Justin's Rock

By Tim Mead

Chapter 20

Justin had spring fever.

He knew he'd never been so happy.  He worried that the giddy state wouldn't last while at the same time he lusted after every minute of the day. He'd always managed to do well enough in his classes to satisfy himself and his mother. Now he loved every course he was taking, loved talking about them with classmates and, in the evenings, with Bailey. For the first time in his life he was actually getting straight A's.  He loved the late winter snows in March when there should have been crocus, and when the crocus finally appeared with the daffodils right behind them, his body vibrated like a tuning fork.  He thought Colby State University was the finest place in the world to be.  He even managed to smile and say a pleasant hello to Cliff Thornton whenever he saw him.  Never before had he felt like this, and he knew it was all because of Bailey.

He'd shown his new lover everything he knew about sex. Frottage, 69ing, and anal intercourse all became a part of their repertoire.  They more or less took turns in the bottom and top roles, though Justin suspected Bailey was being scrupulous about that.  Although they'd never discussed the matter, Justin sensed that Bailey preferred topping but that, knowing Justin's hangups from the previous fall, he insisted on an equal division of roles.  And that was one more thing about Bailey for Justin to love.  They also continued to enjoy snuggling, kissing, rubbing and stroking each other.  Their biggest problem at this time, however, was that their dormitory room had single beds.  Making love was awkward for two men in such cramped space.  They'd decided they'd have to find a way to live off campus for the following year.

The hard part had been keeping all of that in their room, not letting others know about their love.  Justin would have liked to tell the world.  After all, he'd been openly gay for years, and it was difficult not to express his love for Bailey when they were around others.  But Bailey was by nature more cautious.  

"A person's sexuality is nobody's business."  He smiled.  "Except for his partner, of course.  I'd really like to tell the world how much I love you, but I owe it to my folks not to let them hear it through the gossip network back home first.  Cliff's not the only person from Strongsville High here at State, and if we come out, word will arrive back home in less than twenty-four hours.  I'd bet on it."

"Yeah," Justin said.  "I live in a small town, too, and I know what it's like.  There just aren't any secrets."

"Well," Bailey said, "Spring break's coming up, and I promise I'll tell them then.  After that, we don't need to put ads in the campus paper, but I promise we won't have to hide it from people.  We'll just be ourselves, and if they figure it out, so be it.  Is that okay with you?  Can you bear with me `till then?"

Of course Justin would bear with him.  He offered to go home with Bailey for a weekend for moral support as he told his parents, but Bailey didn't want that.  So they went on as usual for another couple of weeks, and then it was spring break.  

It would have been nice to go somewhere warm for the school holiday, but neither of them had the money.  And all the guys they knew who were going to Florida were thinking in terms of booze and broads, not a particularly attractive prospect for the two roommates.

Justin invited Bailey to spend the break with him, but Bailey said he really had to go home and come out to his parents.  Since their homes were only a few hours apart, however, they agreed that they could get together for part of the time.  It merely meant that Justin would have to come to Strongsville to be with Bailey or take him back home, which he was more than willing to do.

The second day of the vacation Justin's cell phone rang while he was still in bed.


"Jus, it's me."

"Oh.  What's up, babe?"

"You sound sleepy.  Did I call too early?"

Justin chuckled.  "Without you to roust my ass out of bed, I was getting some extra Z's.  Now, what's goin' on with you?"

I was wondering if you could come and get me."


Yeah.  Is that okay?"

"I'm up.  I'll shower, grab something to eat, and hit the road."

"Give me a call when you get off the Turnpike.  It'll take you about ten minutes from there.  You remember how to find my, uh, this house?"

"I think so, but you can talk me in."

Justin could hear Bailey's sigh over the phone.

"I'll be ready.  You sure your mom won't mind me hangin' there for the rest of the break?"

"She'll be almost as happy as I am, lover."

"Get your ass here, then.  Love you."

"Love you!"

Justin worried as he drove to Strongsville why Bailey wanted to get away from home so urgently.  The most logical reason would be that the coming out thing hadn't gone well.

When he pulled into the Stones' driveway, he admired the ornamental fruit trees in bloom along the edge of the yard. The lot had several tall oaks and maples which didn't have their leaf buds yet, but the grass was intensely green. Although the development had been there since the 70's the upscale houses and properties were beautifully maintained and had an established look that the newer developments around Higgins and Colby didn't have.

He was barely out of the car when Bailey came through the front door and jogged to his car.  He took Justin in his arms and kissed him.

"I've missed you, Jus," he said afterward.

"It's only been a couple of days, babe, but I've missed you, too."

"I've got my stuff in the entry.  You need to pee or something?"

"Yeah, I'd better do that."

He used the lav off the entryway and then helped Bailey get his things into the back of the Rav4.  Mrs. Stone never appeared.

Once they'd gone from Royalton Road up I-71 to the Turnpike and were headed west, Justin said, "So, how'd it go?"

"About like I'd expected.  But I'm not ready to talk about it yet, okay?  I just want to enjoy being with you.  You sure your mom doesn't mind?"

Justin gave him a sheepish look.  "She doesn't know yet.  We'll be there before she gets home from work."

"Come on, Jus, you need to warn her.  Got your cell?"


The first service area we come to, you pull in and call her.  If she's gonna have a big lunk like me there for a whole week, she deserves to know."

Justin didn't say anything, but he was excited to know that Bailey would be staying with him until they returned to Rhodes Hall at the end of the break.

Moira was, as Justin predicted, thrilled that Bailey would be visiting.  

"But maybe tomorrow you boys should go stock up on groceries.  You know what you like to eat, and except for weekends, I won't be around to feed you.  Can you survive on your own?"

"Sure, Mom.  You know I'm a pretty good cook.  And even the lunk here knows his way around our kitchen."

"Justin, you shouldn't call him that!"

"It's okay, Moira, I just called myself a lunk a minute ago," Bailey said loudly.

"Tell the lunk to call me "Mom," Moira said, laughing.

"I heard that . . . Mom."

"Okay.  I have to get back to work.  Drive carefully.  Are you going to start some supper, or should I stop somewhere?"

"Leave it to us."

*          *          *


They had just dropped Bailey's things inside the door of Justin's room.

"What you got in mind, Quinn?"

"No questions.  Just get naked."

"God, you're a pushy queer!"

Justin grabbed the bottom of Bailey's sweatshirt and began to lift up.  Bailey raised his arms, and Justin pulled it off.  Then he unfastened the top button of Bailey's 501s and began to fumble with the buttons on the fly.

"Here, let me do that.  You can get yourself naked, since you seem to be in such a hurry."

"Well, I could have gotten those buttons undone if your jeans weren't so full of hard cock."

When they were lying beside each other on the bed they kissed until Justin began to hump his dick against Bailey's leg.  Then he stopped, for he didn't want to come yet, and he knew if he didn't quit that was likely to happen.

"What now, hot stuff?" Bailey asked.

"Relax.  There's something I've been meaning to try."

"Will I like it?"

"Oh, I think so.  That's the idea, anyway."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Just lie there.  I'll take care of the rest."

"I think I can manage that."

Justin lay at right angles to Bailey's body, so that his feet were on the floor and his torso was supported by the mattress.  Then he grabbed Bailey's cock, which had been parallel to but not touching his lower abs, pulled it upright, and began to lick.

"Oh, that's nice, babe.  But don't you want to 69?"

"Not this time."

Justin gave Bailey's cock and balls the full treatment, licking and sucking slowly and deliberately as Bailey moaned his appreciation.  He put two fingers of his right hand against Bailey's lips. Bailey got the idea and began sucking on them.

"Get them as wet as you can."

He went back to sucking slowly.  Then he removed the fingers from Bailey's mouth and moved between Bailey's legs. He resumed sucking and inserted his pointer finger slowly into Bailey's rectum.  Bailey purred and wiggled his butt. Soon the second finger had joined the first, and they were stroking Bailey's prostate.

"Jesus!  That's so . . . I mean, oh, Jus!"

His mouth full of cock, Justin chuckled.  

The vibration on his cock along with the feel of Justin's mouth and throat there and the digital stimulation of his love bump caused Bailey to grab the sheets with both hands and begin turning his head rapidly from side to side.

"Oh!  I've never . . . that's so . . . incredible.  Oh, Jus!  You're blowing my mind!"

Justin pulled off and wagged Bailey's shining cock back and forth with his hands.  "This is your mind?"

"Bastard!  Don't stop!"

Justin went back to work, but he slowed both the up and down movement on Bailey's cock and the stroking of his prostate.

"You're not gonna stop are you?  Oh!  Oh, that's nice, too.  Mmmmm!"

A moment or so later, he said, "You devil!  I'm gonna come!"

"Mmmmm" was all Justin could utter, but it was enough to let Bailey know it was all right to shoot in his lover's mouth.  And he did.  It came so copiously and rapidly that Justin couldn't swallow it all.

He kept Bailey's cock in his mouth until it had softened.  Then he looked at Bailey and grinned.

"Come here.  You've got cum running down your chin."

Justin got into the bed and lay next to Bailey, who licked the cum from his face.  Then they kissed, Bailey's seed mixing with the saliva they passed back and forth between them.

Later, as they were lying side by side, Bailey asked, "Where'd you ever learn how to do that?

"I think I read about it online somewhere.  So you liked that, did ya?"

"Yeah.  I wanna do you.  You didn't get off."

"Later, babe.  We've got lots of time.  And right now we'd better get dressed and get downstairs.  Mom will be home soon."

"Oh, shit.  She was expecting us to fix supper, wasn't she?"

"No sweat.  I happen to know there's a Stouffer's family size lasagna in the freezer, and we've got salad makings.  All we need to do now is turn on the oven."

"You know we never had any lunch."

"Hey, that's right.  I was so excited to see you I never thought of food."

Bailey's expression went soft.  "Same here."  Then he grinned.  "But right now I could eat a horse."

"How about a beer and some peanuts?  Would that tide you over?"

I think so."

When Moira got home, she went straight to Bailey and gave him not only a hug but a kiss on the cheek.  "Bailey, I'm so glad you're here.  How are your parents?"

"Thanks, Mom.  It's nice of you to have me.  And, uh, my folks are okay."

She gave him a look, but didn't say anything.

"Hey, how about me?  Don't I get a hug," Justin asked, pretending to pout.

"Oh, I just saw you last night."  She smiled and came to Justin for a hug and a peck on the lips.  She put her coat in the hall closet and then asked, "Is there anything I need to do about dinner?"

"No, dear.  Go sit in the family room and kick off your shoes. I'll bring you some cab."

Putting her hand on his cheek, she said, "You are such a good son."

"Yeah, yeah, you'd say that to anyone who brought you a glass of wine and fixed you lasagna for supper."

"I've changed my mind.  You're evil," Moira said, chuckling.

Later, at the dinner table, Moira set down her fork and asked, "Bailey, have you come out to your parents?"

Bailey looked startled.  He chewed on a mouthful of lasagna.

"Mo-ther!  Who said anything about Bailey being gay?"

Moira smiled.  "You remember the weekend you two were here while I was out of town?"


Well, you were good to wash and dry the sheets from your bed.  I appreciate that.  But when I went to put something into the garbage in the garage, there on top of the other stuff was obviously the contents of your waste basket.  It was mostly Kleenex with some condoms mixed in.  Since, from what you told me, only the two of you were here that weekend, I can only conclude you were the ones who used the condoms."

Bailey said, "I'm sorry, Mrs., uh, Mom.  We should have been more careful."

"Oh, that's no problem.  But when were you going to tell me?"

"Tonight, I think," Justin said, looking at Bailey, who nodded.


"Yeah.  Without going into details, Bailey and I are in love with each other."

"Oh!  You're not just. . .   I mean, are you sure?"  She looked at Bailey, who looked apprehensive and nodded.

"Yes ma'am.  I love Justin.  I mean, not just as a roommate or best friend.  I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about him.  We're really in love."

"But you're, or at least I thought you were straight."

Justin chuckled.  "So did we all, including Bailey.  But for some whacked out reason he says he loves me, and I'm not about to complain."

Moira took a sip of her cabernet.  "So now I really do have two sons."  She extended her hand to Bailey, who took it in his.  "Welcome to the family, Son!"

Bailey had tears in his eyes as he said, "Thanks, Mom!"

*          *          *

About 8:00 that evening the house phone rang.  It was Brody.

"So, Jus, you are home for the break."


I'll bet you're missing Bailey."

"You'd be wrong.  Bailey's here for the rest of the break."

"That's great."

"My sentiments exactly."

Jus, I was calling to ask a favor, but if Bailey's there, you probably won't want to, unless. . ."

"Come on, Sarge.  If you need a favor, you know I'll do anything I can."

"Well, actually, it's Dave and I who need the favor."

"So, quit beating around the bush and tell me."

"We're swamped with work, and we need help.  We thought maybe since you're off all next week, you'd be willing to help out.  But if Bailey's there, you probably won't."

"Well, I don't think we were planning to lie around and fu- [he remembered Moira and Bailey were sitting there listening to his end of the conversation] that is, make out all day.  Let me talk to him.  I'll call you back."

"Don't want to mess up your time off from school, Jus, but we could really use the help."

"Got ya.  Later.  Love to Ole Dave."

Okay, thanks."

Bailey chuckled.  "Some day Dave's gonna get you for calling him that all the time."

"Yes, dear.  Why do you call him that?  He's only in his mid twenties, isn't he?  He's very young to be running a company.  And he's a wonderful landscape designer."

"I don't know, Mom.  I started calling him that right after he and Brody became a couple.  I don't mean any disrespect.  He's a great guy.  I just can't help teasing him.  I was scared shitless of him, sorry Mom, when I first met him.  But now I love him.  He's making Brody happy, and that's the important thing."

"So, Jus, what was that call about?  I assume you need to talk to me about something."

"Yeah.  It seems that Dave's swamped with work and needs help.  He asked if you and I would be willing to work for them next week."

"I don't know anything about landscaping, but sure, why not?  I'd be glad to help those guys out."

"You don't need to know much more than how to dig a hole for this job, I think.  So it's okay with you?"

"Sure, what else were we gonna do around here next week?

Justin leered.  "Oh, I had a few ideas."

"Justin, please!  I'm here, you know," Moira said, though she was smiling.

"Oh, what I meant was we might go to Toledo and see Grandma Mary or take in a museum."

Both Bailey and Moira laughed.

"Oh, my dear son!  You're incorrigible."

"Bail, you wanna go upstairs and talk about this?"

"No need.  Call Brody back and see where and when we report."

"I'll bet you don't have anything like work boots with you, do you."

"I don't have anything like that at all.  But we can make a trip to Wal-Mart tomorrow and take care of the problem."

Maybe you'd better pick up a pair or so of work jeans, too."

"Okay.  Now, call Brody."

After they'd said goodnight to Moira, the boys were upstairs in Justin's room.

"There's room in the closet for anything you want to hang up.  And the second drawer of the dresser's empty.  Most of my stuff `s on campus."

"Thanks, babe."

Justin put his arms around the taller man and rested his head on Bailey's shoulder.  "It's so great you don't have to sleep in the guest room."

Bailey kissed Justin's hair and said, "Uh huh."

*          *          *

Spring in northern Ohio is mud time.  The melting snow and then the spring rains turn the clay soil into a quagmire. Many a homeowner has had the experience of trying to cut his too-tall grass only to find that the wheels of his lawnmower made deep ruts in the water-logged soil.  

This spring was more lenient than some, so the work of planting shrubs, evergreens, and young trees could go on.  But Justin and Bailey came home every evening covered with mud.  They established the routine of stripping to their underwear in the garage, throwing their mud-caked outer clothing in the washer and then heading upstairs for a long shower.  

Moira was usually home by the time they were dressed and back downstairs.  The boys had been doing hard, physical work all day and didn't wish to dine late.  Most evenings they nuked something from the freezer.  

Their last day of work was Friday.  Their paychecks for the week's work in their pockets, they decided to treat Moira to dinner at Carrabba's, a place they all enjoyed.  

They had to wait about fifteen minutes before being seated.  Then a hostess led them to a booth that had just been turned and was fairly near the entrance.  After she had taken their drink orders and left (chardonnay, Sam Adams, and Dr. Pepper), Bailey tilted his head toward another hostess leading a gray-haired couple past their booth.

"What?"  Justin asked.

"Just watch and see where she takes them."

The three wound their way between tables until, finally, they got to a table about as far as one could get away from the entrance.

"Ageism at work," Bailey said.

"Ageism?" Moira said.

"Yeah, I read about it last summer, and since then I've been paying attention.  A lot of restaurants automatically seat old people in the back, near the kitchen, or somewhere out of sight.  They don't want customers coming in and seeing lots of gray heads and wrinkles.  I'm disappointed that this place does it."

"Yeah, that sucks."

"Boys, I agree.  But we aren't going to get up and leave, are we?  It's been a long week, and I'm tired and hungry."

Justin sighed.  "Yeah, Mom.  I feel guilty about it, but right now I just want food."

"Well, Jus, file it away for future reference.  Maybe some day back on campus we can figure out if there's anything we can do."

"Good idea."

A server brought their drinks and asked if he could take their order.  They hadn't looked at the menus yet, so they asked him to give them some time.

The hungry young men both ordered the biggest steaks on the menu, and Moira selected a lobster and pasta dish.

As they were eating, Moira asked, "Have you boys done any thinking about living arrangements for next year?"

Bailey and Justin looked at each other and grinned.

"Yeah, Mom.  We're gonna live together."

"Sweetie, I assumed that.  But have you thought about where?"

"Some.  We'd really like to live off campus.  We need a big bed."

Bailey nearly choked on his beer.  Moira giggled.  Justin blushed.


"What he meant, Mom," Bailey said, "was that we need more privacy.  And the dorm's really noisy, which makes it hard to study."

"I'm glad one of my sons has some tact," Moira said, grinning.  "I think I may have a solution for your problem."

Both boys quit eating and gave her their full attention.

"I've just looked at a condo in Colby that I'm thinking about buying as an investment.  With the slump in the housing market, the owners are really "motivated," as the agent says, to get rid of it.  I thought you could live in it until you graduate and then we'd see about selling it, or maybe we'd rent it."

"Mom, does that mean you're planning to stay in the house?"

"Yes, I think so.  Especially if I can count on having a couple of strong young men to help me out if I need them."

Justin beamed.  "You got it!"

Bailey was nodding in agreement.

"So what's this condo like?"

"It's a fairly small town house, with two bedrooms and two baths.  On Scioto Street."

Oh, I know that neighborhood.  It would be close enough that we wouldn't have to drive to campus.  How about parking?"

There's parking in the back, but no garages."

"Oh, well, at least I wouldn't have to look for a place on the street, and my SUV is used to sitting outside.  This is excellent!"

"Uh, do you have any idea how much rent I'd have to pay you?" Bailey asked.

"I don't really know.  But we'll work out something you can agree to, Bailey," Moira said.  "You're family now."

"Well, Jus and I've been talking about getting an apartment, and this place sounds promising.  But you've got to let me pay my share.  I can go a little more than the dorm costs, I think.  I just hope that'll be enough."

"Don't worry about it, dear.  And we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves.  Would you like to go see it tomorrow?"

Both boys agreed that they'd like that.

In bed that night, Bailey had his arms around Justin.  They'd made love, cleaned themselves up, and were enjoying the afterglow, relaxed and very happy.


"Yeah, babe."

I've been very good.  I haven't pried.  I've been waiting for you to tell me.  I'm a little disappointed you haven't been willing to share it with me."

"What's that, Jus?" Bailey asked, sounding puzzled.

"How did your parents react when you came out to them?  You did come out to them, didn't you?"


Justin scooted away and turned on his side so he could face Bailey.


They didn't take it too well."

"Oh, babe, I'm so sorry!  Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to worry you, Jus."

"Bailey Stone, you dumbass!  I love you!  If your folks gave you a hard time over being gay, I should have known so I could console you.  It must really suck.  Tell me what happened."

"I'll give you the short version.  They reminded me I'd always been a disappointment and treated this like it was just one more thing I'd done to embarrass them."

Justin grabbed Bailey and wrapped his arms around him.  Stroking Bailey's dark hair, he said, "Poor babe."

"There's more," Bailey said into Justin's chest.  "They more or less kicked me out."


"They said they'd pay my university bills until I graduated, but after that I was on my own.  I've got a VISA card, and dad said I could use that within reason.  His secretary or bookkeeper pays that bill each month.  Dad never even sees it.  So I guess I'm okay financially, but I'm persona non grata at home."

"Persona non what?"

Not welcome."

"So that means when this term's over, you don't have anywhere to live?"


Well, you do!  Whether or not Mom buys the condo, you can live with me.  You know she will insist."

"What are we going to do this summer, Jus?  I think I'd better get a job."

"How about working for Dave?  He'd give us both jobs if we asked."

"Sounds cool."

Okay, lover.  Nothing to worry about.  I'm still just a little pissed you've kept all this hurt bottled up inside you for a week.  It really sucks that they'd treat you like that!"

"The last thing I want to do is be any sort of problem for you.  I'm the one who takes care of you, remember?"

"Yeah, and you'll keep on doing that.  I know whatever happens you're looking out for me.  You're my rock!   But, see, I want to be that for you, too."

"I love you, Jus."

"I love you . . . Rock."

Bailey chuckled.

"What's funny?"

"In high school, I played on the offensive line.  Had a reputation for being hard to budge.  Some of the guys called me `the Rock'."

"Mmmm.  G'nite, Rock."

Nite, Jus."

To Be Continued

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