave to find that the senior Stone's car was a silver Mercedes sedan.

"Dude, what's the matter with driving this?" Justin asked, as they buckled their seat belts.

"Oh, it's just such an old man's car.  I mean, Dad's not that old.  But this beast is so . . . well, pretentious."

Justin chuckled.  "Well, if it really bothers you, we can take my car.  You can drive, since you know where we're going, though."

Bailey seemed grateful.  "Thanks, Jus.  But you drove us here.  I really don't mind driving."

Justin, who'd never been to the University Circle area of Cleveland before, was impressed with the many institutions there, the Cleveland Clinic campus, the Case Western Reserve University campus, Severance Hall, the Cleveland Institutes of Art and Music, the Cleveland Natural History Museum, and, their destination, the Cleveland Museum of Art.  

Since both of them were taking an art history course together, they were engrossed by the offerings of the CMA.  Bailey, who was planning to major in art history and had been there many times, couldn't help lecturing once in a while.  Justin found it all fascinating and developed an increased respect for his roommate as they wandered around the museum, gazing, fascinated, at everything from pre-Columbian and ancient Greek artifacts to works by Picasso and Klee.

They spent the afternoon in the museum.  When they left, Bailey drove them past downtown and into Cleveland's "Flats" area, where they had supper at a restaurant next to the Cuyahoga River.  As they ate they watched the pleasure craft going up and down the river.

"If this were a weekday," Bailey said, "We'd see big ore boats and freighters going up and down the river."

"Cool!" Justin said.  

The next morning, typical college men, they slept in.  Even Bailey, who was more of a morning person than Justin, managed to stay abed until nearly 10:00.  Bailey's parents were in their robes and slippers with a fire going in the great room fireplace, reading the Sunday Plain Dealer when the boys came downstairs.

"Oh, there's juice and coffee, boys," Bailey's mother said, "and some brioches.  You may want to put them in the oven for a few minutes to warm."

"Can't we just nuke `em?" Bailey asked.

"Oh, no, dear.  The microwave will make them tough.  But the oven's on, and it won't take long to warm them up."

Justin had never had brioches before, and he loved the buttery rolls with more butter and strawberry jam on them.

After they'd cleaned up, they put their things in the Rav 4.  Bailey had gotten a hug from his mother.  He shook hands with his father.  Justin received handshakes from both the senior Stones.  And they started back to Colby.  

As he drove west on the Ohio Turnpike, Justin couldn't help wondering how a warm, sensitive, considerate, caring guy like Bailey could have sprung from such seemingly self absorbed people as his parents.  He wanted to ask Bailey about that, but he couldn't think of any way of doing so without seeming to disparage Bailey's folks.  So, doing something uncharacteristic, he heeded his mother's advice:  "When in doubt, keep your mouth shut."

*          *          *

Justin and Harry continued to attend the meetings of Colby GSA.  Bailey usually managed to find a reason not to go with them after the first meeting.  They did get to know a number of gays and lesbians at those meetings, however, and they felt comfortable there.

One evening during the social period following a meeting, Kevin Peavy and Blake Alexander, a tall, thin guy with black hair, brown eyes, a mustache and goatee, came over to Harry and Justin.

"Hey, guys," Blake said, "my partner and I are having a party Saturday night, and we'd like you to come."

"Oh," Justin asked, "are you two partners?"

Kevin and Blake looked at each other and grinned.  "No," Blake explained, "my partner is Jay Phelps.  That's him over there talking to the redheaded guy."

They looked where Blake had indicated to see another tall guy, this one with brown hair and very broad shoulders.  From that distance they couldn't see his eyes.

Harry perked up.  More cautious, Justin said, "Oh?  What kind of party?"

"Mostly people from the GSA and some other gay friends.  We'll have something to drink and some snacks and we'll just talk and there'll be dancing.  Just a way for people to become friendly.  My roomies and I share a house.  Fred, the straight one, is gonna be away, so Jay and I are taking advantage of his absence to have some people over."  He grinned at them.  "I hope you'll come."

Justin and Harry exchanged glances "Yeah, we'd like to."

Peavy had been standing there with something like a smirk on his face.  "Cool!" he said.
The guys all bumped fists as they parted.

The evening of the party Justin wore a pair of jeans he thought showed off his ass and package well, with a light green button-up shirt.  He was fiddling with his hair when Bailey said, "Oh, you lookin' to get laid tonight?  Won't Harry be with you?"

Justin blushed.  "Yeah, Hal's coming, too.  I just want to look good.  Anything wrong with that?"

Bailey laughed.  "Not a thing.  And you look fine."

"Okay, then I guess I'll go down and get Hal.  You got a date?"

"Yeah, Ruthie and I are seeing a flick at the theater department."

Justin made a face.  "Again?  Something else with sub-titles?"

"Yeah, probably."

"Well, don't wait up."

"Jus . . . be careful."

"Of what?"  He bristled slightly.

"You're not much of a drinker.  It's easy to forget how much you've consumed at parties."

"You're right.  But you don't need to worry.  I really don't like beer all that much, and that's probably what they'll have.  I'll just stick to pop."

"Be good.  And have fun."

He grinned at his friend.  "Awww, how can I have fun if I behave myself?"

To Be Continued

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