Justin's Rock

By Tim Mead

Chapter 4

When Justin woke up the next morning, it was still dark, though the clock said 7:00, and he could hear the rain on the roof.  `If this keeps up,' he thought, `there'll be no yard work today.  But I'd better haul my ass out of bed and get over there in case Ed has other things for us to do.'

As he munched his Wheaties, he thought of Gary, who'd teased him about his fondness for the "Breakfast of Champions."  `So I like 'em, so shut up!'

Justin hadn't received an email from his friend since he'd left for music camp, but then, he remembered, he'd been so wrapped up in his new job and his budding friendship with Todd that he hadn't emailed Gary either.  He resolved to correct that oversight sometime over the weekend.  He missed Gary's quiet humor, even the occasional periods when it seemed that Gary had drifted off into some kind of reverie, another place.  He missed their talks.  Gary often made him ask questions or think about things that had never occurred to him before.  And he missed their gentle sex.  Damn, after a week, he missed having sex!  The mutual jack off in the truck with Todd had been the only time he'd come with another guy since Gary left town.

Driving to work he couldn't help thinking about the upcoming weekend, much of which he and Todd planned to spend together.  He and Gary had never gotten into anything anal.  Gary said he wasn't ready for that yet, and Justin hadn't pushed the matter.  But now he thought that was about to change.  He and Todd had repeatedly vowed they were going to fuck each other.  He only hoped his hot work partner had some previous experience with anal sex.  Todd's smile could give him a hardon.  When he looked at Todd's bulge or, better still, that ass, he nearly came in his briefs.  (He'd quit freeballing because the denim sometimes chafed him in tender places when he was hot and sweaty.  Besides, he found he appreciated the support the tighty-whities gave him.)

When he arrived at the Cromer building, Ed wasn't there.  Instead, he was greeted by Ty.

"Hey, Justin."

"Hey, Ty.
 Where's Ed?  What's happening?"

"Well, for sure we can't cut lawns today.  Ed's heading up a crew that's doing a foundation replanting.  That job has a deadline, so they're working in the rain."

"Where are the rest of the guys?"

"Ed called `em and told `em to stay home.  Just as he was on his way out the door, he remembered he'd forgotten to call you and Nielsen, since you're the new guys.  I've just talked to Todd, who said he was going back to bed.  I tried to phone you and got your mother.  She said you'd already left.  Sorry `bout that."

"No prob."

"From now on, if it's raining when you get up, call here.  If it looks like it's set in to rain all day, you'll be told to stay home.  If it's supposed to clear up, Ed will tell you when to come in."

"Okay.  So now that you've talked to me, what are you gonna do?"

"There's some work with the equipment, checking oil levels, filling the gas tanks, checking underneath the mowers to see that the last guys to use them cleaned them out and shit like that."

"Need some help?"

Ty smiled.  "Yeah.  I'd like the company.  And that way I can get out of here sooner."

The two spent an hour and a half doing the equipment chores and chatting.  As they were washing their hands with Lava soap, Justin asked, "What are you gonna do with the rest of the day?"

"I'm going home, get a shower, and call Beth, my girlfriend.  Or maybe I'll take a little nap and then call her.  She's not an early riser unless she has a class to get to.  I'll see what she's got planned."


"What about you, Justin?  What are you gonna do?"

"I haven't a clue.  Maybe I'll call Todd later and see if he wants to hang."

"You two hitting it off okay?"

Justin grinned.  "Yeah, Todd's all right."

"Good.  I hear you two came up with an idea for improving efficiency around here.  You ought to know that some of the guys are grumbling `cause they think your idea will mean more work for the same pay."

"That's a shitty attitude."

"You're thinking like management, Quinn."

"Yeah, I suppose I was.  I guess we'll just have to see how Dave reacts, won't we?"

"I just wanted you to be prepared for some negative remarks from some of the other guys on Monday morning."

Justin decided he wouldn't call Todd until close to noon so he wouldn't disturb his new friend's sleep.  He returned home, changed out of his work outfit into a short sleeve polo and khaki cargo shorts.  In the summer he liked to wear his Birks, but with the rain, he decided to wear ankle socks and sneakers instead.  

He found himself thinking about Todd again.  This weekend he was going to get fucked if he was willing, and he was hoping to return the favor.  The fact that he'd had no experience worried him.  He knew the first time could really hurt.  Any guy's dick he'd seen was a lot bigger than that little hole back there.  He'd read enough online to know that it needed to be stretched.  But what if Todd wasn't careful?  What if he went too fast?  After all, he'd only known the guy a few days.  

`Okay, Quinn.  The answer is to be prepared.'  What he needed was a dildo.  But where to get one.  He couldn't order one online.  That would take too long.  He needed it now.  A sex store!  Now where . . . ?  Yeah, there was one halfway to Toledo, sort of out in the country by itself.  It looked as if it had been a restaurant that didn't make it and had been converted into a place that sold "Adult Videos and Toys."  Grabbing his keys, he went to the driveway, jumped into his car, and drove through the rain.

Despite the weather, there were half a dozen vehicles in the store's parking lot, all of them either pickups or SUV's.  The place looked pretty sleazy.  Justin visualized himself going inside and seeing a bunch of burly guys in tee shirts, worn jeans, and work boots.  Ordinarily the image would have excited him, but he was also certain that they'd all be straight redneck types.  Could he go in there and look at gay porn?  Could he march up to the counter and buy a dildo?  His normal chutzpah deserted him.  His palms began to sweat.  He told himself that he was gay, out, and proud, that he really didn't care what others thought about him.  But he'd also heard of fag bashing.  This wasn't Colby.  This was rural Ohio.  And he couldn't escape the mental image of being surrounded by half a dozen sneering giants who wanted to stomp the shit out of him.

Feeling like a total wuss, he got back in his car and drove home.  By the time he was on the outskirts of Higgins, he realized he was hungry.  A glance at the dashboard clock told him it was nearly noon.  `Wonder if Todd would like me to pick him up for some lunch?'  He pulled into a strip mall parking lot and called Todd's number.  The automated voice said that number was turned off.  He realized he didn't know the number of Todd's uncle, and he wasn't about to waste his money on a 411 call, so he couldn't try the house phone.

He pulled back into traffic, not sure now where he'd go.  Spotting a Quiznos, he pulled in.  Since there was no drive-up window, he had to go inside, where he ordered a Prime Rib sub.  There were a couple of guys who worked for the telephone company who weren't bad looking, and an elderly couple at a table in the back.  He didn't want to hang around there, so he took his sandwich home and ate it.

And then he had the whole fucking rainy afternoon with nothing to do.  He knew Brody would be working with Dave.  Gary was at Interlochen.  Todd.  Todd!  He looked up Thomas P. Nielsen in the Colby phone book and punched in the number:  555-9696.  He chuckled.  It was a matter of perspective, wasn't it?  But he got the answering machine.

"This is Tom.  If you'd like, leave a message after the beep."  The voice was deeper than he'd expected of someone with the nickname of "Pinky."  He'd have to ask Todd about that sometime.  

"Hey, this is Justin Quinn.  I was trying to reach Todd.  Ask him to give me a call when he can, please.  He's got my number."

So, there he was with nothing to do and it was pissing down rain.

He turned on his PC and checked his email.  There was one from Gary.  It wasn't very informative, just saying that he was being kept busy all day, that he loved music camp, and that he had made several new friends already, but that he missed Justin.  "Email me, Jus!"

So, Justin wrote a long email describing the job.  Maybe he was telling Gary more than he wanted to know, but there was nothing better to do.  He played down his attraction to Todd and his expectation that he was going to lose his cherry that weekend, dwelling instead on what a pleasant guy he was, how easy to work with, and things of that sort.

When he'd hit Send and thus dispatched Gary's email, he shut down the computer, took off all his clothes, and got the lube out of his bedside drawer.  Then he thought of something.  He went to the dining room and pulled open a drawer in the buffet where his mother kept candles for the table.  He chose a red one.  He knew Moira never used those except at Christmas, so he'd have plenty of time to replace it.  Knowing what he planned to do with it, he grinned at the thought of just cleaning it up afterward and putting it back, but he knew he'd never do that.

He discovered to his disappointment that a wax candle coated with lube entered his anus so smoothly he could hardly feel it.  It wasn't big enough around and it was too smooth to provide any friction.  So, making a mental note to replace the candle before Christmas, he took it to the garage and dropped it in the trash.  Putting more lube on his opening and coating up two fingers, he inserted them both into his hole.  He knew his prostate was supposed to be up there somewhere, but he couldn't get his fingers in quite far enough.  So he contented himself with wiggling them around and moving them in and out.  He'd been hard since he first took off his clothes, and the anal stimulation was enough to have him pretty heated up.  So he wound up jacking himself with one hand and finger fucking himself with the other.  He was sure it had to be better than that if the prostate was being stimulated, but he'd either need a dildo or Todd to do that.  Nevertheless, it was a pretty heady experience, and he soon erupted all over himself, wondering why he'd never tried that before.

One thing he and Gary had discovered was that they both liked to swallow semen, their own, or each other's.  Justin wiped the white gobbets from his chest and stomach with his fingers and ate it.  "Wonder what Todd's will taste like?'

He took a shower, put on clean clothes, and spent much of the afternoon at the computer, reading online stories and looking at erotic pictures.  After playing with his PS2 for a while he went to the kitchen and made a meatloaf.  He peeled and cut up potatoes and put them in water so that he and his mother could have mashed potatoes with it.  He tossed a salad and put it back in the fridge.  

As he was finishing, the phone rang.

"Quinn, it's Todd.  Uncle Tommy said you called."

"Yeah, I've been bored out of my skull and just thought you might like to hang."

"Sorry, dude, but I'm in Cincinnati.  As soon as I found out we had the day off, I decided to come home, see the folks, and pick up some stuff."

"Will you be back in time to have dinner with Mom and me tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't miss it.  What time do you want me there?"

"Fuck, man, you can come as soon as you get back if you want."

"I've promised to stay here for lunch.  But I can be at your place by 5:30 easy.  Is that okay?"

Justin tried not to let his disappointment show.  "Sure,"

"Can I bring anything?"

"No, just yourself.  Wait.  I just had an idea.  Have you ever played any baseball?"

"Who hasn't?  I mean, soccer's my main sport, but I've played your game some."

"Got a glove?"

"Yeah, why?"

Just bring it, and I'll explain later."

"To your house?"

"No, just back to Colby."

Oh, okay.  You're still coming back to Uncle Tommy's with me after dinner, aren't you?"

"Yup.  Gonna fuck your ass, remember?"

Todd chuckled.  "We'll see about that, Quinn."

*          *         *

Saturday was beautifully sunny, the slow-moving front having moseyed on to the east.  At the breakfast table Moira asked Justin to go grocery shopping with her.

"After all, sweetie, you're doing as much of the cooking as I am these days, so you may as well help plan the menus and pick out the food."

"Okay, Mom."

In the supermarket, they discussed food choices and preferences.  They picked out steaks for the evening, salad makings, a loaf of French bread, fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream.  Moira had stopped at her favorite deli the day before to get potato salad.

"Justin, not long ago you'd have done anything to get out of coming to the market with me.  You didn't even want to let on you had parents."

"Aww, Mom, that was when I was a kid."

Todd, who showed up on time, immediately charmed Moira.  They chatted easily as the boys grilled the steaks and she made the salad.  They ate on the patio.  Moira asked tactful questions about Todd's family in Cincinnati, and she told a couple of stories about Justin which Todd found hilarious and Justin found embarrassing.

Things became quiet for a moment as they were eating their strawberries and ice cream.

Then Moira said, "I've got an appointment with your boss Monday afternoon."

"With Dave?  Why?"

"They're building a new "Y" in Colby.  My design has been selected for the building, and I want to talk with Dave about doing the design for the landscaping."

"Cool, Mom!  You didn't tell me you got the Y job."

"Sorry, sweetie, I guess it just slipped my mind."

"And how'd you hook up with ole Dave?"

Moira smiled.  "Actually it was the day that he and Brody had their open house.  We chatted for a while then, and I was struck by some of his ideas."

"Schmoozing at a party?  You're quite a businesswoman, Mrs. Quinn," Todd said, grinning at her.

"I'd never really done something like that before.  Dave asked me something about what I was working on, and one thing led to another."

"Well, Dave's a great guy.  I hope you two can work together on the Y," Justin commented.

"I'll probably know after Monday."

Moira told them to go on to the Neilsens' and that she'd do the cleanup.

Before they left Justin took Todd to show him his room.  A little later, as they were leaving, Moira said, "You boys will be safe, won't you?"

Justin blushed and was about to say something.  Todd hugged her and said, "Thanks for having me this evening, Mrs. Q.  We promise to be safe."  He added that he'd bring Justin home the next day so they wouldn't have to take two cars.  

It was a beautiful night, so Justin was glad Todd had left the top down on the convertible.

On the drive from Higgins to Colby, Todd said "I saw that picture of the Marine in his dress blues on your dresser.  Was that Brody what's his name?"

"It's Cox.  And, yeah, I used to think I was in love with him.  But he told me we were never gonna be more than friends.  He loves me, but like he was my big brother."

"He's great looking.  He and Dave Cromer would make a pretty hot pair of studs."

"They do make a pretty hot pair of studs."    A minute or two later Justin chuckled.


"I just realized something.  Brody and Adrian Lynch were a couple for a while last year."


"Yeah, until Brody dumped him."

Why'd he dump him?"

"Hey, dude, I think maybe I shouldn't have said anything.  Don't want you goin' to your uncle and carrying tales.  Of course, he probably knows all about that.  I think everybody in the gay community here probably knows about it.  Lynch is a pretty high-profile guy."

"Uncle Tommy has known Adrian for years.  I think they went to school together or something."

"Have you seen Lynch?"

"Oh, man, yeah.  He's gorgeous, isn't he?"

Justin nodded.  "Oh, yeah."

Todd pulled his Mustang into the parking area under the same building where Brody had told Justin Adrian lived.  

"Oh, your uncle and Lynch live in the same building?"

"Uh huh."

That's convenient."

They took the elevator from the parking garage up to the fourth floor.  When they were inside the condo, Todd said, "We've got the place all to ourselves, so first we're gonna take a shower."

"Uh, Todd, I had a shower just before you got to my house."

"Doesn't matter.  I haven't had one since this morning, and I want company."  He led Justin to a spacious bedroom which had a large poster of David Beckham on the wall.

"Is that your idea of art?" Justin asked, grinning.

"Art, no.  Décor, definitely.  Besides, I'm only gonna be here for the summer.  And you gotta admit Beckham's hot."

"Yeah, he is."

"Now, stud, strip."

Justin had showered occasionally with Gary, but Todd introduced something new into the bathing ritual.  When they'd washed each other from head to feet, becoming thoroughly excited in the process, he told Justin to spread his legs and put his hands on the wall of the shower.  After a brief pause, Justin felt a soapy finger pushing at his anal opening.

"Come on, Quinn, don't clamp down.  Let me in.  Gotta get you clean in there.  Unless you want an enema."

"Uh . . . no."

You've never had anything up there before?"

Justin paused, wondering how much he should admit to.

"Well, I'll bet you know you're supposed to push against my finger, right?"

"Oh, right."  When he pushed, Todd's finger slipped right in.


That hurt?"

"No, it feels pretty good."

Todd wiggled his finger around until Justin twitched.


"Bingo!  Found your love bump."  He began stroking Justin's prostate with his fingertip.


"Calm down, Quinn.  There'll be a lot more of that later.  Right now you've gotta do that to me."

As hard as it was to concentrate with Todd's finger sliding out of his ass, Justin realized the implications of what Todd had just said:  that he'd be getting into Todd's ass before the evening was over.

They reversed positions and Justin soaped up his middle finger.  Todd had assumed "the position."  Justin knelt so he could see what he was doing.  Unable to help himself, he nipped one of the shiny, wet, delicious-looking globes in front of him.

"Hey, that's not what you're supposed to be doing!"

"Sorry," Justin chuckled.  "I got carried away."

He slowly inserted his finger into Todd's brownish-pink pucker.  While he was searching around inside, he became aware of something.  Todd was pretty hairy for an eighteen-year old.  He had some black hair on his chest, a nice treasure trail, lots of hair on his forearms and legs, some on his ass.  When they were washing each other, Justin had also taken note that Todd kept his pubes trimmed pretty close.  Now, kneeling behind his new friend, he had discovered that Todd kept his balls and ass crack shaved.  They were completely smooth.  

"Hey, you found it!" Todd exclaimed.  "Now, you can pull your finger out."

Knowing full well that for the first time in his life he was going to have his mouth on someone's asshole, that he very much wanted to have his mouth on this particular asshole, Justin rinsed his finger and re-inserted it.

"You can do that as much as you want when we get back to the bedroom, Quinn.  Right now we're pruning up."

"Oh, okay."

They got out of the shower, dried off, and hurried to Todd's bed.

"So you're a virgin, huh?"  Todd said, grinning.

"Well, I'm an anal virgin, yeah."  

"And despite all your talk you've never actually fucked a guy."

Justin blushed.  "No."

"Well, you'll get your chance, hotshot, but I think I'd better do you first to show you how."

"It's not nuclear physics, is it?"

Todd grinned again.  "Nope.  But to do it right is a matter of finesse.  Now, why don't you get on the bed, head down, ass in the air?"

Embarrassed but nevertheless eager for the experience, Justin complied.

"A little closer to the headboard, stud.  Gotta make room for me."

"Oh, yeah, sure."

He felt Todd get onto the bed behind him.  Then Todd put a hand on each cheek and pulled them apart.  Justin yelped when he felt Todd's tongue in his crack.  He would never have imagined it would feel so good to have that area licked.  As the exploring tongue came tantalizingly closer to his pucker, he began to wiggle his butt and moan.

"Like that, do you"

"Ooohhh yeah!"

Todd pushed his tongue slightly into the opening and then rapidly moved his head from side to side.

"Oh, shit!"  He loved the feeling but had to fight the urge to squeeze his anal ring closed.  He forced himself to relax.  As soon as he did, he was being tongue fucked.  His dick was rock hard, his breath was coming quickly, as if he'd been exerting himself, and he began to moan.  If only Gary had known what he was missing!

Much too soon Todd pulled back.

"Don't stop!"

Todd chuckled.  "You're a regular ass slut.  But be patient.  There's more to come.  A lot more."

The bed shifted.  Justin wiggled his now hungry ass, urgently needing more.  He looked back to see Todd roll on a condom and slick it up with lube.  He jumped when Todd squirted some of the lube onto his pucker.

"Tell me if this gets uncomfortable."  

Todd slowly inserted a finger.  It went in easier than the same finger had in the shower when it was only soapy.  He began to move it around, occasionally hitting Justin's prostate, causing him to moan and twitch.  

Justin felt his dick burp out a dollop of precum each time Todd touched his joy spot.

"Okay, hot stuff, you're doing fine.  I'm gonna put in another finger.

That went well.  In fact, it felt good.  But Justin, eager for the main event, asked Todd to get on with it.  The third finger caused some momentary discomfort, a full feeling and some burning, but as Todd gently moved the fingers around, Justin felt better and better.

"Okay, man," he said, "it's time to let me have the real McCoy."

"Comin' right up," Todd said, chuckling.

Even though Todd pushed slowly into the eager Justin, his cock caused some momentary pain.  Justin asked him to stop, which he did.

"Tell me when to give you some more."

"Go ahead, but just go slow."

Gradually, after several stops and starts, Justin felt Todd's scratchy pubes against his butt.  He'd taken it all, and the pain had been bearable.  

Again Todd waited until Justin gave him the go-ahead.

Wiggling his butt a little, he said, "Okay, man, fuck me!"

"My pleasure!"

As Todd began to pull out and re-enter very slowly, Justin couldn't help regretting that he'd waited so long to try this.  It was fantastic.  He and Gary could have been doing this.  Of course, Gary's dick was a bit bigger than Todd's but he was sure he could have gotten used to it.

"Oh, man, that's incredible!  Do me harder!"

Todd responded by picking up the pace.  He varied his strokes from long to short and back, to Justin's eager approval.

After a period that seemed much too brief to Justin, Todd froze, his whole body going rigid.  It seemed to Justin that Todd's cock grew larger inside him.  And then he felt it pulse repeatedly with his orgasm.

When Todd collapsed onto Justin's back, Justin flattened out on the bed.  Todd lay on top of him, giving him a hickey on the place where the neck and shoulder join.  Justin lay there trying to decide how he felt.  It was a mixture of being filled, sated, incredibly stimulated, and yet of still being horny.  He realized he hadn't come.  But what Todd was doing felt too good to hurry things.

Finally, Todd pulled his cock out and rolled off.  

"How are ya?" he asked.

"God, that was fantastic.  Was it okay for you?"

"I may deny this tomorrow, but you've got one hot ass, Quinn me boyo.  I'll fuck that hot hole any chance I get.  But right now, I want that hard thing of yours inside me."

"Okay, but I want you on your back so you can coach me if I need it."

"The rubbers and lube are on the night stand."

So Justin copied what Todd had done to him, with occasional advice and comments from Todd.  He wasn't surprised to find that part of the pleasure of preparing Todd and then fucking him was giving his friend pleasure.  He'd learned that when he and Gary had given each other blow jobs or rubbed off on each other's bellies or sucked tits, or licked, or just snuggled.  All of which is not to say that having his cock inside Todd wasn't a fantastic experience.  He was surprised at how hot the chute was, at how tight it was, at how Todd could grip Justin's dick at will, at how quickly his orgasm came and how long it lasted.

When it was all over, they lay side by side on their backs.

"So, Quinn, which way is best?"

"I'm not sure.  I'll need to do it a few dozen times each way before I can make up my mind."

Todd chuckled.  "Only a few dozen?  We've got the whole summer, dude!"

Justin beamed at the thought.  "Cool!"

"You hungry?"


Let's go see what's in the kitchen."


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