"Kappa Kappa Cocksucker"

...by NoGagRflks@aol.com


Chapter 1 – Dante Claims His College Cocksucker

I was thrilled to escape Indiana after graduating college, whose ignorance and rabid homophobia is now profoundly a matter of record. Thrilled, that is, except for losing access to about 30 horny black men who were college students, pledges, and members of Kappa Kappa Psi. And who loved getting their dicks sucked by a hot white kid with NO gag reflex.

I didn't start to come into my own until college, slimming down, getting buff, cutting my hair, and slapping some blue contact lenses on top of my blue eyes, all to powerful effect. I'd known I was gay since I was 6 and spent a year plotting and working on the seduction of an age-mate boy who was the son of a brand new family that moved into our town. A rare-enough occurrence that I thought I had a better chance of keeping things secret if I was his first friend. That's how I ended up sucking my first dick at 7, and then experiencing my first dry spell until I was age 10. At 10 I had my first boyfriend, a post-adolescent of 14 who discovered along with me that I was born without a gag reflex. From then on he made his parents take me along on vacations until he could snare some regular pussy, and I branched out to several other dicks before I graduated high school. All of this happening in tremendous fear of being discovered, disowned, and probably in a very real danger given the time and place.

The fashion of the time was just getting to be men wearing tight pants, which in turn allowed hung dudes of whatever stripe to pack their dicks in obvious tracks along and around their crotch. It had a dizzying effect on me; I'd always had trouble not being caught scoping out dick packages and that was even before you could track their location and flaccid state in dudes' pants. I'd also developed a huge crush on black folks and black culture. Though the only blacks in the area lived completely segregated on the outskirts of town, my mother was very active in local Democratic politics (like spitting into the wind in Indiana) and she was especially driven to fight racism. In that capacity, unlike other white families and kids in the area, black folks were a regular part of my experience. They were frequent guests in our home as local political action was planned, and then by natural attrition, guests in our home for social occasions. I played with the kids while the adults worked or socialized. I think I began to develop a passionate respect for how they fought and stood up and faced the bullshit all around them, incredibly oppressive and ugly environments. I also think in my developing mind that I drew a secret alliance between us and who I knew myself to be. I was gay, and clearly despised and unwelcomed in my own culture and of course they knew and lived that every day. It also seemed to me they were less encumbered by stupid shit, especially the values and pretense foisted upon me by a religiously conservative influence that insisted sex was sinful and needed to be aggressively controlled. I believed that the black folks I knew were both more loving and accepting of the role of sexuality in life, and that they treated its influence with pragmatism and respect.

This is the backdrop to sitting in class one day with the chairs arranged in a semi-circle and the professor facing us from the center. That's how Dante caught himself his college cocksucker.

Dante was 19, hard in the way we'd eventually refer to as thuggish, from the streets of south side Chicago and in college studying business. It was his awesome crotch I was daydreaming about, staring into it longer than I realized. What broke my stare was his hand sliding down into his crotch and lewdly wrapping around what was there. When I hurriedly broke my stare and came back from my daydream, he was looking at me with hard eyes and no particular emotion on his face. He simply kept looking at me and nearly imperceptibly slowly nodding his head like he was affirming something to himself, not really paying attention to me.

I freaked the fuck out. I'd promised myself I'd use this new environment of college to protect myself from doing anything that would re-invent the rumors about my being a fag, which made my life a kind of tenuous hell in high school I mean, yes. I was sucking dicks, but I also had a girlfriend, involved in student leadership, and combining the ideas these backwater rednecks had about what a fag looked like I pretty much got away with pretending to be straight. Except for the guys whose dicks I was sucking, and they had their own investment in my secret staying a secret.

I really was terror-stricken by Dante catching me, but somehow that seemed to feed the growing boner in my pants. He kept up his looking at me, at times it feeling hostile and at times engaging, but really there was no discernible expression on his face at all and that never changed. I'd understand it later, but I couldn't maintain eye contact and he would have to have known I was consumed with fear. I'll bet he knew I was turned on too. He was way more aware of fags in the world than I.

As soon as class ended I bolted for the door, thinking I might even have to drop this class. But I got delayed by a gaggle of students at the door at the same time. Next thing I knew there was hot breath, a slow-moving exhale, on my neck and something making contact with my ass (happily, I possessed a bubble but not yet aware of how much power it had). I was conscious of a thick unevenness along my left cheek different from where the leg was against my right cheek. It wasn't all that unusual to get bumped into in a throng of students all clumped together, but it wasn't a bump, it was contact and once made it didn't move away until the path in front of us was cleared. I didn't look behind me but somehow I knew it was the black guy.

Into the hall and I started to move out at a fast pace, afraid of all the turmoil in my head and pants. Not more than ten steps later a hand on my shoulder stopped me and said "Where you goin'?" I turned around and felt all cotton-mouthed and clumsy staring into the black man's eyes. "My next class," I managed. He said, "Naw dude, you gotta come with me. We gotta talk." My submissiveness clicked right in and I began to follow the man, who hadn't even waited to see what I would say or do. I followed him outside and was about five steps behind, feeling foolish and worrying that it was obvious I was following this black dude who was paying no attention to me. He walked further away than I thought just having a conversation merited, and just about when my senses recovered enough to let me disengage and go away, he veered over to a staircase rising into a building and stood to the side of it, mostly protected from view. I'd recovered enough of my own presence of mind to feel less afraid and walk up to him with "So what it is we need to talk about?"

"You suckin' mah dick," he said. While I was still reeling from the ease and shock with which he said it and that he said such a thing out loud, and to me, he went on. "I knew I'd find a new cocksucker when I got here. Had to leave my bitch cocksucker behind in Chi-town when I moved and it looks like I found me a new one. Yeah, if you can do a good job on my dick I'll let you be my regular cocksucker. Hellyeah, you do fine, I love seeing white boys' blue eyes staring up at me while my dick down they throat."

I know it occurred to me then to stand up for myself, to reject his vulgarity and assumption as something I wasn't going to have anything to do with—but it was like a bolt of adrenalin that was at least 2/3 testosterone just fuckin' hit me. He laughed. "I see your bitch ass likes the idea. Aiiiiight faggot let's get this shit started. I ain't busted in six muthafuckin' days."

He looked around a minute and I stood there experiencing potent turn on like I'd never before experienced. I started to wonder why I was so turned on by being treated like this, but I also know that I shut those thoughts down fast because the greater part of me was unwilling to get in the way of what was happening. Dante intuited what I didn't know, which was that I was sexually submissive by nature.

We couldn't have been standing there more than a minute with him figuring out where we would go, but time was distorted for me and I felt sluggish. I must have been not paying attention because he poked me and said "Dayum, you a dizzy bitch. Let's go!" I didn't say a word but came along and we climbed the steps into the building next to us. Inside at the top of the stairs heading down to the lower floors he stopped and said "We gonna find a bathroom where you can get a taste of this dick. If you good enough I'm gonna hit that throat on the regular and prolly bring my cousin along too." Jesusfuckingchrist!! This dude and his attitude and that I was about to suck his dick because that's what he wanted and that he was going to get his cousin's dick taken care of too... I was so spinning inside my head I actually had a flash of worrying about passing out and going headfirst down the stairs. My dick was so hard it actually hurt. "C'mon," he said, again moving out without seeing if I was going to follow.

On the bottom floor we went down the main hallway and it was really quiet and deserted. The classrooms were not in use, and there was nobody around. We found a bathroom and he told me to wait while he went in. He came back out a couple minutes later standing with the bathroom door open. "Let's go bitch, I'm ready. My shit already bonin up." I saw what he meant and couldn't take my eyes off his crotch while I walked past him into the bathroom, getting another kind of weird rush at the idea of a man holding a door open for me. "Dayuuuum, you like hypnotized or sumthin'" he laughed. "Thass aiiight faggot, `cuz you `bout to be fed some pure-bred Southside Chicago dick and you lucky." Suddenly the way he said `faggot' didn't bother me. It wasn't dripping with hostility, it was just matter of fact. It was so hot that he knew what the fuck he was doing, so hot he was running me.

The bathroom was perfect, no one around and with a small space between the two doors one had to go through to get into the bathroom, the first door like an early warning system. He moved the tall metal trash can into the path of the swing of the second door so that it would get bumped and probably fall over if anyone did open that door. Another smart diversion from us getting caught.

"You suck nigga dick before baby?" he asked, pushing open the door on the last stall and stepping in, me right on his heels. The use of the word "baby" felt that much more intimate and once again my emotions as well as my hormones were reacting. "No" I said, even though he wasn't going to be the first black dick or even the first big dick I sucked. It's just that the other times didn't seem to qualify in my head as the same as what was going on here.

"Thass cool," he said, again in a friendlier tone, but then more authoritarian. "But if you want to suck MY dick there's some shit you gotta understand." I just looked at him. "Hit yo' knees bitch while I talk to you, I like that." I did. He went on. "First off, if you gonna be sucking my dick you gotta know you gotta do what I tell you and when I tell you. You ain't a man in this situation, you a bitch and you a cocksucker. Also my shit is big but I expect deepthroat action every time and I betta neva feel no teeth. You got that?" At that point I wanted to say the word "yes" but had to settle for nodding up and down. "Good. This shit might work. Also, you suckin' a black man's dick so you better get every mutherfuckin' inch down yo throat, and every muthafuckin' drop when I nut. I don't ever want to see you drop nunna my load. EVER. You got that?" Again I nodded from the floor looking up at him.
"Cool. One last thing. If I like this shit you gonna be on call for me anytime I want my shit sucked. It's gonna be your priority IN LIFE from here on in. You don't ever get to say no. And you don't contact me, I contact you. You don't act like you recognize me on the street, you don't say hello. You do a good job with all this shit and you gonna be rewarded."

This was the first time I balked. I was hypnotized by the bulge in his pants right in front of my eyes but I was also conscious that I was missing an important class for this. "Well," I said, I got classes and a job I gotta deal with." He stepped back and said "Thass fine, you don't want this dick I can find another cocksucker. Fuck it ain't hard, you white boys so hungry for nigga dick. Shit this is only the first week of classes another fag who will follow my rules will come along." He started to move past me to leave.

"Wait" I said pretty quickly, but without much umph while I watched the object of my desire go from ready to explode my horndog dreams into reality by intimidating me into sucking his dick, to taking away all of it as quickly as the fantasy became possible. "Wait what bitch?" "OK," I managed, weakly and looking down at the floor. "OK what bitch? Look at me. OK what bitch? You gonna follow my rules for suckin' my dick?" This was hard, looking him in the eyes and repeating "yes, I'm going to follow your rules for sucking your dick."

"Cool," he said. "Now I'm gonna give you what you need and test drive that pussy mouth of yours. You best be bringing your A game for my shit. Open up!" he said pushing down his zipper and then his pants all the way to the floor.

It was an awesome dick. Beautiful. Thick and probably 9" and matching his dark skin tone. It wasn't fully hard yet but was pushing away from his body with a partial erection and a drop of pre-cum nestled in some deep urethral lips. It glistened and I felt the urge to have it. I reached out to his nuts, my favorite kind, big and up close to the body. I reached out to touch them gently and he said "Skip the romance faggot. I need to bust this nut before anyone comes in here. Get on my shit NOW!" he insisted, reaching around with the hand not holding his shirt up and planting it firmly on the back of my head. Now this was finally my territory, on my knees in front of a dick and hands on the back of my head. I also noted his dick had a downturned banana feature to it, you know, the kind absofuckinlutely perfect for face-fucking a cocksucker deepthroat on his knees. It was a shape with which I knew I could do amazing things. It was a secret kind of to myself even at that point how fuckin proud I was of my no-gag-reflex skills and the ability to make a man's dick bust hard and deep all over my tonsils. To know I was good enough to get his nut.

I let him pull me in but he could have been rougher. He slowly kept the pressure up as his thick chunk began its descent into my throat. "Oooooohhhh yeah, that's a good girl. Take Daddy's dick nice and deep so you can get this nut like a good bitch." I looked up to see his head tilted back and eyes closed. The next surprise was his when he reached the back of my mouth and there was no resistance to his dick sliding balls deep and nestling there. "Holy fuckin shit! Bitch got SKILLS! HELLYEAH, stay there fo' a minute, I LOVE this shit. Yeah! Goddamnnnn... Muthafucker! You sure you ain't never had no nigga dick before `cuz you handlin' my shit just right." I hadn't moved yet from having his dick balls deep and I was slowly moving my lips gently across his balls. What he didn't know yet was that I had mastered the art of breathing around a dick, even huge ones balls deep, and I loved what it did to the men I serviced. "Gooood Boyyyyy" he said, drawing out the words with a slow exhale and leaning back, pushing his crotch forward and tightening his grip on my head. "Fuck bitch, you doin' GOOOD!" he said again, this time moving his pelvis left and right but keeping me pinned down. Another bit of that, and I felt his hand relax and move off my head. I took it to mean he was giving me a chance to breathe. When I didn't move but instead started some strong swallowing motions and tonguing the base of his dick, I thought he was going to nut right then. "Shiiiit! Yeah bitch, you good. You doin' better than my southside cocksucker bitch and that's after me and my cousin trained up the muthafucka for a while. Yeah, I can tell, you gonna be my go-to cocksucker, my regular throat pussy bitch. We gonna be doin' this shit A LOT."

I think what you'd call me is a "service bottom," which essentially meant my turn on was in pleasing --- and KNOWING I was pleasing—a dude getting his dick sucked. Getting my dick sucked wasn't a priority for me, so servicing straight guys hit a lot of buttons in my imagination. Dante's being so hung and so nasty and so cocky and so complimentary was popping off my hottest imaginings and fulfilling some intense, not yet understood and definitely not yet satisfied, erotic truths in my horn-driven brain. I had never been that turned on before.

`Fuck man, I ain't even pulled out an inch since I pushed that shit all the way deep to my balls," he said, almost as much to himself as to me. "You gonna get that nut real good with that kind of action," he crowed, replacing his hand again on my head and holding it harder than before. "Yeah, you proved yourself and you gonna be dancin' on this dick on the regular. My cuz too. He even more hung than me and always complainin' bitches don't suck his dick right." I could feel Dante holding himself still and trying to breathe to put off what I figured was him getting close to nutting, just keeping his shit deep and not moving. After a few minutes of that he said "Fuck, I can't wait any longer. You `bout to get your reward, bitch," he said, this time grinding around left and right a few more times before using just his hips to make small throat fucking movements that quickly speeded up while his breathing grew ragged and his clamp on my head got painful. "HELL YES GURL, GET THAT NUT! YEAH! YEAH! FUCKIN' SWALLOW THAT SHIT. ALL OF IT. YEAH! YEAH... unnnnnggghhh. Good bitch, every drop... Unnnngggghhhh." He now stopped moving altogether but still was holding me deep while his dick drained and softened. "Thass right gurrl. Keep that shit in yo' throat til I tell you to come up off it," he said, but this time friendly with his hand slowly moving about my head, rubbing it. It felt like affection, and I suspect, appreciation. After a bit he pulled back and sat down hard on the toilet seat, relaxing there with his pants and drawers still around his ankles. He was looking right at me but his face was full of that rapturous, good-nut afterglow we get. I was still on my knees and feeling really excited about what a good job I'd done. I marveled at how comfortable he was with a stranger at his feet after having just sucked him off and sitting there with his dick and balls glistening with saliva and hanging out to air dry. Most of the sex I'd had til then meant that this was the moment the dude awkwardly avoided eye contact, or talking and rushed to pull up their pants and leave. I was almost into that post-sex zone where one finds themselves walking back all the post-sex shame reactions that come up, but he started talking to me again. And it was different again than all the other times the way he talked to me changed. He reached out and grabbed the side of my head and pulled it into his thigh within close-up range of his dick. "In a minute I'm gonna let you put that shit back in yo' mouth but I ain't got time to feed you another load. Next time you gonna have to work harder to get fed, count on that,"he said, putting my head on his thigh and started messing with my hair absentmindedly while he came down from his orgasm.

"You aiight?" he asked. "Yeah," I said grinning. "Well we best get on up outta here in a minute but I got to say that head was THE BOMB. You definitely gonna be sucking on this dick again soon and often as I can get it done. You remember the rules right? You down with that?" I asked "Is there going to be any consideration for me having to go to classes and my job?" "Yeah, fuck, we work all that shit out, baby. Can't be having you flunk out and not be around to suck this dick anytime I want," he smiled. "Matter of fact, what yo' schedule tomorrow? I need to bring my cousin up in here to get his own taste of that sweet pussy mouth. He gonna LOVE it." I was crazy happy and unsure about all the reasons why but I loved all his game. Rough and thuggish and demanding and demeaning, followed by sweet appreciation for how good I sucked his dick. I was sprung.

We left at different times, him first, but not before we picked a time to rendezvous tomorrow at the same place with him having his cousin along. Dante ended up introducing me to myself and some of the deepest core sexuality I'd not yet known. The fact that it was a win/win just made it all the more awesome. And before he was done training me on both his and his cousin's big dicks, he'd have me servicing every brutha at the Kappa Kappa house. That story is yet to come.


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