Justin's Rock

By Tim Mead

From Chapter 18

He shivered when Bailey licked his ear.  "I was hoping you'd make love to me."

Justin let his knees bend so he could slide down Bailey's frame.  He nuzzled one of Bailey's nipples.  Even through a sweatshirt and a tee, that caused Bailey to moan.

"Oh, man," Justin growled, "I'm gonna make you feel so good!"

Chapter 19

"Let's take this upstairs.  Before we do anything else we're gonna have a shower."

"But Jus, we took a shower at the gym."

Justin grinned.  Grabbing Bailey's hand, he said, "Yeah, but there's a spot we missed.  Besides, it'll be fun.  It'll relax us, get us in the mood."

Looking puzzled and uncharacteristically nervous, Bailey said, "Relax is good.  Let's do it."

When they reached his room, Justin turned to Bailey and gestured for him to lift his arms so he could pull off the Cavaliers sweatshirt he was wearing.  Bailey got the idea and pulled off Justin's sweater.  They removed each other's tee shirts.  Then it was Justin's turn.  His hands trembled as he unbuttoned Bailey's jeans.  He stuck the fingers of his right hand between the jeans and the black briefs Bailey had chosen to wear that morning.  He popped the button, unzipped the fly, and slowly eased the jeans down, enjoying the feel of Bailey's hard butt against his thumb as it slid over the incredible glutes.  After a sharp intake of air, he groaned.

"What's wrong, Jus?" Bailey said, the corners of his mouth twitching up.

"Nothing's wrong.  Everything's good!"

Bailey had to sit on the side of Justin's bed to untie and take off  his ankle-high winter boots before he could remove the jeans.  Then he stood, the bulge in his cotton briefs prominent.  His turn.  He unfastened Justin's jeans and hooked his thumbs into Justin's boxers, so they all slid over his ass and down his legs together.  Then it was Justin's turn to take off his shoes and step out of jeans and underpants.  

The two stood there, naked except for their white socks.  

"God, you're cute!" Bailey said.  He put his arms around Justin and pulled him closer, planting his open lips on Justin's.

Justin wanted to say something about "cute," but he was prevented from talking by the kiss.  And he didn't really mind that at all.  Oh, no!

They stood there kissing, chests together, Justin rapidly becoming hard.  Bailey, he noticed, was plumped up, but not actually rigid yet.  He allowed the kiss to continue, deliciously, tantalizingly, sweetly for a while.  Then he pushed Bailey away.

"Don't want to rush things, big guy.  Shower time."

Bailey cocked an eyebrow.  "I thought you'd gotten over your compulsion to bathe."

"Oh, this isn't like that, believe me.  I've discovered another compulsion."

"And that would be?"

"Well, if you must know, I get off on looking at you when water's running all over your bumps and lumps."

"Bumps and lumps?  What bumps and lumps?"

Justin grinned and ran his hand over Baileys pecs, then down over his abs.  "These bumps and lumps, man, all these gorgeous muscles.  You look fantastic anytime, but when you're wet, and you glisten, you're just too much."

"And what about not washing something?"


"Downstairs you said we didn't get something clean at the gym this morning, or something like that."

An evil grin appeared on Justin's face.  "Oh, that."

"That what?"

Well, come on, let's get in the shower and I'll show you.  But, hey, something just occurred to me.  Let's use the shower in Mom and Dad's bedroom.  It's a separate stall instead of a tub shower.  There'll be more room."

"What's wrong, Quinn?  You don't want to be close to me?"

"Oh, I'm gonna be closer to you than anybody's ever been.  Well, than any guy's ever been, anyway."

They took off their socks, grabbed towels from the bathroom across the hall from Justin's bedroom, and went into the master suite.  Justin jumped when, as he led the way, he felt Bailey's hand caressing his butt.

"Damn, Quinn.  That little ass isn't anything like a woman's."

"Is that a complaint, Stone?"

"Nope.  I think it's cute."

"I believe you've said that before."

In the shower they took turns soaping and rinsing each other, taking their time, feeling and rubbing, exploring to their hearts' content.  Justin was encouraged to note Bailey's erection, which had appeared even before he'd run his soapy hands over Bailey's cock and balls.

When they had finished washing each other all over, Bailey said, "Okay.  Now are we clean enough to suit you?"

"Not quite.  Turn around and put your hands on the shower wall.  Stick that sexy big ass out and spread your legs."

"Jus, what . . .?"  He turned around, but he was looking over his shoulder.

Justin slapped Bailey's right cheek hard enough to leave a mark.  "Hang a sec."  He soaped his right hand thoroughly.  Then he squatted.  With his left he separated Bailey's buns and then tried working his right index finger into Bailey's pucker.  He had a difficult time of it because Bailey instinctively tightened his sphincter.

"Oh!  That isn't what I thought you were going to stick in me."

Justin chuckled.  "It's only the first thing I'm going to stick in you.  But I want you to be clean there. We should really use a douche bag, but I thought that might be a bit much for the first time."

He continued to work his soapy finger over the clenched opening.  

"Try to relax, Bail."

He stroked the opening until it he could feel some of the tension go away.  He eased the tip of his finger into the still-tight pucker.


Yes?"  Justin grinned, though his friend couldn't see it.

"I'm sorry, Jus.  Go on, please."

"No, you've got to tell me if it hurts."

"It doesn't hurt, exactly.  I've just never felt anything like that before."

"Okay, if you're sure."

"I'm sure.  I think."

Justin inserted his finger very slowly.  When Bailey didn't say anything, he cautiously began to move it around in Bailey's chute, which elicited surprised grunts from his friend.  When he rubbed the pad of his finger over Bailey's prostate, Bailey exclaimed, "Ohmygod, what's that?"

"Your love nut, babe.  Woops!  You don't want me to call you that.  Sorry!"

"Actually, that feels kind of good.  Better than I'd imagine."

"This is just the beginning.  I'm just trying to get you nice and clean up there."

"Aren't you gonna use a rubber?"

"If my cock should just happen to be up there, you can bet there'll be a rubber on it.  I get my last test in a few weeks, and if it comes out okay, we won't have to use `em.  But until then, you bet your sweet ass I'll cover up.  But you haven't considered all the alternatives yet, big boy."

"Alternatives?"  Bailey seemed confused, perhaps because Justin was still rubbing his prostate.

When Justin removed his finger, Bailey's "oh!" clearly expressed his disappointment.

"Now, why don't you return the favor?  If it doesn't gross you out, that is."

"If you can do it, so can I.  Turn around and assume the position.  But you'd better remember my fingers are bigger than yours."

Justin chuckled.  "Dude, I've had lots bigger things than your fingers up there."

"I don't think I want to know about that."

Bailey soaped his finger and with great caution began to slide it up Justin's rectum.

"Oh, fuck, man!"  Justin backed up onto Bailey's finger.  "Now, work it around in there.  The point is to get it all squeaky clean."

"Okay, if you say so."  Bailey began to move his finger around until he found the bump he was looking for.  Justin jumped.

"Let's not get carried away.  There'll be plenty of time for that.  Just take your finger out and clean it off."

They dried each other.  Justin was relived to find that Bailey seemed to enjoy all the rubbing.  He'd been worried that Bailey was a bit tense as they'd cleaned each other out.  

Pulling back the covers on his bed, Justin turned to Bailey.  "Have you thought about what happens next?"

"I've thought about it a lot."

"And?" Justin asked, with a hint of impatience.

"Last fall when I first started getting hard every time I looked at your ass, I was worried.  But I have to say I've been fantasizing about fucking it for months now."

"Okay," Justin said.  He went to his bedside table and took out lube and condom packets.

"But," Bailey continued, "I've done a fair amount of fucking.  I'm even more curious about what it would feel like if you fu--, no, if you made love to me."

Despite the throbbing of his cock, Justin was wary.  "I don't want no mercy fuck.  This wouldn't have anything to do with the party, would it?"

"You told me you and Doc Gaskins have that all sorted out.  I admit, though, I'd wondered what it would be like to have a guy's tool inside me long before I began to really lust for you.  Now, please, man, I want you to do me."

"I hear what you're saying.  But are you sure?"

Bailey took a deep breath and smiled.

"Let's assume I am.  Now, please, Jus.  Do me."

They got into the bed.  Justin pushed Bailey over so he was lying on his back.  Then Justin began to lick the closest ear, occasionally sticking his tongue into it, as Bailey groaned.  

"Jesus!  Girls have done that to me before, but it never felt like that!"

Chuckling, Justin continued for a few minutes longer, in no hurry.  Then he began licking Bailey's neck, an act which brought forth some groaning and writhing.  When he used his teeth on the spot where the shoulder meets the neck and began to suck, Bailey said, "I never knew it could be like this with a guy!"

"Honey, you ain't felt nothin' yet."

Justin lapped his way slowly to Bailey's right pectoral.  Muttering "Oh, man, I've never had a chance to suck on anything like this!" he went to work.

"I'd heard that was supposed to feel good, but I had no idea.  Oh, Jus, oh, that's fantastic!"  Bailey ran his fingers over Justin's short hair, in effect holding his head in place.  Justin chuckled.

"What's funny?"

"You really like this, don't ya, Stone?"

"You could tell?" Bailey asked, grinning.  He whimpered when after some minutes of licking, nipping, and sucking, Justin worked his way across the ridges and through the valleys of Bailey's abs, moving Bailey's hard cock out of the way when necessary.  

When Justin began to lick Bailey's balls, he elicited a grunt of surprise.

"Something wrong?  You want me to stop?"

"Oh, no!  That's just not what I was expecting."

"Gonna give Stone's stones the treatment.  Be patient."  He took first one and then the other into his mouth and moved it around with his tongue, sucking gently.

"Oh!  Oh, Jus!"  Again Bailey's hands were on Justin's head, not pressing or urging, just resting there.  He ran his fingers idly over Justin's ears, which caused Justin's cock to ooze even more precum.

Bailey was writhing with need before Justin finally left his balls, grabbed his cock and began licking it.  "Oh, yes, oh god yes!  Oh, suck on it, baby!"

Justin took his mouth off Bailey's shiny cock, craned his neck, and said, "Baby!  Baby?  I thought that was too queer."

"Dammit, Quinn, this isn't a time to argue semantics.  Are you gonna suck me or what?"

Justin grinned and tickled Bailey's crack.  "You get bossy, bitch, and I'll go kick back with Brody and Dave."

"Nooo, I'm sorry.  Please . . ."

Justin chuckled and returned to work.  Before either of them was ready, he could tell Bailey was close to exploding.  He stopped and pulled off.

"Turn over . . . babe."

"I guess that's better than bitch.  But why?  Aren't you gonna let me nut?"

"All in due course, lover."

As he rolled over, Bailey said, "Lover, I like that.  You want my ass in the air, I suppose."

"You been looking at porn online, Stoney?"

"No!  It just seemed logical."

"Jesus!  Logical at a time like this!  Okay, you think about syllogisms while I have some fun."

Justin pulled Bailey's big, muscular buns apart and began licking the crack.  Bailey literally squeaked.

"Fuck, what are you doing?

"It's called rimming."

"I know that!  But I didn't think anybody actually did it."

"Man, are you nave! Now, stick your face in the pillow or whatever.  You're gonna love this. And now you know why we cleaned you out."

Bailey uttered a variety of groans, gurgles and squeaks as Justin began to tongue his pucker.  At first he simply passed the tip of his tongue over the exterior of the opening, which Bailey instinctively clenched tight.  As Justin continued, however, it relaxed.  When Justin shoved his tongue into the loosened hole for the first time, it clenched again as Bailey hoarsely said, "I didn't know anything like that could feel so good!"

"You mean your women haven't done that for you?"

"Be real!  What girl would do that?"

"You're asking the wrong guy.  But I hear some of them will."

"Jus, please, do it some more?"

Justin was soon tongue fucking Bailey's hot and very eager hole.  Bailey was panting.



I guess we'd better take the next step."

"The next step involves something a lot bigger than my tongue.  Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Look, I admit I'm nervous about it.  Once you fuck me I can never say I'm 100% straight.  But I'm also thinking about the size of your finger and the size of your cock.  I want you to do it, Jus.  I'm pretty sure I need you to do it.  But go, slow, please."

"Bailey Stone, the last thing I want to do is hurt you.  I'll go slow, I promise.  And if you want me to stop, just say so."

Bailey watched over his shoulder as Justin sheathed and lubricated his throbbing cock.  He wiggled his butt a little.

"You want me in you?"  Justin tickled Bailey's rosebud.

Shuddering, Bailey replied, "Yeah, I've fantasized about this.  And it's not that I can't take pain.  I just can't help being a little apprehensive."  

"We'll take it slow.  You're gonna love it.  Believe me."   Then he squirted lube on the pucker, which was already wet from saliva.

"Ooooh, that's nice," Bailey purred.  "It's warm."

"Yeah, it's lube that gives you a warm glow."

"It does, it does.  So let's do it!"

"As you wish."  Justin used his fingers to loosen up and expand Bailey's opening.  At first he was tight again, but soon the muscle began to relax.

"Does this hurt?"

"Burns a little, but it's good, too.  And if you don't stop hitting my prostate, I'm gonna come."

"Well, hang on!  Remember when I start to push into you, it will help lessen the pain if you make like you're taking a dump."


Justin put his sheathed, lubed tool against Bailey's now relaxed, winking pucker.

He pushed gently.  Bailey winced and grunted.

"A problem?"

No, go ahead."

"Come on, you've got to be honest with me."

"Okay, so it hurts a little.  But I can take it.  Just go easy."

It took a period of alternately shoving and resting because Justin was trying not to hurt Bailey.  When he was pubes deep, he asked, "How do you feel?"

"Stretched.  Really full."  

Bailey's voice sounded tense.

"You want me to pull out?"

"No way!  But would you start out slow?"

"Slow it is, lover."

Justin started very slowly, moving ever so gently in and out.  He could feel the point when the tension left Bailey's body. And then, after a few minutes, Bailey was rocking back to meet his thrusts, and both participants were muttering and grunting.  

"You like this?

"I can't believe it!"

"That's good, right?"

"Oh yeah!"

So he began to step up the pace.  Bailey began to moan again.  When he sensed that Bailey was getting close once more, he stopped.

"What's wrong?  Did you cum?  I would have known if you came, wouldn't I?"

"I want you on your back.  I want to see that face!"

They managed to roll Bailey over without Justin's cock leaving its position. Justin leaned down between Bailey's splayed legs and kissed him.

"You asked me to make love to you.  This isn't just sex, it's love.  I hope you know that."  

"I do, man.  Kiss me again.  And then let's get on with it."

After a long kiss Justin grabbed Bailey's legs by the ankles and held them up.  He began to move his dick in and out and they picked up speed, again to the accompaniment of various non-verbal utterances.

"Oh, god, babe, I'm gonna come!"

"Come for me, baby!"  Instead of speeding up, Justin slowed down the action, which he knew would both prolong and intensify the pleasure.  

Bailey, whose hands had been grabbing the sheets, never touching his cock, went rigid.  Then he shuddered and his eyes rolled up as he sprayed streams of thick white cum over his chest and abs.  The sight caused Justin to fill the condom he was wearing.  He came so much he was afraid it might overflow, so he removed his cock from Bailey and pulled off the sheath, tying it in a knot and throwing it in a nearby wastebasket. Before he stretched himself over his apparently unconscious lover, he noticed how wide open his hole remained.  Distracted momentarily by the sight, he stretched out and began licking Bailey's cum from his body.

Once more Bailey put his hands on Justin's head.  He sighed.  "Jus.  Lover.  I don't know what to say."

Justin got up on his elbows and looked down into Bailey's face.  "Come on, man, you can't leave me like that.  Was it awful?  Disappointing?  A never-to-be-repeated experience?  What?"

Bailey grinned.  "Dufus!  It hurt some, but still it was way better than I imagined.  Most of the pain went away after a while, or else I just forgot about it.  At this moment, I wonder why all men aren't into man sex.  You've made me have a multiple epiphany."

"If I didn't miss something, you only had one orgasm.  What's this epiphany bit?"

"I realized that I'm at least as much gay as straight, that I really do love you, and that you really must love me.  This wasn't just a get-your-rocks-off fuck.  I know you came, Jus, but I knew through the whole experience that you wanted to make me feel good."

"And did you?"

Once more putting his hands behind Justin's head, he pulled him down for a long, searching kiss.  When at last they broke to breathe, Justin lay on his side.  Bailey turned to face him.

"Mmm.  That tasted of cum.  And you."

"That was your cum, pure essence de Bailey.  You have tasted your own cum before?"

With an embarrassed smile Bailey said, "Well, uh, yeah."

Justin slid an arm under Bailey's head, pulling it against his chest.  Then he rolled onto his back.  

They woke up some time later, Bailey's head still on Justin's chest, Justin's arm still looped around his lover.


Justin kissed the top of Bailey's head.  "What was that?"

"'Snice."  He licked a nipple.  

Justin jumped.  "That's nice, too, but I gotta pee."

Bailey opened his eyes.  "Me too, but promise we can get back in bed afterward."


They stood together, streams crossing as they relieved full bladders.  Then as agreed upon they got back into bed.  Justin shivered and pulled up the covers.

"Now," Bailey growled, "where was I?"

"It was the right one, I think."

"Oh, yeah."  He burrowed his head under the covers and began to tug gently with his teeth at Justin's nipple.

"Better be careful."

"Yeah?  Or what?"

You're gonna have me hard again."

"Would that be so bad?"

"No, of course not.
 But we've got all weekend, and I'm, well, I hate to say it, but I'm hungry."

"I'm hungry, too, Jus.  Hungry for you."

That reminds me."


"When you asked me to make love to you, you did mean for me to top, didn't you?"


Well, what I was wondering is, uh, are you sure that didn't have anything to do with my problem a while back about thinking I was a bottom slut?"

Bailey rolled from his side onto his back and laced his fingers behind his head.  He was quiet for so long Justin was about to ask his question again.

"Honestly, yes, in part.  But you have to understand, Justin, that I've fucked women.  I know what it's like to have my dick in a warm, wet place.  But I just couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a dick up my ass.  And, frankly, it was idle curiosity until I realized how much you meant to me.  But knowing how I felt about you, knowing you were gay and had done that with other guys, I really got to the point where I wanted you to do it to me."


Bailey rolled back onto his side.  He stroked the side of Justin's face.  "Well, it's not like I've been keeping track or anything, but I don't think you've had sex since last fall, and I thought it would be good if the first time I let you reaffirm that you are as good a pitcher as you are a catcher.  And though we know we shouldn't generalize from a single example, after what happened in this bed a while ago, I'd say you were a world class pitcher."

Justin grinned.  "Man, it's fuckin' appropriate that your intials are B.S.  All that bullshit means you love me and you liked what we just did, right?"

Bailey smiled and said, "Yes, loverboy, that's the gist of it.  Now, kiss me."

It was growing dark outside and in Justin's bedroom as well.  Justin hadn't looked at his clock, hadn't been interested in the time, but when Bailey's stomach growled, he remembered that he was hungry.  The red numerals on the bedside clock said 5:13.

"Hungry, guy?"

Yeah, I guess I am.  Sex takes a lot out of you."

Both laughed.

"Yeah, that was quite a load you dumped on yourself."

"I've never seen a condom as full as the one in the trash basket there."

"You were looking?  What a pervert."

"Anyway, I'm starved.  What do you suggest?"  

"There's plenty of food downstairs, but I could do with some fresh air."

"Wanna go get ribs somewhere?  And maybe see a flick?"

"Yeah, that'd give us time to recharge, too."

"Recharge?  You mean there's gonna be more?" Bailey asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, man, the fun and games ain't over yet.  You've gotta fuck, um, make love to me, ya know."

"I think I could manage to do that.  But let's eat first.  Then we can decide about the movie."

So the two went to Damon's at the mall for ribs.  Despite the fact that it had begun to snow as they drove there, the mall had a typical Saturday night crowd, and they had to wait fifteen minutes for a table.

As they ate, Justin studied his partner's face.  His feelings were a mixture of gratitude and sexual arousal.  He'd never enjoyed sex so much as he had that afternoon, and he was eager for more.  But he also knew he'd never felt for anyone else what he was feeling about Bailey.  After Bailey had confessed to loving him, Justin had worried that the whole thing would fall apart, that Bailey would either back down when it came to having sex or would be repulsed when they did it.  That hadn't happened, and Bailey seemed as happy as Justin could ever remember him being.

"Hey, look who's here," a familiar voice said.  They looked up to see Brody and Dave.

"Hey, guys, you arriving or leaving?"

"We're on our way out."

"Sit a minute."

Justin and Bailey, who were in a booth, slid over so the other men could sit with them.

"Haven't seen you two in a while," Dave said.  "You decided not to eat at the Commons this evening?"

"We're spending the weekend at Justin's.  His mom's out of town.  She left us a lot of food, but we decided to have ribs, and here we are."

When Bailey said that, Justin noticed that Brody and Dave looked at each other and smiled.

"Yeah," Justin said, "we thought we'd see what's on at the Cineplex."

"We checked that out," Brody said, "but there's nothing showing we wanted to see."

"Say, guys," Dave said, "if you're in Higgins overnight, why not come by our place tomorrow about noon and have dinner with us before you go back to campus?"

Brody smiled and nodded.  "Great idea."

Justin and Bailey exchanged a look.  "If you're sure you don't mind, that sounds cool.  Can we bring anything?"

"Just your sexy selves," Dave said.

They chatted for a few more minutes before the older men excused themselves.  

Bailey and Justin walked around the mall for a while, window shopping and people watching, killing time until they went to see an action flick.

Two or three inches of snow had accumulated while they were in the movie, and it continued to snow as they drove back to the Quinns'.  They took off their coats and their shoes in the utility room.

"Want something to eat or drink?  A beer maybe?"

I don't need anything to eat, but a beer would be good.  What about you?"

"I'd be willing to bet Mom left some cookies.  I think I'll have cookies and milk."

"What kind of cookies?"

"Let's see."

In the refrigerator they found a container of iced brownies, and there was a tin of oatmeal/nut/raisin cookies in the pantry.

"Can I reconsider the beer?" Bailey asked, grinning.

"Of course.  You want some of both?"


As Justin bent over to get the brownies from the fridge he felt Bailey's hard cock pressed against his crack.  He jumped, hitting his head on a shelf.  

"Ow, man!  You gotta give a guy some warning when you're gonna goose him like that."

"I'm sorry about your head, babe, I just couldn't resist."

Rubbing his head, Justin grinned and said, "I'm not really complaining.  I'm just so happy I make you hard, make you feel horny."

"Oh, you do that, for sure."

As he took the cover off the Tupperware tray with the brownies, Justin asked, "So where are we with `babe'?"

"It seems natural now.  I like it.  So if it's gay to call someone `babe,' I guess we know what I am."

Justin gave him a quick peck on the lips.  "What you `am' is fantastic, my hunk."

After stuffing themselves with brownies, cookies and milk, they went back to what was now their bedroom, where they were soon naked on the bed.  This time, with occasional coaching from Justin, Bailey pitched, Justin caught.  Both felt victorious when the game was over.  

After a delicious sleep-in the next morning, both boys found themselves sensitive in their nether regions, so instead of repeating the previous night's activities, Justin gave Bailey a seminar on the finer points of giving head.  He had to explain to a disappointed Bailey that not everyone could take it all down the first time around.  But they were both happy and quite drained as they shaved, showered and dressed.  They had orange juice and coffee and did a load of laundry before throwing their things in their bags and driving to the Cox/Cromer house for Sunday dinner.

On the way to Dave and Brody's, Bailey shifted in his seat and said, "Man, I'm pretty tender.  It might be hard sitting still this afternoon."


Shithead, you know what I mean.  I'll probably be hard thinking about what we've been doing.  But you really reamed me out!"

"You complaining?"

No way!  If you promise to be gentle, I may even let you do it again tonight.  How are you feeling down there?"

If by down there you mean my ass, it's a bit sore.  After all, it's been nearly six months since there's been any traffic up that street."

Bailey grinned.  "So you liked it because you were terminally horny?"

Glancing at his lover and smiling, Justin said, "Maybe, a little.  But mostly I liked it because no one's ever made love to me before."

"I'm glad you understand that's what it was."

"Oh, yeah!"

Hi guys," Brody said.  "Bailey, come on in.  Jus, would you pull your car over to the left side of the driveway so Dave can get into the garage?"

Justin did as he was asked and then went inside.  Brody took his coat.  "So, where's Dave?"

"Well, think about it.  It's Sunday morning.  He's at church, but he should be here any minute."

"Don't you go to church with him?"

"Sometimes, but not all the time.  This morning I stayed home so I could put the roast in the oven at the right time.  Come on in by the fire.  Bailey's in there with Tom.

Justin enjoyed the smell of the wood fire.  He enjoyed even more the sight of Bailey sprawled on the floor with his arms around the big, gray, wolf-like dog.  He flopped onto the floor and joined in the love fest.  The fierce-looking Tom was obviously a pussycat who reveled in the attention.

"Back in a minute, guys.  Gotta check something in the kitchen."  A few minutes later he returned to say, "It'll be about an hour before we eat.  Can I get anybody anything?"

Bailey and Justin said they were fine.

Just then they heard the garage door go up, and soon Dave came in through the utility room.  

After he had taken off his coat and hugs had been exchanged, he said, "I ran into someone who asked about you two."


Bailey grinned.  "Whom?"

Justin elbowed him and said, "Smartass."

"It was two someones, in fact.  Adrian Lynch and Pinkie Nielsen.  Lynch asked if I'd seen you guys recently.  Said he remembered you being at his place for Justin's birthday celebration and that you guys made an adorable couple."

"Imagine that," Brody said, "thinking these two were a couple."  He winked at Dave, though only Bailey and Dave saw it.  Justin was looking at Bailey to see how he reacted to what Dave said.

Later, as the boys were helping clear the table while Dave was slicing pieces of fresh-baked raisin pie and putting scoops of vanilla ice cream on them, Brody said, "You know, I think Adrian's right."

Justin became uneasy.  He and Bailey hadn't really discussed telling anyone about their new relationship, and so far as Brody and Dave knew, Bailey was straight.  Well, Brody had made some comment a while back that he thought Bailey was gay.  But Justin had denied it, honestly believing at the time Bailey was far from being gay.

When he was seated at the table and they had begun tucking into their dessert, Dave said, "Come on, guys.  I can tell from the body language, from the way you look at each other, taking cues from each other, for example, that you're a couple. When were you gonna tell us?"

Justin looked at Bailey, who grinned sheepishly.

"I guess we're gonna have to work on that, aren't we?"

"You don't want anyone to know?"

"We don't mind you guys knowing," Bailey said, "because you'll not tell anybody until we're ready, right?"

"If that's what you want," Brody said.  "We're not gossips."

"Speak for yourself, Cox," Dave responded, grinning and rubbing his hands together.  "I just love juicy gossip."

"You're enjoying this way too much, Dave," Justin said.  

"So how long have you guys been, uh, more than roommates?"

Justin looked again at Bailey.

"Depends on when you start counting.  We've known how we feel about each other for a couple of weeks, but we more or less consummated things last night."

"Well, congratulations," Dave said.  "We should have opened some champagne."

Justin was afraid Brody would say something about knowing all along about Bailey, but nothing of the sort happened. Bailey said he and Justin weren't going to lie about their relationship, but that they weren't going to broadcast it, either.

"Do your parents know, Bailey?"  Brody asked.

"No, Brad doesn't either."

"Brad's your brother?"

"Uh huh."

Jesus!"  Justin exclaimed.

"What?" the other three said together.

"Bail, you'd better tell `em soon.  You don't want them to hear from someone else.  And you-know-who from Strongsville lives downstairs."

Oh, yeah.  I hadn't thought about Cliff.  I guess it's good spring break's coming up.  I'll have to tell them then.

"I'll come with you if you want," Justin said.

Later, as Justin and Bailey thanked their hosts and were putting on their coats, Brody leaned close to Justin and said, "What happened to your famous gaydar, twerp?"

"Must have shorted out," Justin replied.  "I didn't have a clue until, well, until he told me he loves me."

Brody hugged Justin and said, "I'm really glad for you both."

Dave got into the act by hugging first Bailey and then Justin.  "Yeah, you guys are both lucky.  Be good to each other."


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