This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

Late Night in the Dorm

It was late on Friday when Mike got back to his room. He couldn't believe that the English Majors club meeting lasted so long. The clocl read 11:47pm as he dropped his bookbag on the floor. His roommate, Harry, wasn't back from his pledging for the night.

Before I continue, Mike is 21. He's 5'9, about 220 pounds (he's slightly muscular, but has a small beer belly). Mike has black hair, brown eyes, and isn't that hairy (only a little on his underarms, light coating on his chest, legs and arms). Another thing is that Mike is bi, but leans more towards men than woman. Mike has had three girlfriends, and with each he didn't get far except for his first; they had sex once before they broke up.
Harry is about the same height as Mike, but he's slimmer and more muscular. He has dark dirty blond hair, and has noticeably more hair on his body, especially on his underarms, legs, a little more on his chest plus a nice Happy Trail (the little trail of hair from the belly button to the crotch). Another thing about Harry is 19 and that he is a light skinned Indian and Mike has a slight attraction to him though Harry doesn't know it.

Now, after Mike flung off his shoes and changed from his pants to his lounge pants (easier to play with his dick and more room to let it grow to it's full 7.5 inches). Sitting down at his computer, Mike checked his IMs and email. Once all of that was finished, he went to his favorite porn sites getting his cut cock hard within minutes.

After downloading a movie, Mike got comfortable enough so he could slowly jack while watching the movie. While watching, Mike was careful not to build up too much pleasure, so he could move to the bed after the movie to finish himself off and use a hankerchef to clean himself off when he cums. At about 30 minutes into the movie, at around 12:30, Harry opened the door and came in. As he was coming in, Mike quickly turned off the movie and turned his TV on and pulled his shirt over his hard dick so that Harry wouldn't see it.

"Sup Mike?"
"Nothing really, just so tired right now since I didn't sleep much last night."
"He he, yeah, but try doing this stuff we're doing for the pledging."
"True, true."
After Harry flipped off his shoes and jacket, he asked Mike "Umm, Mike, did I interrupt anything just now?"
"Huh? . . Oh, no, no. I was just working on something. It's a project I'm doing on the side."
"Aight, just wanted to make sure."
"You gonna be here for a bit, Harry?"
"Yeah, I'm plannin' on hittin' the hay soon."
"K, I'm gonna grab a shower real quick."

Mike gets up and steps out of his lounge pants, strips off his shirt, and goes to grab a change of boxers and his shower stuff. Once in the bathroom, which is in the middle of the hall since it is a corridor style dorm, Mike picks the shower stall closest to the window, for it's the one he likes best. Once naked and the water going, Mike starts thinking about Harry; they've only been rommates for three weeks and Mike doesn't want to scare him off by telling him he's bi.

After a few minutes, Mike hears Harry "Hey, I'm taking a shower too, I left the door unlocked."
"k, man."
As Mike hears Harry start the shower next to his, he starts day dreaming about Harry being naked right there next to him, just inched away. Deep inside, Mike just wants to go over there and open Harry's stall and get in there with him. But, Mike knows that'll ruin everything and would want to try and wiggle in his sexuality when the perfect time comes along.

Mike finished up his shower and head back into the room. Still in his boxers, he just throws on a shirt for the time being and sits down at his computer. A couple of minutes later, Harry walks back in with only his boxers on and his towel over his shoulder. As he leans over to check his IMs, Mike stares at his sweet and pleasant bubble butt. Harry's bubble butt is the best he's seen in awhile and his cock starts to stir a little thinking about how he would love to make sweet passionate love to it. As Harry stood up to walk over to his bed, Mike looked away quickly, though Harry noticed but didn't say anything.

"Aight, I'm sleepin', night Mike."
"Yeah, same here."
Both guys fall asleep.

The next morning, Mike gets up and heads off to take care of some errands. As he goes to pick some stuff drinks and stuff from the store as well as buying some more CD-Rs. When he gets back to the room, Harry is there. So Mike strips down to his boxers, plops down in front of his computer, and finishes up what he started last night . . . . a good jerk-off. After watching a couple of short videos, Mike moved over the bed to lay down and finished himself off. Soon after cleaning up, Harry returns with a couple of other people.

"Yo Mike, sup man?"
"Nothin' much, you Brent?"
"Same old, same old."
"Yo, were gonna get some beers and other shit tonight, wanna join in?" Harry asked.
"Yeah, yeah, haven't gotten drunk off my ass in a long ass time. I could drink all of you under the table," Mike said with a smile.
"We'll see about that," Harry responded.

The room was filled with about 10 people both Harry and Mike mutually knew. Beer cans and liqour bottles were everywhere. Everyone was moving the dance music coming out of Harry's laptop. At about 1 in the morning, the last few people left. Mike and Harry took all the empty bottles to the recycling room at the end of the hall. When they got back, they saw they had exactly 10 beers left.

"Wanna finish them off Harry?"
"Sure why not, still have to drink you under the table Mike."
"Ha ha, like that's gonna happen."
"Aight, aight, I feel the competition. On three, we start drinking. Whoever finishes first wins."
"Let's go. One . . . Two . . . Three"
Both guys start to chug down the beers. For the first couple, they were just about even. But onced they got to about 3 finished, Mike started to take the lead. Mike finished all of his 5 about a minute before Harry did.
With a slurred speech, Mike said "Told ya man."
"Aight, you win this time. I'll get you next time."

After they both finished cleaning up and stripped down to their boxers, Harry just let out a huge burp.
"Yo man, I feeling way to horny after all that booze."
"You're telling me man, I feel the same way," Mike resonded knowing that his cock was in a semi hard state. "Too bad no one stayed around long enough, like Jessie . . . or Brent," Mike whispering his last two words.
"Dude, did you just say 'or Brent.' How come?"
"Well, I don't know how to say this, but . . . . . . I'm bi."
"Ha ha, no wonder you were checking my ass out last night."
"Well yeah."
With a smile, Harry replies back "Well since I could use some relief, wanna give me some head? I would really appreciate it."
"Well, the reason why I didn't tell you is because I didn't want to ruin our friendship."
"Nah man, this won't ruin anything between us. To be honest, I think the booze helped cause I would have normally been uneasy to try any thing with a guy."
"Well, if you're serious, pull off your boxers."

With that comment, Harry pulled down his boxers revealing a 4.5 inch soft cock. While plopping back onto the bed, Mike came over and started to rub Harry's thighs. Mike started to lick underneath Harry's ball-sac and play with his foreskin. Slowly moving up Harry's body with his hands, Mike took off Harry's shirt and sterted to suck on his left nipple. Slowly, they moved to a laying position. Once Mike took a break from the nipple sucking, he moved back down to Harry's crotch where he was pleasantly surprised to find a 9 inch boner! And plum sized, low hanging balls. But what was best of all was that Harry was UNCUT!
"Dude, you're freakin' hung like a horse," as he continues to play with Harry's foreskin and bulbous head.
Breaking out with a laugh, Harry replied "Yeah, I know, I even love pleasuring myself. If I could, I'd suck myself off."
"Well, here goes nothing."
With that, Mike started to slowly suck on Harry's tool. He needed to get used to it's length. While listening to Harry moan, Mike's cock went from semi-hard to full attention. After several minutes, Mike stopped to ask "Wanna 69?"

The two moved into position and slowly started out. Each slowly sucked and fucked each other's mouth getting to a perfect rhythm with each other. Each other mustered out whatever moans that they could. Mike started to also rub on Harry's sac. This brought the biggest moan yet out of Harry.
After another few minutes, Mike noticed Harry's balls starting to tighten up, as well as his started to. Out of no where, Harry gave out a few quick moans and started to buck and released 6 spurts of hot jizz into Mike's mouth. This caused Mike to do the same just as the last of Harry's jizz slowly came out. Harry was able to keep most of it in his mouth. After, both collapsed on each other to cool off.

"Hey Harry, wanna take a shower together?"
"You know, I've always wanted to have sex in the shower."
Mike and Harry quickly grabbed their towels and stuff and went over to the shower. As the water poured out, Mike and Harry lathered each other up.
"Mike . . . I want you to make love to me, give it to me." Harry said in a whisper to his ear.
Harry turned around and positioned himself to let Mike's cock line up with his hole. Mike took some of the soap, lathered up Harry's hole and started to finger his ass, slowly with one finger, then two, and then three so Harry's hole would loosen up enough. Mike slowly pushed his cock in, doing it depending on Harry's moans. Mike couldn't believe the pleasure and heat that he was feeling at that moment that his entire cock entered into Harry. Once a rhythm was going, Mike only lasted 5 minutes because it was his first time doing anal. Once Mike collapsed ontop of Harry, Mike whispered into Harry's ear, "Your turn."

"You sure? This might hurt."
"Yeah, I'm sure. I've been waiting for this for a long time."
"Alright, we'll have to take it slow."
Mike got infront of Harry and he returned the favor of fingering Mike's hole to loosen him up. After two or three minutes of fingering Mike's hole with three fingers, Harry told Mike to get ready. Carefully putting his head to Mike's hole, Harry slowly pushed himself in Mike. Harry and mike got into their rhythm as best they could since Harry wasn't able to get himself all the way into Mike. After about 6 minutes, Harry's breathing started to get heavy and Mike felt Harry's cum pour into him like a dam opening up. They just stood there panting with Harry's cock still in Mike's ass. It wasn't until they moved that Harry's cock plopped out. After washing each other off, they dried off and went back to the room.

"Wanna do this again tomorrow night?" Harry asked.
"Yeah man, of course. But you know we'll have to try and do a threesome or foursome once we get girlfriends."
"He he, of course, I couldn't give this up between you and me."
"Well of course, it's a totally different kind of pleasure."
"Hey, um, wanna sleep in my bed tonight Mike?"
"Well, Mr. Harry, I do declare. ha ha ha."
With that, Mike and Harry continued to sleep together now and then, and have sex with each other whenever they wanted. They continued to be roommates till they both graduated. Even then, they visited each other all through grad school. And remained friends forever.

The End. Questions, comments, email me.