Justin's Rock

by Tim Mead

Chapter 8

He was naked, arms tied behind the flagpole in front of Higgins High School, his hard cock pointing toward the sky.  The dildo held in his ass by a harness was vibrating enough to cause him to drip copiously.  He wanted to cum, but the vibration wasn't quite enough to bring him off.  Todd Nielsen was standing on the sidewalk laughing at him.  He wanted to shout back, but the ball gag in his mouth prevented him from doing so.  

As Todd stood there, a crowd gathered.  Soon his mother, Brody, Dave, Gary, and even Father Hugo were looking on.  Only Todd was laughing.  The others seemed either sad or shocked.  He wanted to sink into the ground.  Or kill Todd.  Or both.  He closed his eyes tight to shut out the sight of the bystanders staring at his degradation, his humiliation.  

When he opened them again he saw the familiar view of the ceiling of his room.

It was the same dream again.  He'd had it several times since Todd had given him the DVD.  In his sleep he'd thrown the covers off, and he was sweating.  His dick was so hard it ached.

His stomach clenched when he remembered that DVD.  What worried him as much as the existence of the video, however, was the fear that he really did crave a dick up his ass all the time.  Justin Quinn, cool dude who didn't let shit get to him a bottom boy?  Worse, a needy bottom boy?  That couldn't be true, could it?  He and Gary had stopped short of anything anal.  He and Todd had pretty much taken turns topping.  So, nah, it was just that fucker Todd playing head games . . . .

Looking at the clock, he discovered it was time to get up since he'd promised his mother he'd go to church with her that morning.  After dinner he was going to move into the dormitory to which he'd been assigned at Colby State.

Brody had offered to help Justin move, but as he'd pointed out to his friend he wouldn't be moving all that much right away.  He'd only be a half an hour from home.  He could come back for things like his TV and stereo after he found out what his new roomie had brought.  He'd been notified by the university that he'd be in Room 306, Rhodes Hall, sharing the room with one Bailey Stone, also a freshman.

So after the mid-day meal, he'd loaded some of his stuff into the back of the 2000 model Rav 4 he'd gotten for his birthday and said goodbye to his mother.

"I'll be close by, Mom.  You know if you need me I can be here in half an hour.  And I'll be back to get more stuff soon."

"Yes, dear.  Call me when you can to let me know how things are working out.  You can come home weekends, too, if you want to.  But I suspect you'll be too busy discovering university life to do that very often.  Just remember that this is your home, Justin, okay?"

He kissed his mother, jumped into the SUV, and headed for a new life.

He'd tried not to worry excessively about the DVD Todd had given him.  Nielsen had assured him no one had copies except for the two of them, but Justin wondered what Todd might do with his copy.  As he thought about it, he realized that the existence of pictures of him naked didn't bother him.  He had always been defiantly out, and he had no reason to be ashamed of his body.  What had been more or less role playing that night at Todd's Uncle Tom's condo had been made to look on the DVD as if Justin were a needy butt slut.  Which he wasn't.  But then why the dream?  

He tried to get his mind off of the problem by wondering about Bailey Stone.  What would he be like?  Not much chance that he'd be gay, but he wondered whether Bailey would at least be tolerant of having a gay roommate.  Bailey Stone.  Nice name.  Initials BS?  He'd have to tease him about that.  But he'd probably already had a lifetime of teasing about his initials, so maybe he wouldn't.  This guy was going to be important in his life for the next nine months, so he was eager to get there and check him out.

As he pulled into the parking lot behind Rhodes Hall, Justin saw several clusters of people, in each case comprising a student with one or two parent types.  One tall, muscular guy seemed to be getting goodbye hugs from his parents.

He grabbed his duffel from the back of the car and went into the building, where he found a bored-looking upperclassman sitting at a desk.  He identified himself.

"Ah, yes, Quinn.  Here are your room key, your orientation schedule, and your meal card.  You can use the meal card at the Commons or at the various food vendors around campus, as well as at the bookstore.  When you've used up your prepaid amount you'll be notified.  Welcome to Colby State.  The elevator's pretty busy today, so you might make better time if you just use those stairs over there.  You're on the third floor, as I suppose you know.

"Yep, got it, thanks!"

He shouldered the duffel and climbed the two flights of stairs.  It was no trouble finding room 306.  Rhodes was a "mid-century modern" building, which meant that it didn't have air conditioning.  And the shower facilities were at either end of the hall.  He'd been told his room shared a bathroom with the room on the other side of it.

After putting down his duffel, he looked around the room that would be his home away from home for the next year.  The windows were opened, and there was stuff piled on one of the beds, desks, and dressers.  Obviously Stone had already arrived, though he was nowhere to be seen.  Then he heard something behind him.  Whirling around, he saw the big guy who'd been hugging his mother in the parking lot.

Sticking out his hand, he said, "Hi.  I'm Justin Quinn.  And I'm gay."

Wearing a maroon tee, long, baggy tan shorts, and sandals, the hunk smiled at him, squeezed his hand, and said, "Hi, Justin Quinn.  I'm Bailey Stone.  I'm straight.  Is that a problem?"

Justin couldn't help laughing.

"No, dude, I'm pretty tolerant."

Chuckling in response, Bailey said, "I think we're gonna get along just fine, roomie.  Now, let's go get the rest of your shit.  I saw you in the parking lot as I was saying goodbye to the folks.

With Bailey's help, it only took a couple more trips to carry Justin's things from the car up to the room.  Justin enjoyed watching his new friend, who was built like a football lineman.  He must have weighed 225 and was about six feet tall.  He had beautiful brown eyes and dark brown hair.  He wasn't handsome in the celeb mag way, but his cleanly shaven face had a pleasant look about it.

One of Justin's first thoughts was that it was a shame Bailey was straight.  Still, he seemed friendly enough, and it was good that he'd said he had no problem with Justin's being gay.

Both young men had brought their computers, of course.  Bailey had also brought a tv with a built-in DVD player.

"I've got a stereo, but I didn't bring it until I found out what you'd brought."

"Do we have to wait until Thanksgiving to get it?  `Cause I'll be going home some weekends.  I live in Strongsville, which isn't too far away."

"No, dude, I live in Higgins."

"Where's that?"

"About twenty miles west of here."

Bailey's smile came slowly but was very sweet.  "Cool!  So you can bring the stereo next time you're home.  My dad gave me money for us to go to Wal-Mart and get a small fridge.  I assume you know where a Wal-Mart is."

"Oh, yeah.  I'll have to be your guide to Colby.  But you gotta let me pay for half of the fridge."

"It's a deal."

They worked side by side unpacking, putting things away, and setting up their computers, making little housekeeping decisions as they did.

They finished about 5:30.

"Wanna go get something to eat?" Justin asked.

"Sure.  Where'll we go?"

"Burgers okay?"

"Yep.  I suppose there's someplace on campus where we can get a burger?"

"I suppose.  But my car's still out back.  I can't leave it there.  We can drive someplace and then put it in the freshman lot.  If that's okay with you."

There was that slow smile again, making Justin's breath catch when it spread across his new friend's face.

"Fine by me, Jus.  Is it okay to call you Jus?"

"Yup.  That's what my best friends call me.  What about you?  Do you go by Bailey?"

"Yep."  He stood up, checking his hip pocket to see that he had his wallet.  "You ready?  I could eat a horse."

During the course of their meal at Wendy's, the walk from the parking lot on the edge of campus back to the dorm, and a long talk as they lay on their beds, backs to the wall, facing each other, the two exchanged information.

Justin learned that Bailey's father was a lawyer and that his mother ran an art and frame shop in Strongsville.  He had an older brother, Bradley, who was in med school at Case Western Reserve.  Bailey had played football in high school but had decided he wasn't good enough or well enough motivated to play in college.  He wanted to major in art history, though his father wasn't too happy with the idea, hoping that his younger son would go to law school.

"Mom's taught me to love art, and I can't think of anything I'd rather do than teach in college."

"Yeah, it's a pretty good life."

"Oh?  You know somebody who does?"

"My dad taught here."

Bailey looked concerned.  "Taught?"

"Yeah, he died last spring."

"Oh, Jus, I'm sorry.  That must have been really tough for you.  And your mother."

"Thanks, Bailey.  We're adjusting, but it's hard."

As the conversation continued, Bailey learned that Justin had no sibs, that he wanted to major in architecture, that he had played baseball in high school and in a summer league.

Gesturing to the framed picture of Brody in his dress blues on Justin's dresser, Bailey asked, "And who's the Marine?"

"Oh, that's Brody Cox."  He knew he was blushing, and he hated when that happened.

"He looks a little old for a boyfriend, Jus.  Who is he?"

"He's like a big brother.  I met him first when we worked together at his family's flower shop.  And now we're just really good friends."

Bailey was looking intently at Justin.

"What?" Justin asked.

"You wish you and Brody were more than just good friends, don't you?"

"No!  I mean . . . well, yeah, but he's got a partner, and it's not gonna happen."

Bailey leaned forward.  "I'm sorry, bud.  That must suck."  Then he chuckled.  "Well, you know what I mean.  I'd like to meet your Brody sometime."

"Oh, you will.  He's starting his second year here at CSU."


*          *          *

The next few days were given over to freshman orientation.  In the process, Justin and Bailey got to know each other better.  They discovered that they had one class together.  Justin was required to take Principles of Design and the ubiquitous English composition course, along with a survey of the history of art.  The two roommates found that they were in the same section of the latter course.

There were adjustments to be made, agreements to be entered into.  Bailey had said he'd promise not to bring girls back for overnights if Justin would promise not to bring guys back.  

"I'm not gonna try to sleep down in the lobby while you're up here doing whatever it is you do," he'd said.  He smiled as he said it, and Justin had noted once again what a nice smile it was.

They'd also gotten to the subject of masturbation, agreeing that in bed at night they'd not bother to try to outwait each other, whacking off only after they thought the other was asleep.

"Man, if you need to do it, just do it."

Bailey had agreed.

Soon both had made new friends, mostly guys from the dormitory, but also from some of their classes.

It was in freshman English that Justin met Harry.  He'd noticed him the first day, and his gaydar had pinged as soon as the guy walked into the room.  He didn't have a gay look about him, but Justin simply knew.  About 5'9" and 140, he had naturally blond hair unless he was bleaching his eyebrows, blue eyes, and looked as if he might be a gymnast.  

When their instructor, Bruce Evans, called the roll, the cute guy answered to the name of Henry Jackson, though he'd asked to be called Harry.  Bruce had smiled and said, "Okay, Harry it is."

Evans had asked them to choose a seat the next time the class met and sit in that seat for the rest of the term.  He said it let him check the roll quickly so they could get onto the most important stuff.  Justin made a point of sitting next to Harry.  As he dropped his bag to the floor, Harry looked up, grinned, and said, "Let's see, you're Justin . . . something Irish.  Ah, Quinn!" he announced triumphantly.

"That's me.  And you're Harry, not Henry, Jackson."

Harry made a fist and they bumped knuckles.  Then Evans came in and class got under way.  

When it was over, Justin said, "You got a class coming up, or would you like to get some coffee?"

"Coffee, definitely.  I've got an hour until my next class."

In a corner of the Commons they went through the getting-to-know-you routine.  Justin learned that Harry lived on the second floor of Rhodes Hall, so they were practically neighbors and that he wasn't too thrilled with his roommate, whose name was Cliff Thornton.

"What's wrong with him?"

"I think he's a raging homophobe, and as soon as he figures out I'm gay, one of us will probably have to move."

"Shit!  I guess I'm lucky."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, my roommate is cool about it."

"You're gay?"

"Yeah, I figured you'd know."

Harry blushed.  "Fuck.  This is hard.  I was hoping you were gay, but I didn't know.  I'm glad you are.  I mean, oh shit, that is . . . I'm not suggesting that we have to be boyfriends or anything, but . . ."  He stopped, took a deep breath, smiled, and said, "I'm sorry, Justin.  I'm babbling.  I tend to do that."

Grinning back, Justin said, "Dude, it's no problem.  We can be friends, okay?  And we'll see what happens.  Now, what's with your roommate?"

"Oh, he's just made some remarks that sound like he hates our sort."

"Well, if he gives you any trouble, let me know.  Maybe Bailey and I can help you with him."

"I thought you said your roomie was straight."

"He is, but I'm pretty sure he'd have our backs if there was a problem.  And he's a big dude.  He's six feet or maybe six one, and he told me he weighs 225.  Used to be a football player.  All muscles.  But really cool.  And smart!"

Harry licked his lips.  "Lucky you."

Justin grinned.  "Unfortunately, he's straight."

"Yeah, but he sounds like he'd make a great friend, and he must be great to look at."

"Bailey's not what you'd call handsome, but he's always got this sort of sweet look on his face.  And the body just won't quit."

They changed the subject, and Justin learned that Harry, too, was an only child, that he'd been named after Prince Harry of Wales, that his home was in Wooster, where his dad was a financial consultant.  He didn't have any idea yet what he was going to major in, though his father more or less expected him to major in either economics or business, neither of which interested Harry much.  And he had indeed been a gymnast in high school.

"Are you going to stay with that here?"

"I dunno.  I might.  Ya think I should?"

"Yeah.  It would help keep that tight bod in shape."

Harry's smile was radiant, though he was also blushing.

It was time to go to their next classes, so they said they'd see each other in English the next day.  They went for coffee after that class, and in fact made it a regular practice.  They were talking about a date that weekend but hadn't come up with anything definite.

One evening Justin and Bailey had dinner at the Commons with some of the other guys from the dorm.  Then they went back to their room and studied.  

About 9:00 Justin was ready to shut off his computer.  He'd been working on the first draft of an essay for Evans' class.  He swiveled in his chair to look at Bailey, who was sitting in the room's only comfortably upholstered chair, reading.  He was wearing wire-frame glasses, and Justin thought he looked good enough to eat.  

He stretched, checked his email, found there wasn't any, and shut down the computer.  

"What's up with the glasses?  I haven't seen you in them before."

Bailey held up his hand in a gesture Justin took to mean wait a minute.  It may have taken a minute or two before Bailey put a slip of paper in his book and laid it on his bed.  Then he turned to Justin and smiled.

"I have contacts, but I don't really like them.  So here in the room you'll see me in glasses a lot, especially if I'm reading."  He put his arms over his head and stretched.  Justin couldn't help admiring Bailey's chest, shoulders, and arms.  "How was your day, Jus?"

"Good.  I think I'm gonna like all my classes.  But then you know about art history.  And I've met a cute guy in my English class."

Bailey smiled.  "So, do you have a boyfriend already?"

"No.  At least not yet.  But he's seriously sexy and I don't think he has a clue about it."

"Ah, that type, huh?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, there are girls like that, too.  They're rare, since most girls seem pretty fixated on how they look.  But once in a while you find one who's really great looking and doesn't seem to be aware of it.  And that makes them even sexier."

"Yeah.  That's exactly the way it is with Harry.  He just lives down on the second floor."

"Then I'm sure I'll get to meet him.  Especially since you seem so taken with him already."

"Shut up!  He's only a guy I have coffee with."

"Uh huh.  Sure."

"Bailey, Harry may have a problem.  He says he thinks his roomie is gonna freak when he finds out Harry's gay."

"Who's the roommate?"

"Cliff Thornton."


"What?  Do you know him?"

"Yeah, he's from Strongsville, too.  We went to high school together."

"And . . . ?"

"Let's just say he's not a very nice guy."

"Fuck!  That means he probably will give Harry some grief if he finds out, huh?"

"Have you seen Thornton?"


"Well, he's not a very big guy.  But he's a nasty piece of work."

"And a homophobe, ya think?"

"He seems to be."  Bailey put his fingers on the bridge of his nose in a gesture Justin would see many times.  "Look, go see if your friend's in his room.  If he is, bring him up here."

"Okay, BRB."

Bailey chuckled.  "Save that shit for IM's, Quinn.  Let's speak English here.  This is a university."

Justin flipped him the finger and went down to the second floor where he bumped into Harry, who was apparently coming back to his room from the bathroom at the end of the hallway.  

"Hey, Justin."

"Hey, Hal."

"Hal.  Nobody's ever called me that."

"Do you mind?"

"No.  I kind of like it.  So what are you doing down here on the second floor?"

"Looking for you, actually.  Can you come up to our room for a minute?  I want you to meet Bailey.  And he wants to meet you."

Looking a little puzzled, Harry said "Okay."

Back in the room, Justin made introductions, then they all sat.

"Harry," Bailey said, "I hope you don't think we're butting into your business, but Justin told me your concerns about Cliff Thornton."

"You know Cliff?"

"Yeah, unfortunately I do.  Although in this case it might be fortunate.  The guy's just plain nasty."

"Oh, sheesh!"  Harry said.

"You have reason to be worried about how he'll react if you come out to him.  But I think I can help, if you'll let me."

"I'd be glad of your help.  What are you gonna do?"

"Is he in the room?"


"Okay.  You guys stay here.  Get to know each other better or something."  He grinned.  "But I shouldn't be gone more than ten or fifteen minutes, so don't . . . well, I won't be gone long."  He raised an eyebrow, stood up, and left.

Justin giggled.  "I think he thought we were gonna have wild sex while he was down with your roomie."

Harry blushed.  Then he deliberately looked at Justin's package, which had begun to bulge at the idea.  "I'm up for that, but he said we don't have time right now."

Justin stared briefly at the obvious protuberance in Harry's jeans.  "You are up, aren't ya?  I don't know what the big guy's doing downstairs with Thornton, but I say, let's make the most of it."  He grabbed Harry and pulled him so close their chests and hard dicks were pressed together.  "Let's swap some spit."

They soon had their hands on each other's butts, their pelvises grinding together, and their tongues lustfully exploring each others' mouths.  It was the first time the two had had a chance to do anything physical and Justin was enjoying it.  Harry knew how to kiss!  They lost track of time until they heard someone clear his throat.  They had not heard the door open.

Justin could feel Harry go rigid with panic.  Keeping his arms around his new friend, he turned his head to smile at Bailey, who was leaning against the doorframe, a big grin on his face.

"Sorry to interrupt, guys, but I did tell you I wouldn't be gone long."  

Harry backed away from Justin and turned toward Bailey.  Both boys had obvious boners.

"Um, did you talk to Thornton?"

Bailey closed the door and came into the room.  "Yup.  He now knows you're gay."

"Fuck, man!  You told him?"  Harry seemed on the verge of panic.

Bailey held up both hands in a pacifying gesture.  "It's better for him to know now than to find out by accident later."

"How did he react?" Justin asked.

"Just the way you might expect.  But then he and I had, let's say, a heart-to-heart, and he's not going to make any trouble."

"How can you be sure?" a very nervous Harry asked.

"You're just gonna have to trust me on this one, Jackson.  But if he ever gives you any problem, you come tell me right away.  Any trouble at all.  Even if it's just talkin' trash."  He smiled.  "I'm serious.  You let me know.  I mean, all roommates are gonna piss each other off sometimes."  He winked at Justin.  "But if he brings up the gay shit or if he ever threatens you or anything, you let me know."

Harry took a deep breath.  Then he walked up to Bailey.  "Dude, I don't know what to say.  Would you take it the wrong way if I said I'd like to hug you?"

Bailey beamed.  "Nope.  I'll take all the hugs I can get."

As Justin watched, he realized he was jealous.  He wasn't sure he liked Bailey hugging his sexy new friend.  But then, he wouldn't have minded being hugged by Bailey either.  He made note of the fact that Bailey apparently had no problem with that kind of physical contact with another man.  The big guy obviously was pretty comfortable with who and what he was.  

After Harry had left and Justin and Bailey were in their beds with the lights out, Justin said, "Hey, Stone?"

"Yeah, Jus?"

"What the fuck did you say or do to Thornton?"

"It's a condition of his treating Harry decently that I not tell you.  At least not now.  Maybe someday.  But your friend can relax.  Cliff won't be a problem."

"Damn, roomie, you're somethin' else. Sounds like you're either blackmailing him or you promised to beat the shit out of him."

Bailey chuckled.  "Good night, Jus."

To Be Continued

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