Kappa Kappa Cocksucker

Chapter 13: Tomorrow Night's Kappa Kappa Cocksucker Tryout

"A Glory Hole?" repeated Terrence, Kappa Kappa President, who'd never heard the phrase before Dante's mentioning it. "What is it?"

"I know what that shit is," chimed in Martin, Pledge Class Captain. "That's where you stick yo' dick in a hole in the wall and there's a cocksucker on the other side that sucks you off. Yo' ass don't ever even see the cocksucka and the cocksucka don't see you." Terrence did not choose in this moment to share his experiences with the glory hole in the basement bathroom of the Arts Building, which he discovered quite by accident his Freshman year. Something in his balls seemed to respond to his memories, and he felt them rise a little in his sack. He reached under his rapidly-stiffening junk to finger his balls in his pants, roughly pushing at them, distracted.

"That's what you're talking about?" Terrence asked. "You're trying to set up a glory hole in the basement for Kappa bruthas to use? I don't know `bout that shit."

"Why?" Dante interjected.

"Cuz that's some freaky shit," came Terrence's reply, though even he didn't find the argument particularly astute. It was the first plausible excuse he could identify.

"I don't know why," said Dante. "What's so freaky `bout a bunch of bruthas, gettin' they dicks sucked on a regular basis with NO fuckin' hassles pretty much anytime they wanna bust a nut?" Dante took note of Martin's hands all caught up with his own junk, and a look in his eyes that said his attention was split between this moment and something going on in his head. Dante filled in the blanks and figured Martin was going to be an advocate for the idea. Martin was a city boy from Atlanta. He figured a lot of whiteboys crazy for black dick were prolly definitely spending time in Atlanta and wondered if Martin knew how good a setup that could be for a brutha lookin' for easy head.

"I just don't know..." repeated a skeptical Terrence.

"Yo', I'm down," interjected Martin, speaking a split-second before Dante was going to continue with his sales pitch. He stopped himself and shut up, letting Martin weigh in on the idea.

"Fo' real?" Terrence asked, a little uncomfortable that it appeared only he was resistant to the idea. "You don't think it's some freaky shit?"

"Hell, I don't care whether it is or isn't. So what if it freaky? We talkin' `bout a cocksucker, a SKILLED cocksucker who these bruthas already been tryin' out and vouch for and who say the bitch can handle ANY dick thrown at her IN OUR FUCKIN' BASEMENT ready to suck any Kappa nigga's dick and swallow they nut!

"I ain't sure all the bruthas gonna be down for this," Terrence continued, feeling his own testosterone rise as the conversation seemed to be moving towards trying the shit out. His uncut dick started to thicken and he shifted his position a bit to let it start to stretch down his leg.

"That's cool by me," responded Martin. "They ain't gotta participate and that will leave the bitch mo' time to work on emptyin' these nuts," punctuating his message with another hefty squeeze of a noticeably filling package. "It ain't like we gonna make the niggas line up with they dicks out. They want to try it or they don't."

"Thass what I'm sayin', my brutha," Dante chose his moment to break in on the dialogue. He thought he recognized another kindred spirit in using whiteboy cocksuckers in Martin, but he seemed careful to use the word "she" in referring to the bitch cocksucker--- Dante was careful to use "bitch" and "cocksucka" for the time being. Martin's emphasis on the female pronoun could go either way in terms of what it meant. Dante continued. "It's not like we makin' anybody do anything. We just creating an option for any Kappa brutha with a swinging dick he want taken care of to get his dick sucked easy, no hassle, no bullshit, no spitting out, no teeth, balls deep wet pussymouth by an expert cocksucka who we know can handle at least a 12" dick."

"Daaaayum, brutha, didn't know you was packin' like that," smiled Martin, sliding out a fast palm smack to Dante. "I hope you ain't lying `bout the bitches' skills. My girl measured my shit and said I got 11 fucking inches o' dick in my pants. Ain't no female never deepthroated my shit too, so I'm way fuckin' down for this."

Dante squeezed his package and grinned at Martin. "Bruthas got dick, thass for sho'!", enjoying the idea that it would get around in his frat that he had a 12" dick. Dante didn't ever have to worry a day in his life about not having enough dick, but he knew people had a tendency to admire and consider powerful big-dicked dudes.

"So let me get this right," started Terrence. "You sayin' that you (referring to Dante) and you (referring to Marcus) have been gettin' yo' dicks sucked EVERY day by the same cocksucker? How'd you find the bitch?"

"Dante found the cocksucka and hooked me up," said Marcus. "And yeah, I've been gettin' my dick sucked, deepthroat, ever day. Sometimes twice a day. And the ho' good and don't neva miss a drop," he added. Marcus thought that the fact the cocksucka never missed a drop was something that would sway Martin and Terrence. It sure as fuck swayed him.

"I'm Chicago southside, my brutha. I learned to clock dick-hungry bitches a long time ago, and been getting my dick wet since I was 14 behind that shit," explained Dante. "Especially white bitches who got dat jungle fever and need them some brutha dick. I clocked this ho' checking out my junk in classes first fuckin' day, and I caught up with the bitch and told her I knew what was what and that I'd let her feed offa my dick."

"And she did?" posed Terrence, still unsure about all this. "She just dropped down and sucked yo' dick? Right there?"

"Naw, man," answered Dante. "I snuck her into a men's room and put that bitch on her knees. She did the rest. And I tell you what? That was some gooood fuckin' head. In fact, I ain't neva had betta. Told her right then she was gonna have to suck up my cousin if she ever wanted to get on my dick again, and the bitch went for it. Darnell had his dick in the cocksucka's mouth the next day."

"Y'all makin' my shit bone with this shit," Martin piped up, in a way you knew was a complaint. "Where that bitch at right now? I don't gotta wait til tomorrow night." Terrence was having the same reaction, but not touching his own junk. Terrence thought of himself as a class act, felt responsible for the image of Kappa Kappa as its President. Plus he'd learned a long ago in junior high how to slide his dick to the right out his boxer shorts so his 10" hog could stretch out along his thigh and not show so much. Terrence's sense of dignity as Kappa Kappa President also kept him from wearing tight pants that showed his big dick. He liked having one, though, and it was starting to talk to him.

"Actually, the bitch ain't gonna be available til tomorrow night, and even then we gonna have to sneak her in. She said she won't do it if she can't be anonymous behind the glory hole," added Dante.

"Thought you said this `ho was at yo' beck and call," challenged Martin.

"Well yeah, but the ho' not just suckin' my and Marcus' dicks," explained Dante. "We got her feelin' like suckin' our dicks is her JOB, but the cocksucka bitch got classes and a real job. Plus she doin' Marcus twice a day, me twice a day, Darnell twice a day, AND she got one other dick she gotta take care of too."

"Who dat?" Martin wanted to know.

"Actually, I can't tell you `cuz the glory hole operation got a strict code of secrecy. The cocksucka don't know who dick she suckin', the dude gettin' his dick sucked don't know who suckin' it, and both the ho' and the brutha bustin' his nut keep that shit on the DL. Suffice it to say it's another brutha, he down with the game, and what he bringing to the table is a secret spot where me and him and Dante and Marcus can go for privacy to get our dicks off."

"Are you sure y'all ain't playin' me with this shit?" Terrence wanted to know. "It just sounds whacked."

Dante got serious. "On my Kappa Brutha Pledge, Kappa President Sanders," said Dante, punctuating the statement with an extended hand sporting the secret sign of Kappa Brutha Solidarity, something about which the fraternity did not fuck around.

"Aaaiight," decided Terrence. "This shit is for real," he agreed, flashing back the solidarity sign to Dante.

"Wait a minute!" an excited Martin jumped in. "Wait one muthafuckin' minute," Martin said, on a roll. He addressed his question to Terrence. "Didn't you tell me yo' girl don't suck dick? Ain't that what you said?"

"True dat," agreed Terrence. He'd had the same girl for the last two years, a stunning black woman who was elegant, smart and ambitious who would graduate the same time as him. Terrence realized that he'd given up on blow jobs because deep down inside he felt it wasn't ladylike, and other than that, they had a great sex life.

"So you ain't gettin' yo' dick sucked AT ALL, and not only do you not want to set this up for all the other bruthas, and ME I might add, you gonna mess up this pledge class' house gift like a week before they gotta give it?"

"I ain't sayin' I'm against it and I ain't sayin' I decided," Terrence spoke. "But what kind of ho' be willing to suck a frat full of dick? We got 18 living in the house and there's another 12 counting the pledge class who gonna have access to the glory hole. How that `ho gonna handle all that? Plus we ain't heard shit `bout how this ho look."

"Yo', I seen the bitch," chimed in Marcus, "and I'm telling you the bitch is phine, tight little body, nice tits and some pretty blue eyes that look good from above when yo' junk is deep down the ho's cocksuckin' throat and yo' balls on her chin."

"Thass' another thing," Terrence jumped in. "How come both of you and Darnell seen the bitch, but we can't?"

Marcus definitely wanted Dante to field that one. Dante noticed Martin's attention piqued on the question, and that was both watching and listening to Dante intently.

"I ain't completely sure about that," said Dante. "But this is what I think is happenin'. My getting my dick in her face wasn't the first dick she sucked, not by a long shot, she started out too good on my dick. She said she started suckin' dick in high school. But I think she one of them natural-born ho's coming from some small town and on her own for the first time and just figuring all this shit out. I think she got jungle fever, and likes having me coordinate all this dick without her havin' to really face it. She started using the glory hole when we needed to convince the dude with the private spot to let us have access to it. I think she likes gettin' her freak on without anybody knowin' who she is."

"Yeah, I think that's right," added Marcus, aware that while his dick had been puffing up a bit through all of the conversation, the part about the cocksucka `just figuring all this shit out,' made Marcus think about how much he loved having the bitch just give himself up to let Marcus run things. That made his dick bone all the way hard.

Dante felt the plan teetering on Terrence's discomfort. He looked to Martin for support. Martin seemed to get an idea and winked at Dante before ending the pregnant pause.

"I don't know," said Martin, a little impishly, "yo' ass ain't gettin' ANY head at all, and you ain't up for this shit? I guess I know the problem, brutha, and it's cool."

"What you think you know?" Terrence challenged.

"Well, they's a lot of pressure on a brutha to be bringing some real dick to the game, and ain't all bruthas able to measure up," he laughed, emphasizing his not having any issues with the expectation by pressing his pants down to emphasize his hard dick stretching out across his thigh. "Not all niggas got it like this."

"Fuck that, homie! You ain't bringing nuthin' I ain't bringin'," insisted Terrence, using his hands to rearrange the 10-inch erection he'd been hiding down the inside of his right thigh, the bulge of the dickhead making it obvious there was no way you could call Terrence short-changed.

"I see we all representin'," laughed Martin, not releasing his shit and letting his eyes go the crotches of the other three. Martin's dick was showing bone hard, Terrence's dick was showing bone hard, and Marcus's dick was showing bone hard. Dante wasn't showing, but he grabbed his junk anyway recalling he was still coasting on the idea he was packin' a 12" dick.

Dante picked his moment. "So is this shit on?" he wanted to know, leaving his hand where his dick was now starting to respond as the answer seemed to be going in his favor.

"Fuck it," said Terrence, "I'm down."

Dante and Martin whooped and smacked palms above their head, and Marcus added loudly "HELL yeah! Bruthas gonna get they nuts emptied by an expert." For some reason, and in the back of his mind, he was having an odd reaction about being happy for the cocksucker too.

"Remember," reminded Terrence. "Not a word of this shit to anybody before Martin and I check it out. And tell Darnell to keep it on the low as well."

"Shit, Darnell ain't no problem. Matta of fact, he prolly about to shove his dick down the bitch's throat pretty soon now. He like his second nut to be right before bed."

"Aaaaiight," Terrence said. "It's late, you got Ol' Henry all jumped up and itchin', and I gotta go see if my girl will let me come over and take care of this shit. See you all here tomorrow night. I marked out that the pledge class officers needed the basement all night tomorrow night from 10 pm til 2 am. See you here then, peace out."

"Peace out," everyone said in unison. They all shoulder bumped and arm clapped each other on the back, never more careful in their lives to keep their hips back from contact with one another. Only Martin used the opportunity to whisper to Dante "Yo', hold back a minute," sotto voce so no one else heard. Dante nodded. He figured Martin was about to ask him if he was trying to pass off a whiteboy cocksucker fag as a female behind a glory hole. Dante hadn't yet made up his mind about how to play that with Martin; Martin seemed to know about how glory holes worked.

Marcus was waiting for Dante to join him in leaving the frat house, but Dante told him he'd have to meet up with him tomorrow morning. They both had morning blow job appointments tomorrow, Marcus first and Dante a half hour later. They were likely to cross paths. Marcus was bummed, he had a lot on his mind and Dante was about the only man with whom he'd be willing to discuss what was on his mind. It would have to wait.

When they were alone, Martin smacked Dante lightly on the shoulder and said, "C'mon, man, where the bitch at right now? My shit is rock fuckin' hard and I ain't got a girl I can just call up and say `I need some pussy.' You cain't leave a Kappa brutha hanging like this, man," he pleaded.

"I feel ya' my brutha, but ain't much I can do," Dante commiserated. "Bitch on her schedule across campus taking care of Darnell, and he got her booked til 1 am." Dante didn't mention he knew that Darnell rarely kept the cocksucker past midnight or 12:30, but he wasn't yet up for sharing that much with Martin. Darnell always booked the cocksucker til 1 am in case he was extra horny and one nut wouldn't do it.

"Dayum, that's some shit," complained Martin. "I fuckin' hate beatin' off, plus I got a four day nut for the ho'. I wanna hear her choke on all that nut down her throat."

"'Fraid it's gonna end up being a five day nut," advised Dante. "That bitch go to work at 6 am, and we told her she would always be free after Darnell's second nut or 1 am, whichever came first, unless it was a weekend when she don't gotta work."

"You don't know no other ho's down to take care of a brutha late at night do you?" a desperate Martin asked, already back to palming his dick through his pants.

"Sorry man," laughed Dante. "But I can tell you that if this shit works out you may never have to go five days in a row without head again."

"That's gonna be a legendary gift to the house, man," said Martin. "Yo' fuckin' pledge class gonna be famous," he said laughing.

"Cool," said Dante. "I gotta book. See you tomorrow, my brutha. Stay black," and with that he left the frat house.

Martin watched him go and took another measure of how fuckin' horny he was. A thought had been brewing for several minutes already, and he was pacing. No way he was going to be able to go to sleep, and no way he was going to beat off. He looked outside to check if Dante was within sight before putting on a hoody and leaving the frat house in the direction of the Arts Building. He moved his hard dick to an upright position so it would quit fuckin' rubbin in his draws.

It was warm out still for this late evening in Indiana's September weather. Martin hustled across campus to visit a spot he'd been before but never this late. And for some reason the upcoming glory hole experience in the house was making him less reticent to go take advantage of the one he already knew about. Before, he didn't really like to think about the times he got sucked off at the glory hole, pretty good too though nobody deepthroated him, he'd kind of given up on that hope. He'd seriously entertained the notion of moving to Los Angeles where he knew porn stars lived so he could find a bitch that would let him facefuck deepthroat and hold a bitch down on it while he emptied his nuts balls deep. When he did beat off that's the moment in his fantasies his nuts busted, and busted hard..that moment when he imagined popping off shot after shot of thick nigga nut down some female's throat and not letting her up til she got every drop. Distracted by that same thought, he was at the Arts Building in less time than expected.

It was open late, 2 am, because it had a small specialty library and studios that Art students could access that late. He threw the door open and went down the one floor to the first floor, and as he approached the bathroom with the glory hole, he slowed down and pulled the hoody further over his head.

He entered cautiously and listened to see if he could hear anything. The way he discovered the gloryhole in the first place was popping in there to take a leak and hearing what very definitely sounded like a dude cumming. He laughed at the idea of some sucker so hard up dude had to beat off in a bathroom. He stood there with his dick hanging out draining but realized there were sounds of someone else in the stalls back there, and there were only two. He listened and waited and though whoever was there was making noise he wasn't leaving. Martin's curiosity got the best of him and so that was the first time he walked around and saw a big circle cut into the wall between stalls. If he couldn't figure out the situation the graphics would have helped him understand. Wasn't long before a finger came through and wiggled a `come on' signal. That was a great blow job, and he'd been back a few times though shaming himself with guilt each time. And it wasn't dependable. Sometimes there was no cocksucker there, and that was frustrating.

Martin could see there were feet on the floor tonight though. "Awesome," he thought. Too bad for tomorrow night's cocksucker though, but he was not going to waste an opportunity when he definitely needed it, plus he was tuned way fucking up about cumming. He really needed to cum.

Martin had done this enough times since his freshman year that he knew there wasn't any need to be coy. He freed his 11" and made a beeline for the hole. His dick went through and he could hear somebody gasp. No doubt. Cocksuckers must be crazy hungry for big dicks, it made sense.

Martin settled in for what he expected would be a fast pop. This cocksucker wasn't getting to it right away, though, and it pissed him off. Dude was stroking his dick up and down with his hands, once even using both of them and tightly gripping it with both hands and moving it up and down. Cocksucker seemed to be all caught up in staring at it and playing with it. He felt the dude use his fingernails to lightly brush his balls. OK, that actually felt pretty good.

But the cocksucker kept messing with the dick with just his hands. Martin spoke up, "Yo', faggot, you gonna suck my dick or what?" He punctuated that with a pressing of his body against the partition and bouncing his dick up and down.

"I like to use my hands," came the voice, Martin finding it distastefully faggy as far as he was concerned.

"Yeah, well that don't matter shit `cuz I came here to get my dick sucked off and bust this nut," came Martin's no-bullshit reply.

"It's so big and pretty I just want to play with it," repeated the nelly voice on the other side.

"YO, I'M SAYIN' FUCK THAT. You a cocksucka and you got a big black beauty right in front of you needin' to dump a load. GET TO IT or I'm gonna come over there and fuck you up. I ain't got all night." Martin was really pissed. He'd never had a problem any other time there was a cocksucker on the other side. "DO THAT SHIT BITCH!" he insisted, expecting to get what he wanted.

What he heard next was the door on the other side of the partition fly open and the little sissy bitch sprinting out of the bathroom.

Martin did not expect that so the sounds of what was happening were how he figured out he was left hangingóliterally hangingówith his dick in a hole and no one sucking on it. Fuck, that spiked his anger. He'd never seen the bitch but he wished he had so that the fag who messed up his getting sucked off would be afraid of him. Not that he would ever actually beat the fairy up, but he liked acting like a hard ass and wanted the little bitch to be scared.

"FUCK!" he shouted, loud enough the sound echoed. He stayed standing there for a minute longer, mad and frustrated, not moving because some part of him hoped a replacement cocksucker would arrive right away and jump on his tasty piece waiting for attention.

Finally he gave up, and swore a blue streak while pulling his dick back from the hole and trying to make it fit back in his pants again. "Fucking cocksucker!" he thought to himself. He hoped that dicksuckin' bitch Dante was bringing around was ready for a heavy dose of facefucking and cum swallowing. Martin decided he was going to balls deep pump that ho til he nutted, and he may go again after that. The walk home was full of thoughts about the many ways he was going to make that bitch suck his dick, and how hard he was going to work to convince Terrence to keep the bitch around to suck they dicks all the time.


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