Justin's Rock

by Tim Mead

Chapter 6

Justin was in a thoughtful mood for several days after his Friday evening with Brody.  He was embarrassed that he'd cried like some fuckin' baby, but Brody had been great, hugging him, comforting him.  The big guy had even kissed the top of his head.  That was so great!  It wasn't the kind of kiss Justin had always hoped for from the ex-Marine, but he was still glad to get it.  

He'd always felt a certain responsibility because he was an only child, the family's son. From the time he'd figured out he was gay, he'd felt as if he'd let his parents down, although they'd been nothing but supportive about it from the time he came out to them.  But he'd always sensed the pressure.  Not that his folks would have wanted to put pressure on him.  That, in fact, may have contributed to the need he felt to excel for them.  He knew he'd never be as smart as somebody like Gary, but he worked hard to get good grades.  He'd done his damndest to be good at baseball.  Yet he'd often felt alone, especially since his father's death.

And now, if he'd ever doubted it before, he knew Brody was there, the big brother he'd never had.  If he couldn't have the hunk as a lover, then he was happy to know that Brody had his back, would be there for him.  That made Justin all the more determined to make his mother and Brody proud of him.  He wasn't sure what he believed about an afterlife, despite what he'd been taught in church, but he resolved that he'd do his best to make his father proud of him, too.

But then he'd think of the fun he and Todd were having, and he'd feel guilty.  It was, of course, just a short-term, summer kind of thing with Todd.  He realized that.  But they were having great sex, wild, uninhibited, and carefree.  Well, almost carefree.  It was only sex, not love, but Justin couldn't help feeling a little as if he were betraying someone or something.  The problem was, who or what?

*          *          *

One morning the following week, Todd said to him, "Quinn, would it be all right if I spent Saturday night with you?"

"Sure.  Mom likes you.  I guess I could stand it, too."

"Well, could you check with her and make sure?"

They were on their way into the Cromer garage to pick up their work lists and the keys to a truck.  Todd glanced around and then cupped his hand under Justin's butt.  Justin jumped.

"Fuck, man, you've gotta quit doing that.  Somebody's gonna see."  He grinned at Todd.  "It sounds like you're being kicked out this weekend."

A few minutes later as they were driving to their first job of the day, Todd said, "Yeah, I am."

"You `am' what?"

"Being kicked out.  Sort of."

"Wanna explain that?"

"Yeah.  Adrian and Uncle Tommy are having some kind of `do' at Adrian's this Saturday night. They call it a dinner party.  I think it's probably gonna be an orgy.  But they've invited some friends from out of town, and they want to use Tom's place for guest sleeping.  So I've been invited to leave if you and your mom will have me."

"I don't think that'll be a problem."

"Well, Adrian said that the following weekend he and Uncle Tommy will fix dinner for the two of us and then let us have Tom's condo to ourselves for the rest of the weekend."

Justin's eyes lit up as he thought of spending two weekends with Todd, during one of which they'd have the Nielsen condo to themselves.  

"That sounds cool."

They drove on a few minutes before Justin said, "What's your impression of Adrian Lynch?"

"Oh, he's great looking.  Have you ever seen him?"

"Yeah, we've met a couple of times.  And you're right, he's, well, gorgeous."

"That sounds pretty gay, Quinn!"

"So who's not gay in this truck, asshole?"

Todd chuckled.  "Yeah, you're right.  Uncle Tommy's a nice guy but I don't know how he landed a hunk like that."

Justin didn't want to say anything.  Although he knew that Brody and Adrian had been together for a while the previous fall, he didn't know why they had broken up.  He was pretty sure from something Sheila at Petal Pushers had said that it was Brody who'd dumped Adrian, but he never felt comfortable asking Brody about why.  From his first meeting with the guy, he thought he was incredibly good looking, sexy, and very pleasant.  Of course, there was the fact that he had comped that birthday dinner, which had really pissed Brody off.  

Justin was glad Brody and Dave were together.  Dave was great, and obviously Brody was as happy as a cat in cream to be with Dave.  But he was looking forward to the dinner Todd had talked about.  It would give him a chance to become better acquainted with the man who had apparently replaced Brody as Lynch's lover.

Moira had no problem with Todd's spending the weekend at the Quinn residence, especially when Justin and Todd offered to grill steaks for Saturday evening's supper.  

Despite their being together all week, Justin and Todd enjoyed their weekend, particularly their time in bed.  They were careful to keep a damper on vocal expressions of pleasure so that Justin's mother wouldn't hear them, but they managed to have lusty sex anyway.  Aware that Todd had never offered to kiss him, Justin concluded once again that for Todd it was all sex, nothing more. Although he might have been happy with a more affectionate relationship, he didn't regret what was happening with the hot, black-haired, blue-eyed boy he worked with every weekday.

On Monday morning a grinning Todd told Justin that Uncle Tommy had been up as usual that morning, looking fresh.

"So, if it was an orgy, he's not strung out or hung over."

"Well then what do you think did happen?"

"I dunno.  But the condo looked neat enough when I got home after supper last night.  And it didn't smell like sex or anything."

"Did you get to meet the guys who were visiting?"

"Nope.  But whatever happened went on at Adrian's place.  I think they just used our place for extra sleeping space."

"Damn, I'd like to know what those guys were doing."

"We'll never know, probably.  I sure as hell ain't gonna ask Uncle T what they got up to."

As they pulled into the drive of their first job of the day, Todd added, "Oh, by the way, Unc said to remind you that he and Adrian are fixing dinner for us Saturday night and the condo's ours as soon as dinner's over and most of the day Sunday."

"That sounds cool.  Brody never talked much about what he and Adrian did.  Not that I didn't ask him.  But he did say Lynch is a great cook."

"So's the uncle.  It should be a great meal."

"Well, I'll just be interested to get to know your uncle better and perv on Lynch.  You laughed at me for saying he's gorgeous, but he is."

Todd chuckled.  "Yeah, he is that, for sure."

Justin was uncharacteristically nervous as he anticipated having dinner with Todd, Tom Nielsen, and especially Adrian Lynch.  He remembered the only time he'd ever talked with the man.  When Brody had asked last fall where he'd like to go to dinner to celebrate his eighteenth birthday, Justin had asked for Adrian's, even though he knew it was the most expensive place in Colby.  At the time Brody and Adrian were a couple, and Justin had wanted to get a look, if possible, at Brody's guy.  Besides, he knew from what his parents had said that the food was great.

Lynch had indeed stopped by their table.  That's when Justin found out that Lynch was every bit as sexy as he'd heard.  And he was proud that his Brody was sleeping with this stud.  Not that Brody wasn't every bit as good looking.  But Lynch was smooth, pleasant, elegant, what was the word?  Oh, yeah, suave.  So much so that Justin was a tad intimidated at the thought of having Adrian Lynch fix dinner for him.  

He'd asked Todd to suggest to his uncle that they didn't need a fancy dinner.  That he'd enjoy anything they wanted to fix.

After the two friends had spent Saturday afternoon at the mall, Todd pulled the Mustang into the Quinn's driveway.  

"Oh, I forgot.  Tom says to wear shorts and a tee or something.  Since you specifically asked not to have a fancy meal, the old guys are planning something casual.  So I'll see you at 6:30, okay?"

Justin decided to shower again.  He put his toothbrush, deodorant, some clean boxers, lube and condoms in a plastic supermarket bag, being careful that his mother didn't see and make him take a piece of luggage for that little bit of stuff.  Relieved that the dinner was to be casual, he chose a light blue tee that he thought went with his eyes, a pair of cargo shorts, and his Birks.

Adrian Lynch's condo was on the top floor of the building where Tom Nielsen's was located, but the Lynch place was considerably bigger.  And the view of the campus was great.

Todd was, not surprisingly, wearing shorts, a tee, and sandals.  So were Adrian and Tom.  

The only times Justin had seen Lynch, he was in a suit, so he tended to think of him that way.  The man was amazing in his casual outfit as well.  Tall, with dark hair and intense blue eyes, he reminded Justin of a famous German model.  His arms and legs showed a fair amount of black hair, and Justin couldn't help wondering about his chest and butt.

Tom Nielsen obviously worked out.  His golf shirt showed wonderful pecs, and his biceps stretched his sleeves.  Justin had heard the man was prematurely balding, but he was now keeping his head shaved.  He had blond eyebrows over his pale blue eyes, and a sprinkling of blond hair on his forearms and well-developed calves.  Somehow the name "Pinkie" seemed inappropriate, especially after Justin heard the man's deep voice and felt his firm handshake.  Then he wondered whether a man cursed with the nickname "Pinkie" all his life might not have cultivated the firm shake and deep voice, even the muscles.

He closed his eyes and smiled as Adrian put another hamburger on his plate.  "I hope you realize I'll never be able to eat another Whopper again."

Adrian chuckled.  "You probably will, but they'll never taste as good to you."

"Pinkie" and Adrian had taken the boys at their word and served burgers, fries, and salads.  But the fries made McDonald's look and taste like limp noodles, and the burgers were like steak, only they tended to melt in one's mouth.

Justin would have been happy just to look at Adrian Lynch for dessert, but he didn't turn up his nose at the peach ice cream and ginger cookies their host had brought from the restaurant.

"Gerd, our new dessert chef, made the ice cream and the ginger cookies."  He smiled at Todd and Justin.  "I take it I can pass along your compliments?"

"Oh, yeah," both boys said simultaneously.

It had been a comfortable evening for Justin.  Todd's uncle was a really nice guy.  He talked to them as if they were adults.  

Todd asked them what had happened the previous weekend.

Tom answered.  "We had a covered dish dinner for some friends.  Adrian made a standing rib roast, and the rest of the meal was brought in by the guys. Well, the locals brought food, the others brought booze."

"Would we know any of them?" Todd asked.

"Let's see . . . you might remember my college friend, Guy.  He and his husband, Val, were here from New York.  I don't think you'd know either of the other two out-of-towners, and I'm sure you wouldn't know the locals."

Adrian looked at Justin.  "Have you heard about Kris Anders?"

"Um, I'm not sure.  No, wait a minute, isn't he the new guy that works for the county?  His picture's been in the paper."

Todd looked puzzled.  "Do you actually read the county news in the paper, Quinn?"

Justin grinned.  "Not usually. But Brody told me this guy was gay."

"Oh!  Cool.  What's he look like?"

Justin was about to answer. Then he looked at Adrian and asked, "Why did you mention Anders?  Was he here?"

Adrian smiled and nodded.

"Then why don't you describe him for Todd.  I've only seen his picture."

"Yeah," Todd said, an impish look on his face, "and you've probably seen more than that."

Tom smacked the boy lightly on the side of the head and said, "Watch your tongue, young'un.  You need to show some respect."

Todd rolled his eyes but didn't say anything.

"Well, Justin," Adrian said, "to answer your question, Kris Anders looks very Scandinavian.  Rather like a Viking.  He's about 6'2" with reddish blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.  A rangy body, nice . . . well, maybe that's enough."

"He sounds hunky," Justin said.

"He is that," Tom agreed.

"And he was here?"

"Uh huh."

"This was a couples thing, right?" Todd asked.

Adrian looked at Tom.  Something passed between them, though Justin wasn't sure what.

"Yes," Tom said, "but you're getting onto thin ice."

"I was just gonna ask who came with Anders.  And what does he do for the county?"

"He's the Public Information Officer," Tom said.  "That's why Justin's seen his picture in the Courier.  It's in there a lot.  And he brought his partner, Trent somebody or other.  Adorable little guy, about 5'7" or maybe 5'8".  What was his last name, Adrian?"

"He's a surgical nurse in Sylvania or near there, and his last name is Williams.  But here's an interesting tidbit.  Trent's the former partner of Ben Moss.  He and Moss used to come into the restaurant fairly often when they were together, and they had Sunday dinner there one day last winter."

"Who's Moss?"  Justin asked.

It was Tom who answered this time.  "Moss is the Deputy PIO of Colby County.  He's gay as well, and every bit as good looking as his boss.  They're about the same size, both blue-eyed blonds, but Moss's hair is more of a dirty blond rather than reddish."

"Let me get this straight," Todd said.  "The PIO and the Deputy PIO of Colby County are both tall, hunky, blond gay dudes?"

Adrian chuckled.  "Yes, we're not so backward here as you cosmopolites in Cincinnati might think."


Justin had merely sat there enjoying the gossip.

After being pressed by Todd to tell them more about the previous weekend's party, Tom had said that they'd played poker after dinner.  He refused to say what happened after that, but both the young guests had a pretty good idea.  Justin's cock was hard at the thought.

It was about then that the older men steered the conversation in a different direction.

Justin was astonished when the older Nielsen mentioned that he and Lynch had been to see the Hammers play.

"No shit?  You guys came to one of our games?"

"Indeed," Tom said.  "It was against the Clippers.  And Todd was playing second base.  You two turned a slick double play that night."

"Geez, Unc," Todd said, "why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"Oh, it was a last-minute thing.  And you should tell the guy who pitched that he needs to work on his slider."

Todd grinned.  "Well, as I recall, we did win the game.  With excellent defensive play, especially in the infield."

"You're so modest," his uncle replied.  "By the way, the adorable blond hunk who played first base is Dave Cromer's current lover, isn't he?"

Todd had told Justin that Tom had gotten him the job with Dave's company.

"Yes," Adrian said, smiling.  "That's Brody Cox."

Tom said, "Oh, right."  He looked at Adrian and grinned.  "You've had both of them, haven't you?"

Everybody froze.

"Tell me, Thomas," Adrian said, looking severe.  "Do you also fart in church?"

"What?  What did I say?"  He looked puzzled.

"Well, dear one, I don't think either of the boys knew about the little affair Dave and I had several years ago, and your nephew probably didn't even know about Brody."

"No," Todd said, grinning, "I didn't.  Want to tell me more?"

"Sorry I've committed a gaffe," Tom said.  "Let's change the subject."

Justin was trying to bend his mind around the idea of Dave Cromer having been in an affair with Adrian when Todd nudged him and asked a question, bringing him out of his reverie.

The boys helped clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher, thanked their hosts for the supper, and excused themselves to go to Tom's condo.

"Have fun, guys," Tom said.  "The place is yours.  Justin, I hope you'll feel at home."

Justin thanked him.  The two older men hugged both the younger ones and took their leave.

In the elevator Todd, blue eyes twinkling, asked, "You wanna watch some porn?  Or just fuck?"

Remembering the huge flat panel HD TV on the wall of Tom's great room, Justin said, "Porn would be more fun before we fuck, wouldn't it?"

As it turned out, Tom had a large collection of DVD's and VHS tapes, including many gay porn videos.  Todd selected a DVD and went to a specific scene which, as he told Justin, he particularly liked.  It featured two young blond guys, Billy Brandt and Jeremy Jordan, fooling around on a pool table.  Brandt was extremely vocal as they rimmed and fucked.  

Soon Justin put his hand on Todd's crotch and said, "Fuck time!"

Todd grinned.  "I'm ready."

They were naked and on Tom's super-king-sized bed in minutes.

Justin found himself on his back with Todd licking and sucking on his neck.  He lay there both happy and needing more.  

Todd lifted his head and smiled down at him.  Todd's face was round, boyish, with pale skin, blue eyes, and dimples.  His black eyelashes were long, his eyebrows heavy, and his hair just long enough to be curly.  Justin leaned up to kiss him, but Todd moved away, lowering his head to suck Justin's left nipple.  He put his hands on the back of Todd's head.  

Eyes closed, Justin sank into the feelings of the moment.  His cock, hard and dripping against his abs, was only part of the intensity of his need.  The rest was the emptiness he felt, the need for Todd's cock inside him.  But that was not to be for a while.

After he had Justin moaning, Todd moved to the other nipple and worked it a while.  Then, with Justin writhing and bucking, he began to lick his navel.  

"Oh, fuck, Todd.  I'm ready, man.  Do something!"

"And what do you want me to do?" Todd asked, grinning down at him.

"Suck me, fuck me, for Christ's sake, just don't tease me!"

"Oh," Todd said with mock concern, "you should have said something sooner.  Roll over."

Justin quickly turned so that he was face down.  He pulled his knees up a little so his butt was elevated.  Todd slapped him, taking him by surprise.


"Cute ass, Quinn.  Let's have some fun with it."

"Bastard.  If you don't do something, I'm gonna fuck you!"

"Oh, I don't think so."

Todd took Justin's feet and pulled him to a slightly different angle.  Justin wondered why, but not for long.  He had more serious concerns.  Todd seemed to move away from him a little.  Then he was positioned between Justin's spread legs.  

"Oooh!" Justin groaned as he felt a slick finger at his portal.

Todd slowly worked his finger into Justin, wiggling it after it was inside.  Then he began to slowly stroke Justin's happy spot.

"Oh, yeah.  There!  Don't stop."

Todd chuckled.  "Ya like that, do ya?"

"Of course I like it, bastard.  But I need more!"

"Happy to oblige."  Todd inserted another finger and began to scissor the two fingers, stopping occasionally to stroke the special bump.

Justin was torn between the bliss of having his prostate stimulated and wanting more.

"Yeah, that's it.  Oh, god!  Yessss!"  He wiggled his butt, thrusting it back against Todd's hand.

"You like that?"

"Yes, dammit, I told you I did!"

"What do you want now, tell me!"

"Shit!  Fuck! I want you to fuck me!"

"You do?  Really?"

"Son of a bitch!  Don't play with me.  Yes, I want you to fuck me!"

"What does that make you?"


"You're pleading with me to fuck your ass.  What does that make you?"

"I don't know what you want me to say."

"You're a slut, a whore, aren't you?"

"I want you to fuck me, please."

"Then say it!"


"Say it."

"Okay, okay.  I'm a slut."

"You're a cock slut."

"I'm a cock slut."

"You're a whore!"

"I'm a whore.  Now, if you don't fuck me, I'm gonna pound the shit out of you."

"If I fuck you, you've got to promise to do whatever I ask some day next week."

"What do you mean?"

"Quinn, you want me to fuck you, right?"


"Then promise."

"Fuck!  I promise, okay?"

After a pause while Todd opened a packet and rolled a condom onto his cock, Justin felt pressure at his opening.

"Yessss.  Do me!"

As Todd was pounding into him, he asked, "You like this, Quinn?"


"Say you like to be fucked!"

"I like to be fucked."  

Justin was biting on a pillow as Todd pistoned in and out.  Too soon he came, spurting onto the sheet below.  

Todd slapped his right cheek.  "God, when you tighten up like that it's fantastic.  You came for me, Quinn.  I fucked the cum right out of you.  I'm gonna . . . Oh!  Christ!"

Justin felt Todd tense, stop thrusting, and then spasm.  Todd's cock seemed to pulse forever before he collapsed onto Justin's back.

After they lay there panting for a while, Todd said, "Man, that was intense."

Never one for snuggling, Todd insisted that they shower.  Then they watched MTV for a while and fell asleep.

When he woke up, Justin had to pee.  He opened his eyes to see Todd lying next to him on his back, morning wood lying against his abs.  He got up, went to the bathroom, and relieved himself.  Since Todd was still asleep, he got back into bed.  The AC had been running, and the room was chilly, so he got under the sheet. He wondered what Todd had meant when he made him promise to do whatever he asked that week.

He drifted off to sleep again.

Much later they woke up, had breakfast, and at Todd's suggestion, Justin got back into bed.  Todd went to a closet and came back with a handsome teak box.  

"What's in there?" Justin asked.

Todd grinned and opened the box.  Inside were all sorts of dildoes, vibrators, and butt plugs.  

"Uncle Tommy's toy collection!"

They spent the rest of the morning trying out the various items in the assortment, bring careful to put condoms on them since Justin had heard sharing toys wasn't always a safe thing to do, and neither of them had any idea where those toys had been.

Todd inserted a long but not very thick dildo into Justin's butt and made him fuck himself on it.

"I'll hold it steady.  You rock back and forth."

Although he felt a little degraded by Todd's demand, he was excited by the idea, and he loved the feeling of the dildo inside him. So, on all fours on the bed, he rocked back and forth.  Soon he was moaning and his cock was drooling onto the already soiled sheet below him.

"Jesus, Quinn, you are a real bottom boy, aren't you?"

"I'll fuck the bejesus out of you, Nielsen," Justin replied.  But he didn't stop rocking back and forth on that dildo.

"Hey, I remember something that's not in the box.  Hang on a sec."

Justin was in agony as he was left there with the dildo up his ass while Todd rummaged in a closet.  

"Here it is!"  He held up a long, double-headed dildo.  He put condoms on both ends, coated them with lube and then removed the dildo from Justin's ass, replacing it with one end of the bigger, longer one.

"Oh, fuck!" Justin exclaimed.

"Yeah, Quinn, that's the general idea."

Soon the two were writhing and thrusting themselves on the double dildo, both swearing, groaning, and sweating.

"Ohmygod, I'm gonna cum!" Justin muttered.

Through clenched teeth, Todd said, "Me, too!"

Justin pushed his ass back as far onto the dildo as he could and once more spurted his boy juice onto the sheet.  He could tell by the grunting that Todd was doing the same.  

That evening they were having soup and sandwiches at Justin's house.

"So, what have you boys been doing at the Nielsens' this weekend?"

"Oh, Adrian and Tom fixed us a wonderful supper last night," Justin said.


"And we just kind of hung out after that."

"I can imagine," Moira said, raising an eyebrow.

*          *          *

Justin wondered about Todd's rather overbearing attitude the night they spent in Tom Nielsen's condo.  There was a certain cockiness about Todd that Justin recognized he had as well.  But Todd had seemed different that night, pushier, more domineering.  On the other hand, it could have been his imagination.  And the sex was great.  He'd had his chance to fuck Todd before they were done.  But obviously to Todd it was just sex.  He wouldn't allow himself to be kissed, nor was he a cuddler.  Justin had often enjoyed a nice cuddle with Gary, especially after they'd exchanged blowjobs.  But on the occasions when he and Todd had sex in bed, Todd always just turned over and went to sleep.

*          *          *

On Tuesday after the weekend at Tom Nielsen's condo, Justin and Todd were on their way home from the job in Gilmore, their last job of the day, Todd driving.  Justin was surprised when, about ten minutes after they'd started back to Colby, Todd turned onto a small country road.

"What the fuck are you doing, Nielsen?" Justin asked.

Todd grinned at him.  "You remember Saturday night when you promised you'd do anything I asked if I'd only fuck you?"

"Did I say that?"

"Come on, Quinn, you know you did.  You wanted my cock up your ass so bad you said you were a whore and a slut and would do whatever I wanted."

"But that was just sex talk.  You're not gonna hold me to that, are you?  And what does that have to do with why we're driving down this road?"

"Just be patient.  You're gonna fuck me when we get to the right spot."

"A spot near here?"

"Yup.  I was out in the Mustang one day, had the top down, just exploring, you know?  And I spotted a place where we gotta fuck."

He slowed the truck down and turned onto a flat, recently-mowed field, driving across it until he was about twenty feet from a small wood on the far side.  He turned the truck so it was parallel to the road.

"Look behind the seat.  There's a blanket.  Bring it around here.  The truck will keep anyone who might go down the road from seeing what we're doing."

It was against Justin's better judgment, but the hormones of an eighteen-year-old being what they are, soon the boys were lying naked (except for their work boots) on the blanket.  The truck windows were down, and music was playing on the radio.

Having pulled lube and a condom packet from the dash compartment, Todd lay on his back, knees drawn up.

"Now make good on your promise.  Fuck me al fresco!"

Justin looked down at his friend and sighed.  You just never knew what was going to happen next with Todd.  But he had to admit that the guy was incredibly hot lying there.  Although Todd was pretty hairy, he kept his pubes trimmed, and his dick, balls, and crack shaved.  As Justin looked, Todd actually made his pucker wink.  

"Okay, smartass, you asked for it!"  

Soon they were connected.  Justin had to admit that being naked in some farmer's field added to the excitement of the moment.  He was thrusting in and out of Todd, both of them moaning and talking sexy trash talk.  His eyes were closed, and he was just beginning to get messages from his balls that something was imminent when he heard a deep voice say, "You boys know you're trespassing, don't you?"

Justin's heart skipped a beat.  He rolled over onto the blanket, his dick making a pop as it came out of Todd's ass.  He opened his eyes.

Standing above them was a tall man of about 40.  He was wearing camo pants, combat boots, and a black tee shirt which accentuated his muscles.  On his head was a baseball cap with an NRA logo.  Then Justin noticed that the guy had on a belt from which a leather holster hung.  His hand was resting on the flap of the holster.

"Stand up!"

"Sir, we didn't " Todd began to say.

"Shut up, boy.  You'll only talk when you have permission.  Now, I'll say it one more time.  Stand up."

They quickly did as the menacing stranger ordered.  Despite his embarrassment and growing fear, Justin's condom-covered dick remained hard.  He noticed that Todd was still erect, too.

"Okay, now I want you perverts to stand beside the truck, facing me, one on each side of that lettering about Cromer Construction."  So saying, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone, which he flipped open.

Justin realized that the man was going to take their picture as they posed there naked, erect, with the company logo and name between them.  In fact, he took a couple of pictures.

"Now, I want you to remove your wallets, keys, and any other valuables from your clothes.  Leave that stuff on the seat of the truck and give me the clothes."

Their only clothing consisted of their Cromer tee shirts, work shorts, and in Justin's case a pair of boxers.  Todd had been freeballing as usual.

"Now, you two little queers get the fuck out of here and don't ever come back.  Your balls might accidentally come to harm if I ever see you on my property or anywhere near here again."

"Sir, are you ?"  Again it was Todd who started to ask a question.

"Boy you don't listen.  I said no talking.  Get your naked butts in that truck and get the fuck out of here."

The two scrambled into the truck, pushing their wallets and keys to the middle of the truck's bench seat.  Todd fired up the truck and drove as rapidly as he could across the field.  Just as they were pulling onto the road, they heard a shot.  They looked back to see the man with his pistol pointing into the air, staring at them.

"Man, that was scary!  You think that guy's crazy?" Justin exclaimed. "Or just a homophobe who don't want no queers on his property."

"Maybe not such a homophobe.  Did you see the size of the snake running down his pants leg?"

"Shit, Todd.  We're about to be shot by some guy and you're looking at his dick?"

"Couldn't help noticing."

"Well, smartass, what the fuck are we gonna do now?  I said you were gonna get us in a shitload of trouble someday.  Looks like I was right."

"Chill, Quinn.  It's 4:30.  We can get to your place before your mother gets home.  You can get us some clothes, and then we'll take the truck back.  Ed may be a little pissed that we're late, but what's he gonna do?"

"Fire our asses?"

"No way.  We have an in with the boss and the boss's boyfriend, don't we?"

Justin grumbled the rest of the way back to Higgins, especially when they had to drive through Colby.  Their most embarrassing moment came when they were behind a schoolbus at a traffic light.  The middle school boys in the back looked out the window.  From their vantage point they could see that the occupants of the pickup behind them were naked.  Soon the window was full of leering faces.  

Todd waited when the light changed so the bus would pull away from them, but the driver behind him leaned on the horn.  Todd stuck his hand out the window and gave the world the finger.

They got to Justin's house without further incident, but when they pulled into the driveway, Justin asked, "What now?"

Todd picked Justin's keys off the seat and handed them to him.  You go in, put on a tee and some shorts, and bring me some."

"Get out of the truck and go to the front door naked?  Why me?  This is all your fault!"

"It's your house, fucktard.  And the longer you sit there pissing and moaning, the later we'll be getting this truck back to the shop."

"Oh, you're so gonna be sorry about all this," Justin said.  He threw open the door, jumped out, and jogged to the front door.

"Woo hoo, attaboy Justin!"

He looked to see Wesley Holst cutting his grass two doors down.  Wesley would be a sophomore at Higgins High that fall.

Not wasting any time on Wesley, Justin unlocked the door and raced to his room.  He pulled on a clean pair of denim cutoffs and a plain green tee.  He grabbed a pair of khaki shorts and a yellow tee for Todd and went back to the truck.  He figured it would be all over the neighborhood soon that Wes had seen him outside naked.

Todd wiggled into the clothes and then they drove back to Colby to turn in the truck and get their cars.  Ed didn't seem upset that they were later than usual, but he asked why they weren't wearing the required company tee shirts.

"Oh, sorry about that," Todd said.  "Justin spilled gas in the back of the truck, and we used our shirts to mop it up.  We had to throw them away.  You'd better give us each a new one."

"It'll come out of yer pay, ya know."

Todd took a deep breath and grinned at Justin, who glowered back.

"Yeah, we know."

A few days later when the boys arrived at work, Dave Cromer was there.  

"I want to see you two.  Come back here to Ed's office."

Ed's "office" was a small room with a calendar of naked women on the wall and a file cabinet to one side with all sorts of stuff piled on top.  There was a metal desk with an old wooden swivel chair, and a couple of plastic patio chairs from Wal-Mart facing it.  Dave leaned back against the desk and indicated that the boys should sit in the chairs.

"Uh, what's up, Dave?" Todd asked.  He was grinning, but he looked nervous.  Justin took a deep breath and then swallowed, saying nothing.  He was pretty sure he knew what was coming.

Dave handed them three pictures.  Two were of them fucking beside the truck.  The third was the two of them standing by the door of the truck.

"These speak for themselves, don't they?"

"Where'd you get them?" Todd asked.

"They arrived in the mail yesterday from Sherman Grant, the farmer whose land you were on for your outdoor fuck session.  He wasn't too happy about it.  He suggested that I fire your asses.  And that's just what I should do."

"Would it help if we said we didn't think anyone would see us?"

"No, Todd, it wouldn't.  All that tells me is that you aren't as smart as your Uncle Tom told me you were.  And way less smart than you think you are."

"We're sorry," Justin said.  He could feel the blood in his ears, so he knew he was blushing.

"Look, guys," Dave said in a milder tone of voice, "what you did was childish under any circumstances.  But think about this.  It's hard to be the owner of a business when everyone knows you're gay.  They're just waiting for you to step out of line some way.  If Grant wanted to make trouble over this, he could easily lose me a lot of clients.  He says he won't, that he's pretty sure I didn't have any idea what you guys were up to. But I can't risk this happening again.  So from now you're both on notice.  One hint of anything like this again, and you're history, I don't care if you are Tom Nielsen's nephew" he looked at Justin "or Brody's special friend.  You got that?"

The boys nodded and said, "Yes, sir."

Dave took the two pictures of the boys having sex and tore them into tiny pieces and stuffed them into his pants pocket.  Then he carefully tore the picture of them standing by the truck in half vertically.  He handed Todd the half of the picture he was in.

"I suggest that you destroy this.  If it ever surfaces anywhere, you're in deep shit."

Then he looked at Justin, holding up the other half of the picture showing Justin by the truck, a condom on his still-erect dick.   With a trace of a smile on his face Dave said, "I'm giving this picture of you to Brody.  Kind of evens things up, doesn't it?"


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